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Elizabeth Bennet's scrapbook Ginger Monette Great War Romance
- Listen to Ch 11 Excerpt -
Ginger Monette Darcy's Hope Beauty from Ashes listen to an excerpt

A WW1 Pride & Prejudice Variation

Heartbroken. Devastated.


WW1 Captain Fitzwilliam Darcy was rejected by the woman he loved and left grief-stricken over the loss of his men. “Enough!” Darcy vows, “No more sentimental entanglements. No comrades, no dog, and certainly no woman!”


But a covert assignment at a chateau-turned-field-hospital brings him face to face with his beloved Elizabeth—who's working with a dashing American doctor and embroiled in the conspiracy he's been sent to investigate.


Working side-by-side with her, Darcy is forced to examine his own heart and grapple with his feelings for her while searching for the traitors.


When a near-miraculous incident shatters the ice encasing his heart, he can only think of winning Elizabeth back. Will he be able to prove her innocence and build a lasting bridge with her before she's condemned to a traitor's noose?


Darcy can only hope….


Cameo appearance by John Thornton of  North & South

Has a happy ending but will continue in Darcy's Hope at Donwell Abbey. In the sequel, readers will experience the full resolution of the mystery, and our beloved couple's love will face a new, tragic test. 

•Awarded a 2016 favourite book by "Just Jane 1813" and "From Pemberley to Milton" blogs

Mild language & war scenes. Romance is clean.



"...a stellar example of fine Austenesque literature. exceptionally moving story complete with a compelling plot, danger, mystery, action, introspection, vivid detail, and an emotionally wrought romance.

Even if you are not one to enjoy war stories, I entreat you to give this one a try!

                              ~Austenesque Reviews

Ginger Monette

Author & Speaker

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