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Kan Cicekleri ~ Episode Guide

Kan Cicekleri with English subtitles

This episode guide lets you quickly find scenes to relive the romance between Baris and Dilan, rewatch your favorite Kan Cicekleri scenes, or skim the series. But beware-- it is FULL of Kan Cicekleri spoilers!


•Romantic scenes in pink. (Nearly every Baran/Dilan scene has romantic overtones. I only highlighted the ones that seems particularly romantic)

•Touching, poignant, funny, great acting, etc. scenes in green.

•Important scenes bolded

*Timestamps may not be exact as some sites include the series intro and others do not.


-Genre: Romantic Drama (Aired as a daily drama on Turkish TV)

-Lead actors: Baris Bektas | Yagmur Yuksel

-Number of episodes: 144+

-English title of Kan Cicekleri | Blood Flower

-Where to watch Kan Cicekleri full episodes with English subtitles: -The official Kan Cicekleri Youtube channel has full English subtitles until episode 42. Turn on captions, change language to English. This video shows how. (Captions are available after ep 42, but not as good.) -Blue hyperlinks in this episode guide for episode 27+. Sometimes YoTurkish, sometimes YouTube. When subs are bad, sometimes used both. -See my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles."

*Sept 2023: Other than Youtube, I was only able to find subtitles made by Turkish123 and they are bad. WatchTurks purchased from Turkish123. FNTV did not have the series.


Kan Cicekleri Episode Guide- English

*Disclaimer: I focused primarily on the Baran/Dilan scenes.

Episode 1

-Opens with heroine Dilan petting a horse, sees dashing hero ride in on horse named Storm.

-Dilan to brother Cevdet: “I want to go to school abroad, but don't want to leave father.”

-10:30 Grandmother to hero Baran: “Time for you to make a life for yourself—get married, have children.”

-17:00 Baran, with gun in hand, to heroine: “The horse's leg is broken. There's nothing to be done.”

-18:00 Girl storms out of stables. Baran picks up bracelet that she dropped.

-19:48 Uncle to Baran: “We found Seyit. And he has a kebap shop right under our noses.”

-20:00 Baran flashback of his father and mother gunned down in street.

-24:30 Uncle to his mute father Kudret in wheelchair: “Now I'll do to your sons what I did to you...”

-27:30 Dilan to teacher: “I got accepted!”

-33:00 Hanife (Dilan's mother) to Seyit: “Don't put Dilan in the place of your own child.” (Dilan's not blood a blood-related child, but she doesn't know that.)

-43:00 Uncle Hasan schemes with his son Firat to become leaders of family clan.

-49:30 Baran catches Dilan in horse stall and pins her against wall: “What are you doing here?”

-54:50 Hanife to son: “They found us!” She shuffles him back into restaurant. Baran puts down gun.

-1:04:00 Baran to Dilan's family: “If not the son, then a daughter.”

-End: Baran's men dump Dilan at stables in front of Baran. He drags her out.

Episode 2 -Opens with Baran dragging Dilan out of the stables.

-5:00 Baran on phone with lawyer: “I'm sending you an ID card. Prepare a marriage.”

-6:00 Grandmother to Derya, girl she plans as Baran's wife: “...and I've prepared this room for you.”

-42:00 Seyit flashback – Dilan's widowed father goes to prison for Seyit, asks Seyit to care for Dilan.

-46:00 Haran admires Zumrut, but his mother insults the girl to her face.

-End: Baran drags Dilan in front of his family. “We're getting married.”

Episode 3

-Opens with Grandmother to family: “Impossible! That's not our family's way!”

-3:33 Dad on hospital gurney with oxygen mask on.

-5:00 Baran to Dilan: "If you don't want your brother to die, you have no choice but to marry me.”

-14:10 Doctor to family: “Your father will be fine.”

-19:00 Cihan (Baran's younger brother) to Baran at mother's grave: “I will never forgive you for this!”

-36:50 Grandmother unties Dilan: “You will never see Baran again. Now get out of here!”

-43:30 Baran to grandmother: “From now on, you won't say a word above my word.”

-48:40 Dilan to her father: “Is is true that you killed Baran's mother?"

-End: Baran holding gun on Cevdat, Dilan runs up: “I'm here! Don't kill my Cevdet!” BANG.

Episode 4

-Opens where ep 3 ends-- BANG

-5:40 Baran to Dilan: “You will stay in this room until the wedding tomorrow.”

-7:00 Baran to Grandmother: “See this gun? Uncle gave it Cihan.”

-12:00 Baran to Uncle Hasan. “Pack your bags and leave. And stay away from Cihan.”

-Cihan to Baran: “I won't live here with that girl. I'm leaving with Uncle.”

-Dilan escapes to take exam. Pays cab driver with special watch.

-End: Baran to Dilan: “The exam you took was useless ….. Your life now depends on me.”

Episode 5

-Opens where ep 4 ended

-18:30 Grandmother to Dilan, sequestered in a room: “Sit in the dark. What do you need light for?”

-26:00 Derya pushes Dilan into a hole in the yard.

-30:00 Zumrut visits guy (Ali) in hospital hit by a car. Guy: “Do I know you? I can't remember anything.”

-38:00 Baran finds Dilan in hole: “I'll get you out of here.”

-51:00 Baran/Dilan Wedding.

-End: Wedding night- Baran, loosening his tie, walks towards a petrified Dilan.

Episode 6

-Opens where ep 5 ended—but interrupted by Cihan calling “Abi, come out here so we can talk!”

-6:30 Cihan to Baran: “Mother died a second time today!” Baran slaps him.

-11:30 Unknown person on phone: “Ali (guy in hospital bed) died in accident.” (lie)

-13:00 Baran flashback to wedding night—where nothing happened. -22:00 Ali to Zumrut: “Don't worry, I'm not going to die—not before I remember who you are.”

-48:00 Dilan borrows servant's phone and calls her family. Baran catches her.

-End: Grandmother burns Dilan's suitcase of clothes and family photo. Dilan wails.

Episode 7

-Opens with Dilan grabbing for family photo-- Baran pulls her away from the flames.

-22:30 Grandmother sprays water all over Dilan: “Your hand burns? Douse it with water!”

-39:00 Grandmother to Dilan: “If I were the owner of this mansion, I would destroy your life!”

-46:00 Cihan to Baran: “As long as that girl is in my house, you don't have a brother.”

-End: Baran to Dilan, resting against the bed: “Get up and take off those rags.” He walks out, then leans on the door contemplating.

Episode 8

-Opening: Baran goes back in room, picks up Dilan, and lays her on the bed.

-4:20 Grandmother to servant: “If you help that girl, you'll see how bad I will be to you.”

-14:00 Secretary to Baran at office: “Your new partner has arrived.” Derya walks in.

-Grandmother literally throws Dilan, who is sick, out of the house into the rain.

-50:00 Baran finds Dilan, picks her up and whisks her to safety.

-End: Baran lifts Dilan out of the car at the hospital.

Episode 9

-Opens where ep 8 leaves off, then Baran gazing at Dilan in the hospital bed.

-7:00 Cevdet sees Dilan at hospital: “They're burning her alive!”

-13:00 Baran's men drag Dilan's brother out and punch him.

-34:20 Firat (nephew) schemes with uncle: “If we can gain the trust of Dilan's brother...”

-39:00 Derya, scheming to stay at mansion, to Gul (servant): “You can have those earrings.”

-Baran nearly catches Dilan's brother in Dilan's hospital room.

-51:20 Firat to Dilan's brother: “ me.... just follow the plan.” -53:20 Dilan to Baran: “Why did you hit my brother? … You didn't keep your promise.”

-55:40 Cevdet to Seyit: “I'm going to kidnap Dilan and I need your help.”

-56:30 Gul returns earring to Derya. Derya: “I'll take that bag of things to the hospital for Baran.”

-End: Cevdet to Dilan: “Quick! Get in this wheelchair, I'm getting you out of here.” Baran walking down hallway.

Episode 10

-Opens with Cevdet imploring Dilan. Dilan: “I can't...made a promise...he has men everywhere.”

-12:55 Ali knocks on door, little girl runs into his arms.

-Cevdet wheels Dilan out of hospital, Baran discovers Dilan is missing.

-16:00 Grandmother to Derya: “Dilan ran away. The contract is broken. Now there will be blood.”

-17:10 Cevdet flashback in the hospital with Dilan. Dilan: “No, I've made up my mind.” He drugs her.

-36:00 Dilan steals Cevdet's phone and calls Baran: “I'll tell you where I am, but promise me you won't hurt my brother—just like you want to protect your brother.”

-52:50 Dilan to Baran in front of Cevdet: “I'll do whatever you want. Just don't hurt my brother.”

-53:00 Baran's hinchmen find Ali at family restaurant: “Where did they go?”

-End: Baran turns away from Cevdat, a shot rings out, Cevdat slumps. Dilan: “You shot my brother!”

Episode 11

-Baran/Dilan rush Cevdat to hospital.

-Baran overhears a family whose surgery they can't afford. Baran discretely pays for it.

-25:00 Dilan to Baran: “You broke the agreement when you shot my brother. The marriage is off!”

-49:30 Dilan to Baran: “It's all my fault. … I can't take it anymore.” She faints. Baran swoops her up.

-Zumrut and Ali trying to find out what lock his keys will open in hopes of a clue to his identity.

- 56:35 Hasan (uncle) to Kudret: “What I left unfinished with you years ago I'll finish with your sons.”

-59:35 Dilan's mom slaps Dilan at hospital: “It's all your fault!”

-Unidentified woman to man: “As soon as Ali goes for that money, we'll get him.”

-End: Nurse to family. “Does anyone have O- blood? We need it now!” Baran contemplates, flashback to his mom being killed. Whispers, “I can't do it.”

Episode 12

-Opens with mother wailing because there's been no O- blood found.

-7:19 Ali's key opens a lockbox with box with red car inside.

-9:48 Baran to blood bank nurses: “I'm here to donate blood for Cevdet.”

-29:10 Dilan to Baran: “Marriage is off.” Baran: “Your brother's alive. Put the ring back on.”

-Grandmother to Dilan, who arrives home with Baran: “Go back where you came from!”

-53:00 Dilan to Baran: “You're mean and unscrupulous!” Baran: “If you'd obeyed me, this wouldn't have happened.” Dilan: “Then I guess we deserve each other.”

-58:00 Nurse to Dilan's mother: “...There is no debt for Cevdet. Someone paid it all.”

-End: Baran walks in on Firat in Chevdat's ICU room.

Episode 13

-4:50 Derya accosts Dilan: “Why are you back?”

-7:00 Grandmother to Dilan: “If you don't like our family name, then you'll cook and eat alone.”

-14:50 Baran Facetimes Dilan: “You can see your brother for yourself.”

-28:20 Zumrut, crying, to Ali: “My brother is in the hospital fighting for his life!”

-30:00 Doctor to Baran: “You did the right thing giving blood to Cevdet.” Derya overhears.

-36:20 Dilan to Baran: (after seeing how her family treated her) “Now you don't have a family. You noticed that too.”

-Baran to his father Kudret: “I did something today (gave blood). You would have done it too.”

-54:50 Gul to Derya: “I did as you asked—got Dilan out of mansion.” (Took her to hospital to see bro)

-55:50 Baran to Firat: “You shot Cevdat—someone saw you!”

-58:50 Seyit hears what's been happening (Cevdet), cluthes his chest and falls down in their restaurant.

-1:02:00 Dilan to Cevdet in ICU: “Forgive me. I shouldn't have told Baran where we were.”

-1:-3:30 Baran smacking on Firat: “Confess that you shot Cevdet!” Cihan walks in: “I did it.”

-1:11:00 Groundskeeper Ahmet to Baran: “....Even if your insides are on fire, you don't confess it to anyone. …. …. The only cure for anger is love. …. Compassion shows your humanity.”

-1:14:40 Dilan to mother at hospital: “Why are you treating me like I'm not your daughter?” Mother: “Get out of here! Everytime you're around, you bring trouble!”

-1:17:30 Cihan flashback to Uncle: “Cihan, just tell Baran you shot Cevdet, He won't hurt you...”

-End: Dilan in street replaying her mother's words. Baran jerks her from getting hit by a car.

**Acting getting better

Episode 14

-Opens with Baran jerking Dilan out of street: “You could have been killed!” Dilan: “There's nothing for me to live for.”

-7:00 Back in their room, Dilan staring, broken. Baran: “What's wrong??”

-11:30 Baran stares at Dilan asleep in chair, compassion in his eyes. Covers her with blanket.

-21:40 Woman to Ali: “Where do you live? Who are your parents?” He has a sort of breakdown.

-31:20 Photographer tells Ali his mother has died. “I'm an orphan.” Thug hands man wad of cash.

-35:45 Dilan to Baran: “I want to leave.” “You'll stay in this room until I tell you.”

-38:30 Baran to Cevdet: “Never try to kidnap Dilan again.”

-39:00 Nurse to Baran: “Can you donate blood again?” Dilan, standing there, hears, but thinks he refused to donate to Cevdat.

-40:30 Nurse to Cevdat: “ were lucky Baran Bey was here to donate blood for you...”

-42:20 Derya overhears Baran/Dilan and calls police: “I want to report...”

-45:40 Dilan to Baran: “I hate you!”

-49:40 Cihan lambasts Dilan: “It's all because of you! Your family should be destroyed!”

-56:00 Derya to Grandmother: “I overheard Dilan tell Baran... she reported him to police.”

-1:04:40 Baran in jail.

-1:08:00 Grandmother to Dilan: “You go to police station and denouce your complaint!” Dilan intercepts woman's hand from slapping her.

-1:15:50 Dilan escapes from the servant ordered to take her to police station.

- Grandmother to servant: “Burn down their house!”

-1:18:00 Dilan to her family: “Pack! Quick! Get out of here!”

-1:21:15 Cevdat to Dilan: “Why would somone dontate blood to someone they were trying to kill?”

-1:25:00 Neighbor snitches on Zumrut letting Ali live above restaurant.

-End: Baran going back into jail cell.

Episode 15

-Opens with Cevdat telling Dilan that Baran donated blood, and Baran, in jail, recalling Dilan lambasting him for being cruel.

-17:00 Butler and henchmen barge in Dilan's family's house, guns drawn: “Where's Dilan?”

-21:30 Dilan runs to police station.

-33:10 Grandmother lambasts Dilan's family in person, they're begging for mercy.

-35:30 Baran intercepts gun before family is shot.

-38:38 Grandmother to Baran: “This needs to end today!” Baran: “I said it's over-- it's over.”

-49:40 Baran to Grandmother: “Don't touch Dilan's family...everything about her is my business.”

-End: Baran jerks Dilan into attic room: “This is your new room...If I'd been a minute later, your family would have died.” Dilan: “Do whatever you like with me. I know you got burned—you donated blood to my brother and saved my family.”

Episode 16

-Opens with Baran to Dilan: “Don't you dare tell anyone that I donated blood to your brother!”

-5:00 Baran to Cihan, pretending to be sleeping: “One day you'll understand I did it to protect you.”

-20:50 Ali has another breakdown on a park bench.

-23:30 Baran lying awake in bed thinking about Dilan. BOLD (hot photo)

-27:20 Dilan to Baran, bringing her a blanket: “You seem to have 2 sides—one vindictive, the other merciful.”

-49:10 G'ma to Dilan: “You've been on vacation... Get to work.” She has her clean the grill.

-53:10 Dilan to Baran: “If you didn't shoot my brother, who did?”

-1:02:20 Baran to Uncle/nephew: “You gave the gun to Cihan—stay away from him.” Dilan overhears.

-End: Dilan looking at Cihan: “Baran will pay for this lonely boy.” (translation is a bit unclear.)

Episode 17

-Opens with Dilan seeing Cihan.

-2:30 Ciahn to his father: “You planted that tree for mom....How can I forgive those who took her?”

-4:15 Dilan, hearing Cihan, says to herself: “How can I blame him? I cannot.”

-8:00 Baran to Dilan: “Stay away from my father and brother.”

-23:20 Derya brings Baran a cup of coffee. When she walks away, he pushes the cup aside in disgust. Funny!

-26:30 Dilan happily cooking in kitchen. Kadar (older woman servant) looking on with a smile.

-32:15 G'ma scolding Derya: “...tonight, we can't let guest think we don't treat our brides well.”

-56:00 Baran to Dilan: “I want to see you tonight in this necklace whether you want to or not.”

-End: Dilan, dressed in the clothes given to her, presents herself to Baran. Baran: “How dare you wear that dress!”

Episode 18 -Opens with Baran: “Take off that dress!” Flashback to Derya putting it in Dilan's room. Dilan: “I'm not going to the dinner. They'll laugh at me.”

-13:00 Kadar to Dilan: “That was Baran's mother's dress....” Derya: “Wear this one—left in my room.”

-25:00 Dilan comes downstairs: “Sorry to keep you all waiting.”

-28:20 Baran and Dilan share salt. Guest: “Look at them. ...Obviously they love each other.”

-38:30 Guest: “How did you two meet?” Dilan: “Horses.” Guest: “Oh, love at first sight.” Derya drops her glass. Funny!

-40:17 Thieves steal money at family restaurant. Seyit on the floor.

-42:30 Firat flatters Gul: “From the first time we met.... “Trust me...” Gul: “Baran donated the blood.”

-49:55 Firat to Uncle Hasan: “Do you know who gave the blood to Cevdat?”

-51:30 Guest speaking of orphange. Dilan: “Sometimes smart children struggle because they've lost someone very important in their life.”

-56:00 Guest to Dilan: “Did you drop out of pharmacy school to marry Baran?”

-59:30 Police arrest Ali for robbing restaurant.

-1:00:30 Hasan to G'ma: “Do you know what Baran did for our enemy?”

-End: Baran to Dilan, after she's made a very good showing in front of guests: “And you didn't want to come down to dinner.” Dilan: “I made you a promise; I keep my promises.”

Episode 19

-Opens with G'ma returning to guests looking shocked: “If you'll excuse me....”

-6:20 As the guests depart, Baran takes Dilan's hand.

-15:00 Dilan and Baran, walking separately in garden, see each other and stare- Cihan walks up.

-24:00 Baran finds Dilan washing blue dress in the bathtub.

-30:30 Kadar to Dilan: “...Too bad you and Baran hadn't met differently. He's kind-hearted.”

-34:00 Dilan makes coffee for G'ma, Firat, and Uncle. She overhears: “What does it mean to give blood to the enemy?” Firat spills coffee on purpose and blames Dilan.

-44:20 G'ma lambasts Baran: “Why did you give that man your blood?” She cuts her hand.

-End: Dilan brings Baran dessert she made: “Thank you for giving blood to my brother.” He flips the tray over.

Episode 20

-Opens with Baran to Dilan: “You weren't to tell anyone about blood donation!” Derya overhears.

-Derya to G'ma: “I know why you were upset, the blood...” Cihan hears.

-7:30 Zumrut/father/brother fix bedroom for Ali above restaurant.

-15:00 Derya to Baran: “...How lucky that man was that you are so merciful to donate blood.” -20:00 Coming down stairs, Dilan runs into Baran: “I didn't tell anyone....” He walks away.

-30:20 Guy taunts Cihan about his mother—Cihan head butts him.

-38:40 G'ma drags Dilan out of house and down driveway: “Get out!”

-Baran by water with father: “You understand why I gave blood, don't you Baba.”

-54:00 Freezing, Dilan bangs on door: “Please let me in!” G'ma throws cold water on her.

-56:02 Baran finds Dilan wet on driveway: “Who did this to you?” He whisks her inside.

-End: Baran storms in to G'ma: “Don't you dare ever do that again!” “Why not?” “She's my WIFE!”

Episode 21

-Opening: Baran confronting G'ma. G'ma: “If she's your wife, why did you kick her out of your room?”

-7:02 Dilan and Baran: “First you let them torment me, then you show me mercy. …. No human deserves to be treated this way.”

-18:00 Dilan to Kadar: “What Baran did wasn't much different than what G'ma did.” He overhears, then bangs into the room, picks her up and whisks her out.

-27:04 Baran hands Dilan ointment. Dilan: “I don't need your favors.” He grabs her leg and spreads it.

-29:50; 34:10 Baran to groundskeeper Ahmet: “She tried to tell me, but I didn't believe her. I was unfair.” Man: “What's important is to acknowledge your mistake. Be fair and honest.” Wise.

-48:00 Both softened, Dilan and Baran share a civil meal in the kitchen.

-49:00 Zumrut family dinner—Ali included.

-51:35 Dilan explores a trunk with Baran's mother's things. “Good taste. I wish she were alive.”

-54:20 Lady to Zumrut's family at gathering: “I've come to tell you, you have to leave this house.”

-End: Baran presents Dilan a gift: “This is for you.”

Episode 22

Opening: Baran presents Dilan a gift. It's her family photo album and diary rescued from her suitcase fire. Dilan: “You gave me the whole world.”

-16:35 Dilan to Kadar: “Who are these 2 children?” “Orphans Baranbey cares for.”

-39:20 Kadar to Dilan: “Baran's father cared for orphans, now Baran is carrying on.”

-49:00 Playing blindfold game with kids, Dilan 'finds' Baran.

-55:00 Dilan and Kadar make cookies with the children.

-57:30 Derya to Cihan: “We have a common problem. Dilan. We're in this together.”

-End: Dilan brings Baran a tray of sweets, again trying to thank him for donating blood to her brother.

Episode 23

-Opens with Dilan bringin Baran tray of sweets—he accepts it. Dilan relieved.

-7:10 Dilan falls off stool –right into Baran's arms.

-14:40 Hasan to himself: “You (Baran) will beg for forgiveness, but I will have no mercy.”

-19:00 Dilan finds Baran family photo album: “What a happy family they were.”

-42:00 Dilan to Cihan: “Fixing one wrong with another doesn't solve anything.”

-1:01:00 Dilan to Cihan: “I didn't kill your mother, but I'm paying for that sin. ….doing my best.”

-1:07:10 Firat hits Cihan in back of head with stick. He falls to ground.

Episode 24

-Opens with Firat hitting Cihan, then dragging him into pit in yard. -50:13 Dilan finds Cihan in pit.

-End: Family finds Cihan in pit.

Episode 25

-Opens with everyone hovering over Cihan in the pit.

-6:40 Dilan to Ahmet, groundskeeper: “I beg you, take me to the hospital too!”

-19:00 Family gathers at hospital.

-26:50 Dimir family at restaurant: “Either we pay the rent or leave.”

-At hospital, Dilan tries to comfort Baran and G'ma.

-36:40 Hasan to Firat: “If anyone saw you hit Cihan, nothing will save you from Baran's wrath!”

-End: Baran to Cihan in hospital: “Who did this to you?” “Dilan...”

Episode 26

-Opens with Cihan in hospital. Baran: “My dear brother. Open your eyes...”

-Harun's mother locks Demir family out of the restaurant. “She doulbled the rent!....”

-11:40 Hasan to family at hospital: “Makes you wonder why Dilan was in the garden with Cihan.”

12:00 Dilan to family: “Someone is lying. …. but you're all so blinded by hatred for me, you can't see.”

-19:05 Dilan to Baran at house: “Do you think like them too?”

-34:30 Cihan in a daze: “I saw who did it-- a man. Not Dilan.”

-40:20 Hasan to Firat in car: “Cihan must not talk. He must die. … Go finish the job!”

-46:30 Doctor to G'ma: “Be prepared for anything. He could be paralyzed.”

-54:00 Ali to Dimir family: “...we are starting a catering business.”

-End: G'ma goes blazing up the stairs, knife in hand: “I'll kill that degenerate girl!”

Episode 27

-Opens with G'ma flinging into Dilan's room and finding it empty. Lambasting Kadar: “If you let her escape...” She flings the servant onto the bed. -7:01 Baran finds Dilan in his truck: Dilan: “Please. Let me go with you G'ma is going to kill me.”

-27:20 Derya meddling in Baran's room. Nearly gets caught by Gul.

-End: Firat sneaks in Cihan's room with a syringe... Minute later Dilan goes in, Cihan opens his eyes, then flatlines. Baran to Dilan: “What have you done!”

Episode 28

-Opens with Dilan in Cihan's room, him flatlining, then Baran storming in.

-Dilan: “The serum was the wrong color—drip rate too high.”

-15:40 Dilan to Baran: “...somewhere deep inside you know I'm telling the truth.”

-16:30 Nurse to Dilan/Baran: “If she hadn't stopped the IV drip, we might have lost him.”

-36:00 G'ma pins Dilan against hospital wall, choking her: “You set your sights on my grandson's life!”

-45:43 Ahmet to Dilan: “...I don't know what your crime is, but I do know that being patient with anger prevents regret..... Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” WISE!

-Cevdat's wife: “I'm pregnant!”

-End: Firat, accusing Dilan, pushes her down hospital stairs—Baran catches her. Cliched...

Episode 29

-Opens with Baran catching Dilan. With her ankle sprained, he picks her up and whisks her off.

-5:55 Zumrut opens red velvet box from Ali—a necklace.

-12:00 Firat to Baran: “...So she snitched on me.” Baran: “No. I saw you. You could've caught her.”

-36:40 G'ma lambasting Kadar: “You let that snake out of her room? You're fired!”

-41:00 Ali has a fleeting memory of putting a ring on a girl's finger.

-46:00 Kadar's farewell to G''ma: “Don't put the heavy burden of the past on these young peoples' shoulders.”

-50:30 Firat to Nuri: “...Now here's what you are going to confess to Baran....”

-55:30 Doctor to G'ma: “Cihan will be bedridden a bit longer.”

-G'ma to male servant: “Find Dilan and get her home.”

-57:00 Cevdet and wife, crying, to parents: “It was an ectopic pregnancy.”

-59:30 Harun to Zumrut: “I love you so much.” Ali watching

-End: Baran, about to confront Nuri, gets call from Kadar: “Hurry! Dilan!”

Episode 30

-Opens with Dilan in the pit, G'ma standing over her: “Now it's your turn to be buied.”

-6:00 Baran unties her in the pit. Dilan: “I wouldn't hurt Cihan.” She leans into him.

-8:30 Harun to Zumrut: “I've loved you for years.” …. “I don't see you that way.”

-12:13 Baran lays Dilan on bed, picks leaves out of her hair. He gets up, she tightens her grip on his hand. “Don't leave me.”

-20:00 Nuri to Firat: “Why have you brought me out here?” BANG, a gun fires.

-24:50 Baran gently wipes the dirt of Dilan's face, taking in her every feature.

-27:50 Hasan to Firat on phone: “Did you take care of it?” “Yes.”

-32:00 Baran to sleeping Dilan: “They won't be able to harm you again. They'll learn you aren't guilty.”

-40:00 Cihan, just waking up, to Baran: “All I remember is that it was a man. … But Abi, I can't feel my legs.”

-57:56 Dilan having a nightmare: “Don't hurt me!” She pops up and clings to Baran.

-End: Dilan awakens and hobbles to her room. Baran: “From now on you will sleep in my room so I can protect you.”

***This is the episode they began to fall in love

Episode 31

-Opens with Baran to Dilan: “From now on, you will sleep in my room.” He picks her up and carries her (again) to his room.

-42:16 Cihan home from hospital.

-49:40 Baran to family: “I'll say it again—mess with my wife, and you'll have to mess with me!”

-End: Baran handing Dilan a glass of water—their hands touch, their eyes meet.

***Lots of romantic moments throughout this episode.

Episode 32

-Opens with Baran handing Dilan glass of water; she takes pill, but won't let him put cream on her foot.

-3:50 Baran to G'ma: “Where's Kadar.” “I kicked her out.”

-8:00 Baran knocks on door—Kadar opens: “We need you. You're like a mother to Cihan and me.”

-14:55 Dilan attempting to go up stairs with sprained ankle, falls back—right into Baran's arms (again).

-36:50 Kadar comes back.

-39:50 G'ma to Dilan: “You may have fooled Baran, but I know how to remove that innocent-girl mask.” G'ma jerks on her sore ankle.

Dilan to Kadar: “My heart hearts so much—like someone squeezing it so hard that I can't breathe.” End: Baran takes Dilan to her family's new apt. “Why did you bring me here?” “Your family.”

Episode 33

-Opens with Baran to Dilan: “I brought you to your family.”

-4:44 Dilan runs into her father's arms.

-16:45 Baran watches Dilan enjoying her father and has flashbacks of his mother being killed.

-17:30 Dilan to her father: “Let me ask you something—Uncle Kudret and his wife. Why did you do this to them?” Father flashback: “Hasan, I don't want anyone to die.” Hasan: “It's either your son or Kudret.” Father shoots Kudret, Hasan shoots Baran's mother.

-23:00 Hasan trying to make a business deal behind Baran's back.

-24:40 Seyit to Dilan (about shooting): “I did what I had to do.”

-40:20 Baran stops car to Dilan, crying: “Get some air.”

-53:13 Teary Dilan to Kudret: “I am sooo sorry for what my father did to you and your family.” Baran looking on. Kudret moves his finger but no one sees.

Episode 34

-Opens with Dilan pouring out her heart to Kudret.

-7:10 Dilan looks thru dowry chest, which includes a daggar. Derya spying.

-16:10 With fond glances, Dilan and Baran share soup in the kitchen.

-26:00 G'ma blasts Gul and Kadar: “Baran may be the man of the house, but I'm still the woman! And you will tell me EVERYTHING that goes on here.”

-28:00 Lawyer Kerem talking business to Baran, but Baran's distracted by Dilan on the terrace.

-32:20 Derya rummaging through Dilan's dowry chest—takes the daggar.

-38:00 Dilan gags. Kadar: “Dear are you preg—?” Dilan: “No! Baran promised not to touch me.”

-41:00 G'ma ranting to Baran: “If that girl won't do her wifely duty, she has no place in this mansion!” Dilan overhears.

-47:30 Kadar unpacks Dilan's dowry chest—red sheets, neglige.

-49:00 G'ma to Dilan: “....You are obligated to do whatever Baran wants!”

-1:05:50 Ali's fiance sees Ali—give something to Zumrut.

-End: Baran comes in their room, starts to drape blanket on Dilan: “Don't touch me!” She stabs him.

Episode 35

-Opens with Dilan stabbing Baran.

-6:50 Baran in bathroom tending his stab wounds, seething, to Dilan: “Where did you get this? For what purpose?”

-13:00 Mine (Ali's ex) flashback—Ali: “It's time to end this. I only accepted the marriage because my father wanted it.”

-24:00 Up all night, Baran in study, eyes breathing fire. Dilan to Baran: “You should go to hospital.”

-45:00 Dilan bandages Baran's hand. Baran: “Don't talk! Just do the job.” Then she buttons up his shirt. He's raging mad, but the allure of her so close is testing him.

-54:00 Doctor attending to Cihan. Baran: “You're getting better.”

-1:00:45 Mine stands in front of Ali, dreamy eyed: “Hi.” He shows no recognition.

-End: Dilan frantically looking for note from her brother in book. Baran holds up paper. “Were you looking for this?”

Episode 36

Opens with Baran holding up paper. “Were you looking for this?” He drags her outside.

-14:18 Baran in his office after his rampage. Derya sees blood on his shirt. “What happened?”

-22:50 Derya to Gul: “You be my eyes and ears and you can have things you can't imagine.”

-26:40 Dilan to Baran: “Let me bandage your wound.” “NO! I don't trust you.”

-46:40 Dilan to Baran about to get in his car: “Please just listen to me.” …. She hides in backseat.

-End Dilan pops up in Baran's backseat. He pulls over and jerks her out of car.

Episode 37

-Opens with Baran finding Dilan in his car: “What are you doing here?”

-He drives off and leaves her.

-6:40; 11:00 He turns around and comes back. Dilan finds a bunny: “Maybe one day I'll be free too.”

-39:38 Baran, weak from his wound, and Dilan walk to a hut.

-46:06; 49:23 Dilan tends to Baran who has fever.

-End: Baran wakes up and watches Dilan sleeping.

Episode 38

-Opens with Baran waking up and watching Dilan sleep.

-9:44; 15:15 Dilan and Baran eat breakfast.

-13:00 Kadar to Gul: “ careful of Derya. …. When there is a storm, people look for a branch to hold on to. But when the storm passes, they discard the branch.” WISE!

-26:40 Dilan to Baran, walking back to car: “That night...I didn't mean to hurt you.... I heard your G'ma—” He holds up his hand to halt her speech. “I promised I wouldn't lay a finger on you.”

-28:45 Gul to Derya: “I found this note under Baran's desk...”

-46:50 G'ma give Cihan a present—a new phone.

-End: Baran/Dilan meet Kerem chase Nuri—corner him at a dropoff.

Episode 39

-Opens with Baran/Dilan returning to mansion with Nuri. Flashback to dropoff—Baran pulls Nuri back from edge.

-6:10 Cihan to G'ma, who's helping him walk: “Everything we have is because of you.”

-12:40; 18:00 Baran presents Nuri to family: “He's come to express his regret.”

-20:40 Baran to group: “We've now all seen the one we thought was guilty (Dilan) was innocent.”

-24:40 Derya finds dagger in Baran's office.

-32:40 Kerem on phone with Baran: “You were right. Nuri didn't hit Cihan.”

-36:40 Baran to Dilan: “...I brought Nuri here so Cihan would learn to forgive—no matter the culprit.”

-41:15 Dilan brings Baran tumeric tea: “...knowing I hurt you—even if unintentionally—hurt a lot.”

-56:13 Dilan to Cihan: “Everything Baran does is because he loves you.” “No. He does it for you.”

-1:03:00 Mine slaps down engagement photo of her and Ali. “He's my fiance.”

-End: G'ma to Dilan: “First you tried to kill Cihan, then Baran with a daggar!” She holds it up, poised to stab.

Episode 40

-Opens with G'ma poised to stab. Baran grabs her hand mid-air. “This is our will not interfere.”

-29:40 Firat to Gul: “I brought you these earrings from Mardin.”

-34:00 G'ma slaps Dilan's mom in mansion: “Did you think you'd get away with putting a daggar in Dilan's dowry chest?”

-38:50 Dilan's mom blasts her: “You shameless!... You will do whatever your husband says!”

-54:30 Dilan to Baran, looking at the embroidered flower on her dress: “Blood Flower. It's what brings us together.”

-59:00 Dilan to Baran/Kudret: “Maybe get a 2nd doctor's opinion. …. “Carrying someone else's sins are heavier than one's own.”

-End: In the garden with Kudret—Baran to G'ma: “I trust Dilan.”

Episode 41

-Opens with G'ma pushing Dilan away from Kudret and Baran stepping in: “I trust Dilan.”

-6:21 Dilan to Kadar: “Do you have a job for me? Work makes people forget their troubles.” WISE

-35:04 In a store, yarn falls off shelf. Dilan and Baran's hands collide and their eyes rivet. He's definitely falling for her.

-46:50 At seaside restaurant. Owner to Baran: “If Dilan loves something, she loves it completely.”

-50:00 Ali to Zumrut: “Why did you give the movie ticket to Mine? My heart beats only for you.”

-End: At seaside restaurant: Baran to Dilan: “Don't catch cold.” He gives her a green shawl.

Episode 42

-Opens with Baran to Dilan, wearing new green shawl. “It suits you. Same color as your eyes.”

-3:30 Dilan to Baran: “There was no need (for shawl).” “There was. Just as there's reward for evil, there's reward for good.”(speaking of her using her pink scarf for his wound)

-5:45 Ali to Zumrut: “I'm telling you I love you.” “I...I don't love you.” (Only said because of Mine)

-13:37 Dilan bumps into Baran—they do a little pass-n-bump dance. She smiles at him. He notices.

-16:14 Baran brings G'ma gift. G'ma:“...All I ever wanted was for you to bring a suitable bride home.”

-24:34 In the night, Baran drapes sleeping Dilan with shawl. In the morning, Dilan covers him.

-47:40; 50:39; 55:36; 59:39 Family dinner celebrating Kudret's birthday. Dilan gives him the blanket she finished, and G'ma lambasts her and the family glares.

Episode 43 (no subs on YT)

-Opens with G'ma pushing Dilan down for completing the blanket: “How dare you!” Baran helps her up and spreads the blanket over Kudret. The family filters away in disgust.

-11:40 Hasan to Cihan: “If Baran doesn't take over this family, you will. And we'll support you.”

-12:35 Dilan, reliving G'mas wrath, faints—Baran there to catch her. (again...)

-15:00 Dilan to Baran: “If I could bring your mother back, I would. I'd give my life for it.” He almost puts a reassuring hand on her back. Then thinks better, and strides from the room. Whole scene is excellent

-26:40 Baran to Ahmet: “I don't know whose side to be on....” “Don't break any hearts.”

-43:42 Baran finds Dilan in kitchen: “Don't go.” Shaking, she hands him a glass of water.

-58:00 Ali to Mine: “...but I do not like you, I don't want to spend time with you.”

-59:20 Hasan taunts Kudret: “You'll see your sons perish, then you'll wither away.” Kudret has seizure.

End: Baran enters room, says to Dilan: “I want to talk to you.”

Episode 44

-Opens with Baran to Dilan: “I want to talk to you.” They get called downstairs to Kudret, seizing. Family gathered around.

-6:05 Mother scolds Ali (over Mine): “Customers are hard to win but easy to lose.”

10:00 Dilan runs upstairs, gets cassette player and hits plays. Everyone stills. Baran: “My mother.” -17:00 G'ma turns to Dilan as if to scold, but only looks sad, then turns away.

-22:20 Dilan to Cihan: “...I can't bring your mother back. I didn't do it. Please don't blame me.”

-31:20 Ali to Seyit: “I want to quit.”

-33:30 Dilan helps Baran shave Kudret.

-43:30 Baran scrubbing Kudret: “I don't know which way to turn, Baba. …. I'm so tired.”

-51:00 Baran drapes blanket over sleeping Dilan—she awakens and grabs his hand. Their eyes linger.

-58:20 Gul gives Firat prayer beads.

-1:25:00 Outside- doctor to Hasan: “Don't worry. He'll never recover with those medications.”

-1:03:00 Ali leaving restaurant—2 men put black hood over his head.

-1:06:00 Derya sabotaged Kudrets wheelchair. The brake fails on an outing with Dilan.

Episode 45

Opens with Dilan taking Kudret on outing, and wheelchair rolling backwards, dumping him on ground.

-14:50 Ali finds himself in front of Harun.

-18:00 Harun's men start kicking Ali. He turns the tables on them, but Harun smacks him with log.

-End: Dilan to Baran and G'ma: “Yes. I'm the reason for Kudret's accident.”

Episode 46

-Opens with Derya to G'ma: “Kudret had an accident.... Dilan's fault.”

-7:40 Baran blasts Dilan: “My family was right. …. I should never have trusted you!”

-11:50 G'ma rails on Baran: “I told you she was a liar and a snake, but you wouldn't listen!”

-14:10 Ali rushed to hospital.

-24:48 Ahmet to Baran: “Listen with your heart. …. The voice of lies and hypocracy are always the loudest.” WISE

-36:08 Dilan to herself: “If Baran doesn't trust me, I'll be all alone in this mansion.”

-38:15 Cihan, blasting Dilan, raises his hand to slap her—Baran stops him. Cihan: “If she does it again, will you take care of her? I will.” Baran slaps him. “If there's something to be done, I will do it!”

-45:25 Baran to Dilan: “Since the day you arrived, no one has smiled. My family turned against me!”

-56:40 Ali wakes up: “Zumrut?”

-End: Baran sees G'mas suitcases: “What is this!?” G'ma: “You choose—your family or that snake.”

Episode 47

Opens with G'ma to Baran: “...I don't want to live under the same roof with that snake anymore!”

-5:31; 10:05 Baran snatches Dilan out of their room, drives to a different house. “You will stay here.”

-24:48 Baran finds Dilan at house, eyes closed, feverish. Picks her up (again), lays her on bed.

-27:47 Baran feeds Dilan soup. Dilan: “I promise I didn't mean to hurt Kudret.

-36:25 Baran helps Dilan out of bed; Derya looking through window.

-End: Dilan to Derya: “Ok, I did it on purpose. You happy now?” Baran overhears.

Episode 48

-Opens with Baran overhearing. Dilan to Baran: “What do you want to believe?”

-26:50 Laying a blanket on Dilan, Baran wakes her up and scares her. “Let me go!”

-29:45 Firat to G'ma: “Hey Derya, I found you a great house really close to here—like you wanted.”

-31:55 Baran gives Dilan a phone. Dilan: “May I call my family?” “No, only me.”

-34:00 Derya hands a man key to cottage: “Scare the girl there—really scare her.”

-37:30 Cihan catches Firat and Gul hiding in his room. Cihan: “She's not for you...”

-38:35 Dilan phones Baran: “There's a man in the house!”

-44:00 Dilan runs through woods, comes out on road. Baran screeches to a stop: “Are you ok?” She runs into his arms.

-46:09 Ali's father to his wife: “...We've lost everything.”

-50:00; 52:38 Baran searches house, finds nothing. “I'm leaving.” Dilan: “Please! Dont' leave me!”

Episode 49

-Opens with Dilan to Baran: “I'm begging you—don't leave me her alone. Take me with you.”

-7:40 Derya pays the thug, he hands her keys. She walks away, and he tosses up 2nd set of keys.

-20:50 Kadar to Gul: “How can everyone not see how evil Derya is?”

-23:18 Gul spills coffee on Derya: “Oops, so sorry.” -27:52 Baran sees mother's sweater on bed: “Don't touch my personal things!” Dilan: “Why are you so hostile towards me? I didn't hurt anyone intentionally. I've always been honest with you.”

-38:36 G'ma snatches Dilan's blanket off Sukret's lap. He makes objectioning noises.

-51:56 Thug unlocks cottage and walks in. Dilan calls Baran, smacks thug with cane.

-52:28 Baran realizes Kudret's wheelchair brakes don't work.

-End: Baran frantic in car. Dilan bracing door against thug pounding to get in.

Episode 50

-Opens with thug breaking into the room. Poised to stab her, Baran grabs his arm and pummels him. Baran to Dilan: “I'm here. I won't leave you.”

-15:27 Baran to Dilan: “Trust me—no one will ever touch you again.” Dilan: “I don't believe you. Because you didn't believe me. …. I'm tired of paying the price and being pushed around. …. When will it end?”

-26:06 Dilan in bathroom, tending wound on her neck. Baran helps.

-33:00 Firat taunting Derya in front of G'ma: “Maybe Baran will settle into the cottage with his wife and live their love to the fullest there.” FUNNY

-37:29 Baran, feeling guilty, to Dilan: “Let's go.” Dilan locks herself in room. Baran: “If you're not going, neither am I.” He sits on the otherside of the door.

-41:50 Next morning Baran to Dilan: “We're going to the mansion.” Dilan: “I will not go.”

-50:00 Baran to Dilan: “Let's go.” “NO!” He throws her over his shoulder.

-46:50 Ali's father's funeral.

-End: Baran brings Dilan home. Baran to G'ma outside house: “Step aside. Let Dilan in.”

Episode 51

-Opens with Baran bringing Dilan back to mansion.

-26:08 Ahmet to Baran: “We are most affected by the opinions of those we love.”

-56:40 Dilan to Kudret: “...I would never try to hurt you.” Dilan to Kadar: “He understood me. For the first time in the mansion someone understands me.”

-End: Baran to Dilan: “I made a mistake. I should never have taken you to the cottage. I was wrong.”

Episode 52

-Opens with Baran confessing his mistake to Dilan. Dilan: “You weren't there when I needed you most.”

-10:00 Kadar to Baran: “Dilan's still not eating. Maybe if she could see her family...”

-20:50 Baran arranges for Zumrut to visit. The girls have a tearful embrace.

-33:42 Dilan introduces Zumrut to Kadar.

-54:50 Zumrut hugging Dilan: “I can tell you're unhappy. I'm your sister.”

Episode 53

-Opens with Dilan to Baran: “Why did you bring my sister? For the first time ever, I lied to her.”

-2:44 Ali to lawyer: “So the jewels were inherited from my mother.” To himself: “so I wasn't a thief.”

-10:15 Zumrut to family: “It was as if Dilan wasn't happy but was trying to look happy.”

-12:11 In their bedroom Dilan crosses in front of Baran, then just falls—he catches her (again).

-20:09 Baran to Kerem: “Investigate if there's any way Dilan can resume her schooling.”

-21:26 Cihan to Kudret: “If you could just speak a few words..... I need you, Baba.”

-24:14 Baran to Ahmet: “I'm struggling.... I ruined that girls life...turned my family's life upside down.”

-33:13 Kerem to Baran: “We found the name of the attacker.” Derya panicking.

-40:26 Ahmet to Dilan: “You've touched everyone since you arrived.”

-43:36 Thug to Derya: “I have to leave the country because of you. I need more money.” Firat sees.

-46:00 Baran tends to the wound on Dilan's neck.

-51:40 G'ma, who found Dilan's school papers, to Baran: “You bring that snake in and reward her!” Dilan comes in, rumples the paper: “It no longer matters.”

-55:42 Baran storms into bedroom holding rumpled paper. Dilan: “What difference would it make if I graduated? I'd never be allowed out of the house.”

-End: Baran recounts to Kerem, Dilan's words about school. Kerem: “What will you do now?”

Episode 54

Opens with Kerem to Baran: “What will you do now?”

-2:35 Kadar to Dilan: “Baran opened the door to the school opportunity –why not take it? You never know the future.”

-6:00 Baran to Ahmet: “It's like there are 2 doors in front of me. I don't know which one to choose.” Ahmet: “Either door is better than standing still. And when you go thru one door, more doors will present themselves as opportunities.” WISE

-17:50; 21:34; 26:27 Baran drives up to university: “Take the exam.”

-29:21 Baran to family: “From now on, Dilan is free.” Key scene

-33:24-38:50 Dilan and Baran montage of good moments together.

-39:58 Dilan to Kadar, in a sweet goodbye: “If it weren't for you, I couldn't have survived here.”

-End: Dilan and Baran parting—memories of signficant words spoken filter through their minds.

Episode 55

-Opens with Dilan/Baran parting.

-12:25 Hasan/Firat to Baran: “Time for you to step aside as tribe leader.” Baran head butts Firat.

-15:40 Ahmet to Baran: “Your father used to say, the first enemy to defeat is anger.” WISE

-22:30 Dilan comes home—mother slaps her. “You have no place in this house or neighborhood.”

-Kerem to Baran: “Will you divorce her?” Orhan calls: “She didn't stay with her family.”

-36:40 Baran to Dilan at his mother's grave: “Why didn't you go home?” Dilan: “I no longer have a home. I wish I were dead. At least I'd have a resting place.”

-49:30 Baran brings Dilan home. “This is your room. As long as you carry my last name, no one will interfere with you staying here. Whether you come or go.”

-End: Firat poised to shoot Cevdet—Baran steps in front of gun.

Episode 56

-Opening: Firat holding gun to Baran's head—Baran bats the gun aside and gives him Turkish slap.

-G'ma rails on Dilan: “Beause you went free, your brother almost died!”

-8:13 Derya to Dilan: “You came crawling back already?” Dilan shoves her aside.

-11:53 Dilan to Firat: “Hatred has blackened your heart.”

-24:40 Firat to Gul: “YOU told Baran?” (that Firat was going to shoot Cevdet)

-25:26 Cihan to Baran: “I was so scared something would happen to you today.” Baran: “I don't want anyone to get hurt. That's why I chose the hard way.” (Marrying Dilan rather than bloodshed.) Cihan: “I now understand. I'm sorry.” Turning point for Cihan.

-30:11 Firat to Baran: “I'm sorry.” Baran: “There's no excuse for what you did.”

-47:35 Dilan, in new pink dress, to Baran: “Thank you. The new clothes are lovely.”

-51:55 Baran to Dilan: “Aren't you going to open your test results?” Dilan: “What'll change if I do?”

-55:30 Ali to Zumrut: “This marriage to Mine will not happen.”

-End: Baran storms into Dilan: “Was it only your life that was ruined? I turned my whole family against me. If I hadn't, your brother would be dead. You are not the only victim.” Kudret makes a noise and moves his hand.

Episode 57

-Opens with Kudret moving his hand.

-11:17 Hasan on phone with doctor: “Make sure the dose keeps him limp as a plant!”

-17:09 Dilan to doctor: “Some of these medications have serious side effects.”

-29:44 Dilan to Baran in his office: “These drugs are not good for Kudret.” He throws her out.

-33:13 Ali memory flashback: “I can't marry you, Mine. I don't love you.”

-45:30; 51:13 Derya gives thug money. Thug: “You will bring more!” Puts her in choke hold.

-48:00 Baran to Kudret: “Squeeze my hand if there is hope.” He squeezes.

-End: Dilan in the kitchen washing Kudret's pills down drain—Baran catches her.

Episode 58 -Opening: Dilan washing Kudret's pills down drain. Baran: “What are you doing?” Dilan: “These pills are not good for Kudret!”

-9:00 Ali to Mine. “Why did you lie to me?” (That we'd broken up)

-11:40 Mine: “...I won't let you go.”

-44:00 Baran and Dilan bond over a tiny kitten. Sweet.

-59:39 Baran to Firat at company: “You no longer have a place here.”

-End: Dilan goes to college to 'pick up her diploma' but Baran catches her talking to prof about Kudret's medications.

Episode 59

-Opens with Baran catching Dilan talking to prof about Kudret's medications.

-17:14 Dilan to Baran, having car trouble: “I think the reason you won't call for help is because you're too stubborn to ask for help.”

-32:00 Baran brings kitten home. G'ma to Dilan: “Throw that thing away!” Baran: “The cat stays.”

-41:00 Man shares video with Firat of Derya paying thug.

-Mine to Ali: “I'm leaving town.”.... she collapses on ground.

-50:30 Dilan to Cihan: “If we can get your father to the doctor by 5:00, there's a chance for him.”

-End: Baran stops car of Dilan/Cihan/Kudret and jerks Dilan out. “Why are you defying me?” Cihan steps out of car.

Episode 60

-Opens with Dilan to Baran standing in street. “Just give your father a chance.”

-9:40 Doctor to Mine at hosptial: “Your pregnant.”

-58:50 Cihan calls G'ma: “Baba's had the wrong treatment.”

-End: Baran goes storming up to the office of old doctor and finds....

Episode 61

-Opens with Baran/Dilan/Cihan/Kudret walking in front door. Cihan to G'ma: “Doctor said dad can recover.”

-7:00 Baran flashback to Baran storming into office of old doctor and finding he's cleared out.

-9:00 Cihan feeding Kudret in bed: “Thanks to Dilan.... Anyway, we'll make up for lost time.”

-12:16 G'ma to Hasan: “...Dilan was right.”

-28:45 Doctor Metin to family: “...shall I show you the dosages...” at door to Dilan: “Will you be witness at my wedding? After all, you introduced us.”

-41:20 Dilan to Kadar: “Metin (doctor) provided a scholarship for me. I respect him.”

-44:00 Doctor at door, to Dilan: “Here's some pastries.” (from his fiance).” Baran jealous.

-End: Dilan smiling, talking to doctor outside. Baran strides out there. Dilan: “Can you stay for dinner, doctor?” Baran clearly jealous.

Episode 62

-Opens with moments after doctor leaves. Baran scowling at Dilan and her scowling back.

-6:16 Firat to Hasan: “It's as if you don't want Kudret to get well.”

-22:00 Derya to Baran: “Dilan invited the doctor to dinner.” (G'ma actually called and invited)

-26:32 Baran rails on Dilan: “Why didn't I know the doctor was coming to dinner? ...Shush!”

-34:02 Dilan comes downstairs in fancy red dress. Baran smitten with every step.

-36:35 Doctor hands flowers to Dilan: “These are for you. I remembered how much you like them.” Jealous Baran throws them on a table. FUNNY!

-46:00 G'ma to doctor: “Thanks for accepting my dinner invitation.” Baran stunned.

-Doctor to family: “...I used to eat at Dilan's family's restaurant...” The family scowls.

-End Jealous Baran takes Dilan's hand. Doctor: “Know I know why you got married—love.”

Episode 63

-Opens with Baran, Dilan, and doctor talking: Baran takes Dilan's hand to show she's his woman.

-11:00 Hasan to doctor: “So how long before Kudret can talk?” “6 months to a year.”

-31:20 Dilan to Baran: “Why did you hold my waist tonight?” “I wanted us to look happy.” “But we're not happy.” Baran shouts: “I wanted everyone to know you're the wife of Baran bey!”

-45:00 Kadar to Derya: “They found the man who attacked Dilan in the cottage.” Derya panics.

-46:35 Baran slugs thug who attacked Dilan, then head butts him.

End: Doctor to Dilan: “Here's the necklace I bought for Esra. I even wrote a romantic note to go with it.”

Episode 64

-Opens with Doctor to Dilan: “Here's the necklace I bought for Esra.” Baran and Derya looking on.

-11:08 Derya finds Doctor's love note to his fiance—she tears off the woman's name.

-23:20 Baran chastising Dilan for forgetting her wedding ring: “You will not forget you're a Karabey.” Dilan: “How can I forget? You keep reminding me over and over!”

-25:40 Sister in Law in hospital to have the risky surgery trying to get pregnant.

-28:00 Baran to Cihan: “You grow when you learn to lose as well as win.” WISE

-43:00 Derya plants doctor's note to his fiance in Baran/Dilan's room.

-48:10 Baran finds/reads planted note and erupts in rage.

-53:00 Baran unloads on Dilan: “Are you in a relationship with Metin? (doctor) Is what I read in that note true?” She slaps him.

Episode 65

-Opens with Baran seething, then unloading on Dilan and she slaps him. Dilan: “How dare you insult my honor. Go! Git!”

-24:00 Baran bangs on storage room door. To Dilan: “Tell me everything.” Dilan: “I won't stay in the same room with a man who doesn't trust me.” He throws her over his shoulder and strides back to room.

-34:30 Dilan loses earring. She and Baran reach for it at the same time—their fingers brush.

-47:00 Baran to Kudret: “There's a vortex inside me. Why do I get so angry?”

-End: Kadar to Dilan: “I know why Baran gets so angry.... He's jealous.”

Episode 66

-Opens with Kadar to Dilan: “I know why Baran gets so angry.... He's jealous.” -4:50 Ali to Mine: “I'll be there for the child, but I'll only be yourf riend.”

-20:00 Baran reaches over Dilan in car to close glove compartment. Nearly an almost-kiss.

-28:00; 37:06 Stuck in an elevator with Baran, Dilan gets claustrophobic. Baran: “Don't be scared. It's ok.” He puts his arm around her and draws her to himself, then rubs her back, relishing their closeness.

-End: Baran/Dilan seeing Doctor Metin at door. Dilan: “Did your fiancee Esra like the necklace?” Metin: “She did. But I lost the note...”

Episode 67

-Opens with Baran/Dilan/Metin at the door, and Baran learning Metin has a fiance. Baran to Dilan: “Why didn't you tell me?” Dilan: “You didn't ask. You assumed.”

-Dilan to Baran in their room: “I've learned that in this house, I'm always presumed guilty.”

-19:00 Kerem to Baran: “....Looks to me like you're jealous. … You know, what's in your heart won't end, right?” FUNNY!

-Baran, angry at Derya: “Dilan is the bride of this house. You upset her, you upset me.”

-37:00 Ahmet to Dilan/Baran: “Adults solve their problems by talking. Kids play hide and seek.” WISE

-End: A very remorseful-looking Baran takes Dilan to a restaurant and puts a red velvet box in her hand.

Episode 68

-Opening & 9:45; 14:30; 20:35 with remorse/shame, Baran gives Dilan a red velvet box. Her silver earrings he fixed. Baran: “You're right. Before I judge you, I must ask.”

-Derya to Metin: “Dilan's marriage is a blood marriage …. I'm afraid she'll do something to herself.”

-26:10 Kadar hands Dilan a box that's clearly from Baran—red pajamas.

-28:00 Hasan to bad doctor: “I need a pill that will kill my brother.”

-30:00 Dilan dons the red pajamas. Baran enters in lounging clothes. Both self-conscious.

-33:00 Baran flashback to Kerem: “A man in loves feels jealous.” Baran wonders, “Am I in love?”

-41:00 Kerem to Baran: “Phone records show the last person to talk to the doctor was...Hasan.”

-52:00 Metin to Baran: “What is this blood marriage in this day and age?” Baran: “Just like you make sacrifice to save lives, I did too.”

-58:30 Ali to Zumrut: “Stay away from Harun. He's not a good person.”

-End: Baran to Metin: “Your job is to care for my father. Nothing more.”

Episode 69

-Opens with Baran to Metin: “Your job is to care for my father. Nothing more.”

-12:00 Hasan about to poison Kudret's water. Dilan interrrupts.

-24:00 Derya hands Dilan an envelope: “This is from Metin.” Inside is a plane ticket to Vienna.

-Metin on phone to Dilan: “You are young. Use the ticket. Pursue your dreams.”

-Baran finds the plane ticket.

-Dilan on phone with Metin: “I'm coming.”

-Baran thinking to himself: “Don't go.”

-End: Dilan in hut, gagged and tied to chair.

Episode 70

-Opens with Dilan in hut, gagged and tied to chair. Baran to Kadar and Kudret: “She gone. Without one word of goodbye.”

-20:00 Baran finds Dilan's silver earrings in bedroom. “Why would she leave these behind?”

-34:00 Metin to Baran: “...she said she was coming, then later returned the ticket. Said she couldn't leave Kudret.”

-37:00; 44:30 Dilan cuts her ropes and escapes.

-49:40 Baran meets Seyit by water: “Where's Dilan?”

-42:00 Running away, Dilan hit in back of head and crashes to ground.

-End: Derya drags Dilan into hut. They tussle- Dilan pulling Derya's mask off, Derya drugs Dilan.

Episode 71

-Opens with Baran to family, gathered. “She's gone and I'm afraid something's happened.”

-End: Baran finds Dilan. Dilan: “I knew you wouldn't leave me.” Derya lights hut on fire; Baran starts to carry Dilan out but is smacked in head, falls down with Dilan.

Episode 72

-Opens with Baran on floor holding Dilan, coming to. He carries her out—Derya looking on. Cihan and Kerem come running. Dilan wakes up. Baran: “It's ok. It's over. I'm here.” He pulls her into an embrace. A turning point in their relationship.

-17:00 Dilan to Baran driving home: “Thank you for everything you did for me.”

-18:50 New girl character meets bullies and has flashback: “Your new identity. Lay low...” She's being bullied--ends up punching Cihan. Cihan picks up wallet she dropped.

-40:00 Dilan to Baran, brushing her hair: “I knew you'd come for me.”

-42:13 Dilan rubs burn cream on Baran's hand, calls him Baran (instead of Baran Bey) then allows him to touch her face.

-End: Dilan has a nightmare. Baran: “I'm here. No one will hurt you now.” She launches herself into his arns and clings to him. Dilan: “I remember! It was a woman!”(in the hut)

Episode 73

-Opens with Dilan having nightmare, clining to Baran, then exclaiming, “I remember! It was a woman trying to choke me!”

-15:23 Dilan brings a plate of food to the breakfast table and G'ma bats it onto the floor. Baran to G'ma: “You've about exceeded my patience!”

-Baran gives Dilan a gramaphone as a gift: “We can buy more records at the antique store.”

-28:00 Zumrut finds Mine's antidepressant med box in trash: “She can't take this while pregnant. Maybe the pregnancy is fake.”

-Dilan to Kadar: “We have all become victims of a war that does not belong to us.”

-33:00 Firat smooshing Gul: “We will plan our future, then it won't matter who sees us.”

-44:00 Baran to Dilan: “....don't be stubborn. Promise me you won't go out alone.”

-54:00 Baran rails on Metin about Dilan: “...don't ever come here again.”

-58:00 Dilan to Baran: “No matter how hard you try to protect me, I'll never really be safe here.”

-1:05:00 Mine's Henna party.

-End: Baran to family at dinner table: “From now on my wife will sit next to me at the table.” G'ma stands: “I won't sit at the same table as that snake.” Firat, Hasan, and Derya all stand. Only Cihan remains seated.

Episode 74

-Opens with Baran declaring Dilan will sit next to him at table, and family standing in rebellion. Baran: “Whoever gets up from this table can never sit down again.” They all sit down.

-5:40 Mine's Henna party. Zumrut to Mine: “I know you're not pregnant.”

-9:50 Baran to Dilan: “...You're now part of this family.”

-14:20 Dilan quietly crying on her sofa bed. Baran hears, and reaches out to comfort her, but then retracts his hand. Heartbreaking...

-Firat plays video of Derya making deal with thug. Derya: “What do you want from me?”

-27:00 Zumrut to Mine: “You tell Ali you're not pregnant or I will!” Mine hits her with a table.

-28:00; 34:30 Baran to Dilan arguing about Metin coming to house: “I almost lost you because of him! … I mean you almost died.” He realizes he just confessed how much she means to him.

-31:00 Cihan trying to return wallet to girl Sena—she smacks him with a stick.

-43:00 Mine arrives late at her wedding: “I'm here! We can start.” Zumrut tied up at Mine's house.

-46:00; 51:00 Baran at mother's grave: “...In that fire, I was scared I'd lose her. Where did that come from? ....I'm afraid to put a name on what that feeling is..... Give me sign, so I'll know what to do.” He sees a blood flower and remembers Dilan saying: “A blood flower—it's what brings us together.”

-50:00 Seyit comes to mansion to see if Dilan is safe. Dilan: “Go! Leave! You're not safe here!”

-56:30 G'ma come out of house pointing rifle at Seyit. Then Hasan, Fiket, and draw guns in a showdown. Dilan steps between them. “Please! Put the guns down!” Baran runs up, also stands between raised weapons.

Episode 75

-Opens with weapon showdown with Seyit. Finally everyone lowers guns. But Baran draws his and points at Seyit.

-7:00 Ali/ Mine: “Do you take Mine to be your wife?” -13:00 Fikret and Zumrut rush into wedding! “Stop!”

-13:30 Cihan hands wallet to Sena in her neighborhood. Sena: “Don't ever come here again.”

-14:30 Ali to Mine: “Did you lie to me about being pregnant?”

-27:00 Sena goes to her modest home. Her mother: “Where have you been?”

-30:00 Dilan to Baran in his office: “If you could've swallowed your pride and called my father to tell him I was ok, he would never have come.”

-33:00 Ali to Mine and her aunt: “I don't want either of you in my life!”

-40:30 Dilan to herself: “One minute he is kind and understanding, the next cruel! Like fire and ice.”

-43:00 Seyit comes home beaten up: “Ah, someone tried to steal my wallet.” (G'ma ordered beating)

-53:30 Derya to Dilan: “They beat your father badly taking him from mansion.”

-End: Dilan jerks away from G'ma. “I'm going to see my father.” Baran arrives on scene.

Episode 76

-Opens with Dilan jerks away from G'ma. Dilan to Baran: “I'm going to see my father. Did you have to beat him?”

-5:00 Ali to Zumrut: “There's no longer an obstacle between us. … I love you.”

-18:00 Sena to her mother: “It's my fault you married that man and were convicted.”

-Dilan tries to sneak out to go see her father. She opens the front door; Baran is standing right there.

-24:00 Dilan to Baran: “...Aren't you a murderer by what you are doing to me? Killing my spirit one piece at a time?” Baran: “You can't go.” He locks her in their bedroom.

-43:00 Baran orders servant to take Dilan to her father. G'ma jerks her out of car.

-45:00 Mine comes to restaurant: “It's all your fault, Zumrut!” She's about to hit her; Ali stops Mine.

-48:00 Dilan visits her father.

-53:00 Hanife to Harun: “I know you love Zumrut. Bring your mom tomorrow to ask for her hand.”

-54:00 Dilan to Seyit: “No one should come to the mansion again. Consider you no longer have a daughter....I won't come back here ever again.”

-End: Dilan to Baran: “If you ever harm my family, I'll kill you.” He gets gun, puts it in her hand, puts it to his heart.

Episode 77

-Opens with Baran holding Dilan's hand and gun against his heart. “What are you waiting for? Pull the trigger!”

-27:00 Dilan to Baran: “...I have no sister, father, or family to talk to. Only you. Please, let me speak.”

-43:00 Kudret moves his toes.

-51:00 Ahmet to Dilan: “It's a big responsibility to pass judgement on someone, so weigh it carefully. Be sure you have all the facts. Especially if you have doubts. ….Make sure both your anger and compassion are well deserved .” WISE.

-End: Dilan to Baran: “I need to know—did you give the order to have my father killed?”

Episode 78

-Opens with Dilan to Baran: “I need to know—did you give the order to have my father killed?”

-10:00 Sena's Uncle on phone with her: “We got the video removed from internet, but don't know if <bad people> saw it.”

-21:00 Dilan to G'ma: “What my father did was terrible. But what will it change if he is killed?”

-30:30 Hasan replacing Kudret's good pills with bad ones.

-33:00 Ahmet to Baran & Dilan: “As long as you two remain uninted, no blood will be spilled. If you're not united the families will suffer in the end.” WISE.

-43:00 Baran and Dilan cooperate in the kitchen to cook special meal.

-49:00 Ahmet to family at table: “Ramadan is a time to put away resentment and hatred.”

-53:00 Harun's mother: “It's obvious why we are here. …. Harun and Zumrut.....”

-End: Cihan takes family selfie of everyone at table. Baran and Dilan looking at each other.

Episode 79

**This episode could be skipped without missing much.

-Opens with Dilan running through woods/mud (hut fiasco) and being choked by person in black. It's a nightmare. Baran wakes her: “It's ok. I'm here now.”

-38:00 Harun and Ali tussle over Zumrut.

-54:00 Gul to Dilan: “ out for Derya...”

-56:00 Zumrut's parents to Zumrut: “We've know Harun forever.... let's make it official.”

-End: Dilan to Derya in kitchen: “You did it! You kidnapped me!” G'ma walks in: “No I did it.”

Episode 80

-Opens with Dilan to Derya in kitchen: “You did it! You kidnapped me!” G'ma walks in: “No I did it.”

-8:00 Zumrut to Haran: “...I don't want to marry you.”

-16:00 Cihan to Sena: “I was trying to help you.” Sena: “I don't need your help.”

-34:00 Dilan to G'ma: “How can you protect Derya? She's dangerous!”

-46:00 Dilan to Baran: “Why don't you let me go?” Baran: “Becuase I want you.”

-End: Derya to Dilan outdoors: “Yes, I did all those things....” Dilan slaps her. Baran sees.

Episode 81

-Opens with Gul telling Dilan she found evidence of Derya's guilt. Then Derya admitting her guilt, Dilan slapping her.

-9:00; 16:00 Ali spells out “Forgive me” on the beach to Zumrut.

-11:00 Dilan lambasting Baran for not believing her: “You just shut your eyes and ears to anything that doesn't work for you.”

-12:00 School Principal to Sena: “Unfortunatly the PTA is revoking your scholarship.”

-23:00 Derya to G'ma: “Gul and Dilan are ganging up on me!” G'ma to Gul: “You're fired!”

-40:00 Firat to Derya: “You'll bring Gul back....”

-Derya to G'ma: “Perhaps we were hasty.... bring back Gul.” “NO!”

-Dilan to Baran: “Gul's only crime was believing me. Please... I'll even apologize to Derya.”

-End: Dilan fishes bag of clothes out of trash. To Baran: “Here's what Derya wore to kidnap me.” She dumps contents on ground.

Episode 82

-Opens with Dilain fishing clothes out of trash. She dumps out bag—not the clothes.

-8:00 G'ma jerks Derya into her room: “What are you doing trying to set a trap with the garbage?”

-12:00 Baran to Dilan: “Why do you want me to believe you?” Dilan: “Because I don't want you to think I'm a liar.” He reaches out, tucks her hair out of her face.

-13:00 Firat missing Gul—for real.

-17:00 Cihan to Sena: “We'll find new evidence and have your scholarship reinstated.”

-19:00 Harun to Zumrut, grasping her arm: “My love for you keeps me alive.” Z:“Let go of me!”

-27:00 Derya throws away black clothes she wore to burn Dilan in hut. Firat fishes them out.

-36:00 Baran to Dilan seaside: “Maybe if I hadn't been so insistent to go to the market that day, my mother would be alive. … I learned to be silent. To observe and listen, not talk. Like every word, every silence has a meaning.” * Baran revealing his inner self to Dilan

-54:00 Dilan sees scratches on Derya's face. They argue. G'ma raises to slap—Baran intercepts.

-End: Baran to Dilan: “How many times do I have to tell you—stay away from Derya!” Dilan: “All you care about is protecting her.”

Kan Cicekleri Episode 83 English subtitles

-Opens with Baran to Dilan: “How many times do I have to tell you—stay away from Derya!”

-6:02 Sena belligerently makes her case in front of PTA board.

-6:57 Ali to Zumrut in building he found key: “I remember bringing the money here.” Bad guy associated with Raina looking on.

-8:59 Dilan to Baran (still arguing): “I want to leave.” Baran: “You can't go.”

-13:00 Baran to Kerem: “I can't let Dilan out of my sight. I have to protect her.” Derya eavesdropping.

-14:00 Derya to Firat: “I need your help. I'll do anything you ask.”

-18:00 Dilan to Kudret: “I have to leave here. Forgive me, but I can't stand the injustice anymore. I just want some understanding from Baran.” Baran hears.

-24:00 Firat bribes car leasing man: “You keep quiet who rented the car (driven to hut) and the money is yours.”

-25:30 Dilan to Baran in Kudret's room: “Why don't you trust me?” Baran: “Why don't you trust me?”

-Baran beats up car leasing man. Man: “I swear I don't know.” -Derya shows Baran their childhood photo: “Remember how close we were?” Baran: “I was never close with you.” Funny!

-46:00 Derya shows Dilan the photo: “I've loved Baran since childhood and waited all these years and you ruined it! …. That fire was just the beginning...”

-48:00 Cihan to Baran: “....if you could pay for the scholarship....”

-50:30 Dilan to Derya: “....Love is honesty, trust, sharing and giving of yourself, not taking the life of someone else.” WISE

-Baran to Dilan in front of family and Derya: “Someone is leaving, but it's not you.” Kadar brings down Derya's suitcase.

Kan Cicekleri Episode 84 English subtitles

-Opens with Baran to all: “Someone is leaving, but it's not you (Dilan).” Baran dumps black clothes on table. To Derya: “I know everything you've done!”

-14:00 Baran throws car rental papers at Derya: “You're not leaving til you confess everything!”

-16:00 School principal to Sena. “You can come back. Someone paid for your scholarship.”

-19:30 Baran to Derya: “It's Dilan's forgiveness you need to ask, not mine.”

-30:00 Baran to G'ma: “It doesn't suit you to cover for and side with the enemy (Derya).”

-End: Baran and Dilan having tea and dessert together. Baran holding teacup that Derya spiked with drugs.

Kan Cicekleri Episode 85 English subtitles

-Opens with Baran and Dilan having tea and dessert. Baran sips tea that Derya spiked with drugs.

-Ozcan smacks Ali in head.

-9:00 Dilan to Baran: “She's your G'ma. Don't be so hard on her.” Baran feeling woozy from drug.

-Knock on Sena's door: “Pay the rent or get out!”

-14:00 Cevdet's wife hands him divorce papers: “I can't give you a child...”

-30:00 Doctor to Dilan/Baran: “Looks like classic case of poisoning.”

-51:00 Dilan to Baran, in bed drinking tea G'ma made: “I always wished my mother would stroke my hair and take my troubles away, but she never did. …. Your grandmother just wanted to protect you. Don't send her away.”

-End: Baran wakes up. Dilan asleep beside him.

Kan Cicekleri Episode 86 English subtitles

-Opens with Baran waking up, discovering Dilan asleep beside him.

-9:07 Firat to Derya: “...sign this partner agreement or I will take the video to the police.”

-14:40 Baran to Kerem: “I want to sever all business ties with Derya.”

-16:00 Cihan bumps into Sena: “...looks like we'll both be in the drama club together.”

-23:00 Baran to family: “Who let Derya into the house? ….She will never set foot in here again!”

-26:00 Kudret knocks a bottle of his pills into Gul's mop water and grins.

-34:20 Raina to Ali: “I came to warn you about Ozcan....”

-36:00 Dilan to Baran: “Sending G'ma away is harsh. No one deserves to be separated from family.”

-55:30 Cihan and Sena practice romantic drama club scene.

-End: G'ma saying goodbye to family. Dilan to Baran: “Don't let her go!”

Kan Cicekleri Episode 87 English subtitles

-Opens with G'ma saying goodbye to family, Dilan begging Baran not to let her go. Baran: “No! G'ma taught me we have to stand behind the decisions we make.”

-13:00 Ali and Zumrut find money/jewelry he's been looking for.

-23:00 Kerem opens briefcase of cash at office. Baran to Derya: “I want you to sell me your shares.”

-29:00 Cevdet hands his wife signed divorce papers: “Done. It's what you wanted.”

-32:00 Firat steps into meeting. “As Derya's new partner, we do not approve of the sale. Current partnership remains.”

-57:00 Dilan to G'ma: “Don't go! Don't leave your son and family!”

-End: Baran to G'ma: “You missed your flight.” G'ma: “I didn't go.” Dilan: “Because I wanted her to.”

Kan Cicekleri Episode 88 English subtitles

-Opens with Baran to G'ma: “You missed your flight.” G'ma: “I didn't go.” Dilan: “Because I wanted her to.”

-8:00 Baran to G'ma: “Even though we're in the same house you will not see my face.”

-42:00 G'ma hands Dilan a plate—her first gesture of doing something positive for Dilan.

-46:00 Sena's mother to Sena: “...I don't want you sacrificing school for work—even for rent.” -50:30 Dilan and Kader talking about upcoming reconciliation dinner. Baran: “I'm going out for dinner.”

-54:00 Ozcan breaks into the restaurant, Ali/Zumrut catch him: “What are you looking for, Ozcan?”

-End: Dilan to Baran: “Forgive your grandmother.... Would you sit at the table tonight—for me?”

Kan Cicekleri Episode 89 English subtitles

-Opens with Baran replaying Dilan words: “Let resentment go. Forgive your grandmother...”

-Ozcan pulls a gun on Ali/Zumrut. Ali grabs the gun and pummels him to the ground.

-7:00 Baran to Kudret: “My heart hurts... You always said a clear conscience is the most comfortable pillow. And that when I didn't know what to do, to let my conscience be my guide.” WISE.

-11:00 Dilan to Kudret: “I've never seen anyone as stubborn as your son. But I'm more stubborn.”

-15:00 Dilan to Baran: “Your resentment hurts you the most. You already have heavy burdens.”

-18:00 Raina pulls Ozcan's fallen gun on Ali/Zumrut.

-26:00 Baran to Kerem: “My intuition told me to delay the shipment. The others were too anxious.”

-28:00 Cevdet's wife says goodbye. Mother and Cevdat scowl silently.

-34:00 Raina runs with Ali's money.

-36:00 Seyit to Cevdat: “If you love her, swallow you pride and tell her. Love and happiness are more important than pride.” WISE

-38:00 Bus partner Shamuz to Hasan: “We need that shipment to move asap for the contraband.”

-Sena to landlord: “Here's the rent money.” Landlord: “It's already been paid.”

-41:00 Dilan, wearing green shawl, to Baran: “I won't lose hope until you're not at the table.”

-45:00 Sena to Cihan: “Who gave you permission to pay my rent? I don't want your charity!”

-54:00 Dilan knocked out going down stairs to retrieve her green shawl. G'ma sees and walks away.

-56:00 Cevdat's wife returns, they embrace.

-End: Baran returns for dinner, Dilan's seat empty. Kadar: “...I haven't seen her for a few hours.”

Kan Cicekleri Episode 90 English subtitles

-Opens with family at table, Baran wondering where Dilan is.

-4:30 Harun unties Ali and Zumrut.

-7:30 Baran finds Dilan in the yard. Dilan: “I knew you'd come.” He carries her up stairs.

-10:30 Cevdat to wife: “Don't go anywhere again. Stay with me.”

-13:00 Baran/Dilan (with bandaged head) arrives home. They have a close romantic moment on stairs.

-15:00 Hasan to G'ma: “Is Baran falling for this girl?” G'ma: “Impossible!”

-39:00 Dilan to Baran: “When I first met you, I thought you were cruel and ruthless. But when you didn't shoot the horse, I knew deep inside you were a compassionate person.”

-48:00 Baran and Dilan share soup in the kitchen.

-End: Dilan to G'ma: “Thanks for telling Baran where you saw me.” G'ma: “I saw you fall and did nothing. … If I'd known you were alive, I wouldn't have said anything!” Baran hears.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 91

(Many of the subtitles are missing. Episode on YoTurkish marked as episode 91 was 92.)

-Opens with Dilan apolgizing to G'ma and G'ma lambasting her.

-7:00 Cihan to Sena: “I apologize for paying your rent. I should have asked first. …. You think you're the only one with problems. You're not.”

-13:00 Cevdet to wife: “I'm willing to adopt an orphan.”

-18:00 Dilan at company meeting with Baran.

-21:00 Sena and Cihan rehearse a play scene in coffee shop—she maintains eye contact with him.

-22:00 Cihan's friend: “Tomorrow's your 18th birthday—you're coming of age.”

-32:40 Dilan looking at Baran's business awards: “Was this always your dream?” Baran: “I live in a world of facts, not dreams.”

-52:30 Sena's mom knits a scarf for Sena to give Cihan as birthday gift.

-End: Dilan to family at table: “How about we have a celebration for Ciahan's birthday tomorrow?” Family looks agast. G'ma: “How dare you celebrate the day your father did this to our family!”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 92

-Opens with Dilan to family at table: “How about we have a celebration for Ciahan's birthday tomorrow?” Family looks agast. G'ma: “How dare you celebrate the day your father did this to our family!”

-14:00 Man in restaurant to Cevdat and wife: “You're looking to adopt? I might be able to help.”

-38:00 Seyit at Baran's mother's grave: “...Hasan did it, but I was too scared to tell.”

-Dilan and Baran at his mother's grave.

-49:30 G'ma to Dilan: “You will always be the enemy.”

-Cihan to Dilan regarding his birthday: “I told you it's forbidden in this house to laugh and have fun.”

-55:30 Zumrut trying to tell Ali she loves him, but can't quite get the words out, then gets interrupted.

-1:04:00 Sena looks up info about Cihan's mother: “...killed in a blood feud.”

-End: Dilan made a birthday cake for Cihan: “Let yourself be happy. Shake off the gloom of this mansion....” G'ma coming down the hall....

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 93

-Opens with Dilan presenting birthday cake to Cihan. G'ma “What is this? How dare you!”

-7:00 Baran joins G'ma in scolding Dilan for the cake.

-Baran to Dilan: “Who are you to interfere with our tradition of mourning? No one in this house has objected to it before.” Dilan: “Have you asked Cihan what he thinks?”

-19:40 Cihan to Baran/Dilan: “I appreciated Dilan's small gesture. I felt special. No one's ever done that for me before.”

-27:00 Cihan to Kudret: “My whole childhood I wanted a party with balloons like everyone else. But I was only allowed to mourn my mother. Baran didn't care, but Dilan did.” Baran listening.

-32:30 Cevdet and wife were denied loan.

-36:00 Ahmet to Baran: “There's a difference in keeping the memory of someone and constantly reminding yourself of the pain and nurturing anger.”

-38:50 Baran to Dilan: “I was harsh with you.” Dilan: “....Thank you for understanding.”

-47:00 Dilan to Baran: “You and Cihan have a very special relationship.”

-51:00 Baran/Dilan give Cihan a chess set. Baran: “iIt's good you were born.” They embrace.

-End: G'ma holds out bag to Cihan: “This is my gift.” He looks agast—it's his mother's dress.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 94

-Opens with Baran/Dilan gift. G'ma gift- dress his mother was wearing when she was shot. “He will never forget!”

-Cihan to Dilan outside: “Why do I have to feel guilty for my birth date? I wish I'd never been born.”

-22:00 G'ma to Dilan: “I showed you who runs this house.....” Dilan: “You did all that to flaunt your power over me? But you wounded your grandson in the process. You're heart is black! ...No matter how much poison you sow in them, the love in their hearts will bloom.”

-Sena sits on bench beside emotional Cihan: “I know what it's like losing a parent at a young age.”

-34:00 Dilan/Baran driving, looking for Cihan.

-40:40 Sena gives Cihan knitted tobaggan hat.

-46:50 Cevdat pays the money, goes to get the child and finds they've been cscammed.

-52:00 Baran confronts G'ma: “You condemn us to unhappiness and sadness in that hate-filled world of you have built!”

-End: Baran falls asleep on sofa beside Dilan.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 95

-Opens with Dilan waking up with Baran beside her on sofa bed. She takes Ayten's (Baran's mother) dress that G'ma gave Cihan and 'puts it where no one will have to see it again.'

-7:12 Ali finds Zumrut's diary: “Yes, I read the open page, but I need to hear the words from you.”

-Baran to Dilan, tidying up: “You don't have to do that.” Dilan: “I'm not used to having servants.”

-14:00 Baran thinking about Dilan: “Why are you always on my mind? Why?”

-19:30 Ali to Seyit: “I think it's time I got my own place.” He exchanges smiling glances with Zumrut.

-27:35 Baran distracted by Dilan on terrace. Picks up scarf and goes out to her, wraps it around her neck. “It's cold out here.” Beautiful scene. Simple, romantic gesture.

-33:00 Sena/Cihan rehearse play lines and eat dessert. Sena: “...You're lucky to have a family.”

-35:20 G'ma having heart attack.

-End: Baran castigating Dilan for embroidering over the hole in Ayten's dress: “Stop trying to change the past and heal bleeding wounds! This wound is so deep, you can't reach there.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 96

-Opens with Baran castigating Dilan over Ayten's dress. G'ma hears.

-6:00 Sena, doing math hoework with Cihan: “My father is dead.”

-10:00 Somone on phone to Baran: “You need to stop shipment immediately. They're smuggling...”

-12:00 Two Little girls talking behind dumpster: “Do you think we'll find my mom?”

-16:00 Ali to Zumrut: “I'm starting a new life in a new house. You'll be part of it, won't you?”

-21:50 Cihan meets Sena's mom: “Thanks for the birthday gift.”

-25:30 Two little girls sneak in restaurant, grab loaf of bread, and take it upstairs.

-29:00 Cihan to Dilan: “...Thank you for helping remember some of the happy memories about mom.”

-34:00 Baran to himself: “I keep breaking her heart. Then ask, why did I do that??

-42:30 Baran in bed, looking at Dilan. To himself: “....There is a bond between us. Do you sense it?”

-51:00 Cevriye finds little girl upstairs on floor clutching teddy bear.

-Evil business partner to Baran: “Stopping this shipment—you'll regret this!”

-End: Gul and Dilan out walking with Kudret. Van races up driveway, grabs Dilan, throws her in, leaving Gul yelling and Kudret moaning.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 97

-Opens with abduction of Dilan. Gul: “Baronbey! Dilan....” He gimaces, grabs his heart in ache.

-11:30 Derya flashback talking to evil partner: “I can tell you how to hurt Baran...”

-24:00 Cevriye doctors little lost girl.

-34:00 Firat to Hasan: “We should hlelp Baran get Dilan.” Hasan: “Let them be killed. It'll work to our advantage.” Firat having second thoughts about doing evil.

-36:40 Ali looking at engagement rings. Mine looking from a distance: “No! I will never allow this!”

-38:00 Harun and Cevdat beat up guy who scammed their adoption and stole their money.

-46:30 Cevdat/Harun return loan to Mine.

-48:00 Bad guys pull guns on Baran when he walks in hut to rescue Dilan, then point gun at Dilan. After tussle, Baran pistol wipped.

-53:30 Sena accused of stealing from her cafe.

-End: Dilan to Baran: “Why did you come for me?” Baran: “I couldn't leave you.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 98

-Opens with Baran and Dilan tied up. Dilan flashback of bad guy saying, “When the shipment arrives, kill them.”

-4:30 Baran to Dilan: “Come closer.” She moves closer, bad guy comes in, he kisses her on forehead.

-5:30 Bad guy finds tractor trailer empty. Makes call: “Kill them both.”

-9:30 Mine pulls gun on Zumrut in front of her house. Ali grabs her arm. Ali: “Call the police!”

-12:30 Baran and Dilan get loose, bad guy pulls gun on them.

-13:30 Firat to Hasan: “We can't let them do this. What they do to Baran/Dilan today, they do to us tomorrow.”

-18:30 Baran and bad guynin a tussle. Bad guy shoots one of his own.

-20:00 G'ma to Hasan: “What happened to Baran?” Hasan: “He went after Dilan.” G'ma heart attack.

-21:00 Baran- more tussle with bad guys. Baran/Dilan run out of hut.

-22:00 Mine arrested.

-28:00 Cevriye to little girl: “We'll help you find your mother, I promise.”

-49:00; 53:06 Baran and Dilan take refuge in a hut for the night. Dilan falls asleep against Baran.

-53:30 Cevriye brings little girl home to the house: “Would you like a bath?”

-End: Baran wakes up with Dilan asleep in his arms.

**An action packed episode. Not one to skip over.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 99

-Opens with Baran waking with Dilan asleep in his arms and flashbacks of their other romantic moments.

-9:00 Cihan to family: “I'm not going to sit around here any more. I'm going to find Baran!” Firat: “I'll go with you.” Hasan sits there.

-17:00 Baran to Dilan: “Go!” Dilan: “I won't go without you.” Baran: “For once, do as I say!”

-20:00 Sena pawns her father's watch.

-28:30 Sena to old boss: “Here's you money. But I'm not a thief!”

-31:40 Baran and main bad guy faceoff, tussle. Dilan comes back for Baran. Baran shoots bad guy.

-40:20 Mother slaps Zumrut (she found her diary). Ali: “I love Zumrut. We didn't do anything wrong.”

-44:00 Baran to Dilan: “Why didn't you leave like I told you to?” Dilan: “I told I wouldn't leave you.”

-50:00 Dilan to Baran: “Situations like this make you think—re-evaluate.” She's shot. Baran: “Open your eyes! Don't go! Dilaaaaaan!”

**Another big action episode

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 100

-Opens with Baran at the hospital- flashback to Dilan saying “Situations like this make you think—re-evaluate.” Baran, teary eyed. “Don't you dare die!” Dilan's family arrives.

-15:30 Baran in Dilan's hospital room. To himself: “I lost my mother. I can't lose you too.”

-20:00 Ahmet to Baran: “I don't have words to say.” Baran: “There are no words to express the pain.”

-Teary Kadar to Baran: “Go home. Take a shower. I'll stay with her here.”

-40:00 Baran comes home and 'sees' Dilan everywhere in the house.”

-46:00 Baran has a 'vision' of Dilan in a white dress with a tray: “Come! Let's have breakfast!” He hugs her. “I was so afraid of losing you!”

-51:00 Baran takes Dilan's hand, then strokes her forehead.“You can yell at me, be angry. Anything. Just be with me.”

-End: Baran sees a gurney with sheet over body come out of Dilan's hospital room. “No... It can't be...”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 101

-Opens with Baran panicking over the gurney and dead person. Just as he's about to pulls the sheet back and hears coughing—it's Dilan, awake in a different room. He hugs her. To himself: “I can't be afraid of losing you again. I can't stand it.”

-13:00 Unidentified man shoots bad guy who kidnapped Dilan.

-18:00 G'ma to Dilan: “You've been waited on long enough. Get up!”

-23:00 Cihan gives Sena the watch she pawned. Cihan flashack—Sena's mother telling about watch and Sena being accused of stealing money.

-28:00 Kerem to Baran: “You haven't been to the company in days. You feel guilty about Dilan? I think it's more than that.” He smirks.

-29:00 Baran to Dilan outside: “It's cold out here, come in. …. I'll show you to be stubborn with me.” He sweeps her off her feet and carries her inside.

-31:00 Call from Baran's aunt: “... bring your new wife and come kiss my hand.”

-53:00 Dilan to Baran: “Tell me about your Aunt Berivan.” -End: Baran to Dilan: “We're going –to my aunt's.” G'ma in a big huff.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 102

-Opens with Dilan/Baran arriving at Aunt B's house. Aunt to Dilan: “You're as beautiful as a fairy.” They embrace. She shows them to their room—ONE small-ish bed, and ONE pillow.

-26:00 Cihan to Sena's coffee shop boss: “I'm going to prove Sena is innocent.”

-27:00 Dilan to Baran, chopping wood: “It's so peaceful and quiet here.”

-33:00 Dilan to Aunt B: “...Baran made a great sacrifice—and it saved my brother. I'm grateful.”

-37:00 Aunt B to Dilan/Baran: “ each other with all your soul.”

-41:10 Aunt B to Baran. “Her heart is as beautiful as her face.” Baran: “And stubborn.”

-44:00 Baran to Dilan: “Aunt B thinks we have a happy home.”Dilan: “Then let's not spoil that image.”

-46:00 Ali to Zumrut on phone: “I remembered my aunt, abroad. I even contacted her.”

-56:30 Baran sees Dilan in borrowed nightgown and can't stop looking. To cover, he scolds: “Turn off the light!

-End: Aunt B realizes Baran and Dilan didn't sleep in the same bed. FUNNY!

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 103

-Opens with Baran waking up on his pallet bed and Dilan rushing in: “Hurry! Your aunt almost came to wake you up!” The aunt hears.

-4:30 Cihan has footage of REAL thief who stole coffee shop money.

-24:00 Dilan drops stovepipe as Baran hands it to her. They both reach for it. Their eyes lock.

-26:00 Ali calls Zumrut: “Your family needs to know. We are 2 adults who love each other.”

-28:00 Baran wipes a smudge off Dilan's face and it turns into a caress. A minute later, she wipes smudge off his face.

-33:00 Derya says something offensive to G'ma at coffee shop. (Translation unclear) G'ma storms off.

-42:00 Baran helping Dilan with dough—she reminds him of his mother. “Here, put this on.” He puts his mothers lace hijab on Dilan.

-48:00 Aunt B to Baran: “Your wife has flour smudged on her face.” He caresses it off, then kisses her cheek.

-53:00 Sena's Uncle on phone: “<Bad guy> got out of jail. Stay home. Lay low.”

-57:00 Baran to Dilan on porch: “...My mother loved it here too. Aunt B says you're like her.”

-Kadar catches Gul with Firat.

-1:03:00 Baran and Dilan share the bed and end up snuggled.

-End: Baran and Dilan asleep, snuggled.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 104

-Opens with Baran and Dilan snuggled in bed. Baran wakes up, gazes adoringly at sleeping Dilan.

-6:00 Dilan wakes up, stares back at Baran. Then they both become self aware and turn away.

-Kadar to Firat: “...We're not in the same boat You're in first class, we're in third. ….In short, stay away from my daughter.”

-16:00 Aunt B to Baran/Dilan: “...When will you have a little bundle of joy?” Dilan drops glass.

-20:00 Kerem on phone to Baran: “It might be good for Dilan to stay with your aunt a few extra days.”

-Dispite Sena's begging, Cihnan goes to cafe boss and shows him the footage to prove her innocence.

-28:00 Aunt B hangs up on Hasan. She knows G'ma is listening.

-29:20; 33:25 Baran and Dilan walk about town. Feed birds, she buys hin a ring, he takes her hand.

-41:00 Jeweler friend praises Baran. Dilan seeing/hearning another side of Baran.

-43:33; 48:20; 55:30 Ali proposes. Zumrut: “I don't want to be apart anymore.”

-51:30 Cihan chasing Sena down: “Be honest with me. What's going on???”

-55:00 Aunt B to herself: “It's as clear as day that girl loves her man.”

-56:20 Aunt B to Baran: “You may have been putting on in front of me, but I can tell she loves you.”

-1:00:00 Baran helps Dilan with a necklace, then relishes their closeness, her hair...

-1:02:52 Aunt B to Dilan about the necklace gift: “These flowers tell the love of a couple whose families are hostile....”

-1:05:00 Baran finds the ring Dilan bought for him. Aunt B's word play in his head: “People want to make their loved ones happy. They pay attention to what they like....”

-End: Aunt B to Dilan: “Tell me. If you'd met Baran under different circumstances, would things be different?” Dilan sees Baran standing in the doorway.

***Both episodes at Aunt B's were lovely. Baran and Dilan got to know each other in nuturing place that let them be themselves.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 105

-Opens with Aunt B to Dilan: “Tell me. If you'd met Baran under different circumstances, would things be different?”

-5:38 Ali on one knee: “Will you marry me?” Zumrut: “No. Sorry, I can't.”

-9:15 Sena to Cihan: “After my father died, my mother remarried...he abused us...we ran away...”

-12:50 Teary Zumrut to Ali: “I can't go against my family.”

-17:00 Firat wipes away Gul's tears, takes her hand. Kadar sees.

-23:40 Cihan flashback to Sena's domestic abuse story. He calls her: “Whenever you want, I'm here.”

-29:00 At Aunt B's, Baran corners Dilan, moves in real close...then takes jacket off hook. Dilan almost gives him the ring.

-32:00 Kadar to Gul: “Don't be so naive to think Firat really cares for you.” Gul: “We're in love.”

-Ali on phone: “I'm leaving Turkey. Yes, my decision is final. No reason to stay.”

-54:40 Dilan holding ring gift, trying to decide if she should give it to Baran, who knows she has it. FUNNY and romantic.

-58:20 Dilan keeps replaying in her head Aunt B's words, “If you'd met under different circumstances, would things be different?” Dilan looks up, finds Baran trying to say 'I love you' with his eyes.

-Police come to take Baran for questioning about death of guy of kidnapped Dilan.

-End: Dilan, anxious for Baran to return home, meets him on driveway—relieved to see him. Aunt B's question replays, “If you'd met under different circumstance... ...Trust your heart.” She touches her heart, tears roll down her cheeks.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 106

-Opens with Dilan meeting Baran on driveway. Inches apart, they gaze into each others' eyes. Then G'ma interrups.

-6:00; 12:30; 19:40 Gul to Firat: “...Do you love me?”

-11:30 Baran finds Dilan teary in their room: “....were you worried about me?”

-15:00 Ali to Zumrut: “I'm leaving.” He gives her the ring. “Maybe you'll want to come with me.”

-18:00 Cihan to Baran: “Sena has a stepfather....” Baran: “Shall we investigate this man?”

-38:00 Firat tells Kudret about Gul.

-54:00 Gul crying to Kadar: “It hurts...I can't stand to be here anymore. Please send me to uncle.”

-End: Baran walks in room, Dilan drops ring, he sees.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 107

-Opens with Dilan dropping ring, Baran sees. Dilan picks it up, hands it to him: “I got this for you so Aunt B would think we were happily married.”

-26:20 Cihan to Dilan: “Here's your inviation to the play.” Dilan: “I'm not going to the play. I'm not part of this family. You know why I'm here.”

-44:00 Ahmet to Baran: “...real love is wanting the happiness and well-being of the other person in every situation without expecting anything in return. ...everyone wants love reciprocated, but love given can't be contingent on the reciprocation.” WISE

-49:30 Dilan gets locked in storage room upstairs. Then Baran gets locked in with her. They argue.

-55:00 Gul gives Firat earrings gift back. Firat: “Don't go.” -End: Kadar to Dilan: “Are you running away from Baran? The question is, why?”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 108

-Opens with Baran/Dilan locked in room. Baran: “Cihan is offended you aren't going to his play.” Kadar to Dilan: “Are you running away from Baran? The question is, why?”

-7:30 Firat, a bundle of nerves, blurts out to Gul: “I love you! ...I'm rough. I will change...for you.”

-13:30 Baran pushes curtains open next to Dilan: “Open it and you will see more clearly.” He's trying to tell her something with the metaphor.

-40:00 Zumrut gives Ali back the ring. Ali: “It only fits your finger.... I love you.”

-51:50 Zumrut runs out to catch Ali: “Can you forgive me? … Goodbye.” They shake hands, walk away, then run back and embrace.

-Cihan's play. Baran looks at Dilan, letting the words of the play characters speak his heart to Dilan. He reaches for her hand, she pulls it away

-End Baran--Flash to him and Dilan on a stage—he imagines a conversaion with her expressing everything in his heart. “ ..You unlocked the iron gate of my heart. …. You showed the way to love, not hate.” Swoon-worthy romantic scene, beautiful cinematography.Kudos to the writers for a very unique, creative scene.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 109

-Opens: right after play. Baran/Dilan talking in lobby. Dilan sees old friend.

-9:52 Ali to Zumrut: “I'll always remember these days.”

-16:20 Hunun punches Ali: “She loves you—and you are walking away. Fight for her!”

-18:20 Family restaurant lunch.

-23:50 Waiter recognizes Sena. She panics and leaves. Cihan goes after her.

-33:40 Kadar draws back to slap Gul. Firat grabs her arms. “I won't allow you to do that.”

-Derya spills water on Dilan and blames Dilan.

-37:00 Old friend to Dilan: “....I heard you were in a forced marriage....but you both look so happy.”

-Derya says hateful words to Dilan in bathroom.

-50:00 Yagmur's 'bad mother' steals her from restaurant.

-54:35 Dilan to friend: “I'm just in that house to pay my family's debt. They're not my family. I will never be Baran Karabey's wife.” Baran hears and is heartbroken.

**Slow episode. It could be skipped or skimmed without missing much.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 110

-Opens with the family at home congratulating Cihan about the play.

-6:10 Baran reflecting on Dilan saying she could never be his wife. To himself. “After all she's been through here, it's no wonder.” He throws the ring she gave him on the floor.

-9:00 Ali to Zumrut: “I will stay and fight for our love.”

-12:15 Dilan(??) flashes back to Baran's(??) imagining of him saying to her “ ..You unlocked the iron gate of my heart. …. You showed the way to love, not hate.” Then Baran flashes back to it. (??)

-33:00 Kadar to crying Gul: “You are leaving. G'ma would never allow you and Firat.”

-38:00 Serap, Baran's 'friend' arrives.

-45:00 Angry Baran on phone to Kerem: “Make Derya an offer she can't refuse—I want her out of the company!”

-48:10 Cihan offers a job to Sena: “You will sell jewelry in on of our stores.”

-G'ma to Dilan: “You don't have a place in our family or our photos!” She tears up the family photo.

-56:00 Baran to himself: “If only our story had started differently. Would she have feelings for me?”

-End: Dilan dresses up for dinner, then regrets it. Baran walks in: “You forgot one earring.” He brushes her hair aside and puts it on.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 111

-Opens with G'ma to Serep: “...they're not really husband and wife.... ...Baran and I missed you.”

-Yagmur tells other little girl: “They took good care of me... I had my own room.”

-Serap friend on phone to her: “...You've loved Baran for years....”

-24:00 Serap, Baran and Dilan chat in the kitchen. Dilan jealous.

-34:30 Waiter to Cihan: “Sena and her mother are running because she tried to kill her father!”

-37:00 Serap sees evidence that Dilan and Baran don't sleep in bed together.

-40:20 Firat to Kadar: “...I love your daughter.”

-46:00 Baran to Kudret: “My love can hardly stay silent. But then the truth hits me and I have to shut up. Loving is so painful.”

-53:00 Cihan to Sena: “Why did you want to kill your stepfather Yildrim?”

-58:30 Serap to Baran: “...I'm sorry you had to make a marriage like this to Dilan.”

-End: Dilan overhears Serap on phone: “...they sleep in separate beds...I still have a chance.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 112

-End: Dilan overhears Serap on phone: “...they sleep in separate beds...I still have a chance.”

-14:00 Kadar to Dilan: “...if Baran had feelings for Serap, something would've happened long ago.”

-19:00 G'ma to Dilan: “If it weren't for you, Baran and Serap would be on a different path now.”

-32:00 G'ma and Baran to Serap: “We have plenty of room. You should stay awhile.”

-Dilan wishing Baran would invite her to a breakfast. Baran wondering if he should ask, but afraid she has no interest.

-40:00 Sena has nightmare. Cihan: “I won't let anyone hurt you.”

-End: Kadar to Dilan, watching Baran walk down driveway with Serap: “Aren't you going to the breakfast?” Dilan: “I wasn't invited.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 113 (113 on Yoturkish was the same as 112)

-Opens with Serap on phone with friend: “I have a chance with Baran...they sleep in separate beds.”

-Dilan overhears Baran on phone: “ for Serap...price is no issue...”

-26:00 Dilan cuts her palm. Baran helps bandage it. In talking about the wound, they speak metaphorically about their relationship. Dilan: “It's a deep wound. It hurts, but it will get better.” Baran: “I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't mean to hurt you.” (Probably very important words, but translation is so bad it's hard to understand.)

-32:00 Hasan belittling Firat; Firat fires back: “You're sorry to have a son like me? I'm sorry to have a father like you.”

-34:00 Zurmut to her mom: “I think you should get used to Ali—he will always be in my life.”

-49:00 Waiter sends photos of Sena and Cihan to Sena's stepfather. Stepfather: “I told them I'd go to the ends of the earth to find them.”

-55:00 Firat to Derya: “You will sell me your partnership shares.”

-57:00 Cevriye grabs Yagmur's 'owner' by the hair: “Where is Yagmur?” Woman throws her down.

-End: Package arrives. Baran to Dilan: “Don't open it!” (Dilan thinks it's his gift for Serap.)

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 114

-Opens with Package arriving. Baran to Dilan: “Don't open it!”

-8:00 Baran opens package-- a silver flower. He reminisces about their happy times at Aunt B's, then recalls her telling her friend: “I'll never be his wife.” He drops flower. “I'm embarassing myself. She doesn't want me.”

-27:00 Firat to Gul as he pulls out a ring: “Will you marry me?”

-36:00 Serap to Baran: “You and Dilan seem unhappy. You've set yourself on fire for your family.”

-46:00 Walking, Baran and Dilan's paths cross. Baran to himself: “Have I trapped you in my hatred?” They have a sort of telepathic conversation. Both hurting, both thinking the other doesn't care. Sad...

-51:00 Cevdat finds Yagmur and her friend. “Let's go home.”

54:00 Kerem to Baran: “...I think you should give her the gift and let her decide.”

-57:00 Cevdat brings little girls home to Cevriye.

-End: Dilan finds silver flower in Baran's office—he catches her.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 115

-Opening: Baran catches Dilan in his office with the flower. Baran: “This should never happen again!”

-5:00 Derya to Firat: “I'll sell you my shares on one condition—that you marry me.”

-15:00 Gul to Firat: “ my dream house....”

-37:00 Baran joins Dilan by the pool. Both replay wise words from Kadar/Ahmet about sacrificial love and blooming where you're planted. Kerem comes out: “Here's the gift for Serap.” Dilan realizes the silver blood flower wasn't for Serap.

-49:00 Dilan sews a button on Baran's jacket. Baran to himself: “How can I stay away from you when you are so close to me?”

-51:00 Stepfather comes to house: “You didn't think you could escape me, did you?”

-55:00 Social services arrives for the girls. Yagmur: “I don't want to go!” End: Baran calls Dilan into his office. He picks of silver flower box like he's going to hand it to her. A man comes to the door, and Baran hands it to the man. Dilan's smile fades.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 116

-Opens with Baran giving the box to other man. To Dilan: “There will be an event at the mansion...”

-The 2 orpahn girls go with social services.

-12:00 Baran calls Dilan's mother: “We have a serious problem....”

-42:00; 45:00; 50:30 Dilan's mother meets with her. “Forgive me. I shouldn't have slapped you. Come home whenever you want. …. Your husband is well-intentioned and caring.”

-55:30 Baran to Dilan: “I didn't imprison you. You needed to know you could go visit your family whenever you needed to.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 117

-Opens with G'ma to Dilan “Serap is staying... Baran wanted it as well.” Dilan to herself: “So that's why Baran wanted me to be able to go home.”

-Sena at home, turns around her stepfather is standing there.

-Ali/Zurmurt to her father: “We love each other and want to get married.”

-13:00 Serap to Dilan: “You don't mind if I stay awile, do you?”

-15:30 Baran to G'ma: “You asked Serap to stay without asking my opinion.”

-34:00 Baran to Gul: “From now on you (not Dilan) will take care of my father's food and medicine.”

-38:00 Cihan to Sena: “What happened to you?” (bruise on her face.)

-41:00 Baran to Kudret, who won't eat from anyone except Dilan: “You got used to her being here too? I got used to her goodness, always being here by our side. … But we have to give her her life back.”

-45:00 Baran to Dilan: “Soon you'll be gone. We can never have a future. I don't know how I could've believe it.” Dilan imagines asking him to explain Serap, but doesn't.

-53:00 Cevriye finally reaches Yagmur's mom on phone. Mom: “Don't bother me. I'm abroad.”

-55:00 Gul to Firat: “I lost the ring!” Firat: “Well that shows how much you valued it...”

-56:00 Hanife to Ali: “I'll tell you again—I don't have a daughter for you.”

-End: Ayten Kara foundation event at mansion. Baran holds out his hand to Dilan to dance with him.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 118

-Opens with Dilan coming down red carpet in blue dress Baran bought her. He holds out his hand: “Will you dance with me? Beautifully romantic scene.

-21:40 Baran to Dilan: “Thank you for not leaving me alone on a day like this....My friends' compliments of you were well deserved.” -24:40 Kudret working hard to move and stand up—falls out of his wheelchair.

-29:30 Baran fastens a ncecklace on Dilan.

-47:00 Ali to Hanife: “Zumrut is my family... I will never give her up until you accept me.”

-50:00 Cevriye talks to Yagmur via puppet: “We had to be separated, so we could be together.”

-54:00 Baran to Dilan: “My friends loved you....” Dilan: “My friends.... we said we'd live life to the fullest.” (Both realize her current situation wasn't what she had in mind.)

-55:40 Serap to friend: “If Baran had met her under other circumstances, he wouldn't have given her a second look.” Baran: “You may not speak about my wife like that!”

-End: Serap to Baran: “I'm really sorry.” Baran: “I'll forgive you this one time but not again.” Dilan looking on from a distance.

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 119

-Opens with Dilan looking on as Baran and Serap chat in the gazebo.

-Kadar finds Kudret on the floor. She grabs his hand, he doesn't let go. (He's getting stronger.)

-13:00 Seyit to Ali: “ passed muster with me. Just convice Hanife and you can get married.”

-16:00 Baran to Dilan: “What's wrong with you? Did someone upset you?” Dilan: “Nothing!” Crying on her bed to herself: “Am I really jealous?”

-21:00 Firat kneels before Gul: “Forgive me.... I love you like crazy!”

-22:30 Baran to Kerem: “Make a list of programs abroad for Dilan.” He says some important things.

-34:00 Baran to Dilan: “I had Kerem look for programs abroad.” Dilan to herself: “He's sending me away?”

Baran to himself, watching Dilan sleeping: “It's going to be so hard for me when you leave....” then aloud to himself: “If you didn't want to go so badly, I'd never leave you. But to see you smile, I'm willing to do anything for your happiness, no matter how much it hurts....” She opens her eyes, their gaze locks. He feels exposed, humiliated.

-50:20 Gul finds her ring. Kadar sees it on her finger...

-G'ma to Dilan: “... Baran's gone with Serap to look at a house. He won't be with you for long.”

-Firat to Derya: “....Maybe I'm in love with someone else....Gul.”

-End: Angry Dilan to Baran: “Where were you?...If I was supposed to 'watch myself' around Dr. Metin, then you should watch yourself too.” Baran: “This marriage is just on paper.” Dilan takes off her ring. “Then let's get a divorce.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 120

-Opens with Dilan to Baran: “....Then let's get a divorce.” (They've both now said what they'd been hiding from the other.)

-7:00 Kadar jerks Gul outside: “I don't know what's worse-- you lying to me or you believing Firat.”

-9:00 Yagmur to Cevriye : “I get to go home with you!”

-11:30 Baran replays Dilan's divorce words and goes ballistic in his office, sweeps everything on floor.

-16:00 Cihan at Sena's door. Stepfather has a knife to her. Sena: “Ok, I'll help you rob the jewelry store, just don't hurt him.”

-17:00 Kerem to Baran: “Divorce? Where's that coming from? You're like a couple in love. Maybe she's jealous of Serap.”

-Kadar to Dilan: “You don't know Baran. You should ask him. Things aren't always what they appear.”

-24:00 Ali to Zumrut: “You'd make a good mother. I think I'd be a good father too.”

-32:00 Gul to Firat: “Yes, I took the earrings from Derya....but then I realized what a mistake it was.” She storms out.

-Ahmet to Baran: If you have questions, why not just ask the person?...Balance the scales of your heart-- pride or love?”

-47:00 Cevdet to Ali: “I know you will cherish Zumrut.”

-54:30 Derya to Hasan: “...I offered Firat an opportunity—marriage and he turned it down for Gul.”

-End: Baran about to reassure Dilan he has no feelings for Serap. Dilan: “I don't want to stay here anymore.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 121

(Subs ended up being better on YouTube with auto-translate)

-Opens with Dilan to Baran: “I don't want to stay here anymore. … I'm tired of pretending.” Baran turns away, crushed. “There's no way you can leave without settling the blood feud. … Don't worry we'll be divorced soon. I just have to take care of some things first.”

-9:00 Sena's stepfather to Ciahn: “Hi, I'm Sena's uncle... terrible all she's been through...”

-11:30 Baran to himself: “She just wants to be rid of me.” Dilan to herself: “He planned to send me away long ago.”

-17:00 Angry Baran to Kerem: “Start the divoce proceedings!”

-28:30 Hasan to Firat: “Why would you turn down a marriage opportunity with Derya for a servant?!”

-G'ma to Baran: “Why have you convened the tribal council?”

-36:00 Sena to stepfather: “You touch Cihan and I'll kill you.”

-42:30 Hasan to Gul: “Who do you think you are, a servant, trying to cage my son? Stay away!”

-45:30 Baran nearly runs over a lost lady.

-50:00; 54:00 Lost old lady in car: “I was forced to marry... I hated him at first....but in the end, love prevailed..” Baran: “Dilan shattered my anger with her love.” Dilan: “...I realized Baran was a prisoner too—of hatred.”

-1:04:00 Teary Gul gives ring back to Firat: “Goodbye.”

-End: Old lady: “Don't be afraid to express your love... Obviously you've found it.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 122

(Used a combo of Yoturkish and YouTube subs)

-Opens with Baran/Dilan each replaying the others' words, but in the end say: “Let's go.”

-10:30 G'ma to Serap: “I have great news! Baran is divorcing that girl!”

-12:00 Cevdat to Seyit: “Harun's mother is selling the restaurant.”

-13:00; 19:30; 23:00; 28:00; 32:10; 37:00 Car trouble-- Baran/Dilan take refuge in a hut. Baran: “You're getting rid of your cellmate.” Dilan: “He was a good cellmate. Although we fought at first.

-50:00 G'ma to Baran about divorce papers: “Now you can marry someone you love.” Baran to himself: “I already had the one I love.”

-57:00 G'ma to Hasan: “Then the feud is over.” Hasan: “Leaving blood on the ground??”

-End: Baran to Dilan: “The tribe gave approval. We can get a divorce.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 123

-Opens with Baran approaching Dilan on terrace: “The tribe gave approval. We can divorce.”

-13:00 Sena to mother: “I found a man who will smuggle us abroad.”

-24:00 Ahmet to Baran: “If you love uncondiationally, the garden of your heart will bloom.”

-31:00 Baran helps Dilan pick up embroidery basket, their hands touch, gaze lingers. Baran to himself: “You warmed my frost-bitten heart. I don't regret loving you.”

-36:30 Serap to Baran: “So, if you're getting a divorce, do we have a chance?” Baran: “No! And I'm still married.” Dilan hears.

-45:30 Dilan to Baran: “I'm sorry I accused you of having something with Serap.”

-48:00 Zumrut to family: “Good news! Ozcan and Raine were caught—Ali will get his money back.”

-Serep to G'ma: Baran loves Dilan.There's no stronger bond than love. I think you should accept that.”

-58:00 Serap to Baran: “You love Dilan. Fight for your marriage. Your love will win her heart.”

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 124

(Moved back to YouTube for subs.)

-Opens with Baran looking at divorce papers and flashing back to Dilan giving him back wedding ring. Angry, he's about to sign divorce, then realls Serap saying “Fight for your marriage.” Baran to himself: “Should I fight for us?”

-25:40 Baran watching Dilan on terrace with kitten. To himself: “You're worth fighting for.”

-30:00 Kadar sets candlelight dinner in Baran/Dilan's room. They dance. Beautiful.

-44:00 Baran, looking at divorce paper, hears Serap, “Fight for your marriage.” He crumples up paper.

-50:00 Ali hand paper to Cevdat: “Now you won't have to leave.” (Appears he bought restaurant bldg)

-53:20 Dilan sees crumpled up divorce papers in trash: “He's given up on the divorce!”

-57:00 G'ma to Dilan: “What are you still doing here. Pack up and get out!”

-1:03:00 Baran to Kerem: “I gave up everything to stop the feud....” Dilan hears, walks away, convinced she's his burden. She doesn't hear Baran say, “I became a happy man because I married her.”

-1:05:30 Firat drags Gul outside. Firat to Hasan: “I love Gul. She'll be my bride soon.” Hasan: Never!”

-End: Dilan on terrace replaying the hurtful words of G'ma. Baran: “What's wrong? Why are you crying?” She hugs him.***Totally unexpected!

Kan Cicekleri English subtitles Episode 125

-Opens with Dilan embracing Baran. Baran to himself: “I have to tell you how I feel.” Dilan steps back: “We can't be happy; we're hurting each other.” He drags her into his office and signs divorce papers.

-10:00 Sena smacks stepfather in head. To her mother: “Quick! We've got to go now!”

-12:00 Dilan tearfully recalls some tender moments with Baran. Then Baran recalls special memories.

-18:00 Family thanks Ali. Hanife holds out her hand (inviting him to kiss it): “...Your Mother-in-Law.”

-30:00 Baran to sad Kudret: “I know you're sad, but we have to let her go.”

-32:30 Baran to Dilan: “Thank you...You came here by force, but made everyone's life here beautiful.”

-40:00 Firat/Gul to Kadar: “Would you give us permission to set a wedding date?”

-45:30 Derya to Hasan: “My father is taking me to court... I have to marry Firat right away.”

-48:00 Dilan to Baran while on walk: “...maybe you can get married. You'll make a great father....”

-53:00 Yagmur hiding food: “I was going to take it to my mother.”

-54:30 Ahmet to Baran: “Sometimes the tongue is unable to express feelings with words. But the voice of your heart does not stop.”

-58:00 Cihan to Sena: “....You can't live the rest of your life as a fugutive. I'll help you.”

-End: Kadar to Dilan: “It's not too late.... you love him.” Baran hears.

**I'm currently watching Kan Cicekleri and will update as I complete episodes.

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