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Tree of Life ~

Charlotte & the Colonel

A Pride &  Prejudice Companion Story
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Tree of Life Charlotte & the Colonel Ginger Monette

Darcy's attachment was not the only one smouldering beneath the surface that Easter at Hunsford...


On the verge of proposing to his cousin Anne, the gritty Colonel Fitzwilliam discovers his beloved childhood friend Charlotte living less than half a mile away, married to the odious Mr. Collins.


A harrowing battle escape a year later leaves the colonel with a life-threatening injury that plunges him into despondency. But three words from his doctor lead to a profound spiritual encounter and launch him on a journey to become more than just the second son of an earl.


Suddenly finding himself responsible for Rosings Park, he is forced to wrestle with his affection for Charlotte while struggling to learn lessons of trust and forgiveness.


Just when he thinks Charlotte may be within his grasp, a summons to Waterloo changes everything.


In this compelling Pride & Prejudice companion novel, follow the forging of a man's character through waiting, war, a woman, and three simple words.


*Contains mild profanity of a soldier, mild battle violence and innuendo. One of the story's predominant themes is Christian. 

Regency ~ Romance ~ Redemption


Author & Speaker

Ginger Monette

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