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Black Money Love (Kara Para Ask) ~ Episode Guide

Black Money Love (Kara Para Ask) is now streaming on Netflix, but they have divided every episode into roughly three parts. Thus you will notice both regular episode numbers and Netflix episode numbers, with about 3 Netflix episodes to every 1 regular episode. I did find in one scene on Netflix was slightly different than the 'same' scene on a 'regular' episode, so they may not coincide exactly.

Note: I got bogged down in the middle of the series so this is guide incomplete. If/when I watch more, I'll add to it.

**Where to watch Black Money Love / Kara Para Ask full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles."


•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green. (Also profound words of wisdom.)

•Other important scenes bolded.

**Warning: This guide is FULL of Black Money Love (Kara Para Ask) spoilers**



Episode 1/Netflix 1

-Opens with policeman Omer rescuing children and getting an award.

-Elif returns from Rome.

-Omer at a movie with his soon-to-be fiance.

-Elif's birthday party.

-Omer goes on police call and finds a man (Elif's father) and his fiance dead in a car.

-Omer and Elif each have moments in the morgue.

Netflix 2

-Omer finds a diamond in his fiancee's room.

-Elif gets thug visitors: “Where are the diamonds?”

-Elif to Omer in parking garage: “Let's work together.”

Netflix 3

-Omer finds hut where Sibel was murdered. It gets burned down.

-Elif and her younger sister Nulifer get captured by Metin and bad guys: “Get us the diamonds or we'll rip up your sister.”

-Uncle Tayyar shoots a guy and is in cahoots with Elif's captors.

-Elif kisses Omer in the parking lot of her office and pretends he is her boyfriend.

Episode 2/Netflix 4

-Omer catches Elif at Sibel's house, they tussle over a puzzle box that turns out to be empty (but it was made by Elif's father.)

Netflix 5

-Elif and her mother find photo of Sibel in father's safe deposit box.

-Bahar, Elif's friend and secretary, has a grudge against the company. Gives her boyfriend money.

-Bad guy to Elif: “Since you don't have the diamonds, launder money for us. Your father did it for years.”

Netflix 6

-Omer goes to Elif's house: “You need help.” She reports him as harassing her.

-Omer attacks police chief for insinuating Sibel was a loose woman.

Episode 3/Netflix 6

-Omer joins Elif on flight to Rome. Kinda funny.

Netflix 7

-Omer and Elif find the hotel where his father had a suite reserved all the time.

Netflix 8

-Elif and Omer find an accounting book, go to a place and find a bunch jewelry (her discarded designs). They find a safe—and fake diamonds.

-Old man Tayyar's young wife Pinar, and Elif's eldest sister's husband Taner have a romantic moment in the bathroom.

-Omer to Elif in her Rome apt: “It's clear your father was laundering money through your company.”

Netflix 9

-Elif returns to Istanbul and Metin (bad guy) doesn't give her back her sister.

Episode 4 Netflix 10

-Elif gets honest with Omer about situation. Omer: “You didn't launder money for them, did you?” “No.”

-Bahar to boyfriend Levent: “We'll find the diamonds first, and no one will miss a few.”

Netflix 11

-Elif to Metin at the shoreline: “I'm not doing this anymore!”

-Omer and Elif meet at a hotel to make Metin believe they are a couple.

-Taner to Bahar: “Ok, I'll try to become Elif's boyfriend to find the diamonds for us.”

Netflix 12

-Police chief is in cahoots with Metin. “That 'boyfriend' is Omer the cop.”

-Elif plugs usb in computer and sees she was recorded laundering money. Omer walks in.

Episode 5/ Netflix 12

-Metin to Tayyar: “The boyfriend is an Italian businessman.” (He lied—he knows he's a cop)

-Omer and Elif go to Pelin's with the flash drive-- Elif put her birthday video on it.

-Metin goes his mute mom—flashback-- Metin is bastard son of Tayyar, who cut her tongue out.

Netflix 13

-Omer and Elif find the cabin where she and her sister were first taken.

-Asli fires Taner.

-Tayyar to Metin on yacht: “Eye or ear?”

Netflix 14

-Sibel's mother goes to bank. We learn she's not the real daughter of the woman, and she had 57,000 liras in her account. And Omer's SIL knows the woman, Fatima, by name.

-Metin to Elif: “I want you to make 120 pieces of fake jewelry and price it 100x what it's worth.”

-Bahar arranges a dinner for Elif with Taner, then finds out Elif has a 'boyfriend.'

-Dinner at Tayyar's. Omer puts on a good show.

-Omer's brother, Hussain, starts helping Pinar and Ardas.

-Tayyar's young wife Pinar recognizes Omer and confronts him. Omer: “Then shall I tell you are having an affair with Taner?”

-Nulifer runs off into the night woods.

-From a list, Elif identifies one of the kidnappers, hugs Omer. He hugs back. (hug not in Netflix version)

Episode 6/ Netflix 15

-Metin catches Nulifer and drags her back.

-Mert to his father, Tayyar: “I'm worried about Nulifer. I went to NY, she's not there. She's my girlfriend...”

-Omer to Elif, who stopped for dessert. “Why are you so nervous?” She ends up in his arms.

-Tayyar nearly strangles his wife in bed: “What did you talk about with Omer in the garden?”

-Metin has Nulifer call Mert: “Leave me alone. I'm in San Francisco with my boyfriend.”

Netflix 16

-Metin lets Nulifer watch a movie as her reward for calling Mert.

-One of the bad guys calls Elif: “Give me a million liras and I'll tell you where your sister is.”

Netflix 17

-Company party to intro new finance guy and build company morale.

-Metin and Nulifer play poker. Ends up with a kiss.

-Tayyar threatens and chokes his wife again—she spills the beans about Omer.

-Elif and Omer get call from bad guy to deliver money to cabin. Door is rigged, Elif shoots him.

Episode 7 Netflix 17

-Metin hosts Nilufer for breakfast on a yacht.

-Omer's brother Hussein takes the rap for Elif.

Netflix 18

-Arda's wife accuses Pelin of stealing her husband.

-Elif's reeling over the shooting. On the way to his house, Omer stops and smoothes cool water on Elif's face.

Netflix 19

-Metin has Nilufer send another video message to Elif. In the background they see a bag from Sushi restaurant. Elif and Omer use it as a clue to look for Nilufer.

-Mert to Zerrin, Elif's mother: “Nilufer called me from San Francisco.”

Netflix 20

-Metin to Nilufer: “I won't leave you like your father or betray you like your sister.” They get cozy.

-Omer and Elif figure out her sister is on Burgazada Island.

Episode 8 / Netflix 20

-Metin and Nulifer have an intense romantic moment.

-Metin to Nulifer: “My father cut my mother's tongue out.” She's horrified.

-Omer locks Elif in the bathroom at a cafe so she won't go to the island with him.

-Nulifer blurts to Metin: “Get away from here. My sister is coming to rescue me tonight.” He escapes

Netflix 21

-Omer, Pelin, and Hussein rescue Nulifer. Hussein shot in shoulder in process.

-Elif and Nulifer have sweet reunion in cafe.

-Elif's family is furious that she hid the kidnapping news about Nulifer.

-Metin turns up at hospital—found by fishermen. Barely alive.

-Tayyar visits Metin's mom: “Where is Fatih (aka Metin)?”

Netflix 22

-Elif visits Hussein in the hospital. She and Omer share a sweet moment on a bench outside.

-Metin/Fatih sends Nulifer a note: “I'm fine, but I left my heart with you.”

-Elif hops on her bike, goes to a pier and draws. (Proving, according to Bahar, that she's in love.)

-Nulifer sneaks to hospital to see Metin/Fatih.

-Taner to Pinar: “Diamonds... let's find them first and we can go anywhere in the world.”

-Omer and Elif meet outside her house: “A big pink diamond was traded today at the bazaar.”

Netflix 23

-Elif to Omer: “You were there for me.” <big kiss> Elif: “I wasn't pretending.” <kiss again> (2nd kiss only on Netflix)

Episode 9 / Netflix 23

-Omer to Arda over a beer: “Elif kissed me.” …. “I'm in love with Pelin.”

-Elif to Bahar while Levent is in the other room: “I think I'm in love with Omer.”

-Omer 'bumps into' Metin in the hospital.

Episode 9/ Netflix 24

-Tayyer to Metin: “...Sibel worked for us for so many years!”

-Asli stole all the cash Elif had put in the safe.

Netflix 25

-Nulifer sneaks out and goes to Metin. They get very cozy.

-Police chief meets Tayyer at tea garden from Karadayi.

-Asli goes a bit crazy babbling and tearing things up.

-Elif to her mom: “Tonight I need to talk to you in private [about Omer].” A minute later, Nulifer to her mother: “Omer's not her boyfriend. He's a cop.”

-Metin has footage of him and Nulifer's intimate moments.

-Elif to Omer outside her house: “I'm busy. I don't want to see you again.”

Episode 10 / Netflix 26

-Omer finds out Sibel and her mom tried to sell a fake diamond to jeweler at Grand Bazaar.

Netflix 27

-Omer to Sibel's mom: “You tried to sell a fake diamond at the bazaar. Where did you get it?”

-Elif to Omer by the water: “Please don't let police question Asli until she is better.”

-Metin gets in car with Elif and she drives like a madwoman: “I wanted to die and take you with me!”

“I own you. If you die, you sister can take your place.”

-Omer to Elif at dance studio: “Tell me everything.” “I don't even trust myself.”

-Omer to his buddies: “Sibel tried to sell a fake diamond.”

Netflix 28

-Omer questions the staff and finds a bullet in the ceiling.

-Asli is arrested. Elif to Omer: “Every time I confide in you, you break my heart.”

Episode 11/ Netflix 29

-Asli interrogated.

-Taner to Omer: “Don't tell Ali about my affair with Pinar.”

-Levent comes to station to keep Elif company. Omer is jealous.

Netflix 30

-Omer and Elif go to company and learn Asli went to hospital on the night of murder—she's pregnant.

-Sibel's sister to Fatima (her mother): “Maybe I can work for those men to get the money so father can have the operation.”

Netflix 31

-Asli released. Elif hugs Omer. He hugs her back.

-Hussein has the roof repaired, raising some suspicions about where he got the money.

-Elif to Bahar: “I think about Omer when I go to sleep and wake up. I'm not interested in Levent.”

-Taner fingers a pink diamond...

-Tayyar calls police station and learns Asli is pregnant. Tells Zerrin (Asli's mother).

-Elif and Omer watch video of her father and Sibel meeting about fake diamonds. Omer has a meltdown.

-Omer pulls up flowers and yells at Sibel's grave. Elif looks on from a distance.

Episode 12 / Netflix 32

-Alsi blurts out to Taner: “If they make me go to the hospital, they'll hurt my baby.”

-Elif to a drunk Omer walking out of the pub: “I hurt when you hurt.” She takes him to a hotel, puts him to bed, and kisses him as he sleeps. Sweet.

-Asli steals from the Baby Superstore.

Netflix 33

-Elif and Omer spend the day at a Poleneskoy resort/club. BOLD

-Taner questioned for trying to sell diamond at Grand Bazaar.

-Nulifer to Metin: “You can't leave me.” Big kiss

Netflix 34

-Elif overhears Arda to Omer: “You're in love with Elif.”

-Bahar to Omer: “You and Elif are from different worlds. You'll never be of her class.”

-Nulifer sees cd of her intimate evening with Metin and feels betrayed.

-Omer ditches Elif at a restaurant cause it is so fancy he'd never get in on his own merit. He heeds Bahar's advice...

-Two thugs beat up Taner looking for the diamonds. Pelin saves him.

Episode 13 / Netflix 35

-Tayyar nearly shoots Pinar on a yacht, then handcuffs her to the bedside lamp.

Netflix 36

-1:02:20; (11:12 Netflix) Omer highjacks Elif from her 'date' with Levent, he kisses her in a park. “Does that answer your question?”

-Asli discovers she's not pregnant.

-Mert (Tayyar's son) to his father: “Nulifer has a crazy boyfriend who taped her in an indecent way.”

-Melike to Hussein: “What's this bank account with 20,000 in it???”

-1:28:06 Omer to Elif in a hotel room after looking at her “unconditional love” tattoo: “I'll surrender to you if you'll have me.” Kiss. They spend the night together.

Netflix 37

-1:35:03 Elif is about to tell Omer her secret, but he gets a call and leaves Kiss.

-Nulifer to Metin/Fatih: “I saw the video...”

-Police find blood spatters in Taner's car.

-Hattice, Sibel's sister, is stopped by police in the airport with the suitcase she is 'smuggling.'

-Tayyar finds the video camera (and video) of Metin and Nulifer's intimate moment.

-Enraged Asli pushes her mother down—who hits her head.

-Elif to Omer at seaside beach: “I lied. I laundered money. I'm a criminal.”

-[Flashback] Hussein killing Elif's father and Sibel. He looks at pink diamonds in pigeon coop.

Episode 14 / Netflix 37

-Asli nearly jumps out the window. “I killed my mother!”

-Hattice sobbing to her mother: “The police stopped me, but they were working for Metin. I was so scared I'd been caught, I left the suitcase and ran.”

Netflix 38

-Hussein hides the diamonds in his 'other' son's carseat at an apt he has under another name with his 'other' wife.

-Fatih/Metin released. Metin to Nulifer: “I'm a shameless bastard.” Nulifer: “That's enough for me.”

-Metin calls Elif: “Our courier failed. You have to go to Rome tomorrow.” “No! And you can send the video to Omer. I don't care!”

-Tayyar shows the video camera to Metin: “What's this?” “I care about her.” “Don't you dare go near her.” Tayyar smacks two of his fingers with a hammer.

-Omer finds Elif at her father's grave: “We lost your mother today.” Poignant.

-Omer to Arda and Pelin: “Elif laundered money in Rome.”

Netflix 39

-Hussein to forensic guy studying Taner's car: “You wrote what I said, right?” “Yes. I wrote the blood matched Ahmet and Sibel.”

-Omer to Taner in jail: “You help me, I'll help you.” “A dangerous man thinks I have all diamonds.”

-Omer runs into Elif coming out of the prison. Elif: “Say something!” “I don't know you at all.”

-Omer argues with Hussein about blood 'evidence' in Taner's car: “Blood in the trunk makes no sense.”

-Home memorial service for Elif's mom. Elif is consoled by Omer's mom. Demet steals stuff.

Netflix 40

-Meleke to MIL: “Hussein has 20,000. We should renovate the kitchen and get new couches.”

-Elif catches Nulifer on a boat with Metin/Fatih.

-Taner strangled in jail.

-Omer meets with his old chief from Van. They plot about the money laundering ring.

-Elif delivers Nulifer to Tayyar's house 'for safe keeping.'

-Omer and his former chief 'kidnap' Elif.

Episode 15 / Netflix 41

-Omer and his boss to Elif: “Work with us to bust those bad guys.”

-Boss to Omer: “Why didn't you tell me there was something between you and Elif. The moment you follow your heart you become an easy target.”

-Elif to Asli who's lost part of her memory: “We lost our mother in an accident.”

-Levent breaks up with Bahar and moves out.

Netflix 42

-52:00 Omer and Elif dance at the circumcision ceremony. He daydreams of her in a wedding dress.

-Omer comes to Elif's house: “Taner passed away.”

-Pinar in hospital: “I don't remember my name.”

Netflix 43

-Fatih/Metin kisses Nulifer in the public ladies restroom.

-Omer teaches Elif to shoot a gun. Elif: “When we're this close [in proximity physically], I don't know how long I can stand being this far away [emotionally]

-Fatih/Metin sneaks into Elif's house and shows her vid of Asli pushing their mother.

Episode 16 / Netflix 44

-Dr. to Tayyar in hospital: “Your fiancee is pregnant.”

-Omer consoles Elif after the break in.

-Hussein discovers the diamonds he stashed in the car seat are gone.

-Tayyer and Hussein threaten each other in abandoned building.

Netflix 45

-Omer's boss to Omer: “Do whatever you need to do to make Elif give up on you.”

-Handwriting expert to Omer: “This isn't Taner's writing. He was forced. I'm sure of it.”

-Sebnum (Elif's laywer) spills beans to Tayyar: “Elif's been forced to do work for criminal gang.”

-Tayyar to Metin: “I smell something fishy with Elif that smells like Omer. Plant this bug on her.”

-Metin to Nulifer: “Plant this bug on Elif.”

Netflix 46

-Omer to Elif painting Arda's house: “Don't go jeopardize the operation.” Metin listening via a bug.

-While painting a room, Arda kisses Pelo.

-Omer to Tayyar at brunch: “I know you hide a cold-blooded killer under that businessman mask.”

Episode 17 / Netflix 47

-Right after kiss--Arda to Pelin: “I lov—” She slaps him. A minute later, he goes after her and she nearly runs over him.

-Elif angry at Omer over accusing Tayyer of Taner's murder: “You're accusing one of the most merciful and loving men I know.”

-Omer gets tongue lashing from his superior about accusing Tayyar. Omer: “I think you're turning a blind eye!”

Netflix 48

-Elif to Tayyar: “Thanks for everything, but I'll be in charge of my sisters now.”

-Elif brings Alsi home from hospital.

-Arda and Pelin have it out at a seafood restaurant with Elif and Omer there. Omer jokes to Elif: “Now it's my turn. Bring it on.” Elif: “There's nothing between us to argue about.”

Netflix 49

-Omer's b-day party. Bahar convinces Elif not to go.

-Drunk Arda outside Pelin's window: “We danced at the prom.... We belong together.”

-Omer to boss: “I'll tell Elif I forgive her. …. This may be my last chance at love.”

-Fatih/Metin takes Nulifer to meet his mom: “My mom is your mom. My home is your home.”

-Tayyar to Hussein: “Get Omer kicked off of the police force.”

-Omer to Elif at quaint breakfast cafe: “I forgive you, my love.”

Episode18 / Netflix 50

-Omer to Elif at quaint breakfast cafe: “I forgive you, my love. I love you unconditionally. I want to be with you. I love you with all your faults—more everyday.”

-[Flashback: Sami goes to Elif's house: "This love affair is a big problem.”] Elif to Omer: “I don't love you anymore. It's over for me.”

-Omer hancuffs Elif to him.

-Fatih and Nulifer get married.

Netflix 51

-Arda to Pelin the next morning at work: “Hi, I'm Arda. …. Let's start over-as friends.”

-Omer pulls the car over by water: “Elif, it's time to talk.” “Please, let me go.”

-Arda and Pelin go on date at movies.

-Tayyar has Taner's cell mate killed by injection.

-Hussein throws the bag of diamonds at Tayyar's feet. “I won't betray my brother.” “Some things money won't buy and this is one of them.”

Netflix 52

-The sisters having dinner: “Let's get Omer to wear a piece of Elif's new jewelry as a promo.”

-Omer arrests and interrogates Tayyar.

-Prosecutor who signed arrest warrant for Tayyar is in cahoots with Metin/Tayyar.

-Police chief Ali steals the arrest warrant and Omer gets in trouble for not having one. Punches Ali.

Episode 19 / Netflix 53 (should be 54 - Netflix episodes are out of order)

-Omer hangs out outside Tayyar's house. Elif to Omer at water's edge. “I'm scared of going to Rome.”

Episode 19 / Netflix 54 (should be 53)

-Metin/Fatih sends Nulifer a video, a ring, and a ticket to Rome.

-Metin to Tayyar while skeet shooting: “After Rome I'm turning over a new leaf in my life.”

-Hussein to Tayyar on Tayyar's yacht: “When my kids are grown, I'll take you down with me.”

Netflix 55

-Sibel's mother argues with Melike and Sibel's father has a heart attack.

-Nulifer hears cd from Metin to Elif about going to Rome: “First time to save Nulifer, second for Asli.”

-Omer to Elif in the airport: “I'm not going to Rome with you.”

Episode 20 / Netflix 56

-Elif, Omer, and Sami (police boss) arrive in Rome.

-Sibel's father pronounced dead.

-Nulifer sobbing to Asli: “I fell in love with the wrong man. He's making Elif do bad things.”

-Omer and Elif have a romantic-ish dinner at a terrace restaurant in Rome.

Netflix 57

-At Rome terrace restaurant, Elif tells Omer about her favorite movie-- Roman Holiday.

-Omer comes to Elif's room and brings her a Pinocchio. They end up in an embrace.

-(34:00 Netflix) Elif takes Omer to 'The Mouth of Truth.' “I will never lie to you.” Big kiss

-<Few minutes later> Elif and Omer walking with ice cream. Big kiss

Netflix 58

-Elif launders the money at bank. Since she doesn't deal with Metin directly, Sami does nothing.

-Omer follows the bad guys—who know he's following.

-Elif follows Omer—hears a gunshot.

Episode 21/ Netflix 58

-Arda brings Pelin a heart box of chocolates. She blows him off.

-Elif goes in the restroom to wash blood off, and starts to cry. Omer comes in and consoles her.

Netflix 59

-Elif tells Pelin and Arda all about their 'secret' operation.

-Nulifer to Elif who's just found the bug in her purse. “I put it there. …. And married Metin.”

-Omer, Sami, Pelin, and Arda bust the doctors about to do transplant on 2 girls.

-Elif to Omer: “His name is Fatih.” Minutes later- sweet moment as she leaves hospital.

Netflix 60

-Tayyar looks in his safe. No diamonds. Realizes he's been 'had' by Metin.

-Omer brings Elif a violet plant.

-Omer interrogates organ doctor (with a chair) and gets him to rat on Tayyar.”

Netflix 61

-Fatih to Nulifer: “Come with me or I'll take you by force.”

-Transplant doc dies just before admitting who leader of operation is.

Episode 22 / Netflix 62

-Omer gives Elif a bracelet that says: “A morning in Rome 10/15/14.”

-Metin catches wind that the police are waiting for him when he goes to pick up Nulifer. He escapes, but is caught by Tayyar.

-Hussein exchanges a diamond for a cash 'bonus' from Tayyar.

Netflix 63

-Metin faces off with Tayyar in a dungeon prison: “I'm your son-- the only one who can carry on your dynasty.”

-Mert meets Metin for the first time in the dungeon prison.

Netflix 64

Nulifer crying to Omer about her situation: “...Then Fatih turned abusive.”

-Omer kisses Elif in her kitchen.

-Omer and Arda find Metin's apt that overlooks Tayyar's pool.

-Omer and Arda catch Metin at the Bulgarian border.

Episode 23 / Netflix 65

-Elif kisses Omer in an office at the police station.

-Omer and Elif have romantic moment outside the police station: “Our whole lives are ahead.”

-Omer interrogating Fatih. Fatih: “Do what I want and I'll give you Tayyar.”

-Hussein poses as Fatih's friend and finds Fatih's mother in Bulgaria—takes her to Tayyar.

Netflix 66

-Mert at Elif's doorstep: “I know what kind of man my father is. Can I stay her a few days?”

-Nulifer agrees to see Fatih in the interrogation room. Omer ends up punching him.

-Elif almost slaps Tayyar in her yard: “You're nothing to me.”

-Omer's mom to Omer at police station: “Tell Hussein to give his 22,000 in savings to Fatima.” Omer's thinking, “My brother was broke. Where'd he get 22,000?”

Netflix 67

-Levent arranges a nice design studio for Elif.

-Arda to Pelin: “I think Hussein may be the mole.”

-Omer saves Fatih's mother but is shot.

Episode 24 / Netflix 68

-Elif sits by Omer in ICU: “You can't go now. There's so much we still need to do together.”

-Hussein stabs Tayyar with a letter opener.

Netflix 69

-Pelin suspended from work.

-Elif helps Omer wake up.

-Mert visits Fatih in jail and taunts him over Nulifer.

Netflix 70

-Omer's mom prepares big dinner for all those close to Omer.

<Stopped 25:47>

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Feb 17, 2023

I would like to know what kind of human being puts in the time and effort to do something so amazing. Thank you!!!

Ginger Monette
Feb 17, 2023
Replying to

A person who got very frustrated not being able to find favorite scenes in Turkish Dramas and also happens to be a very detail-oriented author who loves words 😉


Apr 29, 2022

Looking for the name of the artist of the artwork in episode 9 in Elif’s apartment. Love the two pieces above her bed and the ones on the staircase. Anyone know?


May 19, 2021

did you finish the series? i noticed that you stopped at episode 24. i am following your site for spoilers. i always read your summary before i watch the actual episode. btw, i appreciate your website so much. i finished kiralik ask and siyah beyaz ask because of your summary.

Ginger Monette
Feb 17, 2023
Replying to

I did not finish Kara Para Ask... Got bogged down and another series came out and I got swept up in it (Hercai, I believe). I'm thrilled you found the guide helpful for Karlik Ask and Siyah Beyaz Ask! This YouTube channel has a ton of clips of the best scenes in SBA . Enjoy!

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