Yargi ~ Episode Guide

I'd heard good things about Yargi and decided to take the plunge. I was hooked from the first episode!

Use this episode guide to find the romantic scenes or refresh your memory.

Synopsis: A fiery, free-wheeling attorney is forced to partner with a stoic, 'by the book' Prosecutor to solve a murder. As a tender love blossoms between them, deep family secrets threaten to snuff it out.


-Genre: Romantic Crime Drama

-Lead actors: Kaan Urgancioglu | Pinar Deniz

-Number of episodes: Series is currently in progress

-Where to watch Yargi full episodes with English subtitles: See episode heading hyperlinks or try one of the options on my blog post here.

-English title of Yargi: Judgement


•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green.

•Other important scenes bolded.

**Warning: This guide is FULL of Yargi (Judgement) spoilers** Enjoy!

Yargi English Episode Guide

Episode 1

-Opening: Guy finds dead body in suitcase in dumpster.

-Meet Prosecutor Ilgaz; meet lawyer Jaylene –who leaves her phone in his office to record his conversation and gets caught and thrown in jail.

-Detective to Ilgaz and father (Metin): “We found a credit card in dumpster with body—yours."

-Ilgaz to Jaylene: “Protect my brother Chynar and I'll drop charges.”

-End: In the morgue, Ilgaz pulls back sheet—it's Jaylene's sister, Inji.

Episode 2

-Opens with Ilgaz and Jaylene walking into morgue.

-Jaylene goes into a tirade. Then, takes her mother (Gul) into the morgue. Gul: “That's not my daughter.” (She's in denial.)

-Questions sister's roommate: “She had a boyfriend--he was older.”

-Jaylene to Ilgaz: “I need access to the case files. I'll remain his lawyer. “

-Jaylene finds a wad of cash and car keys in her sister's room.

-End: In sister's car, Jaylene finds photo of her sister—and Ilgaz' father (Metin)....

Episode 3

-Opens with Jaylene finding photo of sister and Metin together.

-Ilgaz to Metin: “Did you know the girl Inji?”

-Jaylene to Chynar (Chynar's brother): “Is someone threatening you?”

-Jaylene steals toothbrushes from apt of Inji's univ professor.

-43:45 Jaylene to Ilgaz: “...I don't trust you! … Trust, faith, and respect can't exist between us.”

- Jaylene with Ilgaz-- she turns around andlifts the back of her shirt: “Would you help me? (retrieve the evidence I stuck behind my bra strap)

-1:09:00 Ilgaz to Metin: “Why have you been paying half the rent for Inji's family for years?”

-1:17:46 Flashback—univ professor's wife tussling with Inji.

-1:30:00 Inji's funeral.

-1:46:30 “I couldn't protect her! I couldn't protect her!” Sobbing Jaylene clings to Ilgaz.

-2:10:00 Zayfer in interrogation: Inji's note to friend: “Dad caught me in car and nearly killed me.”

-2:12:30 Jaylene is crushed hearing about her father. Ilgaz takes her hand and leads her from the room.

-End: Fighting a breakdown, Jaylene fumbles with earphones. Ilgaz untangles them, then closes her hand around them. “If you don't experience this pain, you won't get rid of it.”

Episode 4

-Opens where ep 3 ended with him handing her the earphones.

-Jaylene calls in an 'anonymous' tip and Pars catches her.

-14:00 Jaylene's BIL Osman interrogated: “Ok! I was having an affair with my wife's relative.”

-42:20 Ilgaz finds bag of pills in teddy bear Chynar had given sister Defne.

-1:18:30 Ilgaz' ex-fiancee, Neva, returns.

-1:23:30 Zafar torches Inji's car.

-1:30:30 Metin to Ilgaz: “...so we pinned it on an innocent man—Zafer. I destroyed his family.”

-Jaylene erupts to father: “While you were gone, I worked 2 jobs... I took care of everyone!”

-2:11:00 Flashback: Chynar tells the story to Jaylene what happened that night with Inji.

-2:15:30 Zafer to Ilgaz/Metin: “Is Jaylene your lawyer for Chynar?”

-2:19:00 Yekta's wife storms into his office and plunks down Inji's missing earring.

-End: Zafer slams door on Jeylene: “You are no longer a daughter in this house!”

Episode 5

Opens where ep 4 left off.

-2:12 Chynar gets jumped by fellow inmate.

-32:36 Ilgaz brings Jaylen food: “When did you eat last?” It's the first time someone takes care of her.

-45:30 Eileen (Jaylene's sister) takes Gul to therapist. It's first time Gul is able to vent and get help.

-1:03:30 Jaylen finds an origami boat at other lawyer Yekta's house—who's just redecorated....

-1:08:40 Metin has a repentant moment at Chynar's bedside: “Forgive me. … I wasn't there for you.”

-1:19:00 Weeping Jaylene to Ilgaz: “I know where Inji was killed!” She clings to him.

-1:46:00 Pars' assistant to Pars: “The chief prosecutor had a heart attack and has appointed Ilgaz.

-2:25:00 Jaylene/Ilgaz set up a sting operation-- Engin (Jaylene's assistant & Yekta's son,) takes the bait. Flashback to the night he killed Inji after she taunts him for loving her.

Episode 6

-Opens with Jaylene seeing Engin and erupting in anger that her 'friend' killed her sister.

-11:00 Ilgaz to raging Jaylene: “Stay in here (jail) and calm down. Learn to trust me.”

-20:00 Ilgaz humbles himself to ask for help from a man in jail—his grandfather.

-27:00 Jeylene to Ilgaz: “How can I calm down? There's a fire inside me!” He embraces her.

-Chynar released from prison after police corroborate Chynar was at buffet at time of murder.

-2:01:00 Metin to Eileen: “I'm going to be a sea captain-- for a long time...” He walks out.

-Chynar walks to park, turns around to find Metin pointing gun at him.

End: Pars calls Jeylene and Ilgaz in to give account of the 'allegedly' illegally take teacher's toothbrushes for DNA. Ilgaz: “I claim my right to remain silent as I'm Jaylene's relative..” Jaylene plunks down marriage certificate.

Episode 7

-Opens with Chynar turning around to face gun and Jaylene/Ilgaz presenting marriage certificate.

-16:40 Flashback to process of Jaylene and Ilgaz marrying.

-33:30 Metin tussles with Chynar, gun goes off....

-Ilgaz to Neva: “I married Jaylene today.”

-1:43:30 Ilgaz to Jaylene: “The blood in the car belonged to Inji.” Big hug.

-1:50:00 Neva to Jaylene: “3 weeks ago I was engaged to Ilgaz. Why'd you marry so fast?”

-2:02:00 Chynar to Metin: “Jeylene's father-- I killed him.”

End: Jeylene confronts Engin: “My sister's killer comforted me and walked beside me...”

Episode 8

-Opens with Jeylene confronting Engin. Enging: “She deserved to die!” Ilgaz comes rushing in.

-32:00 Metin 'takes care' of Jaylene's father's body.

-Chynar's wound begins bleeding. Ilgaz, Metin & Jaylene take him to hospital in Metin's car—with Jaylene's dead father in trunk.

-53:16 Parla calls Jaylene: “My Dad, (Osman) is being held for murder of Inji.”

-1:07:40 Neva plunks down a man's wedding band in front of Ilgaz: “It makes no sense to keep this.”

-1:20:00 Ilgaz to Jaylene: “So that guy you slapped back there—an old boyfriend?”

-1:26:00 Other police commissioner to Metin: “Zafer kidnapped me and tried to kill me.”

-1:27:00 Jeylene to Ilgaz: “So tell me about you and Neva?”

-1:40:12 Metin receives a police award and his father is in the audience: “That's my son.”

-1:45:30 Metin hands in resignation/retirement letter.

-2:04:30 Osman to Eileen: “I cheated on you.”

-2:12:00 Ilgaz calls Jaylene: “The blood at Engin's house belongs to Inji.”

-2:18:30 Metin opens trunk of car to get Zafer's body out and trunk --it's empty.

-End: Engin in court: “I didn't kill Inji—my father did.”

Episode 9

-Opens with Engin in court: “I didn't kill Inji—my father did.”

-8:30 Yecta to Pars: “You were with me the night of the murder, so you will save me.”

-33:00 Pars throws Engin against the wall: “And what if I was with your father that night.” (Implication is that Pars was in a place he shouldn't have been)

-44:30 Eileen to Zumryt: “Your children don't deserve to be motherless, so I won't reveal your sin.”

-1:07:30 Parla to her father Osman: “How can I trust a liar and call him Daddy?”

-1:26:00 Something is wrong with Pars—temporarily has no control of one arm.

-1:29:36 Jaylene touches scar on Ilgaz as he coming out of shower. Almost kiss.

-1:48:00 Mom & Eileen to Pars; “Is it true Chynar didn't kill Inji? We must ask Jaylene's forgiveness!”

-2:15:00 Ilgaz to Engin who's walking out of jail: “Where are you going? I have evidence proving you killed Inji.” (He got video from man who lived near dumpster.)

-2:16:30 Defne to her father: “Look! I do have a grandfather!”

-2:19:15: Ilgaz to Jaylene: “It's over. We did it!” Big hug.

-End: Jaylene to Ilgaz: “Well, it was a great ride, but we're done. See you around.” She walks away, tears streaming down, leaving him standing, stunned.”

Episode 10

-Opens with Engin getting all his hair cut off and Jaylene waking up at her office.

-12:30 Jaylene buries the earrings at Inji' grave. “It's over.”

-Grandpa gets in car with Metin, hands him zip-lock bag with bloody item (suggesting that he 'took car' of Zafer's body): “You can thank me over dinner at home tonight.”

-20:40 Head Prosecutor to Ilgaz/Jaylene in his office: “How's marriage.” Ilgaz: “She likes to run.”

-25:00 Parla to parents in street: “You've forgiven dad? Go live with him. I'll stay here with grandma.”

-34:30 Engin in jail, to his aunt: “I want you to be my lawyer. … get revenge on mom and dad.”

-50:00 Gul to Engin's mom: “How could you come to my house crying and sympathizing?!”

-57:00 Chynar goes off on Engin in jail: “How could you kill Inji if you loved her?”

-1:02:40 Metin finds Ilgaz/Jaylene's marriage license.

-1:11:30 Ilgaz to Pars over dinner: “I know you were with Yekta at the hospital the night of murder.”

-1:16:00 Gul to Jaylene in office: “I'm so sorry I didn't see your efforts.” “You've never seen them.”

-Jaylene busts into Junate's (Yekta's employee) office: “Did Yekta plant evidence at Osman's house?”

-1:39:00 Eren at Jaylene's office: “Why did you run from Ilgaz?” Sad

-1:42:30 Grandfather comes to dinner: “Where am I going to sleep?”

-Engin hands stack of compiled notes of 'the gang' to attorney: “Revenge.”

-1:54:30; 1:57:00 Ilgaz to Neva at restaurant: “....If there was any chance, I wouldn't have left.”

-Grandfather to Metin: “I took care of your car. …. Don't worry, he (Zafer) is sleeping peacefully.”

-2:18:00 Enign's lawyer punks down a diploma before Yekta: “Fake. You're a fraud.”

-End: In his office, Ilgaz hit's 'play' for Jaylene to hear her confess to stealing the toothbrushes.

Episode 11

-Opens with Jaylene's recording of stealing toothbrushes, Eren looking at piece of paper that says “Is she (a teenager thief) your daughter?”, Chynar seeing pic of him and Zafer on bus, Yekta and fake diploma—all Engin set ups.

-12:30 Ilgaz pulls car over to curb. “What do you want from me, Jaylene?”

-Engin to Ilgaz in jail: “You'll admit to Jaylene that your father paid off Zafer by tomorrow evening.”

-44:00 Engin's lawyer to Pars: “...your sister's unjust judgement....you have until tomorrow at 6:00.”

-1:25:00 Engin's lawyer to Chynar: “... killed Zafer....you have until tomorrow evening at 6:00.”

-1:31:00 Eren takes young girl home, and learns she's his daughter.

-1:54:30 Chynar to friend Serdar: “Find me a fake passport. I'm going abroad.”

-2:04:00 Chynar at 'underworld' to get a fake passport and comes face to face with his grandfather.

-2:07:30 Parla gets pills to help her win swim competition.

-2:10:00 Lechan to her sister Seda (Engins lawyer): “You've always been in love with my husband.”

-2:11:50 Ilgaz to Metin: “Jaylene will learn about you and her father 6 years ago. ...6:00... The past will destroy my future.”

-End: Jaylene to Ilgaz: “My father is missing. All day I just wanted to come hug you.” “After you hear what I have to say, you won't want to even speak to me.”

Episode 12

-Opens with Ilgaz to Jaylene: “After you hear what I have to say, you won't want to even speak to me.”

-Jaylene storms in and confronts Metin: “You will go to jail and not see your children!”

-15:00 Jaylene to Ilgaz: “How long have you known.... Why did you let me fall in love with you?!”

-18:00 Ilgaz smashes up the caravan he was restoring.

-21:00 Grandfather takes Chynar's money: “You fool!”

-23:00 Flashback: Serdar watching Zafer 'kidnap' Chynar and reporting to Engin.

-29:00 Chynar to Metin: “Why did Ilgaz smash caravan?” “I stole his ability to build his life.”

-37:00 Neva nearly slits her wrist with Pars. “I can't lose Ilgaz and my job!”

-Ilgaz to investigators: “Prioritize the Zafer missing persons case and keep me informed.”

-50:00 Jaylene to Ilgaz and Metin: “I can't do it. I won't leave Defne without a father.”

-1:16:30 Eren to ex-wife: “I know.... I did a paternity test. I'm Tulce's father.”

1:21:30 Pars to assistant with Lawyer Seda in his office: “Detain the lawyer. Search her phone.”

1:25:20 Yekta sliding a file to Pars: “Report from Engin's psychiatric unit...could detain him for life.”

-1:38:20 Ilgaz and Jaylene swoop up a girl whose mother is poisoning her with medicine.

-1:46:25 Eren roars over to ex-wife/daughter's house. Tulce: “Help me with Mom! Wake up, Mom!”

-1:56:00 Yekta to Engin in jail: “You have a bleak future here. But I could kidnap and get you out....”

-1:59:00 Grandfather to Sedar: “....we'll see if you didn't betray Chynar.”

-1:59:30 Osman and Eileen find Parla passed out. (After she got a note: “We know you're doping.”)

-End: Engin falls asleep reading the book the professor has been signing for everyone.

Episode 13

-Opens with Engin passing out reading the book.

-Grandfather searches Seda's hotel room and finds flashdrive and 'revenge' plans.

-26:00 Jaylene at hospital with Seda: “You're worried about Engin? Look!” Shows her Parla in ICU.

-35:30 Grandfather to Seda: “I'm Merdan, the subject of the good professor's book. ...If you'll stop threatening people, I won't hurt your daughter.”

-41:47 Doctor to Pars: “We detected poison in Engin's blood.”

-1:04:20 While dining and deducing suspects, Ilgaz to Jaylene: “Every time I look at you, I notice a special beauty. …. This is our first dinner together.”

-1:11:10 Neva at dinner with Junate.

-1:13:30 Jaylene drunk at dinner: “You're always so controlled... Have you ever had an 'if only' moment?” “Maybe.” (Implication is his 'if only' moment is in regards to her.)

-1:17:30 Drunk Jaylene in taxi to Ilgaz: “It may have been a bad day because of Engin, but you and I are very sweet.” She lays her head on his shoulder.

-1:19:30 Drunk Jaylene to Ilgaz at office: “Will you stay til I fall asleep? …. Hug me?”

-1:32:00 Metin to Grandfather: “You are lying about the body! … You be gone by tonight!”

-Pars to Jaylene/Ilgaz: “Seda's fingerprints were on the book that poisoned Engin.”

-1:55:30 Yekta to Engin in ICU: “...in the bathroom, jump out window... your car there with a gun.”

-Engin escapes-- with Jaylene hiding in the backseat.

-End: Jaylene wakes up in the woods with a gun in her hand.

Episode 14

-Opening: Jaylene waking up in the woods with a gun in her hand, then flashback to 6 hours earlier....

-41:40 Metin to Grandfather: “You're the one who poisoned Engin!”

-42:40 Ilgaz finds Jaylene walking on the road. “I'm here now. It's ok. Can you hear me?” Great acting!

-57:00 Ilgaz arrives at hospital with Jaylene: “Doctor will examine you. I'm right here.”

-1:12:50 Jaylene, waking up in hospital, to Ilgaz: “I can't remember anything!”

-1:46:00 Metin to Jaylene's family: “Engin is dead... Due to evidence, Jaylene is being detained.”

-2:07:00 Metin to grandfather: “You killed Engin so Jaylene wouldn't look for her father!”

-2:10:30 Ilgaz sitting outside Jaylene's cell. Eren: “Bad news. ...gunpowder on her hands.”

-2:15:00 Jaylene to Ilgaz in hallway: “I could have done it!” -End: Judge to gang: “...detain her.”

Episode 15

-Opens with Ilgaz and Jaylene in hallway right after judge pronounces, “detain her.”

-5:29 Ilgaz to Jaylene in his office: “I'm here. I love you.”

-22:00 Jaylene taken into new jail.

-27:00 Ilgaz to Metin: “Let's say she did do it. Will that change my love for her?”

-57:00 Ilgaz visits Jaylene in jail—big embrace.

-1:03:00 Jaylene to Ilgaz: “For the first time, someone believes in me, but instead of being happy, it hurts me.” She walks out.

-1:07:30 Lachin to Yekta: “You killed a family years ago in an 'accident' and covered it up.”

-1:42:00 Grandfather to Ilgaz: “Let me help you.” “No thanks. The price for your help is too high.”

-1:45:00 Eren to ex-wife: “Tell Tulche about me within 2 days or I'm getting a lawyer and force you.”

-1:49:00 Osman to Parla: “I made a mistake too, so I understand the shame, that pain in chest.”

-2:00:00 Psychologist to Jaylene: “You don't have to be perfect. When a person sets himself as a perfect model, it will make him a slave to it.” Wise words!

-Ilgaz to Metin after writing resignation letter: “I couldn't be there with mom when she was sick —I was at work—and deeply regret it. I won't make that mistake again with the woman I love.”

Episode 16

-Opens with Ilgaz handing in his resignation.

-3:40 Ilgaz to Pars: “A profession is only a part of a person. If the profession interferes with life, then something is wrong.”

-12:50 Jaylene to Metin at jail: “Why are you so angry at me?” “Because you're changing my son!”

-14:00 Seda to Yekta: “Is the offer to be your lawyer still valid?”

-21:00 Pars to Metin: “Now that Ilgaz has quit, I'll release the gag order. Give the case back to Eren.”

-30:40; 30:00 Ilgaz to Jaylin at jail visit: “...You give me strength.”

-41:30 Arguing at Ilgaz' apt. Metin: “This girl has pushed your buttons and blinded you!”

-45:00 Serdar to Chynar at pool hall: “... aww, come on. Just transport it. For $5000!”

-47:30 Seda to Lachin: “What do you want to do with Yekta?” “Punish him for everything he's done.”

-1:07:40 Chynar calls Serdar: “I'll do the job.”

-1:12:00 Eren to Jaylene in jail: “There was a third person at the scene!”

-1:32:00 Angry Tulche to mother: “Commissioner is my father? What other secrets have you kept?”

-1:41:00 Jaylene released from jail. Runs into Ilgaz' arms.

-1:49:00 Yekta to Lachin: “Where did you go that night?” “I went to say goodbye to Engin, but I swear I didn't see him!”

-1:57:00 Jaylene at Ilgaz' door: “...Can I stay here with you tonight?”

-2:06:00 Lachin to Gul: “We are equal now. Who won, and who lost?” They embrace.

-2:09:00 Lachin's driver to Lachin: “I won't leave you. I'll protect you.”

-End: Jaylene to Ilgaz at crime scene, Jaylene recalling that night: “I remember!”

Episode 17

-Opens with Jaylene remembering that night.

-10:00 Jaylene to Ilgaz: “Thank you for your endless trust of me.” Almost kiss.

-16:00 Tulce to her father Eren: “Just so you know, I'll be here for awhile.”

-29:40 Ilgaz to Jaylene: “I quit my job.... I'll be your lawyer.” “I don't want you to be my lawyer!”

-40:28 Jaylene buys a car.

-43:50 Ilgaz to Jaylene outside at her house: “Maybe quitting was the worst mistake of my life, but please, stand beside me.”

-57:00 Zuymrut's husband to Gul: “Zuymrut's pregnant!”

-58:38 Ilgaz' swearing in ceremony to be a lawyer. Jaylene arrives last minute.

-Seda to Pars: “Either you take Neva's testimony in this case, or you dismiss mine and Lachin's.”

-2:07:16 Jaylene to Ilgaz embracing at her office: “Is this the right place for this?” Almost kiss

-End: “What am I going to do with you?” Jaylene pushes Ilgaz into a chair—he pulls her to himself and kisses her.

Episode 18

-Opens with flashback to long-haired lab worker killing Engin.

-Gul to Jaylene at her office: “I got a letter from your father, but I burned it.”

-17:00 Jaylene to Ilgaz: “If we weren't married, would we be ready live together? I think not.”

-26:20 Yekta employee on phone with Seda: “I found out who Junate is hanging out with-- Neva!”

-39:00 Jaylene to potential client: “Yes, we'll take the case.” Ilgaz to Jaylene: “Thanks for guaranteeing I'll lose my first case.”

-43:00 Neva goes off on Pars: “You keep sticking to me, cause if I leave, you'll have no one left!”

-47:00 Gul to Metin in his office: “I got a letter from Zafer. He won't be home for awhile. Also, don't you think there should be some wedding formalities for our children?”

-50:00 Consulate rep to Jaylene: “The ship your father is on will be there for some time.”

-Consulate rep to Grandfather on phone: “I told her everything you told me to tell her.”

-52:00 Metin to Grandfather: “Did you send the letter?” Metin: “Better than a corpse and pain.”

-55:00 Junate to Yekta: “On that street is a house registered in Lachin's name.”

-56:00 Jaylene to Ilgaz at office: “Are you really angry? What can I do to make it go away?” Almost kiss

-57:40 Yekta visits the house registered in Lachin's name.

-Parla texts Chynar: “Hey, how're you doing?”

-1:13:00; 1:18:00 Jaylene cooks dinner for Ilgaz & makes huge mess. Kiss.

-1:37:00 Neva in courtroom: “...a strict sentence.” Chaos erupts and she is shot.

-1:48:00 Neva to Pars: “I'm sorry...” “I'm sorry too.”

-1:55:00 Jaylene to Ilgaz at office: “You got very wet.” She sits in his lap. Kiss.

-Killer steals hairs from Ilgaz' office to plant on bloody glove; he's accosted: “Where's my money?”

-2:05:00 Eileen goes to Zumyrut's door: “We'll go to the doctor and find out who the baby's father is.”

-2:10:00 Engin's funeral.

-2:11:00 Flashback to Ilgaz with man trying to keep his daughter: “I'll help you. I'll be your lawyer.”

End: Lab girl to Eren: “Hair on the glove was 100% match to Ilgaz.”

Episode 19

Opening: Lab girl to Eren: “Hair on the glove was 100% match to Ilgaz.”

-7:00 Seda to Yekta when Merdan walks by after funeral: “Do you know that man?” “An old friend.”

-15:00 Jaylene / Ilgaz Peck kiss.

-37:00 Yekta to Pars: “We both know my wife is hiding something. Call her in to testify again.” [Yekta suspects his wife and the driver are having an affair.

-54:00 Jaylin busts into Yekta's office: “What do you have against Ilgaz?!... You're a liar!”

-Officer to Ilgaz/Eren: “Jaylin's been arrested.”

-1:06:00 Angry Chynar to Sedar: “No other girl [Parla] will die because of me!”

-1:17:00 Tipsy Jaylene to Ilgaz: “I hope you don't leave me like my father did.”

-1:50:00 After Yekta made driver think Lachin was in jeopardy- Driver to Yekta: “I'll say I helped Engin escape.”

-1:56:30 Peck kiss as Ilgaz walks out the door.

-2:03:00: 2:09:00 Trial for girl whose biological parents wants her back for selfish reasons.

-End: Jaylin/Ilgaz Yekta/Seda read Pars' inditement of Jaylin outside Pars' office.

Episode 20

-Opens with Jaylin storming out of courthouse: “Pars sold me out!”

-7:00 Impatient Pars at doctor's office about epilepsy. “I'll take the pills and be fine.”

-26:00 New prosecutor to Yekta: “I've heard about Ilgaz. This charge is hard to believe.”

-54:20 Jaylen/Ilgaz peck kiss. “Pick me up at 10:00.”

-1:11:30 Chynar to father: “Jaylin's kind to me, & I feel sick for what I've done. I've got to go away!”

-Tulce completes the drug delivery and the gang goes on a spending spree.

-1:40:40; 1:43:20 Ilgaz to Jaylin after she writes on blackboard: “....we're working.” Embrace from behind; Kiss.

-2:07:00 Osman to Zumyrut: “I'm crazy in love with you. Let's run away together.”

-End: Ilgaz/Jaylin chasing lab guy who framed Ilgaz--He purposely runs in front of truck—smack...

Episode 21

-Opens with Ilgaz embracing Jaylin roadside after Niyazi'ss death.

-20:00 Metin to Ilgaz regarding interrogating Jaylin: “You have no right to put me in this position.”

-Parla sees a psychologist.

-26:00 Pars to penitent Jaylin: “I trusted you and you did this to me? From now on, my door's closed.”

-47:00 Engin to Ilgaz: “The gun found at Niyazi's house was the source of 2 murders.”

-55:00 Jaylin goes to Ilgaz' grandfather: “Can you help me find dirt on Yekta?”

-1:02:25 Jaylin walks in on Junate kissing Neva.

-1:04:30 Jaylin to Neva: “Why did you go see Engin in prison the day he was poisoned?”

-1:15:00 Ilgaz visits Murat (Lachin's driver) in prison: “What mm was the gun?” “11.” “No, it was 9.” (Ilgaz knows he's lying and therefore wasn't the one who helped Engin escape.)

-1:19:36 Murat to Lachin in as a sweet reunion at prison: “We know I deserve to be here... I love you.”

-1:27:00 Yekta to Junate: “Jaylin's anger problem--we need your testimony to add fuel to the fire.”

-2:00:00 Seda to Lachin: “I know, and Yekta knows-- you're in love with Murat.”

-2:09:00 Lachin to Jaylin at office: “Yekta's diploma from law school is fake.”

-End: Jaylin and Ilgaz go to university to investigate diploma, and building explodes when they arrive.

Episode 22

-Opens with Jaylin waking up getting a text saying she's been reinstated as a lawyer. Jaylin to Ilagaz: “...I want you to go back to being a prosecutor.”

-20:00 Neva moves into new house.

-21:00 Eileen to Jaylin on phone: “If the baby is Osman's, I'll divorce him.”

-29:30 Yekta to Junate: “Don't you dare fall in love with Neva.”

-33:00 Jaylin meets with psychiatrist. He provokes her, then pretends she hit him with a vase.

-53:00 Ilgaz finds bullet in tree at crime scene.

-Bad guys to Chynar, Parla, Tulche: “Take these ID's and go open bank accounts for us.”

-1:09:00 Ilgaz to Jaylin, who's in jail: “I promise I'll go back to being a prosecutor.”

-1:23:40 Jaylin in court testifying on her own behalf.

-1:30:25 Judge to courtroom: “Due to the new evidence, Jaylin is acquitted.” Teary Jaylin, hugs Ilgaz

-1:37:33 Seda to Yekta: “You thought your law school records would be found, so you had the archives blown up. Jaylin's not the killer.... maybe you are.”

-1:43:42 “Jaylin to Ilgaz at grill: “Have we become a family.” Kiss

-2:01:00 “Jaylin to Ilgaz in bed: “I love you.”

-2:03:00 Yekta to Lachin in prison parking lot: “Ah! You thought you could escape with your lover?”

-2:05:50 Seda to Grandfather: “I found out the secret between you and Yekta...”

-2:11:00 Eren to Pars: “Yekta's business card was found at Niyazi's (Engin's killer) house.”

-2:13:30 Eren to Yekta at his house: “You're under arrest for the murder of Engin.”

End: Jaylin inserts flash drive. Message from Engin: “Even though I died, the surprise continues.”

Episode 23

-Opens with Jaylin listening to message from Engin, and smacking shut the laptop when Ilgaz arrives.

-8:00 Merdan to blind boy: “I'll take you to your home with your sister Dephne, and brother Cheynar.”

-10:00 Pars to boss: “Ilgaz wants to come back as prosecutor. You won't allow it, will you?”

-Yekta in Pars' office to give statement about his arrest for murder of Engin.

-58:00 Eileen shoves the DNA results at Osman: “We're getting divorced.”

-Junate to Neva: “You've got to help me. If Yekta is arrested, he'll fire me.”

-1:28:00 Yekta goes to jail.

-1:58:00 The young gang delivers the cash. Serder to Chynar: “We could take the money and run!”

-2:08:00 Ilgaz watches the video Engin sent to Jaylin.

-2:15:00 Jaylin to Ilgaz after he shows Pars the video: “Yekta will get out and I'll be the first one he comes after for revenge!”

-End: Serdar and gang get caught stealing money—and with a burnt corpse in the trunk.

Episode 24

-Opening: Jaylin to Ilgaz in his office: “Where's my laptop.” “I gave it to Pars—he watched the vid.”

-Kid gang taken to police station.

-55:00 New woman prosecutor Derya shows Yekta, Lachin, and Junate Engin's video.

-1:21:00 Ziver to his wife, Zuymrut: “Let's go talk Eileen out of divorcing Osman.”

-1:28:20 Ilgaz to Jaylin: “You're just like Chynar. You can't stop lying and hiding the truth.” Ouch!

-1:31:00 Eren to Tulche: “I have to take you into custody. But I'll stay with you.” Her dad walks in.

-1:38:00 Ilgaz to Jaylin: “If you want to change, I can help you. Just ask.” Hug

-Eren tussles with Tulce's step-father and ends up stabbed.

-2:15:30 Jailed Serder calls Yekta: “Help me get out, and I'll tell you something about Jaylin's father.”

-End: Ilgaz to Jaylin: “In Engin's video, when he said 'fathers', it might include your father.”

Episode 25

-Opens with Eren unconscious in car from stab wound /Ilgaz to Jaylin: “Engin may be referring to your father.”

-9:30 Ilgaz to Metin: “I think something happened to Jaylin's father. Let's find out what.”

-13:00 Merdan to doctor: “I just need three more months...”

-26:00 Serdar to Yekta: “and Chynar killed Jaylin's father. … I buried the body.”

-35:00 Neva to Pars: “...Derya's husband was killed...”

-42:00 Eileen to mother: “You said you'd divorce dad but couldn't. You want me to fail just like you!”

-Eileen to Jaylin: “I found a fake ID for Parla and a bank receipt for a 9,000 deposit!”

-1:39:00 Zuymrut to Eileen: “Congrats, you got your way. The baby is gone.”

-Jaylin to kid gang in her office: “Ok, what's going on. Don't BS me...”

-2:06:00 Jaylin to Ilgaz: “Please don't turn the kids in til my dad gets home tomorrow.” HUG

-2:11:00 to end: Family goes dockside to meet father. He doesn't come. Ilgaz takes Jaylin to lab and shows her the clothes. Jaylin wails, “Baba can't be dead!!”

Episode 26

-Opens with Jaylin storming down the steps: “I have to see my father's body!”

-12:10 Chynar to grandfather: “They know! They know! They know about Zafer! Help me!”

-26:00 Jaylin, with tears, to her family: “Baba is....[dead]”

-27:00 Ilgaz to Chynar: “Get up! We're going to Zafer's funeral.”

-35:00 Funeral- Yekta makes a scene.

-54:00 Mother to grieving Jaylin: “Only you can find the killer. ….. Get up so we can get up.”

-1:04:00 Metin shows video of Zafer in nefarious activity to Pars, Ilgaz, Jaylin and Eren.

-1:16:00 Ilgaz to Jaylin outside of restaurant: “...I'll always be by your side.” HUG.

-1:18:30 Backstory of retired chief of police (Yavuz) and Metin's involvement with Zafer years ago.

-1:27:30 Metin to Ilgaz and Jaylin. “Yavuz basically confessed in the car.”

-1:28:30 Jaylin to Ilgaz: “... I'm suffocating! I'm suffocating!” HUG

-1:41:00 Exhausted Jaylin to Ilgaz in her bedroom: “Don't go.” She falls asleep on his leg.***

-1:43:00 Yavuz to Eren: “I'm innocent. Check the hidden cameras at my house.” Metin overhears.

-1:49:00 Metin goes to Yavuz' house, steals tape. Eren shoots 'the burglar' in the arm.

-Eren sees bloody gauze in Metin's trash—has an inkling of suspicion the Metin was 'the burglar.

End: Jaylin to Metin: “My father is dead, but I have another father.” She hugs him. Eren sees Metin wince and blood seeping through his jacket arm.

**I am currently binge watching Yargi. I will update as I watch.

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