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Erkenci Kus ~ Episode Guide~ Season 1

Erkenci Kus English episode guide

Quickly find your favorite Erkenci Kus scenes from season 1 with this English episode guide. (Erkenci Kus Season 2 Episode Guide here. Episode 40+)


•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green.

•Other important scenes bolded.

**Warning: This guide is FULL of spoilers**

**Where to watch Erkenci Kus full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles." (verify it is available before signing up. It is harder to find than most series)

[March 26, 2023- Erkenci Kus with English Subtitles: ]


[Please forgive the erratic formatting. My blog host changed platforms and the conversion was less than perfect.]

Erkenci Kus English Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1

-Opens with intro to Sanem.

-18:34; 23:30 Can rafting, then pulling his boat out of the water.

-Emre and his father introduced.

-29:50 Can's first entrance into office.

Erkenci Kus english kiss

-37:50 Aziz to Can: “The company is in a bad way. Will you run the company while I'm gone?”

-45:45 Aylin introduced.

-50:00 First kiss in balcony D.

-32:14 Ayhan introduced.

-54:30 Metim to Can: “Your father isn't going on vacation, he's going for a special treatment.”

-1:20:56 Can meets Sanem: “I gather this boss is a conceited guy.” He's standing behind her.

-1:35:06 Emre to Sanem: “I need you to get a folder. I'll pay off your father's debt.”

-150:30 Looking at the stars, Can and Sanem each relive the opera house kiss.

-2:10:00 Sanem sneaks into Can's house, finds the folder but he catches her—and smells the familiar scent. Knows she's the one he kisses at the opera house.

Episode 2

-Opens where 1 leaves off.

-Sanem references a ring in Emre's jacket pocket and says she has a fiance.

-24:00 Aylin to Emre: “Are we not partners?” He signs their agreement.

-33:50 Can bandages Sanem's knee, then they get close as he looks at her 'albatross list' of bearded men. Her first step to falling in love with him.

-Emre to Sanem: “Can is trying to sabotage the company. Help me be sure he doesn't sign any new customers to inflate the customer base.”

-51:00 Sanem runs into a glass door. Has another 'warm' moment with Can.

-55:40; 57:14 Can and Sanem ride on the 3 wheeled motorcycle to print shop.

-1:03:30; 1:09:48 Waiting on a print machine, they eat at a seaside cafe and hit it off.

-1:41:38 Sanem makes a sign “My name is Sanem.”

-1:50:46 Can dives in pool. A little eye candy show :)

-2:09:24 Sanem falls in Can's pool while at a company BBQ there. Drying her clothes in Can's room, he catches here there.

Episode 3

-Opens where ep 2 left off, with Can finding Sanem in his T-shirt in his room.

-Can working to sign a famous model.

-20:01 Can working out in his yard—pushups, pullups, etc. More eye candy.

-Can going to Agua to get back the model that Aylin stole first. Emre sends Sanem with him.

-34:47 Sanem driving Can's mustang. Funny!

-40:00; 43:40; 52:25 Can and Sanem get stuck in woods. She finds the wildflowers that go in her perfume.

-55:35; 58:55 At hotel, Can is in towel, Sanem sees his albatross tattoo. “This is a very strange coincidence.”

-1:13:30 Can and Sanem rent bikes. She tells him a sad story of that somewhat foreshadows their relationship. She nearly slips off the cliff; he catches her.

Erkenci Kus english ocean beach kiss

-1:32:15 Sanem dreams she swims in the ocean and Can comes in with her.

-1:33:45 Can, bored having dinner with the model, reminisces about Sanem and realizes he's falling in love with her.

-1:36:18 He has a great dinner with Sanem, then they chat on a pier. Sanem ruins the moment.

-Photoshoot of the model. Sanem puts strawberries in her drink, knowing the girl is allergic. As Sanem tries to rush out the door, Can blocks her way. “No more running away from me.”

Episode 4

-Opens where ep 3 left off. Can to Sanem: “I don't understand you. You have a fiance, but you are worried about protecting me and are looking for the albatross.”

-56:00 Sanem in Can's truck--Seatbelt locks. He leans over her, buckles her in.

-1:06:00 Sanem makes a rec room for employees, Deren scorns it, Can comforts her. Ayhan releases mouse in office.

-1:18:37 Meaning of 'the bad king.'

-1:40:50 Can photographs Sanem in industrial settings—welder, excavator operator, on fishing boat, etc.

-2:01:39 Can calls Polen: “I need to talk to you in person. I'll fly to London soon.”

-2:02:40 Fabri, a cosmetic co executive, introduced.

-At outdoor party, Sanem's in a Cinderella pink dress and Can 'rescues' her from Fabri. Can grabs her hand and whisks her away.

Episode 5

-Opens with repeat of end of episode 5—Can whisking Sanem away.

-14:25; 24:41(Can chopping wood); 27:07; 32:36 (dance) Evening at his mountain hut. He chops woods, she drinks too much, dances uninhibited, they dance together.

-Sanem learns about Can's “girlfriend,” Polen

-Fabri thinks Sanem and Can are engaged. -Can's and Aylen's agencies both go to a 'camp'.

-1:56:22 Blindfold game—Sanem feels Can's face to guess who he is.

-Can to Sanem in front of hydrangea bush: “You don't have to keep this up. Sanem: “If you say stay, I'll stay. If you say go, I'll go.”

Erkenci Kus english blindfold - feeling Can's face

Episode 6 -Opens where 5 ends—he says, “Go ahead, don't leave your fiance waiting.” She's clearly disappointed in his answer. -Jan, having a hard time seeing Sanem with Osman, leaves the camp

-Osman to Sanem: “Tell him you love him.

Erkenci Kus english - camping

-Sanem sees her pictures on the billboards and is touched.

-Sanem goes to Can's house to tell him, just as news breaks that his campaign featuring her was stolen (a plant by Eileen to discredit him). -Sanem to Emre: “I will no longer be your instrument! I would rather wash dishes!” -Metin, Can's lawyer, to Can: “You've been suspended from the photographer's union. Your project in Cambodia, with refugees, and other projects have been terminated for now.” Can to Emre: “You want to run this company—it's yours!” He storms out.

-Sanem finds Can camping in the woods.

-Sanem at hacker's house trying to fix situation—finds Emre there: “I will tell Can everything! (even though she will implicate herself as well.) Can walks in....

Episode 7

-37:50 Can to Sanem: “I lost my photography license and I wanted to escape, but I didn't because of you.” Almost kiss.

-Emre to Aylen: “You ruined my brother! Don't ever call me again!” -Can overhears Sanem say she's not really engaged—that she's in love with albatross. -Eating sushi at Can's -2:00:00 Can catches Sanem climbing out her window using a bedsheet.

-2:01:00 Seaside—Can: “Don't play games with me; if you want me to stay, I'll stay. If you want me to go, you'll never see my face again.” Sanem: “Go.”

Episode 8

-17:25 Sanem envisions Can throwing rocks at her bedroom window and welcoming her with open arms.

Erkenci Kus english Can and sanem

-21:40 Can sparring with a boxing partner, to get out his frustration over Sanem.

-56:50 After working with Can at his house, they embrace at the door in a goodbye.

1:17:15 He finds her bandana among rocks and keeps it.

-1:24:08 Sitting on his patio, Can dreams—asking her again, “Why did you tell me to leave.” He's caressing her face, and her body language screams yes, but she keeps saying no. (Foreshadow of the kiss in the sprinkler)

-2:07:49 Can and Sanem get locked in chicken lady's 'organic market' place. She puts her cream on his wounded hand and bandages it with her bandana (thus the cream --her smell --gets into the bandana.) Almost kiss.

-2:11:50 When Can takes her home, he gives her a goodbye gift--a feather writing pen with a note that says, "Don't stop writing and dreaming."

Episode 9

-Sanem goes to Can's house to reveal all and finds Polen there.

-Can has a flashback to all the tender moments with Sanem.

-Sanem takes Polen to his hut in the woods and sees him looking at pics of her.

Episode 10

-Shooting commercial for organic drink

-2:14:56 Romance in the ocean on the beach.

Episode 11

-Opens with repeat of Romance in the ocean--Almost kiss

-18:55 Teasing between the actor's trailers.

-52:48 Sanem stays the night with Can in his hammock by the ocean.

-2:14:30 Second kiss at the opera house—the albatross is revealed :)

Episode 12

-Can pursuing Sanem—she's evading thinking they can never be together since she lied so much to him. -Sanem breaks Can's camera.

Erkenci Kus english can and sanem "I love you"

-1:21:54; 1:25:39 He has a special outdoor dinner prepared for her —decorated with pink fabric draped in the trees. A beautiful setting!

-1:29:06 He takes her to his childhood home. “I fell in love with you, Sanem.”

-At their patio fire pit, Can tells Emre he loves Sanem. -Aylen sets up Can—Can sees Metin's papers for Can's mom; Can fires his childhood friend and company lawyer, Metin. -Can and Sanem 'on the rocks.' She tries to tell him she just wants to be friends and he's not buying it. Can: “You want to fight me, then let it begin.”

Episode 13

-Sanem sits in tree, calls Can. “What did you mean by 'war'?”

-11:46 Sanem walking by seaside, has flashbacks to many of the times he was revealing how much he cared for her.

-Sanem blurts out to JayJay, “I love Can! He's the albatross and he kissed me a second time.” JayJay goes a bit nuts since he can't keep a secret. -50:00 In her bedroom, Leyla to Sanem: “I've fallen in love with Emre. ….Why didn't you tell me you've fallen for Can?” Sanem: “How can I when I can't even tell myself?”

-Everyone finds out Sanem wrote Erkenci Kus. -Sanem to Can: “I don't want to be an author.” “I don't need you in this company if you run from everything and only want to make copies and bring tea.” She leaves. Then comes back and walks into the meeting with the client.

-2:02:15 Scoping out her house as a film location, Can to Sanem in her bedroom: “Congratulations. You won the war. I do not believe you love me. No one who loves would act this way.” She panics, and he leaves, angry.

-2:11:00 Can comes home and finds Sanem sitting in his yard. Can: “Do you have something to say to me?” “I love you. I love you very much.” Move to kiss <end of episode> (He has a dream about this is ep 8)

Episode 14

-Opens where 13 left off, but with a kiss. Sprinkler comes on, kiss continues.

Erkenci Kus English can and sanem Ocean kiss

-17:00 She gets a little drunk and demonstrates his habits/ mannerisms explaining when he does them. Cute!

-Aylen tells Sanem a sob story about 'falling in love with the boss' to try to drive her from Can.

-1:09:47 Quick 'secret' rendezvous in the park.

-1:28:10 Can pulls Sanem into the entrance of an apt building: “I wanted to see you without everyone around.”

-Sanem in her 80's beads and poofy hair, she kisses Can's cheeks down by the water. When her parents come by, she starts yelling at Can as if she is angry to cover up their romantic interest.

-At breakfast at Can's house, Aylen intentionally drops 'the wedding ring' so Can will see...and question...

Episode 15

-Scheming, Aylen tells Can, “I saw the ring on Sanem at camp and like it so much, that Emre bought it from Osman. Emre and I are engaged.

-Can to Sanem at seaside by a yacht: “Sorry about this morning.... Why haven't you told your parents about us? Let's go do it now...” Sanem panics. -22:55 At Sanem's house Can starts to tell her parent the truth about the cheek kisses at seaside and Sanem jumps in and makes up a reason why she kissed him.

-1:03:44 Sanem meets Can on the fire-escape-like stairwell outside the office for a brief romantic moment.

-Osman tells Leyla he loves her—but knows he will never have her. -Ayhan tells JayJay she loves him. He freaks out.

-Can holds Sanem's hand under the table at her parent's anniversary dinner.

-2:02:25 Amusement park—they have a romantic moment on the ferris wheel.

-Amusement park—Can overhears Sanem talking to Emre: “Yes, I'll be leaving Can.” Furious, Can drives away, then comes back and confronts her. “If you are going to break up, then do it. Here; now, to my face.” She's in tears trying to explain. He's livid...

Episode 16

-Opens at amusement park where Can is livid with Sanem for lying.

-Emre is embezzling money from the company and paying off someone else. -9:20 Can to Emre: “Meet me at home...NOW!” The brothers have it out. Emre: “Yes, and Sanem took 40,000 liras and broke into the house.” Sanem is listening outside.

-13:07 When Emre leaves she goes to Can: “Please can we talk? I can't leave you.” Can: “It's over Sanem...” -16:12 Crying, Sanem has flashbacks of some moments with Can. Can burns photos of her at mountain hut. -Next day they have to see each other at work. Sanem tries to talk to Can and he won't listen, but both are clearly hurting.

-44:26 Sanem saves a woman from being hit by a car, and a moment later Can saves her from getting hit. The near embrace is very poignant. (Watch video below here.)

-Can finds out about Emre's bribe from old school friend Murat. He's livid. Can and Emre have big argument.

-1:26:15; 1:30:32 Sitting on the office stairway—Sanem to Can: “What are you thinking about?” Can: “Sanem... Sanem...Sanem... But you are not that Sanem.” He gets up and walks away.

-Deren to Can: “How will we pay the creditors?” “Emre and I will each sell our 10% of the company.”

-Sanem finds “the red file” that is the contract between Emre and Aylen. “That's why Emre wanted me to 'steal' that file back!” -Senor Fabri steps in and becomes a partner: “Sanem is the reason I am here. I wanted to buy her perfume, but she didn't want to leave the agency. So I came to the agency.”

Episode 17

-Can to Emre: “You no longer have shares in this company; there's no longer work here for you.” -Emre gets Leyla to 'steal' the documents back. -Sanem goes to tell Can, pulls out the folder and it is...empty. And finds Deren at his house wearing 'her' T-shirt that she borrowed from Can. -Sanem's birthday—sweet family breakfast with hugs and well-wishes all around.

-Sanem excited—she thinks Can organized a surprise bday party for her and will forgive her. -Sanem's mom wins the little local election.

-2:07:21 Party at fancy restaurant—Sanem thinks Can gave her the dress and was planning a surprise party. Turns out it is Fabri.

-2:15:09 Outside the party--Can to Sanem: “From now on you are not Sanem to me, but just like every other worker.” “Ok. Then I'll leave the company and you won't have to see me any more.”

Episode 18

-Opens with repeat of end of 17. -39:16 Sanem returns the dress to Fabri in front of everyone at the office, including Can. Sanem to Fabri: “We will only 'get to know each other' as much as work requires.”

-Sanem finds the partnership agreement in Leyla's office—Leyla walks in... -44:00 Sanem gives Can her resignation notice. Sad scene :( -Leyla to Can as she puts the papers on his desk: “This is what Sanem was trying to give you the other night but you wouldn't even listen to her.” -Sensing his demise, Emre is leaving Aylen's just when a livid Can drives up and confronts him with the partnership contract. Can: “From now on, I don't have a brother!”

-59:10 Sanem crying down by the water at 'their' spot. Can looking on from distance.

-Can helps Sanem in her grocery store and they are friendly again. -Sanem jealous of Gamze, a new client who happens to be an old friend of Can's.

-1:47:00; 1:53:52; 2:02:25; 2:08:31 Sanem confronts Can in the elevator: “You won't even look me in the eye and let me explain.” “No. I can't look, because I tremble when I look at you and my will is shattered.” They get stuck, share childhood stories, and reconnect. By the end of the episode he apologizes and moves in for the kiss....

Episode 19

-Opens with almost kiss in elevator. Just as he's about to kiss her he pulls away. “I can't trust you any more. We can start over, but it will be as friends.”

Erkenci Kus English Can yaman body chest

-18:15 It's 2 am so she spends night at Can's. She catches him coming out of the shower in a towel. She has a nightmare, he gives her a necklace as a late birthday present, and stays with her.

-Fabri wants to work on the perfume scent. Clearly jealous, Can creates work for Sanem to make their meeting inconvenient. -1:13:34 Alone in the elevator again, they bicker over Can spending the evening with Gamze and Sanem with Fabri. -1:23:15 They both cancel their 'dates' but Sanem calls Can pretending to be out with Fabri to make him jealous. Her mom blows her cover. He admits he's alone too. -1:28:50 Leyla goes on dinner date with Emre. -Company camping trip—Emre shows up, argues with Can, and roars off, then has an accident.

-2:08:23 Can rescues Sanem from a falling in a hole; she comes up with winning slogan for Compass Sports.

-2:25:50 She gets drunk and says to Can, “You're mine” then kisses him.

Episode 20

-Can gets call that Emre is in hospital. Sanem goes with him: “I'm glad you were here, Sanem.” “He's your brother. He deserves for you to listen to him. Aylen is the evil influencer.” -Leyla gets a warm welcome from Emre when she visits in hospital. Aylen comes in, then Can. Can to Aylen: “Leave; go away.” -Aylen schemes with Fabri. “Make Sanem sign the perfume contract so that even if the agency wins the competition, she will still be contracted to you.” -Sanem is coordinator for her Compass idea and works with personally with Can -Aylen spying on Can's office thru a snow globe. -Emre to Can: “My life flashed before my eyes before that wreck. Puts things into perspective. I'm sorry.” “I'm sorry too.”

-1:43:50; 1:44:20 The prize for her winning slogan is a scooter. Can and Sanem take it for a spin.

-Gamze sees another agency present Sanem's ideas for Compass Sports, but Gamze contracts with Can's agency, knowing it was their ideas. -Fabri wants Sanem to sign a contract for her perfume scent. Can intervenes. Shoves Fabri a check for 400,000L—the 'payment' for the scent. Fabri: “Now I want double that.” Can pays him the outrageous amount: “Now get out!”

-2:08:59. Can grabs Sanem by the arm and pulls her around the corner. “That is my scent.”

Episode 21

-Opens with Can throwing Fabri out.

-6:25 Can tells Sanem how smelling her scent the night they met changed him. Sanem gives Can a new scent. As she describes it, it's clearly a metaphor for him. Very romantic!

-Sanem debates whether to tell Can she suspects Emre removed the snow globe, but when she learns he is selling his beloved mountain hut to cover his 800,000 L payment, she decides 'not to upset him more.' -At Can/Emre's house, Sanem confronts Emre. She leaves just as Can arrives. -Sanem into Can's office and tells him she thinks Emre took the snow globe. Can: “I know. He told me.” Flashback to Emre telling Can: “I took the globe and promised Aylen in exchange for telling me the spy device, we wouldn't prosecute her.”

-Leyla tells Emre: “You're a terrible brother but a very good liar!” -Sinem, a friend of Sanem's from elementary school, is a model. Can is very jealous!

Erkenci Kus English can and sanem scooter

-1:14:13 Sanem gets a Scooter/motorcycle lesson from Can. Cute!

-1:31:23; 1:33:47 In the new town library, Can gives Sanem a book on Galapogos and wrote in the front, “Sanem, love that will be remembered for a million years. ~Your Companion C.”

-Sanem talks to her mom about her and Can, and Leyla and Emre, while Can talks to Emre about the same. -Aylen saunters into the office: “I'm here as Mr. Fabri's representative.” The whole scheme is cooked up by Emre, Aylen, and Fabri. -Sanem to Emre: “I know you're in on this...” “I'll make you a deal. I'll get rid of Aylen if you will leave the company.” Sanem looks aghast at his outstretched hand—then sees Can standing at door.

Episode 22

-Opens where 21 left off—Emre being two-faced. Curt and blackmailing Sanem, while sweet- talking Can. -Can invites Sanem out to dinner....along with Emre. “We need to be 'normal' friends.” -Emre on phone to Aylen: “If we can get rid of Sanem, there will be nothing holding Can to the agency.” -At the bus stop, Osman defends Leyla's honor and whups up on 2 guys. -Sanem and Ayhan get a job working at gym in exchange for pass to workout. -Sanem and Jayjay follow Emre and “Aylen” to a restaurant. Turns out to be a different Aylen.

-Jeyda gives Can a vintage camera.

-1:18:39 In the boxing ring, Can 'takes down' Sanem in a romantic almost-kiss moment.

-Sanem orders posters instead of billboards and gets a tongue lashing from Deran. Can: “We'll work all night on the problem at my house.”

-Compass Sports presentation night—Sanem makes a great presentation in spite of Aylen sabotaging her Powerpoint presentation.

-2:11:16 Sanem gets stuck in bathroom window; Can pulls her out. Sanem: “We can't go back in there together.” “Yes we can.” “How?” Can: “You're my beloved.” <<Kiss>> Can: “I'm tired of this 'friends' game.”

Episode 23

-Opens with Can pulling Sanem out of bathroom, repeat kiss BUT she kisses him back.

Erkenci Kus English Can and sanem kiss

-11:35 Leaving the presentation venue, Can has romantic words for Sanem in the car: “At my house, I would stroke your hair til you fell asleep, then breath in your scent so it would accompany my dreams.”

-20:08 Emre kisses Leyla goodnight. “I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. Something draws me to you.”

-Can promotes Sanem to copyrighter and Deren is appalled.

-56:00; 1:05:20; 1:09:40 Can whisks Sanem off to his house for a pizza lunch and movie. Sanem: “I've never had a boyfriend before.” …. Can: “No one's touched my heart before you. … You are my first love.” Romantic kiss on the sofa.

-1:21:48 In Emre's office, Leyla gets another (reassuring) kiss from him.

-1:35:54; 1:43:10 Can takes Sanem to his mountain hut decked in lights, brings out a telescope. Lots of romance!

-A thief appears in Mevbeke's bedroom giving her a big scare.

-2:12:16 Sanem to Can in the park: “I need to tell my mother about us as soon as possible.” “Yes, tell her that Can loves you very much.” As they get all snuggly, Aylen it taking photos from a distance.

Episode 24

-Opens with Can and Sanem in the park with Aylen taking photos. -(Can has eye infection. Wears glasses in this episode) -Newspaper releases photos—Sanem's Mom and Dad see...

-34:15 Sanem's mom comes to office—Can and Sanem demonstrate how the papparazzi got their photo (funny:)

-53:35 An (almost) romantic encounter in the archives—trying not to be seen by security camera.

-1:30:05; 1:38:08 The office crew gathers at Can's house. Can and Sanem have a romantic moment in the kitchen. “Yesterday, today, and always, only you are in my thoughts.” Then they exchange notes in his bookshelf books.

Erkenci Kus English Emre and Leyla kiss

-1:47:01 Aylen catches Emre and Leyla kissing in the parking garage: “If you don't break this off with Leyla , I'll tell her and Can how you conspired with Fabri!”

-1:53:40 Sanem to Can in the kitchen: “I'm going to tell my mom about us!” He gives her two quick kisses. “Good luck, love.”

-Emre to Leyla in the car: “It's better if we just part ways now...” -Sanem to her mom: “I love Can and he loves me...” Mom has a conniption and chases her with a slipper.

-2:11:46 Can to Sanem at the seaside: “...We'll get married then.”

Episode 25

-Opens with repeat of Can and Sanem at seaside.

-8:55 Can walks into the office holding Sanem's hand and announces to all, “We are a couple.”

-12:15 Sanem drops Can's moon rocks and one breaks.

-Osman and Emre nearly come to blows over Leyla in the street.

-49:34 Sanem imagines herself telling her father that she and Can are a couple. Her father falls out—paramedics come, etc. Funny!!

-The agency gets a contract with a big makeup company.

-59:13; 1:11:05; 1:13:58; 1:15:51 Sanem takes Can to an abandoned house and gives him a poem she wrote and hid in the chimney. Then they put up bird houses. (This house was in The Protector)

-1:48:34 Osman to Leyla in the car looking at the bridge: “I love you. Would you just give me a chance?”

-Sanem's father hears about 'the engagement' from townspeople, goes home, unloads on Mavbeke, and leaves.

-2:12:55 Can goes to Fabri to buy back company shares, Fabri only wants Sanem's perfume. Can punches him.

-Police to Can at office: “A complaint has been filed against you. You'll have to come to the station.”

Episode 26

Erkenci Kus English Can in jail

-Opens with Can's arrest.

-7:27 Sanem has a sweet moment with him while he's behind bars.

-33:36; Overnight, Can, in jail, and Sanem, at home, have flashbacks to some of their romantic moments.

-Sanem arranges a meeting with Fabri: “To get you out of our lives, I'll give you the perfume.”

-Can released, returns to office, embraces Sanem.

-Aylin to Can and co-- “I'm your new partner. Fabri gave his shares to me.”

-To spite Leyla, Aylin kisses Emre knowing Leyla is watching.

-Leyla: “From now on, I will only appreciate those who appreciate me.” She calls Osman: “Yes! I can meet you tonight.”

-1:00:39 Sanem has a sweet meal at a seaside fish restaurant with Can. Leyla has dinner with Osman. He's stopped by fans who recognize him from his acting gig.

-1:07:32 Sanem's Dad to Sanem at the store in a sweet scene: “Did you find a man who will protect you in the storm?”

-Sanem gives Fabri the perfume and recipe, then signs the contract.

-Can's mom makes a grand entrance—car trouble in front of Sanem's door...

-The office celebrates closing the deal with McKinnon cosmetics with a party at Can's. Doorbell rings, Sanem answers, it's Can's mom.

Episode 27

-Can to Sanem upon seeing his mom: “Let's go, Sanem...” He takes her to the mountain hut and chops wood to blow off steam. Sanem: “At least hear your mom. Maybe she has changed.”

-Huma (Can's mom) to Emre: “What are mothers for but showing the right path to their children. [regarding Caide]”

-Aylin to Huma: “Because of two gold diggers (Sanem and Leyla) all our efforts will be destroyed.”

-Fabri to Sanem on the phone: “The formula you gave me is not working. I want YOU to come here and make it.”

-Huma to Can in the office: “Your father never entrusted serious matters to people who could not be trusted.” Can: “But he entrusted you with the role of mother.”

-Sanem's mom brings stuffed cabbage to Can at the office, gets into a tiff with Huma.

-Sanem goes to Fabri's lab and helps with the fragrance. Emre sees her leave the lab bldg.

-A mole inside Fabri's company calls McKinnon (makeup company man): “They are making a new perfume that is very promising.” Caide to McKinnon: “So you want us to release our new

perfume right away? We should tell Can Divit.” [She goes to Can's office] Can to the staff:

“We need to work hard to get ahead of Fabri.” Sanem is sweating bullets...

-Sanem and Leyla prepare a candlelight dinner for their parents and trick them both into coming. They reconcile.

Erkenci Kus English proposal - Can proposes to sanem

-Huma to Emre: “There's something...insincere about Sanem. I'm going to find out what it is.”

-Emre to Leyla: “I saw Sanem at Fabi's—did she give him the perfume?” “Yes. And she's going to tell Can now.” “No! We have to stop her!”

-2:05:21 Can takes Sanem to his mountain hut. She tries to tell him, but he stops her, leads her to the decorated yard. “Will you marry me?”

Episode 28

-Sanem to Can in reply to his proposal: “I can't accept. I have to tell you something...” Leyla whisks her away. Emre to Sanem in the car: “If you tell Can, you will break his trust and he will leave. You are the only person he trusts.”

-22:37 Sanem and Can have a chat in his car by the seaside. Can: “Sounds like you are just making excuses. You need to decide what you want.”

-Aylin copies computer files for Fabri so he'll know Can's mktg plans for Redmond cosmetics.

-34:53; 36:44 Disillusioned, Can goes to a bar. Caide comes and flirts. Sanem finds out, drives to Can's mountain hut to spy. He catches her: “You don't trust me! … I think you need to grow up a bit. I won't speak any more about marriage.” He walks off. (Blooper vid of this scene here.)

-Osman to Leyla after seeing pics of her (again) with Emre: “Sometimes love (mine for you) just doesn't work out. But I guarantee you, Emre will hurt you.”

-Deren presents the slogan “Remember” as an idea, but it was Sanem's idea that Aylen stole and fed to Deren.

-Can acting cold towards Sanem.

-1:21:00 Can to Sanem (more apologetic): “Have you ever seen two streams come together? Once calm, when they intersect, the water rages, as if it doesn't know how to flow smoothly. But given time, it flows smoothly once again.” Beautiful scene, Sanem looks gorgeous, and analogy is cool.

-After Aylin lies to Leyla and says she's back with Emre: Leyla to Osman: “I'll be your girlfriend/accept a formal courtship/marriage proposal (?).”

-Sanem to Leyla: “Are you sure getting engaged to Osman is the decision you want?” “It's better to make your own decisions than to float along by the decisions made by others.

-Leyla and Osman engagement ceremony.

-Fabri releases his perfume with the slogan and campaign that Can's company had come up with. An invitation to the 'grand opening' comes to Can from Fabri—along with a sample...

Episode 29

-Opens where 28 left off—but the perfume is very ordinary. It's not Sanem's scent.

-Since Can's company could not release Redmond perfume before Fabri, there will be a big fine imposed on Can's co. They all panic.

-Deren confesses that she showed Aylin the ad campaign. Can goes off on her. “I can't work with you any more.”

-20:56 Can leaves the office to blow off steam. He and Sanem go to a bridge and take photos, have a great time. But she knows she has to tell him the truth.

-JayJay moves into new apartment.

-Can and Emre's mom to them: “Your father cheated on me. Emre was small and needed me, but he wouldn't let me have you [Can].”

-Mina, Fabri partner, goes off on him. “You stole the Redmond campaign from Can's agency? If this get out, it will be a huge scandal! You've let you ego replace good sense.”

-Sanem organizes a work party at her house, so the team can develop a new campaign for Redmond.

-Mine, Fabri's partner, meets Can: “What Fabri did was so unethical, I no longer work with him. I took documents that implicate him. But one more thing... Your girlfriend Sanem gave the perfume to Fabri.”

-Can storms into Fabri's office. Tears up Fabri's contract with Sanem.

-Police arrest Aylen, who is loading her car to leave.

-Can to Emre: “Did you know Sanem sold the perfume to Fabri?” “Yes...” Can storms off.

-Emre calls Sanem: “Can knows everything...”

-2:16:00 Sanem goes to Can's mountain hut and finds him there with Polen. Sad.

Episode 30

-Opens where ep 29 left off--with Sanem going to Can's mountain hut. Polen leaves, and Can unleashes on Sanem. “Every time I find a lie, you are associated with it! That scent was OURS—just between you and me. And you went and sold it—to Fabri! Now you are just like anyone else to me.”

-16:00 Leyla to Emre in his office: “Can and Sanem don't deserve to be apart.” “No they don't.” Clearly Emre is thinking the two of them shouldn't be apart either...

1:08:01; 1:18:13; 1:22:59; 1:32:15; 1:47:10; 1:54:44 (dancing); 2:01:51 (sharing bed); 2:10:28; Can goes to inn to get away. Sanem is there too. Dinner; dancing; sharing bed. 2:22:46 He drives her back to agency and says, “I'm not coming. I've accepted Polen's offer.” Sanem is crushed. (This Can/Demet interview was filmed at this location.)

Episode 31

-Opens where 30 left off—with Can saying he's leaving. But then Sanem says, “I may have made a mistake, but I tried. You are just running away.” She's in tears. **so sad!

-Sanem to Leyla and JayJay “I can't work here anymore. I'm writing a letter of resignation.”

-She packs up her desk belongings and bids everyone goodbye in a sweet, sad scene.

-17:37; 20:28 Can, sitting on a mat at the gym, has flashbacks to some of their heated conversations. It's making him think.... He wrestles hard with his trainer—as if he is wrestling himself.

-18:55 Sanem is down by the water, hails a taxi and gets hit by a car.

-Can comes to hospital and is all worried about her. Is jealous of Yigit, the guy who hit her.

-Can to Emre: “I admit, I've been too hard on mom.”

-1:01:00 Sanem crying to her mom: “My heart is crying for Can.”

-Yigit calls Sanem: “I read some of the notebook you left in my car. You should write more. I'm head of a publishing house. I'll help you.”

-2:00:01 Redmon presentation. Sanem and Deren share the presentation. At the end, Sanem adds some words that apply to Redmon, but were spoken from her directly to Can...

-2:05:12 When the entertainment starts up, Emre puts their hands together and Can and Sanem dance, lips just inches apart.

Erkenci Kus Episode  31 English Can and sanem dancing

-Next day, Can, Sanem and Yigit walk into office—Polen shows up. She's Yigit's sister.

Episode 32

-Sanem tours Yigit's new office space just below the agency's offices. -27:50 Emre to Leyla: “If you are going to leave, how come you haven't left yet?” Clearly it's because she loves him.... -Sanem has lunch with Yigit in Yigit's new office. -Huma invites Polen and Yigit for dinner. -The gang watches Osman in a credit card commercial. -Osman to Leyla, walking home: “I've loved you for many years, but if you have any doubts...” -Can to Sanem in his office: “I want you to help with a strategy for a secret, uh... ball company.” -1:30:00 Can is doing an ad campaign for Polen's cookbook. She and Huma cook up some recipes and throw a party for the office to taste it. Yigit shows up. Can points camera and 'shoots' real fast—like a gun. Funny :)

-1:33:35 Emre to Leyla at the food tasting party: “Can't we be friends?” “No. We can only hope to be colleagues who have respect for each other.”

-2:00:00; 2:01:55; 2:09:36; Ayhen and the office gang lock Can and Sanem in freezer. While longing for the other, they just argue.

-2:01:07; 2:07:02 Emre to Leyla in a park: “Are you really happy with Osman? I love you.”

Episode 33

-Opens with Can and Sanem arguing as their friends let them out of the freezer, and Emre trying to prove his love to Leyla.

Erkenci kus 33 Can throws Sanem over his shoulder

-Sanem leaves the office. -Leyla to Emre in his office: “Here's my resignation letter.” -18:50 Yigit offers Leyla a job as well. -23:11 Can doing working out doing pushups in the gym. -1:07:00 Sanem starts her Erkenci Kus story about a bakery and Can is the character. They each dream of each other, then call each other and act like they are out with friends, trying to make the other jealous. -1:16:23 Can no shirt; Sanem dons a hot yellow dress; Can hardly gives her a glance. -Mevkebe brings Can food and they chat: “It's very difficult to find another person. … You don't have to leave.” -Ayhan finds a wedding dress and tux in JayJay's apt-- “I'm getting married!”

-1:56:38; 2:03:39 Can and Sanem participate in a cooking workshop. After, he throws her over his shoulder and shoves her in his truck.

Episode 34

-Opens with Can driving away with Sanem. -Can takes Sanem to a mountain cabin. She tries to remain silent as he cooks on the grill.

-21:19 Sitting eating nuts she blurts out, “I love you very much. I don't want to lose you.” Can: “I love you more than anything.” Sanem: “You are losing the woman who loves you because of your ego!" She throws nuts at him.

-Ayhen runs down the street: "I'm getting married! "I'm getting married!

-53:00 Sanem to Can taking refuge in a cabin: “Love is having wings but choosing not to fly away.”

-Huma pretends to be sick to get Can to come home. It works... -Can takes JayJay for dinner. Can whups up on some guys. -2:11:02 Can to Polen: “I'm not going. I can't leave.” Polen tells Yigit, and Sanem overhears.

-2:14:37 Can, at mountain hut, has flashback to many of their happy moments.

-Sanem shows up at the mountain house. Can turns around. “Catch me!” She leaps into his arms and kisses him.

Episode 35

-Opens with Sanem jumping into Can's arms. They spend the night at the mountain house. -JayJay, glad Can didn't go to the Balkans, he launches for him at the office, Can catches him.

-41:22 Arguing about whether Sanem will stay at Yigit's job, she kisses him as they walk out the door.

-49:39 A few minutes later, she kisses him again walking out of a meeting.

-Can and Sanem take photos at a dog shelter. -Can's family and Sanem's family go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. -Sitting in a cafe, Leyla and Osman break up.

-2:03:00 Sanem to Can at the seaside: “...I have a solution. Get married as soon as possible.”

Episode 36

Erkenci Kus 36 Can proposal

-Opens with repeat of end of 35—and Can agrees.

-JayJay tells Ayhan that he never really proposed...

-Press conference for Polen's book. -1:05:00 Sanem makes an album for Can for his birthday. -2:06:46 Leyla to Emre: “Osman and I broke up.”

-2:08:08 Sanem give Can the album.

-2:10:30 Can proposes to Sanem at his birthday party.

Episode 37

-Opens with Sanem's family hugging on the sofa, celebrating her engagement. -Huma plots with Yigit 'for the good of Sanem' to break up Can and Sanem.

-18:39; 22:47 At outdoor cafe, Can and Sanem 'argue' about her going back to work with Yigit. He kisses her.

-33:37 Office engagement party for Can and Sanem. Long kiss.

-Can and Sanem try repeatedly to talk to their mothers about wedding plans. -Spring party in the street. The mothers bicker. -Ayhan to JeyJey: “Osman and Leyla broke up. Osman is leaving. I no longer believe in love.” -Nihat's twin brother comes to the street party.

-1:11:05 Night of street party- Emre to Leyla: “I love you.” “I love you too. And have for years but it makes me scared.”

-1:22:31 Emre sends bouquets of flowers to Leyla: “For every time I upset you.” -1:39:18 Sanem finds a letter/poem that Yigit wrote about her, declaring his love. When he catches her with the letter, he pretends he meant Derain. -Sanem's uncle takes Huma out to lunch at fancy restaurant.

-1:51:53 Emre takes Leyla to lunch at an ourdoor cafe: “Let's get married.”

-Both families gather at Sanem's for coffee to discuss the wedding. It ends with the mother's arguing...

-Emre and Leyla at the wedding table. Mothers rush in and find Can and Sanem at wedding table.

(Kind of boring episode.)

Episode 38

Erkenci Kus 38 Emre proposes to Leyla Leila

-Emre and Leyla are married—the mother's faint. -Leyla moves out to move in with Emre. -1:14:04 Can and Sanem go to look at an apt and have lots of disagreements.

-1:30:07 Emre formally proposes to Leyla in his decorated yard. They dance to a violinist.

-1:58:53 Can and Sanem model as bride and groom. And end up arguing...

Episode 39

-Opens with Can and Sanem in the car—more bickering.

-5:13 Can to Sanem in the car in front of her house: “When you are upset, it smashed me to smithereens. No matter what happens, between us, don't let go of my hand.”

-Can to Emre: “Dad went for treatment for his lungs. A long treatment.” “And you didn't tell me??” -30:20 Muzo proposes to Guyluz on a picnic. They are going to Papua New Guinea

-33:20 Sanem to Can on a bench in Sanem's publishing office: “This is my scent. Our scent.”

-Ayhan leaves on the bus.

-47:33 Emre wakes up next to Leyla in the bed, happy.

-Emre and Leyla go shopping for wedding clothes.

Erkenci Kus 39 Can zipping Sanem's dress

-55:19 Sanem goes to Can's house trying to write. She's distracted by him. She trips, he catches her.

-1:07:25 Sanem asks Can to zip her dress. Can: “What if I don't zip it?”

-Leyla and Emre's public wedding reception. -At the reception, Can gets word that Yigit has no American connections and confronts Yigit. Yigit shows him proof on his phone. Can is sure Yigit has a thing for Sanem but can't prove it. Sanem very annoyed with Can's suspicion/jealousy.

-Can takes Sanem to his mountain house, creates a romantic setting for her to write. But she's distracted by him.

-JayJay goes snooping in Yigit's apt looking for evidence that he has the hots for Sanem. -Can takes Sanem to a surprise meeting with his publisher friend who offers to publish Sanem. She's incensed. “You think I can't do it without your connections? You humiliate me and try to control me. Stop saying you love me and show me!”

-At the mountain house, Yigit throws Sanem's notebook into the fire and makes it look like Can did it. Can shoves Yigit and he falls—in front of Sanem.

-Can to Sanem at hospital: “If you really think I could harm Yigit or burn your notebook... I'm leaving. Goodbye.”

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