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•A review doesn't have to be long. People will be more likely to read it if it's short.
•A review is not a synopsis. That's what the blurb is for : ) If you summarize the story, people won't need to read the book. 


-Think of some adjectives that describe the book and/or your personal reaction to the story (good, bad, happy, sad, poignant, sweet, angsty, romantic, suspenseful, gory, sobering, moving, surprising, gritty, educational, satisfying, that sort of thing.)
-Then explain why you felt it was ______.
-What did you like/not like about it? (You could focus on the plot, a particular scene, characterization, how characters evolved, pace, writing style, a theme, etc.)
-Was there a character or moment in the book that touched you in some way?
-Was there anything you wanted to see more or less of? Anything that needed improving?
-Who would/wouldn't enjoy the book?
-Quotes that were meaningful to you. (But no spoilers, please!)
-Your concluding thoughts. (Loved it, not my cup of tea, etc.) 
-Close with a final conclusion of your thoughts. If you enjoyed the book consider including a short, powerful soundbite (Riveting, Couldn't put it down; Loved, loved, loved it!--that sort of thing)

Tips for writing a review

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