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Hercai ~ Episode Guide 26+

Hercai Episode Guide Part 2-- Episodes 26-69 (final)

Hercai episode guide for episodes 1-25 is here.

WARNING: This episode guide is full of Hercai spoilers!

**Where to watch Hercai full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles." (North America TEN has the best subs)


Episode 26

-Opens with Miran's grandmother saying, “I'm your grandmother.” Miran stomps off in disbelief.

-Azize to women of family: “Pack your things. You are going away from here.” “NO!”

-Miran to Azize (with Reyyan by his side): “From now on, no one will go unless they WANT to go.”

-Zehra at Aslanbey mansion to Reyyan and Miran: “I told Hazar to say Miran pushed him.”

-116:50 Gul and Miran play hide and seek. SOOO cute together!

-Gonul insults Reyyan. Reyyan: “What Miran and I have, you only dream of.”

-Sultan to Azat: “Even countries use marriage to stop war. You can save Reyyan by marrying Elif.”

-Miran walking and thinking: “Reyyan, I don't see how I can live with you, but I can't breathe without you either.”

-Matchmaking evening for Yaren. Her groom turns out to be handsome and a good match!

-Flashback: Yaren to Azize: “Find me a fake groom to buy me some time. I can separate Miran from Reyyan with divorce papers.” Back to the present: Yaren to Azize on phone: “Thanks for the handsome fake groom.” Azize: “I didn't do anything.” FUNNY! Yaren said yes to the groom she THOUGHT was fake!

-Reyyan calls Miran to go to hut. “We started and ended here.” He relives their relationship by following string she has set up linking objects representing different aspects of their relationship. AMAZING SCENE!

-Miran has an emotional reunion and hug with his 'new' grandmother, then brings her to the Aslanbey mansion.

*Another Fantastic episode. Fantastic writing!

Episode 27

-Miran presents his new grandmother to Aslanbeys. Reyyan: “Let her speak so Miran can decide for himself who to believe.”

-11:35 Reyyan consoles Miran on the terrace: “I love you. I'm here for you.”

Harun Hercai

-12:20 Azize has a tantrum in her room, throws things around: “The enemy I took in is causing rebellion.”

-18:00; 26:15 Hairdresser comes for Yaren who's slipped off to see her fiance, Harun. Ferit shows up. Funny!!

-Yaren crying on the rooftop to Ferit: “I'm a bad person. …. If only you were the one to heal me.”

-48:00 Yaren begging her mother: “He's a psychopath!” “Fine. Then you will be 2 psychopaths with a house full of psychopath children.” FUNNY!

-57:00 Reyyan to Miran in their bed: “I need to hear you say 'I love you.”

-1:16:00 Miran pushes Reyyan up against a stone wall and teases her: “Have you ever seen the sunset?”

-Yaren's engagement. More funny banter.

-Gonul to Ferit walking: “You're in love.”

-Miran has a sweet twilight conversation with his grandmother in her room. “My father was a craftsman...”

-1:39:00; 1:56:00 Miran gets a dressing screen for Reyyan and throws the armchair over the railing. In the morning Miran sweeps her out of bed.

-Azize goes to grandmother Sukram's room at night. Sukram gives her a note. Azize is terrified.

-Azize to Firat in front of everyone: “You're going with me to notary to sign everything back over to me.” “NO!” The others stand with him. Esma goes to her room and turns on her too!

-Elif leaves.

-Miran and Reyyan at an outdoor cafe 'see themselves in the future' with a stroller on a walk.

-Azize storms over to Sadoglu mansion: “Elif? Elif? Where's Elif?” Elif walks in with Azat—married.

Episode 28

-Elif to Azize: “I no longer have a grandmother named Azize.” Azize slaps her.

-Back at Aslanbey mansion, Azize to Miran: “It's all your fault.” Sultan: “It's Reyyan's fault!”

-Azat to Elif: “This isn't a real marriage. … I can never love you.”

-Handan to Elif: “I know you love Azat. … ” And Cihan to Azat: “Outside this house Azize needs to think it's a real marriage to stop this war.”

-54:00 Reyyan and Miran dance in their room. <<Kiss>>

-Miran goes to take Elif back. Aslanbey's have standoff at Shadoglu mansion. Elif: “I'll go with you if grandmother gives up on revenge.” Azize goes into sob story about Miran's parent's death.

-1:49:00 Azize has a breakdown in her room. Takes off her shirt, reveals scars. Esma comforts her.

-1:57:00 Miran, thinking about his parents death, embraces grandmother Sukram. Poignant.

-2:03:00 Nasuh to family: “Wedding for Azat and Elif tomorrow.” Azat: “We don't want a wedding.”

-Miran twirls Gul and children on carousel swings.

-Elif to Reyyan at the farm. “I love Azat and want to stay with him, but I don't want to tie him down if he doesn't love me.” Miran and Azat quarrel in the kitchen over tea.

-Azize burns the farm—with the foursome trapped inside.

Episode 29

-Opens with the fire at the farmhouse.

-Harun taunts Yaren outside the Sadoglu mansion. Funny!

-30:00; 41:43; 55:20; 1:07:25 Miran and Reyyan romantic moments at hotel. He lets a bird go, washes her by the bathtub, then snuggles in bed.

-[Flashback] Nasuh and and Ayse at the farm years ago. He's leaving for 3 days and she's scared.

-Miran and Reyyan meet Harun at the hotel restaurant. Funny!!

-Azize sends Sultan to mental institution but 'a friend' who wants revenge on Azize gets her released.

-Zehra hides the letter that reveals Hazar is Miran's father in Gul's doll.

-Zehra to Azize at a park: “I know you want Miran to kill his real father Hazar.”

-2:02:30 Miran to Reyyan in their room in semi-hug: “At the wishing tree I wished to be beside you the first time you experience the sea breeze.”

-Zehra leaves to see her ailing mother.

-Hanife arrested and jailed. Accused of arson-burning the farm.

-Harun says something shocking to Hanife in jail. (He knows everything.)

-Man to Miran at Aslanbey mansion: “The ring was ordered by Hazar Sadoglu. not Mehmet Aslanbey.”

Episode 30

-Hanun on phone reveals that he knows all-- about the notes, Fillipos coming to Miran, etc. -Filipos to Hazar: “Find a way to stop Azize before the witnesses of the past are gone, or Miran and Reyyan will suffer.” -Hazar to Firat: “Go ask your mother about the truth.” -Sultan to Gonul: “Azize took me to mental hospital in the night... Get what you want for her soon, cause she's going down.” -Cihan, Azat, and Harun to Firat in hotel office: “We've come to run our company again.” -Sultan takes Miran and Reyyan to the mental hospital. Staff denies that her doctor exists. -Sukran to Miran and family: “I don't know a Hazar, but it was Mehmet who killed Dilsah!” -Harun discusses the plan to take Azize down with Hanife. “Find the letter from Dilsah to Hazar.”

-1:35:50 Reyyan brings Miran a tray of food. Miran: “You never gave up on loving me. It's healed me. Some beautiful and romantic words!

-1:44:00 Miran dreams Azize dies and he weeps at her feet. Very moving! Great acting.

-Hanife finds the letter in Yaren's room. -Filipo to Nasuh: “You will burn in hell for what you've done.” -[Flashback] Gabriel the jeweler calls Nasuh in to hear Dilsah. Nasuh: “My son will marry someone fit to be his wife, not you.” -Yaren discovers the letter is missing from her room and threatens Hanife with a knife. -Miran takes Sukran to Dilsah's grave and finds Hazar there. Hazar gives Miran a letter that Dilsah wrote to him asking for help. Episode 31 -Hazar to his family: “It's over Azize's revenge is over. I showed Miran the letter from Dilsah.” -Hazar to Yaren: “How could you hide that letter and put your family in jeopardy?” -Firat to Esma: “Did you know about Hazar and Dilsah?” “Yes...”

-16:00 Miran at the swing, contemplates jumping. Reyyan comes and comforts him.

-Harun brings Yaren roses and a wedding dress: “Put it on and send me a photo.” -Miran presents the letter to Azize: “Tell me the truth...” Sultan: “The letter is real. Your father made your mother suffer.” -Hanife meets Azize. Miran and Reyyan see. -1:20:33 Harun sneaks into Yaren's room at night: “I make the rules...”

-1:22:48 Miran to Reyyan snuggling at the hut: “Nothing matters but our love. It will lead the way.”

1:41:00 Sukran to Hazar at cafe: “Tell me everything that happened with Dilsah.” -Firat to Miran at hut after fist fight: “I'm not participating I this revenge any more.” -Elif's wedding dinner—she runs away. -Miran to Hazar on the hotel rooftop: “Let's find the truth together.” Episode 32

-Elif nearly jumps off the terrace balcony. -38:50 Elif to Azat after wedding drama in their room: “I love you.”

-44:35 Hazar calls Miran: “Reyyan is miserable without you.” She runs into Miran's arms.

-48:10 Miran and Reyyan go to their hotel suite. She's sick, he puts her in the bathtub

-16:00 Miran at the swing, contemplates jumping. Reyyan comes and comforts him.

-Vote for chairman of board-- Gonul gets Azize to tell her who her brother is (Firat) then she votes for Azat. -Harun brings flowers to Reyyan in the hotel and Miran gets angry. -Harun makes Yaren grill kebobs for him outside for Valentine's Day dinner.

-2:05:00; 2:33:00 Miran takes Reyyan to Istanbul for a romantic Valentine's Day weekend. Kiss by the water, room decorated with roses and candles, kiss in their room, a romantic dinner, kiss while dancing to a Episode 33 -Miran and Reyyan in Istanbul—meet his ex-girlfriend Denise, and Harun puts note in Miran's pocket. -Harun on phone: We learn that he is working for someone else and has no plans to marry Yaren.

-57:30 Morning kisses Miran and Reyyan.

-Gonul to Azat: “I want a job. Please hire me at the hotel.”

-1.01.00 Miran and Reyyan waiting for boat, speech by old man about love with flashbacks to other characters' love.

-1.17.42 Miran and Reyyan out on boat. - Miran and Reyyan follow a lead from police commissioner to Omer that ends in dead end. -Sultan to Esma: “Let's take a dowry to Elif.” -Harun and Hanife plot so Harun has an excuse not to marry Yaren. -Uncle of police guy connected to Dilsha's case says to Miran: “Azize ruined my nephews life. We want nothing more to do twith this case.” -Azize to Azat “Put up $20 million in the holding, or give up the holding and your chair.” -Nasuh finds Ayla, Dilsa's friend: “It benefits no one to reveal the past now.” -Hazar finds Ayla: “Dilsah never gave up o you.” -Police guy Omer to Miran and Reyyan: Azize lied to you...” Episode 34 -Miran to Reyyan, staggering from the news: “Why haven't you left me.” “Can you live without me?” Big hug.

-Hazar to Nasuf: “Tell me you didn't send the girl I loved away!” Hazar, Cihan, and Azat walk away.

-Hazar and Miran/Reyyan show up at cemetery at same time. Each has inner dialog. Poignant.

-Sultan to Gonul: “A storm is coming (Azize) that will turn this yard to ice. This is your grandmother's new way of making people slip.” FUNNY

-Gonul to Azize: “You used to tell us if it weren't for you, we'd be no one. The truth is, if it weren't for us, you'd be a nobody.” -Azize to the shepherd: “You will let Miran think his mother was raped so he doesn't find out she dishonored herself by sleeping with Hazar.” (She knows Miran is listening) -Shepherd to Hazar and Cihan: “ was a green car.” -Flashback: Mehmet Aslanbey to Nasuf: “Dilsah is engaged to me. Tell your son to bugger off.” -Miran, remorseful, to Reyyan at hut: “If only I hadn't left you that day.” “...Forgive yourself.” -Shepherd reveals truth to Aslanbey mansion. Miran to Azize: “I've prepared the car for you to leave.” Episode 35 -Opens with Azize and Esma leaving. -Azize introspection looking in mirror: “I won't die until Miran takes the life of his father Hazar with 1 bullet.” -Azat to Hazar in Reyyan's room: “Why haven't you told Reyyan she's adopted?” Yaren, under the bed, hears. -Reyyan to Miran after Miran confesses to his grandmother: “When you're in pain and you run away, it hurts me. …. Since we've been believing the same truth, we're losing each other.”

-Hanife rats on Yaren to Cihan and Nasuf: “Yaren is around the corner with Harun.” -Nasuf to Harun and family: “Harun and Yaren must be married immediately!”

-Miran and Reyyan in bed. He wants to touch her but feels too guilty. They wake up facing each other.

-1:15:30 Sultan has a new servant who made breakfast. -Yaren to Nasuf: “You make me marry Harun and I'll tell everyone Reyyan isn't a biological daughter.” -1:38:27 Sultan and Aslanbey women deliver dowry to Elif. -Azize to Sultan at overlook: “When I come back, you'll be the first thing I deal with.”

-2:03:00 Miran and Reyyan take Sukran to her village home and they have a heart-to-heart as he struggles with guilt for what he did to Reyyan.

-Hazar brings Gul to the village and she forgives Miran and makes up.

-Miran and Hazar hear a cassette tape of Dilsha. Very moving!

-Flashback to Dilsha being dragged away to marry Azize's son. -Yaren blurts out to everyone: “ Reyyan is not Hazar's biological daughter!” Episode 36 -Opens with Reyyan reeling from hearing she's not Hazar's biological daughter. -Miran pulls a gun on Azize: “You're not worth me bloodying my hands.” -Nasuf drops Yaren off at a stable. -Gul 'runs away' to go find her mother and bring her back. -Reyyan goes on a tantrum yelling at/blaming Miran and Hazar. “The two men I loved the most caused me the most pain.”

-1:18:00 Harun taunts Yaren in her stable cell. Funny!

-Shukran chastises Sultan and Gonul: “How could you be so evil to an innocent young girl?” -Reyyan to Miran outside Sukran's house: “Now I realize the only person I have is myself.” -Gul reunited with her family.

-Reyyan to Miran walking in countryside: “You and my father pushed me off a cliff and scattered me to pieces.” -Harun and Yaren married at the stable. -Gonul digs and finds a box with a note inside: “Your brother is alive. Don't trust Azize. Be patient.” -Reyyan in the family courtyard speaks to each male in her family: “You hurt me.”

Episode 37 -Opens with Reyyan leaving home. -Yaren and Harun go to the hotel for their 'wedding night' and Yaren nearly shoots him. -Gonul to Firat: “Grandmother said you are my brother, but she lied.” -Reyyan at a a trains station, talks with her younger self. 1:02:00 Reyyan, at a train station, dreams she's at the swing in a white dress finding/losing Miran and Hazar. -Reyyan confronts Azize: “Did you know I was Hazar's step-daughter?”

-1:14:30 Miran to himself at the swing: “My life is a huge abyss. You are my only hope in it.” Poignant

-Elif to drunk Azat: “You've never loved me. It won't work.” She leaves ring and walks out. -Handan to Yaren in the kitchen: “You are lower than the servants...Learn to cook.” -Azize hands an envelope to Reyyan: “You'll want to know about your real father.” Reyyan tears it up. -Gonul gives up her job so she can remain on the board. -Miran brings Mavi to Reyyan. They go riding. Reyyan: “PLEASE just leave me alone!” -An unidentified man carries unconscious Reyyan, who seemingly fell off her horse.

Episode 38 -Opens with Reyyan being carried, and Miran finding her at the hut with a note. -Hazar to Reyyan at the hut: “I married your mother when she was pregnant with you. … You two gave me life!”

-Miran to Reyyan: “...If I'd hugged my father that last night maybe he wouldn't have left. … It's my regret. Don't regret not hugging your father while he's here.”

-50:30; 56:30 Miran to Azize with Reyyan beside him: “I've given up my revenge.” Reyyan hugs him.

-1:05:00 Reyyan reconciles with her father.

-Miran to Hazar: “I've renounced my revenge.” -Miran to Firat: “Revenge is over.” -Azize gets a gun out of the cedar chest and puts it in her pocket. -End: Handan goes into labor and Azize comes for Hazar (to kill him), police announce Elif has drowned herself, and Handan is dying in childbirth.

(Note: Due to the outbreak of Covid 19 in 2020, Hercai Season 2 was relatively short)


Episode 39

**40 days later

-Opens with Reyyan coming out of her Sadoglu mansion room in the early morning: “I've been through hellfire. ...My love has grown from the roots again.” She goes for a ride on Mavi, much like how the series opened.

-4:00; 17:30 Reyyan to Miran, meeting on bridge: “We are free. My father says go live your life.” Big hug

-Azize at Elif's grave: “Today Sadoglu's will kill Miran, or he will kill them. ...then they will kill me.”

-15:00; 32:20 Meet Aslan Aslanbey.

-Handan and Cihan bring their baby home from hospital. Azat depressed over Elif.

-35:00 Miran pulls Reyyan to himself and kisses in front of Sadoglu mansion, just like their first kiss.

-40:35 Azat meets his new baby sister.

-59:00 Shirtless Aslan.

-1:00:30 Reyyan's grandmother to Reyyan and Miran: “I don't know how my house burned down.”

-Azize gives Esma a key, then has guards throw Gonul and Sultan thrown out of the mansion.

-Miran and Reyyan discover Elif's body missing from her grave. “Babanna did it!”

-1:24:50 Azize makes Miran shoot Azat. Miran pretends to Azize: “You ruined my revenge plans! You just couldn't wait...”

-Aslan finds Azat.

-Aslan obsessing over photos of Reyyan.

-Azize dresses in white. Gives a letter to Mahmut: “This is my will. … Protect Aslan and Gonul.”

-Sadoglu's swarm to Aslanbey mansion: “Miran, you shot Azat!” Aslan walks in. “I shot him.”

Episode 40

-Opens with Aslan: “I shot him.”Azat appears: “Aslan was hunting and shot me. But saved me too.”

-Aslan reuniting with Sultan and flashback to when he appeared to her in the asylum.

-Reyyan to Miran under a tree at night: “You shot Azat!” “No...”

-Aslan embraces Harun: “Yes, brother, I'm finally where I'm supposed to be.”

-Aslan pretending to Azize on hilltop: “I'm in this battle now.... I'll protect you.”

-Miran to Reyyan in her room: “I've got to explain to Azat why I shot him.” Nasuh overhears and everyone draws guns and shouts. Reyyan, to protect him: “I'm divorcing you, Miran.”

-1:08:00 Miran goes busting up into Aslan's house: “Who are you?”

-Cihan finds Elif's diary. Diary: “I won't tell Babanna that Sultan let her husband die.”

-Miran sees a portrait of Reyyan in Aslan's house and erupts: “Why do you have my wife's picture?”'

-1:13:50 Reyyan has a flashback to romantic moments she shared with Miran.

-Gonul leaves with suitcase.

-Hazar to Miran on the street: “You want Reyyan AND to take revenge. I won't let you.”

-Reyyan to Miran as they reunite at his grandmother's: “I can't divorce you. We'll talk to my father.”

-Reyyan's father watching Miran and Reyyan struggle: “All this is because of me.”

-End: Hazar arrives, shots fired....

Episode 41

-Opens with shots fired—Hazar shot rocks behind Miran. Hazar pushes Reyyan into his car and drives off.

-Reyyan's father, Muzaf, to Dilsah's friend: “I'll make Azize's grandson suffer like she made Reyyan suffer.”

-15:40 Reyyan signs divorce papers.

-Azize at Sadolgu mansion: “Let's end the feud. Meet me in the square tomorrow for your answer.”

-30:50 Miran to Azize on the mansion stairs: “We did revenge your way, now we'll do it my way.”

-38:00 Azat to Aslan when he comes to Sadolgu's for dinner: “What are these pictures of our family?”

-45:00 Miran corners Reyyan on her terrace. “I bought the house next door. …. You are my home. When it comes to you, I'm afraid of myself too.” He kisses her.

-Alsan to Muzaf: “How did my photographs get into the hands of the Sadoglus?”

-1:04:00 Miran to Reyyan on phone: “I'm wishing you were here.”

-1:13:00 Sadoglus to Aslanbeys in town square: “We will remain enemies!”

-Firat to Miran and Reyyan: “Take these passports and go! They will feud with or without you.”

-Aslan to Azize at cemetery: “My childhood is buried in that grave.”

-1:29:00 Nashuh to Reyyan: “You won't go out of this house... We'll sell Mavi!”

-1:33:00 Sultan finds the note in doll revealing Hazar is Miran's father.

-1:42:40 Reyyan to Hazar in front of courthouse: “I can't divorce Miran. I'm...pregnant!”

-1:48:00 Miran to Reyyan after divorce hearing: “You will become the mother of my child, and we'll have a wonderful family.” Reyyan kisses him.

-2:11:00 A shrouded woman appears to Miran's sleeping grandmother.

-2:12:30 Miran whisks Reyyan off to their hut. Mavi is there. Inside: Reyyan to Miran: “...I don't even have the strength to think about if something happened to you.” Kiss.

-End: While Reyyan and Miran are inside kissing, Aslan is at the door, and burns Dilsah's letter revealing Hazar is Miran's father.

Episode 42

-Opens with Reyyan and Miran kissing in the hut and Aslan outside.

-Aslan helps Reyyan sneak back home through the house next door.

-Miran to Azize: “What's the real reason you want revenge.... And after I did that nasty thing to Reyyan, why didn't you stop then?”

-Sultan to Aslan: “Why didn't you give the letter to Miran?”

-26:30 Flashback Azize to Dilsah: “Write what I say...unless you'd rather Mehmet find out Miran is not his son. … What would he do to Miran?”

-39:00 Melike and then Miran imitate Nasuh. FUNNY!

-46:40 Cihan to Sultan: “What if Azize finds out you left her son to die?” [regarding Elif's diary entry that he found] “... so now, you [Sultan]will be my spy. Why did Azize hurt my son then offer peace?”

-Azat to Gonul: “...Now that Miran and Reyyan have divorced, the road is wide open for you.”

-56:00 Miran jumps the fence at Aslan's and tries to bust into his house.

-1:03:30 Azize to Aslan: “I'll take you to your mother and sister, and then you'll leave.”

-1:188:00 Miran catches Reyyan having tea at a cafe with Aslan and goes ballistic. Reyyan to Miran: “Do you know what I go through to be with you? … I'm leaving with my father to see my mother.”

-1:34:06 Azize breaks into Aslan's house and discovers the gallery of Reyyan photos.”

-1:43:00 Miran blows bubbles at Reyyan and Gul.

-1:58:40 Miran to Zehra in the car: “We were forced to pretend to divorce. ...You need to return.”

-2:01:00 Reyyan calls Miran: “I called to say I can't part with you.... I love you.”

-2:16:30 Zehra barges into mansion: “Reyyan divorced, and none of you told me???”

-2:23:30 Nasuh to Zehra: “Miran and Reyyan can never be together because Hazar killed Miran's father.” …. Zehra: “...Miran is Hazar's son.”

-End: Reyyan to Aslan: “....Promise me you won't tell anyone [that you heard Hazar killed Mahmut].” Miran overhears.

Episode 43

-Opens with Miran overhearing Reyyan to Aslan. Miran: “Tell me the secret between you two!”

-Azize catches Esma talking to Zehra.

-Aslan on the phone to Reyyan: “...I too got a note. If I'd unite you and Miran, I'd find my family.”

-40:00; 47:15 Zehra to Hazar: “Miran is your son!” Isla, lying: “She had an abortion.”

-Hanife to Reyyan: “Aziza wants me to leave the doors unlocked so Mahmut can kidnap you at night.”

-Miran corners Yaren in soap shop: “You will not pester and make intrigues against Reyyan.”

-Reyyan and Miran faceoff with Azize. Reyyan: “If we decide to marry, it will be our decision.”

-Hazar to Zehra: “Miran and Reyyan didn't divorce... and Reyyan is pregnant.”

-1:08:00 Miran and Reyyan plant flowers beside a brook. Beautiful scene, sweet words

-1:17:40: Reyyan to Miran: “I gave up my life, but not you.” Kiss. “Look back at me.”

-1:24:00 Hanife reunites with Aslan. Aslan: “You've been in that house since Hazar was a child. So what revenge were you sent for?”

-1:36:00 Miran breaks into Aslan's house and finds the blue crumpled note: “Nasuh killed Mehmet.” Miran knows Aslan wrote blue notes.

-Reyyan to Zehra: “I'm not pregnant.” Zehra: “Don't hate me for not telling you about your father.” Flashback to Zehra telling Reyyan's biological father she's pregnant.

-1:55:00 Aslan to Reyyan: “Get engaged to me so I can get inside Sadoglu mansion to watch Nasuh.”

-2:12:30 Azize gets a note and piece of Dilsa's gravestone and has flashback to that night-- Mehmet shot Hazar and Dilsah and then killed himself.

-2:20:35 Miran and Aslan tussle on a cliff. Mahmut shoots Miran, and he falls into water below.

Episode 44

-Opens with Miran falling, Zehra going into labor.

-Azize to Mahmut: “Find and kill Miran. … Reyyan too.”

-7:44; 11:00 Reyyan pulls Miran out of the water.

-Zehra's ambulance wrecks.

-Yaren to mother: “ I'm pregnant.”

-Shukrat to Azize: “I'll move to the mansion.”

-59:00 Miran and Reyyan take refuge in a village.

-1:13:30 In a tussle with a gun, Hanife is shot. Zehra gives birth on side of road.

-1:19:50 Reyyan gives Miran water as he rests in the abandoned village.

-1:30:00 Azat to himself in the sunset: “Let Reyyan go and be happy with Miran.”

-Azize throws Gonul in her room and smacks her around.

-1:36:00; 1:52:30; 1:56:08; 2:06:00 Reyyan lying beside wounded Miran: “You'll get better. And we won't put off our lives any longer.” …. Miran: “I want to make your fairy tale come true.” Kiss

-Cihan finds Reyyan in village and she falls in a pit.

-End: Gonul shoots Miran as he's trying to help Reyyan out of the pit.

Episode 45

-Opens with Gonul shooting Miran as he's trying to help Reyyan out of the pit. Cihan intervenes before Gonul shoots herself. Cihan hauls Reyyan out, leaves Miran.

-Aslan to Huran: “Azize was Ayse who lost her child and siblings in the fire.”

-Azize flashback to when she was recovering from burns and Nasuh's mother came to her: “Nasuah married another woman and has a child.”

-34:30 Reyyan has a nightmare about Miran, wakes up, then throws and smashes things in grief.

-41:20 Cihan throws Gonul at Azize's feet: “Miran's murderer. … You no longer have anything to do with us.”

-52:42 Firat goes off on Gonul: “You killed Miran??”

-53:40 Azize to dazed Reyyan stumbling on the road: “I once walked like that. Suffered that pain.”

-1:01:00 Azize walking hears/recalls the voice of child Miran: “You're both my mother and father.”

-Azat delivers Miran to healer woman.

-1:17:00 Azize realizes Aslan is against her.

-1:23:00 Miran has a dream of Reyyan by waterfall, then she leads him to swing in the sky.

-Hazar to Cihan at Sukran's: “Where is Reyyan?? … What were you going to do to Miran??” Cihan: “Yes! I was going to kill him! He was going to kill our father! Our father killed Miran's father!”

-1:38:00;1:42:06 Miran catches Reyyan from throwing herself off the swing.

-Reyyan returns home: “I'm not the Reyyan I used to be.” … Miran to Azat: “Thank you for saving my life.”

-1:57:30 Firat to Azize: “Miran is alive. … Neither me nor my mother will serve you anymore.”

-2:02:30 Azat talks Gonul off the hotel ledge.

-2:07:00-End Miran pulls a gun on Aslan, then says: “...want to work together?”

Episode 46

-Opens with Miran pulling gun on Aslan, then saying: “...want to work together?”

-10:00 Reyyan re-bandaging Miran in bed. Miran: “These wounds are nothing compared to the ones you already healed.”

-14:16 Miran wakes up to find Reyyan's new baby sister next to him. He talks to her. Sweet!

-Azize to Sultan in the car: “Aslan is in jeopardy of being killed by Miran. He's in love with Reyyan.”

-Handan 'pouring lead' over Yaren and Harun. Funny.

-38:25 Aslan inspects his new 'fortress' house. To himself: “We will be happy here, Reyyan.”

-40:00 Miran to Gonul: “I forgive you.... But we can't live under same roof anymore.”

-Servant to Cihan: “Your father is missing.”

-55:30 Sultan to Cihan: “Hanife is Azize's biological sister.”

-Ferat to Miran: “Please take these property deeds.” “No. We're brothers. We share.”

-1:01:00 Azize has Aslan locked up: “This is to protect you.”

-1:03:08 Miran to Reyyan in olive grove: “I bought this for you. We'll raise our children here.”

-1:19:00 Azize reminisces about being young Ayse and marrying Nasuh.

-1:20:30 Miran rests his head in Reyyan's lap. Sweet

-1:31:00 Miran takes Reyyan to hut, gives her college application: “I want you to have all your dreams.”

-1:43:00 Miran to Reyyan waking up together the next morning: “I'm here. I'll always be here.”

-2:07:30 Miran discovers Aslan's Reyyan gallery.

-End: Miran to everyone at Aslanbey mansion: “Your grandson and Sultan's son—Aslan.” He walks in.

Episode 47 -Opens where ep 46 left off—with Aslan walking in to Aslanbey mansion.

-Aslan to family: “Thanks to you, grandmother, everyone here is a stranger to me.”

-Miran to Azize in her room: “The decision you made years ago [revenge] is hurting us now. … Are there any other secrets you need to reveal?”

-23:00 Flashback to Miran rescuing Aslan. -Sultan to Azize: “You have 3 days to give us our share or I'll tell that Miran is Hazar's son.”

-41:50 Firat encounters a young lady on the road...

-44:00 A cat runs off with baby Handan's daughter's (Huma's) umbilical cord. Funny!

-46:30 Azat to Cihan: “Aslan is Sultan's son.”

-53:42 Reyyan's father the Hazar: “Miran is your son.”

-55:49 Meet Zeynep, agricultural specialist hired to help Reyyan with the grove.

-Aslan to Cihan: “I'm here to put a stop to my grandmother's revenge. Will you help me?

-1:10:00 Miran teaches Reyyan to drive.

-1:18:00 Aslan at dinner to Aslanbey mansion—holds a gun to his head.

-Hazar flashback: Mehmet to Azize: “I killed Dilsah and Hazar...they never betrayed me.” He shoots himself.

-1:42:00 Reyyan to Miran in bedroom: “Please send Aslan away!” …“I won't do anything to hurt us.”

-1:46:00 Hazar to Cihan: “Miran is my son.”

-Azize to Hazar at cemetery: “Dilsah is alive. If you tell Miran he's your son, I'll have her killed.” -2:05:50 Meet Fusun, Azize's husband's sister.

-2:11:13-End: Fusun to Miran in front of everyone: “You're not Mehmet's son. Hazar is your father.”

Episode 48 -Opens with Fusun to Miran. “Hazar is your father.” Miran to Azize: “Say something!”

-11:30 Fusun to Miran: “You believed me before. You found your granny.... I sent the notes.”

-Fusun to Azize: “Get out of my house...”

-20:20 Fusun to group: “From now on there is no enmity between Sadoglus and Aslanbeys.”

-30:30 Miran vents on hilltop. Reyyan: “You are my Miran!” pink or bold

-34:00 Firat to Esma: “Did you know Miran wasn't an Aslanbey?”

-44:00 Aslan steals Reyyan's passport. To himself: “A new life awaits us tomorrow. Either we'll start a new life together or die.”

-Miran to Hazar at cemetery: “You are nothing to me!” “... Mehmet shot Dilsah—Azize was there!”

-1:02:00 Miran to Azize outdoors: “I don't have a father or grandmother. Only a wife.”

Episode 49 -Opens with Aslan shooting Hazar, then him driving away and getting hit by a big truck—explosion.

-11:00 Miran chopping wood, has flashbacks to conversations with Hazar.

-19:00 Hazar to Miran outdoors: “Yell, scream, just talk to me.” Heartbreaking!

-28:34 Aslan burned in hospital

-35:00 Gonul to Reyyan at hut: “For the sake of my own happiness, I let you suffer. I'm so sorry!”

-41:00 Harun to Fusun: “Anne.” “Olum.” (They are mother and son!)

-45:00 Zehra to Reyyan's father: “You didn't want her to come into this world, so go away!”

-59:00; 1:16:30 Reyyan to Miran in hut: “I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby.” Beautiful!

-1:36:50 Miran kneeling before Reyyan with ring from Hazar: “Will you wear thing ring that signifies my father's love for my mother?”

-Cihan to servant: “Have this house bulldozed to ground.”

-1:45:00 Aslan dies.

-Firat and Zeynep have breakfast party for Miran and Reyyan in celebration of their baby news.

-1:58:00 Huran to Cihan's family: “I'm the son of Fusun Aslanbey!”

-2:12:13 Azize to Nasuh: “I'm Ayse.”

-End: Azize to Nasuh: “Now you'll suffer. Your son is dead.” “Hazar is OUR child!”

-1:19:00; 1:30:00 Reyyan comforts Miran at hut. When she falls asleep, Miran carries her to bed.

-1:25:00, 1:37:30 Zeynep to Firat at orchard: “What's wrong? … Let me get you some tea.” Sweet

Episode 50

-Opens with Nasuh to Azize: “Hazar is OUR son!”

-15:40 Mahmut ties Hazar up and lights the place on fire.

-Flashback: Nasuh's mother to Nasuh: “Your son needs a'll marry Nazli, move to Istanbul, and come back in 2 year as if Nazli is his mother.”

-31:00 Miran to sooty, staggering Hazar: “Are you ok?” Hazar rants: “What's it to you?” Sad.

-37:00 Azize to Miran at her house: “Revenge is over... Can you forgive me?”

-Miran opens satchel of baby things and letter from his mother: “I hope you find & love your father.”

-1:02:00 Reyyan wakes up in the night craving chocolate and liver. Funny

-Fusun to Sultan after Sultan's raging fit blaming Miran/Reyyan: “You can avenge your son's death by killing Reyyan's child.”

-1:22:00 Aslan's funeral.

-Fusun to Cihan after funeral: “Three days to mourn, then war [on Azize].”

-1:29:30 Miran to Gul: “I've always wanted a sister like you.” Then they take selfies. So cute!

-1:59:00 Annoyed Reyyan to Miran at hut: “Mahfuz wasn't here for Aslan... He's my biological father.”

-2:09:00 Handcuffed Mahfuz to Reyyan: “Can I at least hug my you one time?” Miran to Hazar: “Dad.” Big embraces. Very touching!

-End: Azize goes to retrieve Dilsah and finds Fusun there: “What do I have to do to get Dilsah back?” “Kill yourself.”

-Fusun threatens Firat at orchard: “I could legally take everything from you.”

-1:40:30 Aslan abducts Reyyan from hut.

-1:49:00 Harun reads letter from Aslan to Nasuh: Aslan: “I'm long gone with Reyyan... Harun has secrets.”

-2:09:00 While holding Reyyan hostage, Aslan shoots Hazar. Reyyan's father shoots Aslan.

Episode 51

-Opens with Azize holding gun to her head- Azize shoots, but gun is empty.

10:00 Miran serves Reyyan breakfast in bed.

-28:40 Harun and Yaren arrive to live at Aslanbey mansion.

-33:00 Flashback: Sultan to Aslan: “I have to keep you hidden from everyone so you will live.”

-39:00 Gonul to Sultan: “I'll let Harun live here, but do something for me—don't hurt Miran's baby.”

-44:00 Nasuh walking with Miran: “I'm so sorry... I should have believed your mother.”

-50:00; 1:07:00 Sadoglu family gathering at courtyard restaurant. Miran and Reyyan dance.

-1:19:00 Azize gets Harun arrested at the Aslanbey 'family' gathering.

-1:22:00; 1:29:20 Reyyan to Miran after he reads application to have his last name changed: “I fell in love with you again tonight.” Kiss

-1:25:00 Yaren takes over Reyyan/Miran's old room at Aslanbey mansion. Gonul throws her out. Funny

-1:29:20 Miran does 'ring test' on Reyyan to determine sex of baby.

-Azize on phone with Fusun outside police station: “Give me Dilsah, and I'll give you Harun.”

-Harun to Azize: “Let me go and I'll find Dilsah. I just want peace.”

-1:48:30 Sultan leaves.

-1:58:00 Reyyan puts pillow under dress, Miran comes home. He whisks her up, puts her on bed.

-2:04:00 Sutltan slaps Azize: “You brought all the pain into our lives but ... I killed your son.”

-2:11:30 Miran 'steals' a pomegranate and has to do lots of chores for the man. FUNNY!

-2:26:40 Esma to Firat, Miran, and Gonul. “I killed Mr. Aslanbey because he raped me!”

-End: Outdoors, Reyyan passes out from eating poison sent by Fusun.

Episode 52

-Opens with Reyyan falling down and Azize helping her.

-12:00 Azize gives her an herb to stop the bleeding.

-Some guys stops to 'help' Reyyan, but drives off with her, leaving Azize behind.

-18:15 Firat hearing replay of Esma's words: “Your the son of Aslanbey....I killed him.”

-24:00 Fusun shoots one of her men for letting Dilsa get away; Harun has her.

-28:40 Dr to Miran: “Unfortunately, she lost a baby...but not the second one.”

-32:00 Zeynep to Firat at grove: “Reyyan lost one of her babies.”

-46:00 Miran to Hazar at hospital: “I lost my child before I saw it. ...Now I understand why you didn't give up on me.” Sweet moment. Bold

-Yaren whines home to Handan: “Gonul's being mean to me.” “I'll send the cook to look after you.”

-1:09:30 Azat meets Gonul at picnic table: “You've gone too far. Ordering everyone just like Azize.”

-1:16:00 Azize busts up into Fusun's room: “What did you do to Reyyan?”

-Firat/Zeynep bring Reyyan a mirror, and they play charades.

-1:42:00; 1:46:40 Azize meets Nasuh at farmhouse. Flashback to when they were young. Nasuh: “I loved you very much.”

-At the hut, Reyyan to group: “I fainted after I ate the sweets... Azize was there.” Miran: “She killed my child!” He storms out.

-Zeynep to Reyyan: “There were babies. You lost one.”

-Cihan to his servant: “Nasuh loved Azize... he forgives her for everything, but I don't.”

-2:11:30 Reyyan's father to Zehra: “Dilsa is alive.”

-End: At farmhouse, police arrest Miran: “You're under arrest for murder.”

Episode 53

-Opens with Miran being arrested.

-Next scene—Miran and Mahmut running at night (doesn't make initially make sense...)

-Flashback- Mahmut ambushes the fake police arrest, and the two run off.

-23:00 Esma swallowed a bottle of pills and texts Miran: “I entrust Firat to you.” Zeynep sees the text.

-34:30 Zeynep finds Esma.

-47:00 Miran returns to mansion.

-50:00 Reyyan mourning loss of her twin to Miran: “You left me... Zeynep told me the truth...”

-55:20 Firat crying to Zeynep at hospital: “If it hadn't been for you, my mom would have died.”

-1:09:00 Nasuh to Cihan over Azize's pit: “Don't kill her!” Cihan: “You never loved me or my mother.” [Flashback] Azize: “If you kill me, you'll be just like me.” Cihan: “No need for a gun. We are already broken into pieces—dead.”

-1:13:30; 1:21:30 Reyyan and Miran release a lantern for the baby they lost.

-Nasuh takes Azize her to farmhouse. “We made mistakes and wasted a lifetime.”

-1:26:00 Firat to Esma in hospital: “What would I have done without you?”

-1:29:20 Reyyan writes a letter to her child: “Yesterday we lost your sibling.”

-1:36:30 Flashback: Miran making pancakes, smears it on Reyyan, kisses her. “I love you.”

-1:57:00; 2:11:23 Miran and Reyyan take selfies inside in the 'snow.' Miran: “Let's name the baby Umut—hope.”

-2:07:40 Gonul and Azat have a moment of mutual awareness in the street—romance is brewing!

-End: Hazar meets the 'stranger' on the road—Dilsah.

-Opens with Hazar meeting Dilsah on the road.

-9:22 Miran to Reyyan sitting on steps: “I wish my mother could meet you.”

-17:00 Miran makes Reyyan 'hot chocolate' and flirts: “I'll tell our son how you ran after me.”

-27:50 Zehra finds Mahfuz beaten on the side of the road.

-38:00 Cihan to Shadoglu clan: “Nasuh and Azize had a child...” -43:00 Dilsah to Hazar: “Why didn't you look for me?” Zehra overhears.

-52:30 Reyyan goes off on Nasuh: “Why did I pay for all your sins? Azize's revenge was on you!”

-Miran to Reyyan outside Sadoglu mansion: “Don't let your anger make you choose the same road Azize chose.”

-1:01:00 Zehra to Dilsah: “Your mother is dead.”

-1:14:00 After Reyyan goes off on Azize, Miran to Azize: “From now on, you are dead to us.”

-1:32:00 Miran splashes Reyyan with water by stream.

-1:37:00 Dilsah walks into the water. Hazar lookinng for her.

-1:41:50 Reyyan does baby gender 'salt test,' Miran laughing at her.

-1:49:00 Reyyan to Miran on bed: “I want a son-- to raise him to have a kind, gentle heart like you.”

-1:53:50 Azize to Reyyan at hut door: “Hazar is my son.”

-2:04:00 Firat presents documents to Fusun: “Yes, I'm Firat Aslanbey, the son of you brother.”

-2:14:00 Hazar enters Sadoglu mansion: “Shukran, I've brought your daughter, Dilsah.”

-End: Miran busts into Aslanbey mansion: “Azize, why is my mother's grave empty?” “Because your mother is alive.”

Episode 55

-Opens with Dilsah to Shukran: “Mother, mother!” / Then Miran to Azize: “ My mother is alive?”

-15:00 Miran sees Dilsah coming down Sadoglu stairs: “Mother!” “He's not my son- don't lie to me!”

-Azie calls all the neighbors to town square: “I have sinned greatly against....” Miran: “Even if you were dumped in town square a thousand times, it wouldn't wash away all your sins.”

-56:00 Firat to Fusun: “My mother is now the lady of the house. ….You are just as evil as Azize.”

-57:00 Yaren to Harun: “I realize you love me. …. We can have a real family...”

-Azize in car to Mahmut: “Every sin has it's price. Now I have to pay for my sins.” Sobering...

-1:03:00 Reyyan to Miran in car: “Don't be sad, your mother's back.” “I'll prove to her I'm Miran.” “She doesn't need proof-- that's for the mind. She need faith-- for her heart.”

-1:06:00 Zehra yelling at Hazar: “Since you learned Miran was your son, you've forgotten about me!”

-1:11:00 Azat to Gonul: “You have changed.” Almost kiss

-1:16:00 Miran at Dilsah's door: “See this pictures? This is me, Miran.” SAD

-2:00:00 Yaren on phone Handan: “Harun and I became husband and wife. … When I have his child, I'll kick Gonul and Fusan out and become lady of Aslanbey mansion.”

-2:10:00 In an argument, Yaren accidentally shoots Harun.

-End: Fusun shoots Dilsah (in revenge for thinking Azize killed her son Harun)

Episode 56

-Opens with Miran and Reyyan dancing at 'the swing'. “This is where I first fell in love with you.”

-Gunshot at end of last episode was Mahfuz (Reyyan's father) shooting Fusun: “I told you if you tried to hurt my daughter, I would hurt you.”

-11:00 Dilsah embraces Miran: “You're my son! But I wasn't there for you.” Very moving!

-22:00 Azize flashback to slapping child Miran just before he gives her a dragonfly pin.

-Flashback to Azize bringing Dilsah a baby girl. “You lost a son, but I've brought you a girl to raise.”

-Miran to Azize: “Where's Azra??”

43:00 Miran takes Dilsah & Reyyan up to roof: “See that mansion next door? We'll all move in there.”

-1:11:00 After Dilsah holds Zehra's baby, Hazar 'makes up' with Zehra. Sweet.

-Cihan frames Mahmut/Azize for Harun's murder—shows video 'proof' to Fusun.

-1:20:20 Miran and Reyyan have pillow fight.

-1:23:00 Miran and Reyyan paint and work on their new house.

-1:38:30 Reyyan to Miran when he shows her their new bedroom: “You bought everything I picked out? What have you done?” “I just fell in love.”

-1:41:50 Right when Miran is putting a move on Reyyan, hired help knocks on door. Funny!

-1:44:00 Fusun calls Azize: “I'll punish your loved one to avenge Harun's death.”

-2:00:30 Miran picks up Azra, the 'daughter' Dilsah raised, from airport.

-2:13:30-End Miran's car hit in intentional head-on collision with truck.

Episode 57

-Opens with Reyyan crying over Miran: “Don't go! You promised not to leave me!”

-3:00; 7:30 White dream--Miran torn between staying with Reyyan and Umut, or going with their daughter.

-18:00 Firat picks Zeynep up from airport: “You know a lot about me, but I know nothing about you.”

-30:30 Dilsah and Azra reunited.

-1:00:00 Miran awakens with high fever. Reyyan sponges him with cool water. “Don't leave me.”

1:04:00 Azat walks in on half-dressed Gonul.

1:07:00 Miran to Dilsah at family breakfast: “You called me son!” Big hug. Touching.

1:109:30 Reyyan realizes Fusun poisoned her and caused the truck crash with Miran.

-1:32:00 Reyyan to Fusun: “Give up revenge!” “I will if Azize gives back what she stole.” (Azra)

-Yaren calls her mother, crying: “Fusun killed Reyyan's baby. She'll kill me!”

-1:54:00 Nasuh to Azize: “You have SO many sins....You must give Fusun her daughter back!”

-2:00:00 Yaren to Fusun: “I killed Harun!”

-2:10:00 Miran to Reyyan on terrace: “I trust you... trust me too.”

-2:20:00 Miran holds gun to Cihan: “What's your problem with me??” “Go ask your wife...”

End: Dilsah stabs Azize: “You've taken everything from me. I won't let you take my daughter!”

Episode 58

-Opens with Dilsah stabbing Azize. Reyyan panics.

-Azra drives Reyyan/Azize to hut and stitches up Azize.

-32:25 Gonul to Azat at hotel: “I think Yaren knows who Harun's murderer is.”

-38:00 Azat to Cihan in Yaren's room: “You

killed Harun ...” “Ok, so turn me in to the police...”

-43:00 Miran to Reyyan lying in bed: “You make me forget all my problems.”

Hercai kiss romance Miran and Reyyan

-58:00 Azra to Dilsah: “Did Azize keep you locked up? Did you stab her?”

-1:05:00 Azat walks in Cihan's bedroom. “Ready to go--to the police station?”

-1:15:00 Reyyan to her Dad: “I'm exhausted trying to protect everyone.... Wish I'd never been born.”

-1”28:00 Cihan to Azat at police station: “I'm proud of you.” Yaren runs up: “I killed Harun!”

-1:32:00 Azize in bed, to Fusun: “When he beat me, you were there, but did nothing. But I raised your daughter and gave her the best.”

-1:27:30 Yaren to Azat at coffee shop: “Turn me in. I don't have the guts, but you do.”

-1:41:00 Miran to Reyyan: “Tell me everything.” “I helped Azize.” …. Zehra: “Dilsah stabbed her.”

-144:00 Azra comes to doctor Azize, Fusun sees a birthmark and realizes Azra is her daughter.

-1:53:00 Azra to Azize: “Did you really keep my mother locked up and separated from Miran?”

-1:59:00 Cihan to Handan: “The storm came... I'm shattered. Even my son doesn't trust me.” A real epiphany moment for him. -2:17:00 Gonul to Azat at picnic bench. “I'm here to heal you.”

-2:19:00 Teary-eyed Zeynep to Firat: “This is the first birthday cake I've ever had.” She hugs him

-2:26:00 Miran in dining room of family: “Who invited this woman [Azize] to our table?”

-End: Fusun to family: “Azize is Hazar's biological mother, and Miran's grandmother.”

Episode 59

-Opens with Fusun to group: “Azize is Hazar's biological mother...” Hazar goes ballistic.

-Azra unloads on Fusun: “You had an issue with Azize but you almost killed us. Get out of here.”

-18:00 Miran to Hazar on side of road: “I'm proud you are my father.” Sweet

-21:00 Azat to Gonul in car. Flashbacks to their previous encounters, then almost kiss. “This is wrong. Maybe we've just shared a lot together.”

26:00 Miran overhears Dilsah to Reyyan: “You knew Aize was Hazar's mother, didn't you.”Miran goes off on Reyyan: “You kept this secret from me because Azize asked you to??”

-Miran to Friat at hut: “You knew too and kept it from me??”

-56:00 Cihan to Hazar in courtyard: “Yes, I knew too. Why do think I've been so hateful lately?”

-Reyyan has bleeding, Firat takes her to hospital. Miran arrives. “How's Reyyan?” “Go ask the doctors yourself.” Firat punches him.

-1:08:00 Miran rushes in to Reyyan: “Are you ok?” She snubs him.

-1:10:00 Yaren receives a mysterious package-- a hangman's noose.

-1:14:00 Yaren attempts to hang herself.

-1:16:00 Reyyan to Miran: “When you lied to me about our other baby, I forgave you and never left you. …. You said you've never leave me, but you did. ...Go away.”

-1:25:00 Yaren to family: “If I stay here, I'll try to kill myself again. Let's leave.” Cihan: “Let's go.”

-1:28:30 Reyyan gets watch for Miran. Flashback: Miran recites a poem. Reyyan: “You're a real Romeo. I like it!”

-1:32:00 Tearful Azat to Gonul: “...Please don't call me again.” Gonul walks away heartbroken.

-1:40:30 Cihan to Hazar at recycle plant: “As kids, I always cried on your shoulder, but you didn't have a shoulder to cry on.” They have a sweet reunion.

-1:53:00 Azat to Gonul: “I can't stay here because I'm in love with you!” Kiss

-1:57:00 Nasuh to Azize: “We're going thru a rough phase. But no matter how hard the winter is, the flowers bloom in spring.” He gives her a bouquet of flowers (it's Valentine's Day)

2:01:00 Miran to Reyyan on balcony: “I've only loved one woman in my life, and she taught me everything. But I couldn't learn how not to take my frustration out on her. ...Nothing is more painful than your absence. ...Will you forgive me, love?” Kiss

-2:08:00 Firat to Zeynep and his mother: “I don't believe in Valentine's Day.” Funny!

-2:17:00; 2:32:00 Miran's gift for Reyyan: “A trust to educate girls. For the Reyyan's who've fallen prey to violence, customs, and revenge.” Then they dance.

-2:19:00 Fusun takes Yaren to the place where Harun died: “Tell me what happened.”

2:24:00 Azize to Hazar: “It was at this farmhouse I heard you crying and ran into the fire...”

-2:37:00 Hazar to Azize: “How'd you get so evil?” “Kill me.” Hazar tosses gun down. “Kill yourself.”

2:42:00 Reyyan to Miran holding cake she made: “Can you forgive Azize?”

End: Nasuh to Hazar outside: “How did it go with Azize?” A gunshot echoes thru the air.

**An excellent episode!

Episode 60

Opens with gunshot. Azize: “I couldn't do it.” Hazar to Nasuh: “She'll ALWAYS play games with us!”

-5:00; 10:00 Fusun holding gun on Yaren. Cihan arrives. Yaren: “I'm pregnant.” [lying]

-6:00 Gonul flashback to Azar kiss. Gonul to herslef: “If you are leaving me, why did you kiss me?”

-13:00 Reyyan gives Miran the watch: “So we can remember time is our most precious thing.”

23:00 Reyyan to Miran in bed: “Oh! Umut and I want strawberries-with chocolate!”

-37:00 Firat dances with Zeynep in heart ring of fire: “Can we consider this our first Valentine's Day?”

-40:00 Miran rushes Reyyan to hospital. Doctor: “I don't think it's a good situation. I hope I'm wrong.”

-53:00 Miran to Reyyan in their bedroom: “Ok. Just for you, I'll give Azize a second chance.”

-57:30 Dilsah shoves Reyyan against wall: “Why are you encouraging Miran to give Azize a chance?” Dilsah raises her hand too slap Reyyan. Miran catches her arm: “Reyyan is my everything. Don't.”

-1:07:00 Reyyan to doctor: “So, everything's ok, right?” “I'm afraid not....”

-Fusun has midwife examine Yaren: “Yes, she's pregnant.”

-Miran to Azize: “Give Fusun her daughter back.” “Will you then forgive me?”

1:33:00 Azra to Azize: “Who am I?"

-1:37:00 Miran to Reyyan: “This is the new office for the Umut foundation.” Then they go shopping for baby stuff.

-Reyyan reconciles with her father: “Tomorrow is uncertain. I don't want to have any regrets.”

-1:51:00 Firat at office: “Cihan, why did you transfer all this money into your account?” Azat: “I knew about it. It was for an emergency... so I'm stepping down as chairman.”

-1:58:00 Hazar storms up to Miran: “You forgave Azize?” “I'm giving her a chance...for my son.”

-2:00:00 Azat to Gonul at a special restaurant: “I'm willing to struggle for us, if that's ok with you.”

-Fusun to herself: “I'll give you [Yaren] everything for 9 months, then I'll destroy your world.”

-Azize sends Azra's father's letter to Azra and Fusun: “I'm ill. I never gave up on you... your mother abandoned you for power.”

-Azra storms in to Dilsah: “I asked you who my mother was... you lied to me.”

-2:11:00 Hazar knocks on Azize's door: “You want me to forgive you and call you mom?” Then go away from here and I will.”

-2:14:00 Miran sets up a swing on their terrace: “This is for our son.”

-2:17:00 Miran has 'white' dream of Umut joining his sister on a swing then disappearing.

-2:20:00 Flashback: Dr to Reyyan: “You won't survive the delivery. We have to terminate pregnancy."

Episode 61

-Opens with Reyyan out walking. Flashback: Dr to Reyyan: “You may die the moment child is born.”

-Azize to Hazar: “I've decided to leave as you asked.” “....Anne (mom).”

-14:00 Azra to Reyyan and Miran: “Fusun is my mother.”

-Yaren to Handan: “I'm staying at Fusun's mansion to learn her secrets and use them against her.”

-21:00 Firat to Zeynep: “I want lots of kids running around and to love their mother, and her love me.”

-Miran chases down Azize in her car: “You kept your word. Come back and mend things.”

-30:00 Dilsah sneaks in Reyyan's room and finds Reyyan's consent about her pregnancy dilemma.

-33:00 Fusun to Firat: “I want you to take Azat's chairmanship. …. Miran is using you.”

-49:00 Teary Reyyan to Miran: “I wrote a letter to case something happens to me.” Sad

-50:30 Nasuh to Azize: “I love you... I can't lose you again.”

-Azra to repentant Fusun: “You're my mother.” “You came into my life again. Nothing else matters.”

-57:00 Reyyan to Miran in bed. “I love you.... hold me tighter.”

-1:02:00 Angry Firat to Miran: “You make decisions about you by yourself. We make decisions about me together.”

-1:10:00 Miran makes soup for Reyyan and teases her. Kiss

-1:17:00 Miran gives Reyyan necklace: “You're more beautiful than the stars.”

-1:22:00 Melike moves into Aslanbey mansion.

-Fusin to Yaren: “You aren't going to Trust inauguration. I am. You're not going anywhere.”

-1:47:00 Azra struts into Trust inauguration with Fusun: “Fusun Aslanbey, my mother.”

-Flashback: Azra to Azize: “Don't worry. I won't have mercy on someone who abandoned me.”

-1:58:00 Firat to Zeynep: “I feel complete with you... Will you marry me?” Kiss

-2:03:00 Azat to Gonul: “...Yaren killed Harun.”

-2:12:00 Miran at company meeting: “I'm withdrawing my name. Firat is the new chairman.”

End: Dilsa to Reyyan: “You took Azra away from me. I want you to die.” Miran walks in.

Episode 62

Opens with Miran walking in as Dilsah says to Reyya, “I want you to die.” A huge argument ensues: “Reyyan is defending Azize.” “Reyyan just wants peace.”

-15:00 Zeynep to Firat: “....askim (my love).”

-20:00 Zehra to Hazar: “...You hate Azize because she separated you from Dilsah, your lover?”

-46:00; 49:00 Miran arranges a Pilates instructor for Reyyan. Kinda funny

-Firat presents business proposal to group. Fusun now shareholder. Miran: “Don't sign my name to it.”

-Azra is Reyyan's new assigned doctor: “Reyyan, you knew about this doctor's report? We must abort.”

-59:00 Azat to Gonul: “Let's go away from here together.”

-1:07:00 Miran and Reyyan take Polaroid photos together so Reyyan can make album for Umut.

-1:10:00 Miran takes Reyyan to wedding dress shop: “Will you marry me again? Let's rewrite bad memories”

Zehra finds out about Reyyan's situation: “You can't do this!” “It my baby and my decision!”

1:33:00 Dilsa to Reyyan: “When you're gone, we'll be a happy family in this house.”

1:47:00 Azat and Gonul sit at wedding table.

1:56:00 Miran to Reyyan at their wedding. “Thank you for believing in me and not giving up on me.”

-2:15:00 Reyyan to Azize at wedding: “Welcome Grandmother Asye.” A sweet scene of forgiveness.

End: Dilsah to Reyyan at wedding: “When you're gone, Miran will marry Azra. And you'll help me arrange it while you're alive.”

Episode 63

Opens with Dilsah to Reyyan at wedding: “When you're gone, we will be a happy family.”

-4:00 Cihan storms into the wedding with gunshot and confronts Miran: “Where's Azat?”

17:00 Reyyan tells off Dilsah: “You keep taunting me, I'll see to it you leave here before I do!”

-19:00 Miran to Reyyan dancing on terrace: “I'll love you til the day I die.”

-25:00 Miran gives Reyyan a necklace and kisses her.

-27:30 Reyyan has 'white' dream that Dilsah is trying to steal away Umut.

-33:30; 37:13 Miran serves Reyyan breakfast in bed. Reyyan: “I love you.”

-57:00 Professor to Azra: “The poison Reyyan ingested is probably the cause of her issue.”

-1:06:00 Azra to Reyyan: “Fusun poisoned you? That's the reason you're in this condition!”

-1:17:00 Handan hands Cihan a letter: “If you force Azat to come home, we'll lose him forever.”

Letter from Azat voiceover: “I'm following my heart for the first time.... I found the right girl.”

-1:21:00 Miran to Firat at cafe: “I'll always be by your side. But if I don't point out your mistakes, there is no point to our brotherhood.”

-1:30:00 Zehra storms to Aslanbey mansion and holds knife to Fusun's throat: “What do you have against Reyyan and her unborn child?” Azize hot on her heels: “Stop Zehra! Revenge doesn't work!”

-1:38:00 Miran to Reyyan in bed: “I watch you sleeping and never get bored. … We'll grow old together.”

-1:54:00 Hazar to Cihan: “I'm retiring. I don't want to be around Azize.”

-1:55:30 Azra to Reyyan: “When are you going to tell Miran? Waiting just makes it harder.”

-Reyyan in Umut's room, morning: “Will I even get to see you? Feed you?”

-2:07:10 Firat/Zeynep's wedding

-Firat to Fusun at Aslanbey mansion: “Let me present the new lady of the mansion, my wife Zeynep.”

-2:17:30 Reyyan has the terrace decorated for Miran: “Happy Birthday. I'm glad your mine, my beloved.”

Miran to Reyyan: “Do you know why I never celebrated by birthday? Cause the first time I celebrated, that night, the bodies of my dead parents were dumped in the courtyard. I always thought if I celebrated my birthday, something bad would happen.”

-2:25:00 Miran gives Reyyan an envelope: “The entrance exam for college.”

-2:30:30 Reyyan to Miran who's getting in the car to go after Fusun for poisoning their other child: “You can't be a murderer. Our son needs you... I'm dying!”

Episode 64

-Opens with Reyyan blurting out to Miran: “I'm dying!”

-7:30:00 After Azra confirms Reyyan's situation, Miran yells out: “Why, God! Why! Do you think I can live without her?” SAD!

- Miran takes Reyyan to bridge where they once jumped: “If you're going to leave me, let's just all jump now and go together.”

-21:30 Miran finds Reyyan's journal with letter to Umut. Sad.

-35:19 Miran staggers to Azize: “I'm not ok.... Reyyan is dying!” Very moving; so sad!

-45:00 Miran to a waking Reyyan: “There's a doctor.... I promised you I'd do everything I could.”

-Yaren to Zeynep: “Firat and me in the past.... I was his cousin's wife....” Yaren makes it look like they had an affair while Yaren was married.

-Dilsah under her breath: “I won't stop this war on Reyyan.” Her mother hears and slaps her.

-1:01:00 Hazar to Miran: “Why did you go to Azize?” “I needed her...because Reyyan is dying!”

-1:14:00 Zeynep to Firat in their room: “Why didn't you tell me about you and Yaren?”

-1:25:00 Voice on phone to Miran: “We found the specialist you've been looking for.”

-Azra to Fusun: “I know what you did.... You're not my mother any more.”

-1:31:00 Hazar to Azize: “Yes, I came here because Reyyan asked me to.... I will try to forgive you.”

-Miran finds the doctor: “If you don't come, three people will die on that operating table.”

-1:54:00 Miran to Reyyan: “You have to abort the baby.” “It's not an abortion, it's murder!

-Fusun burns the Umut trust building.

-Reyyan's father to Reyyan: “You remind me of my mother.” “Tell me about the [our] family.”

-2:30:00 Azra to Miran in hospital: “Reyyan is running out of time.” -2:36:00 Miran to Reyyan in hospital: “We may lose Umut, but we can give life to an orphan.”

-2:38:00 Miran to Reyyan's stomach: “Forgive me Umut.” Miran to Reyyan: “I love you very much.” Kiss. Heart wrenching! Outstanding acting by Akin and Ebru.

-End: Miran gets text from doctor: “There's a little hope.” He rushes into Reyyan's room and Azra is taking her gloves off.

Great episode!

Episode 65

-Opens with Miran rushing into Reyyan's hospital room: “Am I too late?” “I couldn't do it.”

-27:00 Dilsah pulls gun at Reyyan: “It's all your fault!”

-49:00 In a tearful goodbye, Miran and Hazar leave Dilsah at hospital for treatment.

-1:12:00 Hazar barges in to Fusun's and holds gun to her chest: “You killed my unborn grandchild!”

-1:23:50 Miran to Reyyan in Istanbul hotel room: “We've been through hard times, but here we are.”

-Cihan and Hazar have a showdown.

-1:29:30 Miran and Reyyan in hotel bed in robes eating strawberries.

-1:46:00 Dr. To Reyyan at hospital for tests: “There is hope, but still a risky situation.”

-A man with a grudge against Cihan kidnaps Yaren.

-2:04:00 Reyyan decorates a wishing tree for Miran: “This is to remind you of all the things you made me believe. Don't stop believing now.”

-2:08:00 Reyyan's water breaks; Miran rushes her to hospital delivery room.

-Cihan shoots Azize in the woods.

-2:18:00 In a Cihan/Hazar argument/tussle, Hazar is shot.

-End: Reyyan gives birth; Fusun to Azize: “You will live but you will watch your son and grandchildren die.” Reyyan fades away, Miran panics.

Episode 66

-Opens with doctor shocking Reyyan's heart as she follows her daughter 'into the white.'

-6:37 Shift of scene: Hazar's funeral.

-18:00 Miran to Firat: “If something happens to Reyyan, I entrust Umut to you. If there's no Reyyan, there's no Miran.”

-32:00 Zehra rails on Miran: “Reyyan gave up on life to give you a son and you won't even hold him?”

-39:00 Miran holding Umut: “Your mom gave up a lot just to give us this moment.”

-50:00 Miran to Reyyan: “Please wake up. We have a lot to experience.”

-Reyyan wakes up and holds up Umut: “Look at all the family that loves you.”

-1:40:00 Back in Midyet, Miran to Reyyan: “We lost Dad.”

-1:42:00 Cihan, in jail, to Miran: “I didn't kill Hazar. I loved him.”

-2:08:00 Cihan to Nasuh at mansion: “You believed Azize. You never once asked me if I killed abi.”

-Miran tussles with Ekran, who knows about Hazar's killer.

-Umut has fever, and Miran is MIA when she takes him to hospital.

-2:20:00 Reyyan slaps Miran: “The first moment we needed you, you weren't there.”

-2:34:00 Reyyan to Miran: “Go! I will not raise my son amidst fights, revenge, and bullets!”

-2:36:00 Fusun to her man Halit: “...take Umut Sadoglu.”

-End: Azize locks Cihan and Fusun in shed. Miran: “What are you doing??” Umut is kidnapped.

*Outstanding episode! Great acting, moving scenes.

Episode 67

-Opens with Miran running to reach Reyyan/Umut; Fusun/Cihan getting out of shed.

-Reyyan to Sadoglu group: “Revenge! Revenge! I keep asking you to stop and every time I'm the one who gets hurt!”

-Miran faces off with Fusun: “I'll forgive everything, just give me my son.”

-28:00 Fusun to Miran: “I'll give you your son, just put this gun in Sadoglu mansion.” (frame Cihan)

-38:00 Azra to Fusun: “Leave Miran and Reyyan alone and I will come with you.”

-Nasuh to Azize: “You've got to stop this revenge!” Azize to herself: “I can't.”

-42:00 Cihan to Handan: “I got so jealous of Hazar, I couldn't see the truth anymore.”

-56:00 Cihan to Reyyan: “I'm so sorry for everything I've done to you. I'll support you and Miran.”

-1:10:00 Police find gun under Cihan's mattress planted by Miran and Mafhuz.

-Fusun to Miran: “Azize kidnapped my daughter. I won't give you your son back!”

-1:27:00 Miran comes home: “Reyyan, here's Umut.”

-1:28:30 Flashback: Miran to Cihan: “I know you didn't kill my father, but to get my son, Fusun wants me accuse you of my father's murder.”

-2:04:00 Miran to Reyyan in kitchen: “Please smile for me. I really need to see you smile.”

-2:09:30 Miran to Reyyan in bedroom: “When you're hurt, it tears my heart into a thousand pieces.” KISS

-2:15:00 Miran shows Reyyan terrace swing he fixed: “I can't tell you how sorry I am....”

-2:33:00 Fusun to Azize at a roadside standoff: “Shoot Cihan in the head, and burn Azize.”

End: Miran has roadside stand off with Fusun, bluffs her into confessing, and the police haul her off. Miran to Reyyan voiceover: “I won. Now we'll go on a new journey.”

*What was clearly intended to be a dramatic edge-of-your-seat ending, fell a little flat

Episode 68

-Opens with Miran preparing to take Reyyan and Umut on a picnic.

-Jailed Fusun to Azize: “I'll keep killing your loved ones until you shoot yourself.”

-19:10 Miran, Reyyan and Umut have family photo taken.

-25:00 Miran to Reyyan: “Let's go away and start a new life.” “No. Too many memories here.”

-Zeynep explodes on Yaren: “We'll let you stay as long as you stay within your limits!”

-33:00 Yaren to herself in mirror: “Firat loves me, and there's only 1 thing standing in our way...”

-40:00 Cihan voted new chairman of families company.

-52:48 Firat to Zeynep lying in bed: “I think we should have a baby.”

-55:30 Miran to Reyyan: “I'll forgive you if you'll let me sleep in your arms.”

-59:00 Miran to Azra: “We'll miss you, but we'll come see you in Berlin.”

-1:02:30 Miran changes Umut's diaper. “Oh! What is that foul smell?” Funny

-1:08:00 Lutfu does a dance and proposes to Asiye. Funny!

-1:20:00 Fusun escapes, Azize turns the tables on her, Miran nearly shot, Fusun shot.

-Cihan to Miran: “If you ever have to do something like that again, let me know. I'll go with you.”

-1:29:00 Zeynep gives Firat a present-- a positive pregnancy test.

-1:43:00 Miran gets Reyyan a red car: “You can drop Umut off at school.”

-1:49:00 Azra to Miran/Reyyan: “Fusun is paralyzed on her left side... I'm leaving to take care of her.”

-2:00:00 Firat/Zeynep to Esma: “We're leaving Aslanbey mansion... and we want our child to grow up with grandmother in the house.”

-2:01:50 Umut's circumcision.

-2:10:00 Azize comes to feed Fusun: “Azra will take care of you, but she will never love you.”

-2:20:00 Circumcision party-- Cihan gifts a watch from Hazaar, Azize gifts Aslanbey mansion.

-End: Yaren pulls gun on Reyyan at party: “You took everything from me!” Cihan is shot, Police arrive to arrest Yaren for killing Harun.

Episode 69

-Opens with police arriving to arrest Yaren. Handan: “Yaren, you know you killed Harun.”

Flashback: Handan thinking: “Yaren has to be responsible for her actions.” She calls police.

-17:00 Tearful Cihan to Yaren at police station: “I'm not here to bail you out.... If I'm still alive, I'll take you home after you've paid for your sins.”

-22:00 Miran to Cihan: “We've been like broken beads of a rosary.... now it's time to collect the beads.”

-27:00 Miran to Reyyan: “...I surrender to you.” R: “Then stay by my side forever.”

-Cihan to Esma: “Tell me where Azize is so we can bring her back to her family.”


-36:00 Miran to Reyyan: “ 25- tips to keep spark between husband and wife after a baby....”

-41:10 Miran to Reyyan as he tacks a wish on dream board: “I wish for a daughter who looks just like you.”

-45:00 Cihan knocks on Azize's hovel's door: “I've come to take you back.”

-52:00 Nasuh to Azize: “Will you marry me?”

-1:11:00 Miran to Reyyan in bed: “...I was expecting something romantic.”

-1:15:00 Miran to orphanage director: “We want to adopt Melek.”

-1:21:00 Azize/Nasuh engagement ceremony. FUNNY!

-1:25:00 Azize/Nasuh wedding.

-1:27:00 Miran and Reyyan bring their adopted daughter Melek home to meet the family.

-1:33:00 Miran to Reyyan: “I want to be a father who will love Melek so she doesn't have to look for love in the wrong places.” Lovely words of hope.

-1:37:00 Miran brings out memory boxes and they relive special moment in their relationship. Reyyan: “We've come from darkness to light.

>>5 years later--

-1:55:00 Reyyan to Miran as he gives her a pen on her first day as a teacher: “You always supported me.”

-2:08:30 Zehra and grown-up Gul at Hazar's grave.

-Reyyan to her new students: “Our first lesson is love—which you'll find at every stage of your life.”

-End: Big family picnic. Reyyan: “I'm pregnant with twins!” Voiceover Reyyan, telling the story of 2 pansies (hercai's) in the snow: “...We changed this story together. We wrote a new end. We gave birth to an unforgettable love story.” ***Fabulous ending! One of the best I've seen in a Turkish Drama. The episode had lovely resolutions and was a celebration of how love is triumphant.


**Link to Season 1 episode guide is here.

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