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Carpisma ~ Episode Guide

Quickly find your favorite Carpisma scenes with this handy Episode Guide to Carpisma in English!

Genre: Romantic Turkish Drama Series with English Subtitles

Number of episodes: 24

Lead actors: Kivanc Tatlitug | Elcin Sangu

Air date: 2019

Where to watched Carpisma full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles." Also available on this Youtube playlist


•Romantic scenes are in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes are in green.

•Other important scenes are bolded.


**Warning: This guide is FULL of Carpisma spoilers**


Carpisma Episode Guide:

Episode 1:

-Kadir in parking garage shootout. Kadir kills the last guy left showing he's a 'take no prisoners' type of cop.

-Veli introduced.

-Zeynap sees text on her husband Galip's phone from 'the other woman' saying he's going to divorce her.

-Veli Cevdet's men visit Galip: “Payday has passed. You have 2 days to pay up.”

-Cemre introduced. She calls Zeynep, then greets her father.

-Karem introduced—gets out of jail, greeted by Meral and Yakup.

-Veli to Galip at restaurant table: “There's a shipment of 10 million Euros for you to get.” “I can't, it's too risky.” “You will...”

-Kadir and Karem reunited at Sariyer game. [Flashback] Kadir giving him advice before jail.

-Cemre's surprise birthday party and intro of Demir.

-Kadir's wife and daughter introduced. Kadir to daughter: “I'll write a letter to you for school if you and mom will come to last game.” Then they practice cheers (adorable!)

-Galip steals part of the 10 mil Euros to pay off his other debt.

-1:09:10 Kadir takes his wife and daughter to soccer match. A suicide bomber blows them up. Kivanc's response- remarkable acting.

Kivanc tatlitug great acting moments Carpisma

-1:19:19 He readsthe letter from his daughter. Heart wrenching!

-Zeynep and Galip arguing-- Galip: “Pack your bags; we're leaving tomorrow.” “You may be going, but we're not going anywhere.” “They'll kill you!”

-1:25:04 Kadir recounts the bombing to his boss Haydar. Boss: “I have a summer house—go there. Take some time.” “No matter where I go, they'll be with me.”

-Veli barges in Zeynep's house: “You get the money Galip owes me. In the meantime, I'll keep your daughter.”

-Karem looks for a job to no avail. Visits Kadir who is deep in mourning. Karem calls Yakip: “Ok, let's rob the safe.”

-Zeynep robs her bank to get money to pay Veli to ransom her daughter Aylin back.

-Cemre to Demir at dinner: “I got accepted to Master's Degree program in America.” He pulls out engagement ring. “My plan was to get married.”

-Karem and Yakup rob the safe, but Cemre's step mom Belma is romping with lover, Demir. Cemre comes home; stabbed by Karem who is trying to escape.

-Zeynep stopped by cops at traffic stop, but drives off to escape.

-Kadir contemples killing himself, but decides to make his death worthwhile by catching bank robber.

-Karem, feeling guilty, turns around to go help the girl he stabbed. But Cemre is already driving trying to get help for herself.

-Kadir and Zeynep collide in intersection. Karem and Cemre intersect with them as well.

Carpisma car crash

Episode 2:

-Opens with collision and Zeynep recognizing Kadir. [Flashback] Their childhood—her father, a cop, not coming home one day, and her, Kadir and Asli (Kadir's wife) in orphanage. (Her father died in 1991, that makes her about 37 in the show.)

-Zeynap drives off in a bystander's car, then Kadir drives off in another cop car.

-Kadir has a 'ghost' moment seeing/hearing his daughter in the car. Poignant.

-Kadir catches Zeynep in abandoned warehouse trying deliver the money to Veli, who, seeing the police car, took off. Kadir and Zeynep face off, Kadir collapses, she does CPR, police and ambulance come, she's arrested.

-44:21 Haydar finds Kadir at the soccer stadium: “How did you know where to find me?” “Eventually everyone returns to the scene of the crime.” Boss gives him a fatherly pep talk on life. Shows the sweet relationship they have.

-Kerem sees Belma at hospital as he's being discharged. Recognizes her from robbery night.

-Yakup looking at newspaper and the affair footage on his phone, “If she'll give me the amount of money I want...”

-Veli to Zeynep's daughter, Aylin, by the water: “It's not my fault you are paying for the mistakes of your parents.”

Best scenes from Carpisma Kivanc tatlitug

-1:13:54; 1:25:53 Police take Zeynep to Kadir's house. “I'm dying Zeynep. I'm dying bit by bit since they are gone.” Heartbreaking!

-Kerem goes looking for Meral at her mom's. “Why are you looking here? Ask Yakup. You are so naive. You entrusted the lamb to a wolf.”

-Another poignant moment between Zeynep and Kadir at his house.

-As Zeynep's running away from the cops, Kadir handcuffs her to himself. “You're not going anywhere til I find your daughter.” As they're walking away, a boy offers to sell him a necklace that he recognizes. Flashback of Kadir to Veli: “I couldn't save her, Veli.”

Episode 3:

-Opens with Kadir and Zeynep entering police station, handcuffed.

-Flashback Veli's family, murdered on the floor of the house.

-Veli to one of his men: “Child, what child?”

-Kadir meets with Zeynep and Cemre at police station. “You mean to tell me I was in one car, Zeynep another, and Cemre the third—and Cemre is Zeynep's lawyer? You must be joking...”

-Kadir escorts Zeynep to jail cell. “I'll be just outside just like when we were kids and locked in places like this.” …. Zeynep: “Did you ever find your mother?” “I stopped looking. Why would I want to look for someone who doesn't love me and left me in an orphanage?”

-Kerem goes to a bar, gets drunk, can't pay, is kicked out and beaten.

-At the place where Veli got his car, Kadir smashes the windshield of another car.

-59:25 [Flashback 2007] Zeynep meets Asli at a restaurant. “Love Kadir for me.”

-Kadir finds Kerem at the soccer stadium.

-Cemre's father, Selim, meets with Veli on a bluff overlook. Selim: “Where's the 10 mil Euros?”

-Belma to Demir: “There's only one way to get rid of Cemre...”

-Kadir interrogating Kerem—flashback to when/why Kerem stabbed his dad. Kerem to Kadir: “I came to your house [a few days ago], but you had checked out.”

-Kerem to Cemre in interrogation room: “I'm really glad to see you.” [that you lived]

-Yakup in elevator with Belma-- holds up his phone with 'her scene' playing. “Does this look familiar? 3 million or you can watch online with millions of others.”

-Kerem to Cemre: “Belma wasn't alone in the villa. Get me out of here and I'll show you the video.”

-Veli to Kadir in the orphanage schoolyard: “I think your mother would hate you too. That's why she left you.”

Episode 4:

-Opens with Cemre talking to Kerem in jail: “I'll put you away for a LONG time.” “Get me out and I'll show you the video of who was at the villa with your stepmom...”

-Veli to Kadir in the orphanage schoolyard. “I'm going to find out who brought you back [from the brink of despair] and put a rope around them too—and pull.”

-9:57; 12:20 Zeynep gets a package--Aylin's sweater.

-Flashback to when Kadir and Veli were first assigned as partners—a chilly meeting...

-Kadir to Haydar: “Who got Veli out of prison? Who was his lawyer?” “Selim Gur.” (Cemre's father..)

-[Flashback] In a police raid shootout, Kadir and Veli each 'have each other's back' and save the other from gunmen behind them.

-Haydar to Kadir: “You need companions—a dog, or cat, or family. --As soon as possible.”

-55:35 Kadir makes Zeynep an omlette. The first little sparks fly. Zeynep at the table: “We're at the same table after so many years. But this time you prepared it.” He back-pedals at the implication, then walks away.

-Kadir to Selim at his office: “...This gun is the judge.” He shoots the glass wall out. “There should have been a door there.” !! Kivanc is so Joe cool!

-1:20:20 Kerem, in jail, to his mom: “The biggest mistake you ever made was going back to that man [Kerem's abusive father]. You made me grow up that day—and I was only 7.” Poignant!

-[Flashback] Kadir to Veli, drunk, at soccer stadium: “I loved a girl named Zeynep.”

-Zeynep escapes house arrest; goes to Veli.

-Kadir follows one of Veli's men. Veli shoots the man. It's a trap.

-Veli to Zeynep: “You will bring me Galip and Kadir. I won't take him, you'll give him, and I'll hurt him with the person he loves the most.”

Episode 5:

-Opens with repeat of Veli shooting his man and Veli to Zeynep: “You're the woman Kadir couldn't forget.”

-6:00; [Flashback 2007] Kadir to Veli over soup breakfast: “Zeynep was like a bullet in my head. Sometimes if I forget, the bullet moves and damages me. …. If she called me now and asked for help, I would go--I'd die for her.”

-14:30 Zeynep finds Aylin.

-17:41Cemre visits Kerem in prison: “I'm having second thoughts—maybe you are telling the truth. I'll get you out, and I want you to give me that video.”

-Zeynep smacks Veli on the head and tries to escape with Aylin but Veli smacks her on the head.

-24:00 At same restaurant where Kadir had soup breakfast with Veli: Zeynep swipes the soup onto the floor. …. “I'll bring you Galip, but you can't kill him.”

-27:00 Yakup brings flowers to Belma with his 'business card.'

-28:50 Cemre to her family and Demir. “I've decided not to go to America. I'm staying here.”

-32:46; 35:16 Kadir finds Zeynep at restaurant and unloads: “Why didn't you listen to me! Veli is no joke! If he hasn't killed you, it's because he has a bigger plan!” Kivanc's acting is amazing when he's angry!

Zeynep and Kadir as children Carpisma

-34:38 Veli beats the crap out of a guy who he bumped into on the street.

-36:50 [Flashback] Kadir and Zeynep as kids sitting in orphanage listening to his mom sing on Walkman.

-39:20 Cemre to Demir: “I'll assign a lawyer from our agency to get Kerem out.” “I'll be his lawyer.”

-42:30 Meral sees her photo with Kerem and has a moment of realization just how far she's fallen.

-52:19 Zeynep makes a video: “I'm a mom. I did it for my child.”

-116:00 Kadir to Kerem whose just been released from jail: “My house is yours now.”

-119:00 Demir beats the crap out of Yakup, takes his phone and flashdrive with incriminating video of him and Belma.

-132:00 [Flashback] Veli was a dirty cop and killed his partner. (Prior to Kadir as his partner.)

-140: 26 Veli has his inside man deliver Asli's earrings to Kadir. He goes on a rampage and gives a moving speech to everyone in the office. (He'd given Asli the earrings as an anniversary gift.) Kadir walks outside; Zeynep approaching.

-1:48:51 Zeynep and Kadir go to a restaurant—same one Zeynep met Asli at: “After you left, I lived like a homeless man for several years. And one day I came home and Asli had the table set for two. And she did it everyday. She never asked about you. Maybe she was afraid of what I would answer.”.... Zeynep: “I made a lot of mistakes.” “Don't make one now.” VERY powerful scene. Second hint at romance between them.

-1:55:50 Kadir gets a call—it's a recording of his mom singing the song....

-1:56:30 Veli calls Zeynep: “Whose side are you on? Mine or Kadir's?” “Yours.”

-2:02:42 Kerem goes to get video from Yakup in parking garage. Yakup takes Cemre 'hostage.'

Episode 6:

[Much of this episode is Galip and Zeynep following Veli's instructions where to go to take the money and to pick up Aylin.]

-Opens with Kadir ushering Galip out of the car as he's returning to Istanbul.

-3:15; 24:37 Repeat of Kerem and Meral in parking garage—Yakup walks up with Cemre as his hostage. Kerem shot by Yakup.

-9:00 Zeynep to Galip: “That emptiness you saw in my eyes was created by Kadir—his absence. I left because I was afraid of losing him—like my father.” Kadir, just outside, hears the conversation...

-20:22 In the car, Kadir to Zeynep: “At one time we were very... beautiful....” His facial expression is so revealing of his emotions! Great acting, GREAT scene!

-41:10 [Flashback 2008] Kadir discovers Veli is drug trafficking. Veli sees what happens to traffickers who aren't on time... [their family is killed.]

-Demir to Cemre: “Your father is Veli's lawyer.”

 best scenes from Carpisma

-1:19:50 Kadir to Zeynep while waiting on a corner for Veli to call: “I know why you left, Zeynep.... …. Don't leave again.”

-Veli has a 'seizure,' drops his medicine, and falls to floor. Aylin gives it to him, saving him. (sweet)

-[Flashback to 2008] Kadir confronts Veli about the drugs in a parking garage. Veli escapes, but doesn't have the drugs to deliver. Kadir rushes to Veli's house, but he's too late. Veli's family was massacred.

-Cemre meets Meral in the park and sees Demir with Belma on the video.

-Kerem, hearing Demir say, “I deleted the video and the only thing left is Kerem, and he'll probably die of his wounds,” Kerem slips out and goes to Kadir's house.

-Kadir tries to go after Veli into the 'house' where Kadir knows Zeynep and Galip are, and a multitude of men block his way. The big “Kivanc kick” then big brawl where crowd forces Kadir and police back.

-Veli to Zeynep and Galip: “You didn't keep your word. You brought Kadir. Now the only way you can have your daughter is if you kill Galip.” Veli puts his hands over hers and forces her to shoot and kill Galip...

Episode 7:

-Opens with Zeynep running... and some profound introspection. We see Kadir 'rescue' her after the shooting of Galip, but she's running. Doesn't really make sense. Seems like the rescue could have been a very good 'real time' scenes, but they skipped over that. Maybe we'll get a flashback.

-Zeynep 'gets off' in court with help of Cemre and testimony of Kadir, and others.

-Coached by Kadir, Zeynep makes a statement to reporters: “I'm willing to love the man I hate the most.” [Veli]

-Selim files a complaint about Kadir shooting a 'door' in his office. Kadir makes insulting comebacks. Funny!

**Timeline is not making sense... Galip shot, Kadir was on the ground bleeding. Cemre nursing a convalescing Kerem. Suddenly, Kadir is up, 'rescues' Zeynep, then is in court with Kadir (who shows no signs of being beaten up) at the same time Veli is dumping Galip's body.... and then they all have dinner at Kadir's and everyone is fit as a fiddle...***

-Selim brings Demir to meet Veli, “We'll show him how money is laundered.”

-Kadir at table with Zeynep, Cemre, and Kerem: “We will bandage our wounds together. We will do this together—at the end of every day, right here together at this table.” Sets the stage for their future interactions.

-Kadir to Kerem: “Cemre is wounded more than she lets on. She's been stabbed in the back by everyone she's trusted. Watch out for her. Take care of that girl.”

-Selim to Veli: “From now on you will deal with Demir not me...” Selim to Cemre: “I'm no longer Veli's lawyer.”

-Kerem to his mom: “I'll buy us a house and get you away from that man!” Emotional scene!

-Zeynep stabs Veli at the cemetery.

-Kerem to Merel: “Give me the video.” “I don't have it. Take me away from here, Kerem!” “No. I'll take Cemre. Everyone in my life has let me down: my father, Yakup and most of all, you. Cemre believes in me unconditionally.”

-59:15 Cemre to Kerem at the seaside: “I feel safe around you.”

Carpisma Cemre and Kerem

-1:02:46 Kadir to Zeynep at the tea house: “I will NOT leave you.”

-1:20:30 Rooftop shootout. Kadir shoots Veli and rescues Aylin.

-1:35:00 Cemre to Kerem: “You are beautiful in the way you protect those you love around you.” Very sweet romance brewing!

-1:39:25 At the hospital-- Haydar to Kadir: “You turn everything upside down. Give me your badge and weapon!”

-1:43:30 Kadir and Zeynep outside Deniz' bedroom where Aylin is sleeping: “Teach me how to love again, Zeynep. Teach me how to talk to a child again.”

-1:46:00 Kerem accompanies Cemre to a hotel. They have a flirty moment.

-Kerem and Kadir beat up Yakup and his thug buddies.

-2:03:52 Kadir to Veli in coma in hospital: “Please tell me about my mom. Being an orphan was very difficult.” Poignant.

-2:09:25 Aylin wants to wear Deniz' pj's. So sad for Kadir!

-2:11:44 Zeynep to Aylin: “We get well when we love.

-The foursome eat around the dinner table. Nice camaraderie.

-Belma to Yakup at gunpoint: “I'll give you 5 million—if you kill Cemre.”

-Selim has men rush the hospital and steal Veli back.

Episode 8:

-Opens with 'stealing' Veli from the hospital, and the foursome sitting around the dinner table listening to Kadir's recording of his mom singing.

-Veli with 'his' doting mother (Kadir's mom). Mother: “I made the biggest mistake in my life because of fear.”

-9:50 Zeynep to Kadir at a cafe: “We'll find your mother, and then I'll remind you how to love again.”

Carpisma Aylin

-Veli to Demir: “So you are having an affair with the wife of the man that trusts you most.... And there is a video. I'll help you if you'll help me...”

-34:30 Kerem's mom babysits Aylin and they bake a cake together. Sweet scene!

-Zeynep meets with Selim. He offers her position as head of finance at his company. "We're turning over a new leaf. Help us get rid of the likes of Veli.”

-Veli calls Kadir on the phone: “The reason you didn't kill me was cause you want to know about your mom... You still wonder about her even though you're unwanted. She didn't even ask your name.” “I'll find her and ask her myself.”

-Cemre goes off on Demir. Demir: “I know what your father really does. If you tell him about the video, I'll make sure he rots in prison the rest of his life.”

-Demir to Veli on phone: “Cemre has the money ready to get the video.” “Well I have the person she was going to get it from.” (He has Yakup & Meral.)

-Veli to Meral: “Two choices: The money from Cemre, or keep Kerem alive?” “How about a third choice? Keep the money and kill Cemre.”

-Kadir shows Zeynep a house for her and Cemre to rent. “...We will heal each other.”

-1:10:00 Kerem shows an empty garage/shop to Cemre: “This place is my dream. To build motorcycles.” Sparks are flying.

-Kerem walks his mom home and she asks sheepishly, “Who was that girl that looked at you so beautifully?”

-1:18:47 Kadir tells Aylin a bedtime story: “...The man held the star and waited for the princess to come get it and be his friend.”

-Zeynep takes Aylin to the park: “Dad is not walking and talking like we are any more...”

-Cemre to meet Meral in parking garage to pay for video—Kerem and Kadir show up instead. They get the flashdrive, plug it in and Veli is on there. “Kadir, your mother is at the cemetery at what she thinks is your grave right now. BUT if you go to her, Zeynep will be shot. And Kerem, I have your mother... AND Cemre.”

-Kadir rushes to Zeynep. Kerem, recalling Kadir say that Veli wouldn't hurt Cemre because of her father, rushes to his mother—but finds it's Cemre there. We hear a gunshot. Show ends...

-Disappointing at the end... too melodramatic and unrealistic for me.

Episode 9:

-Opens where 8 left off-- Kerem mourning, a gunshot, and Veli walking away.

-Turns out Meral arrived just in time and rescues Kerem's mom from Demir, who's holding the gun.

-Zeynep meets with Selim: “I accept your job offer.”

-31:37 Zeynep and Kadir sitting on a bench. K: “...You've already helped me. Stay close to me. Your presence gives me strength and life.”

-Zeynep takes Aylin to the park. Veli shows up. “I will never hurt you or Aylin, but I can't promise about the others.”

-Kerem confronts Demir in a parking garage—then brings out Meral. “Meral, was this the man who held a gun to my mother's head.” “No.” (She's lying cause she know Kerem will kill him and she doesn't want him to go to jail again.)

-Veli meets with girl informant from police station. “Find out when the evidence money will be transferred.”

-A “voice” calls Kadir. “I'll give you your mother if you'll get me off. (with little punishment). Write down this address.”

-Kadir calls Zeynep. “I found my mother. Will you go with me?”

-At home, Kadir picks up a box, and says to Zeynep. “These are all the letters I wrote to my mother.”

-Kadir and Zeynep go to address, the lady calls him Kadir. “How did you know my name was Kadir?”

-Veli's men attack the money convoy, but Kadir shows up and drives them off.

-Meral to Demir: “Give me 250K and I'll keep my mouth shut and leave.”

-Veli calls Zeynep: “Come to me with Aylin and I'll tell you about Kadir's mother.”

-Kerem's mom to Kerem: “Look at that girl Cemre carefully. You are a lot alike. Beautiful hearts.”

Carpisma english Kerem and Cemre kiss

-Veli to Demir: “Here are your new partners to kill Meral.” Yakup and his sidekick drive up. Veli: “But you may NOT kill Cemre.”

-1:38:55 Cemre to Kerem at the shop he wants: “What do you see when you see me?” Almost kiss

-Zeynep meets Veli at an aquarium. Veli: “I'll make you an offer. Every time you meet with me you can ask me one question about Kadir's mother.”

-Meral shot by the girl cop, she almost shoots Kerem, but Kadir shows up and exposes her. Adem shoots her.

Episode 10:

-Opens with Adem shooting Meltem (girl cop).

-Kerem is waiting at hospital for Meral to get out of surgery. Cemre comes, is jealous, and leaves.

-16:34; 21:24; 24:50 Zeynep takes Kadir to a coffee shop. He complains about the tea, then gets jealous when an old friend of Z's who comes over and puts his hand on her arm. Very funny and Kadir looks very handsome in the scene!

-28:57 Kadir drops Zeynep off at her new job: “Be careful of that jackel Selim.” A hint of romance.

-33:10 Kadir pulls up to stoplight and car pulls up and starts shooting at him.

-Meral, out of the hospital, goes to recuperate at Kadir's house and flirts with Kerem in front of Cemre.

-Veli to Yakup and sidekick: “Rob a safe to get the 10 million Euros.”

-1:00:00 Cemre, jealous of Meral's flirting, storms out. Kerem follows her, flirts/teases her over the jealousy.

-1:06:30 Veli tells his “mom” about the girl he loves, Zeynep.

-1:18:23 Kadir visits graves of Asli and Deniz. Buries his wedding ring. Sad!

-Kadir sees Adem put flowers on Melten's grave (girl cop) and then put flowers on grave of Veli's sister. He realizes Adem is the 2nd mole.

-1:26:51 Veli calls Zeynep. “Kadir's father is alive too. Meet with me and bring Aylin, and you can ask a question.”

-1:29:15 Kerem takes Cemre for ride on a motorcycle.

-1:36:00; 1:42:40; 1:44:40; 1:52:00 Kadir gets Aylin's aquarium for her and a potted camilla for Zeynep—everyone snickers at the potted 'tree.' Zeynep has the Sariyer guys come and cheer in front of the house for Kadir.

-1:47:30 Meral kisses Kerem, Cemre sees and goes storming off. Kerem goes after her. “I just found you. I'll never let you go.” **Big kiss

Kerem  Cemre Kiss Carpisma English subtitles

-Kadir's mom goes to Zeynep's office. “Can we go out for coffee and talk about Veli?” Veli intercepts them. “Don't you dare...” Z: “It's her, isn't it? Kadir's mom.”

-Kadir catches Yakup, his sidekick, and Adem stealing a bunch of money (for Veli). He goes after Adem, they play cat and mouse and episode ends with Adem holding a gun to Kadir's head.

**Kivanc looks especially handsome in entire ep.

Episode 11:

-Opens with Adem holding gun to Kadir's head. Shot fired, Adem drops. Haydar, Kadir's boss shoots Adem.

-11:00;18:22 Kerem and Cemre go to lunch. Cemre: “We met in a very unusual way, but I feel safe and cherished.” He takes her back to work on motorcycle and she kisses him. Demir sees and cringes.

-Yakup delivers money to Veli: “They arrested your man Adem.”

-From his hospital bed-- Adem to Kadir: “If I'd known Cansiz was involved, I wouldn't have gotten involved. A lot of people have died including your loved ones.” “Cansiz killed Asli and Deniz.”

-Flowers are delivered for Meral. Inside the pot is a bunch of money. Veli calls her. “Now that you've held the money, are you ready to tell me what's going on at Kadir's house?”

**Kadir beginning to laugh

-32:47; 35:00; 39:00 Cemre takes Kerem to a nice restaurant. “I can't handle a place this fancy. I can't go somewhere that I can't afford the bill.”

-Aylin spills beans that Veli took her to the park.

-36:40 Kadir confronts Zeynep: “Have you been seeing Veli?” “No.” “Ok, then. I trust you. I trust you a lot. But I've been battered a lot lately. My best friend stabbed me in the back. I can't endure something like that again.”

-Kadir's mom, Asiye, takes her wig off.

-45:20 Kerem and Cemre walking by the water: Cemre: “...Tell that 7 year old boy there is someone who loves him very much.”

-Adem to lawyer Demir in hospital: “I don't need you. I'm Veli's black box in the police dept.”

-Cemre tells off Demir: “You think you have to rise and 'win' to be happy. Fortunately, I'm not a part of that world any more.”

-Meral to Cemre: “You're all stylish and high brow. Kerem is simple. All he has is his pride.” Then Meral calls Demir: “Let's put an end to Cemre and Kerem's love. I already started. I let you know when it's your turn to chime in.”

-1:18:21; 1:21:22 Kadir to Zeynep having tea: “...You love finding my weak spot.” Flirty exchange. Kadir gets a call and turns to leave, but kisses her on the cheek before rushing off.

-Zeynep meets Veli: “You said Kadir's mom left him because she was afraid. Who was she afraid of?” “Kadir's father. And if Kadir finds out about it, he will kill the man because he's responsible for all of Kadir's suffering.” …. …. Veli: “I feel alive every time I look at you.” “Every time I look at you I'm reminded how much I love Kadir.” Kadir is watching the exchange....

-1:29:20 Kadir confronts Veli: “You took my mother, my brother Adem and now Zeynep.” Kadir fights a bunch of Veli's men but loses in the end.

-1:34:00 Kadir comes home, furious: “How long have you been seeing Veli, Zeynep? Everyone I love has sided with Veli. I'm an idiot! I've always believed what you said. But I won't be hurt by my loved ones any more.”

CArpisma with ENglish subtitles

-1:38:00 Veli gives the letter to Aiyse. Very sad. “I waited for you, mom, but you never came. I'm 18 and this is my last letter and the last birthday I'll celebrate. Did you ever love me?”

-Kerem's shop landlord: “Go ahead and open your business. I'll waive rents and deposits for 2 months.”

-Kerem and Veli fight it out in the shop—mostly over Cemre.

-Kadir finds out that man in a photo he's been circulating is the head of the sleeper cell responsible for the stadium bombing.

-Kerem to Cemre at the shop: “You paid the rent and deposits. I didn't ask for help. This was my dream. Now it's my dream ALONE.”

**Both Kadir and Kerem are at odds with their women.**

-Kadir to Kerem: “If something happens to me tonight, I'm entrusting Zeynep and Aylin to you. I have the address of the man responsible for the bombing.”

-Selim has heart attack from stress.

-Zeynep moves out.

-Kadir goes to sleeper cell guy's house: “Who ordered the bombing?” “Cansiz.”

-Veli waiting for Cansiz: “Come Cansiz, Kadir's father....”

Episode 12:

-Opens where 11 left off—Kadir at guy's house “Who is Cansiz?” and Veli waiting for Cansiz.

-Selim (in hospital bed) to Veli: “Cansiz wants Kadir? And what if you don't give him Kadir?” “He'll give me to the Georgian.” (the man Veli stole the money from).

-Kerem goes to hospital to be with Cemre, and he sees her sitting with Demir and leaves. Next morning she comes out and he's there. She basically says, Why are you here? What is there to talk about after what you told me the other day?

-Cemre answers Selim's phone. It's the OBGYN Belma visted.

-Kerem finds the money Veli gave to Meral.

-Zeynep meets Veli at the orphanage. “Is Kadir's father Cansiz?” “Yes. I'll give Kadir his mother if you'll: Drop charges against me and leave Kadir.”

-Kadir burns stacks of Yakup's dirty money while Yakup looks on, cringing.

-Kadir goes storming into the house of the Georgian. “I'll tell you who robbed you if you tell me where to find Veli.”

- Zeynep to Selim in hospital: “This is a pic of Cemre and her mother. I won't show it to Cemre if you'll find out where Ayshe lives for Kadir.”

-The Georgian goes storming into Veli's lair—Kadir on his heels. Kadir drags Veli out and shoves him in his car.

-Zeynep to Cemre: “I'm visiting Veli to find out about Kadir's mother.” “Are you crazy?” “He would give up anything for me. I can't let him give up finding his mother. I have to do this for him.”

-Demir to Yakup: “Let's partner and get rid of Kerem. I'll get Cemre, and you'll get Meral and money."

-Kadir interrogates Veli: “Where is Cansiz.” “I don't know, but I can give you the address of a man whose life was ruined by Cansiz.” “I'll take it. And give me info about my mother.” “Your name is Yusuf.” Kadir goes into a corner by himself and breaks down.” **Great acting. Adem shows up with a gun pointed at Kadir. “I'm not here to kill you, but to keep you from being a murderer.” (Snubbing Veli and siding with Kadir.)

-1:52:00 Zeynep retracted her complaint against Veli. Kadir rails on her. “Why did you wipe away what he did with the stroke of a pen?” “I can't tell you.” …. “You ended it. Again.” [Apparently Zeynep said in here somewhere that she is leaving Kadir as she promised Veli, but it was unclear.]

-[Flashback.] Veli made a deal with Kerem's mom-- I keep Kerem alive, you drop the charges

against me.

Kivanc Tatlitug great acting moments carpisma

-Cemre would give a statement either.

-Veli walks out of the police station smiling like the Cheshire cat. Adem picks him up. Adem's act earlier siding with Kadir was a ruse.

-Haydar gives Kadir the paper with his mothers address. Kadir: “What will I say if I go there?” “Don't say anything. Being apart for 35 years can't be expressed with words.” Great line!

-2:10:47 Kadir goes to his mom's house. “Olum??”

Episode 13:

-Opens with complete scene of him discovering his mom. “I spent 18 years of hell in an orphanage." He walks out, drives off, then pulls over and weeps. Zeynep calls: “Did you find your mother? Why are you crying? Send me your location and I'll be right there.” **Great Kivanc performance. Moving!

-Veli shoots the Georgian in a Turkish bath.

-16:20 Kadir to Zeynep: “I found my mother but I lost you. And what for? Nothing. Nothing matters without you. … I loved my mom, but knew nothing about her. But I grew up with you. I know everything about you.” Powerful scene. Great acting!

-Veli goes to Asiye's house. She practically throws him out. “You kept my son from me.... I hate you!”

-Zeynep to Cemre on balcony: “I put the photo of you and your mom in your office. … But I don't think you should confront your father now about it. You are in a better position to find out more if he doesn't know you have it.”

-Kadir to Demir in Demir's office: “I have a beast inside of me. …. I'm looking for Cansiz. If you withhold information about him, I'll unleash this beast on you.”

-Kadir to Adem (at Veli's family's house??) “I know you still have Veli in your blood. But if you hide Cansiz from me, I'll kill you.”

-44:00 Kadir / Kerem go to dinner. Zeynep/Cemre show up at same restaurant. The boys talk to each other—but really the real truth about the women, and vice-versa. Kadir: “I was 19, I bought a ring for her. But when I went to propose to her, she had her suitcase packed and told me she was leaving.” Zeynep is moved. “Kadir, let's talk outside. Now.” She rails on about how hard it was for her to leave, how she loved him. “I died every day without you.” He softens, gives her a little kiss. They embrace. Veli looks on from the shadows...

Kadir and Zeynep Carpisma romantic scenes

-Cemre and Kerem come outside. Cemre: “I gave you something much more important than money—my heart. And you broke it.

-Kadir and Zeynep shoot balloons by the water. They spend the day together just like when they were 19. He takes her home. As he drives away, Veli drags her behind the building. “I'll give Kadir to Cansiz and I won't protect you any more.”

-1:33:00;149:22 Asiye comes to Zeynep's office: “Thank you so much for loving Kadir.”

-1:37:25 Asiye tells Zeynep the story of Kadir's birth, how/why she gave him up. (Fear of Cansiz)

-Kadir captures a guy who knows something about Cansiz. They guy shows Kadir two cut off fingers. “This is what happened when Cansiz told me to kill the kid and I didn't. And that was after he killed my kid.”

-Selim calls Veli: “We've got to get rid of this Kaan guy (the OBGYN who helped him kill Cemre's mother.)”

-2:01:00; 2:02:16 Kerem to Cemre “Can we talk? …. I don't want to lose you.” “I thot I knew you, but I don't.”

-Veli to Selim: “Tomorrow we deliver Kadir to Cansiz.”

-Cemre finds Kaan dead in his apt. Selim standing outside door holding a gun.

-2:08:18 Kadir meets Cansiz. Veli takes Asiye there to see. “Kadir had a wife and daughter. Cansiz is responsible for their death. You tell Kadir that Cansiz is his father and either Cansiz will kill Kadir or Kadir will kill Cansiz.”

*Great episode!

Episode 14:

-Opens where 13 left off. Asiye: “Veli, I'll do whatever you want, but don't tell Kadir Cansiz is his father. I've only just found my son.”

-Cansiz plays a little Russian roulette game with Veli, Selim, and Adem in the back of his shop.

-23:00 Cansiz strong-arms Asiye at her apt: “You won't have any peace from me until you die.”

-33:09 Kadir comes down stairs in a suit. Zeynep: “Where are you going?” “Business.” “I'm going too.” She gets miffed. Funny!

-35:25;39:07 Kerem to Cemre at her door: “Do you know what I love about you the most? The way you forgive.” Zeynep comes storming home from her encounter with Kadir and says: “Go on! Go solve your problems. You're adults.” She shoos them out of the house. Funny!

-Zeynep follows Kadir to a casino. He busts in and gets a pocket watch. Cansiz and Veli watch on security cameras. Cansiz to Veli watching Kadir with Zeynep: “He loves the girl. Don't love anyone this much.” Veli nods, but knows he loves Zeynep...

-Walking near Cemre's house, Cemre and Kerem encounter her dad. Cemre: “I'm not afraid of Kerem, but I'm afraid of you. You hid something from me.”

-52:34 Kadir to Zeynep at an overlook: “I've loved you since I was seven years old.” Kiss

-Veli to Selim on the phone: “We need to send Zeynep to jail.”

-1:06:51 Meral stops by Kerem's shop. “I'm leaving... It's over, isn't it?” “Yes.”

-1:12:40 Kadir shakes hands/'partners' with Cansiz. They drink tea. Kadir gives him the cassette tape of his mother singing. “Can you fix this for me? It has sentimental value.”

-1:25:53; 1:34:00 Kadir talks with his mom in a park. They embrace. Very touching. Great acting!

-1:40:51 Zeynep shows Kadir her upstairs. He gets frisky!

-Birthday party/cake for Kadir—it's his real birthday.

-Cansiz inner dialog: “My son, I wanted to be a father to you, but didn't get a chance. …. It's good that you were born.... Rest in peace.”

-Kadir is given his police badge and gun back. His boss: “Welcome back. Selim Gur dropped charges.”

-Veli inner dialog: “I'll pit Kadir, Asiye, and Cansiz all against each other.” He sets up a situation and gets Cansiz and Kadir to go to Asiye's apt. Just before Kadir arrives, Cansiz hears police are there. He assumes it was a set up by Asiye.

Episode 15:

-Opens where 14 left off-- Cansiz, Kadir, and police all arriving at Asiye's at the same time. Cansiz escapes on a garbage truck.

-Cansiz suspects it was Veli who set him up. “Come to my office tomorrow so we can talk.”

-17:22 Kadir to Zeynep in the ambulance. “How much do you love me?” Flirty and funny!

-19:45 Kerem calls Cemre from police station: “Forgive me. I only loved you with all the good and bad. ...You're the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. … I've loved you very much.” So sad. He's such a gentle soul and he's had a rough time. Poignant, romantic, and great acting.

-Adem comes to Kadir's hospital room: “I want to get out of this mess. Will you help me?”

-33:40 Zeynep lays next to Kadir in the hospital bed.

-Kadir to Cansiz (unaware he is Cansiz): “If I can get near someone, his end is near.”

-47:30; 53:00 Cemre visits Kerem in jail. Kerem: “You don't know how glad I was to see you come through that door.” She hugs, then kisses him.

-Selim to Demir: “Offer Kerem's father money to make false testimony against him.”

-Zeynep to Veli: “Now I'm a maniac too. You keep pressing me and you won't believe what I'll do.”

-Meral to Demir: “Kerem's mom and I kept silent about you nearly shooting her because we wanted to keep Kerem out of jail. But he's in jail now. So fix that situation or....”

-1:17:30; 1:22:42 Zeynep comes to Kadir's door and her key won't open it. A turning of the tables from when he came to her door. Funny and romantic (link to trailer preview) Big kiss at 1:22:42.

-Adem steals Kadir's cassette tape of his mom singing from Cansiz' shop.

-Demir to Belma in his office: “I have no plans for a future with you! I want to forget my past!”

-Kadir goes to Cansiz' to get his cassette tape back—there's nothing on the tape.

-Kerem in court—sentenced to jail.

-Demir to Cemre: “If Kerem gets out of jail, your father will go—for the rest of his life.”

-Cansiz/Veli arrange a money shipment from Russia. Kadir intercepts it.

-Cansiz to Veli and Adem: “Where's the cassette tape?” He has footage showing Adem. Has Veli shoot him. Cansiz walks away and Veli breaks down. Adem was the last member of 'his family.'

-Kadir meets Selim at a restaurant flops down evidence of money laundering. Selim: “Is that all you have?” In walks Zeynep, Belma, and Cemre, each in turn presenting additional evidence against him.

Episode 16:

-Opens with the gang confronting Seli. Kadir: “This is what we want you to do....” -Cansiz calls Kadir. “You have 48 hours to find me or I'll kill you.” -Police bust into Yakup's place, but Demir tips him off: “Police are coming! Get out!” Demir to Yukup: “Did you know that Meral came to me asking for Kerem? Now you do.”

-Zeynep to Kadir at her door: “Don't you need your keys to get into your house? Come a little closer to get them.” Flirty/funny!

-Meral to Yakup arguing: “Will you kill me too?” He smacks her around a bit. “With my own hands.” -Belma to Veli at his lair: “Sell me the incriminating video of me.” “No.” -Guards try to kill Kerem and make it look like he hung himself. -Kadir meets Veli at the seaside, gets a call—it's Cansiz: “Look in your trunk.” Kadir finds dead Adem. Kadir: “You did it, Veli!” “No. Cansiz did. I want to break away. We now have a common enemy.”

-Cemre rushes to the hospital to see Kerem. Sweet conversation and romance between them. -Selim to Demir: “Kill Yakup.” -Demir arrives at Yakups' house with a gun, but finds Kadir there arresting him. -Veli finds the cassette tape in Adem's car.

-1:14:30 Kadir to Zeynep at police station: “And now I'll take your home...” Flirty!

-1:22:00 Cukur characters visit Veli and Cansiz. -Selim at police station to Kadir: “I'm here to see my client Yakup. Oh, and here is a witness against Kerem.” In rolls Kerem's dad in wheelchair. “A lawyer came to my door and offered me money to complain about my son.” Selim looks aghast. [Flashback] Kadir visits Kerem's dad: “For once, do something for your son like a real father—without expecting anything in return.”

-1:37:30 Zeynep arranges for Asiye to cook dinner for Kadir at his house. Aylen to Asiye: “Will you live here from now on?”

-Several guys jump Kerem in jail. One of the inmates (a plant by Kadir) saves him. -Kadir visits Kerem in jail. Kerem: “Whenever I think it is over for me, you pick me up.”

-Kerem's father comes wheeling in. Kerem: “If you'd have been a good father, I might not be here today.” “But you would also have missed all the good things you're living today. … I treated you and your mother the way my father treated me and my mother... I took your childhood, and you took my legs.” Poignant and pivotal scene.

-Kadir to Demir in a parking garage: “I told you not to provoke the beast inside me.” They fight. -Zeynep to Selim: “Here's my resignation letter.” … “You don't know what awaits you..."(He set her up to look like she embezzled from the company) -Zeynep to Kadir outside police hqtrs: “The 48 hours is up tonight. Promise me you won't kill Cansiz. Don't risk going to jail—and losing us.” He walks away. -Veli to Selim behind Cansiz' store: “Cansiz is sending you to that address tonight. Kadir will be there and think you are Cansiz—and he won't hesitate to kill you.” “Why should I trust you?” “Look.” Veli shows him the video of Belma with Demir. -Kadir searching for Cansiz at shipping yard. Selim shoots Kadir just as Zeynep calls and tells Cansiz: “Don't hurt Kadir! He's your son!”

Episode 17:

-Opens where 16 left off -- Cansiz learns Kadir is his son just as Selim shoots Kadir.

-12:45 Cansiz brings back Veli and Semre alive so Cansiz can kill them himself.

-13:30 Cansiz heads to see Kadir in the hospital but corners Asiye who confirms Kadir is his son. Cansiz takes a knife to her throat: "Why haven't you ever told me?" "... to protect Kadir."

-20:30 Zeynep to Cansiz: "You killed Kadir’s wife and child. Stay away from him!"

-24:00 Cemre to Kerem: "No matter what happens, I want it to happen while we're are together."

-27:00 Veli kills Cansiz’s men except one who return with a message: "Come get me yourself."

-28.00 Semir starts to empty his office safe when he hears Cansiz’s men arrive, but manages to escape.

-36.00 Cemre and Kerem wake up together in hotel room: "Can we just pause this moment?"

Carpisma Cemre and Kerem Romantic scenes Turkish Drama

-39.00 Yakup admits he was responsible for the Demir/ Belma video.

-44:30 Zeynep kisses Kadir's forehead as he wakes up in the hospital. Zeynep: “I don’t know how long I can live like this.”

-54:00 Veli and Cansiz visit Kadir in the hospital.

-1:18:00 Demir apologizes to Belma: "I love you."

-Selim shoots Belma.

-1:34:00 Veli, Selim, Cansiz, and Kadir at a crowded park. Kadir chases Selim, but passes out.

-Cansiz threatens Asiya for keeping Kadir from him.

-2:00:00 Selim gives Cemre her mother’s diary at cemetery. Cemre: "It's never too late to do the right thing."

-Zeynep brought to the police station for misappropriation of money from Semir’s business.

-Flashback reveals Selim agreed to kill himself if Cansiz spares Cemre’s life. Selim kills himself. -Cansiz to Veli: "The Russians want to meet with you." The Russians pick up weapons.

Episode 18:

-5:15 Haydar hands Kadir folder with details about Ivan Sokurov, who's come to kill Kadir.

-7.00 Ivan to Cansiz at a training camp: I want the heads of Kadir and Veli."

-18:00 Demir with Zeynep at the hospital learns Selim is dead.

-23:00 Veli joins forces with Demir, letting Demir know he doesn't trust him.

-25:00 Cansiz orders his men to secretly protect Kadir.

-34:00 Veli surrenders to Russians, the outsmarts and kills them.

-41.00 Driving with Kerem, Cemre recalls her father saying he killed himself so that she would live and breaks down. Kerem comforts her: "But we are here. I'm here for you."

-49:00 Yakup with imprisoned Meral sends photo of her beaten face to Kerem.

-53:00 Shoot out with Kadir and Cetin against the Russian mob. Cetin is killed. Veli assisted.

-1:07:00 Kadir goes to hospital to arrest Belma, but Demir beat him there and whisks Belma away.

-1:12:00 Kadir to his team: "Don't cry if I die. It's part of the job."

-1:28:00 Meral smacks Yakup with metal bar and sends her location to Kerem.

-1:31:00 Ivan brings bomb components to Cansiz.

-1:37:00 Kadir to Veli: "You get Zeynep out of prison, and I'll tell you who killed your family." Flashback to the night Veli’s family was killed by Ivan.

-1:44:00 Cemre opens her mother’s diary. There is a paper and Cemre says all she wanted her father’s love, not his money.

-1:47:00 Veli threatens Cansiz for not telling him that Ivan killed his family. Veli says he can’t remember who did it.

-1:49:00 Cansiz delivers bomb to Ivan who still refuses to say who is the target.

-1:57:00 Cemre calls Demir: "I'll give Belma half of everything from the date she married Selim."

-2:04:00 Kerem visits his father to make peace. Walking out, Kerem says “A father did a favor for his son, even if it’s late. It’s the son’s duty to hug his father in exchange.” Kerem walks out without hugging his father. Touching scene.

-2:10:00 Zeynep released from court on insufficient evidence.

-2:14:00 Head of police plants a bomb under Kadir’s car on behalf of Russians..

End: Kadir sees Russians smirking, and runs back in a panic. Scene ends with bomb ticking.

*Slow episode which simply moved the plot along.

Episode 19:

- Opens where 18 left off – Kadir realizes that Zeynep, Kerem, & Cemre are all in danger. Ivan triggers the bomb to go off, but the Russian's car explodes.

- 6:30 Flashback to the garage where Cansiz arranged to have real bomb put Russians’ car.

- 15:00 Cansiz’ men kill most of Russians. Cansiz to Ivan, “As long as I live, no one can kill my son.”

- 33.30 Kadir to Cemre: I have to look for Meral." "Look for Demir...."

- 46:00 Cemre tells Kadir that she is still afraid to read her mother’s diary. Touching.

-49:10 Cansiz returns repaired tape of Asiye singing. Kadir asks Cansiz about his estranged son.

- 53:00 Outside Kadir tells Cansiz that he trusts him completely.

- 55:00 Inside Kadir reaffirms his love for his mother and wants her to remain as part of his life.

Carpisma full episodes with english subtitles

- 1:15:30 Cansiz hears Veli was taken by Ivan. Cansiz: “If I had a little conscience, I'd be upset for Veli, but I don’t have any.”

-1:21 Flashback reveals that Velia and Kadir are using the Russian blonde gal to get Veli to Ivan.

- 1:33 Ahmet, the policeman who intended to put the bomb under Kadir’s car, and his wife are given a choice for one of them to take a gun and kill the other. After Ahmet kills his wife Cansiz says he is going to kill his own wife.

-1:43:00 Ivan to Veli: "A beating with a hammer, or you can call Zeynep?" He calls Zeynep.

- 1:46:00 Cemre and Kerem save Meral. Demir lures Yakup to a bogus meeting with Veli.

- 2:01:00; 2:09:00 Yakup shows up to meet Veli, but Kerem is there and beats him up.

- 2:04:30 Kamer goes to rescue Veli and gets into a brawl with Ivan. Kadir wins, but a Russian arrives with a gun pointed at Zeyneps’s head.

- 2:14 Ivan to Kadir: "Cansiz killed your family but is protecting you now." Cansiz shows up with his gang and a gunfight ensues.

Episode 20:

- 6:00 Kadir to Veli: "Is Zarif (the antique dealer) Cansiz?" Veli: "No."

- 7:30 Ahmet escapes through a police road block with his son.

-Meral taken to the hospital. Yakup calls Demir to say he is going to kill him.

- 37:00 Kadir and Cansiz talk about what they lost in life. Cansiz lost a son who was murdered and a son who was stolen.

- 44:00 Kadir takes Cansiz’s phone, ties him to a chair, and then takes a picture of him. Cansiz asks to see a picture of Kadir’s daughter. Both men break down in tears privately.

- 1:00:45 Reading her mother’s diary, Cemre learns her mother was in love with another man, Orhan.

- 1:07:00 Cansiz delivers the thumb drive with the video of Belma and Demir. He asks for forgiveness for making the call to meet him with the Russians.

- 1:11:00 Cansiz’s men come to rescue him, but he refuses, knowing Kadir will realize he's Cansiz.

- 1:12:00 Cansiz confronts Aylin. Aylin lies and says she fired Bahar, matching the story Bahar told earlier. Aylin offers to leave Kadir’s home. He tells her to stay.

- 1:20:00 Kadir tells Zarif (Cansiz) that he would not hesitate to kill Cansiz. Later Cansiz tells his man that if he has to make a choice, he is to kill Kadir.

- 1:33:00 Unable to reach Cansiz, his men decide to kill Ahmet and his son. Kadir saves them.

- 1:39:00 Zeynep to Haydar: "Kadir is holding a man. It's Cansiz, Kadir’s father..."

- 1:43:00 Cemre to Belma and Demir: "Demir has the video which will end Belma’s inheritance."

- 1:50:00 Yakup kidnaps Demir at gunpoint.

Carpisma starring Kivanc tatlitug English

- 1:55:00 Haydar has a plan to restrain Kadir when Akif identifies Cansiz. Kadir holds a gun to his own head to get out of police station so he can go kill Cadiz. Great acting by Kivanc.

-2:05 Yakup takes Demir back to Yakup’s apartment to shoot him. Meral knocks out Yakup and sets his apartment on fire.

-2:14:30 Cansiz’s men rescue him just as Kadir arrives.

Episode 21:

- 5:30 A shoot out between Kadir and the police against Cansiz’s men finds Cadiz escaping. Cadiz sees that Veli was also trying to shoot him.

- 15:00 Kadir to Veli: "I'm angry Veli never told me that Cansiz was my father!"

- 22:00 Demir returns home and Belma realizes Yakup did not kill him. Demir threatens Belma.

- 25:00 Casiz taunts Veli over his mother’s death. Cadiz tells his man that Kadir will kill Casiz just like Casiz killed his own father.

- 37:00 Kerem spends the night with Cemre. They are caught by Zeynep at 5 am when he tries to leave. FUNNY!

- 52:15 Demir to Meral: "You owe me your life. Bring me Cemre..."

- 56:30 Cansiz gives instructions to have Kadir, Asiye, and Zeynep followed.

turkish drama romance Carpisma ZeyKad Zeynep and Kadir kiss

- 59.00 Zeynep and Kadir eat at the beach and pledge their love.

- 1.20:00.15 Caniz to Asiye: :You must die for Kadir."

- 1.22.45 Cerem invites his parents to the opening. The bond between them seems to have healed.

- 1:31:00 Zeynep to Asiye: "I need to tell Kadir that Cansiz is his father."

- Tyfun to Kadir: "There's a body in the grave of his mother, but the headstone says Yusuf Murat." (his birth name). Person in the grave is Murat Kuraca (Kadir’s brother who was shot at age 7). Kadir goes crazy as he questions himself if Cansiz is his father.

- 1:43 Cansiz’s men capture Kadir. Veli watches them take Kadir away.

- 1:49 Cemre meets her mother’s lover Orhan calling him a coward.

- Cansiz holds gun to Kadir’s blindfolded head. Cansiz turns around. The leaders sold out to Kadir for a better offer. Cansiz admits to being his father. Veli stops Kadir from killing Cansiz. He wants to do it himself. Cansiz’s man walks in with Asiye at gunpoint.

- 2:11 Once Kadir and Veli stand down after Cansiz agrees to let Asiye go, he has his man kill Asiye, returns to his car, and Zeynep is there, also captured.

Episode 21:

- 5:00 In the aftermath of the shooting, Kadir doesn't remember that his mother was shot.

- 7:50 Cansiz tells Zeynep that Veli and Kadir hate him, but they both love her very much. He asks her “I wonder if you die, which one of them will live?” He gives her 24 hours until they find out.

- 18:15 Demir takes Cemre. Kerem begs Kadir to help him find her.

- 30:00 Cansiz learns that Demir kidnapped Cemre, and orders his man to bring her to him.

- 37:00 Kadir refuses to believe that his mother is dead when Veli tells him. Suddenly it all comes back. Great acting by Kivanc.

- 1:02 Belma follows Cemre’s kidnappers for Kadir.

-Cemre remembers that her dad made a promise to Cansiz so she could live.

- 1:19:00 Kadir and Veli fight their way into Cansiz’s hideout. Cemre shot in a gun tussle.

- 1:22 Veli drives Cemre and Kerem to the hospital. Cemre declares her love for Kerem before passing out. Great scene with tremendous acting.

- 1:26:30 Belma meets with Demir in the police interrogation room.

- 1:37 Kadir shares his grief with Haydar.

Carpisma Zeynep

- 1:45.15 Zeynep records a heartbreaking farewell to Kadir.

- 2:07 Belma asks Cemre for her forgiveness which she does not grant.

- 2:09 Veli meets with Cansiz who wants Kadir as well, who shows up shortly later.

- 2:11:30 Kadir holds a gun to Cansiz’s head and tells him to shoot him. Veli aims his gun at Kadir so he won’t kill Cansiz. Kadir aims his gun at Veli. Cansiz says one will kill the other and then have Zeynep. Veli lowers his gun and tells Kadir to shoot him.

Episode 23:

- Episode begins with a replay of the ending of the previous episode.

- 9:00 Veli gives Kadir all the reasons he needs to shoot him, but Kadir will not do it. Cansiz promises to take him to Zeynep.

- 15:29 Cansiz asks Kadir “What does a person do to be loved so much?”

- 22:00 Cansiz prepared a trip in case he was followed. Veli and Kadir’s men kill Cansiz’s men.

- 28:00 Cansiz to Kadir: "The bomb can’t be stopped unless Zeynep and Kadir both hold the detonator at the same time."

- 30:30 Cansiz leaves for getaway boat, telling Kadir to defuse the bomb. Kadir’s men show up with Veli. Kadir sends his men for the bomb squad and sends Veli to kill Cansiz.

- 42:08 Kadir kisses Zeynep's head before attempting to defuse the bomb.

- 43:00 Shoot out at the dock with Veli and the police killing most of Cansiz’s men.

- 48:45 Veli shoots Cansiz.

- 50:20 A shoot out begins between Cansiz’s men and Veli which allowed a wounded Cansiz to be rushed away.

- 57.05 Kadir and Zeynep release the detonator buttons. Success!

- 1:05:30 Cansiz’s doctor: "He's dying. Needs to go to a hospital."

- 1:13:00 Kadir reflects upon losing his mother.

- 1:22:00 Cemre vto Demir in prison: "No matter what happens, I have friends who will help me mend. You have nobody."

- 1:29:00 Veli to Kadir: "Cansiz is dying or dead" "I have to see for myself!"

- 1:39:00 Zeynep interrupts a nervous, fumbling Kadir: "The answer to your question is YES. Yes, I will marry you. Yes.” Kadir: “I didn't want to ask you this.” He only wanted to ask if she would love him for the rest of his life. She agrees. He introduces her to an old friend of his, a ring he bought for her when he was 19. Funny!

- 1:40 Veli decides to leave Istanbul.

- 1:47 Zeynep to Kerem and Cemre: "I'm engaged."

- 1:50 Veli to Zeynep: "I'm leaving. Tell Aylin I love her."

- 2:03 A boy hands a pensive Veli a bullet with Zeynep's name on it. Veli calls Haydar who send his men to find Kadir. Cansiz stabs Zeynep.

Episode 24:

- 4:00 In a series of flashbacks Zeynep goes back to her childhood, appearing as a grown women. First she meets with a young Kadir and telling him to focus on living. Then she meets a young Zeynep who is waiting for her dad. She tells her he will never come. It will continue to hurt her even when she grows up. Then she tells herself that all the children are hurt by their fathers.

- 10:15 A tearful Kadir agonizes over the reality that Zeynep has died.. He wonders if people will offer him condolences. GREAT acting by Kivanc

- 12:15 Haydar arrives and tells Kadir that the doctor will take Zeynep now. Kadir wants more time alone. He cries, “How can I bring you back?”

- 14.20 Veli breaks down in his car over Zeynep's death, "Why can't my loved ones live?"

- 20.25 Veli takes a gun to his head.

- 21.30 Kadir takes a gun to his own head.

- 22.00 Still recovering himself, Cansiz orders Cihan to deliver the tape he recorded of Zeynep’s wishes upon her death.

- 23:15 Veli and Kadir separately decidw what to do about taking their own lives.

- 24:30 Kadir, Cemre, Kerem and Veli receive the video of Zeynep’s dying wishes. Incredible acting by Kivanc.

Carpisma Aylin and Kadir

- 31:30 Kadir kisses a sleeping Aylin and says she is his only reason for living.

- 33:00 Aylin comes to breakfast and sees everybody sad. "Is my mother gone, never to return?

- 41:15 Cansiz tells Cihan that Kadir will die from a bullet rather than a knife.

- 45:00 Kadir begins a shooting spree of people who know Cansiz but don’t give him information. Veli has his men follow Kadir.

- 49:00 Cemre talking to Aylin recalling Zeynep's words: "When there is love, it can heal a person.

- 53:00 Veli goes to Cansiz’s doctor who refuses to give him Cansiz’s address. Veli tosses the doctor out the window killing him.

- 1:05:30 Cansiz’s men kidnap Aylin.

- 1:20 Kadir kills Veli in an attempt to get Aylin back.

- 1:29:30 Kadir meets with Cansiz who says he will give Aylin back if Kadir kills himself. Kadir shoots Cansiz in each foot.

- 1:46 Veli calls Cansiz and says he has rescued Aylin. Cansiz tells Kadir, “My son proved that he was my son. Thank you.”

- 1:53:50 At the site of the family grave, Cansiz tells Kadir he still has no remorse. Kadir repeatedly shouts to him, “I am not your son.”

- 1:56:00 Kadir points his gun at Cansiz who says, “Let’s see what wins. Your mercy, your anger, or your hate.” Kadir shoots him and say, “hatred won.”

- 1:58:00 Veli to Kadir: "My men cleaned up all traces of you at the previous shootings. Give me the gun so I can take responsibility for killing Cansiz. Aylin needs you."

- 2:01:00 Haydar arrests Veli. Kadir turns in his badge: "My resignation will be on your desk tomorrow."

- 2:05:00 Life goes on. For Kerem, his motorcycle shop is a reality. Cemre opens an attorney's office, and as an act of forgiveness hires Belma. For Kadir, a life with Aylin, Cemre and Kerem.

- 2:08:00 Kadir visits Veli in prison and delivers a picture drawn by Aylin. Kadir admits to Veli that they are friends. Veli gets transferred to his new prison in the same cell as Demir.

- 2:14:00 Orhan comes to Cemre and again offers a DNA test. She tells him Selim will always be her father, but tells Orhan she wants to see him again. Nobody knew her mother better than him.

- 2:17:30 Final scene with a seaside barbecue with Cemre and Kerem along with his mom and dad, Haydar, Meral, Kadir and Aylin. Kerem proposes to Cemre.

Carpisma ending beach

*In this reviewer’s opinion, this was the happiest ending possible, in what was clearly the most gut wrenching episode of the series. A true masterpiece!

~ Mark (Mark Lauderdale Photography)

**Copyright @ 2019 Ginger Monette Article reprint policy**

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