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Kuzey Guney Episode Guide ~ Season 2

Kuzey Guney English subtitles episode guide

Kuzey Guney Episode Guide for Season 1 is here.

•Timestamps of romantic scenes are highlighted in pink. Other scenes not to miss (poignant, funny, great acting, etc) are highlighted in green.

**Where to watch Kuzey Guney full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles."

•Disclaimer: This guide is full of spoilers!

Episode 41

-Opening: Kuzey running after Ferat with a gun and “shoots” him in the heart—it's a dream. Kuzey is in Georgia (country bordering Turkey).

-5:20 Flashback to Ali's funeral; Demet gives Kuzey Ali's watch.

-10:36 [Three months later] Zeynap returns from Italy. Her dad has appendicitis.

-13:38 Ebru gives an interview on the courthouse steps about the 'news' that Burak is Atilla's son.

-22:00; 1:31:50; 55:30 Kuzey, in Georgia [the country] Komiser (Commissioner—I will call him Komiser here) catches up with Kuzey.

-1:10:02 Cemre makes a collage of photos.

-1:14:30 Guney flashback: Kuzey at morgue who can't leave Ali. “Ali is dead because of me.”

Kuzey calls Cemre tells her he loves her

-1:19:30 Kuzey to Demet: I'll continue to send the money that would have been Ali's. (heart-wrenching!)

-1:41:00 Kuzey to Guney: "I set up accounts for Demet and Ali's brothers." It's his 'goodbye' call to his brother.

-1:44:00 Zeynap to Cemre: “I know everything. Kuzey loves you and you love him.” Cemre: “Kuzey knows I love him but I'm invisible to him.”

-1:51:57 Cemre on yacht with Baris—he wants to marry her.

-1:50:35; 1:54:20; 1:55:53 Kuzey pursues Ferat to an airstrip, then calls Cemre. “I love you. I love you more than anyone or anything.” She realizes it is a goodbye message. Very emotional for both—great acting!

Episode 42

-Opening; 6:34 Kuzey calls Cemre, "I love you." Cemre hears shots, thinks he's been killed.

-5:00; 8:22 Kuzey approaches car to get Ferat but it's Simay alone. Police and Komiser arrive.

-5:33 Ferat skirts away on a boat at another location—Simay was a decoy.

Kuzey breaks down with his father dad

-34:37 In his room, Kuzey breaks down in front of his dad. (What a performance by both!!)

-41:07 Cemre flashback: learning of Ali's death.

-1:21:00 Cemre finds Kuzey at Ali's grave. Cemre: “I can endure being away from you but I can't endure losing you.” Kuzey: “You're the one who understands me best.”

-1:28:50; 1:29:55 Simay shot in the foot. Kuzey brings her home with him.

Episode 43

Opening: Kuzey arriving home with Simay in tow.

-33:30 Zeynap applies for job at Sinnear as designer of ceramic tiles.

-44:45 Intro to Ferat's daughter (Deniz).

-56:20 Gulten goes to Baris and encourages his relationship with Cemre.

-1:09:30 Handan invites herself to live at Sinnear manor.

-1:24:25 Gulten flashback: conversation with Baris on the boat. “If you love her, marry her.”

-1:29:30 Sami cuts up all of Handan's clothes.

Episode 44

-Opening; 8:25; 18:00; 56:00; 1:08:00; 1:18:10; 1:30:30: Ferat's daughter Deniz.

-7:35 Cemre: “Today marks a year since Kuzey got out of prison.”

-23:50; 39:40 Cemre takes her photo collage to Kuzey's house. Kuzey discovers it.

-46:49 Baris visits Cemre and has shaved his beard—a sign he is getting back in the game of life.

Episode 45

-Opening: Ferat finds out his daughter is with Kuzey. Deniz kisses Kuzey at hotel room door.

Gulten asks Kuzey to stay away from Cemre

-5:20; 23:20; 48:00 More Deniz and Kuzey.

-32:20;55:50; 1:04:30 Kuzey meets Gulten in outdoor cafe. G: “Please cut all ties with Cemre...You're hurting her" K: “Please don't ask me to do this. I love her.”

-34:00 Barak to Baris on golf course: “I know about the forged signature. I want 10% of shares.”

-37:34 Cemre leaves Kuzey a message: “I know I said I could stand to be away from you but I can't. I miss you.”

-1:14:15 Kuzey in a taxi—choked with chain from guy in back seat.

-1:19:45 Kuzey fights with Guney on rooftop over Demet's cancelled accounts.

-1:24:20 Cemre again declares her love for Kuzey, and he says, “Stay out of my life. I don't want to be with you.” So sad.

-1:30:40 Sami sends Handan a divorce letter.

-1:31:45 Komiser ruins Kuzey's cover in front of Deniz.

-1:33:41 Cemre sees Kuzey with Deniz and he ignores her. Baris calls. Cemre to Baris: “Do you still want to marry me?”

Episode 46

Most of this episode is a flashback to what happened BEFORE Cemre's wedding.

-Opening; 24:40 Cemre/Baris at wedding table. Flashback to Cemre accepting Baris' proposal.

-14:21 At his bar, Kuzey thinks back to when he told Ali he loved Cemre.

Cemre and Baris wedding

-48:45 Drunk, Guney goes to Kuzey's room and rips the photo collage and says to Kuzey, “She's marrying Baris because of YOU!”

-1:22:50 Kuzey opens 100 Makara stores in a week.

-1:24:28 Ferat back—calls Kuzey.

-1:33:00 In her wedding dress, Cemre calls Kuzey to say goodbye.

-1:35:00; 1:36:00 Guney leaves Kuzey a message with the location of Cemre's wedding.

-1:38:16 Cemre at the wedding table waiting/wishing Kuzey would stop it. Kuzey is rushing down the hall—at the wrong location.

Episode 47

Opening: Cemre at wedding table. Kuzey calls Cemre-- phone buzzes in Gulten's purse.

-5:45 Kuzey talks to Gulten. “The wedding is over.”

-8:29 Baris carries Cemre over the threshold.

-12:34 Kuzey retreats to the abandoned depot and remembers her being there with him in the past.

-21:20 Kuzey goes to gym and takes his frustration out on punching bag. “Get me a fight tonight.”

-27:22 Kuzey just before the fight—remembers the time when Cemre sat with him before a fight.

-30:38; 47:17; 53:34 Scenes alternate between Kuzey whuppin' up on his opponent and Cemre unable to give herself to Baris on their wedding night.

-33:00; 43:40; 49:35 Kuzey weeping at Ali's grave. Komiser arrives: “Maybe I know how you feel.” At Kuzey's favorite bar, Komiser tells how his wife and friends died in an earthquake. Very touching. [Observation: shows that Turkish men are not afraid to openly show/share their emotions and pain. You'd never see this in an American show unless the men were REALLY close friends—and probably not even then.] Kuzey smashes saz.

-1:19:40; 1:29:45 Simay's mom found dead. Ferat has captured Baris.

-1:46:00 Ferat and Kuzey face off in woods. Just when Kuzey is about to shoot Ferat, he produces Cemre. Kuzey chooses Cemre. Ferat is shot by ??

Episode 48

Cemre- Ferat shot in woods

Opening: Kuzey/Ferat showdown in woods.

-9:45 Police arrive and handcuff Kuzey. Guney arrives on scene.

-10:30 Baris emerges from woods, flags down a car, police cuff him too.

-19:50 Sami in hospital with heart attack.

-33:00; 1:30:50; 1:38:40; 21:00; 35:40 Various characters are suspects in the shooting.

-28:40 Komiser tells Kuzey he's no longer a commissioner.

-46:42 Baris begs Ebru not to tell prosecutor he forged documents. Ebru says, “Stay married for a year until scandals die down.”

-50:00 Deniz leaves Kuzey a kind goodbye message.

-52:40; 1:11:45 Simay cuts her hair.

-58:48 Cemre goes to Kuzey's house and practically begs him to commit to her. He won't.

-1:07:40 Ebru tells the servants to prepare the guest house for Cemre and Baris.

-1:09:24;1:13:30 Baris to Cemre: "I've made up with Ebru." Cemre: "The marriage was mistake."

-1:18:00 Demet and Komiser on screen together for first time.

Episode 49

-Opening: Kuzey overhears Sami thank Guney for protecting Kuzey.

-8:35 Baris flashback: “Cemre, if you don't stay married to me for 6 mo, I'll tell police Kuzey lured Ferat into the woods and he'll be back in jail.”

-43:34 Baris and Cemre invite Gulten to go on their honeymoon to Paris.

-1:02:30 Cemre calls Kuzey “My marriage isn't real. I need a little more time.” K: “We can't be together. I'm glad I went to the wrong venue.” Baris gets aggressive with Cemre.

-1:04:40 Guney at Makara meeting. Guney condemns Kuzey's choice of ex-con's to staff his 100 new stalls. Kuzey walks out and quits.

-1:09:40 Kuzey flashbacks: last fight; significant moments since the accident itself, Cemre, etc.

-1:15:10 Kuzey to Komiser, “If I'd killed Ferat, I would have shot myself.” Komiser: “You're already in a prison, you live behind bars but are unaware. … ” They talk all night.

-1:19:20 Handan and Sami's divorce hearing.

-1:20:39; 1:26:30 Demet to Cemre: "Simay has moved out, and Kuzey is going to Berlin."

-1:29:20 Cemre tries to leave Baris, he gets rough with her.

-1:32:55; 1:39:48 Kuzey and Sami at dinner table get sentimental. They talk about regrets. Kuzey, “You are still my hero Dad... I love you.” Dad: “I love you too.” VERY moving!

-1:40:28 Leaving for Berlin, Kuzey says goodbye to his Dad. Meets Gulten on street. “Kuzey!”

Episode 50

Opening: Kuzey leaving house-- Gulten makes a big confession of regret. K: “It's all for the best. (Great acting by by Gulten. Kuzey's hair looks longer—finished filming BD?)

Kuzey an Cemre embrace in airport

-19:45; 27:12; 33:47; 35:44; 38:12 Banu pregnant.

-43:00 Kuzey has flashback to numerous memories of Cemre.

-50:35 Cemre leaves with bag and passport.

-1:14:40 Komiser offers to help Demet if she needs it.

-1:15:28; 1:17:15 Kuzey detained by airport security. He's not allowed to leave.

-1:21:50 Cemre runs into Kuzey's arms at airport. They talk at airport cafe. He tells her his whole story. “I fed my love to you in that prison cell. We can never be together.”

Episode 51

-Opening: Kuzey outside mansion gate looking. Burak: “Congratuations on being an uncle.”

-7:09 Sami to Gulten. “We need to keep Cemre and Kuzey apart.”

-10:25; 23:30; 30:00; 1:06:20; 1:11:00; 1:14:30 Kuzey "picks up" girl at club. Sells a fancy car.

-16:00; 34:30 Simay blackmails Guney with Cemre/Kuzey/Guney/Baris love triangle

-42:44;49:30 Cemre to Gulten: “I lost, mom. I lost.”

-22:50; 57:30 Guney finds an envelope with a glove in it. Glove is related to Ferat killing.

-1:02:00 Kuzey catches Demet feeding Komiser a bite of something. He suspects attraction.

-1:08:00 Guney to Cemre: “I can't forget you. I love you.” He tries to kiss her and she slaps him.

-1:19:20; 1:25:30 Gulten lets it slip to Kuzey that Cemre is staying with Baris for Kuzey.

-1:40:20 Big company meeting-- Kuzey walks in with Burak as his 'consultant.'

Episode 52

Opening; 2:33; 14:14 Big company meeting and Burak walks in with his advisor—Kuzey.

-3:56; 6:40; 1:24:50 Burak flashes black glove to Guney; Kuzey bored, draws caricatures.

-8:40 Kuzey and partners go into another room. Kuzey tells them just what he thinks of them.

-31:12 Kuzey in taxi of Mr Chatterbox--guy who drove him and Cemre at airport. Funny!

-39:00; 51:00; 56:24 “Ali Guntan Memorial Forest.” Kuzey very moved at his birthday gift.

-1:04:15; 1:19:12 Baris stays behind from Qatar and has a 'secret' meeting with Melda.

-1:06:20 “the gang” out for Kuzey's birthday. Zeynap tells about meeting Kuzey a year ago.

-1:20:45 Zeynap makes a move on Kuzey; he rebuffs her. “It's long been over between us, Zeynap.” He basically admits he only has room for Cemre in his heart.

-1:26:30 Cemre has a dream of her and Kuzey on a bench by the sea at sunset. “There will come a day when we can celebrate all your birthday's together.”

-1:29:25 Burak in an accident. Gun found in the glove box—the one that killed Ferat.

Episode 53

-10:00 Burak at hospital.

-11:40; 19:00; 46:40; 58:51; 1:00:00; 1:02:00; 1:11:30; 1:28:50 Suspicions of Burak's accident.

-32:00 Kuzey and Cemre almost collide in cars and have an awkward conversation.

Kuzey Cemre rooftop kiss

-49:50 Banu tells Ebru that Cemre and Baris' wedding is a fraud.

-50:30 Kuzey imitating Handan's glasses with spoons then slips on oil on floor. FUNNY!

-1:24:40 Banu at doctor—potential problem with baby.

-1:30:30 Cemre on office rooftop--flashback of all the times he told her they could never be together. Kuzey follows her and kisses her.

Episode 54

-Opening: Kuzey kissing Cemre on rooftop. Cemre goes from the depths of despair to elation when her spark of hope is ignited.

-11:20 Kuzey looking at the torn collage from Cemre. He talks to Ali's picture: “I told her I love her. Even kissed her. What am I going to do now?”

-17:10 Simay working at a men's club.

-22:57; 37:13; 57:26; 31:10; 1:05:22; 1:19:45 There's fraud in the company

-29:00 Kuzey calls Simay. “Let's get the divorce over with.”

-44:47 Kuzey with accountant trying to understand business/business terms. Funny but sad. Reveals his lack of education, but his humility and determination as well.

-1:23:46 Sami confesses to Kuzey that he has a girlfriend.

-1:28:25 Cemre sneaks into Baris' computer. He catches her. Kuzey rings doorbell.

Episode 55

-Opening: Baris catches Cemre in his office. He locks her in her room. Kuzey confronts Baris about Melda and fraud. Baris threatens Cemre that he can hurt Kuzey.

-3:20; 38:40; 43:00; 44:50; 48:40; 1:11:50; 1:14:00; 1:24:40 Zeynap leaks 'news' of the love triangle to newspapers; fallout all around.

-20:30 Kuzey asks Sami about his girlfriend. Sami: "I plan to marry her."

-27:07 Guney dreams he hits Kuzey with car and shoots Ferat.

-47:00; 53:50; 1:08:57 Banu reveals to Guney the company is sinking. She miscarries.

-1:07:15 Burak waking up

-1:14:00 Kuzey packs Simay's stuff and throws her out. (thinking she was the news leak)

-1:27:10; 1:33:00 Kuzey proposes he and Guney do a press conference together. Out of meeting room walks Ebru, Baris, and Melda--proving there's a connection between them.

Episode 56

-Opening; 6:23 Kuzey does funny imitations at breakfast. He and Sami laugh.

-6:45 Guney dismissed from company.

-30:40 Cemre tells Demet about kissing Kuzey, “Kuzey laid down his shield for just a moment.”

-33:45; 40:20 Hussein realizes Zeynap was the leak to the press and confronts her.

-36:30; 57:31 Cemre tries to convince Kuzey that Zeynap is the leak.

-54:51; 1:07:36 Handan leaves mansion with suitcase. Kuzey takes her to Simay's old apt.

-55:30; 1:09:40 Demet and Komiser talk at bar. He's falling for her...

-1:29:36 Kuzey's divorce finalized.

-1:38:00 Kuzey and Komier on New Year's Eve. Kuzey finds new saz on his bed from Zeynap.

-1:41:00; 1:42:50 Handan sees Sami go to Aynur's and knows it's over for her and Sami.

Episode 57

-Opening: Handan scopes out Aynur's apt.

-4:09 Kuzey and Demet in taxi going to Ali's family's house. He has flashback to learning the company teamed up with Melda's company.

-7:40 Kuzey thanks Cemre for the new saz—it was from Zeynap. Cemre: “This year will be our year.” Kuzey: “Don't even think about it.”

-9:36 Demet flashback: Komiser confesses her really likes her and gives her a gift. He's so flustered he can hardly speak.

-12:00; 21:00; 24:18; 47:17 Kuzey and Demet at Ali's family's home. Mom thinks Kuzey is Ali.

-13:00 Gulten learning to drive.

-14:30 Cemre to Gulten: "I she don't plan to stay married to Baris for long."

-43:00 Banu on steps with cat--acting a little strange

-56:40 Simay working at gentleman's club.

-59:00; 1:48:10 Banu to Guney. “I heard you dreaming. Did you kill Ferat?”

-1:01:50; 1:07:20; 1:12:16; 1:22:50 Banu invites Cemre to breakfast on the boat. Nearly kills her.

-1:09:00; 1:15:25 Handan goes to Aynur and warns her how horrible it is to be married to Sami.

-1:30:00 Sami storms over to Handan's to confront her. She yells back.

-1:52:20 Banu calls Kuzey: "Guney shot Ferat."

Episode 58

-Opening: Kuzey finds Banu's being carried out on a stretcher, crying. House is torn up.

-6:29 Kuzey calls Cemre “Are you ok? I heard Banu tried to kill you.”

-13:10 Flashback--Sami with Komiser. Sami mad that Handan told Aynur what a lousy husband Sami was. Komiser talks about his predicament with Demet.

-33:00 Kuzey confronts Zeynap: “You sent me the saz but that won't make up for what you did.

-39:05; 1:19:13 Baris meets Melda at a bar and tries to kiss her.

41:40; 1:03:27 Zeynap and Can to go scope out the club where Simay is working.

-50:00 Demet tells Cemre about her predicament with Komiser.

-57:20; 1:09:40 Demet tells Komiser she can't return his feelings.

-1:27:30 Sami to Aynur: "Handan's words were true but I don't want to keep being that man."

-1:31:00l; 1:31:38 Zeynap tells Kuzey where Simay is and he goes to and finds her.

Episode 59

-Opening Kuzey sees Simay pole dancing, whups up on a few guys and drags her out of there.

-5:53 Drunk, Baris goes to Cemre's house. She's asleep and sick. He tries to make a move on her.

-16:00 Kuzey fumes at Simay for working in a strip club. Says he will support her.

-1:06:00 Ebru to Guney “I want Banu to come home for treatment. Your mother will take good care of her.”

-1:17:35; 1:35:30 Simay almost raped by former boss. She stabs him and calls Komiser.

Episode 60

-Opening Baris catches Cemre in his room (looking for grease on his shirt sleeve)

-7:50 Venus spends the night with Burak

-9:00 Simay with Komiser supposedly at the house where she 'murdered' the man.

-17:30 Cemre Facetimes with Kuzey—Baris hears.

-35:00 Sami meets Aynur in park and reveals details of his childhood.

-57:27 Komiser brings Simay to stay at his apt.

-1:04:40 Party at Baris and Cemre's. Guney goes looking for Baris' stained shirt.

-1:14:09 Banu has a dream that Guney/Baris/Ebru is trying to choke her.

-1:19:27 Kuzey to Demet, “Komiser has (Simay) waiting for him at home.” Demet nearly chokes.

Commissioner kisses Demet

-1:21:20 Sami reveals he's getting married. Kuzey says he doesn't plan to go to wedding.

-1:24:55; 1:36:55 Demet to Komiser: “You make my heart throb.” He kisses her. Kuzey sees.

-1:26:21; 1:32:00, 1:36:21 Engagement/ acquaintance meeting at Sami's to intro Aynur.

-1:34:14 Company meeting. Burak produces the blue shirt with oil stain on sleeve.

Episode 61

-Opening: Kuzey sees Komiser kiss Demet. Kuzey starts pounding on him.

-8:17 Baris accuses Cemre of plotting behind his back (the blue shirt)

-29:36 Demet to Komiser: “Kuzey will never forgive us.” Komiser: “I don't want to let you go.”

-35:24 Kuzey finds Simay at Komiser's apt. Komiser arrives. Kuzey and Komiser duke it out.

-43:50 Baris to Guney, “I'm taking charge of my life today. Suing everyone, divorcing Cemre.”

-45:40 Cemre finds Kuzey at Ali's grave. (alternating scenes with the one below)

-49:15 Baris tells Guney about his sham marriage and that Cemre always loved Kuzey.

-52:50 Kuzey and Cemre embrace. Kuzey speaks towards Ali's grave: “She's the only one who didn't betray me.”

-54:50 Kuzey arrested.

-58:10; 1:02:10; 1:132:07 Guney in Melda's hotel room.

-57:00; 1:29:16 Baris finds compass necklace; taunts Cemre with it.

-1:12:00; 1:15:30 Kuzey head-butts Baris at police station: “That was for Cemre.”

-1:16:45 As Kuzey walks into jail, he has flashback of last time he was there.

-1:22:10 Banu looking out of barred window. “Kuzey is behind bars just like me...Those who are guilty are on the outside.”

Episode 62

-Opening: Guney showing Banu newspaper report of man who killed Ferat.

-6:20 Komiser talking to guy who confessed to killing Ferat. Man has a terminal disease.

-10:00; 28:31 Cemre making cookies for Kuzey who's in jail; the family visits Kuzey in jail.

-17:50 Burak sees Guney kiss Melda at riding stables. -21:00 A courier (Deniz) delivers photos of Baris messing with Burak's car to Ebru.

-26:30; 47:52; 1:13:00 Cemre's father dies--deeply affects Gulten.

-39:49 Demet to Komiser: "I won't see you without Kuzey's consent. Koiser rehired as policeman.

-51:41 Burak gets in elevator and it plunges down 6 floors.

-55:14 Gultten, having had an 'ah-ha moment' of how short life is with the death of her love, tells Cemre: “Life is short if you love Kuzey go be with him.” [Turning point in story.]

-1:00:44; 1:01:50; 1:05:07 Kuzey reading letters in jail. Tears up Demet's, reads Cemre's.

-1:22:50 Kuzey shows up at Baris' house and beats him to a pulp for what he did to Cemre and for putting him in jail. He retrieves the compass necklace.

Kuzey finds Cemre's compass necklace

-1:28:34; 1:30:10 Kuzey goes to Cemre's house--gives her the compass necklace. She hugs him. He allows himself to hug her back.

Episode 63

-Opening: Kuzey gives Cemre the compass necklace. She hugs him, he hugs her back.

-8:24 Cemre reaches for Kuzey's hand but he pulls away.

-26:30 Kuzey in front of mirror—Cihan imitating his every move. Funny!

-53:17; 1:22:41 Banu cuts Handan's hair.

-1:16:00 Deniz on motorcycle 'steals' envelope of money from Kuzey.

-1:10:27 Cemre storms into Baris' office, angry about the pre-nup that's going to cost her 500,000.

-1:23:10 Kuzey and Sami trade rooms.

-1:25:10 Sami and Aynur's wedding day. Handan 'crashes' the wedding.

Episode 64

-Opening: Sami and Aynur at the wedding table. Handan 'crashes' wedding, Kuzey escorts her out and talks her at a cafe.

-19:20; 56:10; 1:07:00; 1:27:04 Simay at Baris' house. Baris puts diamond ring on her finger.

-24:00 Sami's wedding night—he has a heart attack.

-28:00 Demet gets a basket of daisies from Komiser.

-30:00 Kuzey getting breakfast for Cihan.

-36:20 Banu announces to Guney she wants to adopt.

-43:20; 44:40; 1:16:00 Guney meets Melda in hotel room out of town. Banu shows up.

-1:10:00; 1:23:30; 1:32:20 Valentines –Cemre and Demet get drunk at a bar. Kuzey takes them home. Photos appears in newspaper.

-1:14:00; 1:27:40 Birthday party for Can. Baris makes a move on Venus and she kisses him back.

-1:31:00 Ebru announces that Melda has been reassigned to a different place.

Episode 65

-Opening: Ebru tells Guney Melda has been assigned to a different office.

-8:20 Sami rails on Kuzey for the newspaper picture.

-15:39; 21:30; 26:20 Sinaner family rings bell to open stock market. Cemre endures it beside Baris. In the car afterwards Baris re-nigs “I don't want to divorce you.”

-20:00 One of Simay's old pole-dancing partners invites her for a night on the town.

-36:20 Komiser brings Demet pizza while she's sick. Komiser: “I told my mom I'm falling in love with you.” Kuzey sees him leaving her apt.

-44:23 Guney regretfully says goodbye to Melda.

Episode 65 PART II (If episode is all in 1 part, add 47:33 to all timestamps)

-:05 In a roundabout way, Sami tells Cemre that he supports her and Kuzey.

-1:37; 18:24 Kuzey faces Komiser in the boxing ring. Komiser: “Since we can't talk properly, let's fight.” Kuzey beats him to a pulp while Komiser speaks truth Kuzey doesn't want to hear. “I won't give up on are a coward for not confessing to Cemre that you love her.” Powerful poignant scene. Excellent script writing.

-11:25 Banu overhears Guney with Handan. “I am jealous of Kuzey... I'm stuck babysitting a crazy person...I don't like myself.”

-18:24; 24:30; 26:55 Reconciled, Kuzey and Komiser have drinks at the bar. Komiser: “I want to be the mountain she leans against.” Demet and Cemre arrive. Demet reconciles with Kuzey.

-34:09 Kuzey at Cemre's door. Cemre: “Please stop fighting yourself. Don't resist me. {{Almost kiss}}

-43:00 Guney finds Cemre and Baris lying on floor in pool of blood—Cemre has poker in her hand.

Episode 66

-Opening: Baris calls Cemre, “I saw a new photo of you and Kuzey in newspaper. You humiliated me again.” Guney finds them on the floor in blood. Cemre arrested for assaulting Baris.

-11:08 Flashback to an hour before when the assault went down. Guney tells the police half truths to make Cemre look guilty.

-31:10 Cemre at police station.

-38:10 Can gets close to Banu. Banu: “I'm surrounded by lies and liars!”

-44:15; 59:12 Guney knows Simay's been with Baris. Simay flashback to night's events.

-1:02:47 Kuzey at abandoned train station. Guney: “You are free now. Cemre is behind bars for you.” (At the opening of the show, Kuzey was behind bars for Cemre.)

-1:13:23 Baris waking up in hospital. His flashback to the assault. He says Cemre did it.

-1:18:11 One week later: Baris is giving statement to police. Makes Cemre look like gold digger.

-1:32:35 Kuzey visits Cemre in jail.

Episode 67

-Opening: Gulten visiting Cemre in jail.

Kuzey hugging Cemre in jail

-4:53; 12:14 Kuzey visiting Cemre in jail. Kuzey: “I'm here with you.” Cemre: “I missed you.” K: “Me too. When you get out, I will never leave you.” He's trying to say I love you but can't. He mumbles it as she's walking away. (Great acting too!)

-24:07 Guney calls Kuzey, “Baris said Cemre did it.”

-34:28 Cemre in jail: one of the other inmates reads her tea leaves and has a 'vision' of Cemre in a white dress and Kuzey says I love you. (35:37)

-51:10 Guney flashback: to the night he cleaned up evidence when Baris was found in blood.

-55:30 Kuzey to Handan, “What if I want to dive off that cliff [that is Cemre]?”

-59:20; 1:03:20 Cemre writes letter to Kuzey recounting the day she first met him and Ali.

-1:04:20 Guney gives Banu a ring and says let's adopt. (In reality, he's buying time with her)

-1:12:20; 1:17:00 Gulten begging help for Cemre from Sinaners. “You know Cemre is innocent!”

-1:18:06 Kuzey proposes to Sekip (his Makara boss) that they expand Makara to small cafes.

-1:21:47 Deniz shows Baris pics of him messing with Burak's car. "Release Cemre."

-1:29:00; 1:32:25 Cemre's lawyer encourages her to say she hit Baris in self-defense.

Episode 68

-Opening: Cemre's lawyer convincing her to claim self defense.

-3:20; 8:47 In hospital, Guney runs after Deniz and sees the photos.

-14:00 Ebru tells Baris Cemre confessed. Baris: “I'm withdrawing my complaint.”

-18:20; 25:23 Guney to Kuzey, “Baris will drop charges if you leave town.” K: "I accept."

-28:12 Kuzey to Komiser: “Arrange to exchange rings with Demet in 10 days.”

-34:10; 41:55; 50:30 Cemre in jail with terrible stomach ache. Diagnosed with appendicitis.

Cemre dreams she and Kuzey have a baby

-48:00 Kuzey tells his boss he's going away.

-51:06 Cemre going under anesthesia dreams she has a baby.

-59:33 Venus gets cozy with Baris in the hospital.

-1:04:10 Kuzey gets call that Cemre's in the hospital. He goes rushing there to get a glimpse of her.

-1:08:11 Kuzey flashback to some romantic moments with Cemre.

-1:23:30 Baris tells his 'new story' about how he was injured.

-1:25:00 Cemre writes Kuzey a letter, “This obstacle is almost down.”

-1:27:00 Komiser gives Cemre a CD of Kuzey playing the saz and singing to her. She's released.

-1:28:37 Dual scenes: Cemre released from jail/Kuzey bidding his Dad and Komiser goodbye. Cemre to Gulten, “Where's Kuzey?” “He left.”

Episode 69

-Opening: Sami to Cemre: “He just left—said he would work from here and there for awhile.” She looks at Guney: “You did it, didn't you?” He leads her to believe Kuzey was a coward and just couldn't commit.

-7:45; 9:12 Kuzey travelling—listens to heart-wrenching message from Cemre.

-11:35 Baris returns to his house and has a flashback to the night he was injured.

-16:00 Deniz chased on motorcycle--it's Burak. "What's your relationship with Guney and Baris?"

-28:00 Cemre concludes “Kuzey's burden is me.”

-29:00; 32:40 Deniz gives Guney flashdrive with photos of Baris messing with Burak's tire.

-40:40 Banu: “We gave up on the land for the foundation.” Guney is rocked.

-42:50 Kuzey on bus going over letter Cemre wrote from jail. He dreams her head is on his shoulder and she's talking to him.

Episode 69 PART II (If episode is all in 1 part, add 45:36 to all timestamps)

-:05 Gulten planning a vacation.

-1:50 Cemre calls Zeynap asking her where new Makara stands are being opened, so she'll know where Kuzey might be.

-3:45 Guney with Melda. “She knows!” Banu shows up, “It's over! I will divorce you!” As she's leaving, Banu gets cozy with Can.

-10:27 Guney demands Baris' company shares in exchange for his silence.

-16:25 Guney to Handan at Sinaner mansion: “Our adventure in this house is over.”

-19:20; 34:41 Cemre to Kuzey: “I will leave you a message every day. I don't know if you will listen, but I will leave them anyway.” He listens and is touched.

-21:50; 38:10 Zeynap tells Kuzey where Makara stands are. “I know where Kuzey is.”

-29:00 Guney pressures Baris to give him company shares. Guney convinces Banu he loves her.”

-40:00 Cemre leaves for Samsun

-41:35 Guney goes to claim Baris' shares. Baris: “I already gave them to Burak.” Guney is now completely ousted from the company, Banu, and the 'high' life.

-47:00 Cemre shows up on Kuzey's doorstep.

Episode 70

Kuzey and Cemre on boat in Samsun

-Opening; 12:25; 14:30: 19:50; 25:49; 38:45: 43:25 (swing); 1:02:25 (boat); 1:09:22 (corkscrew); 1:16:34; 1:23:55; 1:26:40 Cemre with Kuzey in Samsun.

-4:00 Handan leaves Sinaner mansion.

-1:00:24 Banu goes to Guney with divorce settlement papers and ruffles him.

-1:29:36 Kuzey finds out Baris didn't put the condition on Kuzey leaving—Guney did.

Episode 71

-Opening: Guney 'rescuing' Simay from the pole dancing club.

-2:52; 4:55; 13:40 Kuzey storms to Handan's apt. “Where's Guney?”

-8:40 Burak to Baris: “I will never shake your hand. We will never be friends.”

-13:15 Komiser to Simay: “Now you will explain how you hit Baris with the poker.”

Kuzey and Cemre in Samsun reaching for phone

-24:25 Kuzey waiting for Guney to return. Cemre: “The abyss between you and Guney is already deep. Don't make it deeper.”

-27:12 Kuzey to Cemre: “It was a lovely two days in Samsun.”

-28:03; 35:16 Kuzey confronts Guney about making Kuzey leave for Cemre. Guney said he did it to 'protect' Kuzey.

-33:15 Banu lets Zeynapy go (as in nicely fires her).

-52:00 Banu learns she's pregnant.

-52:50; 56:28 Guney takes Simay to rented house—tries to kiss her.

-55:02 Kuzey at a gym punching the bag. Has visions of him punching Guney, Burak, and Baris. He turns around and Cemre is there. Cemre: “You put Guney between us.”

-1:01:40 Kuzey Samsun flashback: Cemre took his picture in the early morning. He wrote her a sweet sticky note, then took it away.

-1:05:35 Kuzey has a sweet 'older brother' conversation with Cihan

-1:18:23 Kuzey calls Cemre: “I'm leaving tomorrow.” Cemre: “We're going in circles. Let's be silent for a a time and try that.”

-1:23:00 Kuzey walking and thinking—flashes back to Cemre in Samsun.

-1:25:20 Guney goes to Handan's apt very drunk. Kuzey nearly drowns him.

-1:31:20 Kuzey goes to Cemre's window. “We're getting married tomorrow.”

Episode 72

-*Opening: Kuzey goes to Cemre's window. “We're getting married tomorrow.” Cemre: “No. Not when you've made the decision in anger.”

-7:40 Zeynap to Cemre: “Let's start a business together.”

-18:50 Sami has father/son talk with Guney. Guney blames Handan for what he's become.

-25:00 Kuzey, now back in Samsun, has flashbacks to when Cemre visited him.

-43:30 Banu has visions Guney choking her. Her mom finds out she's pregnant.

-57:27 Mr. Sekip visits Kuzey.

-1:02:10 Can tells Baris he wants to end his partnership with the Sininers.

-1:18:50 Guney and Banu at divorce hearing.

-1:21:30 Komiser/Demet's engagement party.

-1:31:40 Kuzey and Cemre kiss on the sidewalk and Guney pulls out a gun.

Episode 73

-Opening: Kuzey/Cemre sidewalk kiss. [Twist—years ago, Kuzey saw Guney kiss Cemre at her house. Now Guney is seeing her kiss Kuzey.]

-22:00 Zeynep to Cemre: “Sometimes one shows love through sacrifice.” [as in, turn your back on Kuzey.]

-26:20 Kuzey and Komiser talk all night. Simay texts Komiser, reporting on Guney.

-36:30 Cemre visits Handan, “Please, let's talk.”

-38:24 Simay gets caught snooping in Guney's computer. He shows her how Baris has been plotting with Sumer.

Episode 73 PART II (If episode is all in 1 part, add 45:00 to all timestamps)

-:19 Kuzey goes to Handan's and finds Cemre and Handan embracing and crying. (The actual Cemre and Handan conversation must have been deleted before airing, but you can watch it here.)

-5:50 Can confronts Baris about Guney's CD that shows Baris working with Sumer.

-12:50 Cemre flashback: sidewalk kiss with Kuzey at Demet's engagement party.

-15:20 Kuzey gets a note from Deniz with a code that is 'insurance' for him.

-35:50; 38:30 Everyone hanging wishes on rose bush at Gulten's. Kuzey peeks at Cemre's wishes which are all for him.

-43:50 Kuzey and Cemre literally bump into each other on sidewalk. He's just bought her engagement ring. He says, “I can't be there for your birthday.”

Episode 74

-Opening: Kuzey and Cemre literally bump into each other on sidewalk. He's just bought her engagement ring. He says, “I can't be there for your birthday.”

-10:32 Guney knows Simay is an informant on him to Komiser

-12:15 Kuzey goes to Ali's grave and tells Ali all about how he will propose to Cemre.

-28:00 Kuzey tells Handan, “I now have a company car and driver.” He gives her Mother's Day gift and she is very touched.

-37:30 Handan finds the rings Kuzey bought.

Episode 74 Part II (If episode is all in 1 part, add 45:19 to all timestamps)

-1:00 Handan spills beans to Gulten that Kuzey bought rings.

-4:25 Gulten calls Cemre and tells her Kuzey bought rings.

-13:50 Baris considers jumping off side of building.

-17:00; 24:40 Party at old folks' home—Kuzey gives Cemre flowers and a wedding planning book (her birthday is next day)

-22:30 Banu tells Baris that Guney killed Ferat.

-30:00 Baris goes to Guney's apt. He and Guney tussell and Guney ends up shot in leg. (Guney did it)

-33:30 Kuzey proposes to Cemre on boat.

Episode 75

Kuzey proposal to Cemre on boat

-Opening; 15:00 Kuzey proposes to Cemre on boat; they dance (10 min scene!)

-17:30 Zeynap calls Kuzey, “Guney's been shot!” (interrupts the proposal moment)

-18:15 Kuzey and Cemre rush to hospital—all the gang is there.

-41:20 Gulten blows up balloons for Cemre's birthday. Gives her a vacation as a gift.

-55:30 Cemre joins Kuzey on a bench by the sea.

-1:20:00 Cemre get permission from judge to marry Kuzey in spite of recent divorce.

-1:22:30 Kuzey and Cemre get blood tests.

Episode 76

-Opening: Guney looking at CD from airport lockbox- shows him putting the gun in Burak's glovebox. Komiser, at the airport, finds the lockbox empty. Kuzey/Cemre secure a wedding date.

-9:00; 28:00 Guney destroy's the CD in bakery's oven.

-11:30 Gulten looks for new house—right across street.

-18:40 Kuzey and Cemre walking and talking about Zeynap.

-55:10; 1:09:40 Engagement dinner for Kuzey and Cemre at Gulten's.

-1:17:30 Cemre calls Kuzey, “Tell me something nice before I go to sleep.” K: “I love you.”

-1:21:09; 1:23:45; 1:25:40 Kuzey goes to Sumer's apt. Sumer shot dead.

Episode 77

-Opening: Kuzey walking away from Sumer's apt—gunman is still there.

-10:40; 17:13 Cemre texts Guney. “Please meet me to talk.” At the cafe she begs, “Please leave Kuzey and me alone. I would give my life for him. (important scene)

-11:40;16:30 Killer cleans out Sumer's safe

-27:30; 42:00 Ebru finds stuff burning in Baris' fireplace—knows he's up to no good.

-35:16 Aynur begs Sami to go on vacation.

-39:50; 44:40 Baris packing money and gun. Then shreds papers and makes plans to sail away.

-46:00 Hussein trying to invite Gulten to live at his house. She's rolling her eyes. Funny!

-54:00 Omer comes to Gulten's door—she gets all giddy talking to him...then finds out he has a fiance. Funny!

-1:10:00 Gulten rejects Hussein's marriage proposal while they are on a dinner date.

-1:13:10 Cemre to Kuzey, “Let's go away together and get married.”

-1:16:10 Baris has flashback to day he killed Sumer.

-1:26:30 Kuzey finds Sumer dead.

Episode 78

-Opening Kuzey arriving at Sumer's house.

-4:00 Kuzey at police staiton.

Cemre imagines she's pregnant

-29:30 Kuzey and Cemre at police station. Kuzey says, “I love you.”

-30:45 Sami and Aynur have big fight.

-34:00; 1:03:32 Kuzey and Cemre travel in their imaginations to a day they're married with 3 kids.

-41:10; 42:40; 1:03:32 Simay bound and gagged in basement of Baris'

-41:20 Ebru and Banu discover Baris took Banu's sleeping pills. “Will he commit suicide?”

-57:27 Kuzey wakes Cemre with a kiss

-1:16:00; 1:19:00; 1:23:35 Kuzey sneaks into Baris' house; rescues Simay.

-1:24:40 Kuzey and Cemre on beach.

Episode 79

-Opening Kuzey and Cemre on beach.

-4:10 Gulten voices regrets about Omer.

-7:20 Kuzey calls Simay in hospital—flash back to her captivity.

-10:40 Ebru sells of Senaner shares. “Banu and I will go to America.”

-18:00 Ex-servant of Banu's tells Handan that Banu is pregnant.

-18:35; 29:00; 43:00 A sonogram reveals that all is not well for Banu's baby.

-20:16; 27:00; 40:23; 46:20; 54:28 Kuzey and Cemre splash and tease in the ocean.

-32:00 Sami applies to military on Guney's behalf.

-37:29; 1:21:20 Zeynap trying on Cemre's wedding dress, adds bling. Cemre mad.

-51:50 Gulten opens letter from Deniz to Kuzey, “Guney is the killer of Ferat.”

-57:30 Guney flashback: killing Ferat—tears up stuff and pushes Handan out of apt.

-1:00:00 Kuzey in hotel room practicing how he's going to ask Gulten for permission to marry Cemre. Cemre comes to the door and they have a sweet moment. “Wow, you look beautiful.”

-1:06:33 Kuzey, Cemre, and Gulten at dinner and Kuzey gives sweet speech. “I want us to be happy. I want my children to have a better childhood than I had—no shouting or disrespect.”

-1:13:12 Guney tapes a photo on Cemre's window.

-1:15:47 Bonfire on beach—Kuzey plays saz and sings to Cemre.

-1:23:30 Morning of Cemre and Kuzey's wedding

-1:25:50 Guney calls Kuzey taunting him about the wedding day. Kuzey tells Guney that Banu is pregnant. Kuzey: “This is your chance to pull yourself together and be a good person.”

-1:29:00 Deniz shows up at Kuzey's door.

Episode 80

-Opening: Gulten waking Cemre up on wedding day.

-7:20; 12:31; 16:00; 21:50; 43:00 Deniz comes to Kuzey's door: "Guney killed Ferat."

-38:18; 45:00 Simay signs document with Sinaner's lawyer in exchange for 250,000. Burak: “Here are the keys to your new house in Switzerland.”

-50:24; 56:20 Guney intercepts Banu in the hospital. She jumps off roof.

-53:40; 1:10:50 Cemre in her wedding dress.

-59:50; 1:01:03 Kuzey at Ali's grave struggling between Guney and Cemre. Cemre calls with heartfelt plea, “Choose me over Guney!”

-1:07:00; 1:27:33 Guney and Kuzey meet at Ali's forest. Big standoff and Guney shoots Kuzey.

-1:19:30 2 months later: moving day for Gulten. Cemre flashes back to day after she moved in

and she met Kuzey and Ali for first time.

-1:28:50; 1:29:30 Guney in jail. Ebru leaving villa.

-1:30:50 Gulten leaving her house, shows Kuzey wedding album—flashes back to their real wedding day.

-End: Kuzey and Cemre riding off in an antique car with the top down—off on their honeymoon.

* * *

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I'll leave you with a video that beautifully illustrates the Kuzey/Cemre love story.

Indeed Kuzey reached his dreams "Because You Loved Me."

Video credit: Mohamed Nabil - Youtube.


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