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Siyah Beyaz Ask ~ Episode Guide

Siyah Beyaz Ask English

Siyah Beyaz Ask is one of my favorite Turkish Dramas. Now you can quickly find and watch your favorite Siyah Beyaz Ask scenes again and again using this English episode guide.

**Where to watch Siyah Beyaz Ask full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles." (Free on North Ameirc TEN) *Synopsis and review of Siyah Beya Ask Ibrahim Celikkol North America here.


•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green. (Also profound words of wisdom--often spoken by an unlikely character)

•Other important scenes bolded.

**Warning: This guide is FULL of Siyah Beyaz Ask spoilers**



Romantic Drama Siyah Beyaz Ask (Black and White Love) Episode Guide

Starring Ibrahim Cellikol and Birce Akalay

Episode 1

-Ferhat, a sniper, shoots a guy and Asli, a doctor witnesses it.

-Namik, head of the hospital, is in cahoots with the sniper.

-By a fluke, Asli goes on a medical call instead of the girl chosen by hospital admin. She meets Ferhat in an ambulance and he stitches up his own wound.

-[Flashback 1995] Ferhat's father: “Son, don't repay evil with evil.” …. He watches as his father is shot.

-We meet Ferhat's mother, Yeter, and (pregnant) sister, Gulsum.

-Hospital admin is in arms smuggling business, and he's Ferhat's uncle. Asli works in his hospital. Ferhat's brother, Yigit, is a police commissioner and wants Asli's brother Cem to investigate the hospital admin family.

-[Flashack] Ferhat's stepfather has him kill his father's killer. Turns out Fehat's 'uncle' is his real father and had Ferat's (step) father killed.

-1:30:50; 1:39:49; 1:50:47; 1:53:04; 2:00:10 Ferhat locks Asli in a horse stall.

-Asli sees Namik kill Adem. Ferat is about to shoot her, and finds out Cem is her brother. “Do you want to live? Then marry me. Take my last name.”

Episode 2

-Opening: “You want to live? Marry me.”

-Ferhat takes Asli to his family's estate.

-Ferhat appears at his brother's house (a prosecutor). He looks at his family and nephew and longs for the same. [Flashback] Them as kids when Ferhat left after he shot the killer of his dad.

-Looking for the laptop, Ferat whups up on a guy who 'employs' kids. Ferat gives the kid a wad of cash. “Share this with your siblings.”

-Ferat's mom, Yeter, finds out her daughter Gulsum is pregnant.

-Ferhat takes Alsi to buy a wedding dress. She escapes to her brother's house. Ferhat calls her. “Look around. My men are all there. You say anything, and your brother will die.”

-Asli gets to the marriage table at the family compound. Her brother arrives.

Episode 3

-Asli to her brother: “I love him.” “That's not what your eyes are saying...”

-Ferhat's prosecutor brother, Yigit, to Ferhat in the yard: “When Namik came into our life, it ruined everything. We'd have a completely different life without him!”

-58:46; 1:10:44; 1:23:20; 1:29:44; Ferat takes Asli to his all black loft apt.

-1:37:00 Ferat's mom tracks down her Prosecutor son's house and meets her grandson and DIL.

-Ferhat gets the laptop back, but Cuynet shoots the guy who had it.

-Namik's PR lady Idill is pregnant. She's about to tell Namik, but he tells her first that Ferhat is his son.

-2:22:30 Sinan, Asli's boyfriend, comes to her apt. Ferat catches them talking. Asli stabs Ferhat.

Episode 4

-Ferat to Asli: “Finish the job! Kill me!” She can't kill him. Ferhat: “See how close you came to being a murderer? That's how it starts...” (Lesson 1)

-He takes her back to the family compound. “Welcome to the gates of hell.”

-Asli get call that a child patient will die without surgery. She begs new family to let her go. Ferhat goes to hospital, visits the child and is moved by her. He lets Asli do the surgery.

-Idil goes for an abortion, Namik gets word, stops her, they have a sweet moment.

-Namik pulls out a black velvet box for Idil. Turns out to be an evil eye necklace, not a ring.

-Asli to Ferat over lunch at a seaside restaurant: “Have you ever been happy in your life, Ferhat?” [Flashback] Ferhat as child flying kite. Dad to Ferhat: “Don't ever give the kite string of your life to someone else, because they can make you go anywhere they want. Take control of your own life.”

-Handan to Yeter: “We have to join forces to prevent Idil's baby from claiming our children's inheritance.”

-Sinan already has a wife and child. Ferhat arranges for Asli to see 'the happy family' together in Sinen's hospital room. Asli is crushed.

-Ferhat takes Asli to her friend Deniz: “Pour out your troubles to your friend. You have 2 hours.”

-Namik to Yater: “You went to your son Yigit when I specifically said not to. Take your daughter and get out.” “Shall I tell Ferhat that his father is alive and he will soon have a brother?”

-Gulsum goes into labor.

-2:11:10 Ferhat brings drunk Asli home: “Lesson 2—people aren't what they look like on the outside. You have to look on the inside.” [speaking of Sinan—and himself] She looks wide-eyed up at him—maybe as if she's seeing a hint of him on the inside. He kisses her.

Episode 5

-Opens with Ferat carrying Asli up stairs and kissing her. “Why did you kiss me, Ferhat?!!”

-Gulsum in labor—Asli delivers the baby.

-Ferhat at an overlook contemplating Asli's words: “You can be heartless. You can be a killer. But don't be an animal.” [Flashback] His dad giving him girl advice: “If a man treats a woman badly, can he be called a man? No. He'll be called an animal. … If you don't hold gently to the one you love the same way you hold a rosebud, you'll deserve the thorns that prick your hands and make you bleed.”

-Ebru visits Asli: “Let me help you.”.... “If you tell my brother, they will kill him.”

-[Flashback] Because she was pregnant, Yeter marries the barber--when she really wanted Namik. To prevent Gulsum from having to marry someone she doesn't love, Yeter takes the baby away.

-47:55 Ferhat comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. (enough said :)

-At breakfast, Abidan (Handan's son) announces: “I'm a father.” His woman comes downstairs holding a baby. [Gulsum and Cuynet's baby...]

-Idil to Ferhat: “Namik is having cameras installed in Yigit's house.” He storms over and has the men rip them out. He sees a toy car there that he made for Yigit as a kid. He encounters Yigit's wife. Wife: “Settle your differences with Yigit and the door here will be open to you.”

-Asli sneaks out of hospital and goes to see Yigit at his office. “There's no one I want to see in prison more than Ferat and Namik.”

-Ferhat and Namik have it out about Namik putting bugs in Yigit's house. (Shows that Ferhat is becoming the dominant male.)

-1:58:00 2:01:00 In the night, Ferhat picks Asli up from sleeping on floor and puts her in the bed. Sweet.

-Ebru, given a key by Asli, puts a bug in Namik's home office. She hides as Ferhat walks in. {{gunshot}}

Episode 6

-Asli hiding in bushes outside; electricity goes off. Once back inside, Ferhat finds shrub leaves in Asli's hair...

-New villain in car vows revenge on Namik: “I'll start with that new daughter in law.”

-New villain on phone with Namik: “I've been given 3 months to live. I'll extend the grace period to you so you can feel the pain of losing loved ones one by one.”

-Namik to Ferhat: “All these problems we are having are because of Asli. It would have been better if she died. …. You're in love with her, aren't you...”

-Car chase—new villain's men chasing Ferhat and Asli. The couple bale, run thru the woods. Ferhat catches one of the guys hears on the phone: “Namik said to kill both of them.” (but villain ordered it)

-1:54:07; 2:03:44 Ferhat chopping wood outside at 'the old man's house'. Old man to Asli: “Ferhat has a heart of gold. Maybe he is rough and tough and hurts others is because he is hurting. Look at him with your heart.”

-2:14:56 The bad guys come the next day—Asli and Ferhat are running. Ferhat is shot—he hits the ground.

Episode 7

-Opens with the couple running and Ferhat getting shot. Ferhat: “Run doctor, run!”

-While Asli's doing surgery on Ferhat, he has a near-death experience. He drops a big box and sees his barber dad. Dad: “Why are you carrying that heavy empty box?” (Metaphor for the burdens he carries)

-Ferhat to Namik in the kitchen: “Were you going to get this guy after he killed Asli?”

-1:34:34 Asli nurses Ferhat day and night at home, helps him learn to walk again. Very sweet

-Yeter humbles herself to Asli: “I can't thank you enough for what you did for Gulsum and Ferhat.”

-Villain nabs Gulsum and calls Ferhat. He goes after her. They're lured into a house that's then set on fire.

Episode 8

-Ferhat breaks out a window. He and Asli escape.

-Namik meets with villain Sahin. We hear just what Namik did to him. Namik: “I know your daughter. She is so close I only have to reach out to touch her hair.” [It's Ebru]

-40:50 Ferhat rescues Gulsum. In the car, Asli goes on a rant, stops the car: “Whoever touches you burns himself so badly that he can't even save himself. You're a swamp! You drag people into your darkness.” <A tear forms and rolls down his cheek.> Asli: “if you want to love someone some day, don't... ...Because you will probably kill that person one day.” Ah! So poignant!

-53:28; 1:08:29 Asli goes to Yigit. She imagines herself telling him how Ferhat abducted her. Ferhat images the police coming to arrest him. Instead, Yigit tells her about Ferat's childhood.

-Asli goes to seaside and contemplates all she's heard for hours. Ferhat picks her up, they have dinner and he feeds fish.

-Gulsum thanks Asli for coming to get her and Ferhat and for...everything. One by one Asli is winning each family member and they are coming to love her and are changed by her.

-Ferhat plays a trick on his brother for his birthday—wishes him happy b-day into the bug microphone knowing his brother is listening at that moment. Funny!

-Ferhat sends Yigit a case of soda as a gift [flashback] to their childhood: “When we grow up, we'll have enough money to buy all the soda we want.”

-Drive by shooters from Sahlin shoot out Yigit's windows.

-Family dinner—Ferhat and Asli arrive—holding hands.

Episode 9

-At the restaurant, 2 men hit on Asli as she goes to restroom. Ferhat beats them up. Funny!

-After Yigit's house gets shot at. Yigit's wife to Ferhat: “This happened because of you!” Her son: “You're the bad man! What did you do to my father?” A tear rolls down Ferhat's cheek. So sad! He's trying so hard, but loses every time.

-Ferhat and Asli's brother Cem team up and go after the guys who shot at Yigit's house. Cem gets shot in the leg. Asli stitches him up. Cem: “Do you love him?” Asli: <silence.> Cem: “Sometimes silence is the best answer.”

-44:28; 48:54 Ferhat to Asli after she stitches up Cem: “Yes! I admit, I'm bad. I'm dark. But it's easy for you to be good. Let them take you, use you, and take away your hope and then see how good you are. … How good were you when you stabbed me? Or when you stole that scalpel from the hospital?” (Lesson 3)

-Namik to Ferhat: “You love Asli, don't you. That puts you in a very dangerous position...”

-Asli to Ferhat as he's leaving the house: “Don't leave! Your SIL and nephew upstairs need you. Caress the boys hair and tell him his father will be back soon.”

-1:05:00 Ferhat tells the nephew the Beauty and the Beast Story. Asli feeds him the lines. It's clearly a parallel between the two of them. Last line—Did the girl fall in love with the beast? Asli hears herself say the words and asks herself the question.

-Asli goes 'on a mission' with Ferhat and they get tied up together.

-Cem has dinner with Ebru, gives her perfume. She throws it in the trash.

-Idil to Yeter: “Be careful how you talk to me. Safiye told me all your secrets...”

-Yeter overhears Gulsum yelling at Safiye about Cuynet being the father. Now Yeter knows he's father.

-Ferhat meets with Sahin and shoots him.

-Asli overhears Yeter talking to Namik: “...will tell that you are Ferhat's father!”

Episode 10

-Asli goes after Ferhat. Ebru vows revenge. Ferhat tricks Asli—has a big breakfast.

-Namik withdraws from the election.

-Cuynet gets all lovey with Vildan, his wife.

-Abidan overhears Gulsum and Yeter: “The baby is yours and Cuynet's”

-Ferhat takes Asli to the hospital allowing her to go back to work. He saves her from a maniac with a knife.

-Ferhat to Namik: “My debt to you? I did all your dirty work. You owe me....”

-Abidan confronts Safiye about baby. Takes her to bus station, gives her a stack of money: “Leave.”

-1:37;29; 1:49:19; 1:55:56 Ferhat and Asli get stuck in rain. Hold up in remote cabin. (Behlul's Stone House!) Asli: “...I recognize people by their wounds.”

-End: Asli to Namik in front of Ferhat: “I called Ferhat a swamp. I apologize. Perhaps I was looking for the swamp at the wrong address.” (she looks at Namik). Namik: “We argue like uncle and nephew and reconcile.” “Uncle and Nephew? Oh really...”


-Namik to Ferhat: “Everyone sees how this girl has changed you...everyone but you...”

-Namik to Yeter: “Everyone has sins they want to forget. I have dirt on Asli.”

-18:15 Ferhat takes Asli to her father's grave.

-Abidan takes Gulsum in the car: “You're the wet nurse. Please feed the baby.”

-Asli takes Ferhat to her childhood home, then she gives sweets to the neighbors.

-Ebru stages a break in at her house, then calls Cem like she's the victim. They get engaged.

-Police come to house and tell Abidin that Safiye is dead.

-Asli visit's Yigit's wife. They talk about the brothers.

-Mourning Safiye, Abidin vents to Ferhat and Dilsiz at a restaurant: “Every man needs a woman by his side …. and see the things no one else sees... heal his wounds.” Words are like a bullseye to Ferhat.

-Yigit and Ferhat meet outside restaurant. They part ways. Yigit slashes Ferhat's tire.

-Ferhat, drunk, scolds Asli's every attempt to be civil. He desperately wants her but at the same time sees embracing her and her ways as betraying his family.

-Namik proposes to Idil.

2:19:45 Ferhat drops Asli at airport. She envisions herself running back to him in an embrace, but it is only in her imagination. He drives away.

Episode 12

-Asli catches a cab and goes to Ebru.

-Asli (accidentally) sends a text to Ferhat: “Barber Necdet is not really your father. It's Namik.” Later she imagines a scenario of how Ferhat will react. Yeter erases it before Ferhat sees it.

-55:36 Ferhat has moments of introspection in the mirror. “The monster had big grief...”

-Ferhat comes to house where Asli is. “You can't stay here.” “Go away.” (“Please don't go!”) He leaves.

-1:16:24 Yigit to Ferhat at a restaurant: “Why are you leaving behind someone who loves you?” “I leave behind all the people that I love and love me.” “Why” “I give up on the ones I love because I'm the darkness. I'm a monster.” [It's also 9:00 pm. All a direct reference to her railing about how he's the darkness and then the Beauty and the Beast story.] * So sad!

-1:36:45; 1:42:53; 1:46:00;1:51:06;1:55:30: 1:56:31 Asli is about to be shot by a kid, but Ferhat saves her.

-2:16:25; 2:21:12; 2:22:27 Ferhat /Asli big kiss. Asli “I told you never to kiss a woman that you don't love.” He kisses her again.

-Ferhat arrested for allegedly contracting with the kid to kidnap Asli.

Episode 13

-Asli and Yigit spend the night looking at footage looking for clues about Sehin to find the real person behind Asli's kidnapping.

-Ferhat allows (?) himself to be accused/taken to jail thinking that the reason someone is after Asli is related to him. Ferhat to Yigit, “I'm entrusting her to you.”

-Outside the courthouse Asli to Namik: “A little voice inside me is whispering it is not Sahin but someone else....”

-Ebru orders hit on Ferhat in prison.

-Guy tries to stab Ferhat while he's sleeping in jail.

-Ferhat meets Azat, the wise old inmate...who tells him Sahin has a daughter... Ferhat realizes it's Ebru. At the same time, Asli, staying at Ebru's, figures it out too.

-Ferhat nearly beats down the prison door. “I have to call my wife!”

-Ebru holds Asli at gunpoint. Yigit comes and kills Ebru.

-Yigit held in jail since he killed the suspect (Ebru).

-Ferhat visits Yigit in jail. Yigit: “I took care of what you entrusted to me, something very precious to you.”

-1:59:26 Asli to Ferhat in the car: “You somehow find a phone in jail to call me and ask if I'm ok, but when you get out, you won't even look at me or speak to me. Why? So I will not feel like there is something starting between us.”

-Vildan to Cuynet: “I want a divorce.”

-2:13:44 Asli to Ferhat: [piggybacking on their previous conversation] “Do not touch me again.” He looks at himself in mirror and has flashback to their night together and when he kissed her she'd said, “'Don't kiss a woman unless you love her.'” Now he won't admit there's anything between them.

-Ferhat delivers a letter for Azat. It says, 'kill whoever delivers this letter.'

Episode 14

-The letter was a test to see if the deliverer would deliver the letter and not read it first. Ferhat passed the test. He meets with Azat indoors, who in a metaphor about coffee, asks Ferhat about the woman in his life.

-Azat to Ferhat: “I need a man I can trust.” He puts a coal in his hand and they shake hands pressing the coal.

-Asli to Namik. “I know you wanted me dead, but you fear Ferhat. You are right to fear Ferhat. But fear me too. Don't mess with my profession.”

-29:18 Yigit (in jail) to Ferhat: “I do NOT entrust my wife and son to you. You are darkness. You harm what is entrusted to you. Now go back to your darkness.” Ferhat is visibly hurt—tears in eyes.

-46:00 Ferhat to Asli at Yigit's house. Asli: “Did you go see Yigit? Was it bad?” “Yigit or the facts he hit me in the face with?” Clearly Ferhat is softening—confiding is Asli, and opening up.*

-51:46 Ferhat to Asli after coming out of Suna's apt: “I am the darkness, just like you said. The swamp. … Stay close to me if you want to stay alive. But stay away from me if you want to live.” ** So sad!

-Abidin to his mother Handan: “Let my sister and me be our own people, make our own mistakes. BACK OFF!”

-?? ; 1:06:11 Azat meets Ferhat at a restaurant and tells him an oyster story. (which I didn't understand...) He also says, “Love is life's solution/key. … Love is the name of the awaiting for healing from the one who has opened the wound.” [Ferhat has flashback to when Asli stabbed him.] ** Lots of words of wisdom here from a very unlikely character.

-Suna visits Yigit in jail. They exchange sweet words and 'I love you's.'

-Idil announces to family: “Namik and I are getting married tomorrow night. And I've found a house for Yeter and Gulsum.”

-Ferhat gets Yigit out of jail. Yigit: “You're a monster. Go and do whatever you want, but don't spoil other people's clean lives with your darkness.”

-1:55:10 Azad to Ferhat: “If you walk the path that someone else has cleared, you'll reach the place he wants. It's not the place you want to be.” Wise words!

-Namik shot.

-2:18:00 Asli to Ferhat at Namik's wedding: “What do you want from me?” …. “I love you.”

Episode 15

-Replay of end of 14. But we see it's Yeter who shoots Namik 3 times—For Ferhat, Yigit, and Gulsum.

-Replay Ferhat Asli “I love you” kiss.

-Azad saw Yeter shoot Namik. Azad to Asli: “Take her down the back stairs. Say that you found her in the restroom drunk and vomiting.”

-Cem to Asli: “I don't care if you love this man anymore. There are bullets flying everywhere! Get away from him!” “Don't tell me what to do.” Ferhat overhears.

-38:20 Ferhat to Asli: “Cem is right.” … “Are you trying to drive me crazy? First you leave me at the airport, then you come after me, kiss me and say you love me, then turn your back on me!” “What I left at the airport was not you but my own life. I turned my back on myself. But you can see it hasn't changed anything.” “Maybe it's you who does not want to change.”

-Handan gets call from her spy man: “...the lady was breastfeeding the baby in the car.” She confronts Abidin and Gulsum. Abidin: “I am Kemal's father—but not in the way you think.”

-Handan sees Gulsum take a handful of pills but doesn't stop her.

-Abidin saves Gulsum and comforts her. “If you die, you will kill me. We agreed to raise Kemal together. I'll talk to Ferhat.”

-Handan to everyone: “Kemal is Gulsum's son.” Ferhat goes into a rage.

-1:31:40 Asli to Ferhat: “You solve everything with weapons and restrictions. Where is love? Have you ever stroked Gulsum's hair and asked how she was doing?” “This is who I am. If you don't like it, there's the door. …. If you kiss a frog for 40 years, he still won't be a prince.”

-2:04:02 Yigit to Ferhat by the water: “I chose good. See what happened when Yeter and Gulsum stayed with you? And when they left, the first place they come is to me.”

-2:09:30; 2:12:41 Cem to Ferhat on a pier: “There's a lot of dirt around you, Ferhat, and my sister is right up in the middle of it. She won't leave you, but please leave her.” Ferhat calls Ayhan (Azad's daughter and a lawyer): “I want to divorce Asli. Please start the procedure.”

-Ayhan calls Asli: “Ferhat asked me to start divorce proceedings. Don't let him do it.” Asli at home, drops a cup in shock, cries; Ferhat walks in, says nothing. |End

Episode 16

-Opens with Ayhan calling Asli about divorce.

-5:48; 9:58 Asli to Ferhat: “Are you hungry? Let's cook something together.”

-Asli to Ferhat, making eggs: “It would not be possible without killing it. Otherwise it will remain raw and alive. That is why you need to kill it.” It is clearly referring to their love....

-Yigit to Yeter: “Did you kill Namik?” <silence.> Yigit: “I've learned that sometimes silence is the most accurate answer.” “And life has taught me to remain silent and endure. Besides, his bullet wound will heal. But is there any cure for other wounds? …. “Motherhood makes you do things.”

-16:21;18:50 Asli to Ferhat in the kitchen: “Tell me this. Why are you turning your back on me?” “Is it that easy for you to turn your back on those you love and who love you?” “I don't turn my back on anyone. I'm tired of these questions.” “Yes, shooting in the air is much easier.”

-Abidin to Gulsum in the car: “Don't misunderstand me, but if we married, Necdet will have a father.”

-Azad to Ayhan: “What Ferhat needs is not time, but courage. I hope his heart wins out over his mind.”

-Asli takes Gulsum to the house she grew up in.

-Ferhat to Asli at the hospital: “Bring Gulsum home.” “'Let her be near me but not with me,' that whole story, huh? Ah, it applies to your sister too.” “I'm getting bothered by this kind of talking.” “The soul being bothered is a good thing, Ferhat.”

-58:59; 1:02:00 Abidin shows up at Gulsum's door. She immediately embraces him. Abidin: “I'll protect you.” very sweet

-Hadan tells Idil and then Namik that Gulsum is the baby's mother.

-1:16:43; 1:27:04 Azad to Ferhat: “I know you are saying, 'I am the dark passenger and I will destroy her.' That is wrong! A woman is like soil. You be the sun and rain. Then watch how she will welcome you with a thousand buds. The man who loves a body is called a guy. A man who loves a soul is called a real man. If you fell in love, then love like a real man. Do not throw her away like this. If you have hope on one side and fear on the other, it is like wings. You must have both to fly. .... Let her cure you. You're running from yourself and not her.” Ferhat: “I'm afraid of destroying her.”.... Azad: “Do you have any idea what she's enduring to keep you from falling?” *Best scene yet! So RICH! Watch scene here.

-Ferhat meets Abidin under an overpass: “I want to marry Gulsum.” Ferhat livid.

-1:42:23; 1:46:29; 1:48:48; 1:57:09; 2:04:35;2:12:08; 2:15:28 Asli drags Ferhat to the Stone House. “You are like a wounded animal that bites every hand trying to help it. You've accepted being 'the darkness, a swamp, and a monster.' Why? Because it is easier. Have you ever worked to get out of the darkness? No. Why? Because you feel strong there. … Do you have the courage to erase your past and write it again? You didn't even have the courage to look me in the eye and tell me you loved me. .... You already gave up on me. Let me go! Let me go!” He holds on to her, crying, then spins her around and kisses her. OMG! Amazing!

-1:48:30 Abdin (with Gulsum) announces to the family: “We're getting married.”

-Idil accuses Yeter of pushing her down the stair so she can cover up that she's no longer pregnant.

-2:15 Abidim to Yigit: “I came to ask your blessing to marry Gulsum.”

-At the stone house, Asli leaves him a note and her wedding ring: “The tea got cold. I got tired of waiting. Goodbye.” [A response to his earlier note at a restaurant the day he killed Sahin that said, “Order tea. I'm coming.”]

**A FANTASTIC episode!!

Episode 17

-Opens where 16 left off—with Asli leaving Ferhat a note. He goes outside and calls for her. She's walking down the road, and a man hits on her. She smacks him with a rock.

-Ferhat catches up to her. Asli: “I'm leaving.... Did you call Ayhan and tell her to start divorce proceedings? But you were too much of a coward to even tell me.” “Get in the car!” “I will not! …. Didn't you tell me to get this fairy tale out of my mind? I did. You got along fine before me, barking orders, then you met me and got lost in a country where you didn't know the language. But I would have taught you! I would have taught you to say 'my beloved sister' and 'my mother.' Not 'get in the car,' but 'I love you.' …. You can't see that I love you!” She tries to get out of the moving car and they crash. Watch here.

-Yigit gives his permission to Abidin and Gulsum, but with much inward struggle. As Gulsum is leaving, Yigit hugs Gulsum in a beautiful reconciliation. Watch here.

-Asli and Ferhat wake up at the house of a villager who found them after the wreck.

-Idil pretends like she's having a miscarriage as a result of Yeter pushing her down the stairs. Namik devastated.

-46:12 Ferhat and Asli Turkish bath. Watch here.

-48:56 Asli delivers a baby at house they're staying at. Ferhat holds baby—he's softening.

-1:00:46 Ferhat wraps Asli's wrist. “You always carry me on your back.” “You do not know how to walk next to me.” “Because I have always walked alone.” Watch.

-1:08:01; 1:08:58 Funny house owner lady to Ferhat and Asli: “My grandson has a motorcycle you can drive into town.” Turns out to be a scooter. Asli hooting laughing all the way riding behind Ferhat. VERY FUNNY.

-Namik drops Yeter off at the bus station. “Go back to Bolu. I don't want to see you again.”

-Azad appears at bus station. “From now on, Yeter, you won't shed any more tears.” She goes with him to his house.

-1:31:29; 1:35:34; 1:52:33; 2:04:10; 2:13:57; 2:17:17; 2:18:56 Ferhat takes Asli back to the stone house. He is smiling a bit and more open. Asli is shocked but thrilled. Ferhat: “It was the first time I ever held a baby.” …. Asli: “It is not me that you do not love, but yourself.” He puts his arm around her—he is trying to learn how to love.

-Romantic moment between Dilsiz and Hulya, the maid.

1:43:43; 1:45:47 Abidin gets a wedding dress for Gulsum. Beautiful scene. Watch.

-1:55:32; 1:59:00 Gulsum wedding. They go back to family house and Abidim stands up for 'this is MY wife.'

-End: montage—Abidin being sweet with Gulsum, Azat sitting on a bench next to Yeter who has nowhere to go, Asli and Ferhat snuggling, but Cuynet right outside with men ready to kill them.

**Another GREAT episode!!

Episode 18

-Opens where 17 left off—men surrounding Stone House, Ferhat and Asli snuggling on couch with Ferhat in the crosshairs of a rifle. But Ayhan snipes off all the bad guys trying to get to Ferhat and Asli.

-6:00; 17:51 Azad tells Yeter: “Back in Bolu, I used to watch as you bought bread every morning.”

-3:00; 9:38;12:13 15:25; 21:03;24:40; 27:20 Ferhat and Asli at stone house—she's drunk, but they are having a romantic time and enjoying each other. Asli: “You're not a monster, you've just been looking in the wrong mirror.” Watch.

-Ferhat pulls a gun on Abidin at the breakfast table. “I told you not to marry my sister. You disobeyed.” They reconcile, but Ferhat is right back to his old temperament.

-Cuynet has a guy kidnap Ozgur (Yigit's son) from the park while Asli is there.

-Namik pays the ransom for Ozgur to look like a hero and to blackmail Yigit so he won't prosecute him.

-They find Ozgur, but Cem is shot.

**Most of the episode is about finding Ozgur. A bit melodramatic—template Turkish drama.

Episode 19

-Opens with finding Ozgur and Cem getting shot.

-Asli does surgery, but Cuynet finds a way to kill him.

-1:32:57; 1:38:33; 1:43:53;1:56:58; 2:11:12; 2:11:56 Ferhat takes Asli to an inn to get away for a bit. She reminisces about Cem more and grieves. Watch.

-2:07:00 Yeter to Yigit: “I killed Namik. Because he killed a woman I once knew—she got pregnant, he wouldn't marry her, but married her off to a barber. She had a son and named him Ferhat.”

Episode 20

-Opens with repeat of Yeter telling Yigit she shot Namik.

-Cuynet sends his thug men after Asli and Ferhat at their inn. Bad guys assault the main house too—Dilsiz shot in the leg. Abidin arrives and scares them off.

-39:30 Ferhat to Alsi, asleep in the car: “Did you tell me that I've encountered a language that I don't know? I never had opportunity to learn.” ….. “There were many women in my life. Some fell in love with my power and strength. But you fell in love with my ugliness and powerlessness. …. I have kissed you on the lips, but you have kissed my wounds. I've had a broken heart but didn't realize it until you showed me. Maybe one day I'll be able to tell you this when you are awake. Maybe beautiful words might befit a monster too. Moving!

-1:33:30 Yigit to Ferhat in Yigit's office: “Look, abi.” … “You called me abi.” Sweet reunion!

-Asli realizes Cuynet was the one who kidnapped her and shoots him!

Episode 21

-3:44; 7:37; 12:15; 33:00 Opens with Asli shooting Cuynet—in the shoulder. Ferhat realizes she is becoming like him—in a bad way.

-48:32; 51:23 Asli loses her job, and wanders, lost.

-1:15:30; 1:18:48; 1:34:48 Asli goes to an inn.

-1:30:46 Abidin to Ferhat on balcony: “You and Asli were so good together.”

-Ferhat gets a room at the next to Asli; watches her through the window. Watch

-2:04:00 Cuynet gets on a boat to skitter away, but Azad is the boat captain...

-2:08:25; 2:11:30 Ferhat and Asli face off on the bridge. Watch

-Idil follows Yeter—finds out she's been going to Azad's house.

Episode 22

-Opens with Ferhat and Asli on the bridge: “The best thing for us is to divorce.”

-Ferhat following Asli, her driver speeds up to lose Ferhat and her car crashes.

-20:50; 23:34; 26:27; 30:30; 33:45 Ferhat to unconscious Asli in hospital: “I even kill you when I take you out of my heart and am letting you go.” …. Doctor to Asli: “You and your baby are fine.” …. Ferhat: “I hope you aren't too late for an abortion.”

-54:15; 55:42 Ferhat goes boxing to blow off steam. Sees himself fighting himself. Ends with him thinking in the shower. Watch

-1:03:10; 1:07:18; 1:10:13 Ferhat to Yigit: “Asli and I are divorcing. I'm destroying the girl with my presence.”

-14:50 Ferhat to Asli rubbing ointment on her wrist: “It wasn't fractured.” Asli inwardly: “I'm completely torn apart.” ***?

-Idil and Namik announce they've married.

-1:42:40 Ferhat dreams he sees his father: Father: “Get some wood. Build this fire to burn yourself in. (Your arrogance??) Get that heavy box you think is so important that you've been carrying.”

-1:46:00 Ferat and Asli each express their REAL feelings about the baby—but inwardly. Longing for the other to say not to do it. ***

-Ozgur's birthday—Ferhat takes him to buy a gift and they stop on side of road so kid can pee. He's experiencing fathering. And doing just fine. Funny!

-Asli's niece Julide shows up at the family compound.

-Asli goes for 7:00 abortion appointment. Ferhat arrives just behind her. Bangs on the door to no avail.

Episode 23

-Opens with Asli coming out of the clinic. Ferhat is there. “I, I, I. Who is the arrogant one? If you could let go of your anger, maybe we could have been WE!”

-14:21 [Flashback] Asli at clinic. She kept her baby.

-[Flashback] Asli's niece Julide killed Cem.

-Ferhat meets Julide—coming out of the shower in HIS room...

-Namik to Ferhat: “There's a big shipment. If we can protect it, we'll be set with money for 10 years.”

-Cuynet copies files from Namik's black-box computer. Idil catches him but helps him to take revenge on Namik.

-1:18:25; 1:25:00 Ferhat calls Yigit for breakfast to talk about his troubles with Asli. Yigit: “If she's still yelling, that's good. Because as long as she's yelling, she believes there's something to fight for.”

-1:38:00; 1:47:10 Gulsum has a meltdown. Abidin goes after her. Gulsum: “Why are you being so nice to me? If you knew what ugliness I got caught up in, you wouldn't spit in my face. Why?” “Because I love you.”

-Ferhat and Namik have a meeting at a hotel about 'the deal.' Yigit, spying realizes Ferhat is involved in the 'big case' he's overseeing. Yigit struggles with his loyalty to Ferhat vs his loyalty to the law.

-Julide, crying and sitting amongst a topsy-turvy room, calls Asli. “Come home!” She's staged it...

-Ferhat goes to 'do the deal' and plans on dying. Yigit pulls him over. “Don't go! Don't leave me again!” Asli is also putting together clues and realizes Ferhat is planning to die. End with Ferhat turning away, Yigit pulling a gun, and a gunshot.

Episode 24

-Opens where 23 left off—Yigit shoots Ferhat in the leg to keep him from leaving. Asli arrives, Ferhat still determined to leave. She stands in front of the car and puts a gun to her head. He puts a gun to his heart.

-28:00; Gulsum spends the night (innocently) with Abidin. “He was a shelter for me.”

-31:12; 42:20 Asli to Ferhat in their room: “Tell the lawyer we don't want a divorce.” “'We'? There is no we! Your first solution was to run away! Now the only reason you want me to stay is because of the baby. …. I want YOU!” <<Big Kiss>> Asli: “But even this doesn't really change anything.”

-Julide to Namik in his home office: “I came to say hi. Remember me? I thought you were please with me since you gave me so many tips.” [as a prostitute.]

-1:03:00; 1:06:00; 1:13:45 Yigit to Ferhat over lunch: “I'm going to be an uncle! Let yourself go, Ferhat!” FUNNY!!

-1:20:25; 1:32:04 Gulsum to Abidin in the park: “Thank you for loving me.” “Thank you for letting me love you.”

-1:23:17 Ferhat looks in the mirror and reflects on Yigit's words: “Women become mothers when they get pregnant. Men aren't fathers till the child is born.”

-1:30:05 Ferhat drags Asli to doctor for sonogram.

-Julide propositions drunk Namik, he kisses her. Idil sees them.

-2:01:02; 2:04:51; 2:07:41 Ferhat/Asli bed scene—she puts pillows between them, he removes them so they end up tangled together in the night.

-Ferhat and Asli go to Yigit's for breakfast. Yigit shot outside his house by the guys whose 'big deal' went sour because Yigit caught onto them and also stopped Ferhat from going.

Episode 25

-Opens with shooting of Yigit—then him in hospital. He was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

-Julide plots to steal Handan's jewelry. She finds the letter that shows that Ferhat is the father of Vildan's daughter.

-Suna goes off on Ferhat: “Whenever he's around you, he can't get rid of trouble! Stay away so we can be safe.”

-17:22 Abindin to Gulsum: “I'm burning if I love you because I'm breaking my promise to Ferhat. And I burn if I don't love you so I'm leaving.”

-[Flashback] As Azad is about to shoot Namik, Cuynet strangles him.

-30:00; 43:50 Asli has pains, Ferhat takes her to hospital. Dr. to Ferhat: “You must care for your wife. Protect her and allow her to rest.” He takes her home, they have a romantic moment as he puts her to bed.

-Drunk, Vildan to Julide reveals hazy details “about a night with Ferhat ten years ago...”

-Azad leaves a letter for Yeter: “Namik took both you and my wife from me.... I loved you out of place and time.”

-Asli confronts Ferhat: “What happened between you and Vildan in 2010?”

-1:39:40 Abidin tries to console Gulsum. He starts to leave, then turns around with tears in his eyes, they kiss and embrace. "I love you."

-1:47:00 Ferhat mourns at Azad's grave and has a flashback to the man's speech about how to love a woman: “Hope on one hand, fear on the other are like wings.”

Siya BeyZ ASK ROMANCE  full episodes english subtitles

-1:59:00 Ferhat to Asli at an ocean overlook: “I never thought I deserved to be happy until you came along. You poked my wounds and showed me just how much I hurt. Let start over together.” He throws his gun off the overlook. A turning point for Ferhat.

-Ferhat to Namik in his office: “Asli and I have decided to make our own life. ... If I stay here, I won't be able to live.”

-Ferhat punches Cuynet at the gate. Vildan begging him to stop. Julide: “Tell the truth, Vildan, that Ferhat is your daughter's father.” Everyone (including Asli looking on) is aghast.

Episode 26

-Opens with Julide's bombshell: “Tell the truth, Vildan, that Ferhat is your daughter's father.”

-Asli charges Cuynet: “You killed my brother!” Ferhat sends everyone inside and is about to shoot Cuynet when his daughter runs to Cuynet, “Baba!”

-Julide gets drunk at a bar, Ferhat snatches her out of there.

-Ferhat has a paternity test done—it's 99% positive match to Vildan's daughter.

-Yigit visits the son of the man who supposedly shot Necdet the barber father.

-1:37:55; 1:44:00 Asli goes on a night run to satisfy a craving for wild strawberries. Funny! (Plant/payoff to Yigit warning Ferhat about food cravings.)

-2:01:00 Asli to Ferhat in bed: Asli: “Say something romantic...”

-Ferhat rushes home, finds Asli with paper in her hand and a shocked expression.--the note to Ferhat from Vildan....

*Soap opera-ish episode. Melodramatic....

Episode 27

-3:27 Turns out Asli found pics of Julide kissing Namik. A relieved Ferhat retrieves the letter from Vildan. Gives Asli a big kiss.

-44:30; 48:00 Ferhat and Asli flirt with each other at a bar waiting for the bartender to ask him about Julide.

-Julide knocks Idil down on the road and kills her.

-1:03:08 Asli to Ferat in their bedroom: “What would it take for you to stop loving me.” “I've never thought about not loving you.”

-Yigit is holding the son of man he visited (whose grandfather supposedly killed Yigit's dad). The boy's father comes to gates of estate yelling, “Namik, where's my son??”

-Julide trying to get rid of Idil's body—Cuynet calls: “Did you get rid of the corpse?”

-Asli confronts Julide: “You were an escort girl!” “Yes! My mother was dying and we were penniless!”

-Ferhat saves Yigit from the kid and his thug friends. Ferhat: “What are you doing kidnapping a kid? You're supposed to be the law!” This time Ferhat's white and Yigit's black.

-1:51:56 Gulsum finds Abidin. “Come home. If I live, I want to live with you. If I die, I will die with you.”

-1:54:40 Ferhat and Asli flirt fight over a bowl of wild strawberries. FUNNY!

-2:07:50 Ferhat to Asli: “Vildan overdosed because of us. Ozge is my daughter.” Asli walks away, stunned. She cries, then packs her suitcase.

-Ferhat meets with the son (of the man who supposedly killed Necdet barber) at a tea garden. Episode ends with both men in the crosshairs of a rifle.

*Also a bit over the top melodramatic....

Episode 28

-The sniper shoots the son guy, but doesn't kill him. Ferhat gets Asli to do the surgery. After it's over: Ferhat: “You're a good doctor.” “Sometimes it's not enough. The patient starts bleeding internally and there's nothing to be done.” “It's not the patient's fault.” “But there's nothing to be done. It doesn't always work out.” The conversation had a dual meaning—the patient and Ferhat her patient.

-45:25 In their bedroom, Ferhat grabs Asli's arm. Asli: “You're hurting me.” “And I'm burning here [points to heart].” “You created the fire.” “And your heart doesn't lie. It's saying 'I love Ferhat.'

-Namik to Dilsiz: “Let Hulia go. Be sure she gets her compensation.” He's stunned.

-Ferhat brings flowers to Asli: “The beauty and monster story can only end if the beauty tells the monster she doesn't want him. If you tear my heart out, I won't object.” “In the near future, he will recover. You will take care of him.” She walks away.

-2:02:30 Dilsiz takes Hulia to catch a bus—just before she gets on: Dilsiz: “Will you come back to the house as my wife?”

-Gulsum sets a trap for Cuynet at a cafe, but he double crosses her and Abidin.

-2:15:30 Asli says goodbye to Ferhat. He lets her go.

Episode 29

-Opening: Ferhat: “Look into my eyes and tell me you don't love me.” As she walks away he says to himself, “Your patient's wounds haven't healed. You turned your back on your patient and are causing more pain.” Very sad!!

-13:19 Ferhat confronts Namik: “I crossed to the dark side with one bullet. …. Tell me everything about the past.”

-45:36 Asli and Ferhat missing each other montage.

-52:10 Dilsiz has a talk with Ferhat in a green field.

-Hulia's wedding.

-1:19:40 Ferhat has inner dialog that shows how lonely and hurt he is.

-1:25:50; 1:27:50 Ferhat and Asli at the wedding. Inner dialog: What they say, and what they think are two different things. Later: “We are having a son.”

-1:38:10 Asli inner dialog to Ferhat: “If you knew that I have lost you just to protect you, would you still turn your back on me and go away?”

-Yusuf's son catches Asli as she's leaving the wedding and stabs her.

-Ferhat tries to go busting into the cellar where Yigit is holding Yusuf's son. Yigit: “The person who ordered Necdet (our father) killed was Namik!”

-Namik arrested, Gulsum loses it. “You killed our father! Do you have no pity!?”

-The police car is overturned, no Namik in wreckage.

Episode 30

-Opens with Ferhat trying to bust into the cellar and Yigit saying: “Namik is responsible for our father's death!”

-28:10 Gulsum goes off on Ferhat: “You were Namik's right hand man for years. How could you not know about all his dirty work.... You've become just like him!”

-1:15:10 Asli to Ferhat in their bedroom: “There is no one left in this house to be an obstacle between us except you. Please don't leave us. Don't go.”

-Ferhat takes Asli to the stone house. They have a good time, then she goes to the restroom, and he takes off.

-1:58:56 Ferhat comes back to stone house, livid. Asli: “You plotted behind my back. Didn't think about me or our baby.... You're a hopeless case! …. Did you find peace when you killed the man who killed your father? You were about to do the same thing again!”

-Ferhat thinks all night in his car at an overlook.

-Asli comes home to get her stuff to leave, and finds Ferhat hosting a cookout for the family. Ferhat to Asli: “Thank you for reminding me that I am the son of Necdet the barber.”

-2:12:00 360 degree shot of Ferhat.

-Ferhat and Namik face off in the woods outside the family mansion. Namik: “You're my son.” “Nooooo!” Ferhat falls to the ground, puts the gun to his head.

Episode 31

-Opens with Ferhat in the woods replaying Yigit's and Namik's words in his mind: “Namik killed Necdet barber!” “You're my son.”

-Ferhat to Asli on the driveway: “You knew Namik Emirhan was my father.”

-Yeter and Gulsum in Yeter's room. Yeter has a tumor....

-Asli catches up to Ferhat: “I'm still here.” Then they rescue a young couple stranded on the side of the road.

-1:33:14 Ferhat to Asli: “Your presence is enough to change everything. If you were not here, then there would be the old Ferhat. … My family is you.”

-Julide tells Cuynet how she killed Cem in the hospital.

-1:54:33 Ferhat to Asli sorta out of the blue: “I love you.”

-Julide punctures the gas line, then locks Asli in the kitchen.

-Ferhat rushing back to the house; Asli nearly unconscious on the kitchen floor.

Episode 32

-Opens with Ferhat rushing home, Julide screaming, “What have I done!” Ferhat busts the door down and whisks Asli away.

-Sweet words between Ferhat and Asli at the hospital.

-59:00; 1:11:10 Ferhat has a romantic dinner for Asli in the garden: “You've healed my wounds. …. Will you marry me?”

-Namik kills Julide.

-Ferhat and Asli's wedding.

-Namik to Yeter as he lights his hideout on fire: “We'll burn in hell together.” Ferhat pulls his mom out, but Namik chooses to stay and burn.

-Scene six months later-- the family comes together with Asli holding a baby, everyone all smiles.

*Very disappointing end/last episode. Anti-climactic, it's as if everyone ran out of steam—both writers and actors.

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Post Script:

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-Ibrahim Celikkol movie on YouTube: Sadece Sen- a beautiful romance!

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Carol Chambers
Oct 19, 2022

I love turkish series/movies and without the english subtitles i sometimes cannot get a full understanding of them. Thanks to these reviews i can now watch more of them!!!


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May 20, 2021

Thank you so much for the review! It is so detailed making it comprehensive of what is happening in the drama! Thank you again ✨


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