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Hercai ~ Episode Guide 26+

Hercai Episode Guide Part 2-- Episodes 26+

Hercai episode guide for episodes 1-25 is here.

WARNING: This episode guide is full of Hercai spoilers!


Episode 26

-Opens with Miran's grandmother saying, “I'm your grandmother.” Miran stomps off in disbelief.

-Azize to women of family: “Pack your things. You are going away from here.” “NO!”

-Miran to Azize (with Reyyan by his side): “From now on, no one will go unless they WANT to go.”

-Zehra at Aslanbey mansion to Reyyan and Miran: “I told Hazar to say Miran pushed him.”

-116:50 Gul and Miran play hide and seek. SOOO cute together!

-Gonul insults Reyyan. Reyyan: “What Miran and I have, you only dream of.”

-Sultan to Azat: “Even countries use marriage to stop war. You can save Reyyan by marrying Elif.”

-Miran walking and thinking: “Reyyan, I don't see how I can live with you, but I can't breathe without you either.”

-Matchmaking evening for Yaren. Her groom turns out to be handsome and a good match!

-Flashback: Yaren to Azize: “Find me a fake groom to buy me some time. I can separate Miran from Reyyan with divorce papers.” Back to the present: Yaren to Azize on phone: “Thanks for the handsome fake groom.” Azize: “I didn't do anything.” FUNNY! Yaren said yes to the groom she THOUGHT was fake!

-Reyyan calls Miran to go to hut. “We started and ended here.” He relives their relationship by following string she has set up linking objects representing different aspects of their relationship. AMAZING SCENE!

-Miran has an emotional reunion and hug with his 'new' grandmother, then brings her to the Aslanbey mansion.

*Another Fantastic episode. Fantastic writing!

Episode 27

-Miran presents his new grandmother to Aslanbeys. Reyyan: “Let her speak so Miran can decide for himself who to believe.”

-11:35 Reyyan consoles Miran on the terrace: “I love you. I'm here for you.”

-12:20 Azize has a tantrum in her room, throws things around: “The enemy I took in is causing rebellion.”

-18:00; 26:15 Hairdresser comes for Yaren who's slipped off to see her fiance, Harun. Ferit shows up. Funny!!

-Yaren crying on the rooftop to Ferit: “I'm a bad person. …. If only you were the one to heal me.”

-48:00 Yaren begging her mother: “He's a psychopath!” “Fine. Then you will be 2 psychopaths with a house full of psychopath children.” FUNNY!

-57:00 Reyyan to Miran in their bed: “I need to hear you say 'I love you.”

-1:16:00 Miran pushes Reyyan up against a stone wall and teases her: “Have you ever seen the sunset?”

-Yaren's engagement. More funny banter.

-Gonul to Ferit walking: “You're in love.”

-Miran has a sweet twilight conversation with his grandmother in her room. “My father was a craftsman...”

-1:39:00 Miran gets a dressing screen for Reyyan and throws the armchair over the railing.

-Azize goes to grandmother Sukram's room at night. Sukram gives her a note. Azize is terrified.

-Azize to Firat in front of everyone: “You're going with me to notary to sign everything back over to me.” “NO!” The others stand with him. Esma goes to her room and turns on her too!

-Elif leaves.

-Miran and Reyyan at an outdoor cafe 'see themselves in the future' with a stroller on a walk.

-Azize storms over to Sadoglu mansion: “Elif? Elif? Where's Elif?” Elif walks in with Azat—married.

Episode 28

-Elif to Azize: “I no longer have a grandmother named Azize.” Azize slaps her.

-Back at Aslanbey mansion, Azize to Miran: “It's all your fault.” Sultan: “It's Reyyan's fault!”

-Azat to Elif: “This isn't a real marriage. … I can never love you.”

-Handan to Elif: “I know you love Azat. … ” And Cihan to Azat: “Outside this house Azize needs to think it's a real marriage to stop this war.”

-54:00 Reyyan and Miran dance in their room. <<Kiss>>

-Miran goes to take Elif back. Aslanbey's have standoff at Shadoglu mansion. Elif: “I'll go with you if grandmother gives up on revenge.” Azize goes into sob story about Miran's parent's death.

-1:49:00 Azize has a breakdown in her room. Takes off her shirt, reveals scars. Esma comforts her.

-1:57:00 Miran, thinking about his parents death, embraces grandmother Sukram. Poignant.

-2:03:00 Nasuh to family: “Wedding for Azat and Elif tomorrow.” Azat: “We don't want a wedding.”

-Miran twirls Gul and children on carousel swings.

-Elif to Reyyan at the farm. “I love Azat and want to stay with him, but I don't want to tie him down if he doesn't love me.” Miran and Azat quarrel in the kitchen over tea.

-Azize burns the farm—with the foursome trapped inside.

Episode 29

-Opens with the fire at the farmhouse.

-Harun taunts Yaren outside the Sadoglu mansion. Funny!

-30:00; 41:43; 55:20; 1:07:25 Miran and Reyyan romantic moments at hotel. He lets a bird go, washes her by the bathtub, then snuggles in bed.

-[Flashback] Nasuh and and Ayse at the farm years ago. He's leaving for 3 days and she's scared.

-Miran and Reyyan meet Harun at the hotel restaurant. Funny!!

-Azize sends Sultan to mental institution but 'a friend' who wants revenge on Azize gets her released.

-Zehra hides the letter that reveals Hazar is Miran's father in Gul's doll.

-Zehra to Azize at a park: “I know you want Miran to kill his real father Hazar.”

-2:02:30 Miran to Reyyan in their room in semi-hug: “At the wishing tree I wished to be beside you the first time you experience the sea breeze.”

-Zehra leaves to see her ailing mother.

-Hanife arrested and jailed. Accused of arson-burning the farm.

-Harun says something shocking to Hanife in jail. (He knows everything.)

-Man to Miran at Aslanbey mansion: “The ring was ordered by Hazar Sadoglu. not Mehmet Aslanbey.”

**I will try to update this weekly as new episodes are released**



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