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Hercai ~ Episode Guide

Hercai English episode guide  Hercai full episodes english

Hercai burst onto the Turkish Drama scene, taking fans by storm. Now you can quickly find and watch your favorite scenes again and again using this English episode guide.

-Genre: Romantic Drama

-Lead actors: Akin Akinozu | Ebru Sahin

-Number of episodes: 69 -Ending: Happy

-Where to watch full episodes of Hercai with English subtitles:

• The first 3 episodes of Hercai are free on Vimeo. Links are under the episode headings below. • On a laptop or desktop, you can watch Hercai on YouTube. Use the gear to change the closed captions language English. This video tells how. (Beware of spam and pop ups!) Has the best subs. Use the 'contact us' link to ask


•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green.

•Other important scenes bolded.

**Warning: This guide is FULL of Hercai spoilers**



Hercai Episode Guide for episodes 1-25 is below.

Hercai Episode Guide for episodes 26+ is here.

Episode 1

-Reyyan Sadoglu rides her horse to her favorite overlook. On the way home, she's nearly hit by Miran's car. He believes his parents were killed by Reyyan's father, Hazar Sadoglu.

-Miran delivers her to her door despite her protests—turns out he is a business partner of her father, uncle, and grandfather.

-Reyyan's cousin Yaren pulls her aside. “Miran is mine! I saw him at the hotel first!”

-Miran meets with the men: “I'd like to marry Reyyan.” He leaves; the men discuss. “We'll give him Yaren.”

-Hazar to grandfather Nasuf: “Yes, Reyyan is an orphan. But if you want to speak on her behalf, you have to treat her like flesh and blood.”

-Grandfather slaps Reyyan. “You will stay inside these walls!”

-Miran and his family come for ring ceremony. He insists on Reyyan. Reyyan has no interest, Yarin is furious, Yarin's brother, Azat, is crushed cause he wanted Reyyan.

-Reyyan to her Gonul, her SIL to be: “No, I don't want this.”

Hercai Miran and Reyyan first kiss

-Miran corners her: “I wanted you all along.”

-An old man/sage to Miran: “...what's to protect you from the evil inside you?”

-1:54:00 Miran 'kidnaps' Reyyan at dawn, takes her to the overlook where he's prepared a 'swing in the sky' for her. Quite a romantic speech! Then he takes her home and gives her a little kiss.

-Yaren burns some of Reyyan's new dowry clothes.

-Miran buys Reyyan a fancy gold necklace and ankle bracelet.

-Henna party.

-Gonul to Miran: “Never forget that I'm your wife.”

Episode 2

-Opens with Gonul to Miran: “Never forget that I'm your wife.”

-Azat to Reyyan: “Don't marry Miran, marry me! I love you!”

-Yaren tears up Reyyan's wedding dress.

-54:00; 1:11:57; 1:14:14; 1:26:00 The wedding celebration.

-Azat, drunk, wants Reyyan, and fights with Miran.

-1:36:50 Gul shot.

-1:45:00; 1:51:07; 1:56:00; 2:00:56; 2:07:50; 2:13:13 Honeymoon at the hut.

-2:15:50 Miran to Reyyan the next morning: “You are no one to me.” He walks away, leaving her crumpled on the ground in despair.

Episode 3

-Opens with Miran walking away from her at their honeymoon hut/house.

-13:52 Reyyan burns down the hut/house.

-25:40 Grandmother Azize dumps Reyyan in the city square to humiliate her.

-50:36 Gonul tries to seduce Miran.

-Sultan to Gonul as she pulls her shirt up to show an iron burn. “Your father beat me...”

-Grandfather tries to marry Reyyan off to an old man.

-Reyyan jumps off a bridge; Miran follows.

Episode 4

-Opens with them jumping off the bridge.

-Miran takes Reyann to a secluded house.

-1:25:33;1:49:43 Reyyan shoots Miran, but then can't leave and cares for him.

-1:27:25 Flashback memory of wedding night.

-2:18:00 In order to protect Reyyan from her own family, Hazar to Miran: “Take her and go! I entrust her to God and you!”

-Miran takes her to Aslanbey mansion with him.

Episode 5

-Reyann 'imprisoned' at Miran's family mansion.

Hercai English Gonul smothers Reyyan episode 5

-1:32:00 After Gonul tries to smother Reyann, Miran goes in and Reyann rushes into his arms. Then he sleeps outside her door.

-2:26:00 Miran: “I'll take you to see Gul.” She hugs him.

Episode 6

-Opens with Reyann leaving Gul's room and getting caught.

-17:35 Miran tells her why he took revenge.

-41:18 Miran to Firat on the side of the road: “I didn't know it would be like this. Every time I look in her innocent eyes my heart burns!”

-1:09:00 Reyann has a tantrum-- rips curtains down, turns over lamp, etc.

-Men from the two families meet: “Hazar: We took out a big bank loan and now can't repay it.” Miran: “That's your problem.”

-Miran takes Reyyan back to her swing on a hillside and has a meal for her. She snubs him.

-Yarem's mom smacks her around, takes her phone, and locks her in her room for meeting with Firat.

-Planning to leave, Hazar comes to collect Reyyan at same time Aziza goes to collect Elif.

-Miran takes Reyyan back to the house where she shot him. Gonul arrives: “I'm Miran's wife.”

Episode 7

-Opens with Gonul telling Reyyan she's his wife and Aziza accusing Nasuf of kidnapping Elif.

-Reyyan to Azat driving away, “Take me back. I have to talk to Miran!” She jerks the steering wheel and they crash.

-21:49 Miran venting to Firat. “She wouldn't leave me! I know it! I saw her soul!” ** Great acting! So intense!

-Reyyan and Gonul at same hospital.

-59:00 Reyyan goes to the swing.

- Miran goes to the swing and finds her black scarf.

-Azat brings Reyyan home: “Reyyan will be my wife.”

Hercai Miran's first meeting with Reyyan hair clip

-Sultan to Azize: “...I'll tell Miran how his mother was locked in the barn and tortured.”

-Reyyan to her father: “I saw hatred in Miran's eyes... He said you killed his parents.”

-1:51:03 Miran to Gonul in bed: “If I find out you had something to do with this (stabbing & Reyyan leaving), I'll divorce you!”

-Nasuf to Zerah in the kitchen: “If you take my son away from me, I'll take your daughter. I'll tell Reyyan she's not a Shadoglu.”

-2:06:50 Miran has flashback of the first time he saw Reyyan and followed her through a cavernous museum.

Episode 8

-Opens the next morning with Miran still at the swing. “How can I get her back? I forced her to marry Azat!” He goes on a rampage.

-Azat to his parents: “Don't call me son any more. Not after the games you two played yesterday.”

-Hazar to Miran at Miran's mother's grave: “I didn't kill her, I loved her!” Miran pulls a gun and almost shoots Hazar.

-32:40 Nusuf recounts to Hazar the night of Dilsa's death.

-Miran confronts his grandmother about what really happened. She fuels his revenge once again.

-1:04:00 Miran to Reyyan in the stable: “You say you want me to go, but your eyes say otherwise.”

Hercai Miran and Gul on hood of car

-1:11:53 In his courtyard, he dreams that Reyyan came to him and said, “I can never forgive you.”

-Azize at the breakfast table: “I've decided Elif is going to London.”

-Elif picks up a wedding ring Azat has thrown on ground. Miran drives up and punches Azat.

-Gul to hired family man: “Take me to Miran so I can ask him to bring Reyyan back.”

-Reyyan goes to stay at the grandparent's house of Melek, the servant.

-1:45:10 Gul sits on the hood of Miran's car and tell him where Reyyan is. SO CUTE!!

-Caner, son of a servant comes home from military service.

-2:02:20 Reyyan's flashback to when Miran gave her the mirror compact and kissed her.

-Yaren to Gonul in a street meeting: “Reyyan left a note saying she couldn't marry Azat and left.” Yaren's father catches her.

-**HUGE Revelation! Aziza: “I've been raising a snake's fruit for years. Miran will never find out he is the son of Hazar. Only when he destroys their family will he hear it with everyone else.” Brilliant plotting!

-Miran knocks on the door at Melek's grandparents (the house where Reyyan is staying).

Episode 9

-Opens with Miran at the door of Melek's grandparents: “I've come to take my wife home.”

-Repeat of Aziza's monologue: “Miran will destroy his own family.”

-5:45 Miran to Reyyan: “I know you don't love Azat, because when you are next to him, your heart doesn't beat like this.”

-20:00; 36:50; Reyyan gets stung by a scorpion. Miran stays by her bed all night.

-52:30 Next morning, Reyyan wakes up and starts bantering at Miran. Miran chuckles. “You have an 'attack-Miran' button. You wake up in the morning, and it automatically turns on.”

-Hazar comes on the scene. To Miran: “I entrusted my daughter to you in a white dress to love and protect her. You tore out her soul and handed it to us!”

-Hazar to everyone in family courtyard: “Our family is leaving!” But when he finds out Nasuf threatened to tell Reyyan that she is his step-daughter, he back-pedals.

-Hazar has breakdown in the stable with his wife: “When I didn't want to live, Reyyan came and filled my soul.”

-Miran grabs Gonul's throat and unloads: “You stabbed yourself and blamed it on Reyyan!” Sultan: “I won't let you treat my daughter the way your father treated your mother!”

-After shopping, Miran corners Reyyan alone on the street: “You belong to me.”

-Nasuf to Reyyan in the courtyard: “Because of you, Miran is having us audited!” He slaps her around. She grabs his gun and leaves.

Hercai English Reyyan pulls gun on Miran

-2:08:21 Gun in hand, Reyann confronts Miran at his office: “Just shoot me for God's sake, and let this be over!” He pulls her into an embrace. “Without you, there is no me.”

-Miran bursts into Sadoglu courtyard: “Give me Reyyan, and I'll stop all this enmity.”

Episode 10

-Opens where ep 9 left off. And Nasuf says, “No. Our family and respect aren't for sale.”

-Grandfather to Reyyan: “I will always make the decisions about your life...and death.”

-An infuriated Miran to Aziza: “Stop debt collectors!” “No! I won't forgive what her family did to you your mother. Quit chasing that girl.” “No!”

-Miran at his mother's grave: “I ruined an innocent girl, and I'm burning for it.” -Hazar to Zehra: “Let's just tell Reyyan I'm not her father so she won't have to throw herself into the fire.” “No. We can't.” Azat overhears them....

-Miran meets Reyyan out riding: “This is hard. My heart hurts.” “You're the cause of every wound in your heart.”

-Gul to Reyyan: “My blood sugar dropped. Take me for ice cream.” Reyyan takes her out and out steps Firat. Firat: “Miran is madly in love with you.” Reyyan: “Miran doesn't know how to love.”

-1:12:00 Reyyan has Miran drive her to the site of the wedding night house she burned. “I trusted you and you turned your back on me. We're just like that house—ashes.” Turning her back, she walks away as he's calling out after her. It's a mirror of what he did to her. (Brilliant plotting and poignant scene!)

-Cihan to Nasuf: “I'll take my family and leave so my son won't marry Reyyan.” “Don't worry, we'll get rid of Reyyan.”

-Sultan to Gonul: “Stop trusting grandmother. She doesn't love you or Miran...or anyone but herself.”

-Azize to Firat: “The wealth is in your name. Don't stop the seizure or you'll hurt us and yourself. Miran's not thinking straight right now. You be his brain. And do what I say.”

-Miran sends Reyyan a stone with a note: “Stones have a memory, even if we forget.” [Flashback]

-Miran causes the power to go off then steals a private moment with Reyyan and gives her the butterfly comb. “See, I loved you when I first saw you-- a long time ago.” “Go home to your wife.”

-2:07:18 Akin in 360.

-Miran to Gonul in the courtyard: “I'm divorcing you, Gonul!”

-Hazar to Zehra: “I won't allow Reyyan to suffer a man she doesn't love.” Azat takes him aside. “I'll marry her for honor sake, but I promised I wouldn't touch her.”

-Sultan to Azize: “If you allow Miran to divorce Gonul, I tell him the horrors of his story and that Hazar didn't kill his parents.”

-Henna night-- Miran kidnaps her rides off on a white horse.

Episode 11

-Opens with Miran whisking Reyyan off on a white horse. -Reyyan to Miran in the car: “If my father didn't kill you and won't kill Firat now, then he couldn't have killed your parents either.”

-Azat steals Gonul: “I'll bring her back when I get Reyyan back.”

-Miran stops the car, turns to Reyyan: “I lived through the pain of that hut too. No matter what I will make you believe—in Miran.”

-Sultan storms over to Shadoglu mansion but finds sympathy from Zehra: “I feel the same.”

-Miran gives Reyyan a bottle of water on side of road: “Nothing is as it seems.” [Flashback to Miran catching the guy who was going to kidnap and kill Reyyan for Nasuf.”]

-52:35 Miran stops at a gas station, Reyyan changes clothes, then escapes with a truck driver.

Hercai Miran and Reyyan night at a hotel

-Reyyan nearly gets raped, but Miran saves her, and whups up on truck driver.

-1:44:04 Flashback to a romantic walk during engagement.

-1:23:00; 1:42:33; 1:50:30 Miran and Reyyan spend night in a hotel. Next morning Reyyan runs away. Miran chases her around town blocks.

Episode 12

-Opens where episode 11 ends. Miran: “Give me 24 hours.”

-4:34 Sitting around a tree, Miran to Reyyan: “I married Gonul because my grandmother told me to. But I've never touched her.”

-18:00 At Ibrahim's fish pond. “The pain [of losing parents] only goes away when I'm with you.”

-32:00 Miran and Reyyan fly a kite. He kisses her....fingertips over her lips

-44:24 Miran and Reyyan make a wish at the wishing tree.

- Miran takes Reyyan to Gobekli Tepe, the oldest temple. Back at the hotel, his grandmother and her father show up—she goes with her father.

-1:10:30 Miran on the side of the road to grandmother: “From the moment I saw her, the seal on my heart was broken. I can't forget her!” Great performance by Akin.

-1:32:00 Miran confronts Nasuf: “Leave Reyyan alone or I will kill your son. [Hazar]”

-1:38:40 Hanife (Shadoglu servant) and Aize are sisters.

-Cihan to Handan: “I will make them pay. I will make Elif the Shadoglu daughter-in-law.”

-2:00:20; 2:12:08 Miran blindfolds Reyyan, takes her to a new hut: “Will you marry me?”

-2:09:00 Azize delivers an eviction notice to Shadoglus. “You have 1 week to vacate.”

Herai hut proposal Miran and Reyyan

Hercai Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 13

-Opens with him storming out of the new hut, “Why? Why? [Did you turn down my proposal?]” Powerful scene.

-Azize to Gonul: “You will divorce Miran.”

-Miran sees a butterfly at his mother's grave. “Ok, mom, I won't give up on Reyyan.”

-Gul to Miran in the street: “I'm mad at you. You are making us move.” So cute together!

-Miran to Azize: “I'll take my revenge, but only on Hazar. Not Gul, her mother, or Reyyan! … Pack my bags. I'm leaving!”

-Azize to Sultan having a breakdown: “Remember what happened last time you went crazy? You can go back to that hospital....”

-Shadoglu family moves to 'the farm.'

-Azat and Miran duke it out in town square.

-Town elder to Nasuf and Azize: “Let Reyyan and Miran marry.” Nasuf: “Never!”

-Nasuf has flashback of a girl in the field/yard of the farmhouse-- a painful memory from the past.

-Aziza to Esma: “Since Miran and Reyyan can not marry, blood must be shed—Azat Shadoglu's.”

-Reyyan to Miran who has snuck into Shadoglu garden: “Your grandmother will always win and WE will always lose. That's why I can't marry you.”

-Reyyan visits the city elder, then confronts Azize.

-Miran to Firat: “You will find a way to give the Shadoglu's their mansion back.”

-Miran's car is ambushed by gunfire.

-2:27:50 Reyyan to Miran at the swing: “Is your offer of marriage still valid?”

Great episode!

Episode 14

Miran Reyyan proposal ring Hercai English episode guide

-Opens with Reyyan to Miran at the swing: “Is your offer of marriage still valid?” He gives her his mother's ring. Beautiful, romantic scene!

-Miran takes Reyyan to Aslanbey mansion: “Reyyan and I will have our OWN house.”

-Yaren to the family: “Reyyan met with Miran!” Hazar slaps Cihan. More family drama ensues.

-Miran comes to Gonul in her room: “I'm sorry for everything that's happened.” “I understand now that I can't force someone to love me.”

-1:07:32 Miran and Reyyan's wedding.

-2:01:25 Miran takes Reyyan to their new home. It's gets shot up.

-End: Miran and Reyyan return to the Alanbey mansion and we learn that Azize ordered the shooting of Miran's car and his new house. “The road to hell for the Shadoglu's will be paved by the Shadoglu's own hands.”

Episode 15

-Opens with Miran and Reyyan returning to the Aslanbey mansion.

-7:25 Miran to Reyyan: “I will take care of this and protect you at all costs. I couldn't live without you.” “But what if they take you from me? I couldn't bear that pain!”

-20:00 Miran and Reyyan have a romantic moment on the balcony watching the sunrise.

-Yaren, locked in her room. Handan faints just outside her door.

-35:40 Elif brings some dresses to Reyyan and they have a sweet 'sisterly' moment together.

-46:00 Yaren calls Azat: “Miran and Reyyan married! They sent you there so you wouldn't interfere.”

-49:30 Handan finds out she's pregnant.

-Azat busts up into Aslanbey mansion: “Give me back Reyyan!”

-1:23:30 Miran to Reyyan: “Your breath seeping into the crack of my soul has given me life.”

-Azize to Miran: “Either you go settle with the Sadoglus or I will!”

-Miran takes Reyyan to see her mom.

-1:52:00 Hazar finds Miran's shot up car.

-2:10:00 Azize on her way to Shadoglu mansion, has a flashback to childhood—same flashback Nasuf had on the way to the farmhouse.

-End: Both families facing off at gunpoint asking, “Where's Reyyan?” She's missing from her car...

Episode 16

-Opens with gun faceoff and everyone asking, “Where's Reyyan?”

Hercai Miran teaches Reyyan to ride a bike

-Hazar and Miran look for Reyyan all night, bickering the whole time.

-44:20 Miran to Azize: “Do we have another enemy?”

-47:10 Flashback: Miran teaches Reyyan how to ride a bike.

-Elif and Azat secretly meet.

-Azat to Nasuf: “If Miran hadn't kidnapped Miran on her henna night what would have happened to her?” Nasuf looks guilty (He ordered her killed)

-1:12:00 Azize meets with her sister (maid) Hanife. Miran catches them.

-1:18:28 Miran has flashback of Reyyan planting roses in a pot. “Romeo and Juliet on the balcony.”

-1:25:30 Miran in Reyyan's old room: Flashback Miran giving Reyyan a seashell so she can 'hear the sea.'

-1:29:00 Reyyan dumped by her captors. Miran carries her upstairs.

-1:41:00 Reyyan meets with her family at a hotel. Miran looks on, through the window, longingly.

-2:06:20 Reyyan has a recollection about her captors and tells Miran.

-Miran's shot up car is gone from the depot—ordered away by Aslanbeys.

-2:27:00 Reyyan confronts Azize in her room.

-End: Miran calls Hazar: “You're right. The Aslanbey's have another enemy.”

Episode 17

-Opens with Reyyan confronting Azize in her room and Azize panicking.

-Miran to Firat after chasing a guy looking for the shot up car: “You're not going to tell grandmother what I'm doing.”

-Azize reads the note Reyyan gave her: “The time has come for you to pay for the games that you built and the victims of your games, Azize Aslanbey.”

-Azize takes Mamoud (guard) to a remote area and tests him with a gun. He's willing to shoot himself.

-Miran invites Melike to visit Reyyan. She comes and Sultan has a fit.

-Reyyan to Miran: “I'm going to talk to Azat—I'm not asking for permission. I'm your wife, not slave.”

-Reyyan and Miran argue in the car. She throws the shell out the window.

-Hanife blackmailing Handan: “I'll tell everyone you sent Reyyan to Miran unless you help me become Nasuf's wife.”

-57:19 Reyyan meets Azat at the tea garden.

-Gonul confronts Azize: “Give me my brother or I'll find him myself and burn down everything in my way.”

-1:38:37 Miran and Reyyan have a romantic dinner and dance on a rooftop. <almost kiss>

-Hazar has secret meeting with Esma: “You know I didn't kill Dilsha. How could you let Miran grow up thinking that?”

-2:01:00 Miran to Reyyan in their bedroom: “Can't we sleep together tonight? … I won't touch you til you are ready.” Reyyan glues the shell.

-End: Miran has a dinner for the community prepared in the square and takes Azize and Reyyan there to show family unity. … Azize to Miran: “Your wife married you to save Azat.” Reyyan: “Tell Miran about the letter you received when I was abducted...”

Episode 18

-Opening: returning from the square--Miran questioning/arguing with Azize.

-6:36 Reyyan to Miran in their room: “It's true you and Azat were in danger, but I came because I love you.”

-8:08 Gul makes a cake. So cute!

-29:20 Miran meets Hazar by roadside: “We need to work together to find the truth.”

-35:30 Gonul looks at photo album. Hanife is Firat's mother!

-36:18 Hazar tells the whole story of him and Dilsha to Reyyan at a hotel: “I only loved Dilsha...”

-Reyyan to Miran on rooftop: “Maybe your mother loved my—” “Sush! Don't even suggest that!”

-Cihan to Handan: “We're going to marry Azat to Elif. Then the Aslanbey's won't touch him.”

-1:08:10; 1:30:45 Zehra takes a pregnancy test—it's positive... She finally tells Hazar.

Hercai Miran Reyyan wedding dance red dress

-1:21:56; 1:27:00 Reyann in red dress with Miran at wedding; dance.

-1:37:28 Gul spends the night. Miran tells her a bedtime story—the story of him and Reyyan. Beautiful!

-1:45:50 Azat's soliloquy about the meaning of a home. Nasuf mourns for Aisha (whom we don't quite know yet). We see Azize's bare back—very scarred, probably from the fire Nasuf has nightmares about. Poignant!

-1:53:00 Lawyer gives Nasuf documents showing he's getting his house back.

-2:08:00 Reyyan talks with Yusuf, the keeper of the Sadoglu farm house. He tells about Nasuf's childhood. “And then there was a fire....”

-Azize to Azat: “I have your gun with your fingerprints on it. … From now on, you will do what I say.”

-End: Azize sets a trap for Azat and Reyyan at the airport, but Miran finds our her scheme.

*Excellent episode! Good romance and lots of action and some revelation of 'secrets.'

Episode 19

-Opens with Miran facing off with Azize at the airport and then flashbacks to him uncovering her scheme beforehand. Azize gives a sob story about how she felt she was 'losing' Miran to Reyyan.

-Reeling from the encounter, Miran steals off around the corner. Reyyan follows and consoles him. ... Then up on the rooftop terrace.

-39:20 Miran has nightmares at the hut.

-Reyyan to Miran at hut: “Just listen to my father. Hear what he says about that night with your mother.” “No! I'll never listen to his lies!”

-49:10 Melike imitates Handan in the kitchen. FUNNY!

-53:10 Miran storms to Hazar: “You killed my parents.... The day Reyyan sees the truth about you, then you'll be dead for her and me.” Cihan goes off on Hazar: “All this trouble is because of YOU!”

1:09:40 Cihan and Handan to Azat: “Marry Elif and you can protect Reyyan and uncle.”

-Firat catches Esma meeting with Hazar.

-1:30:00 Esma digs out 2 letters from Dilsha to Hazar. One reveals he is Miran's father. The other thanks him for trying to rescue her.

-Firat goes off on Miran: “Your love for Reyyan is tearing this family apart.”

-Hazar finds out that Azize was behind the Miran's car being shot up.

1:58:00 Reyyan to Miran: “You're afraid of the truth because if you are wrong, then you won't be able to lean on that revenge as an excuse for what you did to me. But it doesn't matter. I love you! Seek the truth! You have nothing to lose!” ***Beautiful scene of forgiveness and unconditional love.

2:04:41 Azize at Mehmut and Dilsha's graves performing a sob story scene to sway Miran.

2:09:33 Esma gives one of Dilsah's letters to Hazar.

2:23:20; 2:28:40; 2:32:55 Miran and Reyyan meet on the bridge, walk along the road, and sit under a tree and talk. Big kiss + Romance.

Miran and Reyyan kiss Hercai kiss

-Miran leaves to go after grandmother who went to Kars and has a big argument with Reyyan.

-End: Reyyan finds Miran looking over her father, lying on the ground at foot of stairs.

Episode 20

-Opens with Hazar in the ambulance on the way to hospital.

-Reyyan discovers her mother is pregnant.

-Nasuf to Reyyan: “This is all your fault! You chose that bastard over your family.” Reyyan intercepts his arm as he slaps her.

-Miran donates blood.

-Yaren, playing the victim, puts the move on Firat.

-Elif cowers in the corner. Sultan has flashback to Elif's dead parents and Sultan letting her husband die in a car explosion/fire.

-46:20 Outside, Reyyan to Miran: “Please just go. If my father dies, you will die to me too.” Poignant.

-56:20 Zehra slaps Miran and throws Reyyan's wedding ring at his feet. Reyyan to Miran: “You ended us. Get out of here.”

-Miran laments at his mother's grave in a moving scene.

-He gets up and Azize is there. Miran: “Reyyan left. Not because of you, but because of me..”

-Reyyan finds out Miran gave blood. He gets permission for Reyyan to visit her dad.

-Reyyan envisions herself and her dad at 'the hope tree.'

-1:48:26 Miran takes Reyyan to comfort Gul. Miran: “... Say something. Give me hope.” “I don't have that hope to give you.”

-1:52:03 Miran riding horse, stops on the bridge. Remembers their kiss. “I won't let you go, Reyyan.”

-2:14:10 Yaren and Sultan have a secret meeting. Yaren: “Azat needs to marry Elif.”

-2:25:25 Miran to Reyyan at an outdoor cafe table: “Please put my ring back on. I promise I won't do anything to your dad til you and I both believe the same truth.”

-2:37:10 Zehra slaps Reyyan in the hospital: “You put that killers ring back on? Take this killer and get out of here. I no longer have a daughter named Reyyan.” So sad!!

Episode 21

-Opens with Reyyan taking Miran's hand, and Zehra slapping her.

-Gul sees all the drama and disappears...

-37:00; 40:20; 1:08:00 Miran and Reyyan go horse riding and get stuck in the rain.

-1:25:34 Miran and Reyyan go to hotel to shower and change. Reyyan sees Miran in a towel.

-Azize catches Elif talking to Azat at the hospital. Back at home, Azize goes off on Elif, who is terrified. Azize loses her cool, big time.

-Ambulance nurse to Reyyan: Your father asked about a letter." She & Miran try to track it down.

-Reyyan chokes Azize: “My father is not a killer. You are!!”

-Hazar wakes up. “Miran pushed me.”

Episode 22 -Opens with Miran yelling to Reyyan in hospital room, “I didn't do it! I didn't push your father!”

-8:40 Reyyan to Miran outside the hosptial: “You can't love anyone. A person who is at war with himself and his past, can't share love and happiness with others. The only thing you can share is pain.”

-24:00 Zehra to Hazar: “Who did this to you? [pushed you]” “Elif.” -Azat to his family: “I'm not going to marry Elif just to take revenge on the Aslanbeys.” -48:30 Elif flashback to pushing Hazar down the stairs. -Hazar to Miran in X-ray room: “Now you know how helpless it feels to be slandered.” -1:18:15 Miran ambushes Reyyan in her bedroom: “It's not safe here. I'll protect you.” They argue over truth—Miran pushing Hazar and the the existence of 'the letter.' Azat walks in on them. A big scuffle ensues and Nasuh pulls a gun on Miran. Firat arrives: “Miran gave his blood to Hazar!”

-1:48:10 “The hearts” of Miran and Reyyan speak to each other even though they are apart. Beautiful, touching scene

-2:00:00 Miran follows Reyyan on her horse, they sit on rocks and talk.

-2:19:00 Firat to his mother: “I'm afraid to follow my heart and bring a woman into this hell hole.” Moving speech! -2:40:00 Esma hands a letter to Zehra: “Miran is Hazar's son.” -End: Reyyan comes to Aslanbey mansion with (divorce?) papers in her hand.

Episode 23 -Opens with Reyyan at the Aslanbey mansion: “I'm here to ask you to work together with me to find the letter, and accept the truth.” “I'm in.” -Zehra responds (emotionally) to the letter about Miran being Hazar's son. -15:00 Miran and Reyyan go to hospital looking for letter—with a spy watching them... -42:00 Azat exposes Yaren in front of the family: “Reyyan isn't to blame, Yaren is. She knew Reyyan would be thrown in the square. Nasuf nearly slaps Yaren. -1:04:00 Sultan shows Miran the iron burn on her stomach. “This is how my son died.”

-1:09:00 Gonul to Firat: “My brother is alive!” -1:11:40 Nasuf admits he never looked at or loved Reyyan. Now he regrets it.

Hercai episode 23 with english subtitles romance

-1:21:02 Yasuf takes the dead plant: “If the root is still alive it can live.” It's a metaphor for Miran and Reyyan's love.

-Miran calls Reyyan on rooftop: “I'm still here, you're still here.” [He puts each one's hand on the other's heart.]

-Azize has Sultan 'abducted' out of bed. “Shut your mouth, or you will disappear.” Elif sees. -1:39:00 Cihan and Yaren have a sweet father/daughter conversation revealing past hurts. Then Yaren turns nasty again. -1:57:40 Reyyan and Melike have gone away. Miran meets Reyyan there and they go to find the master jeweler Gabriel.

-2:35:12 Miran wakes up with Reyyan in his arms.

-2:38:30 Hazar has a dream about 'that night' with Mehmet and Dilsha. -End: Reyyan asking Gabriel, “Who did you make this ring for?” Miran is so nervous he waits in car.

Episode 24 -Opens with Reyyan to Gabriel, “Who ordered this ring?” “Mahmut Aslanbey.” Reyyan: “You lie!”

-15:00 Miran and Reyyan have a flat tire. Funny!

-25:30 Elif goes off on Azize: “We aren't your toys to bring out when you please!… She blindfolded Sultan in the night!” -51:40 Zehra to Nasuf: “If you don't send Yaren away [for punishment] I'll tell Hazar that she knew what would happen to Reyyan and didn't speak up. AND our family will leave.”

-1:02:00 Gul sends Miran a text on Reyyan's phone: “Come see me.” So cute!

-Nasuf to Cihan and Handan: “Find someone for Yaren to marry immediately.” -Nasuf to Reyyan: “Bring me some coffee please.” (First time he's given her that 'honor.') -Yaren vows revenge on Reyyan. Yaren has the letter from Dilsah to Hazar! -1:41:00 Zehra shows the letter about Miran being Hazar's son to Yusuf.

-1:48:00 Miran to Reyyan on the road to Dilsah's village: “I'm came here for you.”

-1:52:00 Miran in 360—in the rain.

-Miran and Reyyan at the house where Dilsha grew up. Miran very emotional.

-2:25:30; 2:33:00 Elif to Azat at an overlook: “I pushed him!” “No you didn't, you're lying.” He ends up hugging her. -2:40:00 Elif to everyone at Shadoglu mansion. “I pushed Hazar!” Reyyan doesn't believe her. -End: Hazar to Reyyan: “Miran was telling the truth from the beginning.”

Episode 25

-Opens with Miran storming out of Sadoglu mansion with Elif in tow. Hazar to Reyyan: “Miran was telling the truth from the beginning. Go and stop him [from leaving].”

-Cihan confronts Azize in the street with a gun; Elif is kicking and screaming, “I pushed him!”

-15:00 Reyyan tries to apologize to Miran. “I've heard all I need to hear.” He walks away.

-Azize on a rant to all the Aslanbey's: “You will live and do as I want!” They buck up back to her.

-31:00 Miran to Reyyan: “The bullet you shot me with didn't hurt as much as your words in the yard.”

-39:10 Elif to Azat on phone, crying: “Grandmother distanced me from my family, from you...”

- Reyyan to family: “I pushed everything I had [Miran] into the abyss because of one word from my father.”

-Nasuf goes off on Yaren: “You've shamed the family. Get out! Marry within 3 days!”

-54:50 Hazar to Miran in the hotel courtyard: “If my daughter can't hold on to you, she won't bloom at all.”

-1:01:05 Dream -black room, white bed, rose petals falling from the ceiling.

-1:18:00 Miran gets divorce papers in the mail...

-Reyyan whispers in Gonul's ear: “You'll see the ring on Miran's finger when he comes home. He's with you only in your dreams.”

-Reyyan to Firat: “I beg you, help me.”

-1:27:23 Miran goes to the hut house and imagines going back to Reyyan the day he left her there after their first wedding. She comes, he throws a glass. “Can you tell this glass I will fix you?” **So sad!

-1:42:12 [Next scene] Miran to Reyyan, sitting on the hut stoop: “Why didn't you go home?” “Because I have something worth fighting for.” …. He takes her home, signs the divorce papers, and drives off.

-Reyyan has it out with her father. “You've known love. Why did you separate me from my love?”

-Azize catches the maid on the phone with Yaren.

-Zehra storms into Yaren's room and slaps her: “You sent the divorce papers!”

-2:03:32 Miran comes in his room and imagine Reyyan sitting in the chair. Then Elif helps Reyyan 'break' into Miran's room. She leaves a rose.

-Reyyan to her parents: “I'm leaving. Going where I belong—with Miran.”

-End: Reyyan finds Miran at his mother's house. Old woman to Miran: “I'm your grandmother.”

*Wow! What an episode! Mush moment after mush moment. More than I recorded here. Great, episode. So moving!

Hercai Episode guide for episodes 26+ is here.

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