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Cesur ve Guzel night at the gallery kiss

Want to relive the romantic moments between Cesur and Suhan in Cesur ve Guzel? Of course you do! But I'll bet you have no idea where to look to find their first kiss, "Cesur's water therapy," or the night he threw her over his shoulder and carried her home.

To help you out, I've outlined all 32 episodes, complete with all of Cesur and Suhan's romantic moments and the scenes you don't want to miss that showcase Kivanc Tatlitug's incredible acting talent.

So whether you are looking for a specific CvG scene or just want to relive the romance, you find it all here.

First things first:

•Episode timestamps may be off depending if your episode includes the opening credits. •Timestamps of romantic scenes are highlighted in pink. Other scenes not to miss (poignant, funny, great acting, etc) are highlighted in green.

•Tip: To quickly move through footage to find a key scene, click on the gear or speedometer at the bottom of the screen. You can slow down scenes as well. (Feature not available on Vimeo.)

•I tried to include all the timestamps for each noted scene, but I may have missed a few so search a little after the initial clip as oftentimes a scene is “interrupted” by another scene.

•Disclaimer: This guide is full of spoilers!

•If you want to watch a quick recap of the romantic moments of Cesur and Suhan, watch this short video :)


~Ginger Monette


**Where to watch Cesur ve Guzel, full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles."

Episode 1

-Opening Cesur rescues Suhan on a runaway horse that nearly runs off a cliff.

Cesur ve Guzel opening scene

-5:38 Suhan's sister-in-law, Jaida, put a piece of barbed wire under the saddle which caused the horse to go wild. -11:00 Cesur “wins over” Suhan's horse, Nazli. It's his first conquest.

-21:00 Suhan's suitor, Bullant, works for her father. Suhan's servant/friend, Shirin, tells her that she and Bullant have no chemistry and teases Suhan about the dashing man who rescued her.

-28:19 Cesur bought a vacant house adjacent to Korludag's property with the intent to avenge his father from a misdeed committed by Korludag. Cesur vows he will take everything from Korludag, and furthermore, Korludag will “hand it to him on a silver platter.”

-32:00 Korludag is angry with his son, Korhan, for selling the property. Korhan goes to Cesur to buy it back in a wonderful scene--funny, and great acting by Kiva​nc.

-49:30; 53:23 Curious about this new man, Suhan goes to Cesur's house. He's

smug, arrogant, and conceited. She's high spirited. He says “I'll tame you just like I did your horse.” She kicks him. Great scene!

-1:00:00; 1:03:53; 1:05:00 Servant Kemal is blamed for the horse mishap and is fired. Cesur hires him. He is #2 person won over. (And he is engaged to Shirrin, Suhan's servant/best friend.)

-1:01:00 Suhan can't stop thinking about Cesur.

-1:14:00 Cesur unblocks a water back up and shows he won't kowtow to Korludag.

-1:18:00 Cesur tells Kemal he is welcomed bring Shirrin to work at the farm when they marry.

Cesur ve Guzel -Cesur and Suhan with flowers

-1:23:00; 1:25:00 Cesur blocks Suhan's car in town, orders flowers, and apologizes. She accepts his apology and starts to take the flowers, but he says, “Sorry, the flowers aren't for you.” (So flirty and funny!)

-1:16:00; 1:33:00 Jaida hires a surrogate mother and fakes being pregnant.

-1:34:00 Cesur and Bano “run into” Korhan and Jaida at an exclusive event in Istanbul.

-1:57:00 Bullant proposes to Suhan, and she puts him off. After a mild altercation, Cesur intervenes, infuriating Bullant.

-2:02:30 Suhan calls Cesur and asks him to leave town. He says, “I'll leave if you really want me to, but you have to come tell me face to face.”

-2:05:12 Korludag comes to 'visit' Cesur, and in a drunken fit of revenge, Bullant sets Cesur's house on fire, unaware that Korludag is inside. Cesur comes bursting out the burning house with Korludag over his shoulder just as all of the Korludag family arrives to witness the heroic deed. In the process, Cesur is slightly burned and is invited to stay at Korludag manor until the fire can be cleaned up.

-Twists and turns, twists and turns. WOW! Magnificent plotting.

Episode 2

-Opening: Korludag invites Cesur to stay at Korludag ranch until his house if fixed.

-4:32 Jaida figures out Bullant set the fire and thus begins a long relationship of blackmailing him in return for keeping his secret.

-8:00 We learn that Korludag stole paintings from Cesur's father.

-13:00 Suhan is baking in the kitchen and Cesur says, “For me?” She says “No.” The cook comes in and says to him “Why are you up?” He says, “To get some of her pastries.” Cook says, “You are lucky. She only cooks once in a blue moon.” (So it's obvious she's doing something special for him.) He also snaps her dress closed at the cleavage, which is a nod to the opening scene when he got a big peek down her shirt when they fell off the horse.

Cesur ve Guzel Suhan bandaging Cesur's wounds

-18:00 Suhan bandages Cesur's burns.

-33:00 We learn Cesur's mother is still living and holds a special place in his heart.

-35:00 Shirrin tells Suhan she thinks the world is aligning for Suhan and Cesur (Bullant is going to Spain.)

-38:30 Suhan jumps out of bed when Shirrin tells her that “Cesur's lover” (Bano) is there.

-43:26 Details of the plot between Jaida and Hulia (the surrogate mother) are revealed.

-53:32 Kivanc's famous “jump on the horse without using the stirrup” trick.

-59:00 Suhan solves a work problem, and Cesur is there to witness it and congratulate her.

-1:00:00 Cesur recounts to his friend Rifat about a recent dinner experience at Korludag ranch: Korludag told about his “family” and where he got the paintings (lies). Cesur is so upset he has to excuse himself from the table.

-1:06:00 Cesur tells Rifat he will "take Korludag's most precious treasure—Suhan.”

-1:11:00 “You know that you will marry me one day.”

-1:26:30 Cesur crashes Suhan's dinner date with Bulant at a restaurant.

-1:32:00 Mihriban (Bullant's mother and the left-at-the altar-bride of Korludag) sets a wedding dress on fire in Adalet's (Korludag's mistress) yard.

-1:33:17 Suhan's sitting outside looking at moon. Cesur comes home from dinner. He baits and teases her. She says "Who are you? You make me feel uneasy."

-1:39:00: 1:59:27; 2:00:40 Suhan is out running, and Cesur meets her on horseback. He tells her he is going to Istanbul. She follows him. He “leads” her to see everything he “wants” her to see: family grave, forest dedicated to family, his house in Istanbul where Bano is living.

Episode 3

-Opens where Ep 2 left off—Suhan unexpectedly shows up at Cesur's Istanbul house. Suhan sees Bano and Bano's son, thinks he is Cesur's son, and thinks she's 'caught' him. In the end he teases her and makes her really embarrassed that she was spying.

-6:32 His teasing mood sobers when he hears his mom on the computer. Suhan observes him with his mother and sees a much more vulnerable side of him.

-Lots of drama with the "pregnant" SIL, Jaida.

-22:00 Cesur and Suhan are at dinner, and Suhan reveals more of who she is—on one hand, she loves her father, but on the other, she feels scorn from the many who hate him. It's unspoken, but it reveals she's a little lonely.

32:11 After dinner, Cesur and Suhan go back to her Istanbul house. Cute teasing and he almost kisses her but stops when he sees a painting of his grandparents hanging on the wall. She says it's her grandparents. He kinds of freaks out—moment is ruined and she doesn't understand.

-Around here Cesur has several poignant flashbacks to his childhood that reveal his family situation, and why his mother is in such a fragile state.

-44:00 Korhan blows up at his father and reveals that Korludag was an orphan and made up the story about his parents (Suhan and Cesur's grandparents). In the poignant scene Korhan (drunk) stands up to his dad and says, “Why didn't you ever love me?” We see a very wounded son. (sad!)

-1:00:20 Bano propositions Cesur. He turns her down.

-1:20:00 First sign of Suhan turning against her father.

-1:33:00 Suhan gets Cesur back by blocking his car in and getting him flowers and perfume. Smug Cesur is left a little speechless.

-1:42:00 He takes the flowers to his mom and does a video chat with Suhan so his mom can 'meet' her. She sees some of his vulnerable side (in contrast with his conceited side).

-1:52:00 Cesur sends his friend Rifat to steal the pic of Cesur's grandparents from Suhan's family's home in Istanbul.

-2:00:00 Cesur and Rifat “break in” to the Korludag manor house and swap out his father's paintings for copies.

-2:05:17 First kiss! Cesur gets 'caught' by Suhan. He covers it up and kisses her. It's awkward for a moment, then she kisses him. <Then Rifat gets caught...>

-Plotting is just incredible!

Episode 4

-Opens with repeat of end of 3—Cesur and Rifat 'caught' in Suhan's house.

-8:20 Suhan drives Cesur and Rifat home and (skeptically) questions them about how they know each other.

-15:00 Bullant knows about Jaida's fake pregnancy. Now they both have 'dirt' on the other.

-18:40 Suhan and Cesur both have a flashback to the morning's kiss.

-20:40 We learn how Korludag stole the paintings from Cesur's grandparent's house.

-22:57 “That kiss opened the first hole in your armor.” ~Bano to Cesur

-28:25 Cesur reveals his plan to take down Korludag to Bano.

-33:20 Jaida plants doubt in Suhan's mind about Cesur.

-45:00 Sherrin questions Suhan about the kiss and encourages the relationship.

-49:00; 53:00 Jealous of Cesur's affection for Suhan, Bano sets up his hotel room to make it look like they spent the night together.

-58:00 Cesur tempts Korludag with the stock market.

-1:00:00 Bullant tells his mother he doesn't really love Suhan, he just wants her as a tool to take down Tashin Korludag.

-1:09:00; 1:14:00 Korludag invites Cesur to dinner to talk about investing. When Bullant joins the party, Cesur is surprised and miffed, especially when he sees Suhan cozy up to Bullant.

-1:10:00 We get a glimpse of Adalet's childhood in an orphanage.

-1:17:03 C and S have a terse goodbye after the dinner at the front door.

-1:43:00 In telling a 'story' to Omer, Bano's son, Cesur reveals how his father's art was stolen.

-1:50:00 Suhan has been becoming more suspicious of Cesur. She knows he lied about his relationship with Rifat. She goes to Ruifats garage to scout around. Cesur sees her on the security camera.

-2:08:00 Cesur: “If circumstances had been different, my ring would be on your finger now.”

-2:09:00 Kamal invested in the stock market, and he and Sherrin win. Shirrin, who had begun to doubt Cesur, is now singing his praises.

-End Cesur finds out important details about another murder that happened the same night his father died. (March 1987)

Episode 5

-Opening: Picks up from episode 4--Suhan overhears Cesur and Rifat and learns that her father might be connected with the murder of two men on March 5, 1987—one of the men is Cesur's father. The Korludag crew learns that the investment Cesur recommended “won.” Since they doubted him, they didn't invest and "lost." Korludag berates Korhan and Bullant for not trusting Cesur.

-12:15 Tender moment when Suhan apologizes for misjudging Cesur.

-20:00; 57:00; 1:37:00 Suhan starts investigating everyone and everything. She just wants the unbiased truth. She senses that something isn't quite right with Cesur—he's hiding something. She just can't put her finger on it, and because he is so charming and she is attracted to him, she has a hard time standing her ground.

-38:00 He tells her, “do me a favor; don't run to Bullant to get away from me.”

-1:12:00 At a party to celebrate that Jaida's 'baby' is a boy, Cesur leaves a little early and says to Suhan, “Be outside at 8 am.”

-1:15:00 Jaida says to Suhan, “Korludag now likes Cesur better than he likes Bullant. You like Cesur too, don't you?” Suhan tries to blow it off.

-1:19:00 Cesur picks Suhan up at 8 am and then shows/"proves" to her that Rifat lives near the Korludag Istanbul house.

-1:22:00 Cesur and Suhan are having lunch. He looks up and says, “You're looking at me with admiration and not eating.” She says, “Maybe when I look at you I lose my appetite.” He replies, “This only happens if you're in love.” More of his background is revealed, and he and she get somewhat closer, though she still doesn't trust him. At the end of the scene he says, “I'll make sure not to hurt you.

-133:00 Suhan leaves a watch in Cesur's car with a note on it that says, “In time.” (As in, “I'll trust you, in time.”)

-1:35:00 We see the connection of Rifat to Cesur's father and Korludag's connection to C's father.

-1:39:40 We see what really happened to Cesur's father.

-1:42:11 Cesur brings his mother to live at his house. She has Alzheimers, but he is very sweet to her.

-1:55:00 Cesur sees camera video that shows Suhan overheard him talking to Rifat about the other murder that happened the same night Cesur's father was killed.

-1:58:00 (Daily Motion: Part III 22:35) Cesur is signed on as a partner in Korludag's company.

-2:00 Beginning of Shirrin's wedding. C and S have their first “fight”

-2:04:17 (Daily Motion: Part III 28:49) Cesur's mother, Fugan, gets lost in the woods. Korludag brings her home. When she hears his name, she yells out, “Murderer!”

-This episode has a LOT of screen time for Cesur and Suhan but not a lot of romance.

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Episode 6

-Opens where episode 5 leaves off-- C's mother getting “rescued” by Korludag. At the same time, Cesur tells Suhan, Don't spy on me. If you want to know about something, just ask. But when you ask, you're going to have to be brave [to hear the truth].

-12:45 Korludag suspects who Fugan is and frantically starts investigating to find out what happened to the wife and son of the man he stole the paintings from--the man whom Adalet shot.

-12:00 Cesur tenderly comforts and calms his mother. (We get a childhood flashback of him too). When Mom is calm, he turns around and sees Suhan standing at the door. So she sees how tender and sweet he can be.

-26:00 Cesur dances with Suhan at Shirrin's wedding.

-30:00 Korludag sort of crashes Shirrin's wedding.

-49:00 Suhan sings to calm Fugan. Now Cesur gets to see her tender side.

-58:00 Suhan says “Do you want me to bring anything [for dinner]?” He says, “I only want you.”

-1:04:10 Bullant tries to get close to Suhan—she sort of rebuffs him.

-1:08:00 Hulia comes to live at the Korludag mansion.

-1:09:00 Cesur makes dinner for Suhan and his mom. Out of the blue, Fugan recalls about her husband, “That first day...he said to me, you know that one day you will marry me?” Suhan recalls Cesur said that to her too.

-1:19:25 After dinner, Cesur tells Suhan how his mother's disease progressed.

-1:20:00; 1:25:00 Flashback--we see how Cesur learned that Korludag killed his father. Suhan is sad as she hears this 'truth.' He says, Remember what I told you the other day? You'd need to be brave to hear the truth. [This is the truth.] She says she thinks he is looking for the killer in the wrong place. He says, “Ok.” She says, “I think you won't give up so easily.” He replies, “I don't want to fight with you.” {{Almost kiss}}

-1:45:00 Suhan tells Bullant she doesn't see a future for them together.

-1:57:50 A company vote (over what, I did not understand-maybe that the company go public instead of private?) but in the end only Bullant voted with Korludag, so the vote went the way Cesur wanted it to. Again, he is drawing people to his side, away from Korludag.

-2:07:00- End Korludag announces that he married Adalet.

Episode 7

-Opening: At a celebration over the company vote going Cesur's way, Suhan tells him she returned the ring to Bullant. Cesur says, "You did the right thing. I am very happy." She says, "It had nothing to do with you." He says, “Do you still think so?” After her father announces his marriage to Adalet, Suhan leaves, crying. Cesur says he can't leave her like this—he'll take her wherever she wants to go.

-6:37; 9:45; 17:00; 19:42; 31:26; 40:18; 52:14, 1:03:15; 1:09:42; 1:17:30; 1:22:05 Cesur takes Suhan to Istanbul so she can "drink all night." Drunk, she opens up about her pain of losing her mother. He throws her over his shoulder, gets her showered, then puts her to bed. One of my favorite scenes in whole show--wonderful, romantic, and funny moments.

-1:25:37 Cesur tears up over his mother's condition.

-126:29 Cesur dreams Suhan comes to him in the night.

-1:38:23 Suhan's dad goes to the Istanbul house and tries to woo Suhan back home.

-1:46:00 Cesur ponders his feelings for Suhan. Will she still love him when she hears the truth about her father?

-1:50:50 Suhan makes a truce with Adalet.

-1:54:24 Suhan brings a gift to Fugan.

-2:01:00 Bullant has Cesur accused of trumped up charges.

-210:10- end. Bullant and Jaida plot—they send Cesur a fake message that Suhan is in trouble. He goes to rescue her and is shot in an ambush. Meanwhile, Suhan finds the real grave of Cesur's father—and learns his last name is not Alemdaroglu....

Episode 8

-Opening: A replay of Cesur getting shot and Suhan discovering Cesur's father's real grave. She also discovers her phone is missing....

-8:46; 10:49; 13:34; 16:51; 22:13; 41:13; 1:02:06; 1:08:45 Cesur in the hospital.

-13:10; 16:51; 23:08; 26:42 Suhan confronts Cesur in the hospital and he tells her the truth about her father. She doesn't want to hear it. Poignant scene. And Kivanc plays a groggy man so well I wondered if he took a sedative ! (At 1:10:10 as well)

-34:15 Fugan sees the pictures painted by Cesur's father at the Korludag mansion.

-47:12; 50:07 Turan almost shoots Bullant.

-1:05:44; 1:10:13 Suhan recalls what Cesur told her at Shirrin's wedding—that she would need to be bold when she heard the truth. Suhan, now even more suspicious of Cesur and doubting his affection for her, finds out he has had photos of them framed. She is touched and surprised.

-1:10:10 Cesur tells Kamal the truth about who he is and why he came to Korludag.

-1:11:34 Suhan admits to Shirrin that she loves Cesur but hates him at the same time.

-1:14:41; 1:23:44 Cesur leaves the hospital in search of Korludag's conspirators.

-1:16:34; 1:19:52 Suhan starts to connect the dots from things Cesur has said. She mildly

confronts her father.

-1:29:20; 1:35:00 Cesur comes home from hospital early (unexpectedly) and finds Suhan in his bed. The next morning, she has words with him and leaves.

-A lot of stuff hits the fan and there are numerous reveals/revelations/resolutions.

-1:51:36 Cesur overhears Shirrin telling Kamal that Suhan said she loved Cesur.

-1:55:26 Preparation for New Year's Celebration at Korludag farm.

-2:04:23 [Cesur has been gone for 10 days] Suhan receives a note from Cesur. He says, “As you suggested I went far away. But I'll come back with answers before the end of tonight.”

-2:10:00 Cesur shows up at New Year's Eve Party

-2:12:50-End New Year's Eve: He gives her back her horse, tells her he loves her, and reads a love poem his father gave to his mother. Very romantic. The best translation is at Hinto.

Episode 9

-Opening: Replay of the romantic scene at end of episode 8. But a trap has been set for Cesur and he is arrested.

-9:05 Cesur is jailed.

-16:50 Korludag comes to jail and confronts Cesur—Korludag knows who Cesur really is. Cesur yells, “You owe me three souls, Korludag!” Suhan, standing in the hallway, heard it.

-21:00 Suhan tells Shirrin “The rage inside him leaves us no chance for the future.”

-24:40 Suhan and Cesur have a tender moment just before Cesur appears in court.

-41:42 Cesur pays Bullant a visit at the boxing gym.

-51:43 Cesur: “I swore that I wouldn't lose anyone else that I love. …. I'm fighting for you too.”

-1:03:05 Cesur chopping wood. Shirrin Facetimes it to Suahan and tells Suhan that Cesur has been deep in thought all day.

-1:18:05 Salih meets with Cesur and gives him half a piece of paper that “proves” Cesur's father committed suicide.

-1:25:00; 1:33:18 We see what happened to Cesur's father and learn that Korhan saw everything.

-1:39:25 Cesur and Suhan stop to meet on the side of the road. They hear shots and hit the ground; almost kiss.

-1:47:08; 1:51:13; 1:56:09 Cesur and Suhan picnic by the sea to just be "themselves"--not Cesur (the man hunting Korludag) and Suhan (Korludag's daughter). They reveal more of themselves. He tells her again that he loves her.

2:01:00; 2:10:17-End: Car rolls over with both of them in it.

Episode 10

-Opening: Replay of car rolling over. Then they escape the burning car. Very well done. Biggest "action" scene of the whole series. Worth watching.

-13:00 She finds out her father really is a baddie (that he sabotaged Cesur's car with intent to kill), and she is angry and sad that her father is really 'that bad'.

-19:10 Sweet moment when he says, “See what I do for the opportunity to hug you?”

-21:20; 28:00 They check into a hotel, then go to her hotel room and discuss their situation. He asks her to trust him.

-33:00 Sweet moment standing at hotel room door. Suhan: “You are scared.” Cesur: “Yes, because you are with me.” Suhan: “No, the opposite is true. You should be safe because I'm with you.” Cesur: “Then let us always be together.”

-44:12 Cesur calls Korludag and tells Korludag his plan failed and that Cesur has Suhan.

-47:16 Suhan has a massage and recalls some painful childhood memories.

-51:00 “Cesur's water therapy” One of the most romantic scenes of whole show. Beautiful! (The music is perfect too.)

-1:04:00 Sherrin and Kamal are arguing. She unlocks the car (as if to leave), he locks it (as if to say, no, you're not going anywhere). It's funny, sweet, and sad all at once.

-59:25; 1:06:36: 1:10:47; 1:22:19; 1:24:00 Cesur and Suhan go to dinner. Cesur says, “I never intend to lose you.” Then later, “I will never give you up, Suhan.”

-1:25:52; 1:32:35; 1:35:35; 1:43:29: 1:46:15; 1:49:58; 1:53:45-End Suhan's father has her kidnapped and tries to make it looks like Cesur did it. Cesur resues her. She proposes to him. (1:55:52 Rescue; 2:03:00-end Proposal/“I want you, Suhan.”)

-Cesur has been slowly winning members of the Korludag clan, one by one. He just took a big step closer to winning Suhan.

-Lots of screen time for C and S in this episode : )

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Episode 11

-Opening: Repeat of the ending of episode 11 with Suhan learning that it was her father who kidnapped her.

-5:45 Cesur shows Suhan the paintings he “stole” from her family's houses. He says, “Do you still want to marry me?”

-12:14 In the car, he teases her saying, “If you insist on marrying me, I surrender.”

-19:00 Sweet little scene where Cesur massages Suhan's neck, and she tries to come to terms with all that has happened in the last 24 hours (they went on picnic, had a wreck, she 'saved him' from downing, she was kidnapped, she found out the truth about her father, she proposed to Cesur.)

-23:15; 24:41; 30:07; 33:30; 41:43; 49:00; 50:40; 51:47; 56:00; 59:16; 1:04:42; 1:06:26 they prep to get married (photos, blood test, haircut, clothes). Some sweet moments.

-25:33 Bullant makes his first move on Bano, Cesur's attorney.

-44:00 Suhan has a flashback to how her brother was sad that their mother missed his wedding. Now she is sad as her mom is also missing her wedding.

-46:19 Shirrin and Kamal reconcile their little spat. We see a little romance between Cesur's mother and father.

-1:08:45; 1:10:46 Cesur and Suhan marry in a very rocky ceremony. She loves Cesur but can't admit it as she still doesn't fully trust him.

-1:18:00 Korludag nearly has a heart attack hearing the news that Suhan married Cesur.

-1:29:11 Cesur and Suhan go to police station to give a testimony about Suhan's kidnapping.

-1:35:04; 1:38:00; 1:41:00 Cesur and Suhan return home after wedding, celebrate with his mom, Shirrin, and Kamal. Her father has the power cut off to their house.

- 1:46:03; 1:49:02 “One day it will be a real marriage and you will love me very much.”

-1:53:00; 2:03:51 Night of wedding, Bano (drunk) calls Suhan and says, "I hate you! You ruined Cesur's life and sidetracked him from his revenge of Korludag."

-1:53:55; 1:58:49; 2:02:44 Jaida sows more seeds of discord to cast suspicion on Cesur, and Suhan believes it.


-More stuff hits the fan. Korhan and Suhan are both torn between loving/hating their father. One minute they trust Cesur, the next they don't.

-2:05:00 Wedding night.

-1:50:00- end. The ending is very confusing. The intimate scene at the end is presented as a flashback. But when you see it, it's unclear if it's a flashback or wishful thinking. I believe the chronology of events should be: wedding night phone call from Bano; Suhan goes to Cesur's room and spends the night. Next day: Suhan finds out some incriminating things about Cesur, and Jaida sows seeds of dissension, making Suhan regret the intimacy with Cesur. I assume the producers needed to end the episode with a 'wow' factor, so they saved the intimate scene for the end and presented it as a flashback rather than showing it in “real time.” It was poorly done, and less than perfect translation made it more confusing.

Episode 12

-Opening: Replay of wedding night flashback. More flashbacks at 5:10,

16:49, 34:18.

-26:34 Suhan has her first confrontation with her father after marrying Cesur.

-50:00 Korludag makes all of Suhan's employees walk out on her.

-56:00 Bulant finds the paintings Cesur stole, and Cesur ends up calling the police in an attempt to force a court hearing where Korludag would have to testify how he got the paintings and admit that the couple in one painting is not really his parents but is Cesur's grandparents. The whole thing creates a lot of 'table turning'.

-1:03:00 Suhan goes into a rage and starts breaking everything in her glass factory and gets REALLY angry at Cesur, blaming him for numerous things (wire under saddle, fire, 'ruining' her life). Well done!

-1:14:33 Now calm she says, in the end of this war, I will suffer. A second later he says, I will suffer too. She says, please stick with the intent of this marriage (punish my father). He promises not to repeat 'last night' (the intimacy). Sweet.

-1:34:40 After Suhan listens to Cesur's mom recount her marriage, Suhan is sad knowing how Fugan would despise her if she knew Suhan was Korludag's daughter. Suhan says to Shirrin, “Can Cesur forget everything [that my father has done] when he looks at me?”

-1:44:23; 1:45:30 She lays down on bed with his coat because it smells like him and makes her feel like he's there. She finds something in the pocket...

-2:01:44 Cesur hangs his father's paintings in his house.

-2:02:45; 2:06:02 Cesur and Suhan have a chat in a horse stall—she tells him she will not be home on her birthday, Feb. 14. He is clearly disappointed and puts something back in his pocket...and then back in the drawer.

-2:17:00 Korludag comes to Cesur and Suhan's door.

Episode 13

-Opening: Korhan catches Hulia conspiring with Jaida.

-6:24; 15:23 Suhan's father comes to their house to intercept the postman from delivering an important message. To cover himself, Korludag says he came to see Suhan because he missed her. He ends up leaving after a tense exchange. The whole thing upset Suhan. She wants to believe her father might come because he missed her, but in truth she knows he was lying, but just doesn't know what about. Cesur tries to comfort and reassure her, but she doesn't allow him. He's been trying to give her a ring, but every time he tries, things go sour between them.

-29:07; 35:07 Cesur figures out Korludag came to the door to intercept something from the postman and goes on a quest to find out what.

-32:54 Several of Korludag's henchmen are dethroned from their jobs—police chief, etc.

-37:42 Cesur calms the fears of the townspeople.

-46:33 Korhan visits Suhan at work and pins some blame on Cesur. Suhan voices the painful situation she is in—wanting to believe both her father and Cesur because she loves them both. Korhan is Suhan's true ally. The only one who truly loves her with no ulterior motives.

-48:26 Cesur gets her employees to come back to work

-49:16 Cesur sees photos of Nazli on his camera and gets an idea..

-55:00 Cesur takes dinner to Suhan at her office and gives her the ring. She's very matter-of-fact when he gives it to her, but when she walks away, she looks at it and smiles so you know she is really pleased even though the didn't show him she was pleased.

-57:23; 1:03:17; 1:09:06 Korludag hires henchmen to vandalize the town and burn a building on Korludag's farm, then blames it on Cesur.

-1:12:00 Suhan is having a hard time accepting the truth about her father. Cesur tries to console and comfort her.

-1:18:00 Cesur's mother makes a comment about not wanting Cesur to surrender like his father. This makes Cesur wonder if his father really did commit suicide.

-1:22:00 Suhan goes to talk to her dad, and he basically says if you align yourself with Cesur, then you are not welcome here. Korhan takes her to the door and says, “If Cesur loves you, ask him to give up his revenge on our father.”

-1:30:00 Suhan burns her hand. After Cesur tenderly puts ointment on it, Suhan says, “If you love me, would you give up taking revenge?” After a long pause he

replies, “I don't love you.” She's devastated. He walks outside and takes deep breaths of the cold night air like he can't believe he said something so hurtful. [I can't figure out why he said it either! He's been telling her all along how much he loves her...]

-1:41:55;1:45:15; 1:47:13; 1:50:48; 1:55:05 Suhan sneaks into the attic at Korludag farm to look for the other half of the note written by Cesur's father that says, “I surrender.”

-1:56:50 Suhan is leaving to go stay by herself for a bit, and Cesur asks her the same question. She replies, “I don't love you.” Tears pool in his eyes.

-2:00:34 She's now at the glass house. He misses her.

-2:03:04 Cesur conspires with Shirrin on on a birthday surprise for Suhan....

-2:04:51; 2:11:18; 2:16:31-End Cesur arranges a fancy dinner for her at a gallery. He gives her a calendar with special commemorations of their times together. He tells her loves her–for real—and kisses her. : ) Beautiful scene--one of the best in the whole show.

Episode 14

-Opening: Reda (Adalet's brother) is introduced. In moving him from one prison to another, he escapes and Rifat is injured in a car accident. Cesur gets the call in the middle of the fancy dinner with Suhan.

-15:00 Morning after the fancy dinner: Shirrin and Fugan sing Happy Birthday to Suhan.

-22:18 New prosecutor introduced. He goes to Korludag's house to tell them Reda escaped.

-31:00 Suhan goes to ask her dad about the letter he 'stole' from the postman—the prosecutor is there.

-45:22; 1:18:20; 1:57:35 Rifat in the hospital.

-55:12 Cesur greets Suhan with a quick kiss on cheek. Suggests they are a “couple.”

-58:00; 59:39; 105:19 Cesur tells Suhan more 'hard' things about her Dad, then tentatively reaches for her hand. She listens and lets him caress her finger. (Previously when she heard 'bad news' about her father, she got very defensive and pulled away from Cesur.)

-1:13:00; 1:14:00; 1:16:45 Cesur and Suhan leave police station arm in arm. Driving home, he stops by side of road to calm himself. This time Suhan calms him. (Previously, he has been the one calming her.)

-1:20:20; 1:22:44; 1:31:28; 1:32:57; 1:35:22; 1:37:22 Her birthday party—she

says some things to Cesur that show how much she loves him. Cesur: “You loved me despite all the obstacles between us. Thank you, Suhan.” {{Kiss and hug}} Suhan: “I trust in us.” They are openly expressing love for each other and hope in their future.

-1:38:15 Bullant attempts to woo Bano. -1:45:40; 1:49:52 Jan (Rifat's son) tried to kill Korludag.​​ -1:47:30 Fugan tells about how she got married.

-End: Cesur is initially accused of arranging Reda's escape, but in the end Korludag is accused.

-Episode had relatively little Cesur and Suhan screen time, but when they were together, they were affectionate. The dinner at the art gallery at the end of episode 13 really turned the tide for them.

Episode 15

-Opening: Replay of the tables turning on Korludag—he gets arrested for helping Reda escape.

-7:40; 18:20; 1:11:38; 1:46:45 Flashbacks that reveals some of Korludag childhood—very sad...

-27:30; 50:43; 1:18:43 Cesur begins to pursue having his father's body exhumed for an autopsy.

-32:31 Korludag is released from jail.

-35:40; 38:55 Cesur and Suhan have a nasty argument. Their relationship is starting to unravel.

-37:55; 53:50; 58:46 Bullant convinces Bano to go to dinner with him.

-45:35; 47:37 Suhan leaves, and Kamal tells her, you can't let evil win. Love is hard to come by and you have to fight for your love. Poignant scene.

-49:50; 1:05:00 Rifat in hospital.

-1:01:00; 1:12:30; 1:20:47; 1:21:30 Cesur visits Suhan at the glass house. They fuss a little, then he makes a deal with her about the ripped note. Cesur's half suggests his father committed suicide. Korhan and Jaida have the other half. He tells Suhan to read the other half, and if his father committed suicide he will not ask for his father's body to be exhumed and he will stop pursuing revenge on her father. He strokes her cheek in a very loving gesture, then leaves and they each press their palm to opposite sides of the closed door. It's like their way of trying/wishing they could be more connected. They're grieving for the pain between them. A poignant song plays in the background... Morphs into a montage of memories of them together that lasts for a few more minutes. Sweet.

-1:26:40; 1:32:25; 1:36:35; 1:38:00; 1:40:09; 1:42:52 Suhan reads the other half of letter.

-1:39:56 Suhan tells Cesur to go ahead with the exhumation.

-1:50:58; 1:53:24; 1:55:05; 1:56:09 Cesur goes to witness the exhumation.

-2:08:02; 2:14:10 At the glass house, Cesur scolds Suhan, but in truth he's jealous of her Pilates instructor. He finally says, “I missed you.” She says, “I missed you too.” He gets a text that with the autopsy report. Indeed his father was shot.

-A lot of back and forth between him and her. She is straddling a delicate fence. Her husband is hurting because he and his family were wronged. She is hurting because her father is the one under suspicion. If he gets what he wants, then she will be sad that her father is guilty. If her father is innocent, then her husband is sad that all his 'work' to prove her father was guilty was in vain and the wrong-doer has still not been brought to justice. It is a lose-lose situation.

-2:18:13 Jaida finds out she is pregnant for real.

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