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Where to Watch Turkish Drama with English Subtitles

Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles

Looking for where to watch Turkish Dramas with English subtitles? Here's a list of options.

• Free places to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles:

- Watch-it - Requires registering. I'm not familiar with it, but format looks easy to use. Link here

-Turkish Masa - Link here (hover over the 'videos' tab at top of page to see selection of series) -Serial4U - **This one now looks suspicious now. Do NOT use unless you are VERY confident you won't download a virus, malware, etc. Link here. Watch for popups! Close pop up window, play video. Repeat numerous times if needed. .

-Dailymotion: Search in a general search engine, but add 'Dailymotion' to the search. Example: "Yargi with English subtitles Dailymotion." To find the next episode on Dailymotion: • Copy the title of the episode you are currently watching. • Paste it into a general search engine search (like Google, not the Dailymotion search). • Change the episode number to the episode you want, and add the word 'Dailymotion'. Ex: Dailymotion title of episode I'm watching now is "Yargi/Judgement - Episode 8 (English Subtitles)." To find episode 9, paste this into a general search: "Yargi/Judgement - Episode 9 (English Subtitles) Dailymotion." Pasting it into the Dailymotion search bar will often not bring up the episode.

-General Search Engine Search - Example: "Yargi with English subtitles." Using different search engines may bring up more options.

- Facebook - Type in the name of the series you are looking for. Example: "Icerde with English subtitles" or "Medcezir episode 1." Be sure it has ALL the episodes!

Turkish 123 and WLEXT are free sites. They have a broad selection of series, however, there are risks: New tabs randomly open with ads or porn. (Close the tab and go back to original tab.) Getting the episode to start may require careful navigation of the right thing to click on. But one wrong click can downloaded malware or a computer virus. Also note- these sites offer multiple server options where to watch the episodes should you have trouble getting an episode to play. May be noted as 'options' or links below the video.

Platforms to watch Turkish Drama series with Spanish subtitles:

Turkish Actor interviews with English subtitles

• Other platforms to watch Turkish Drama with English Subtitles:

-FNTV - Hosts over 75 Turkish drama series with English subtitles. Sign up required to see what they offer. Cost: Monthly 15.99 annual 159.99. Link here

-WatchTurksTV - Options to sign up for 1 week ($4), 1 month ($12), 3 months ($24), or 1 year ($75). Great options, particularly if you just want to binge 1 or 2 series. Link here - Express Dizi - Link here (Used to be free, but appears there is a charge now).

-Netflix - Requires membership. Type "Turkish Drama" in search. • Before starting a series, be sure they offer ALL the seasons. • Netflix Original Turkish Drama series do not have the same flavor/feel as Turkish Drama series produced for Turkish TV. Content is more like Hollywood TV but just produced in Turkey. Episodes are generally under 1 hour, and seasons have 10 episodes or less.

-Amazon Prime Video - Requires membership

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-To connect with other English speaking Turkish drama fans and get the inside scoop on all things Turkish Drama, join the Turkish Drama Appreciation Group on Facebook.

-Most series have a Facebook page "<name of series> for English speakers" or some variation. There are fan sites and social media platforms for many Turkish actors as well.

-If you'd like to recommend other places to watch Turkish Drama, message me through this website and I'll add them to this post.


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