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Kalp Atisi (Heartbeat) ~ Episode Guide

Turkish Drama full episodes english youtube Kalp Atisi

A reader from New York recommended Kalp Atisi (Heartbeat) to me, and on a whim, I clicked play on episode 1. The rest, as they say, is history...

I haven't heard a lot of chatter about the series among English speakers, but since all the full episodes of this Turkish Drama are on YouTube, it's a convenient, easy watch.

Fans of Kuzey Guney may particularly enjoy this series as Oyku Karayel, who played Cemre in Kuzey Guney, gives an outstanding performance.


-Genre: Romantic Medical Drama

-Lead actors: Gokhan Alkan | Oyku Karaye

-Number of episodes: 28

-Where to watch Kalp Atisi full episodes with English subtitles: YouTube

-English title of Kalp Atisi: Heartbeat


•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green. (Also profound words of wisdom.)

•Other important scenes bolded.

**Warning: This guide is FULL of Kalp Atisi (Heartbeat) spoilers** Enjoy!


Kalp Atisi English Episode Guide

Episode 1

-Meet Eylul, whupping up on mafia guys demanding 'a real doctor'—a man.

-Flashback to 2006: Eylul gets kicked out of high school. Her father dumps her at her grandmother's.

-Meet Ali, handsome young teacher.

-After Eylul steals from a street vendor, she introduces herself to Ali with a kick to his gut.

-Eylul defends a girl who's being bullied in a restroom. Meet Esma.

-Meet Mehmet—as he puts a move on Eylul.

-Eylul gets a taste of Ali's discipline her first day at school.

-59:00 Eylul watches Ali save a pregnant woman in the street.

-1:04:40 Eylul to Ali by the water: “If you're a doctor, why are you teaching here?” (no answer—implication is that he left after some disaster.)

-Eylul to Ali sitting amongst his floor covered in books: “I want to make my grandmother happy. But I don't know where to start.” “Study hard and make good grades.”

Ali and Eylul fall in love Heartbeat Kalp Atisi

-Meet Bahar—the cleverest girl at school—who says to Ali: “...we can marry when I finish university.”

-1:24:20 Sitting at the microscope, the moment Ali and Eylul fell in for each other.

-1:30:35 Eylul to Ali under gazebo in the rain: “I want to become a doctor like you.”

-1:27:00 Bahar creates a 'scandal' bulletin board with photos of Ali with Eylul.

-Eylul carries Bahar out of a burning house.

-1:43:40 Ali visits Eylul in jail. Eylul: “My intuition tells me this is the last time we'll see each other.” “Rub this cream on the burn. The pain doesn't go that quickly, but it gets easier with time.” [Metaphorically speaking of them.]

-Grandmother to Eylul in jail: “I wasn't going to tell you, but I need surgery.”

-Due to the scandal, Ali resigns and leaves.

-Eylul's grandmother dies in surgery under questionable circumstances. Bahar's father is the surgeon.

-2:04:00 Ali to Eylul on the street: “I should have been there for you. Let me stay by your side.” Eylul gets on motorcycle with Mehmet and rides away.

End: 11 years later—Ali gets out of a hospital helicopter and sees Eylul. Ali: “Are you married? Boyfriend? No? Good.

Episode 2

Opens with Ali getting off helicopter. Bahar to Eylul: “You waiting was in vain. Ali married.”

13:40 Meet no-nonsense doctor, Oguz.

-18:30 Flashback: Ali to Selim: “I'm going to America. Please look after Eylul for me.”

-Ali to Eylul- first conversation: “Why are you giving me the cold shoulder?” “...I think marriage is sacred. Act like it.”

-27:10 Shirtless Ali. Bahar walks in: “I think I deserve to be your assistant.” She kisses him.

-32:00 Ali to Eylul in the rain: “Men tease women they like.”

-Barhar freezes in an emergency case. Eylul steps in and saves the patient.

1:02:00 Eylul drives up in her Porsche. Eylul to Ali, “I don't have a home, so I bought a nice car.”

-1:07:40 crazy man goes on a rampage with an IV stand bar. Hits Ali in leg.

-Bahar's father, Sinan, to Selim the doctor: “You brought Eylul in here, now fire her.”

-Ali's father to Ali eating sandwiches by the water: “I want grandkids. Bahar would make great wife.”

-End: Ali to Eylul, tussling in the boxing ring: “Just so you know, I'm not married.”

Episode 3

-Opens with Eylul and Ali tussling in the boxing ring.

-Eylul makes Ali get an MRI on his leg.

-Eylul performs a complicated head surgery and wins Oguz' respect.

-41:40 Ali to Eylul on park bench: “Letting you go that was the stupidest mistake I ever made.” He takes her hand: “Will you go out with me?”

-Oguz delivers a breach baby; Ali and Eylul tell a boy he has an incurable disease.

-1:40:00 Man in black attacks VIP mafia patient

-End: 1:49:40 Ali finds Eylul on floor of Mafia patient's room. Flashback to him as a child watching his parents die.

Episode 4

-Opens with Ali going into Mafia patients room and finding everybody down—including Eylul.

9:31 Ali hugs Eylul in the elevator after her knife incident in mafia patient's room. She likes it, but isn't sure how to react.

-Eylul resuscitates a newborn in a bag by the dumpster.

-41:00 Ali to Selim: “I won't fight you for Eylul. I won't lose her again.”

-Bahar loses a patient in the ER. Her grandfather to her father Sinan: “If you can't get Ali to marry Bahar, then you and Bahar can pack your bags and leave this hospital.”

-1:21:00 Alp to Eylul & Ali regarding woman who abandoned her child: “My mother abandoned me!”

Turkish drama romantic scenes kiss  Kalp Altisi

-1:32:09 Ali removes brain tumor in old man so he can be with the woman he loves. Eylul to Ali: “Thank you. That meant a lot to me.” She kisses him on the cheek. Her first romantic move towards him.

-Angry man shoots Ali's father in a parking garage.

-End: Ali dances with Eylul in the rain, then kisses her.

Episode 5

-Opens with kiss in the rain. Scared, Eylul runs away :(

-In the elevator holding his father's hand, Ali has a flashback to when he lost his parents.

-In front of Eylul's childhood home, she has childhood flashback, parents fighting, father unfaithful.

-Bahar to Eylul: “I kissed Ali first. Tell Eylul he's mine!” They tussle in a fight.

-Alp comes to Esma's cafe and she falls in love at first sight. Funny!

-54:00 Eylul comes out of Ali's father's surgery and Ali hugs her.

-59:00; 1:01:00 Ali rests his head in Eylul's lap on their park bench: “What are you so scared of? Why do you keep running away?” He kisses her fingertips.

-Bahar's grandfather to Sinan: “We'll make Ali get rid of Eylul. Otherwise he'll watch his grandfather go to jail.”

-Mehmet runs after Eylul's car and falls down, grabbing his chest.

-Eylul to Selim by water: “Do you think the feelings a person's been hiding will lose their meaning if they're spoken out loud?” “If they're strong, they won't lose their meaning.”

-Ali to Esma: “...I love Eylul, but I don't understand her. I need help.” She puts the empty cream jar down on the table. “She's carried this all this time?”

Ali pushes the cream jar to Eylul: “Will you marry me?”

End: Dumbfounded from the proposal, Eylul gets a call: “The person who altered the report about your grandmother is...”

Episode 6

-Opens with proposal and man calling Eylul. She rushes off.

-Ali at scene of car accident has flashback to when his parents died in car wreck.

-Eylul talks the car accident woman off the roof ledge from jumping.

-Ali to his father: “Is there something about the man who shot you, that you're not telling me?”

-54:00 Cihan mafia man sends an ambulance full of heart cakes as a thank you to Eylul.

-1:05:20 Eylul encounters her father and stepmother in hospital.

-Ali finds Eylul on rooftop ledge. She tells him about her mother. “Now I know why you resist love.”

-1:26:53 Eylul to Ali in elevator: “Please give it [the cream bottle] back to me.” He teases her and walks away.

-1:32:00 Sinan to Bahar: “I realize I've turned into my father. Forgive me.”

-Eylul encounters her father in the hall: “...I don't ever want to see you again.”

-Murat has motorcycle wreck right in front of Eylul.

Episode 7

Opens with Mehmet's motorcycle wreck.

-18:37 Ali to Eylul sitting on windowsill: “It's ok to be weak. It shows you're human.” Sweet

-44:00 Eylul flashback to her mother bringing her cotton candy, then overdosing on pills.

-53:00 Ali comes to Eylul/Esma's apt and they clean up really fast before letting him in. Funny

-1:03:00 Ali brings a movie to Eylul's. (It's a dvd about an operation.)

-1:05:00 Eylul visits her father at his cafe: “I'll never marry if I have to have you as my family.”

-1:12:30 Flashback: Mehmet being smacked around by bad guys for giving money to Eylul.

-1:18:15 Ali performs brain surgery on a woman who's awake.

-1:34:00 Eylul to Ali in boxing gym: “If you win, I'll go somewhere with you in an hour.”

-Esma's surprise party for Eylul. They have a contest eating hot peppers.

-Ali takes Eylul to amusement park: “My gift to you is your childhood.”

-End: Eylul takes Ali's hand in the park.

Episode 8

-Opens with Ali challenging Eylul to race in the park, then she takes his hand.

-They lay down in the grass, she rests her head on his arm and dreams he's died.

Tukish drama romance english subtitles Heartbeat

-Alp lands in the hospital from eating so many hot peppers.

-13:50 Eylul hugs Ali from behind.

-24:30 Oguz to Eylul at outdoor table: “I've fallen in love with you.”

-A nurse jumps out upper story window.

-Selim to Eylul: “Leave your patients and go home for a few days.”

-Seaside, Ali questions Sinan: “What really happened in the operation with Eylul's grandmother?” “No doctor is perfect.” Flashback to a time Ali made a mistake and patient died.

-Oguz discovers his sister is abusing his father and stepmother.

-1:35:15 Celebrating the diagnosis of patient, Ali hugs Eylul. Then takes her into a room and holds up a mirror. “See how good we look together?”

-Mehmet's debt collector calls him. “We'll get that money you owe me from that doctor of yours.”

-1:38:15-End Ali wines and dines Eylul by the ocean. Just as he's about to kiss her, someone arrives.

Episode 9

-Opens with almost kiss and thugs stealing their cars.

-The guy who stole Eylul's car gets shot by his brother.

-Mehmet tries to steal Esma's stash of cash, and she locks him in a storage room.

-Mehmet tricks Esma and puts a choke hold on her: “If you come after me, I'll burn this place down.”

-28:35 Ali to Eylul: “Tonight's date was a first. But Mehmet always comes between us and you run away.”

-Eylul to Oguz when he gives her flowers: “I don't believe in relationships. If I did, there's only 1 person in this world I'd choose [Ali].”

-Ali to his dad: “About Serder who shot you...” “If you love the girl, don't dig into these things.”

-Shooter guy in Eylul's office: “I want YOU to help me!”

-1:03:50 Sinan's secretary sits in his lap, and Sinan's father walks in.

-Shooter guy shoots Eylul's father.

-1:22:00 Ali to Eylul: “Your father is ok. …. Let go of the past.” “I don't know how!” She hugs him.

-1:32:30 Eylul to Ali in elevator: “You ask me if I love you—I love you more than anyone, even myself...”

-Medical team runs through parking lot to unload ambulances while shooter is shooting at them from the roof.

-Eylul goes up to roof (by herself) to confront shooter on roof.

-Bahar shot.

Episode 10

-Opens with Bahar getting shot and rushed into ER.

-Melda shot.

-39:00 Bahar dies.

-56:00 Ali rushes up to the roof. Eylul rushes into his arms.

-1:17:20 Bahar's assistant Fatih to Oguz in morgue: “I never had a chance to tell her I loved her.”

-1:28:20 Esma and Eylul grieve in the morgue.

-1:38:00 Eylul to Ali: “Did all of this death happen because of me?” “You're just a doctor and can't save everyone.” He embraces her.

-Sinan looking at CAT scan. “It's Eylul's fault Behar died! She'll pay for this!”

-Bahar's funeral, Sinan embraces Eylul: “You're now my biggest enemy. …. Ali's the son of the man who changed your grandmother's report.”

* Most of the episode was about the shooter roaming the hospital. Disappointing. Lots of implausible scenarios.

Episode 11

-Opens at Bahar's funeral with Sinan whispering in Eylul's ear. Eylul voiceover: “Today was a milestone for me Nothing will be the same from now on.” [seems to be referring to Ali's 'betrayal.']

Ipek Kalp Atisi Heartbeat

-6:53 First glimpse of Ipek.

-Eylul happens on a car wreck with pregnant woman.

-Alp sprays his hair silver.

-The wrecked car and trapped man are taken to hospital on tow truck.

-Ipek delivers baby on gurney in front of elevator.

-Ali to Eylul over man trapped in car: “I never give up. I was late once, but never gave up. That's the difference in you and me. I don't give up. I just search for a better way.”

-1:24:00 Ipek to Eylul: “I'm Ipek, your sister.”

-1:39:00 Ali to Eylul: I know you are tired, but I deserve to know. What happened after the funeral?” “If you really want to help me, stay away from me!” He walks away, dejected. Sad.

-1:42:30 Eylul to Ali's father: “Did you have any connection to covering up my grandmother's death?”

-End: Fatih, bereft over Bahar, has a scalpel to the neck of shooter guy-- Ali walks in. At same time Eylul confront Sinan about under-handedness that involves a patient and Mehmet.

Episode 12

Opens with Eylul confronting Sinan in the OR and Ali catching Fatih about to kill shooter guy.

-49:23; 51:00 Ali to Eylul in hospital lobby: “I'm not your toy to come when you say come, and go when you say go.”

-Eylul to Ipek in hall: “I'm not you sister or friend.”

-Alp makes french fries, Esma kisses his cheek.

-1:17:00 Shirtless Ali bandages a cut on his chest.

-Eylul meets with the other doctor in on her grandmother's surgery: “It was no one's fault. We did everything we could.”

-That other doctor to Ali's father: “...I think she believed me. She can never know the truth.” Ali hears.

-1:50:00; 1:54:00 Alp to Esma on a date-- dining al fresco beside the camper/caravan. “I'm starting over. Will you be there with me?” Kiss.

End: Ali to his dad: “...I heard everything in this room today. You're right. I don't look like you!” The dad falls to the floor with heart attack just as Eylul walks in.

Episode 13

-Opens with Ali confronting his father and then his father falling to the floor.

-Eylulk to Ipek in the hall: “You're right, out past isn't our fault, but it happened. We can never be friends.”

-Esma to Eylul after seeing Melda's photo in lobby: “She's the one who conspired against you!”

-44:30 Ali to Eylul on couch: “My wound is fine. Just take care of my heart.”

-1:01:00 Reliving his father's words before surgery, Ali hugs Eylul. “I love you.”

-1:28:40 Alp looks at MRI of his brain and sees a big tumor.

-1:39:30 Shooter guy overdoses on pills as Eylul reads his apology/goodbye letter.

-Bahar's grandfather to Ali's Dad lying in hospital: “...The reason you adopted Ali wasn't out of the goodness of your heart. Tomorrow he'll find out.” The dad tries to get out of bed and dies.

Episode 14

-Opens with Ali's dad dying.

-Ali and Eylul driving away from the funeral, get in wreck with ambulance. They thwart a shooter.

-31:30 Eylul sees Ali with the cream bottle: “I know what's in here. And my answer is yes to your marriage proposal.” “Never stop loving me, Eylul.” He's trying to tell her the truth about his father.

-Explosion in a building. Ali amputates Selim's arm to get him out.

-Ipek realizes her patient is her mother.

-1:34:40 Esra (doctor/Bahar's mother) opens a box with mementos from Bahar's childhood.

Turkish drama Gokan Alkan english heartbeat

-Nerrin, Ipek's mother in hospital bed to Ipek: “Your father did this.”

-1:41:30 Ali to Selim in hospital with bandaged arm: “...Your chances of healing are less than 10%.”

-Eylul to her father at his cafe: “You beat her and then pushed her in front of a bus.”

-End: Eylul, with headache (injury) is driving, Ali calls: “Pull over and stay in the car!” She gets out and falls to the ground.

Episode 15

-Opens with Eylul falling to ground. Ali arrives. Eylul: “What's wrong with me?” “CVO.” “Paralyzed?” “Yes.”

-Ipek to her father on phone: “If you come here to the hospital, I'll hand you over to the police myself!”

16:40 Ali lays down next to Eylul in the hospital bed.

-Ex mafia patient gives Eylul a blue car as a thank you gift.

-Sinan to his father: “Every king should step down and leave it to his son one day.”

-Eylul drives the new car back to patient at a car dealership and gets caught up in a hostage situation.

-Alp to Eylul: “Can I live with you awhile?”

-Ipek call cops on her father for throwing her mother under the bus.

-Ali comforts Selim, who's despairing about losing his arm and job.

-Eylul gets called into the hospital board room by lawyer: “Eylul is the new hospital partner.”

**Most of the episode was the hostage situation at the car dealership.

Episode 16

-Opens with Eylul in Ali's father's office talking to his picture: “You gave me a hospital, but I won't stop coming after you.” Ali walks in. Eylul: “You knew and didn't tell me. I need someone but not you.”

-Sinan swipes contents onto conference room floor: “I won't give this hospital to anyone!”

-Eylul nearly runs down Ali in parking garage. Ali wrestles her: “I killed my own father over this!”

-36:30 Oguz kisses just-awakened Ipek in the operating room.

-Ipek overhears her mother on the phone: “...otherwise I'll tell the police it was you who pushed me.”

-1:08:40 Eylul to Ali in her office: “...I can't take the ring off cause I love you, but I can't forgive you.” Poignant

-Alp, scared about his tumor, on phone with Esma: “... If I ever forget, remind me that I love you.”

-1:25:33 Ali kisses Eylul in the elevator: “I found a cure. It's called love.”

-Ipek's mom's lover buries Ipek alive. Eylul come looking for her.

Episode 17

-Opens with Ali fighting to get permission to operate on 2 brothers whose dad can't pay.

-Ali talks the boys' father off the roof ledge.

-28:00 Ali to people in hospital lobby: “Listen up! This is my fiance!” Under his breath, “Patient responds to treatment #2.”

-Sinan and his father to Oguz: “Side with us and we'll promote you.”

-Alp to Eylul: “I could be blind with the surgery. I can't have surgery unless I see my mom first.”

Gokan Alkan Turkish Drama English full episodes

-Oguz and Ipek's mother frantically dig, but Ipek wasn't buried under the table in the cafe's garden.

-1:27:00 Ali holds a preemie 'kangaroo' style and revives her. Eylul: “You'll make a good father.” “Let's get started!”

-Sinan to Eylul: “Sign these papers to fire Oguz.”

-1:43:00 Alp meets his mother for the first time. (But she's not his real mother....)

-1:56;30 Ali brings Eylul a wedding dress and she tries it on.

End: Oguz and Eylul's father come to her apt with a look of pain. (Implication is that the body found under a bridge was Ipek's)

Episode 18

-Opens with Eylul trying on the wedding dress. Sweet words exchanged.

-Ali comes face to face with his ex-wife. Ex has flashback: “I can't do this marriage anymore, Ali.”

-56:00 Alp goes on a joy ride in red car, then looks over ocean, and takes a 'family' photo.

-Ozgu punches Sinan.

-Nazli (Ali's ex) to a patient in front of Ali: “I had a child. I watched him die 20 minutes after birth.”

1:13:30 Eylul to Ali as Nazli walks away: “What was that?” “My former wife.”

-1:38:00 Alp to Esma on one knee: “If I survive this surgery, will you marry me?”

Eylul voiceover: “New feeling for me—it's called jealousy.”

End: Ipek walks down hall and embraces Eylul.

*Kind of boring episode. All about Ali's ex-wife and looking for Ipek, which ended anticlimactically.

Episode 19

-Opens with Ipek walking down hospital hall and embracing Eylul.

-Ali has dinner with Nazli and her husband Can.

-Ipek in car talking to Oguz: “What are you doing?” “Thinking about you.”

-36:00 Ali delivers a baby in a restaurant.

-Alp to Emsa: “Did I propose you to? No...”

-Nazli's husband to Ali: “I love Nazli. Please, if you can help me, do the operation.”

-1:27:19 Ipek kisses Oguz in parking garage: “You wouldn't shut up.”

-Nazli to Ali after her husband's surgery: “He needs to heal as soon as possible so I can divorce him.”

-1:55:00 Ali to Eylul in decorated elevator: “You look good in this picture.” “We look good in it. …. You never gave up on me.” They exchange rings. Big kiss. Eylul voiceover: “This time I decided to change to protect my miracle.” Sweet scene. She's finally brave enough to be open to him.

Episode 20

-Opens with big elevator kiss, Esma being miffed at Alp, Ali invites Eylul into his house.

-Ali 'helps' Eylul play a claw/fetch arcade game. Ali: “You're so cute I could kiss you again.” Big kiss

turkish Drama romantic scenes Oguz and Ipek Heartbeat

-16:30 Oguz flirts with Ipek over a sheep's brain: “It turns to liquid when left to decay.” “Now, I'll... puke.” FUNNY

-Ipek and Eylul renounce their parents after father 'breaks in' to his cafe going after his wife: Ipek: “I hate you! Don't call me again.” Eylul: “You deserve each other.”

-Selim makes a video ad for the hospital.

-Sinan to Nazli: “Ali is your ex-husband? Sure, you can have a job here.”

-51:00 Alp to Esma: “It's too soon for marriage.”

-Ipek, stuck in elevator with patient, freezes with fear.

-Esma stages an engagement ceremony in the ER for Alp.

-End: Melda's father plans to leave a bomb at the hospital to avenge the death of his daughter, but the bomb ends up with Eylul in her car.

Episode 21

-Opens with the bomb exploding and Eylul helping victims on scene.

-Esma's father to Esma” “You're going back to Marmaris with me, and your young man will ask for your hand according to tradition.”

-20:00 Ali to Eylul at the door of his house: “Let's get married tomorrow....I love you.”

-Ali to Nazli outside in the rain after she snuck in his house and made dinner: “Stay away from me!”

- Eylul helps a man who had a chandelier impale his chest.

Gokan Alkan Oyku Karayel Heartbeat Kalp Atisi

-Sinan's father schemes to have Sinan committed for rehab to get him out of the way.

-1:07:49 Ali takes Eylul home in a truck full of flowers. “I love you."

-1:21:00 Samo becomes Alp's father to meet with Esma's father. Funny!

-Eylul to Nalzi in hospital hall: “...I left Ali too, but he never left me.”

-Esma's father to Alp: “Esma could marry an orphan but not a liar!”

-Sinan's father to Eylul and Ali: “See these reports? He needs help.” “I'm not signing this. You did it.”

-1:49:00 Eylul's henna night in beautiful red dress. She dances with Ali.

-During the henna night dance, Nazli sends a text to everyone with photo of her kissing Ali.

Episode 22

-Opens with Eylul waking up the morning after her wedding and seeing a pool of blood beside her in the bed. Then it rewinds events to Ali trying on his wedding tux.

-Ali meets Sultan, another man who's a doctor and will be a groom.

-Oguz to Nazli in hospital hall: “Your photography trick won't work. Ali's getting married tomorrow.”

-Girlfriend of Turna, swat police guy, comes in shot.

-25:00 Eylul's father to Eylul outside hospital: “Take this money.” “I needed a father, not money.”

-Sultan 'breaks in' Ali's house.

-59:30 Eylul's henna night, Sultan watching via hidden camera.

-Nazli sends photo of her kissing Ali via text to everyone at the henna party.

-Eylul's father intentionally crashes his car into a tree.

-Sinan hauled off to a clinic.

-1:40:40 Ali and Eylul's wedding. Eylul's dad shows up as does Nazli, but Oguz chases her off.

-Sultan sabotages the bottle of wine in honeymoon suite.

-Eylul wakes up next morning to a pool of blood in bed beside her and the police haul her off.

*Disappointing episode. Could have been some great opportunities to bask in the couple's happiness, but instead, the emphasis is on the schemes of Nazli and Sultan.

Episode 23

-Opens with Eylul being carted away in police car.

-Eylul in interrogation room has visions of Ali and things he's said to her about feeling and pain.

-Sinan goes to Nazli's to hide from his father just before the police pick her up for questioning.

-Ali wakes up in a strange place with a terrible headache.

-Eylul's police van driver has a heart attack and crashes. Eylul keeps him alive. The interrogator policeman now believes she's innocent: “I'll help you find your husband.”

-Eylul sees her father and embraces him. Dad: “I haven't been there before for you, but I'm here now.”

-Eylul and converted police man search for Ali

-Sinan holds a scalpel to his father's neck in car.

-End: Timer counting down, Ali 'on stage' about to die.

*Clichéd' episode.

Episode 24

-Opens with Eylul discovering Ali is chained on a stage being gassed.

-Sultan stages an accident for Eylul's father in a taxi. Ali takes him to ill-equipped hospital.

-Ali to Eylul: “I'm so sorry. I did everything I could, but it wasn't enough to save your father.”

-Eylul to Ali sitting in the shower and then sitting on the bedside. “I don't know if I can forgive or not.”

-Eylul's father's funeral.

-1:36:30 Ali to Zeynep, the doctor at the dumpy hospital: “I've decided to work at this hospital.”

-Ali and Zeynep help a man in the rough neighborhood and gets trapped in the ambulance by mob.

* Slowish episode

Episode 25

Opens with Ali and Zeynep trapped in the ambulance by mob who try to light it on fire.

-9:00 Eylul takes down about 6 thugs with her fighting skills, then hugs Ali.

-23:30 Eylul unloads on Zeynep: “Don't ever forget my father's face and that your mistake killed him.”

-41:00 Selim cooks fish at Ali/Eylul's house.

-57:00 Ali lies down beside Eylul on bed: “No matter where I go, I'll always come back to you.”

-1:09:30 Ribbon cutting at Ali's new hospital.

-Eylul introduced to Siamese Twins.

-Eylul puts the arm lock on what turns out to be her bodyguard.

-Samet pulls scissors out of a guy's brain.

-End Police commissioner calls across the street to Ali: “We found the man who kidnapped you!” He's run over by a thug of Sultan's.

Episode 26

Opens with police commissioner getting hit by truck.

-36:00 Ali to Eylul after she finds gun in the kitchen drawer: “Let's do my favorite thing- hug.”

-Eylul's stepmother to Ali: “YOU killed my husband. You owe”

Turkish drama full episodes with english subtitles youtube

-1:21:00 Ali makes it snow for a patient. Eylul to Ali: “I love you more every day.”

-1:44:00 Ali to Eylul at Sultan's party: “My new Year's wish is for Eylul to make me a father.”

-End: All the guests at Sultan's party fall out after drinking.

Episode 27

-Opens with Eylul dreaming of her mother's funeral and hurtful words.

-Eylul at Sultan's party: “...I don't want to be a mother!”

-Everyone at the party ends up in a hospital bed except Ali.

-27:00 Ali to Eylul in their kitchen: “There are other things married couples do... to be parents...”

-34:00 Oguz to Ipek in doctor's locker room: “You have a dark side... You're blaming the victim!”

-Police to Ali: “Our strongest suspect is Fatih.” (Intern doctor who loved Bahar)

-1:15:30 After an argument with Ipek, Eylul walks into the hospital and hugs Ali. “It's good that you're here. Don't go away again.”

-1:36:00 Ali makes Eylul a romantic dinner. “Don't you love me? Why can't I be a father?” Eylul embraces him.

-Sultan to Sinan: “Divide and conquer .... We'll use Zeynep to separate Ali and Eylul.”

-1:44:30 “Rose petals and a note from Oguz fall out of Ipek's locker: “I'm in the operating room.”

-Ipek gives Eylul her mother's suicide note: “I would give up my daughter if you would love me.” (I think that's what it said. Translation was terrible)

-Eylul overhears Ali talking to Selim with the implication that he would leave her if they couldn't have a child. (Again, translation was very bad. But Eylul was devastated at what she heard.)

-Sinan to Sultan in Sultan's father's office: “You're the psycho whose done all this....”

End: Ali goes home looking for Eylul and finds her closet cleaned out.

*Subtitles for this episode were particularly bad...

Episode 28

Opens with Sultan strangling Sinan, who's discovered Sultan is the psycho tormenting Ali.

-Sultan to Sinan: “Both our father's betrayed us. We're just trying to get what we deserve.”

-Eylul visits her maternal grandmother and reads the letter. (Much better translation)

-Ali tracks down Eylul: “Why didn't you tell me you went to your grandmothers. You can't just disappear!”

-41:40 Ali to Eylul in hospital lobby: “I will break down the walls between us.”

-57:00 Selim sees a woman in the lobby and is smitten.

-Sultan to Sinan: [Flashback] “I went to see my father once. He turned his back on me.”

-1:19:00; 1:21:12 Eylul to Ali looking at babies: “We have to break up.”

Turkish dramas with happy endings english

***It seems like right about here they decided to wrap up the series. The rest was very rushed.

-1:41:44 Ali to Eylul after a successful fetal surgery: “Let's make a baby.”

-1:54:12 After getting drunk and spending the night at Sultan's house, Ipek hugs Oguz and apologizes.

-Ali confronts Sultan: “It's terrible what my father did to you, but...” Sultan arrested.

End: Ali and Eylul hold a dinner party for the gang. They have a 1 year old daughter, and we see flashbacks to each character's wrap up story.

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Post Script:

-My review of Kalp Atisi (Heartbeat) is here.

-For more about the characters and the bios of actors in Kalp Atisi, use Chrome browser and the auto translate option for this article.

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