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Erkenci Kus ~ Episode Guide ~ Season 2

Erkenci Kus English season 2

Quickly find your favorite Erkenci Kus scenes from Season 2 with this English episode guide.
Erkenci Kus Season 1 Episode Guide is here.
•Romantic scenes in pink.
•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green.
•Other important scenes bolded.
**Warning: This guide is FULL of spoilers**
**Where to watch Erkenci Kus full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles." (verify it is available before signing up. It is harder to find than most series)

Erkenci Kus English Episode Guide Season 2

Episode 40-- 1 year later

-Can docks his boat. Sanem reading an excerpt from her book to a group about the first time she and Can met—at a cinema. She imagines seeing Can in the audience and chokes up.

-7:26 Sanem ducks into a cinema in the rain. Can does too. It's an unintended recreation of the story they told about the first time they met.

-Can's “aunt” intercepts him on his boat. “Come see your father. He's in Istanbul.”

-18:03 Sanem on phone to her therapist, shaking: “I saw him. I saw his shadow. … I had a dream. We had three children...on the beach... we were very happy.”

-22:32 JayJay dressed and imitating Can, sells lemons in the market. FUNNY!!

-JayJay and Muzo start an ad agency and make Sanem a partner. They buy the old company name from Can's father. Can's father joins the team.

-34:00 Sanem puts note in a bottle and throws it in water. Can unwraps her book, reads the opening inscription: “To Albatros... He left me broken dreams and burnt pages.” Soo sad!!

-52:43 Can comes to meet his father, finds out it is Sanem's place: “I have to leave.”

-55:58 Meeting on the dock: Sanem: “Why have you come? …. Go back where you came from.” (Watch scene below)

-1:07:35 Can and Sanem meet in the kitchen. It's a near-silent encounter and we hear their inner dialog. Both are hurt, defensive, and guarded.

-1:24:50 Can goes to Sanem in the yard: “You didn't believe me.” “You left me and broke my heart.”

-1:31:00 After a dinner on the grounds, Sanem's father takes Can aside: “Sanem was in therapy, laid in a clinic... Stay away from her.”

-1:35:06 Can and Sanem have another brief encounter in the kitchen. Their expressions say it all....

-2:00:36 Sanem gives one of her creams to Aziz. Can smells it and has flashbacks of that scent.

-Sanem's landlord, Meriban, encounters Aziz. She was his first love.

-2:07:30 Aziz to Emre and Can on his boat: “If you fall in love with someone, you should never let them go. One day you'll find yourself aged and incomplete.” A moment later Can hugs him. Poignant!

-Can overhears Yigit and Sanem talking about going to NY for 6 months.

-2:20:25 Can visits Sanem in her patio workshop and asks if he can have a vial of her/their perfume. So sad!

-Can pulls away from shore on his boat just as Sanem runs down the dock.

-Can pulls out her book and look inside at a random spot. “I was his and he was mine.... He was my everything...” He shuts the books, rips off a boat fuse and throws it in the water.

Wow! What an episode! One of the best in all of the Turkish Drama's I've seen. Great writing and great acting by both Can and Demet. Many 'mush moments!'

Episode 41

-Opens with Sanem crying on the dock and Can throwing the fuse in the water.

-19:30 Can to Sanem walking on the road: “I heard you were going to NY for 6 mo with Yigit.” “No. It's not easy for some people to leave everything behind.”

-38:47; 44:10 Can moves into a 'mountain house.' Sanem looks on longingly.

-55:50 Sanem brings food to Can at his new house. “I don't drink tea anymore.” … “Me either.”

-Huma to Aziz at her apt: “Love only hurts people.” “No, people hurt people. Love is just love.”

-1:14:20 Sanem to Can on the dock, sitting back to back: “You didn't come back for me. Or stay for me. … You left, and as you can see, I lost my mind.”

-Leyla's parents suspect Emre is having an affair.

-1:37:00; 1:44:04; 2:01:48 Can takes pictures of Sanem.

-Can plants a decoy for Yigit—supposed video footage of his mountain hut that shows who threw Sanem's diary into the fire.”

-Yigit sets Can's 'new' mountain house on fire. Can rushes in. Sanem watches, screaming, “Can! Can!”

Episode 42

-Can comes out of the burning mountain house with the bandana with Sanem's scent on it.

-11:30 Sanem makes a salve for Can's burn.

-Merhiban gives it back to Huma: “Go! Git! Let the door behind you be a frontier.”

-Huma conspires with Yigit to find the original hard drive that supposedly proves Yigit burned Sanem's notebook.

-23:50 Sanem writes in her notebook and Can looks on from a terrace balcony. Very sweet!

-28:25 Can dreams he and Sanem are in a bed in field of flowers with their 3 children. Then he sees Sanem telling a story to real children.

-Derain and Bulet 'steal' back Sanem's creams from a merchant.

-1:27:00 The gang goes looking for child Caner in the forest. Can follows Sanem. Thinking she hears a bear, she hits him on the head with a stick. They have a sweet moment.

-Leyla's parents visit Emre at 'work' and find out he's unemployed.

-1:44:50 Can to Sanem in the woods by the fire: “I will stay away from you if that's what you want, but I want you to know this: I didn't not burn that notebook.”

-1:49:00 Can to Sanem 'sleeping' against a tree: “I've read every page of your book a thousand times, but I'm not finished yet.”

-Emre starts working at the family market, and makes unwelcomed changes.

-2:05:26 Can and Sanem look at the photos he took of her. He caresses her hand. Very sweet!

-Can to Yigit: “You know what's on this footage. You tell Sanem you burned the notebook or I will.”

Episode 43

-Opens where 42 left off—with Can confronting Yigit. “You tell Sanem or I will.”

-Yigit proposes to Sanem, who is aghast. “We are just friends.”

-Sanem spends the night by the dock, Can finds her in the morning.

-Leyla's parents think she's pregnant, and a gossipy neighbor thinks Can proposed to Sanem.

-Emre to Can: “I don't have a job. I've been unemployed for a long time.”

-Sanem walks through her old neighborhood and relives happy memories with Can.

-43:07 Can picks up Sanem and helps her with the seatbelt.

-47:18 Can and Sanem—Showdown on the side of the road. Almost kiss.

-1:28:00 During a tango lesson, Emre proposes to Leyla—to have a baby.

-Yigit surprises Sanem with a romantic dinner by the sea. JayJay and Muzio ruin the moment.

-Sanem and Derain stumble onto Can and Bulut working out and stop to gawk.

-Can and Sanem babysit.

-End: Sanem thinks Can is leaving and jumps on his boat. He starts the boat and pulls away from the dock. “Come with me.”

Episode 44

-Opens where 43 leaves off—Sanem jumping on his boat.

-17:11 Can gives Sanem Albatross clip for her hair.

-38:30 Can to Sanem while eating fish: “Why didn't you go abroad to promote your book?” “Because the book was about you and me, and you promised to show me the world.”

-Yigit schemes to have the gang arrested for pirating creams. The gang is arrested.

-Bulut transforms into a lawyer and shows evidence that the creams are Sanem's.

-46:48 Sanem to Can on boat: “I'm sorry....” “I'm sorry too.”

-1:11:11 Can to Sanem in her 'workshop': “You keep making your creams. I'll take care of this legal problem. Do you trust me?”

-1:37:50 Yigit/Jamal sends some thugs to scare the gang. Can whups up on them--shirtless.

-1:45:17 While swimming shirtless, Can gets call from his private investigator: “Yigit has been meeting with your mom.”

-1:58:40 Can offers Sanem a check--the money from sale of his yacht. Sanem: “I can't take that. But maybe you would consider becoming a partner in the company?”

-2:04:48 Leyla to Can at the party celebrating the partnership: “Will you leave?” “No.”

-End Can finds Sanem asleep in the hammock—sees his engagement ring on the chain around her neck. He's very touched. Very sweet!

Episode 45

-Opens with Can finding Sanem in the hammock with his ring around her neck.

-3:15 Can to Sanem: “Are you ok with being partners? Do you have anything left that reminds you of me?” “No. Do you?” “No.” [She has his ring, he has her bandana scarf.] -8:50 He takes her ring.

-24:29 Sanem, frantically looking for the ring, turns her ankle on a pillow and falls into Can's arms.

-40:00 Can to his father: “I will travel the world again and take pictures, but I won't go alone.” (A little foreshadowing??) -50:00 Can to Sanem, who's looking on the pier for the ring: “It's obvious you're looking for something. Maybe I can help.” Sanem, annoyed: “What I lost, I've been looking for for a year. Can you help?”

-1:28:00; 1:30:31 Sanem sneaks into Can's house while he's in the shower and steals her scarf/bandana. Then he goes looking for it. Watch scene in video below.

-1:34:30 Yigit schemes to contaminate Sanem's creams with poison ivy. -1:45:00 The gang shoots the Cleopatra commercial for “Sanem” cream.

-1:54:00 Can to Sanem in her kitchen over a memory of a past strawberry incident: “Some things are not easy to forget—You value them too much. And if you lose it, you go crazy until you find it.” “Are we talking about strawberries?”

-1:58:00 Sanem puts the scarf/bandana on Can's patio.

-End: Sanem finds the ring; Can finds the scarf. Can to Sanem on the pier: “I do have something that belongs to you that I always carry with me.” “And I have something that belongs to you that I always carry with me.” He leans in for a kiss and episode ends.

Episode 46

-Opens where 46 leaves off-- with Can and Sanem on the dock. Goes in for kiss but doesn't. “This doesn't fit in with our partnership.”

-Leyla and Emre to her dad: “We quit our jobs today.”

-Yigit hires a guy to say he had an allergic reaction to Sanem's cream ,and there's no warning about possible reaction on the jar.

-Leyla sings at a club. Can and Sanem dance.

-1:32:54 Can spends the night in Sanem's bed.

-Can and Sanem spy on Cemal in his warehouse and climb out a window,

-Can catches Yigit with Cemal and shows Sanem.

-End: On the street by his truck, Can to Sanem: “You still don't trust me. But you are everything to me. What do you want?” Sanem kisses him.

Episode 47

-Opens where 46 left off—with Sanem's kiss at his truck.

-Sanem talks to Can's scarecrow, trying to explain the kiss.

-Can's dad to Can: “It is easy to sail in summer weather. Much harder in unpredictable weather.” Speaking of sailing AND relationship. Poignant.

-Yigit writes Sanem a letter: “I'm going back to Canada.”

-Sanem buys back Can's boat.

-58:42 Sanem to Can: “Will you accept the boat back?” “Yes—as long as we call it 'our boat.'” Kiss.

-Emre/Leyla have a focus group to listen to music for ad for cream.

-1:27:00 ; 1:29:31; 1:31:25 Can to Sanem on his boat: “Let's go to the Galopogos for 2 years.”

-1:34:45 Can and Sanem to her parents: “We're going to sail for 2 years then get married.” It does not go over well.

-Sanem gets a generous offer to sell the patent to her cosmetics. “We are going to sail for 2 years. If your offer will be good after then, we accept.”

-1:55:20; 1:58:00 Kissing on boat

-Farewell party for Can and Sanem.

-Can sets a romantic hammock area for their last night on land.

-Driving to see her father one last time, Can and Sanem are in a car wreck. Great acting!

Episode 48

-Opens with Can unconscious in hospital and everyone gathered there. Sanem beside herself. Doctor: “He has a serious head injury. You should be prepared for the worst.” -A month later: Can wakes up. He doesn't remember anyone he's met since the gala of the night he met Sanem—includes Sanem and most of 'the gang.' Sanem's inner thoughts: “We're all part of what we experience with our loved ones. If the person you've loved doesn't remember you, you're lost in an emptiness. Who will lift me up and take my hand?”

-17:16 In hospital hallway, Can to Sanem: “Tell me about us.” Sad!

-28:20 Can to Sanem sitting on his patio: “I'm sorry I don't remember you.” Sanem: “It's hard for me that you speak to me as just an ordinary person.” -33:00 The agency moves back into their old offices. -Sanem gives a pep talk to the new office crew, impersonating a famous soccer player. -1:16:30 Sanem comes in Can's office flipping her hair and tries to get him to drink her mother's potion to restore his memory. -1:26:00 Sanem takes Can to their spot on the rocks and works up an argument—he has his first glint of recognition of her. -1:38:00 Sanem to Can in her kitchen: “Did you read the book?”

-End: At Can's mountain house, Sanem tries to recreate their first time there—her wearing his T-shirt, them dancing, her perfume smell/scent. In the end, they dance, he smells and something seems familiar...

Episode 49

-Opens with Can and Sanem dancing—almost kiss but interrupted by Emre and Leyla.

-Can on patio to his dad: “We almost kissed, but I just don't feel moved in my heart by her.” -Sanem evades traffic by hitching a ride on a stranger's motorcycle. -JayJay moves in with Sanem's parent's... and then out. -Can and Sanem in search of an Arthur Capallo. -Aziz to Can and Emre: “Merhiban is starting to resemble Huma. I'm going to Amsterdam.”

-Can to Sanem on the sofa: “Thank you for not giving up on me.”

-Merhiban's brother(?) Selim is drafted to be Arthur Capello—and he makes the client angry. -End: Sanem to Can on their spot on the rocks: “I was in a psychiatric hospital and pumped full of pills and still you were not erased from my heart.” (Confusing end. Last sentence of subs was missing.)

Episode 50

-Opens with them arguing. Can: “My Dad said my heart's memory of you will return if I hold your hand.” Sanem: “It would be better if it was your own idea.” -The company 'sends' Sanem to a resort. Can is conveniently her assistant. Episode 51

-Opens with Can's friends around his patio table talking about scaling a mountain. He suggests Sanem go. She says no. -Sanem goes home, starts working at her father's store. -Sanem to Can at store: “We tried everything and things just didn't work out.” -Sanem starts delivering groceries on a scooter. -JayJay orders groceries so Sanem will go to the party to celebrate the agency winning the contract for cosmetics company. Again Sanem tells Can they won't work.

-1:16:18 Can follows Sanem to train station. “Don't go. I fell in love with the same woman twice.” She kisses him.

-Can goes to doctor to confirm his memory is retuning. “Sanem is your cure!” -Can has the gang over and plays a trick on Sanem that shows her he's remembering again.

-Can proposes—a drone brings the ring.

-Wedding montage

-Last scene: Baby delivery and a happy time with their three children.

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Hvor får man kjøpt serien lovly birds

med engelsk subtekst?


Sep 19, 2023

I loved the series. I wish I could watch season 2. Jus started watching Bay Yanlis. There‘s something about Early Bird. The cast was amazing. I loved Derin too. As well as Jay Jay, Mizo, Leila and Emre. The love story is the best I’ve ever seen. The obstacles that they encountered. The only one that wanted Can and Sanem together was Emre and Lelia.

I’ll watch it over and


Jul 18, 2023

So what happens with huma? Does she ever get caught with the lies?


Jul 04, 2023

Loved the series, even though Sanem got on my nerves. Muzo & Jay-Jay were the funniest. Also LOVED Sanem & Lelia's Mom!!! The ensemble was Fantastic!!! I'll watch this series again & again, but I'm obsessed with Dolunay!!!! Loved Bay Yanils. Indina Ask D'fne character talked tooooo much &; didn't know when to shut up. Yes, Dolunay & Erkenci Kus are my Favorite Can series with Bay Yanils coming in 3rd. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Sivapriya Krishnan
Sivapriya Krishnan
Jan 03, 2023

Yes. Thanks for the guide. I just finished today after seeing it over the last few weeks

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