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Hot Sweet Sour ~ Netflix Movie Review

Hot Sweet Sour Turkish Drama romance movie on Netflix

A happy-go-lucky story turns into a tearjerker in this romantic drama. Is Hot Sweet Sour worth watching on Netflix?

My no-spoiler review of Hot Sweet Sour written for North America TEN may help you decide.

Format: Movie

Genre: Romantic Drama

Lead actors: Bugra Gulsoy / Ozge Ozpirincci

Ending: Happy

Where to watch this Turkish movie with English subtitles: Netflix

Turkish movie title: Aci Tatli Eksi


Mischievous soulmates Murat and Duygu have been in love since childhood. They vow to never grow up and to always be there for each other. But when Murat's marriage proposal gets an unexpected response, the best he can get from Duygu is a promise that if they're both single in five years, they will marry.

Five years later, Murat has a prank up his sleeve, and there are glimmers of hope for the couple. But sobering news threatens to shatter their future. When a decision affects both people in a relationship, how much should one share or conceal?

For a quick overview of the plot, romance, music, acting, and dialog, read the rest of this review here on the North America Ten Blog.

Aci Tatli Eksi Review Full Turkish Drama movie with English subtitles on Netflix
Watch Hot Sweet Sour Turkish Drama Movie with English subtitles on Netflix.

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