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Turkish Drama Series on YouTube with English Subtitles

Turkish drama series with English subtitles

Looking for Full Episodes of Turkish Dramas with English Subtitles on YouTube? I found quite a few complete series! The list below includes number of episodes, link to the series, an English trailer, IMDb rating, my comments, and a synopsis of each Turkish Drama series on YouTube.

Several of these are short Turkish Drama Series on YouTube with English subtitles and can be skimmed in a weekend.

Tip: To watch without ads, watch on Chrome browser and use a free Chrome extension like Adblock for Youtube.

• Confirm all episodes are on the linked playlist before watching. **Please email me to report bad links or series no longer on YouTube. If you know of any other complete Turkish Drama Series with English Subtitles on YouTube, I'd love to add them as well.

Turkish Drama Series Full Episodes on YouTube with English Subtitles

Kiralik Ask

Kiralik ask with english subtitles

-My comments: One of my top 3 favorite Turkish Dramas. My full review of Kiralik Ask here.

-Genre: Rom-com

-Lead actors: Baris Arduc | Elcin Sangu

-Original number of 2+ hour episodes: 69

-Number of 45 minute episodes on YouTube: 202

-Watch Kiralik Ask full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English title of Kiralik Ask: Love for Rent

-Trailer here. Another trailer-- no subs but worth watching.

-IMDb Rating: 7.2

-IMDb Reviews

Synopsis: Omer Iplikci is the eligible bachelor every woman aims to snag. But the brooding shoe designer has no interest in the high-brow socialites pushed on him by his meddling aunt.

Defne is aghast when Omer’s aunt offers to hire her to steal Omer’s heart, but seeing the offer as a solution to a family crisis, Defne reluctantly agrees. But when Defne falls head-over-heels for Omer, she finds herself trapped between her love for him and a 200,000 lira secret…


dolunay with english subtitles

-My comments: Fans of Can Yaman are sure to enjoy this short (only 26 episodes), light-hearted, romantic drama. Good review here.

-Genre: Rom-com

-Lead actors: Can Yaman | Ozge Gurel

-Original number of 2+ hour episodes: 26

-Number of 45 minute episodes on YouTube: 81

-Watch Dolunay full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English title of Dolunay: Full Moon

-Trailer here. Must turn on captions, and use the gear to change language to English.

-IMDb Rating: 6.9 -IMDb Reviews


Ferit Aslan is a meticulous businessman who expects immaculate precision from his every associate, except his young nephew Bulut, whom he adores.

In the wake of numerous fired domestic employees, Nazli lands a job as Ferit's personal chef. Although her happy-go-lucky nature collides with his strict sense of order, he's intrigued by her.

And when the welfare of Ferit's nephew is in jeopardy, he discovers Nazli is his greatest ally. Can Ferit save his nephew? Is Nazli the one for Ferit, or will she been wooed away by Ferit's brother-in-law Deniz?

Kurt Seyit ve Sura

Kurt Seyit ve sura with english subtitles

-My comments: In late 2016, Kurt Seyit ve Sura debuted on Netflix, and for thousands of Americans (including me), the brilliant performance by Kivanc Tatlitug spawned enthusiasm for this 'new' genre and an eye-popping awareness that Turkey has some of the finest actors in the world. Read my enthusiastic review.

-Genre: Historical Drama

-Lead actors: Kivanc Tatlitug | Farah Zeynep Abdullah

-Original number of 2+ hour episodes: 21

-Number of 45 minute episodes on YouTube: 46

-Watch Kurt Seyit ve Sura full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English title of Kurt Seyit ve Sura: Kurt Seyit and Sura (sometimes spelled Shura)

-Trailer here. -IMDb Rating: 7.2

-IMDb Reviews


At the dawn of the Russian Revolution, handsome WW1 Russian Lieutenant Seyit Eminof falls in

love with Sura, the beautiful daughter of an aristocratic Russian family. After declaring his love to her in several incredibly romantic scenes, Seyit goes off to war, torn because his father is determined he will marry a Turkish girl.

Fighting beside his three closest friends, Seyit has no idea that Petro, another of the “band of brothers,” has joined the rebelling Bolsheviks and is plotting destruction. When the Revolution breaks out, Russia is forced to withdraw from WW1 and both Seyit and Sura find their aristocratic families the targets of the rebels. After much tragedy and suffering, they escape to Istanbul.

But their troubles aren't over. The city is under British martial law and ruled by a ruthless officer who has no fondness for Seyit or his refugee countrymen. When Seyit and Sura welcome Petro with open arms, they have no idea that he is secretly plotting to destroy Seyit and undermine the couple's love at every turn. Will Seyit and Sura's love persevere to the end, or does Seyit's father's decree and Petro's deceit destroy them in the end?

Magnificent Century

 Magnifiicent Century with english subtitles

-My comments: A fan favorite, Magnificent Century explores passion, love, jealousy, controversy, intrigue, power struggles and secrets in the enchanting world of the Ottoman Empire.

-Genre: Historical Drama

-Lead actors: Halit Ergenç | Nur Fettahoglu

-Original number of full length episodes: 139

-Watch Magnificent Century full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English/Turkish titles: Magnificent Century | Muhtesem Yüzyil

-Trailer here.

-IMDb Rating: 6.8

-IMDb Reviews


Suleyman is a powerful Sultan of the Ottoman empire.

Alexandra, the daughter of an Orthodox Ukrainian priest, was captured and added to the Sultan's harem. Stubborn and free-spirited, she refuses to submit, and decides instead to take revenge by gaining the heart of Sultan Suleyman—for 1001 nights.

Will Alexandra rise through the ranks of the harem and become Sultan Suleyman’s favorite? Will Sultan Suleyman achieve his ultimate goal of building a world empire? How will the arrival of Alexandra affect the Ottoman Empire?

(Synopsis condensed and edited from


Turkish Drama with english subtitles on youtube full series

-My comments: If you want a short, light-hearted Turkish Drama Rom-com series, this one fits the bill at only 17 episodes.

-Genre: Rom-com

-Lead actors: Seçkin Özdemir | Nilay Deniz

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 17

-Watch Firefly full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English/Turkish titles: Firefly | Atesbocegi

-Trailer here (Must turn on closed caption and use gear to change language to English.)

-IMDb Rating: 6.7

-IMDb Reviews


Baris, a successful lawyer, learns his car was involved in a hit-and-run incident that landed a young girl in a wheelchair.

Asli, a spunky young taxi driver, is determined to find justice for her injured niece and undertakes investigating on her own.

Baris, desperate to prevent Asli from tracing the crime to his family, offers to investigate the case for her. In return Asli will be his private driver. The scheme will buy Baris time to find the true culprit before Asli finds the car and links it to Baris' family.

But Baris doesn't count on falling in love with Asli.

Will Baris ignore his conscience and go for the girl, or come clean on his secret and loose the love of his life?

Istanbulla Gelin

Istanbulla Gelin with English subtitles

-My comments: Based on a true story, Istanbulla Gelin was highly rated by many English speaking fans. Although admitting some latter parts dragged, they felt the end made it worth the watch.

-Genre: Romantic Drama

-Lead actors: Özcan Deniz | Asli Enver

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 87

-Number of 45 minute episodes on YouTube: 301

-Watch Istanbulla Gelin full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English title of Istanbulla Gelin: Bride of Istanbul

-Trailer here. -IMDb Rating: 6.9

-IMDb Reviews


Rich, charismatic businessman Faruk is the eldest son of a well-respected family from Bursa where his domineering mother rules the roost.

Orphan Suheyla is a young and beautiful violinist who lives a modest life in Istanbul.

When Faruk and Suheyla have a chance meeting, the two are instantly attracted. When Faruk brings Suheyla to Bursa as his bride, Faruk's mother is enraged.

Faruk, although devoted to his family and traditions, finds himself caught between his wife and his mother while Suheyla struggles to adapt to a domineering mother in law and life in a small town.

Will Faruk's mother ever accept Suheyla? Will Suheyla manage to adopt her new life in a smaller city? How will bride from Istanbul change the lives of Boran family? Will Faruk continue to love Suheyla and endure all the obstacles on their way?

(Synopsis edited from

Kalp Yarasi

-My comments: I skimmed several episodes of Kalp Yarasi and was immediately drawn in. (Plus I'm a sucker for Gökhan Alkan, a very romantic hero with a beautiful smile.) Synopsis seems similar to Istanbulla Gelin, but with only 32 episodes.

-Genre: Romantic Drama -Lead actors: Gökhan Alkan | Yagmur Tanrisevsin -Number of 2+ hour episodes: 32 -Watch Kalp Yarasi full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube. -Turkish/English titles: Kalp Yarası | Heart Wound -Trailer here. (Trailer is a very poor representation of the series. Series poster doesn't do it justice either.) -IMDb Rating: 6.3 -IMDb Reviews


Ferit Sancakzade, the son of a prominent Antakya family, has his family's blessing to marry childhood friend Hande. But three days before the wedding, Ferit sees her kissing a mutual friend. Devastated by the betrayal, Ferit flees to Istanbul. When he accidentally injures a street dog, he encounters Ayse, a lively young woman who loves animals and dreams of owning her own coffee shop.

Wanting neither to marry nor shame Hande, Ferit makes a proposal to Ayse: Agree to a 6 month fake marriage that will require her to endure the fury of his mother, and in return he will finance her coffee shop dream.

What they don't count on is falling in love.

Sen Anlat Karadeniz

Sen Anlat Karadeniz with English Subtitles

-My comments: English speaking fans raved about Sen Anlat Karadeniz. It was one of the most watched dramas of 2018, exploring sensitive topics entwined with culture. This excellent blog post gives a deeper look at the themes explored.

-Genre: Romantic Drama

-Lead actors: Ulas Tuna Astepe | Irem Helvacioglu

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 64

-Watch Sen Anlat Karadeniz with English subtitles on YouTube

-English title of Sen Anlat Karadeniz | You Tell Black Sea or Lifeline

-Trailer here. -IMDb Rating: 5.6

-IMDb Reviews


At 16, Nefes was sold as a slave to businessman Vedat. Enduring years of domestic violence, she's been unable to escape with her son. When businessman Mustafa Kaleli and his family visit Vedat's house, Mustafa's younger brother Tahir realizes that Nefes is a victim of abuse and can do nothing to help her. But when Tahir discovers Nefes and her son hiding in his trunk, he pledges to do all he can to save them. With her history of abuse, will Nefes ever be able to accept Tahir's love? (Synopsis condensed and edited from

Becoming a Lady

Tuba Büyüküstün series on Youtube

-My comments: Fans of classic stories are sure to love Gönülçelen as it was inspired by Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion and its film adaptation My Fair Lady.

-Genre: Romantic Drama

-Lead actors: Tuba Büyüküstün | Cansel Elcin

-Original number of full length episodes: 56

-Watch Becoming a Lady full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube. **Must turn on captions and use the gear to change language to English. (Same principle as in this video.) May not work on phone or tablet.

-Turkish title of Becoming a Lady: Gönülçelen

-Trailer here. -IMDb Rating: 5.7 -IMDb Reviews


Thirty year old successful musician and educator Murat comes from a respected, rich, and noble Istanbul family. Hasret is his opposite. Born and raised in an impoverished Istanbul neighborhood, Hasret is a free spirited young woman with a 'foul' mouth who makes her living by selling flowers and occasionally singing in a band. When he hears potential in her untrained voice, he takes it upon himself to teach her the secrets of music by giving her a classical training.

Kalp Atisi

-My Comments: Kalp Atisi was an enjoyable series and only 28 episodes. See my review for my complete analysis, and if you want to just skim the series, check out my episode guide.

-Genre: Romantic Hospital Drama

-Lead actors: Gökhan Alkan | Öykü Karayel

-Original number of full length episodes: 28

-Watch Kalp Atisi full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English title of Kalp Atisi: Heartbeat -Trailer: Series trailer; pseudo trailer. -IMDb Rating: 6.6 -IMDb Reviews


When handsome young doctor Ali Asaf inspires his tough but stubborn student Eylul, she vows to become a doctor. Ten years later they are reunited as colleagues and sparks fly. Will his unconditional love break down the walls of her wounded past, or will she perpetuate the pattern of her past?

The Girl Named Feriha

-My comments: Cagatay Ulusoy landed the role after winning 'Best Model of Turkey' despite having no acting experience. But fans loved it so much the series still ranks as a favorite among Cagatay fans.

*Full review of Adini Feriha Koydum here. Note: The review reveals plot details that some viewers might want to know before watching. Others may feel they're spoilers.

*Caution: Subs on YouTube are poor. -Genre: Romantic Drama

-Lead actors: Çagatay Ulusoy | Hazal Kaya

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 67

-Watch The Girl Named Feriha full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube:

-English/Turkish title: Adini Feriha Koydum | The Girl Named Feriha

-Trailer here. -IMDb Rating: 5.5

-IMDb Reviews


Feriha is the ambitious and intellectually gifted daughter of a maintenance man, who lives with his family in the basement of an apartment complex in an upper-class neighborhood of Istanbul. Residents in the building never allow Feriha to forget that she is the daughter of the lowly help, while her mother resolutely supports her dreams. Feriha earns a full scholarship to a prestigious, private university, where she meets and falls for a handsome and rich young man, Emir, who has his own inner wounds.

For fear of being treated as an outcast, Feriha feeds the misconception that she is from a rich family as well. The magnetic love between Emir and Feriha cannot be denied until he discovers the truth, which exposes the chasm between their socioeconomic and cultural values.

As their paths cross again and again, neither able to move away from the other, Adini Feriha Koydum

is a coming of age story, where the protagonists push the boundaries of preordained paths on the power of their love.

(Synopsis used with permission from Mh-Musings blog)

Ask Yeniden

-Genre: Rom-com

-Lead actors: Bugra Gülsoy | Özge Özpirinçci

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 59

-Number of 45 minute episodes on YouTube: 182

-Watch Ask Yeniden full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube. -English title of Ask Yeniden: Love Again -Trailer on Facebook with English subtitles; on YouTube with no dialog. -IMDb Rating: 7.0 -IMDb Reviews

Synopsis: Zeynep finds her first love in the USA, but ends up alone with a baby. Unable to make ends meet, she sees no choice but to return home to Turkey.

Fatih, engaged to a girl he does not love, escapes to the USA where he finds his first love. When she rejects his marriage proposal, he sets out to return to Turkey.

On the flight back to Turkey, the two meet and concoct a marriage agreement to circumvent their families.

But the fake marriage just may bring real love after all.

Ada Masali

-My comments: North America TEN had a good review here. I heard good things about this rom-com starring the handsome Alp Navruz. -Genre: Rom Com

-Lead actors: Ayça Aysin Turan | Alp Navruz

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 25

-Watch full episodes of Ada Masali with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English title of Ada Masalı: Island Tale (Sometimes called Bir Ada Masalı |Be My Sunshine)

-Trailer: Series trailer

-IMDb Rating: 6.9

-IMDb Reviews


Haziran is a lively, urban woman who loves all the culture the big city offers. She's a digital age woman with all her dreams just a click away.

Distant and reserved Poyraz is an analog man who loves nature and believes technology only complicates life. His solutions come through hard work with his own hands, served up with a side of extreme sports on his island home.

When Haziran's boss sends her to the island on business, she finds herself on the opposite side of business from Poyraz despite the sparks between them. Shocking news prompts Haziran to make a snap decision to remain on the island for three months and run a hotel—which just so happens to be in a common building with Poyraz. Come along as these two stubborn opposites fight for their dreams in this romantic island tale. (Synopsis edited from Ay Yapim.)

Menajerimi Ara

-My comments: I first saw lead actress Ahsen Eroglu in Kuzgun and thought she was excellent. I'd be tempted to watch this series just to see her and Baris Falay.

-Genre: Comedy/Drama

-Lead actors: Baris Falay | Fatih Artman | Ahsen Eroglu and numerous guest stars like Tuba Buyukustun and Cagatay Ulusoy

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 45

-Watch full episodes of Menajerimi Ara with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English title of Menajerimi Ara: Call My Agent

-Series trailer (Be sure the cc captions are turned ON)

-IMDb Rating: 7.2

-IMDb Reviews

Synopsis: Dreaming of becoming a filmmaker, Dicle comes to Istanbul and finds herself working in an agency with her estranged father who is now one of the sharks of the industry. Although she struggles to exist in this world filled with ego wars, greed, fame, money, the cinema's magical lights begin to shed light on Dicle’s first love.

(Synopsis edited from Ay Yapim)

Just Smile

-My comments: Trailer made me laugh out loud. Series adapted from the Korean drama ‘Smile You’.

-Genre: Rom Com

-Lead actors: Asli Bekiroglu | Yilmaz Kunt

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 24

-Watch full episodes of Just Smile with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English/Turkish title of Just Smile | Gülümse Yeter

-Trailer: Series trailer

-IMDb Rating: 6.2

-IMDb Reviews N/A


Sarp Civan has just flown in from the US and is nearly knocked down by Yasimin Özdemir, a spoiled young woman who blames him for the mishap.

Two days later Yasemin gets dumped on her wedding day when her fiance discovers her family has gone bankrupt. Devastated, she finds solace is her family's longtime chauffer Hasan, whom she considers as a grandfather.

With nowhere else to go, Yasimin's family is forced to move in with chauffer Hasan. Things get complicated when Yasimin discovers that Sarp is Hasan's grandson and that Sarp is in love with Yasimin's older sister.

And more complicated when Yasimin falls for Sarp....

Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters

-Genre: Drama

-Lead actors: Caglar Ertugrul | Deniz Baysal

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 50

-Number of 45 minute episodes on YouTube: 166

-Watch Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters full episodes with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English/Turkish titles: Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters | Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari

-Trailer: I was unable to find a trailer with English subtitles for season 1. -IMDb Rating: 6.8

-IMDb Reviews


Single mother Fazilet dreams of financial and social standing if she can just get her youngest daughter Ece noticed in the world of fashion and modelling.

But Hazan, Fazilet's older daughter, vehemently disapproves of her mother's tactics and ambitions. Although beautiful herself, Hazan hides behind masculine clothes while working at a gym.

When Ece can't make it to a photoshoot headed, Hazan intervenes. Donned in a dress and makeup for the first time, everything changes when she meets Sinan from the wealthy and prestigious Egemen family.

(Synopsis condensed/edited from

Sol Yanim

-My comments: I watched part of episode 1 and was intrigued. At only 12 episodes, looks like a great option for a short series.

-Genre: Romantic Drama

-Lead actors: Özge Yagiz | Tolga Mendi

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 12

-Watch full episodes of Sol Yanim with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English/Turkish title of Sol Yanim | My Left Side or My Better Half.

-Trailer here.

-IMDb Rating: 6.8

-IMDb Reviews


Riches to rags Serra works in a luxury hotel struggling to earn a living while caring for her mother and studying at a private university on a scholarship.

One day Serra's work performance earns recognition from a famous businessman, and she hesitantly accepts his offer of a ride to class. When a black limousine drops her off at university, all heads turn—including the head of wealthy heir apparent Selim, the most popular student in the school. But lowly as she is, Serra doesn't kowtow to the playboy.

Selim, feeling his father's ire for his indifference to his studies, agrees to a private tutor—Serra.

Will these two from different worlds see the good in each other and what they have in common, or will their prejudices keep them apart?

Bay Yanlis

-My comments: Can Yaman fans will love this short, RomCom that was a Can Yaman/Ozge Gurel reunion. My guest blogger did a full review of Bay Yanlis here.

-Genre: Rom Com

-Lead actors: Can Yaman | Ozge Gurel

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 14

-Watch full episodes of Bay Yanlis with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English/Turkish title of Bay Yanlis | Mr. Wrong

-Trailer here.

-IMDb Rating: 6.4

-IMDb Reviews


Ezgi has already gone through more relationships than most people could endure in a lifetime. She seeks the perfect man, but due to her personality, she puts the men in her life above herself, thus dooming each relationship to failure.

New neighbor Ozgur is a muscle-bound lady’s man whose idea of a long relationship is breakfast with his date after a one night stand. He offers to help Ezgi find the perfect man and coach her how to manage that relationship successfully.

What starts as an initial friendship plummets the highs and lows of emotions as both characters keep their mutual attraction hidden to themselves.

Hayat Sirlar

-My comments: Reviewers said the ending was rushed and left loose ends, but it was a happy, hopeful ending nonetheless.

-Genre: Romantic Drama

-Lead actors: Hazar Ergüçlü | Ekin Koç

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 11

-Watch full episodes of Hayat Sirlar with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English/Turkish title of Hayat Sirlar | Life of Secrets

-Trailer here.

-IMDb Rating: 6.8

-IMDb Reviews


Successful lawyer Seher is a young woman with a secret from her past. While at university, she fell in love with Burak and spent a happy year with him. But when he decides to go abroad, she can't tell him she's pregnant and disappears without a trace.

Determined to go to law school, Seher leaves her daughter with a friend. But once graduated, Seher is unable to find her child, though she searches for 5 years.

Burak, now a successful director, returns to Turkey but has has never forgotten Seher. In a desperate attempt to find her, he makes a movie that tells the story of their love.

Will Burak find Seher and learn why she left him? Will Seher find her daughter? The story unfolds in 11 short episodes.

(Synopsis edited from


-My comments: Women English speakers gave this this series good reviews and noted the soldier/action theme makes it appealing to men as well. Many feel Tolga Saritas is Turkey's best actor.

-Genre: Romantic Action Drama

-Lead actor: Tolga Saritas

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 84

-Number of 45 minute episodes on YouTube: 252

-Watch full episodes of Soz with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English/Turkish title: Söz | The Oath

-Trailer: I was unable to find a trailer with English subs. -IMDb Rating: 6.6

-IMDb Reviews


Yavuz Karasu, a well-trained Turkish soldier, is in Istanbul with his fiance' when a terrorist strikes. When Yavuz is chosen to be the commander of a team to catch a terrorist, he and his team are willing to sacrifice their lives for their country.

Since I was unable to find a good synopsis, here are some comments on IMdB: - "This is one of the best series I have watched. It has everything - action, comedy, drama, mystery. After every episode you want more. Highly recommend to watch it."

- "Best ever. Recommend to everyone who loves Army , action, romance."

- "The director, story writer has created a piece of work which shows us the tough life of soldiers defending for their country and that the love of nation is given the most priority. It is a mix of action, drama and love. It gives us important life lessons of not giving up in life under any circumstances thus valuing the importance of country, god and family. This also gives us a brief idea about how terror organisations work around the globe. The series also has some of the best music compositions."


-My comments: A reader brought this series to my attention and said it was her favorite Turkish Drama. With an 8.7 IMdB rating and cast that includes Hande Ercel and Serkan Cayolglu, I'm tempted to watch myself--especially since it is only 19 episodes. -Halka definition: a Turkish Mafia ring whose symbol is three rings /circles.

-Genre: Crime Action Drama

-Lead actor: Serkan Çayoglu | Hande Erçel | Kaan Yildirim

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 19

-Watch full episodes of Halka with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English title of Halka: The Circle

-Trailer: Series trailer here.

-IMDb Rating: 8.7

-IMDb Reviews


Victims of the Halka, Kaan and Cihangir stand side by side and fight against a conspiracy they think is fate. Pursuing a distant and protracted past, they are dragged into a life where the mafia, money and intrigue speak and remain silent. Some reviews: - "The best series I have ever watched. This is a series that we are not used to see it from the Turkish television, this is a next level series. The script is amazing, exciting and mysterious. Perfect story, perfect shot, perfect cast and perfect music. Everything is perfect from this series. Believe me you wil not regret it."

- ".... Halka has so many twists and turns it keeps you on edge. The acting is great by all cast members. It is thriller series with little romance. It can be bit confusing for few episodes but the story becomes clear and better as it goes on. It is a much watch show."

- "Been watching for a while Turkish series, and yet haven't seen anything comparable to Halka. Casting and other details can be better, but the story is definitely mind blowing. Every episode it's getting more intriguing. Worth watching."

Elimi Bırakma

-Genre: Drama

-Lead actors: Alina Boz | Alp Navruz

-Number of 2+ hour episodes: 59

-Watch full episodes of Elimi Bırakma with English subtitles on YouTube.

-English/Turkish title of Elimi Bırakma | Don't Let Go of My Hand

-Trailer here.

-IMDb Rating: 6.6

-IMDb Reviews

Synopsis: Azra, studying culinary arts in America, returns home to Turkey for her father's birthday.

Cenk, heir of his family's business, returns home with news: he was kicked out of his university in America. Little do they know that a luggage mishap in the airport will spark a connection that lasts forever.

Other Turkish Drama Series on YouTube with English Subtitles:

These dizi series had an IMDb rating lower than 6.0, but you may find them delightful. More information about each series can be found on IMdB.

-Strawberry Smell | Cilek Kokusu (Demet Ozdemir) -No. 309 (Demet Ozdemir) - Beautiful Villager | Guzel Koylu -Al Yazmalim | Red Scarf (As of Nov 7, 2022, they had not uploaded the last few episodes) -Iffet | Iffet (Ibrahim Celikkol)

-Yüksek Sosyete | High Society (Hazar Ergüçlü & Engin Öztürk)

-Kimse Bilmez | Nobody Knows (for some episodes, you may need this tutorial to tun on captions and watch in English. These English captions may only work on desktop or laptop.)

Copyright @ 2022 Ginger Monette Article reprint policy

Post Script:

-Looking for other free platforms to watch Complete Turkish Drama Series with English subtitles? Check out my blog post "Where to Watch Turkish Drama with English Subtitles."


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jacqueline hadley
jacqueline hadley
04 de mai. de 2023

I find that a lot of Turkish series don’t have endings, they just quit. It would be nice if there was somewhere that told which series have official endings. I just recently watched a series with 81 episodes and it just stopped with no ending. It is really annoying to spend so much time watching to be left hanging.

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