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Kan Cicekleri ~ Ep Guide ~Ep 101-137

Link to Full Episodes of Kan Cicekleri with English subtitls

Kan Cicekleri with English Subtitles ~ Episode Guide for Episodes 101-137

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Episode guide for episodes 1-100 is here.


•Romantic scenes in pink. (Nearly every Baran/Dilan scene has romantic overtones. I only highlighted the ones that seems particularly romantic)

•Touching, poignant, funny, great acting, etc. scenes in green.

•Important scenes bolded

*Timestamps may not be exact as some sites include the series intro and others do not.


Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 100  

-Opens with Baran at the hospital- flashback to Dilan saying “Situations like this make you think—re-evaluate.” Baran, teary eyed. “Don't you dare die!” Dilan's family arrives.

-15:30 Baran in Dilan's hospital room. To himself: “I lost my mother. I can't lose you too.”

-20:00 Ahmet to Baran: “I don't have words to say.” Baran: “There are no words to express the pain.”

-Teary Kadar to Baran: “Go home. Take a shower. I'll stay with her here.”

-40:00 Baran comes home and 'sees' Dilan everywhere in the house.”

-46:00 Baran has a 'vision' of Dilan in a white dress with a tray: “Come! Let's have breakfast!” He hugs her. “I was so afraid of losing you!”

-51:00 Baran takes Dilan's hand, then strokes her forehead.“You can yell at me, be angry. Anything. Just be with me.”

-End: Baran sees a gurney with sheet over body come out of Dilan's hospital room. “No... It can't be...”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 101 

-Opens with Baran panicking over the gurney and dead person. Just as he's about to pull the sheet back he hears coughing—it's Dilan, awake in a different room. He hugs her. To himself: “I can't be afraid of losing you again. I can't stand it.”

-13:00 Unidentified man shoots bad guy who kidnapped Dilan.

-18:00 G'ma to Dilan: “You've been waited on long enough. Get up!”

-23:00 Cihan gives Sena the watch she pawned. Cihan flashack—Sena's mother telling about watch and Sena being accused of stealing money.

-28:00 Kerem to Baran: “You haven't been to the company in days. You feel guilty about Dilan? I think it's more than that.” He smirks.

-29:00 Baran to Dilan outside: “It's cold out here, come in. …. I'll show you to be stubborn with me.” He sweeps her off her feet and carries her inside.

-31:00 Call from Baran's aunt: “... bring your new wife and come kiss my hand.”

-53:00 Dilan to Baran: “Tell me about your Aunt Berivan.”-End: Baran to Dilan: “We're going –to my aunt's.” G'ma in a big huff.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 102  

-Opens with Dilan/Baran arriving at Aunt B's house. Aunt to Dilan: “You're as beautiful as a fairy.” They embrace. She shows them to their room—ONE small-ish bed, and ONE pillow.

-26:00 Cihan to Sena's coffee shop boss: “I'm going to prove Sena is innocent.”

-27:00 Dilan to Baran, chopping wood: “It's so peaceful and quiet here.”

-33:00 Dilan to Aunt B: “...Baran made a great sacrifice—and it saved my brother. I'm grateful.”

-37:00 Aunt B to Dilan/Baran: “ each other with all your soul.”

-41:10 Aunt B to Baran. “Her heart is as beautiful as her face.” Baran: “And stubborn.”

-44:00 Baran to Dilan: “Aunt B thinks we have a happy home.”Dilan: “Then let's not spoil that image.”

-46:00 Ali to Zumrut on phone: “I remembered my aunt, abroad. I even contacted her.”

-56:30 Baran sees Dilan in borrowed nightgown and can't stop looking. To cover, he scolds: “Turn off the light!

-End: Aunt B realizes Baran and Dilan didn't sleep in the same bed. FUNNY!

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 103  

-Opens with Baran waking up on his pallet bed and Dilan rushing in: “Hurry! Your aunt almost came to wake you up!” The aunt hears.

-4:30 Cihan has footage of REAL thief who stole coffee shop money.

-24:00 Dilan drops stovepipe as Baran hands it to her. They both reach for it. Their eyes lock.

-26:00 Ali calls Zumrut: “Your family needs to know. We are 2 adults who love each other.”

-28:00 Baran wipes a smudge off Dilan's face and it turns into a caress. A minute later, she wipes smudge off his face.

-33:00 Derya says something offensive to G'ma at coffee shop. (Translation unclear) G'ma storms off.

-42:00 Baran helping Dilan with dough—she reminds him of his mother. “Here, put this on.” He puts his mothers lace hijab on Dilan.

-48:00 Aunt B to Baran: “Your wife has flour smudged on her face.” He caresses it off, then kisses her cheek.

-53:00 Sena's Uncle on phone: “<Bad guy> got out of jail. Stay home. Lay low.”

-57:00 Baran to Dilan on porch: “...My mother loved it here too. Aunt B says you're like her.”

-Kadar catches Gul with Firat.

-1:03:00 Baran and Dilan share the bed and end up snuggled.

-End: Baran and Dilan asleep, snuggled.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 104 

-Opens with Baran and Dilan snuggled in bed. Baran wakes up, gazes adoringly at sleeping Dilan.

-6:00 Dilan wakes up, stares back at Baran. Then they both become self aware and turn away.

-Kadar to Firat: “...We're not in the same boat You're in first class, we're in third. ….In short, stay away from my daughter.”

-16:00 Aunt B to Baran/Dilan: “...When will you have a little bundle of joy?” Dilan drops glass.

-20:00 Kerem on phone to Baran: “It might be good for Dilan to stay with your aunt a few extra days.”

-Dispite Sena's begging, Cihnan goes to cafe boss and shows him the footage to prove her innocence.

-28:00 Aunt B hangs up on Hasan. She knows G'ma is listening.

-29:20; 33:25 Baran and Dilan walk about town. Feed birds, she buys hin a ring, he takes her hand.

-41:00 Jeweler friend praises Baran. Dilan seeing/hearning another side of Baran.

-43:33; 48:20; 55:30 Ali proposes. Zumrut: “I don't want to be apart anymore.”

-51:30 Cihan chasing Sena down: “Be honest with me. What's going on???”

-55:00 Aunt B to herself: “It's as clear as day that girl loves her man.”

-56:20 Aunt B to Baran: “You may have been putting on in front of me, but I can tell she loves you.”

-1:00:00 Baran helps Dilan with a necklace, then relishes their closeness, her hair...

-1:02:52 Aunt B to Dilan about the necklace gift: “These flowers tell the love of a couple whose families are hostile....”

-1:05:00 Baran finds the ring Dilan bought for him. Aunt B's word play in his head: “People want to make their loved ones happy. They pay attention to what they like....”

-End: Aunt B to Dilan: “Tell me. If you'd met Baran under different circumstances, would things be different?” Dilan sees Baran standing in the doorway.

***Both episodes at Aunt B's were lovely. Baran and Dilan got to know each other in a nuturing place that let them be themselves.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 105  

-Opens with Aunt B to Dilan: “Tell me. If you'd met Baran under different circumstances, would things be different?”

-5:38 Ali on one knee: “Will you marry me?” Zumrut: “No. Sorry, I can't.”

-9:15 Sena to Cihan: “After my father died, my mother remarried...he abused us...we ran away...”

-12:50 Teary Zumrut to Ali: “I can't go against my family.”

-17:00 Firat wipes away Gul's tears, takes her hand. Kadar sees.

-23:40 Cihan flashback to Sena's domestic abuse story. He calls her: “Whenever you want, I'm here.”

-29:00 At Aunt B's, Baran corners Dilan, moves in real close...then takes jacket off hook. Dilan almost gives him the ring.

-32:00 Kadar to Gul: “Don't be so naive to think Firat really cares for you.” Gul: “We're in love.”

-Ali on phone: “I'm leaving Turkey. Yes, my decision is final. No reason to stay.”

-54:40 Dilan holding ring gift, trying to decide if she should give it to Baran, who knows she has it. FUNNY and romantic.

-58:20 Dilan keeps replaying in her head Aunt B's words, “If you'd met under different circumstances, would things be different?” Dilan looks up, finds Baran trying to say 'I love you' with his eyes.

-Police come to take Baran for questioning about death of guy of kidnapped Dilan.

-End: Dilan, anxious for Baran to return home, meets him on driveway—relieved to see him. Aunt B's question replays, “If you'd met under different circumstance... ...Trust your heart.” She touches her heart, tears roll down her cheeks.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 106  

-Opens with Dilan meeting Baran on driveway. Inches apart, they gaze into each others' eyes. Then G'ma interrups.

-6:00; 12:30; 19:40 Gul to Firat: “...Do you love me?”

-11:30 Baran finds Dilan teary in their room: “....were you worried about me?”

-15:00 Ali to Zumrut: “I'm leaving.” He gives her the ring. “Maybe you'll want to come with me.”

-18:00 Cihan to Baran: “Sena has a stepfather....” Baran: “Shall we investigate this man?”

-38:00 Firat tells Kudret about Gul.

-54:00 Gul crying to Kadar: “It hurts...I can't stand to be here anymore. Please send me to uncle.”

-End: Baran walks in room, Dilan drops ring, he sees.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 107  

-Opens with Dilan dropping ring, Baran sees. Dilan picks it up, hands it to him: “I got this for you so Aunt B would think we were happily married.”

-26:20 Cihan to Dilan: “Here's your inviation to the play.” Dilan: “I'm not going to the play. I'm not part of this family. You know why I'm here.”

-44:00 Ahmet to Baran: “...real love is wanting the happiness and well-being of the other person in every situation without expecting anything in return. ...everyone wants love reciprocated, but love given can't be contingent on the reciprocation.” WISE

-49:30 Dilan gets locked in storage room upstairs. Then Baran gets locked in with her. They argue.

-55:00 Gul gives Firat earrings gift back. Firat: “Don't go.”-End: Kadar to Dilan: “Are you running away from Baran? The question is, why?”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 108  

-Opens with Baran/Dilan locked in room. Baran: “Cihan is offended you aren't going to his play.” Kadar to Dilan: “Are you running away from Baran? The question is, why?”

-7:30 Firat, a bundle of nerves, blurts out to Gul: “I love you! ...I'm rough. I will change...for you.”

-13:30 Baran pushes curtains open next to Dilan: “Open it and you will see more clearly.” He's trying to tell her something with the metaphor.

-40:00 Zumrut gives Ali back the ring. Ali: “It only fits your finger.... I love you.”

-51:50 Zumrut runs out to catch Ali: “Can you forgive me? … Goodbye.” They shake hands, walk away, then run back and embrace.

-Cihan's play. Baran looks at Dilan, letting the words of the play characters speak his heart to Dilan. He reaches for her hand, she pulls it away

-End Baran--Flash to him and Dilan on a stage—he imagines a conversaion with her expressing everything in his heart. “ ..You unlocked the iron gate of my heart. …. You showed the way to love, not hate.” Swoon-worthy romantic scene, beautiful cinematography.Kudos to the writers for a very unique, creative scene.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 109  

-Opens: right after play. Baran/Dilan talking in lobby. Dilan sees old friend.

-9:52 Ali to Zumrut: “I'll always remember these days.”

-16:20 Hunun punches Ali: “She loves you—and you are walking away. Fight for her!”

-18:20 Family restaurant lunch.

-23:50 Waiter recognizes Sena. She panics and leaves. Cihan goes after her.

-33:40 Kadar draws back to slap Gul. Firat grabs her arms. “I won't allow you to do that.”

-Derya spills water on Dilan and blames Dilan.

-37:00 Old friend to Dilan: “....I heard you were in a forced marriage....but you both look so happy.”

-Derya says hateful words to Dilan in bathroom.

-50:00 Yagmur's 'bad mother' steals her from restaurant.

-54:35 Dilan to friend: “I'm just in that house to pay my family's debt. They're not my family. I will never be Baran Karabey's wife.” Baran hears and is heartbroken.

**Slow episode. It could be skipped or skimmed without missing much.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 110  

-Opens with the family at home congratulating Cihan about the play.

-6:10 Baran reflecting on Dilan saying she could never be his wife. To himself. “After all she's been through here, it's no wonder.” He throws the ring she gave him on the floor.

-9:00 Ali to Zumrut: “I will stay and fight for our love.”

-12:15 Dilan(??) flashes back to Baran's(??) imagining of him saying to her “ ..You unlocked the iron gate of my heart. …. You showed the way to love, not hate.” Then Baran flashes back to it. (??)

-33:00 Kadar to crying Gul: “You are leaving. G'ma would never allow you and Firat.”

-38:00 Serap, Baran's 'friend' arrives.

-45:00 Angry Baran on phone to Kerem: “Make Derya an offer she can't refuse—I want her out of the company!”

-48:10 Cihan offers a job to Sena: “You will sell jewelry in on of our stores.”

-G'ma to Dilan: “You don't have a place in our family or our photos!” She tears up the family photo.

-56:00 Baran to himself: “If only our story had started differently. Would she have feelings for me?”

-End: Dilan dresses up for dinner, then regrets it. Baran walks in: “You forgot one earring.” He brushes her hair aside and puts it on.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 111  

-Opens with G'ma to Serep: “...they're not really husband and wife.... ...Baran and I missed you.”

-Yagmur tells other little girl: “They took good care of me... I had my own room.”

-Serap friend on phone to her: “...You've loved Baran for years....”

-24:00 Serap, Baran and Dilan chat in the kitchen. Dilan jealous.

-34:30 Waiter to Cihan: “Sena and her mother are running because she tried to kill her father!”

-37:00 Serap sees evidence that Dilan and Baran don't sleep in bed together.

-40:20 Firat to Kadar: “...I love your daughter.”

-46:00 Baran to Kudret: “My love can hardly stay silent. But then the truth hits me and I have to shut up. Loving is so painful.”

-53:00 Cihan to Sena: “Why did you want to kill your stepfather Yildrim?”

-58:30 Serap to Baran: “...I'm sorry you had to make a marriage like this to Dilan.”

-End: Dilan overhears Serap on phone: “...they sleep in separate beds...I still have a chance.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 112 

-End: Dilan overhears Serap on phone: “...they sleep in separate beds...I still have a chance.”

-14:00 Kadar to Dilan: “...if Baran had feelings for Serap, something would've happened long ago.”

-19:00 G'ma to Dilan: “If it weren't for you, Baran and Serap would be on a different path now.”

-32:00 G'ma and Baran to Serap: “We have plenty of room. You should stay awhile.”

-Dilan wishing Baran would invite her to a breakfast. Baran wondering if he should ask, but afraid she has no interest.

-40:00 Sena has nightmare. Cihan: “I won't let anyone hurt you.”

-End: Kadar to Dilan, watching Baran walk down driveway with Serap: “Aren't you going to the breakfast?” Dilan: “I wasn't invited.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 113 (113 on Yoturkish was the same as 112)

-Opens with Serap on phone with friend: “I have a chance with Baran...they sleep in separate beds.”

-Dilan overhears Baran on phone: “ for Serap...price is no issue...”

-26:00 Dilan cuts her palm. Baran helps bandage it. In talking about the wound, they speak metaphorically about their relationship. Dilan: “It's a deep wound. It hurts, but it will get better.” Baran: “I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't mean to hurt you.” (Probably very important words, but translation is so bad it's hard to understand.)

-32:00 Hasan belittling Firat; Firat fires back: “You're sorry to have a son like me? I'm sorry to have a father like you.”

-34:00 Zurmut to her mom: “I think you should get used to Ali—he will always be in my life.”

-49:00 Waiter sends photos of Sena and Cihan to Sena's stepfather. Stepfather: “I told them I'd go to the ends of the earth to find them.”

-55:00 Firat to Derya: “You will sell me your partnership shares.”

-57:00 Cevriye grabs Yagmur's 'owner' by the hair: “Where is Yagmur?” Woman throws her down.

-End: Package arrives. Baran to Dilan: “Don't open it!” (Dilan thinks it's his gift for Serap.)

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 114 

-Opens with Package arriving. Baran to Dilan: “Don't open it!”

-8:00 Baran opens package-- a silver flower. He reminisces about their happy times at Aunt B's, then recalls her telling her friend: “I'll never be his wife.” He drops flower. “I'm embarassing myself. She doesn't want me.”

-27:00 Firat to Gul as he pulls out a ring: “Will you marry me?”

-36:00 Serap to Baran: “You and Dilan seem unhappy. You've set yourself on fire for your family.”

-46:00 Walking, Baran and Dilan's paths cross. Baran to himself: “Have I trapped you in my hatred?” They have a sort of telepathic conversation. Both hurting, both thinking the other doesn't care. Sad...

-51:00 Cevdat finds Yagmur and her friend. “Let's go home.”

54:00 Kerem to Baran: “...I think you should give her the gift and let her decide.”

-57:00 Cevdat brings little girls home to Cevriye.

-End: Dilan finds silver flower in Baran's office—he catches her.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 115  

-Opening: Baran catches Dilan in his office with the flower. Baran: “This should never happen again!”

-5:00 Derya to Firat: “I'll sell you my shares on one condition—that you marry me.”

-15:00 Gul to Firat: “ my dream house....”

-37:00 Baran joins Dilan by the pool. Both replay wise words from Kadar/Ahmet about sacrificial love and blooming where you're planted. Kerem comes out: “Here's the gift for Serap.” Dilan realizes the silver blood flower wasn't for Serap.

-49:00 Dilan sews a button on Baran's jacket. Baran to himself: “How can I stay away from you when you are so close to me?”

-51:00 Stepfather comes to house: “You didn't think you could escape me, did you?”

-55:00 Social services arrives for the girls. Yagmur: “I don't want to go!”End: Baran calls Dilan into his office. He picks of silver flower box like he's going to hand it to her. A man comes to the door, and Baran hands it to the man. Dilan's smile fades.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 116  

-Opens with Baran giving the box to other man. To Dilan: “There will be an event at the mansion...”

-The 2 orpahn girls go with social services.

-12:00 Baran calls Dilan's mother: “We have a serious problem....”

-42:00; 45:00; 50:30 Dilan's mother meets with her. “Forgive me. I shouldn't have slapped you. Come home whenever you want. …. Your husband is well-intentioned and caring.”

-55:30 Baran to Dilan: “I didn't imprison you. You needed to know you could go visit your family whenever you needed to.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 117 

-Opens with G'ma to Dilan “Serap is staying... Baran wanted it as well.” Dilan to herself: “So that's why Baran wanted me to be able to go home.”

-Sena at home, turns around her stepfather is standing there.

-Ali/Zurmurt to her father: “We love each other and want to get married.”

-13:00 Serap to Dilan: “You don't mind if I stay awile, do you?”

-15:30 Baran to G'ma: “You asked Serap to stay without asking my opinion.”

-34:00 Baran to Gul: “From now on you (not Dilan) will take care of my father's food and medicine.”

-38:00 Cihan to Sena: “What happened to you?” (bruise on her face.)

-41:00 Baran to Kudret, who won't eat from anyone except Dilan: “You got used to her being here too? I got used to her goodness, always being here by our side. … But we have to give her her life back.”

-45:00 Baran to Dilan: “Soon you'll be gone. We can never have a future. I don't know how I could've believe it.” Dilan imagines asking him to explain Serap, but doesn't.

-53:00 Cevriye finally reaches Yagmur's mom on phone. Mom: “Don't bother me. I'm abroad.”

-55:00 Gul to Firat: “I lost the ring!” Firat: “Well that shows how much you valued it...”

-56:00 Hanife to Ali: “I'll tell you again—I don't have a daughter for you.”

-End: Ayten Kara foundation event at mansion. Baran holds out his hand to Dilan to dance with him.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 118 

-Opens with Dilan coming down red carpet in blue dress Baran bought her. He holds out his hand: “Will you dance with me? Beautifully romantic scene.

-21:40 Baran to Dilan: “Thank you for not leaving me alone on a day like this....My friends' compliments of you were well deserved.”-24:40 Kudret working hard to move and stand up—falls out of his wheelchair.

-29:30 Baran fastens a ncecklace on Dilan.

-47:00 Ali to Hanife: “Zumrut is my family... I will never give her up until you accept me.”

-50:00 Cevriye talks to Yagmur via puppet: “We had to be separated, so we could be together.”

-54:00 Baran to Dilan: “My friends loved you....” Dilan: “My friends.... we said we'd live life to the fullest.” (Both realize her current situation wasn't what she had in mind.)

-55:40 Serap to friend: “If Baran had met her under other circumstances, he wouldn't have given her a second look.” Baran: “You may not speak about my wife like that!”

-End: Serap to Baran: “I'm really sorry.” Baran: “I'll forgive you this one time but not again.” Dilan looking on from a distance.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 119  

-Opens with Dilan looking on as Baran and Serap chat in the gazebo.

-Kadar finds Kudret on the floor. She grabs his hand, he doesn't let go. (He's getting stronger.)

-13:00 Seyit to Ali: “ passed muster with me. Just convice Hanife and you can get married.”

-16:00 Baran to Dilan: “What's wrong with you? Did someone upset you?” Dilan: “Nothing!” Crying on her bed to herself: “Am I really jealous?”

-21:00 Firat kneels before Gul: “Forgive me.... I love you like crazy!”

-22:30 Baran to Kerem: “Make a list of programs abroad for Dilan.” He says some important things.

-34:00 Baran to Dilan: “I had Kerem look for programs abroad.” Dilan to herself: “He's sending me away?”

Baran to himself, watching Dilan sleeping: “It's going to be so hard for me when you leave....” then aloud to himself: “If you didn't want to go so badly, I'd never leave you. But to see you smile, I'm willing to do anything for your happiness, no matter how much it hurts....” She opens her eyes, their gaze locks. He feels exposed, humiliated.

-50:20 Gul finds her ring. Kadar sees it on her finger...

-G'ma to Dilan: “... Baran's gone with Serap to look at a house. He won't be with you for long.”

-Firat to Derya: “....Maybe I'm in love with someone else....Gul.”

-End: Angry Dilan to Baran: “Where were you?...If I was supposed to 'watch myself' around Dr. Metin, then you should watch yourself too.” Baran: “This marriage is just on paper.” Dilan takes off her ring. “Then let's get a divorce.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 120

-Opens with Dilan to Baran: “....Then let's get a divorce.” (They've both now said what they'd been hiding from the other.)

-7:00 Kadar jerks Gul outside: “I don't know what's worse-- you lying to me or you believing Firat.”

-9:00 Yagmur to Cevriye : “I get to go home with you!”

-11:30 Baran replays Dilan's divorce words and goes ballistic in his office, sweeps everything on floor.

-16:00 Cihan at Sena's door. Stepfather has a knife to her. Sena: “Ok, I'll help you rob the jewelry store, just don't hurt him.”

-17:00 Kerem to Baran: “Divorce? Where's that coming from? You're like a couple in love. Maybe she's jealous of Serap.”

-Kadar to Dilan: “You don't know Baran. You should ask him. Things aren't always what they appear.”

-24:00 Ali to Zumrut: “You'd make a good mother. I think I'd be a good father too.”

-32:00 Gul to Firat: “Yes, I took the earrings from Derya....but then I realized what a mistake it was.” She storms out.

-Ahmet to Baran: If you have questions, why not just ask the person?...Balance the scales of your heart-- pride or love?”

-47:00 Cevdet to Ali: “I know you will cherish Zumrut.”

-54:30 Derya to Hasan: “...I offered Firat an opportunity—marriage and he turned it down for Gul.”

-End: Baran about to reassure Dilan he has no feelings for Serap. Dilan: “I don't want to stay here anymore.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 121 

(Subs ended up being better on YouTube with auto-translate)

-Opens with Dilan to Baran: “I don't want to stay here anymore. … I'm tired of pretending.” Baran turns away, crushed. “There's no way you can leave without settling the blood feud. … Don't worry we'll be divorced soon. I just have to take care of some things first.”

-9:00 Sena's stepfather to Ciahn: “Hi, I'm Sena's uncle... terrible all she's been through...”

-11:30 Baran to himself: “She just wants to be rid of me.” Dilan to herself: “He planned to send me away long ago.”

-17:00 Angry Baran to Kerem: “Start the divoce proceedings!”

-28:30 Hasan to Firat: “Why would you turn down a marriage opportunity with Derya for a servant?!”

-G'ma to Baran: “Why have you convened the tribal council?”

-36:00 Sena to stepfather: “You touch Cihan and I'll kill you.”

-42:30 Hasan to Gul: “Who do you think you are, a servant, trying to cage my son? Stay away!”

-45:30 Baran nearly runs over a lost lady.

-50:00; 54:00 Lost old lady in car: “I was forced to marry... I hated him at first....but in the end, love prevailed..” Baran: “Dilan shattered my anger with her love.” Dilan: “...I realized Baran was a prisoner too—of hatred.”

-1:04:00 Teary Gul gives ring back to Firat: “Goodbye.”

-End: Old lady: “Don't be afraid to express your love... Obviously you've found it.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 122  

(Used a combo of Yoturkish and YouTube subs)

-Opens with Baran/Dilan each replaying the others' words, but in the end say: “Let's go.”

-10:30 G'ma to Serap: “I have great news! Baran is divorcing that girl!”

-12:00 Cevdat to Seyit: “Harun's mother is selling the restaurant.”

-13:00; 19:30; 23:00; 28:00; 32:10; 37:00 Car trouble-- Baran/Dilan take refuge in a hut. Baran: “You're getting rid of your cellmate.” Dilan: “He was a good cellmate. Although we fought at first.

-50:00 G'ma to Baran about divorce papers: “Now you can marry someone you love.” Baran to himself: “I already had the one I love.”

-57:00 G'ma to Hasan: “Then the feud is over.” Hasan: “Leaving blood on the ground??”

-End: Baran to Dilan: “The tribe gave approval. We can get a divorce.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 123  

-Opens with Baran approaching Dilan on terrace: “The tribe gave approval. We can divorce.”

-13:00 Sena to mother: “I found a man who will smuggle us abroad.”

-24:00 Ahmet to Baran: “If you love uncondiationally, the garden of your heart will bloom.”

-31:00 Baran helps Dilan pick up embroidery basket, their hands touch, gaze lingers. Baran to himself: “You warmed my frost-bitten heart. I don't regret loving you.”

-36:30 Serap to Baran: “So, if you're getting a divorce, do we have a chance?” Baran: “No! And I'm still married.” Dilan hears.

-45:30 Dilan to Baran: “I'm sorry I accused you of having something with Serap.”

-48:00 Zumrut to family: “Good news! Ozcan and Raine were caught—Ali will get his money back.”

-Serep to G'ma: Baran loves Dilan.There's no stronger bond than love. I think you should accept that.”

-58:00 Serap to Baran: “You love Dilan. Fight for your marriage. Your love will win her heart.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 124  

(Moved back to YouTube for subs.)

-Opens with Baran looking at divorce papers and flashing back to Dilan giving him back wedding ring. Angry, he's about to sign divorce, then realls Serap saying “Fight for your marriage.” Baran to himself: “Should I fight for us?”

-25:40 Baran watching Dilan on terrace with kitten. To himself: “You're worth fighting for.”

-30:00 Kadar sets candlelight dinner in Baran/Dilan's room. They dance. Beautiful.

-44:00 Baran, looking at divorce paper, hears Serap, “Fight for your marriage.” He crumples up paper.

-50:00 Ali hand paper to Cevdat: “Now you won't have to leave.” (Appears he bought restaurant bldg)

-53:20 Dilan sees crumpled up divorce papers in trash: “He's given up on the divorce!”

-57:00 G'ma to Dilan: “What are you still doing here. Pack up and get out!”

-1:03:00 Baran to Kerem: “I gave up everything to stop the feud....” Dilan hears, walks away, convinced she's his burden. She doesn't hear Baran say, “I became a happy man because I married her.”

-1:05:30 Firat drags Gul outside. Firat to Hasan: “I love Gul. She'll be my bride soon.” Hasan: Never!”

-End: Dilan on terrace replaying the hurtful words of G'ma. Baran: “What's wrong? Why are you crying?” She hugs him.***Totally unexpected!

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 125 

-Opens with Dilan embracing Baran. Baran to himself: “I have to tell you how I feel.” Dilan steps back: “We can't be happy; we're hurting each other.” He drags her into his office and signs divorce papers.

-10:00 Sena smacks stepfather in head. To her mother: “Quick! We've got to go now!”

-12:00 Dilan tearfully recalls some tender moments with Baran. Then Baran recalls special memories.

-18:00 Family thanks Ali. Hanife holds out her hand (inviting him to kiss it): “...Your Mother-in-Law.”

-30:00 Baran to sad Kudret: “I know you're sad, but we have to let her go.”

-32:30 Baran to Dilan: “Thank you...You came here by force, but made everyone's life here beautiful.”

-40:00 Firat/Gul to Kadar: “Would you give us permission to set a wedding date?”

-45:30 Derya to Hasan: “My father is taking me to court... I have to marry Firat right away.”

-48:00 Dilan to Baran while on walk: “...maybe you can get married. You'll make a great father....”

-53:00 Yagmur hiding food: “I was going to take it to my mother.”

-54:30 Ahmet to Baran: “Sometimes the tongue is unable to express feelings with words. But the voice of your heart does not stop.”

-58:00 Cihan to Sena: “....You can't live the rest of your life as a fugutive. I'll help you.”

-End: Kadar to Dilan: “It's not too late.... you love him.” Baran hears.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 126 

-Opens with Baran overhearing Kadar to Dilan: “It's not too late.... you love him.” Baran walks in kitchen. Dilan: “Ah, this tea is bitter.” Later: Dilan to herself: “Could Kadar be right?”

-9:00 Cihan to Sena: “You can stay at our summer house...”

-32:00 Hasan to Firat: “Give up on that girl or I'll disown you.”

-43:10 Baran and Dilan have a rock skipping contest. Dilan: “I won! I won!” She ends up in his arms.

-47:00 Baran buys a huge bouquet of flowers from street boy for Dilan.

-49:10 Sena and mother arrive at Cihan's summer house. Cihan: “Things will get better, don't worrry.”

-End: Baran to Dilan: “I know your every expression—you give yourself away. Right now you're thinking about what Kadar said to you (that Dilan loves Baran). Am I right?”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 127 

Opens with Baran to Dilan: “I know your every expression—you give yourself away. ….” Dilan wakes up—it's a dream, but Dilan is shaken knowing it could be true.

-Dilan smacks her head on the doorframe. Baran brings her ice.

-21:00 Firat and Gul making wedding plans are interrupted by G'ma: “What's going on here?”

-40:00 Dusting Baran's office, Dilan finds Pride and Prejudice. To Baran: “Look, your mother left notes inside!”

-55:00 Firat to G'ma: “Gul and I are getting married soon.”

-56:00, End: Baran catches Cihan and Dilan at summer house with Sena: “What are you doing here??” Stepfather looking on.

**This episode could be skipped without missing much.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 128 

(YouTube subs were bad. Try YoTurkish)

-Opens with furious Baran to Dilan/Cihan: “What are you doing here??”

-Stepfather on phone: “...we have to kidnap a girl.”

-5:30 Firat to furious G'ma: “If you want your grandson to be happy, you'll accept this marriage.”

-22:00 Ayse to Dilan: “When you have a kind man who looks at you so beautifully, don't let him go.”

-24:00 G'ma rails on Kadar: “Talk to your daughter immediately! She has no place with my grandson!”

-44:00 Baran to Dilan at summer house about to go to bed: “I know you're scared—anyone would be if they went through what you did. Don't try to hide your feelings.”

-End: Watching a movie in summer house bed, Baran falls asleep leaning on Dilan.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 129 

-Opens with Dilan waking up with Baran leaning on her, asleep. Dilan replaying Kadar's words: “You love him.”

-Hasan to Firat: “If you choose your family, everything can be yours. If you choose Gul, then we'll meet in court.”

-9:30 Cihan to Baran: “Why are you and Dilan getting a divorce?” Baran: “It has to be this way.”

-19:00 Zumrut reads a letter to Yagnur from 'her mother' (that Cevriye wrote).

-27:00 Dilan makes a clumsy spectacle of herself at breakfast. Sena, Ayse, and Cihan clearly see she is in love with Baran.

-47:20 Zumrut/Ali hug goodbye.

-End: Baran/Yildray (stepfather) tussle for gun—it goes off. Dilan: “Baran!!”

***Episode had lots of 'close' Baran/Dilan moments.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 130 

-Opens with Baran/Yildray showdown and gun going off. Both men slump to floor. Dilan: “Baran, don't you dare and leave me without you!” Baran: “Calm down. I'm fine.” She throws her arms around him.

-10:00; 16:30 Derya trying to bribe Gul with check. Hasan to Firat, both looking on: “See, people of her ilk are just after money.” They walk away. Gul: “My love is not for sale.”

-31:00 Dilan to Kadar: “I though Baran had been shot. ...I would have been devastated.”

-38:45 Baran/Dilan cook together in kitchen.

-54:00 Kerem to Dilan: “Here's your acceptance letter for study abroad.”

-1:06:40 Gul to Firat: “Stay away from Derya.... She tried to buy my love for you.”

-End: Dilan to herself: “Do I love him? I do.” To Baran: “I...” Baran finishes her sentence to himself: “ you.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 131

-Opens with Dilan to herself: “Do I love him? I do.” To Baran: “I...” Baran finishes her sentence to himself: “ you.” Baran aloud: “Did you have something to say? Dilan: “I...wasn't expecting you.”

-11:40 Derya to Firat: “you thought Gul didn't take the money? She lied to you.”

-22:00 Dilan to Baran as they prepare a picnic: “Haven't you ever been on a picnic before?”

-27:00; 41:00; 45:30; 49:30 Baran to Dilan on picnic: “When I was a child....” Dilan: “When I was a child...” Then they look up at the clouds and eat watermelon.

-51:30 Hasan plants Derya's check in Gul's purse. Firat finds it.

-53:40 Baran makes a daisy chain crown for Dilan: “I thought it would suit you.”

-58:00 Zumrut on phone to Dilan: “Ali's been gone to Germany for 2 days and I really miss him.”

-1:03:00 Kerem to Baran/Dilan: “Your divorce court hearing is in three days.”

-Kerem to Baran: “Let me talk to you as a friend—don't do this.”

-End: Baran approaches Dilan by pool: “Why are you crying?”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 132

-Opens with Kadar consoling Dilan, then Baran approaches Dilan by pool: “Why are you crying?”

-4:00 Aunt B to Kadar on phone: “You should whisper in Dilan's ear about Baran's feelings for her.”

-7:00 Kerem to Baran: “If Dilan wanted this divorce, then why is she so upset?”

-10:00 Kadar to Dilan: “You and Baran both are trying to silence the voice of your heart, but it can be heard from far away.”

-13:30 Kadar gives a bag of money to Gul: “I want to see you happy.”

-40:30 Hasan to G'ma: “Cihan sent money to a clinic for Sena.”

-44:00 Baran gives Dilan the silver flower hair clip: “I designed this for you.” Dilan: “I have a confession—I bought the ring for you as a gift because I knew you liked it.”

-53:30 Kerem to Baran/Dilan: “Baran has a very important meeting scheduled the day of the divorce.” Dilan: “I think we should get it over with.”

-End: Hanife dials Yagmur's mother for Yagmur. Aunt B on phone to Kadar: “We'll find a way to bring them together.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 133

-Opens with Aunt B on phone to Kadar: “We'll find a way to bring them together.”

-7:00 Yagmur's mother to Yagmur on phone: “Why are you calling? I don't want you anymore.”

-9:00 Firat to Derya: “Yes, I understand Gul took the check. I love her anyway.”

-13:00 Baran to himself: “Let me tell Dilan goodbye in a way she deserves so she'll fondly remember me.”

-14:00 Dilan to Baran: “I want to go home.The divorce is certain, so no need for me to stay.” Baran's phone rings. To Dilan: “Aunt B is sick.” Dilan: “We better go right away!”

-20:00; 25:00 Baran/Dilan bicker over soup to make for Aunt B. Dilan: “Ok, you make your soup and I'll make mine.”

-G'ma to Sena: “Stay away from my grandson or else!”

-51:00; 55:00 Dilan caresses Baran's face, he takes her hand, presses it to his heart. ***

-1:03:00 Aunt B to Baran: “Let go of your subborness and pride. Tell her how you feel or you'll regret it the rest of your life.”

-End: Baran to Dilan: “I need to tell you something...”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 134

-Opens with Baran to Dilan: “I need to tell you something... Aunt B made us breakfast.”

-Aunt B locks them in their room: “Say what you need to say to one another.”

-24:00 Kadar to Kudret: “You want to stand up and take a few steps?”

-29:00 Dilan falls off stool, Baran tries to catch her and they both fall onto the bed.

-37:00; 40:00 Aunt B meets G'ma on driveway with a shotgun. “I suffered my whole life because of you. I won't let you separate these lovers!”

-End: Baran to Dilan: “I don't want a divorce!”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 135

-Opens with Baran trying to tell Dilan but she keeps mis-hearing. Baran: “I can't breathe without you. I don't want a divorce! ….I want you always by my side. I'm in love with you.” Dilan: “Ah... thank you.”

-8:00 Gul gives Firat a watch. “How did you afford this?”

-12:00 Baran/Dilan in car driving home. Both replaying what's been said. Baran feeling very vulnerable/humiliated thinking Dilan doesn't return his feelings. Dilan can't spit out the words.

-25:00 Cihan to Sena: “A foundation will cover the surgery expenses to remove your scars so you won't be indebted to anyone.”

-27:00 Dilan to Kadar: “...I thanked him.... It's like my mouth was full of stones!”

-37:30 Kadar to Baran: Dilan is very excited, but she's having trouble expressing what's in her heart.

-56:00 Dilan leaves note in Baran's office, then thinks: “Ugh. Leaving a note is childish.”

-1:00:00 Surprise party for Yagmur.

-1:04:00 Dilan retieves note from Barran's office and he walks in. She crumples it an puts it down shirt. Funny! Poor girl! 

End: Baran (who's read Dilan's note) to Dilan: “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want my life to be complete with you.” Dilan: “I want to start every new day with you. …. I don't want to leave.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 136

-Opens with Dilan to Baran: “You rushed off and set another divorce date....” Baran, staying cool: “Everything changed the day I met you....” He takes her hand. ….. He caresses her face, kisses her cheek. Embarrassed, Dilan skirts out of the room.

-19:40 Baran to Dilan: “Don't be ashamed. Experiencing love for the first time is a beautiful feeling.”

-23:20 Derya/Firat call the family together: “Derya and I are getting engaged.” Gul is crushed.

-35:30 Dilan calms a very angry Baran: “Please don't be so angry (about Derya/Firat).” She takes his face in her hands.

-Dllan to Baran, seaside: “Let's not let their relationship poison us.”

-47:00 Derya to G'ma: “...Everyone profits from this engagement—except Baran.” G'ma: “I've never seen anyone win against Baran.”

-50:30 Baran to Dilan outside mansion: “Thanks for today. I'm glad you're with me.”

-52:00 Baran to Kudret: “We realized we love each other. We're not getting divorced.”

-56:40 G'ma throws a pack of money in front of Sena: “Pack up and get out. Stay away from Cihan.”

-Gul to Firat: “I thought you were rich hearted. You're not worth my breath.” She slaps him.

-End: Baran to Dilan: “I'm sorry for all I put you through.” Dilan: “It's over. I've already forgotten.” His kisses her on the cheek, the pulls her into a hug.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 137

-Baran/Dilan wake up in bed in each others' arms. Dilan: “I'm in love for the first time.” Beautiful scene.

-5:00 Zumrut to Cevdet: “Abi, I want to go to Germany to be with Ali. Help me tell our parents.”

-8:30 Dilan reads note from Baran: “I'm waiting for you. Let's redo time together.”

-13:00 Gul cries after serving coffe too Firat/Derya. Unknown handsome man give her a handkerchief.

-15:00 Baran has Dilan's bike in front of mansion. She rides to stables—replay of their first meeting. But this time Baran extends his hand. “Hi, I'm Baran.” A (different) unknown person taking photos. They talk about the horse named Storm—it's a metaphor for their relationship. Sweet scene.

-22:30 In the stables, Baran gives Dilan the bracelet she dropped when they first met. She hugs him.

-31:30 Baran helps Dilan onto a horse: “I'll teach you to ride.” Then she rides behind him.

-34:00; 38:00 Both dressed up, Dilan joins Baran at a seaside restaurant. Baran: “...our first date.”

-36:30 Angry Gul hands Firat earrings he gave her: “Here, you can give these to your new fiance.”

-38:00 Kadar to Firat: “I'm not angry at you, just angry at myself that I trusted your word.”

-51:30 Baran/Dilan- romantic moments by the water at sunset. (Someone's taking photos—same guy who gave Gul the handkerchief...)

-58:30 In bed, Baran recites a poem, then almost kiss.

-1:01:00 G'ma to Dilan: “Soon you will be gone and Derya, who's worthy of this house, will come.”

-End: Baran moves in for kiss, Dilan pulls away: “Baran, we're not really married.”

***Happy episode full of sweet romantic Baran/Dilan moments.

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