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Icerde ~ Episode Guide

Icerde episode guide Sarp and Mert

If you loved Icerde as much as I did, you'll want to watch your favorite scenes again. This guide makes it easy!

•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green.

•Other important scenes bolded.

**Warning: This guide is FULL of spoilers**

**Where to watch Icerde full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles."


Icerde Episode Guide

Episode 1:

-Sarp kicked out of police academy because his dad was a mafia hitman. Pulls a gun on the police commissioner in retaliation, and is hauled off to jail.

Icerde episode guide Sarp shoots police commissioner

-41:29 Melek, attorney sent by mob boss Celal, offers help. Sarp insults her and refuses help.

-46:00 Prison guards try to whup up on Sarp and he gives them a run for their money! Good fight scene!

-Fresh out of prison, he argues with his mom. She slaps him and he leaves. He goes to Alyanak Hasan and is given housing at back room in a parking garage belonging to Celal.

-Sarp saves lives of Alyanak and Melek in a big trucking yard. Celal gives him red Mustang as a thank you gift.

-Mert meets Eylem in the stairwell and deletes her photos. Takes her to amusement park so she can get photos of pick pockets. As a thank you, she takes him to Aunt Fusan's restaurant and he meets Fusan.

-Flashback to Mert's childhood selling Kleenex, getting beaten by Coskum, and meeting Melek.

-Sarp released from jail and sides with mafia. In the end we learn he is infiltrating the mafia, and his long lost brother Mert is bad but infiltrating the police. Brilliant premise!

Episode 2:

-Sarp gets a box of his dad's last possessions—it includes a photo of his little brother Umut.

Icerde Sarp find photo of Umut

-Mafia boss Celal puts Sarp to the test.

-Sarp meets Davut.

-1:22:56 Sarp confronts Melek: “Are you really happy as a mafia attorney? Would your parents be proud?”

-1:25:34 Mert takes Eylem to his minimalist apt. Eylem: “Why do you have so little furniture?” “I don't bing anything into my life that I can't leave behind when I need to take off.” [More childhood flashback]

-Fusan's landlord triples her restaurant rent. Mert tries to strong-arm the guy into lower it. Sarp just pays the additional cost. “Just don't tell my mom anything.”

-Sarp shoots himself in order to keep from having to kill Mert, a cop (who in fact is his brother, who isn't a cop but the son of mafia man.) Wow!

Episode 3:

Because Sarp shot himself for Mert, Mert 'rescues' him.

-Sarp taken to chalet house to recover.

-41:11; 43:49; 1:08:52; 1:12:20; 1:14:02; 1:17:20; 1:21:48; 1:24:33 Melek takes care of Sarp at the chalet—almost kiss. Tearfully outside Melek says to Sarp: "For the first time in my life I'm feeling close to someone, but I don't know how to act. It scares me."

-1:16:48; 1:19:14; 1:22:30 Mert Introduced to Umut and the music box--falls asleep with it.

-33:13 Sarp's boss to Sarp: “Don't fall into the love trap!”

-Mert falling for Sarp's adopted sister Eylem and getting close with his real mom (although he doesn't know she's his real mom).

-Sarp demoted to chauffeur for Celal's wife. Police raid on Celal's office. Sarp places a bug, but Celal finds it.

Episode 4:

-Sarp torn between working for Celal and his mom/finding his brother. Sarp's mom goes to hospital for high blood pressure.

Icerde Mert kisses Eylum music box

-Scared for Sarp's safety, Melek gives Sarp the cold shoulder.

-28:09; 58:12 Eylem gets Mert a music box; he kisses her.

-Sarp learns name of important guest coming to visit.

-Eylem confronts Mert about shooting Sarp.

-Sarp follows leads to find out about his brother—it's his police boss whose baiting him on.

Episode 5:

- Melek suspects Sarp is mole and tries to encourage him to leave.

-Sarp figures out what hotel 'the guest' will be staying at.

-Mert stumbles onto photo of Coskum, the man who abused him as child.

-Celal is on to a mole and stages a conversation with his guest to throw off police.

-Sarp is onto Celal's mole and outsmarts him.

-End: Melek sets up her laptop as bait for Sarp. When he doesn't take the bait (because he gets interrupted) she kisses him. Big kiss

Episode 6:

Icerde Sarp kisses Melek

-Opens with same kiss and a romantic moment between Sarp and Melek.

-Sarp on the trail of a shipment—nearly get caught in the warehouse. Mert catches on and rushes to the warehouse, blows it up, and drives away with the goods just as the police arrive.

-Celal taken to jail and held—flashback to the vendetta against Celal is 'personal' for police director.

-Celal released.

-Sarp's mom sees Sarp with Celal.

-1:06:15 Sarp secretly follows Celal to underground cistern meeting place. He knows Celal is talking to the mole inside police dept but he doesn't know who it is (It's Mert!). Sarp's phone buzzes, he nearly gets caught.

-1:3:11 Sarp goes to Melek's house 'What are we going to do? What we are doing is very dangerous.” Romantic moment.

-Celal's wife calls Melek to confront her about the kiss backstage at the play.

-Mert frames one of the other cops to look like the inside man—that guy realizes Mert framed him and has a showdown with Mert. A gunshot ends the episode. Who got shot?

Episode 7:

-Cop got shot by Celal. Mert begins to question the killing of the innocent man and has a flashback to when Celal saved him and Melek from the streets.

-Police director standing over the dead cop, “How do you live? What do you live for? Ask yourself and then pick your sides accordingly.” [What a great life quote!]

-Melek sees internet story about her childhood captor Coskum being alive and panics.

Icerde episode guide--Mert and Sarp fight

-Mert sends a thug to frighten Eylem for publishing the story about the captor (he is falling for her and knows Celal will hurt her if he finds out she is behind the article).

-55:41 Sarp sees Mert paying off the thug, and in an angry rage, the two fight. Amazing fight scene!

-Sarp finds out Celal is Melek's real dad and that he had her mom and lover killed, then 'rescued' Melek.

-Sarp accompanies Celal to meet the guy responsible for leaking the story about the kidnapper. That guy is expecting a payoff to keep quiet. Celal turns the tables on him and the guy ends up shooting himself—while Mert looks on, and Mert knows that guy may have been his last link to find out of Mert had parents (which is one of the reasons Celal wanted him dead).

Episode 8:

-Sarp shows Melek a pic of Umut and asks if she saw him on the streets as s child. Tender moment.

-Celal begins to suspect Sarp may be mole. He wants Mert to hang out with Sarp's family to spy. (Mert knows he is dangerously attracted to Eylem).

-Mert offers to Sarp's mom to do DNA testing on Umut's bloody shirt.

-Sarp gets caught meeting with Director and gets beaten and dumped in a park.

-Someone else strings up the guy who 'caught' Sarp. Celal is furious, thinking Sarp killed one of Celal's favorite men.

-Sarp, his mom and Eylem flee to safehouse.

-Celal tries to get Eylem thru Mert's friendship with her.

-Sarp finds tons of pics of Melek in Davut's locker and suspect he's the one that framed Sarp.

-Davut nabs Sarp's mom and Eylem.

-1:56:42 Sarp to Melek at an overlook: "This could be our last meeting."

-2:02:31 Sarp records farewell message to his mom, then faces Celal.

Episode 9:

-While Sarp is facing Celal, we learn that Sarp 'kidnapped' Melek to use as leverage to save himself and his family.

-Sarp outsmarts Davut and rescues his family.

-Flashback to when Celal killed Melek's mother and stepfather in the park.

Icerde episode guide-- Celal kills Melek's parents

-Alyanak plots against Celal—has himself, Minik (Goliath) and Davut kidnapped so there are no insiders to protect Celal.

-Sarp and director figure out what's going on and have to now 'protect' Celal.

-Alyanak puts bomb in Celal's car—it goes off.

-Everyone thinks it's Sarp's doing (including Melek).

-Mert vows to kill him, and almost gets a shot, then finds Sarp in secret meeting with Celal. The bombed car was a set up.

Episode 10:

Alyanak tries to take over the Celal empire—Sarp confronts him and all the men side with Sarp.

-Celal and Sarp team up against Konstanci.

-Celal and Konstanci face off—Mert saves Celal.

-Celal 'kebabs' Konstanci in his car.

Episode 11:

-Everyone goes on the hunt for Alyanak.

-Sarp finds him first, then Alyanak says he will take him to man that knows about Umut—Sarp's totally distracted now.

-Sarp falls into a trap, nearly gets his throat slit but is saved by Mert.

-Eylem gets message from street gang people. She and Mert go to meet a man who turns out to be a little girl who gives her an envelope. Mert follows a 'tramp' who was an onlooker.

-Necep contacts Sarp to meet. Sarp goes—meets the bright light again, says, “Come out from the light police commander, I know it is you...”

Episode 12:

-Mert sees Coskun, the man who kidnapped him as a child, is still alive.

-Sarp goes off on Yusuf, the police commander, “How could you tell me my brother was alive? How can I trust you now? I quit. It's each man for himself now.” [So sad. He feels so betrayed. In a twist of irony (brilliant plotting) Mert gets a step closer to resolving his childhood at the same time Sarp loses what hope he had of finding his brother.]

-Mert punches a wall and breaks his hand out of frustration discovering Coskun is alive. Eylem nurses him.

-Mert and Eylem get caught by Coskun.

-Police commander shows Sarp DNA showing the blood on shirt wasn't Umut's. Hopes to reconcile with Sarp.

-56:27; 1:06:22; 1:22:48 Mert beaten by Coskun—tender scene with Eylem. Kiss.

-Sarp reports to comissioner that Celal is transferring 'booty' from Konstanci's estate. Police set up a road block and find it's just a bunch of toys. He confronts Sarp. Sarp, “How does it feel to be cheated, Necip [the guy commissioner was pretending to be to manipulate Sarp]?"

-End: Mert gets call from Coskun who whips him into an emotional state by baiting him, “You had a mother. And a father. And a brother.”

Episode 13:

Mert tells Melek he suspects something fishy is going on—raises doubt that maybe Celal knows something he hasn't told them...

-18:07 Sarp despairs feeling abandoned by police director. Goes to sleep and dreams Umut comes to him and says, “Don't give up on me.” So touching!

[Watch scene here]

Icerde episode guide-- Sarp dreams about Umut

-Mert texts Celal as if he's Coskun—arranges a meeting, then shows up and says to Celal, “Coskun sent me the same message!” They have huge argument. Celal tells Mert why Coskun is snooping around—because Melek is Celal's real daughter. Mert reveals to Celal that he has a family.

-Police Commissioner hands in his resignation. Tells Sarp the new commissioner will contact him—and by the way, Mert will know about you too. (!!)

-Bald lawyer (associated with Kostanci's wife) is messing with Celal. Turns out the 'boss' behind both the lawyer AND Kostanci's wife is SARP! (I thought it was going to be the police commissioner!)

Episode 14:

-Flashback: We see that Kostanci's wife is the sister of Omer, the guy who sent Sarp the photo of Umut.

-Yusuf (police commissioner) is about to hand over Sarp's file to Mert when HIS boss comes in and says he won't accept Yusuf's resignation.

-Raid on Kostanci's wife's house—she almost gets caught.

-1:07:45; 1:15:25; 1:16:20 Sarp's mom hosts a 'thank you' dinner for Melek-invites her, Sarp, and Mert (whom she supposedly doesn't know) FUNNY!

-“Boss” Sarp sets up a sting for Celal.

-Bald lawyer and Kostanci's wife learn Sarp played a role in Konstanci's death, so they plan to kill Sarp after they get Celal.

-Alyanak goes back to Celal and tips him off. Celal fools Sarp. Bald lawyer pulls gun on Sarp, Yusuf, shoots, bald man shoots back at Yusuf; bald lawyer killed.

Episode 15:

-Kostanci's wife pulls gun on Celal. Davut shoots her.

-Yusuf in critical condition.

-Sarp called back to Celal hqtrs—thinks Kostanci's wife gave him away. He picks up a grenade on the way to kebab hqtrs. Celal has security camera 'box' from Kostanci's wife's house. Sarp interrupts the decoding of it.

Icerde episode guide-- Melek hugs Sarp

-1:26:00 Sarp secretly visits Yusuf in hospital. Sweet.

-1:36:00 Celal lambasts Melek for going to Sarp's mother's restaurant. He slaps her. She storms off and finds comfort in Sarp.

-Mert sees damning footage of Davut/Celal shooting Kostanci's wife. Coskun calls and makes him an offer. He has to decide if he's going to betray Celal for info about his real family.

-End: Sarp and Davut come to blows over Melek. Great fight scene!

Episode 16:

-Sarp in hot water with Celal, but smooth-talks his way out.

-Mert deletes damning footage of Celal from security camera footage.

-39:09 Sarp tells his mom to stay away from Melek—Mom tells Sarp same thing.

-45:07 Melek to Sarp at her house: "If Celal finds out about us he might slap me. But I'm afraid what he would do to you." Sarp: "I won't give up on us, Melek."

-50:46 Mert sees Sarp on footage... Eylem sees footage of Sarp on Merts laptop...

-Yasim (Celal's wife) become suspicious—gets DNA sample from Celal and Melek.

-1:14:44 Sarp breaks into Mert's apt and steals his flash drive.

-1:38:38 Turns out Mert saw Eylem take photo of his laptop... Mert shows footage to Melek. Mert: “You know one day soon we may have to choose between Celal and Sarp's family...”

-Sarp finds out Mert reported that there was no security camera footage so Sarp is starting to suspect Mert...

-1:45:50 Celal goes to Mekek to apologize. Sweet heartfelt moment—but she shows him to the door.

-1:51:24 Mert chews Celal out for hitting Melek. Mert: “Do you realize what she went thru as a child? She saw her mother killed!”

-Yasim finds out Melek is Celal's real daughter.

-Sarp shows up at Mert's apt and greets him when he comes home... SUCH A GOOD SHOW! Can't stop watching!

Episode 17:

-Sarp 'explains' to Mert he talked to Kostanci's wife cause she claimed to have info on his little brother.

-Yasim confronts Celal: “Is Melek your biological daughter?” “No.” “She is. I had it tested.” He ends up telling her the truth.

-28:00 Melek to Sarp: “I'm going abroad. Come with me.”

-Yasim to Celal: “That precious daughter of yours is just like her whore mother. She is dating Sarp behind your back, and that kidnapping was a lie too.”

-40:16 Right as Celal is about to have Sarp shoot himself for messing with Melek, Celal gets word Melek's been kidnapped. Sarp does a little gun trick which saves his life. Worth watching!

-Yusuf learns Mert erased video footage. “Is he Celal's man?”

-Mert to Eylem, “I erased the footage to protect you and Aunt Fusun. Sarp would have been in big trouble.”

-Sarp on phone with Yusuf: “They kidnapped the girl I love.”

-Coskum wants Celal in return for Melek.

-Celal has a showdown with Coskum—rescues Melek.

Episode 18:

-Melek is there to greet Sarp when he's released from jail.

-44:50 Coskum calls Melek, “Celal is your biological father.”

Icerde episode guide-- Mert tells  Melek Celal killed her mother

-57:11 Celal weeps over losing Melek (her trust/faith in him). Tender scene. Great acting by Celal.

-1:02:22 Melek goes to Mert—he spills beans that Celal killed her mother. She faints. She goes to Sarp's mom and has a good cry. Moving scene.

-Celal and his men nearly nab Coskum, but Sarp saves him from a burning car.

-Melek puts gun to her head in front of Celal.

Episode 19:

-Melek points gun at Celal and then herself

-9:38 Melek to Celal having chat in her bedroom: “I'm no longer your daughter.” He shows a hint of humanity and that he is capable of loving.

-18:30 Celal calls on Sarp to comfort Melek.

-20:05; 22:50; 25:47; 27:05; 29:12; 34:07 Sarp visits Melek in her room-- tells her Celal needs to pay for all his misdeeds. (He's beginning to reveal his true identity to her).

-49:40 Drive-by shooter almost gets Sarp and his family at the restaurant—Mert saves the day. Mert and Sarp go toe-to-toe in a 'good' argument.

-Melek goes to visit her aunt (who's being blackmailed to lie about Melek's mom)

-Sarp and Mert show up at a warehouse at same time. They sort of joke around. First time they are civil—as if they like each other...a little.

-Yusuf wants Sarp to help Yusuf's ex-wife's son stay out of trouble.

-Knowing he is breaking his mother's heart, Sarp wants to tell her he's 'a good guy' but realizes it is more dangerous/scary for her to know he is undercover with mafia.

-Yusuf's ex-wife tells him Gokum is his son too.

-Sarp goes after bad guy, Gokum gets shot at a junkyard, Mert puts cuffs on Sarp.

Episode 20:

Sarp escapes—suspenseful chase scene.

-Melek's aunt tells her that her mother was going to kill Celal for money—we see Celal and Davut listening in the stairwell, it's all a lie.

-Yusuf learns his son was an undercover narc.

-Alyanak and his sidekick escape—funny scene.

-Melek confronts Mert, “Why are you after Sarp? Leave him alone!”

-In talking with his ex-wife, Yusuf reveals hints about his past with Celal.

-Sarp set up to look like he killed another guy—narrowly escapes.

-Mert sees Sarp meeting with Chief Yusuf.

Episode 21:

-Sarp arrested. The bag of money Sarp found proved he didn't kill Gokum; Sarp's released.

-Eylem finds Mert's phone that he only uses with Celal.

-51:27 The whole 'family' shows up at Sarp's mom—including Melek and Mert. Melek announces to them she will no longer be Celal's lawyer and is looking for an affordable apt.

-Eylem overhears Mert talking with Melek. Eylem takes Mert aside and questions him; Melek takes Sarp aside, asks why he killed Coskum.

Icerde episode guide-- Mert happy dance

-1:07:13 Mert had the blood sample on a napkin that was slid under his door matched with his and it's a match. He gets the confirming call while with Melek. “I have a family!”—he dances around in a sweet celebration with her. Sweet.

-Celal sets a trap to see if Sarp is selling him out.

-1:27:30 Mert and Sarp get trapped in a meat locker and must work together.

-Sarp catches Yasar on a boat, but police chief and Mert arrive about same time.

-2:02:43 Coskum calls Sarp, “Umut is alive.”--very emotional!

-Celal confronts Mert, “Do you have answers for all the things you've done lately?” “No.” (Celal is hiding a gun behind his back.)

Episode 22:

-Mert shows the note to Celal that says, 'If you kill Celal, you'll find out about your family.'

-Mert pulls gun on Celal, then starts crying, “You've fathered me for the last 20 years, and I can't kill you even if it is to find out about my real family.” -Touching. Under his breath Celal says, “When I'm finished with Sarp and his family they will all burn in that house.”

-24:40 Police chief reveals to Goskum that he is his father. Emotional.

-Sarp and Alyanak go to casino.

-Prison fight—Yasar takes on all his cell mates but gets stabbed. “This is from Father Celal.”

-1:04:52; 1:07:03 Sarp and Melek meet on rooftop. "It's not too late for you to get out, Sarp."

-Celal has Yasar killed in hospital bed while he's literally talking to Yusuf in the hospital lobby.

-Sarp goes to visit the girl (Handan) at the casino, and Mert's team raids the place while he's there. Sarp and girl narrowly escape.

-1:52:41 Melek to Mert: “You can't have both Celal and Eylem. You know who will end up getting hurt.”

-Celal plops an important bag in front of Handan that she forgot at the casino. Sarp realizes that the only way Celal could get it is via a mole inside the police.

Episode 23:

-After questioning all the cops, Yusuf concludes Mert's the mole.

-Handan has a hidden agenda about Sarp. I smell a trap.

-Mert promises Eylem he will keep Sarp out of 'this' (his supposed quest to nab Celal)

-19:50 Sarp's mom: “Please, stay away from Celal. You're going to get arrested.” Sarp: “Mom, don't trust Mert. Stay away from him.” Poor mom! She's so torn and worried! You can't help but ache for her.

Icerde episode guide--Sarp reunited with his mom

-Celal and Mert plot about taking over Handan's business.

-Sarp searches Mert's apt and finds SIM cards. Mert comes home, gets the cards, Sarp follows.

-1:12:17 Sarp visits Melek at her new office. Kiss and sweet scene.

-Mert breaks into Handan's house and plants a bug.

-Celal hosts Handan for dinner. She wants Sarp to knock off a guy.

-Sarp and Mert both arrive at restaurant at same time and 'talk a little trash' to each other.

-Celal to Sarp regarding knocking off a guy: “You'll get this done for me, right? You're the son of your father.” Ugh... knife in heart.

-Sarp shoots the guy in front of Celal and Handan as they ordered him to.

Episode 24:

-Opens with Sarp shooting the guy and looking like he can't believe he just did it.

-Turns out Sarp arranged it so guy LOOKED like he'd been shot and died. Thus Sarp/Celal don't have a the man's blood on their hands.

-Turns out Mert/Celal know that someone was in his apt and set a bug—and listened to his conversation about SIM cards and Handan.

-Davut goes to knock off Aysh (Mert's 'informant') by gassing her in her kitchen. Sarp saves her.

-Mert explains to Yusuf his SIM card deal: He found out Celal was getting SIM cards from Ayse. Mert convinced her to give his cards to Celal so Mert could 'listen in' on Celal's conversations. Makes Mert look like a 'good policeman.' (Mert thinks Ayse's dead) But then Yusuf takes him into a room and Ayse is sitting there...and she denies knowing him. Chief to Mert: “Are you working for Celal?” “No.” Mert taken into custody but escapes.

-Mert has knock-down fight with his fellow cop for car keys, then drives off. He leads police to place where Celal was doing a deal with Handan. “I told you I knew where Celal was!”

-Melek visits Ayse as a lawyer and says, “Say what I tell you and all will be ok.” So she says she WAS Mert's informant. Mert is now off the hook as being an informant.

-Sarp to Melek: “You went to the station to see Ayse. How did you know about that since you aren't in contact with Celal?”

-Kudret, Handan's boss and old nemesis of Celal's shows up at the restaurant.

Episode 25:

-Kudret has guy (Tashin) shot. Then starts uploading the vid of Sarp 'shooting' the guy so murder will be pinned on Sarp.

-Sarp nabs Handan.

-We learn the feud between Celal and Kudret is over Celal's sister—whom Kudret loved.

-Celal/Sarp exchange Handan for footage of Sarp shooting guy.

-Sarp has coffee with Handan and gets the footage of the real shooters of guy.

-Footage of Sarp shooting guy shows up on internet. Celal arrested.

-Sarp and Celal released the footage! They have a plan....

-Flashback to 16 hours ago—Mert was after footage just like Sarp. While Mert is chasing guy, Sarp nearly runs over Mert.

-Plan: In jail, Sarp will tell Celal he has real footage but will demand Celal tell what he knows about Umut. And in the process will reveal he kidnapped Umut as a guarantee to keep Sarp's father quiet in prison—why? Because Celal ordered the man to kill people. SO by Celal 'admitting' to kidnapping Umut, he is also 'confessing' to order murders.

Episode 26:

-Sarp sits down and starts talking to Celal about Umut. At the same time, Mert is getting the

Icerde episode guide-- celal and Sarp

footage. Just as Sarp is about to directly confront Celal, they get call that footage of real killers was found and Sarp and Celal will both be freed. Suspenseful!!

-Celal and Kudret face off in their old neighborhood.

-Sarp's mom nearly stabs Celal—Yusuf intervenes. Fusun: “I can't take it anymore!” Almost stabs Celal.

-1:12:48 Yusuf tells Fusun Sarp is an undercover cop.

-Sarp finds a suitcase (briefcase) of Kudret's in a restaurant—but it's actually a Kudret set up. He was going to get pics of Celal handing the briefcase over to Mert—it would prove Mert is a dirty cop. But Celal was ready for the trick and ends up burying Kudrett alive.

Episode 27:

-Mustafa kidnapped.

-Celal frantically un-buries Kudret—he's not in the casket. Alyanak dug him up—Sarp looking on. Sarp finds Mustafa, only to get caught himself.

-57:55 Mert gets caught too, but then saves Sarp. Great fight scenes!

-Kudret calls Celal's wife Yasim. “Give me Melek, and you can have Mustafa.”

-Kudret calls Celal. “You have a choice. Which do you want, your older or younger?”

-Alyanak tell Sarp, “Your mother is the only one who can convince Kudret.”

-Celal chooses Melek, thinking he will save Mustafa. He delivers Melek back.

-Fusun goes to Kudret, convinces him not to harm Mustafa.

Episode 28:

-Kudret tells Celal, “If you want Mustafa back, I want you--to go sit in front of Yusuf and confess all your crimes.”

-Mert and Sarp go looking for Mustafa together but don't find him. But they do find a possible clue.

-1:20:00 Alyanak tells Kudret his casino owner is working for Celal. Kudret has his hit girl go kill him. Davut is there. They fight, and he holds her captive.

Icerde episode guide-- Sarp reunited with his mom

-1:25:20 Celal says goodbye to Mert. “Take care of your sister and Mustafa for me.”

-Sarp on phone with Yusuf. His mom saves him from talking in front of Celal.

-1:30:19 Sarp has wonderful 'reunion' with his mom. So sweet and moving!

-1:41:20 Celal says tearful goodbye to his wife and Melek.

-Celal goes to Yusuf to confess.

-Based on the clue left by Mustafa, Mert and Sarp go looking for Mustafa on a boat and find him just before Celal confesses. He walks out.

-Handan's car explodes.

Episode 29:

-Celal ambushed in the car going home by Kudret's men. He shoots the guys.

-Kudret's main hit girl is now with Davut/Celal.

-20:08 Sarp sits at a picnic table with Melek and reminisces about Umut. Sweet moment.

-Kudret blackmails Yashim (Celal's wife)

-Yashim tells Celal she 'gave up' Melek in exchange for Mustafa. He almost shoots her.

Icerde episode guide-- Sarp hugs Melek

-18:48; 36:40 Mert takes Eylem to his childhood dumpy 'home' and after hemming and hawing around, tells her he loves her. (Very touching! Sort of a parallel to the Sarp/Melek moment earlier)

-Melek wakes Sarp up at his garage room. They have a sweet moment. She makes him breakfast.

29.2 -Davut about to snipe off Kudrat, but he gets caught. Kudrat has Mert too.

-3 guys go to take out Sarp but he gets them first—nearly kills a guy who messes with Melek.

-Mert gets away.

-Celal shot in arm; meets Kudret in tunnel. Kudret shoots him twice in stomach.

-Celal in hospital: Sarp gets call from Coskum: “Finish off Celal and I'll tell you about Umut.” Sarp is tempted... Melek sees him tampering with oxygen valve.

-Sarp goes to find Coskum; Melek follows him, Mert follows her.

-Mekek find Coskun—holds him at gunpoint. Coskun: “You know Umut as...Mert.”

Episode 30:

-Melek confronts Celal—he nearly has a heart attack but doesn't admit anything.

-Mert silences a guy who said he witnessed the Celal shooting.

-Melek calls Fusan: “I have good news for you!”

-Right when she arrives, she's mugged by Davut and then locked in her room.

-1:00:16 Sarp vows to rescue her. Love the passion shown by both actors!

[Watch the scene here.]

-Eylem calls Mert; “I'm going to question the guy who said he witnessed the Celal shooting.” He confirms Kudret shot Celal.

-Police / Sarp go to Celal's house looking for Melek—she's not there.

-1:26:24 Sarp and his mom go back to childhood home where Umut was kidnapped and have a sweet moment remembering/lamenting Umut.

-Melek escapes—meets Sarp and Mert in park. She's shot by Davut and Kudret's man.

Episode 31:

-Melek dies. Incredibly emotional scene. Responses by Sarp, Mert, AND Celal SO touching.

Icerde episode guide-- Sarp's response to Melek's death

-Sarp 'saves' Mert from being discovered by Yusuf.

-42:46 Sarp breaks down again in a private meeting with Yusuf. (so sad!)

-50:00; 56:00 Mert grieves again with Celal, and then with Melek.

-Yusuf sets hidden cam in Celal's hospital room. Sarp gets Celal to talk, implicating Celal. Mert gets camera back.

-1:21:31; 1:26:23 Sarp breaks down when he tells his mom about Melek. (Wonder how Cagatay felt about having to be so emotional in so many scenes right in a row?)

-1:32:45 Mert gets 'caught' and Yusuf rails on him. Eylem looks on. Mert's an outcast again, and all alone. So sad!

-1:42:09 Sarp has flashback of some memorable moments between him and Melek.

-I1:44:38 Weeping, Eylem tells Fusan Mert is a traitor. In his apt, Mert goes on a rampage—breaks a bunch of stuff, but not the music box carousel. Mert comes to Eylem's door. She rejects him, then Fusun says, “I loved you like a son.” Ah! Knife in heart!

-Mert and Sarp rough up Kudret's hit man, then 'save' each other when the man shoots at them.

-Mert, Sarp, and Celal show up at Kudret's.

*FANTASTIC episode. Very emotional.

Episode 32:

-Police intercept the Celal/Kudret convoy. Kudret arrested for shooting Celal and goes to jail.

-41:20 Sarp goes snooping in Melek's room for info about Umut—gets caught by Yasim.

-1:17:30 Celal finds video Melek made that tells Sarp and Mert the are brothers. Celal burns it in front of the brothers and watches their reaction trying to determine what they already know.

-1:38:05 Mert waits in the street for Eylem, then tries in vain to plead his case: “Celal was like a father to me. ... I love you” Sad, Touching.

-Mert begins to suspect Sarp is really a cop.

-Celal tries to have Kudret killed in jail—it fails.

-End: Sarp at Melek's grave; Yusuf comes to talk to him there—Mert is watching from shadows.

**Worst episode thus far. Could skip through most of it and not miss anything. Just watch the Mert/Elyem and Sarp/Melek-related moments.

Episode 33:

-Mert overhears Sarp and Yusuf at Melek's grave—now knows Sarp is police informant. Over Melek's grave, he ponders what to do. Decides to keep silent to protect Eylem and Fusun.

-48:50 Eylem comes to kebab restaurant to 'see with her own eyes Mert with Celal.' Sad.

-Yusuf gives Alyanak two options: Alyanak chooses to do a job with Celal on behalf of the cops. -Kudret fakes a heart attack in jail.

-Celal double crosses Kudret's ambulance escape.

-When Mert heard Sarp at Melek's grave, he realizes he's been set up. On the way to get the footage from Alyanak had lightbulb moment. Mert to Celal: “It's a trap! Sarp is a cop!”

-1:34:33 Celal calls Sarp—Sarp goes off on him—vents what's he's been thinking for months. Then Yusuf goes off on him! Kinda funny : )

-1:41:00; 1:49:00 Fusun's restaurant gets torched.

-Sarp sees Mert at the fire site

-Sarp and Mert face off on a rooftop full of sheets—at the same time Yusuf pays a visit to Celal.

-AMAZING rooftop fight Sarp/Mert

Episode 34:

AMAZING rooftop fight Sarp/Mert--ending not included in previous episode.

-Coskun is on the scene.

-Safe house of Fusun and Eylem on fire—Davut nabs Fusun.

-Yusuf to Celal: “You should be afraid of the man who spent a year in jail just to get to you and never gives up.”

-20:58 Eylem calls Mert and begs him not to hurt Fusun.

-Sevko tries to stab Sarp in hospital—he escapes.

-59:32 Sarp and Mert team up to save Fusun. 1:08:20 In the car after, Fusun: “Mert, son, it seems you still have some humanity left in you.” Mert: “I really don't have that humanity in me.” So sad. He's been thru so much.

-1:15:57 Sitting in the car next to Mert, Sarp says goodbye to his mother—thinking it is the last time he will see her.

-Sarp to Mert in the car: “I'd rather die like me than live like you [as a criminal].”

-1:38:40 Sarp faces off to Celal at gunpoint. “Celal, you think you are powerful. What will you do with all that power? Even your own daughter hated you.” Excellent performance by Cagatay.

-Celal to Mert: “Come finish him off.” Mert can't shoot him; Yusuf arrives

-Yusuf shot. Says final words to Sarp and dies.

-Scene left to look like Sarp shot Yusuf; Police arrive.

Episode 35:

-Sarp hauled off to jail, pleading that he is a cop and grieving Yusuf.

-Celal gets a call: “Sarp is alive.” Then he rails on Mert. Mert confesses, “I couldn't do it! I'm not Davut. I'm not a hitman!”

-Yusuf's son erases Sarp's police ID record in the computer.

-Sarp's mom gets a minute to visit him in jail.

-While Sarp's being transported, Alyanak uses a puncture strip and tear gas to kidnap/rescue Sarp—on behalf of Kudret.

-Yusuf's son burns Sarp's file.

-Sarp starts raising havoc for Celal.

-Celal's men nab Coskun; he escapes

-Coskun calls Mert to meet. Celal shows up too, Coskun shoots Mert. Mert shoots Coskun. Celal: “You saved my life, son!” Mert (crying): “I killed the only man who new about my family.” Celal: “You chose me over your family.” (A loaded statement)

-[Big jump ahead in timeline] Rooftop unveiling of brothers. Beautiful cinematography with the camera overhead, the brothers in the same location they nearly killed each other in just a few days ago, 'facing off' as if a little hesitant about trusting the other, but then they 'unveil' themselves—Mert takes his hood off, Sarp his glasses and hat. It's like they are revealing who they really are—brothers.

Episode 36:

-Opens with rooftop unveiling of the brothers.

-Flashback to day before—Sarp filling the backpack in the little office place.

-Sarp holds girl cop at gunpoint. “Tell me where Coskun is!” Goes to Coskun's apt and gets a clue—warehouse his father used to work from.

-20:26 Coskun text Mert: “Go to Melek's grave. He finds a key there. Says a few words to her that made me tear up. (Because we know the stakes are so high for him to find his family and she was his 'ally' in that. Now she's gone—the only person who really cared about/for him.)

-39:20 Sarp and Mert reunion. Great acting by both. Loved the moment it dawned on Sarp that Mert just might be Umut. It was as if you could see the idea forming in his mind. We've been vested in the show for 35 episodes, and we weren't shortchanged with the climax. Plenty of screen time to share in the brothers' unfolding emotion.

-Mert and Sarp meet on rooftop with Coskun. We see how Mert made it look like Coskun died, how car blew up at Celal's and bullet under his pillow (Mert did it)

** Disappointed that there was not more of a transition of Mert going from loving Celal as father to being utterly furious that it was Celal who kidnapped him. In real life, although he would be furious when he learned the truth, it would still take a little processing to decide you are willing to totally turn on your 'father.'

-1:00:47 Mert has a sweet 'ah-ha' moment: “There are people who love me!”

-1:09:36 Mert to Sarp: “This is the first time I will tell this to someone. Take me to my mother, please.” Ugh! So heart-wrenching!

-1:18:09 At the place where Mert & Melek grew up: Mert calls Eylem: "I love you." Sarp to Mert: "I loved Melek."

-1:33:56 Yusuf's funeral.

-Sarp nabbed by Davut. Mert nabbed by Kudret.

-Kudret and Celal face off in cemetery. Celal kills Kudret. Sort of cheesy and anti-climactic.

Episode 37:

-Davut follows Sarp to warehouse where Coskun is. Celal and Mert arrive. Mert averts disaster.

-Davut, suspecting Mert. Tells Celal

-Yasim sees article Eylem wrote suggesting Celal killed Yusuf. Celal orders hit on Eylem.

-Celal kicks Yasim to the curb. “Go, get out!”

-Davut about to kill Sarp's family but Sarp saves the day. (too cheesy)

-Goskum (Yusuf's son) confesses to deleting Sarp's records.

-Yesim and Celal have it out. Mustafa: “I want to go too.” Celal to Yasim: “Take her to the farmhouse and don't let her out of your sight!”

Icerde episode guide--Mert reunited with his mother

-Mert to Celal: “Separating a son from his mother is not right.” (!! loaded words!) Mert's eyes shoot daggers.

-Mert gives comforting words to Mustafa.

-1:47:30 Mert reunion with his mom. BEAUTIFUL! SOO well done! Mert's expressions were fantastic!

Episode 38:

-Reunion repeat extended...but Celal looks on.... and calls his posse.

-Yasim threatens to tell police about all of Celal's crimes if he keeps Mustafa from her.

-Celal orders Davut to kill her.

-49:10 Mert goes into Melek's room, sees her photo and tears up. Has flashback to memories of her. Poignant.

-Sarp goes to work deal with Yesim—she drugs him. Same time Mert tries to kidnap/rescue Mustafa—Celal catches them.

-Gokum finds a video recording of his dad talking about Sarp's honor.

-Celal and Sarp/Mert play cat and mouse, each capturing and tricking the other. Sarp/Mert finally get Celal in handcuffs. Dialog when Sarp cuffs Celal was very poignant and well done.

Episode 39:

Opens with replay of the taking of Celal. Then Mert nearly shoots him—not... It was a joke.

-Celal driven off in a police van.

-Celal's men create a trap with semi's in a tunnel. Minik blocks a door and sacrifices himself for Celal.

-They track Celal thru his phone. His car crashes and burns as he's trying to escape. Poignant moment at the police station when Yasim, Mustafa, and Mert get the news, “Celal is dead.”

-53:20; 1:02:08; Mert and Sarp have a 'brotherly' moment one last time at Celal's restaurant and another in their kitchen as the others have breakfast outside.

**Love their camaraderie as brothers!

-1:12:24 Mert buying new suit—Sarp coerces Mert to practice his proposal to Eylem. Funny!

-Reminiscent of their first time together, Mert takes Eylem to amusement park, then proposes. Celal calls Mert. “If you want her to live, come with me.” Great performance by Aras.

-Mert strung up alongside beef carcasses. Celal checking out his knives...

-1:40:00 Sarp faces off with Davut. Davut: “I'm going to Melek!” Shoots himself. Great acting response by Sarp.

-Sarp rescues Mert but both get shot in the process.

-Sarp has formal graduation from police academy.

-Celal hangs himself in jail. Good acting performance.

-Ends with family visiting Mert in jail—outdoor picnic. Everyone happy.

Icerde episode guide--ending Sarp and Mert

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