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Kuzey Guney Episode Guide ~ Season 1

Kuzey Guney English subtitles episode guide

Many of Kivanç Tatlitug's fans feel Kuzey Guney is his crown jewel performance. Kivanç brilliantly portrays Kuzey, a troubled teen who overcomes a mountain of obstacles and evolves into a successful, respected man.

Perhaps we adore this story because we see ourselves in it. In many ways Kuzey is the man we all aspire to be--fiercely loyal, honest, and a heart of gold. But we identify with his disappointments, failures, and shortcomings as well. Kuzey is the quintessential underdog. Yet in spite of being uneducated, stepped on, and discouraged at every turn, he achieves his dreams--with the help of Cemre, a sweet young girl who loves him and never gives up on him.

Use this episode guide to find your favorite scenes and re-live the Kuzey magic over and over again.

~Ginger Monette

•Timestamps of romantic scenes are highlighted in pink. Other scenes not to miss (poignant, funny, great acting, etc) are highlighted in green.

•Disclaimer: This guide is full of spoilers!

•Kuzey Guney Episode Guide for Season 2 is here.

**Where to watch Kuzey Guney full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles."

Episode 1

-Kuzey gets out of prison.

-Landlord wants to evict the Techinoglu family.

-14:51 Kuzey flashback to night he was arrested

-19:00 Kuzey flashback of their high school days.

-28:07 Cemre--flashback of shopping and Kuzey stole a bracelet for her.

-32:22 Kivanc wearing Levi's jeans : )

-33:00 Baris and his father introduced.

-36:35 Kuzey's mom startles him awake, and he grabs her arms defensively.

-39:40 We learn he wants to go into the military, but he never graduated from high school.

-42:00 Ali dancing in the market selling brassieres.

Kuzey sees Cemre kissing Guney

-44:36 Kuzey sees Cemre for first time. Kuzey flashback to playing spin bottle as teenagers.

-59:00 When Kuzey was in jail it was so painful for him when his family visited that he stopped accepting visitors.

-1:01:47 Flashback to the day Kuzey was going to propose to Cemre and saw her kissing Guney, punching his Dad, and the car accident.

-1:25:42 Kuzey and Ali arrive at Banu's house party on the water

-1:33:00 Kuzey spends the night with Simay.

-1:35:25 Kuzey flashback: night he got stabbed in jail.

-1:38:35 Flashback to the night of 'the accident.'

-1:44:37 He's rejected from admission into the military. (When he pleads his case around 1:45:40, great acting!)

Episode 2

-Opening: Kuzey seeing Guney kissing Cemre. BUT her mom also sees.

-14:30 Guney flashback--Kuzey teasing Guney and doing a funny dance. (Great acting by Kivanc! JUST like a 17 yr old. Hard to believe Kivanç was 28!)

Cemre at boxing match with Kuzey

-37:00 First glimpse of Kuzey boxing

-45:45; 1:07:10; 115:23 Cemre goes to agency for job; gets a ride home from Baris

-51:00; 1:04:50; 1:11:30 Banu flirting with Guney.

-52:21; 1:02:23 Kuzey and Ali talk about opening a stall at the bazaar.

-1:19:37 Cemre answers the door at Kuzey's house and compliments Kuzey on his new clothes.

-1:24:58 Cemre flashback: to the spin-bottle-game years before.

-1:29:58; 1:34:06; 1:35:30 Cemre goes with Kuzey to his fight.

Episode 3

-Opens at the fight. Ali to Cemre: "Kuzey's going to die tonight because he's loved you so long."

-6:20 Cemre thinks back to her conversation with Kuzey before the fight and now it makes sense—now that she knows Kuzey loves her. Cemre finds out her mother “knows” Kuzey loves her.

-29:17 Inroduction of Ban\u's family: Her father and half-brother Baris.

Cemre kisses Kuzey

-33:20 Kuzey working—the first hint he has potential as a businessman.

-34:13 The father of the boy who “Kuzey” killed storms into the bakery shouting/accusing Kuzey. Guney watches and feels deeply guilty that he allowed the murder to be pinned on Kuzey.

-45:17 Kuzey flashback: trial after boy was killed.

-1:06:30; 1:13:45; 1:23:04 Resort in Antalya.

-1:31:26 Kuzey tells Cemre she is more beautiful than Banu, that she is priceless. Cemre recalls when Ali told her Kuzey loved her and she kisses Kuzey.

Episode 4

-Opens with Cemre kissing Kuzey and him being flabbergasted. (Ali looking on...)

-11:45 Guney to Cemre: "We'll exchange rings when we get home."

-14:23; 31:50; 52:25 Simay joins Kuzey in Antalya. They get thrown out.

-35:10 Sami gets official eviction notice.

-1:23:34 Kuzey agrees to fight in rigged boxing match.

-1:34:40; 1:40:00 Cemre and Guney exchange rings.

-1:48:40 Cemre learns the truth about Kuzey going to jail for Guney.

Episode 5

-Opening: Cemre learns Kuzey took the rap for Guney.

-39:30 Kuzey “assaulted” by the mother of the dead boy and grilled relentlessly. SO sad!

Kuzey at the abandoned train station grieving

-49:23; 55:01; 1:02:03; 1:08:20 Kuzey drunk at the abandoned train depot. Cemre comforts him and takes him home. Kuzey is SO broken! Great writing/acting!

-1:13:50 Cemre's first sign of not being sure about Guney.

-1:33:09 Kuzey tell Ali what happened in prison and that Ferat was his continual torture. -1:39:30 We get insight into Handan's struggles. She looks at ads in paper everyday and dreams.

-1:53:10 Kuzey bumps into Cemre who's on her way to the agency. Kuzey joins her.

-1:58:44 (end) Guney confronts Kuzey at the agency and says, “Are you in love with my girl?”

Episode 6

-Opening: Kuzey at the agency with Cemre, who's clearly falling for Kuzey. Guney puts two and two together, realizes why Kuzey left the night the boy was killed and confronts Kuzey.

-26:00 Kuzey takes a job washing dishes because he doesn't even have enough money for the ferry fare to get home.

-47:50 Sami meets with Kuzey's fight promoter: “Don't let him fight. If he fights he will die.”

Kuzey's scar abs

-52:30; 59:23; 1:02:20 “Valet Kuzey” goes for a joy ride. Fun!

-56:26 Guney to Ali: "Is Kuzey in love with Cemre?"

-1:13:14 Kuzey flashback-- in jail when Ferat “messed with him” while he was sleeping.

-1:20:40 Handan lets it slip to Gulten that Guney caused the accident that killed the boy.

-1:22:48 Kuzey goes to see his fight promoter, looking for info on where to find Ferat.

-1:27:35 Guney tells Kuzey he loves him.

-1:36:18 At a fight, Kuzey gets punched in the stomach

-1:49:38 (end) Kuzey finds his dad being buddy-buddy with Ferat.

Episode 7

-Opening: Kuzey goes after Ferat and then falls to the ground with his stomach.

-12:25 Cemre signs a contract with the agency.

-15:00; 45:20 Sami finds out he basically paid Ferat to make Kuzey miserable; sets Ferat's

business on fire.

-28:20 Dr. to Kuzey: “You have a bomb inside you. If you're not careful, it will explode.”

-49:20 Kuzey makes a move on Simay –in the hospital room/bed.

-1:09:10 Without acknowledging he knows his Dad set the fire, Kuzey offers to help the family move to a new shop and work in the new shop in an emotional conversation.

-1:40:20 Kuzey, Simay, Guney, and Cemre attend the engagement party for Baris and Venus.

-1:56:55 Simay tells Kuzey she loves him.

-1:58:10 Banu seduces Guney.

-2:03:48 Cemre falls asleep on the sofa at Banu's; sees Guney emerge from Banu's room.

Episode 8

-Opening: Cemre's leaving Banu's house and sees Guney.

-10:14; 24:57 Kuzey goes with Ali to buy merchandise to sell at the market.

-34:32 Guney flashback: His night spent with Banu. He puts Cemre's photo in the drawer.

-52:36 Kuzey denies he was in love with Cemre night of accident. Encourages Guney to make amends with her.

-1:02:20 Sami comes home drunk and blames Handan for 'stealing' the boys from him.

-1:21:10; 1:26:14 Banu invites Guney 'to talk' on her boat.

-1:35:57;1:40:00 Kuzey arrested for selling counterfeit purses at the market.

-1:45:40 Cemre nearly gets caught stealing diamond earrings. Ferat offers to pay.

Episode 9

Ferat Kuzey Guney

-12:00 Sami signs lease on a new house. Handan determined to arrange it like she wants it. (She is clearly exerting her will for the first time.)

-19:44 Kuzey denied a driver's license. -24:00; 28:57 Cemre tells her mom about the creepy guy (Ferat) who offered to buy her 'a present.' Gluten calls Cemre's father and asks him if he saw Cemre. -32:13 Ferat flashback--In jail Ferat took Cemre's picture, Kuzey enraged.

-44:30 Glimpse into the past life of Gulten.

-55:00 Simay's parents want her to marry someone she doesn't want to marry.

-1:01:30 Kuzey checks out cosmetics job opp.

-1:03:20 Simay learns she's pregnant.

-1:07:00 Cemre and her mom storm into Baris' company and confront him why she was let go.

-1:37:35 Cemre and Handan both receive a gift at their doorstep....

-End: Kuzey rushes off to confront Ferat.

Episode 10

-Opening; 20:45; 25:36; 32:48; 38:45 Kuzey confronts Ferat.

-50:03 Kuzey flashback--recalls a special letter he got from Cemre in prison.

-1:05:50 Kuzey picks up flowers for Cemre on his way home. Guney questions Kuzey about the gift, the flowers, and the situation with Ferat. (Great acting by KT)

-1:44:40 Baris finds Mr. Attila collapsed.

-1:47:30 Ferat calls Kuzey, tells him there's to be a fight tonight—blindfolded.

-1:48:12 Simay tells Kuzey she's pregnant.

Episode 11

-Opening; 7:40: Kuzey's in shock learning Simay is pregnant. They ponder what to do.

-16:16 Can offers Cemre a job as his assistant.

-19:50 Banu faints. Guney finds out she takes medication, but he's not sure what.

-11:30; 24:19; 25:50; 26:54 Baris forges his father's signature

-34:10; 48:27 Baris finds out his father isn't dying after all. Then he does die.

-22:30; 34:20; 46:50; 49:55; 56:46 The blindfolded fight.

-1:04:22; 1:07:54; 1:10:40 Cemre's dad scopes out her house; Cemre throws rocks at his car.

-1:19:50; -1:35:03 Kuzey buys a ring for Simay and gives it to her.

-1:21:46: 1:23:15 Simay has abortion.

-1:24:50 Baris' mother arrives.

-1:54:22 Grand opening of bakery at new location.

-End: Birthday party for Kuzey at the bakery. Ali, Guney, Banu, Cemre and Zeynap are there.

Episode 12

Kuzey playing the saz

-Opens: Kuzey's Birthday party.

-3:12; 14:17 Flashback of Kuzey marrying Simay.

-6:57 Kuzey introduced to Zeynap

-11:35 Baris' mother encourages him to separate from Venus

-37:37 Cemre's father: "Please let me talk to you for 10 minutes."

-49:16 Kuzey pummels Cemre's Dad, thinking he's one of Ferat's men.

-53:34 Banu's family revealed: why mother left, Banu's relationship with Baris, and more.

-58:30; 1:04:09 On the ferry, Cemre tells Kuzey about her “secret”--her father. Kuzey tells Cemre his secrets—Simay is pregnant and they are married.

-1:40:30; 1:44:35 Guney goes to dinner at Banu's house so her mother can get to know him.

-1:43:00- end. Scenes alternate between Guney at Banu's getting grilled by her mother, and Kuzey at Simay's parents getting thrown out.

Episode 13 -Opening: Simay's father shoots Simay. She tells Kuzey she's not pregnant. -8:21 Guney agrees to a challenge from Banu's mother to prove himself. -16:14; 25:47 Kuzey furious at Simay and tells her he'll divorce her. Her family disowns her.

-32:50 Kuzey calls Cemre--confides in her about how Simay isn't pregnant. It's a real “friend bonding” conversation between them. Draws them closer.

-35:37; 40:39 Simay's uncle confronts Kuzey: "Simay is YOUR problem now." -39:10 1:00:09; 1:03:38 Guney hatches idea for his 'project' business--selling pastries on street. -41:50 Kuzey tells Simay they are married on paper only. He wants nothing to do with her. -46:05 Simay's roommate throws her out. -1:16:35; 1:40:52; 2:00:00 Ferat calls/meets Kuzey about a fight. Raided by police.

Episode 14 -Opening: Police break up the fight; Guney appears. Kuzey knows what this will mean between him and Ferat. When drugs are found, Kuzey is put in a police car too. -23:09 At police station. Kuzey to Sami-- shoves pictures of Sami igniting Ferat's business on fire. -34:20 Kuzey flashback-- trying to give money back to Ferat who didn't take it and said, 'Your father's debt is cleared, but it is doubled on you.' -54:32 Guney finds Kuzey's marriage certificate.

-1:08:38 Kuzey walks Cemre home. They have sweet words at parting. Shows how close they are and how much they understand each other.

-1:17:40 Kuzey to be one of the shareholders in Guney's business -1:23:40; 1:25:00 Guney and Banu sign the deal for their new company in Germany.

-1:31:26 In a discussion with Zeynap Cemre realizes she loves Kuzey but denies it.

-1:38:28 Ferat to Kuzey: "I'm going to hit you from your blindside every time you turn around." -1:45:00 Simay's uncle shows up -- reveals Kuzey and Simay are married.

Makara Kuzey Guney

Episode 15 -Opening: Guney's parents tasting his pastry creation for new business. Simay's uncle shows up. -16:55 Baris' mother confronts him about document inconsistencies -29:43 Kuzey to Simay “I promised I would support you and I will. We're married but we'll never be husband and wife. You hit me in my most sensitive spot (abortion/murder). I married you so you wouldn't destroy a life. That was my child.” -37:00; 39:40 Gulten to Cemre: "Guney got married." Cemre: "It was Kuzey who married." -44:50 Ali to Kuzey: “I'm your best friend and you couldn't even tell me you were married?” -45:42 Zeynap encourages her father to tell Gulten that he has feelings for her.

-1:00:47 Kuzey to Simay's uncle: “She's my responsibility... I gave her a promise.” Kuzey shows his loyalty and protective side.

-1:13:45 Cemre contrasts Guney with Kuzey to Simay-- convinces herself more of Kuzey's virtues and her love for him.

-1:16:14 Gulten (appreciating that Kuzey is sticking by his responsibilities unlike Cemre's father) tells Kuzey she likes and supports him. His whole demeanor changes. It's the first time an adult encouraged and believed in him. His whole body showed the power of the life-giving words.

-1:22:00 Sami to Kuzey: “We are so much alike [impulsive].” First encouragement from Sami. -1:42:50 Kuzey makes excellent suggestions for pastry stand—including calling it Markara. -1:49:39 Kuzey to Zeynap: "Stay away from me. I'll hurt you.” Zeynap finds out Kuzey's married.

Episode 16 -Opens 11:24; 17:24 Zeynap tells Kuzey she likes him. Sami brings Simay home, Handan furious.

-46:55 Cemre and Kuzey on ferry. Kuzey: "I could have had something with Zeynap." Cemre's face shows the sting, wishing it were her. Poingant.

-58:10 Baris and Guney square off--Guney reveals he knows about forged signature. -1:01:30; 1:06:56 Kuzey bumps into one of his prison guards who liked him. The guys puts him in touch with the right people to build the Makara stands. -1:25:40 Kuzey won't sleep in new bed with Simay. He reiterates their marriage is 'paper only.' -1:29:07 Ali and Kuzey take wheels off Guney's new company car to spite him for his arrogance.

-1:42:07; 1:45:25; 1:50:30 New Year's Eve party. Kuzey forces Zeynap to talk to him, then kisses her—while Simay and Cemre watch from the shadows.

-1:43:16 Handan aruges with Simay and tears up the marriage certificate. Tells Simay to get out. -1:47:30 Ebru confronts Baris about the forged signature.

Episode 17

Kuzey kissing Zeynap

-Opening: Kuzey kisses Zeynap. Guney alerts that a Markara oven is smoking. -12:40 Cemre extols Kuzey's virtues to Zeynap and says “He's my best friend.” -18:40 Simay begs Kuzey to sleep in the bed with her. “Your mother knows you don't want me.” He says, “Too bad. YOU got us both into this. Be glad I'm still here.”

-27:05; 37:20 German pastry reps visit Kuzey/ Ali's Makara stand. None speak English. Funny.

-53:30; 1:03:00;1:19:40 Handan walks out on Sami due to the Simay situation. Sami panics -1:15:15 Kuzey tells Zeynap the honest truth about his situation and the man he wants to be. -1:39:50: 1:41:33; 1:43:50 Sami finds Simay passed out. At hospital Simay pleads to Kuzey “Forgive me! I love you!”

Episode 18 -Opening: Kuzey at Simay's bedside. She's begging him not to leave her.

-3:20 Ali to Zeynap, “Simay says you can't love Kuzey the way she can.” Cemre winces.

-10:35 Zeynap shows Cemre a picture of guy who died in a motorcycle accident. “He loved me. Everyone knew but me. He didn't tell me because he was afraid he'd lose me..." Cemre wonders if she should reveal her feelings to Kuzey. -42:11 Kuzey to Guney: "I can't make long term plans. Yesterday I decided to separate from Simay and by all changed.” -46:54 Simay's mom to Simay: "Come back and have a proper wedding so we are not ashamed." -53:10 Gulten to Sami: “You're forcing K to stay with Simay. You've never asked what he wants.” -55:10; 59:13; 1:08:33; 1:02:30 Kuzey checks on Makara stands. Business is going well. -1:11:30 Kuzey says put a kiosk at Sami's bakery and has other good ideas. -1:19:40 Cemre gives Kuzey the saz and tells her it's from Zeynap

-1:25:55 Kuzey and Cemre walk together. He says Zeynap was my one chance.

-1:32:20 Kuzey in hotel room before wedding-- drunk. (Good acting by Kivanç)

-1:41:30; 1:43:01; 1:45:00 Kuzey turns wedding table over in a dream. Then says “I do” for real.

-1:49:15; 1:52:10 Drunk Kuzey sits by hotel pool with Cemre.

Kuzey and Cemre talk by pool

Episode 19 -Opening; 7:50; 13:30; 33:20: Kuzey and Cemre talking by the pool; pool mayhem. Cemre imagines herself telling him, “I love you very much.”

-21:50; 29:12 Guney makes a move on Cemre in her hotel room, then calls Banu, “I love you.” -1:09:17; 1:14:27 At night club, Cemre hints to Ali that she cares for Kuzey. -1:13:10 Simay tries to seduce Kuzey; he rebuffs her. -1:17:39 We see how Makaras are made. Kuzey preparing them for sale in stores (not just stands) -1:43:40 Banu arranges for Zeynap to go to Antalya knowing Guney arranged for Kuzey to go. - 1:47:04 Ali to Kuzey: "If you'd told me years ago you cared for Cemre, things might be different. Kuzey gets defensive. Ali: “This is always how you react when you're feeling pain.” -1:52:27 Zeynap gets on the plane and is shocked to find Kuzey.

Episode 20 -Opening; 5:30: Zeynap encounters Kuzey on the plane.

-4:15; 14:25; 16:30 Cemre figures out Kuzey & Zeynap are on the trip together and smells a rat. -33:00 Simay gets fired. -47:00 Ebro to Baris: “Guney knows [about forged signature].” They vow to get rid of Guney. -1:02:39 Simay sets her sights on a guy at a club—takes her wedding ring off...

Zeynap kissing Kuzey

-1:02:47; 1:09:00; 1:13:00; 1:16:30; 1:22:40; 1:26:25; 1:33:50 Kuzey “runs into” Zeynap at the hotel restaurant and they stay up all night talking.

-1:44:30 Zeynap kisses Kuzey. He thanks her for the saz, then realizes it was Cemre.

-1:15:19 Simay calls Kuzey's room. Because of a mix-up , it rings Zeynap's room. Simay thinks they spent the night together.

Episode 21

-Opens; 14:04 Zeynap answering the phone with Simay on the other end.

-7:48;10:19 Kuzey flashback-- to the day Cemre gave him the saz.

-18:50; 37:15 Simay calls Sumer and they arrange a date.

-53:40; 56:00 Kuzey drops Zeynap off. Her father nearly hits Kuzey.

-1:04:12 Banu apologizes, and Kuzey envisions himself saying what he is really feeling, “You bastards!!” In reality, all he say is, “It's over.” It is one more 'hit' he swallows down.

-1:12:00 Zeynap to Cemre, “I think there is something between you and Kuzey.” Cemre denies it.

-1:23:14 Cemre realizes that Zeynap met the “real Kuzey” and has bonded with him.

-1:41:00; 1:44:06; 1:46:08 Corporate dinner. Can invited Cemre. Banu, Baris, Guney not happy.

-1:47:21; 1:49:30 Banu announces engagement with Guney. Cemre on phone—hears Kuzey playing a sad love song on saz. She thinks Kuzey called and is sending her a 'message.'

Episode 22

-Opening; 4:10; 10:10 Kuzey playing saz, Cemre listening via Ali's speakerphone. Banu announces her engagement. -22:45; 37:27; 51:20 Sami finds Kuzey asleep on the sofa and recalls night of the accident. In a moment of tenderness, he strokes Kuzey's head. Kuzey reflexively bolts awake and grabs his hand hand. Sami: “What do you really want?” Never having been asked such a thing, Kuzey doesn't know how to reply. They talk about “that night.” Simay hears that Guney was guilty one.

-29:21 Ebro wants Guney to sign a pre-nup. Banu shows first signs of her instability.

-40:25 Baris to Ebro: “The best way to get rid of Guney is to let him see how bad Banu's (mental) health problems are.

Kuzey and Cemre having coffee

-1:05:32 Cemre and Kuzey have coffee, and she tries to tell him how much she cares for him. In a 'round about way he tells her they can never be together. She's crushed.

-1:30:20 Cemre wonders why Zeynap came and why she had to want Kuzey, of all people.

*It's ironic how when Kuzey loved Cemre, she was in love with Guney. Now Cemre's in love with Kuzey and he's in love with Zeynap.

-1:39:20; 1:50:00 Guney and family go to dinner with Banu's family. Kuzey gets out of car because he doesn't want to “shame” the family—he's not wearing a tie.

-1:39:56; 1:42:30; 1:45:00 Ali spying on Simay who is on her way to meet her “date.”

-End: Ali is staking out the club where Simay is with her date. Kuzey stops by. Ali spills a drink on Kuzey to distract him so he won't see Simay (knowing that Kuzey would be enraged and could do something stupid.)

Episode 23

-Opening: Kuzey sitting outside club with Ali. Ali gets vision of Kuzey slitting Sumer's throat and being hauled off to jail. Ali “accidentally” spills a drink on Kuzey to distract him.

-3:18; 9:40; 13:16; 31:25 Guney and parents with Banu's family for dinner—very awkward.

-16:33 Ali calls Simay: “Leave Kuzey tonight or I'll tell him everything.”

-40:22; 58:24 Ali vandalized Sumer's car then beats the guy up. He's arrested.

-47:00; 52:00 Simay defends herself to Ali why she was with Sumer. She spills beans about Kuzey going to jail for Guney.

-1:07:24 Guney meets Banu for coffee—says he loves her but can't marry her with Baris and Ebro constantly against him. Banu falls apart.

-1:12:26 Police station—Kuzey negotiates a deal for Ali with Sumer.

-1:16:30 Kuzey to Guney: "I need money to take care of things for Ali." Guney: "I can't touch the money. I broke up with Banu."

-1:18:50; 1:21:06 Banu has a breakdown and a flashback of a fire when she was younger.

-1:22:42 Simay offers her wedding jewelry to pay for Ali.

-1:29:46 Ebro comes to Guney: “Stay with Banu as long as she wants you.”

-1:34:31 Kuzey takes money to Sumer. Kuzey finds out the Sumer was 'dating' Simay.

Episode 24

-Opening: Sumer talking to Can saying, “I met this girl named Simay.” Kuzey punches him.

-9:55; 12:00 Cemre calls Simay: “Kuzey knows everything. Run!” Simay runs!

-27:30 Banu has another fire flashback, Baris rescues her.

Kuzey grabs Simay by hair

-30:00 Cemre meets Simay at a cafe and delivers her suitcases. Kuzey storm in, pins Simay against the wall. “From now on, there's no one in my life named Simay.”

-35:40 Cemre to Simay, “If you hurt the heart of Kuzey, you'll have to deal with me too.”

-1:00:24 Ebro to Banu: "Let's go abroad for a shopping party." (A front for going to med facility.)

-1:01:40 Kuzey goes to divorce lawyer.

-1:20:28 Ali takes the money to Sumer and is beat up. Kuzey nearly chokes Sumer to death.

-1:33:30 Guney to Kuzey: "We sold Makara to a chain. Kuzey elated. Guney: “But we have to remove all the stalls.” Dumped and jobless, Kuzey is crushed--feels betrayed by Guney.

Episode 25

-Opening: Kuzey sitting on bench tearing up over Guney just having “sold out” and “fired” him. Flashes back to childhood: Guney had just lost all his marbles, and Kuzey wins them all back.

-23:13; 33:00; 39:00 Kuzey and Ali go for coffee. Ali says, “Why are you giving up so easily? Get a kiosk of your own.” Cemre joins them and says some sentimental things. The three then talk about starting a business together. As she leaves, Kuzey offhandedly says, “Tell Zeynap hello” to distance himself emotionally from her. She's visibly hurt.

-46:55; 1:04:40 Kuzey tells Ali what happened “that night” then says, “Everyone abandoned me that night.” Ali: “Everything happened because of Cemre.” Kuzey confesses he fought for Cemre in jail and admits he loves her. "I spoke about that night for first time.”

Kuzey tests guney with car accident

-1:08:55 Kuzey's dad offers him space in the bakery to start a little business.

-1:15:10 Kuzey dreams Guney is punching him in the face over and over. He doesn't fight back.

-1:27:56;1:32:47 Sumer announces he is buying shares in Can and Baris' company.

-1:38:30 Kuzey and Ali test Guney-- in the car, Kuzey hits a guy and wants Guney to take the rap since Kuzey took the rap for Guney before. Guney refuses—after he said he would die for Kuzey.

Episode 26

-Opening; 8:40; 20:10: Repeat of wreck set up on Guney. Guney walks away, and Kuzey crumples on the ground with grief, realizing that Guney really is all about Guney. (Key scene and great acting by Kivanc when Kuzey crumples to ground.)

-49:30; 54:51; 1:00:47 Kuzey, Cemre, Gulten, go out for pizza. Gulten realizing Cemre likes K.

-1:19:38; 1:29:20; 1:36:36 Guney surprises Banu abroad. She reveals truth of illness; he reveals truth of accident.

-1:33:50 Cemre turns to Twitter to anonymously share her feelings for Kuzey.

-1:46:00 March 7: Kuzey goes to finalize divorce. Simay doesn't show up.

-1:50:00; 1:52:06 Ferat lets Simay know he is the sugar daddy. Takes a selfie with her and texts it to Kuzey with caption, “End of round one.”

Episode 27

Opening: Kuzey gets selfie text from Ferat.

-5:36; 13:52; 25:06; 33:00; 37:15; 43:30; 57:00; 1:10:00; 1:28:15 Simay & Ferat-related scenes.

-7:20 Kuzey flashback--Ferat was hauled off to prison thinking Kuzey ratted on him.

-1:00:56 Cemre tells Guney that Ferat is out of jail.

-1:13:00 The gang at a club. Cemre to Kuzey: “You are wearing a mask, here [caresses his face] and here [touches his heart.] She tries to tell him she loves him, but he blows her off. Then she sings karaoke 'to him.' Threatened, Kuzey kisses Zeynap right in front of Cemre.

-1:21:50 Ali to Kuzey: “Kissing Zeynap in front of Cemre was like stabbing her.” K: “I like Zeynap.” Ali: “You keep deceiving yourself.”

-1:32:40; 1:34:00; 1:37:20; 1:38:40 Kuzey buried alive scenes

Episode 28

**Pretty action-packed episode. Flashbacks starting at 1:29:13 are a good synopsis of show up until this point.

-Opening: Kuzey at airport buying ticket to Simay's father's funeral.

-13:37 Simay vows to her mom that she will get revenge on Kuzey. Ferat is looking on.

-15:50; 24:31; 1:06:16; Funeral

-36:30 Flashback of Kuzey opening up to his dad about his feelings. Dad: “What about your relationship with Cemre? Was that the cause of the accident?”

Kuzey buried alive

-1:09:00; 1:13:05; 1:15:50; 1:21:20; 1:26:52 Kuzey buried alive.

-1:22:50; 1:29:13; 1:32:57 Kuzey has a series of flashbacks:

•Kuzey shut in a cedar chest (by Guney?) as a child

•He can't sleep in darkness

•The day he got out of prison and saw Cemre for the first time.

•Cemre thanking him for calling when so she could hear him play the saz.

•Cemre caressing his face saying he was wearing a mask.

•Cemre kissing him in when they went on the 'vacation' early in show.

•Getting 'fired' by Guney.

•Rescuing Ali from fight with Sumer

•Mock accident with Guney

•Ferat's words about him spending his life in prison.

-1:35:20 Simay and Ferat go back to grave, and he's smacked in back of head by Kuzey and Ali. Kuzey: “You couldn't win this round, Ferat.”

Episode 29

-Opening: Kuzey hits Ferat in the head from behind: “I won this round, Ferat.”

-21:40; 25:00; 26:10 Guney announces he's getting married June 9.

-36:46 Kuzey thinks back to being in grave.

-52:30; 1:09:00 Gulten reluctantly goes on date with Hussein.

-1:02:30; 1:04:35 Venus tells Guney that Banu's issues are bigger than her family is letting on.

-1:10:39; 1:19:00 Dinner at Zeynap's: Kuzey cozies up to Zeynap. Cemre has inner dialog about how much it hurts her. Demet to Cemre: "Do you a boyfriend at the company." Cemre: “There are some.” Kuzey jealous. Kuzey announces he will start a new business called YozMakara.

-1:16:34 Simay tells the parents of the boy killed in “the accident” that Guney was the driver.

-1:21:40 Kuzey experiments with his dad at bakery for Yozmakara. Sami is visibly proud.

-1:25:00; 1:26:11 YozMakara-related scenes

-1:30:30; 1:32:30; 1:33:00 Ebru, Banu and Baris come to Guney's for dinner. Guney arrested “for an event that happened in 2008.”

Episode 30

-Opening: Kuzey arrives home and police arrive for Guney.

-6:30 Zeynap has a fashion show.

-11:00 Kuzey and Ali figure out Simay and Ferat are the ones who told the dead boy's parents.

-17:00 At police station: Baris to Guney, “We'll get you out of here for the sake of our family name, but we want you gone.”

-18:57; 24:56; 35:00 Kuzey nearly beats up Sumer, then just takes his phone's SIM card

-51:47; 59:16 Bekir says he'll help Kuzey find Ferat and Simay.

-1:17:37 Guney tells Banu's family the truth about 'that night.' Guney tries to get them to come clean about Banu's health situation. They stay tight-lipped.

-1:25:00 Cemre posting on Twitter. Gulten replies "anonymously." Cemre plays trick on her.

-1:31:00 Power/fire alarm goes off in Simay's apt. When she returns, Kuzey is there.

Episode 31

Opening; 16:00; 24:00: Kuzey at Simay's apt after false fire alarm. Kuzey whisks her away.

-29:14; 35:40 Kuzey takes Simay to notarize divorce papers,

-31:00 Guney's lawyers seize 'counterfeit' Makara products and equipment at the bakery.

-42:58 Sami storms into company to confront Guney about confiscating equipment and nearly has a heart attack.

-1:06:20 Zeynap imitates Kuzey talking on phone (funny)

-1:07:45 Ebru hands Guney a CD of his father setting Ferat's business on fire. It's her way of showing Guney she has the upper hand between them.

-1:26:00 Media interviews / photo op Banu and Guney.

-1:30:10 Head of Makara chain wants Kuzey to be a part of it. “It's a family business.”

-1:35:00 Kuzey and Zeynap are alone at Ali's apt and plan to spend the night together. Cemre sees them kissing and leaves, heartbroken.

Episode 32

Kuzey shirt on backwards inside out

Opening; 51:00: Cemre sees Kuzey and Zeynap kissing on balcony. (An odd twist: This is sort of a reverse of years before when Kuzey witnessed Cemre kissing Guney and he left, crushed.)

-7:50 Cemre interrupts Kuzey and Zeynap's passionate moment. Kuzey comes to the door with his shirt on inside-out/backwards and is all flustered. (funny!)

-12:00 Magazine publishes Banu and Guney's “Cinderella Man” piece. Guney incensed.

-25:00; 35:40 Guney gets clues about the fire at Banu's years ago and confronts her.

-29:00; 35:00; 1:11:37; 1:17:00 Kuzey meets with new chain owner of Makara.

-47:30 Baris confronts Venus about what she told Guney about Banu. They break up.

-51:00; 55:00; 59:07; 1:00:44 Kuzey and Zeynap at Ali's apt. She makes herself very available. He resists, she persists. Cemre averts a disaster for them.

-1:06:10; 1:26:30; 1:33:00 Handan's family forgets her birthday. She spends it with Gulten.

-1:10:09 Simay enters the locked room and Ferat catches her and smacks her around.

-1:20:40 Kuzey tells Ali he really likes Zeynap.

-1:29:17 Baris shows interest in Cemre

-1:38:00 Kuzey finds Simay in dumpster outside his house.

Episode 33

-Opening; 13:07; 17:33; 19:45; 21:51: Kuzey finds Simay in dumpster. Kuzey questioned.

-6:42; 28:14; 45:50; 1:05:00 A drunk Handan cuts up Sami's pants. Sami gropes her. Finds his pants in dumpster.

-39:35; 48:09: 51:00; 54:18; 1:00:12 Kuzey jailed after Simay tells police Kuzey beat her. Kuzey released and finds that Cemre spent the night at the jail with him.

-1:13:00; 1:18:40 Kuzey tells Ali he stabbed Ferat in the groin years ago in jail.

-1:16:56 Ferat in the locked room watching his wedding video.

-1:32:47 Kuzey sees saz and thinks how Cemre has stuck by him & how much she means to him.

-1:35:30; 1:38:38 Cemre confesses to Gulten she loves Kuzey. Zeynap shows up, crying how much she loves Kuzey. Cemre hugs her, unable to openly profess her own love for Kuzey.

Episode 34

Baris tries to kiss Cemre

-Opening: Kuzey playing saz; Zeynap calls. Kuzey: “I see why your father wouldn't want you with someone like me. I have unending problems. Don't abandon your father.”

-19:45; 36:53; 55:01; 57:40: 1:08:22; 1:11:00; 1:14:34; 1:26:20 Cemre goes to work on a Saturday to avoid Zeynap, ends up spending day/night with Baris on boat. He tries to kiss her. Key scenes

-27:35 Sami overhears Ali questioning a very defensive Kuzey about Cemre.

-39:10 We learn Ebru is paying off Burak. “If he comes back, Banu will never recover.”

-1:35:30 Kuzey finds out Guney still has shares in Makara and almost backs out.

-1:42:45 Guney and Banu having dinner. Barak walks up and introduces himself.

Episode 35

-Opening 5:09: Baris/Kuzey picking up Cemre/Zeynap. Kuzey punches Baris.

-Zeynap challenges Kuzey: “Was that punch because you saw him next to Cemre?”

-9:58; 12:45;15:10 Banu falls apart when Burak introduces himself at a restaurant.

-18:00 Banu blurts out to Guney, “Burak is my brother.”

-22:22 Bekir tells Kuzey, “I found Ferat's wife. She committed suicide” the day after the 'I hate you letter was read aloud in prison.' Kuzey: “She died because of me.”

-26:00 We find out Ferat's wife is alive and paralyzed and Ferat is 'keeping' her.

-37:35; 1:15:00 Ebru to Guney: “This truth [about Burak being Atilla's illegitimate son]cost me my marriage and Banu's health.”

-58:40 Burak has flashback to fire—Banu smacked him on the head and knocked him out.

-59:50 Guney learns Banu has “gone abroad” under the guise of shopping, but really to hospital.

-1:32:50 Zeynap's mom arrives.

-1:37:13 Thinking Cemre is now dating Baris, Kuzey nearly bashes the saz to pieces.

Episode 36

-Opening; 4:10: Baris overhears that Burak is Banu's brother.

-23:20 We learn Banu started the fire.

-35:35; 43:31 Kuzey meets Zeynap's mom who is not impressed with his lack of ambition.

-52:06 Cemre sends a Tweet inviting people to her birthday party.

-53:40; 57:00; 1:11:30; 1:18:00; 1:25:10 Cemre's birthday. Kuzey gives her compass necklace; exploding cake.

Kuzey gives Cemre compass necklace

-1:08:30; 1:16:34; 1:45:20 Ali romances/proposes to Demet.

-1:29:30 Hussein to Kuzey: “The calamities that surround you are numerous. Stay away."

-1:42:49 Kuzey goes into Ferat's locked room and sees Ferat's former wife in a hospital bed.

Episode 37

Opening: Kuzey in Ferat's locked room: watches video, jumps out the window.

-37:00 Kuzey tells Zeynap, “Get out of my life. I have no right to make someone share this hell with me.” (Great acting by Kivanc!)

-1:05:14 Cemre: “Kuzey is clean and pure in spite of all the mud around him. He doesn't know what it's like to win.” She shows deep understanding of him.

-1:29:53; 1:33:08 Banu tries on her wedding dress and Burak shows up.

-1:30:10 Kuzey, Ali, and Zeynap at the kindergarten looking for clues about Ferat's wife.

-End: Police come to Kuzey's house. Ferat filed charges for Kuzey breaking in.

Episode 38

Opening: [1 week later] Grand opening of Makara

-3:22 Kuzey flashback to kindergarten: They get close to Sermin but a brawl erupts with guards.

-6:15; 7:08; 7:31 Banu trying on wedding dress, Burak appears. Burak flashback to fire and Banu hitting him on head. Guney to Banu: “You were going to tell him [he's your brother]”

-32:16; 58:50 Ferat moves with Simay to new house. Simay finds his wife in the adjacent building

-44:15 Guney, in the car contemplating Banu's words, calls Cemre, “Do I put money above everything else? You're the only person I can talk to.”.

-1:05:30 Guney flashback: he and Kuzey were small kids cowering in the kitchen as his father smacked his mom around. Kuzey cut him with a piece of glass to create a diversion. It worked.

-1:18:00 Drunk, Guney goes off on his dad. “Why didn't you love me?” Sami: “You repeatedly stabbed your brother in the back and you're a selfish bastard!”

-1:41:26 Kuzey at ribbon cutting, police come after him and escapes in car with Burak.

Episode 39

-Opening: Kuzey and crew at Makara grand opening.

-13:45; 23:40; 30:00 Kuzey goes before the judge to defend himself about being in Ferat's house.

-19:00 Cemre and Guney in elevator. She tells him off. “You're selfish!” G: “Kuzey always came between us. He loves you!” She looks flabbergasted.

-52:50 Ali sells his car so Kuzey can pay the fine.

-53:00 Cemre follows Kuzey to his spot at the abandoned train depot as he staggers under the weight of his problems. He breaks down in front of her.

-55:00 Cemre and Kuzey at a club. K: “I can't even have a normal day.” She lets him talk; weeps for him. She asks about 'that night.' He denies she was the cause.

Cemre tells Kuzey she loves him

-101:33 Cemre to Kuzey: "I love you." Crying, he tells her to shush. C: “You're a coward!” Ali interrupts and Cemre hastily exits.

-1:04:30 Cemre calls Guney, “Tell me what happened that night.” G: “Come over and I will.”

-1:07:00 Ali gives Kuzey the money for the fine and says, “Don't make Cemre sad anymore—or yourself. One day you will be with her, I know it.”

-1:12:28; 1:19:42; 1:21:22; 1:26:00 Guney tells Cemre what happened 'that night.'

-1:47:00; 1:49:27; 1:53:30 Banu and Guney's wedding. Kuzey gets phone call from Sermin Korflu (Ferat's paralyzed wife) “Help me! Save me!” Kuzey rushes off.

-1:55:30 Ferat arrives home to find his wife gone—and Kuzey steps out.

Episode 40

-Opening; 5:10: Burak shows up at Banu and Guney's wedding.

-7:00; 7:44; 10:50 Kuzey goes to rescue Sermin.

-29:30 Burak flashback of childhood. “I am just an unfortunate accident.” He reveals that Baris invited him to return.

-43:00; 58:30 Ferat flashbacks: smacking his wife around, she jumps out window (how she was paralyzed) and how her husband was killed.

-47:00 Baris moves out--to boat-- because he invited Burak.

Kuzey Guney Ali shot dies

-1:04:30 Banu finds Cemre's ring in bathroom. Thinks Guney slept with her.

-1:08:20; 1:20:16; 1:24:10 Baris proposes to Cemre on the boat.

-1:28:40 Banu breaks window at Cemre's.

-1:31:20; 1:33:40 Ferat killing off people

-1:37:00 Cemre slaps Kuzey for implying she slept with Guney.

-1:48:00 Ferat calls Kuzey, “One of the people you love most will die.”

-1:58:50 Ferat shoots Ali. So sad! Great acting by Kivanç

*Episode Guide for Season 2 of Kuzey Guney is here.

* * *

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