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Hercai Episode Guide Part 2-- Episodes 26+

Hercai episode guide for episodes 1-25 is here.

WARNING: This episode guide is full of Hercai spoilers!


Episode 26

-Opens with Miran's grandmother saying, “I'm your grandmother.” Miran stomps off in disbelief.

-Azize to women of family: “Pack your things. You are going away from here.” “NO!”

-Miran to Azize (with Reyyan by his side): “From now on, no one will go unless they WANT to go.”

-Zehra at Aslanbey mansion to Reyyan and Miran: “I told Hazar to say Miran pushed him.”

-116:50 Gul and Miran play hide and seek. SOOO cute together!

-Gonul insults Reyyan. Reyyan: “What Miran and I have, you only dream of.”

-Sultan to Azat: “Even countries use marriage to stop war. You can save Reyyan by marrying Elif.”

-Miran walking and thinking: “Reyyan, I don't see how I can live with you, but I can't breathe without you either.”

-Matchmaking evening for Yaren. Her groom turns out to be handsome and a good match!

-Flashback: Yaren to Azize: “Find me a fake groom to buy me some time. I can separate Miran from Reyyan with divorce papers.” Back to the present: Yaren to Azize on phone: “Thanks for the handsome fake groom.” Azize: “I didn't do anything.” FUNNY! Yaren said yes to the groom she THOUGHT was fake!

-Reyyan calls Miran to go to hut. “We started and ended here.” He relives their relationship by following string she has set up linking objects representing different aspects of their relationship. AMAZING SCENE!

-Miran has an emotional reunion and hug with his 'new' grandmother, then brings her to the Aslanbey mansion.

*Another Fantastic episode. Fantastic writing!

Episode 27

-Miran presents his new grandmother to Aslanbeys. Reyyan: “Let her speak so Miran can decide for himself who to believe.”

-11:35 Reyyan consoles Miran on the terrace: “I love you. I'm here for you.”

-12:20 Azize has a tantrum in her room, throws things around: “The enemy I took in is causing rebellion.”

-18:00; 26:15 Hairdresser comes for Yaren who's slipped off to see her fiance, Harun. Ferit shows up. Funny!!

-Yaren crying on the rooftop to Ferit: “I'm a bad person. …. If only you were the one to heal me.”

-48:00 Yaren begging her mother: “He's a psychopath!” “Fine. Then you will be 2 psychopaths with a house full of psychopath children.” FUNNY!

-57:00 Reyyan to Miran in their bed: “I need to hear you say 'I love you.”

-1:16:00 Miran pushes Reyyan up against a stone wall and teases her: “Have you ever seen the sunset?”

-Yaren's engagement. More funny banter.

-Gonul to Ferit walking: “You're in love.”

-Miran has a sweet twilight conversation with his grandmother in her room. “My father was a craftsman...”

-1:39:00; 1:56:00 Miran gets a dressing screen for Reyyan and throws the armchair over the railing. In the morning Miran sweeps her out of bed.

-Azize goes to grandmother Sukram's room at night. Sukram gives her a note. Azize is terrified.

-Azize to Firat in front of everyone: “You're going with me to notary to sign everything back over to me.” “NO!” The others stand with him. Esma goes to her room and turns on her too!

-Elif leaves.

-Miran and Reyyan at an outdoor cafe 'see themselves in the future' with a stroller on a walk.

-Azize storms over to Sadoglu mansion: “Elif? Elif? Where's Elif?” Elif walks in with Azat—married.

Episode 28

-Elif to Azize: “I no longer have a grandmother named Azize.” Azize slaps her.

-Back at Aslanbey mansion, Azize to Miran: “It's all your fault.” Sultan: “It's Reyyan's fault!”

-Azat to Elif: “This isn't a real marriage. … I can never love you.”

-Handan to Elif: “I know you love Azat. … ” And Cihan to Azat: “Outside this house Azize needs to think it's a real marriage to stop this war.”

-54:00 Reyyan and Miran dance in their room. <<Kiss>>

-Miran goes to take Elif back. Aslanbey's have standoff at Shadoglu mansion. Elif: “I'll go with you if grandmother gives up on revenge.” Azize goes into sob story about Miran's parent's death.

-1:49:00 Azize has a breakdown in her room. Takes off her shirt, reveals scars. Esma comforts her.

-1:57:00 Miran, thinking about his parents death, embraces grandmother Sukram. Poignant.

-2:03:00 Nasuh to family: “Wedding for Azat and Elif tomorrow.” Azat: “We don't want a wedding.”

-Miran twirls Gul and children on carousel swings.

-Elif to Reyyan at the farm. “I love Azat and want to stay with him, but I don't want to tie him down if he doesn't love me.” Miran and Azat quarrel in the kitchen over tea.

-Azize burns the farm—with the foursome trapped inside.

Episode 29

-Opens with the fire at the farmhouse.

-Harun taunts Yaren outside the Sadoglu mansion. Funny!

-30:00; 41:43; 55:20; 1:07:25 Miran and Reyyan romantic moments at hotel. He lets a bird go, washes her by the bathtub, then snuggles in bed.

-[Flashback] Nasuh and and Ayse at the farm years ago. He's leaving for 3 days and she's scared.

-Miran and Reyyan meet Harun at the hotel restaurant. Funny!!

-Azize sends Sultan to mental institution but 'a friend' who wants revenge on Azize gets her released.

-Zehra hides the letter that reveals Hazar is Miran's father in Gul's doll.

-Zehra to Azize at a park: “I know you want Miran to kill his real father Hazar.”

-2:02:30 Miran to Reyyan in their room in semi-hug: “At the wishing tree I wished to be beside you the first time you experience the sea breeze.”

-Zehra leaves to see her ailing mother.

-Hanife arrested and jailed. Accused of arson-burning the farm.

-Harun says something shocking to Hanife in jail. (He knows everything.)

-Man to Miran at Aslanbey mansion: “The ring was ordered by Hazar Sadoglu. not Mehmet Aslanbey.”

Episode 30

-Hanun on phone reveals that he knows all-- about the notes, Fillipos coming to Miran, etc. -Filipos to Hazar: “Find a way to stop Azize before the witnesses of the past are gone, or Miran and Reyyan will suffer.” -Hazar to Firat: “Go ask your mother about the truth.” -Sultan to Gonul: “Azize took me to mental hospital in the night... Get what you want for her soon, cause she's going down.” -Cihan, Azat, and Harun to Firat in hotel office: “We've come to run our company again.” -Sultan takes Miran and Reyyan to the mental hospital. Staff denies that her doctor exists. -Sukran to Miran and family: “I don't know a Hazar, but it was Mehmet who killed Dilsah!” -Harun discusses the plan to take Azize down with Hanife. “Find the letter from Dilsah to Hazar.”

-1:35:50 Reyyan brings Miran a tray of food. Miran: “You never gave up on loving me. It's healed me. Some beautiful and romantic words!

-1:44:00 Miran dreams Azize dies and he weeps at her feet. Very moving! Great acting.

-Hanife finds the letter in Yaren's room. -Filipo to Nasuh: “You will burn in hell for what you've done.” -[Flashback] Gabriel the jeweler calls Nasuh in to hear Dilsah. Nasuh: “My son will marry someone fit to be his wife, not you.” -Yaren discovers the letter is missing from her room and threatens Hanife with a knife. -Miran takes Sukran to Dilsah's grave and finds Hazar there. Hazar gives Miran a letter that Dilsah wrote to him asking for help. Episode 31 -Hazar to his family: “It's over Azize's revenge is over. I showed Miran the letter from Dilsah.” -Hazar to Yaren: “How could you hide that letter and put your family in jeopardy?” -Firat to Esma: “Did you know about Hazar and Dilsah?” “Yes...”

-16:00 Miran at the swing, contemplates jumping. Reyyan comes and comforts him.

-Harun brings Yaren roses and a wedding dress: “Put it on and send me a photo.” -Miran presents the letter to Azize: “Tell me the truth...” Sultan: “The letter is real. Your father made your mother suffer.” -Hanife meets Azize. Miran and Reyyan see. -1:20:33 Harun sneaks into Yaren's room at night: “I make the rules...”

-1:22:48 Miran to Reyyan snuggling at the hut: “Nothing matters but our love. It will lead the way.”

1:41:00 Sukran to Hazar at cafe: “Tell me everything that happened with Dilsah.” -Firat to Miran at hut after fist fight: “I'm not participating I this revenge any more.” -Elif's wedding dinner—she runs away. -Miran to Hazar on the hotel rooftop: “Let's find the truth together.” Episode 32

-Elif nearly jumps off the terrace balcony. -38:50 Elif to Azat after wedding drama in their room: “I love you.” -44:35 Hazar calls Miran: “Reyyan is miserable without you.” She runs into Miran's arms. *** -48:10 Miran and Reyyan go to their hotel suite. She's sick, he puts her in the bathtub

-16:00 Miran at the swing, contemplates jumping. Reyyan comes and comforts him.

-Vote for chairman of board-- Gonul gets Azize to tell her who her brother is (Firat) then she votes for Azat. -Harun brings flowers to Reyyan in the hotel and Miran gets angry. -Harun makes Yaren grill kebobs for him outside for Valentine's Day dinner.

-2:05:00; 2:33:00 Miran takes Reyyan to Istanbul for a romantic Valentine's Day weekend. Kiss by the water, room decorated with roses and candles, kiss in their room, a romantic dinner, kiss while dancing to a Episode 33 -Miran and Reyyan in Istanbul—meet his ex-girlfriend Denise, and Harun puts note in Miran's pocket. -Harun on phone: We learn that he is working for someone else and has no plans to marry Yaren.

-57:30 Morning kisses Miran and Reyyan.

-Gonul to Azat: “I want a job. Please hire me at the hotel.”

-1.01.00 Miran and Reyyan waiting for boat, speech by old man about love with flashbacks to other characters' love.

-1.17.42 Miran and Reyyan out on boat. - Miran and Reyyan follow a lead from police commissioner to Omer that ends in dead end. -Sultan to Esma: “Let's take a dowry to Elif.” -Harun and Hanife plot so Harun has an excuse not to marry Yaren. -Uncle of police guy connected to Dilsha's case says to Miran: “Azize ruined my nephews life. We want nothing more to do twith this case.” -Azize to Azat “Put up $20 million in the holding, or give up the holding and your chair.” -Nasuh finds Ayla, Dilsa's friend: “It benefits no one to reveal the past now.” -Hazar finds Ayla: “Dilsah never gave up o you.” -Police guy Omer to Miran and Reyyan: Azize lied to you...” Episode 34 -Miran to Reyyan, staggering from the news: “Why haven't you left me.” “Can you live without me?” Big hug.

-Hazar to Nasuf: “Tell me you didn't send the girl I loved away!” Hazar, Cihan, and Azat walk away.

-Hazar and Miran/Reyyan show up at cemetery at same time. Each has inner dialog. Poignant.

-Sultan to Gonul: “A storm is coming (Azize) that will turn this yard to ice. This is your grandmother's new way of making people slip.” FUNNY

-Gonul to Azize: “You used to tell us if it weren't for you, we'd be no one. The truth is, if it weren't for us, you'd be a nobody.” -Azize to the shepherd: “You will let Miran think his mother was raped so he doesn't find out she dishonored herself by sleeping with Hazar.” (She knows Miran is listening) -Shepherd to Hazar and Cihan: “...it was a green car.” -Flashback: Mehmet Aslanbey to Nasuf: “Dilsah is engaged to me. Tell your son to bugger off.” -Miran, remorseful, to Reyyan at hut: “If only I hadn't left you that day.” “...Forgive yourself.” -Shepherd reveals truth to Aslanbey mansion. Miran to Azize: “I've prepared the car for you to leave.” Episode 35 -Opens with Azize and Esma leaving. -Azize introspection looking in mirror: “I won't die until Miran takes the life of his father Hazar with 1 bullet.” -Azat to Hazar in Reyyan's room: “Why haven't you told Reyyan she's adopted?” Yaren, under the bed, hears. -Reyyan to Miran after Miran confesses to his grandmother: “When you're in pain and you run away, it hurts me. …. Since we've been believing the same truth, we're losing each other.”

-Hanife rats on Yaren to Cihan and Nasuf: “Yaren is around the corner with Harun.” -Nasuf to Harun and family: “Harun and Yaren must be married immediately!”

-Miran and Reyyan in bed. He wants to touch her but feels too guilty. They wake up facing each other.

-1:15:30 Sultan has a new servant who made breakfast. -Yaren to Nasuf: “You make me marry Harun and I'll tell everyone Reyyan isn't a biological daughter.” -1:38:27 Sultan and Aslanbey women deliver dowry to Elif. -Azize to Sultan at overlook: “When I come back, you'll be the first thing I deal with.”

-2:03:00 Miran and Reyyan take Sukran to her village home and they have a heart-to-heart as he struggles with guilt for what he did to Reyyan.

-Hazar brings Gul to the village and she forgives Miran and makes up.

-Miran and Hazar hear a cassette tape of Dilsha. Very moving!

-Flashback to Dilsha being dragged away to marry Azize's son. -Yaren blurts out to everyone: “ Reyyan is not Hazar's biological daughter!” Episode 36 -Opens with Reyyan reeling from hearing she's not Hazar's biological daughter. -Miran pulls a gun on Azize: “You're not worth me bloodying my hands.” -Nasuf drops Yaren off at a stable. -Gul 'runs away' to go find her mother and bring her back. -Reyyan goes on a tantrum yelling at/blaming Miran and Hazar. “The two men I loved the most caused me the most pain.”

-1:18:00 Harun taunts Yaren in her stable cell. Funny!

-Shukran chastises Sultan and Gonul: “How could you be so evil to an innocent young girl?” -Reyyan to Miran outside Sukran's house: “Now I realize the only person I have is myself.” -Gul reunited with her family.

-Reyyan to Miran walking in countryside: “You and my father pushed me off a cliff and scattered me to pieces.” -Harun and Yaren married at the stable. -Gonul digs and finds a box with a note inside: “Your brother is alive. Don't trust Azize. Be patient.” -Reyyan in the family courtyard speaks to each male in her family: “You hurt me.”

Episode 37 -Opens with Reyyan leaving home. -Yaren and Harun go to the hotel for their 'wedding night' and Yaren nearly shoots him. -Gonul to Firat: “Grandmother said you are my brother, but she lied.” -Reyyan at a a trains station, talks with her younger self. 1:02:00 Reyyan, at a train station, dreams she's at the swing in a white dress finding/losing Miran and Hazar. -Reyyan confronts Azize: “Did you know I was Hazar's step-daughter?”

-1:14:30 Miran to himself at the swing: “My life is a huge abyss. You are my only hope in it.”***Poignant

-Elif to drunk Azat: “You've never loved me. It won't work.” She leaves ring and walks out. -Handan to Yaren in the kitchen: “You are lower than the servants...Learn to cook.” -Azize hands an envelope to Reyyan: “You'll want to know about your real father.” Reyyan tears it up. -Gonul gives up her job so she can remain on the board. -Miran brings Mavi to Reyyan. They go riding. Reyyan: “PLEASE just leave me alone!” -An unidentified man carries unconscious Reyyan, who seemingly fell off her horse.

Episode 38 -Opens with Reyyan being carried, and Miran finding her at the hut with a note. -Hazar to Reyyan at the hut: “I married your mother when she was pregnant with you. … You two gave me life!”

-Miran to Reyyan: “...If I'd hugged my father that last night maybe he wouldn't have left. … It's my regret. Don't regret not hugging your father while he's here.”

-50:30; 56:30 Miran to Azize with Reyyan beside him: “I've given up my revenge.” Reyyan hugs him.

-1:05:00 Reyyan reconciles with her father.

-Miran to Hazar: “I've renounced my revenge.” -Miran to Firat: “Revenge is over.” -Azize gets a gun out of the cedar chest and puts it in her pocket. -End: Handan goes into labor and Azize comes for Hazar (to kill him), police announce Elif has drowned herself, and Handan is dying in childbirth.


Episode 39

**40 days later

-Opens with Reyyan coming out of her Sadoglu mansion room in the early morning: “I've been through hellfire. ...My love has grown from the roots again.” She goes for a ride on Mavi, much like how the series opened.

-4:00; 17:30 Reyyan to Miran, meeting on bridge: “We are free. My father says go live your life.” Big hug

-Azize at Elif's grave: “Today Sadoglu's will kill Miran, or he will kill them. ...then they will kill me.”

-15:00; 32:20 Meet Aslan Aslanbey.

-Handan and Cihan bring their baby home from hospital. Azat depressed over Elif.

-35:00 Miran pulls Reyyan to himself and kisses in front of Sadoglu mansion, just like their first kiss.

-40:35 Azat meets his new baby sister.

-59:00 Shirtless Aslan.

-1:00:30 Reyyan's grandmother to Reyyan and Miran: “I don't know how my house burned down.”

-Azize gives Esma a key, then has guards throw Gonul and Sultan thrown out of the mansion.

-Miran and Reyyan discover Elif's body missing from her grave. “Babanna did it!”

-1:24:50 Azize makes Miran shoot Azat. Miran pretends to Azize: “You ruined my revenge plans! You just couldn't wait...”

-Aslan finds Azat.

-Aslan obsessing over photos of Reyyan.

-Azize dresses in white. Gives a letter to Mahmut: “This is my will. … Protect Aslan and Gonul.”

-Sadoglu's swarm to Aslanbey mansion: “Miran, you shot Azat!” Aslan walks in. “I shot him.”

Episode 40

-Opens with Aslan: “I shot him.”Azat appears: “Aslan was hunting and shot me. But saved me too.”

-Aslan reuniting with Sultan and flashback to when he appeared to her in the asylum.

-Reyyan to Miran under a tree at night: “You shot Azat!” “No...”

-Aslan embraces Harun: “Yes, brother, I'm finally where I'm supposed to be.”

-Aslan pretending to Azize on hilltop: “I'm in this battle now.... I'll protect you.”

-Miran to Reyyan in her room: “I've got to explain to Azat why I shot him.” Nasuh overhears and everyone draws guns and shouts. Reyyan, to protect him: “I'm divorcing you, Miran.”

-1:08:00 Miran goes busting up into Aslan's house: “Who are you?”

-Cihan finds Elif's diary. Diary: “I won't tell Babanna that Sultan let her husband die.”

-Miran sees a portrait of Reyyan in Aslan's house and erupts: “Why do you have my wife's picture?”'

-1:13:50 Reyyan has a flashback to romantic moments she shared with Miran.

-Gonul leaves with suitcase.

-Hazar to Miran on the street: “You want Reyyan AND to take revenge. I won't let you.”

-Reyyan to Miran as they reunite at his grandmother's: “I can't divorce you. We'll talk to my father.”

-Reyyan's father watching Miran and Reyyan struggle: “All this is because of me.”

-End: Hazar arrives, shots fired....

Episode 41

-Opens with shots fired—Hazar shot rocks behind Miran. Hazar pushes Reyyan into his car and drives off.

-Reyyan's father, Muzaf, to Dilsah's friend: “I'll make Azize's grandson suffer like she made Reyyan suffer.”

-15:40 Reyyan signs divorce papers.

-Azize at Sadolgu mansion: “Let's end the feud. Meet me in the square tomorrow for your answer.”

-30:50 Miran to Azize on the mansion stairs: “We did revenge your way, now we'll do it my way.”

-38:00 Azat to Aslan when he comes to Sadolgu's for dinner: “What are these pictures of our family?”

-45:00 Miran corners Reyyan on her terrace. “I bought the house next door. …. You are my home. When it comes to you, I'm afraid of myself too.” He kisses her.

-Alsan to Muzaf: “How did my photographs get into the hands of the Sadoglus?”

-1:04:00 Miran to Reyyan on phone: “I'm wishing you were here.”

-1:13:00 Sadoglus to Aslanbeys in town square: “We will remain enemies!”

-Firat to Miran and Reyyan: “Take these passports and go! They will feud with or without you.”

-Aslan to Azize at cemetery: “My childhood is buried in that grave.”

-1:29:00 Nashuh to Reyyan: “You won't go out of this house... We'll sell Mavi!”

-1:33:00 Sultan finds the note in doll revealing Hazar is Miran's father.

-1:42:40 Reyyan to Hazar in front of courthouse: “I can't divorce Miran. I'm...pregnant!”

-1:48:00 Miran to Reyyan after divorce hearing: “You will become the mother of my child, and we'll have a wonderful family.” Reyyan kisses him.

-2:11:00 A shrouded woman appears to Miran's sleeping grandmother.

-2:12:30 Miran whisks Reyyan off to their hut. Mavi is there. Inside: Reyyan to Miran: “...I don't even have the strength to think about if something happened to you.” Kiss.

-End: While Reyyan and Miran are inside kissing, Aslan is at the door, and burns Dilsah's letter revealing Hazar is Miran's father.

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