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Reprint policy:

Sharing in English: Permission is granted to share short excerpts in English as long as you:

                   •Credit me using one of the references below AND 

                   •Include a link to the blog post you are reprinting (OR reference*)  


You may credit me using one of the following references:

-Facebook: @Ginger Monette Author

-Twitter: @GingerMonette

-IG: @Ginger_Monette

-Pinterest: @Ginger_Monette

-General: Ginger Monette, Ginger Monette Author, or

Translating into another language for sharingPermission is granted to share entire TRANSLATED articles as long as you:

                   •You email me the translation at and give me permission to link to it/share your translation AND

                   •Credit the article to me using one of the references above AND 

                   •Include a link to the blog post you translated (OR reference*) 


*To conserve characters when referencing a blog post, you may use Bitly links or simply 

Writing, formatting, and illustrating blog posts takes an enormous amount of time. Thank you for not stealing my work! 


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