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Kiralik Ask ~ Episode Guide ~ Season 2

I loved season 1 of Kiralik Ask with English subtitles! The romance and chemistry between Omer and Defne kept me up a lot later than I'd like and always made me eager for 'just a peek' at the next episode. Hoping season 2 will be just as good.

**Where to watch Kiralik Ask full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles."

[The Episode Guide for Kiralik Ask Season 1 is here]


•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green. (Also profound words of wisdom.)

•Other important scenes bolded.

**Warning: This guide is FULL of Kiralik Ask spoilers**



Episode 53 - One year later

-Opening Defne walking: Says some profound words about decisions and life. (See video below)

-Defne solves a delivery crisis.

-Meet Omer-- in Italy-- looking a little disheveled. He follows a girl with red hair on a bike...

-Meet Koray-- owner of a boutique and partner with Neriman.

-We learn a year has past. Defne now works at a company selling brand named shoes and accessories online. Omer married her and had it annulled the next day. Defne was devastated and had a very hard time 'recovering' from it.

-Hulusi to Nermian: “You ruined Defne's life with your scheme. … She's like my granddaughter....I'm leaving all my fortune to her.”

-Omer, a painter, gives a picture of a broken heart to a man who admired it.

-Neriman arrives in a boat to see her Nephew Pamir: “Marry this girl named Defne, and we'll split Hulusi's fortune.”

-44:00 Iso helps new girl Ayshegul carry groceries who just moved in across the street from Defne.

-51:00 Omer just reunited with Sinan: “I've been thinking. What is a mistake compared to love? Just a mistake. I made a choice between love and pride. I chose pride.” Great speech of truths. More pearls of wisdom.

-Sinan to Omer: “Let's go back. Let's revive Passionis together.”

-Pamir buys a sports car. Voiceover Neriman to Koray: “Pamir has a great education but has never worked a day in his life. I will get him married.”

-1:16:00 Defne hears The Barber of Seville being whistled and thinks it's Omer. It's Pamir.

-1:16:42 Omer in car to Sukru: “Can we go by that house?” They drive past Defne's house. Sad.

-1:23:00 Omer in his new house – he 'hears' Defne – things she's said to him in the past. Poignant

-1:25:00 Defne 'meets' Pamir. He's immediately smitten.

-Defne's boss, Silk, is struggling with a divorce and as a single mom.

-1:30:50 Sinan meets Lara, Silk's daughter. They have tea party.

-Sinan to Silk. “You have a nice business here, but unfortunately, we need this space for Passionis.” “Sorry. I'm not leaving.”

-1:41:30 Omer meets with a new client: “Let me impress you.” Omer draws a shoe design on table.

-Defne, holding a large picture, get in the elevator. Omer gets in too.

-1:52:00 Iso to Usta: “I'm a man of dry land.” Usta: “It won't be like that forever. Maybe the rain will fall and the ground will get wet and come alive. Maybe it's rained already.” More wise words

-1:55:00 Defne finds a pen on her shelf—looks like Omer's... has his initials... She freaks out.

-2:05:30 Silk to Sinan: “We have a problem You need to stop using the air conditioner.”

-End: Power goes out. Defne flips a switch and falls right into the arms of Omer. The corner of his mouth turns up in a smile.

Good opening episode!

Episode 54

-Opens with Defne riding home in a taxi looking scared, and Omer riding home smiling.

-Defne to Iso: “Omer is back.... but I won't fall for him again!”

-Koray to Omer: “Please forgive me!”

-Sukru to Omer in the car: “I knew the secret too. Trust me, Defne really struggled with telling you.”

-Omer meets Defne at the elevator: “Good morning.” She ignores him and takes the stairs.

-Sinan to Defne in Pamir's office: “Pamir is Omer's cousin!”

-40:00 Omer walks into Defne's office: “...You aren't going to talk to me?” Defne, after he leaves: “I cried so much over him, I won't cry anymore.”

-Omer to Sinan: “I want Defne back.”

-50:00 Neriman to Omer: “Forgive me!” Omer: “Are you kidding?"

-Defne tells a 'story' to baby Iso: “...she never stopped loving the king. But she didn't tell anyone.”

-Omer to Defne at her office: “Is there anyone in your life?” She storms out.

-1:14:00 Defne makes a logistics presentation to the company owners. Omer baits her.

-1:18:30 Iso stuffs green peppers with Aysegul. Romance is brewing!

-Sinan to Silk after she lambasts him for taking her parking spot: “Every situation is a battlefield for you. I bet your personal life is in shambles!”

-1:26:00 Omer to Defne: “I'm sorry. The love, the harmony...all that we had, was not worth losing.” Defne remains stoic, then cries on the rooftop.

-1:29:07 [Reference to Albertine: Albertine is Gone is a novel by Proust about a guy who 'wished' Albertine to be gone, but once she was gone he realized she was the only thing that really mattered in his life. Thus Defne is Omer's Albertine. (English title The Sweet Cheat Gone.)]

-1:48:12 Omer to Defne in her office: “What have you been doing since I was gone? I wondered about you...and how you feel. Is is all over? Maybe it's not.”

-Sinan has another tea party with Lara and feels bad for what he said to Silk about being a mother.

-2:05:00 Sinan to Silk: “I apologize for what I said earlier. Can I take you, Lara, and your husband out to dinner?” “I no longer have a husband.”

-End 2:08:00 Defne/Omer showdown in the office parking lot. Defne: “What do you want from me? You left me. Leave me alone! It's over! It's over!” He pulls her into a hug and she pushes him away. Heartbreaking!

-Defne voiceover: “The girl was afraid of setting herself on fire and turning to ashes, so she ran away from the king. Even though she loves him like crazy, she can't tell anyone.” Omer watches her get in the car with Pamir. Ah!

Episode 55

-Opening: Defne/Omer parking lot showdown.

-Omer pins Pamir/Defne on the road. Omer: “Get in my car, Defne.” Sinan arrives and saves the day.

-Sinan to Defne: “Be honest with yourself, Defne. You and Omer can never be just friends.”

-11:00 At a bar, Omer tells Pamir the Defne story. Omer: “So what's the deal with you and Defne?” “Nothing...yet. We'll see what Defne decides.” Tense!

-30:00 Omer to Defne in her office: “I promise I won't make you cry again.” “I've already promised myself that.” …. O: “I want you to be my Defne again. To touch you when I want.” D: “You broke my heart into pieces.”

-35:13 Omer discovers his T-shirt in a box in Defne's office. Omer smug-knows Defne still cares.

-Sinan consoles Silk, crying on the rooftop. Silk: “My ex was cheating on me.”

-* Omer's beard trimmed and slightly different hair cut.

-1:29:40 Omer to Usta at the shop: “How was Defne while I was gone.” “You don't want to know. Your heart wouldn't be able to bear it.”

-Omer to Defne in her office: “You want the blueprints? Come to my house to get them. I think you're more afraid of yourself than me.”

-Sinan to Omer on the rooftop: “You and Defne were made for each other. Don't give up fighting for her.”

-End: Omer comes home and finds Defne there. D: “I'm here. I'm not afraid.”

Episode 56

Opening: Omer to Defne at his house: “You want the blueprints, you'll have to find them.” She looks in all the rooms and they paint together in his office.

-7:30 Defne to Omer in his kitchen: “...Why are you not eating?” “Do you think I'm happy, Defne?”

-10:00 Silk sees a wedding invitation to her (almost) ex-husband's wedding.

-Defne makes chard rolls for Omer.

-24:00; 35:00 Sinan rescues (drunk) Silk. Takes her to his house.

-Iso fixing things at Defne's house. Aysegul comes to tend the baby and they have coffee.

-Omer buys early edition of Albertine book.

-Defne to Pamir: “Thanks so much for the Albertine book!”

-1:43:00 Sinan to Silk at rooftop party: “You're great at so many things. [whispers in her ear] Only a fool wouldn't notice.”

-1:46:16 Omer dancing with Defne: “You made me the chard rolls. Look me in the eye and tell me it's over.” She pushes him away and walks away.

-Usta sees Aysegul with her son and husband.

-1:54:00 Pamir takes Defne to the fair, then they break in a bakery and eat baklava—and get caught.

-End: Omer kisses Defne by the water. Fantastic and unexpected ending!

Episode 57

-Opens with Omer picking Defne up at the police station and kissing her. Iso comes in a taxi and takes her home. Defne: “I don't even know what's happening. I'll talk to you [Iso] about it when I know.”

-Omer's shoe design “Second chances” is released as a big success.

-34:40 Omer to Defne in his office: “I want you to cut ties with StilVagon [company she and Silk work for] and Pamir.”

-Feryal (magazine lady) to Omer and Sinan: “Vanni collection has the same shoe.”

-48:40; 55:09; 1:16:30 Defne goes to Omer's to help him with the crisis: “What's your password?” “Defne...” …... “Thank you for coming tonight, Defne. You do me good.”

-Silk to Pamir in his office: “You're emailing Vanni?”

-1:09:00 Necme brings a powerhouse legal team to Omer's house: “I thought it appropriate to take action. But if you say leave, I'll leave.”

-Darya to Omer in his office: “Please solve this thing. You're the only ordinary hero I've ever known and I want to continue believing in that fairy tale.”

-1:34:39 Aysegul to Iso: “I can't go with you. My husband is waiting for me at home.”

-1:39:40 Pamir to Defne in elevator: “Let's make a bet. If Omer loses, you come to London with me.”

-1:47:00 Iso's internal voice- 'writhing' in love (over Aysegul being married)

-1:59:00 Omer to Defne: “... stay with me-- at my house.”

-End: Lawyers to Omer: “...Looks like Vanni drew it first.”

Episode 58

-Opens with the lawyers coming in saying, Vanni drew it first.

-At night, Defne sneaks out to be with Omer, but sees Iso dejected. Iso: “Would you sit with me for awhile and not say anything?

-15:14 Omer has a weird dream and realizes he first drew the shoe ON a table for a customer. Omer exonerated.

-34:00 Sinan and Omer celebrate with Feryal, magazine lady, with champagne.

-36:20 Defne, angry, to Omer in her office: “I should be the first to hear the news, not Feryal.” Omer: “Why? Are we a couple or something?”

-46:00 Pamir to Omer: “I put in the first offer on the building next door. I should get it!” Omer: “Oh, really? Just because you were first you should get it? Maybe we should ask the building.” [A direct reference to when Pamir said to Omer, “Defne should decide between us. Being first means nothing.”]

-47:30 Cevdet, Aysegul's husband, starts manhandling her. Nihan and Defne whup up on him in the street.

-Nihan and Defne have a 'girl's gossip session' on Defne's bed with popcorn.

-59:30 Iso head butts Cevdar.

-Sukru to Defne: “...Omer and I drove all over town so he could get that book for you.”

-Over coffee, Sinan explains a proposal to Silk – all she sees is Sinan. Silk: “Does your beard itch?”

-1:15:40 Omer to Defne in a warehouse shell: “Where do we stand?” D: “You are like a storm, but at the same time beautiful.” He gives her 3 rules which she rejects. O: “...From now on you won't see me unless you want to.”

-Defne to Pamir: “Uh, can you take me as your guest to the Passionis party?”

-1:42:30 Omer in green khaki shirt.

-Cevdat is yelling for Aysegul. Defne pours water on him from her balcony.

-2:08:00 Defne to Omer at Passionis / Vanni party: “Here are my three rules....”

Episode 59

-Opens with Defne and Pamir arriving at the big party.

-20:32 Iso to Omer at shoe shop: “I don't like you...You left her!” O:“No one will separate me from Defne.”

-29:00 Cevdat to Aysegul on the street: “If you don't come home in 2 days, I'll rip your hair out.”

-Ishil (girl) comes to see Pamir.

-Iso to Defne in park: “If you weren't scared [of relationship with Omer], you wouldn't do it on sly.”

-Pamir and Ishil at his apartment.

-50:00 Defne closes the blinds in Omer's office: “Can you hug me?

-Iso and Defne each grieving over the breach in their friendship.

-1:07:10 Defne joins Omer at a touchy business dinner and convinces the customer to agree. Then, Omer to Sinan: “I'll go reconcile with Iso. Defne is worth it to me.”

-1:15:00 Halusi to Omer: “I'm leaving my fortune to Defne.”

-Aysegul's husband puts on a good boy show and takes Aysegul home, then is mean to her.

-1:37:20 Omer goes to shoe shop to reconcile with Iso- they end up fighting. … Iso closes the shop door on Defne, as if to say, 'if you're with him, I want no part of you.'

-Koray does ice cream themed photoshoot to regain Omer's approval.

-The girl at Pamir's, Ishil, was his father's mistress.

-Frustrated with the Defne/Iso situation, Omer slams his coffee machine on the floor.

-Omer goes to Defne's only to find Pamir there. Omer storms over to Sinan's and realizes his aunt has set up Pamir to win Defne—and her inheritance from Hulusi.

Episode 60

-Opens with Omer ranting to Sinan about his aunt's tricks.

-Omer challenges Pamir to basketball: “Love for rent, huh?”

-<Long boring part where Koray talks Defne's ear off at a restaurant to evade Omer who wants to tell her about Pamir and love for rent.>

-59:00 Defne to Omer in her office: “I'm so mad at myself for being so weak around you. My knees tremble!” Fire alarm goes off; Defne hurts her knee.

-1:08:40 Omer takes Defne's hand in her office: “Pass your pain to me.

-1:14:25 Aysegul rouses her courage to Iso at shoe shop: “Was there something between us?” “Maybe. Does it matter?” “Yes.” Beautiful but sad.

-Defne at Sinan's house- she solves a leather logistics problem for Sinan and Omer, then enjoys Omer's company eating seeds and cookies on couch.

-1:42:06 Omer and Defne wake up snuggled on Sinan's couch.

-2:01:00 Sinan to Silk: “... I haven't seen Yasimin in a year.”

-2:06:50; 2:11:06; 2:16:50 Iso goes to Omer's: “I've come to solve our problem. I brought Raki.”

-2:14:00 Sinan goes to Silk's house to help Lara with solar system science project.

End: Omer and Pamir standing outside of office. Defne arrives. Both guys: “Defne...” (to tell her about the love for rent scheme.)

Episode 61

-Opens where 60 left off. Omer: “Defne, Pamir has something to tell you.”

-5:00 Sinan has weird dream about wind chimes.

-Pamir to Defne in his office: “...It was all a set up by Neriman.” Defne livid.

-17:00 Defne to Hulusi: “I don't want your inheritance.”

-19:30 Hulusi to Neriman and Necme: “I'm cutting you off financially-including this house.”

-23:39 Flashback: Defne voiceover telling more of the 'king' story with scenes of them together.

-Pamir to Darya: “Wind chimes mean making love.”

-30:00 Silk hangs wind chimes on the office rooftop.

-32:00 Defne sees wind chimes near the water.

-33:06 Defne to Omer seaside: “Neriman first talked to me on this bench.” Defne recounts the story.

-Defne and Iso reconcile.

-Neriman to Mine (maid): “We can no longer pay your salary.... With no money, no one will love me.”

-55:20 Shoe convention (which actually is a real event in Istanbul at the Pullman Convention Center).

-Darya sends Omer to where Silk is waiting for Senan, and Sinan to where Defene's waiting for Omer. Then a big mix up and they all end up in room 1503.

-1:51:20 Silk walks into Sinan's room and right into his arms.

-1:51:40 At the convention, Omer walks up behind Defne and pulls her into an unexpected kiss.

-1:58:00 Omer to his grandfather: “Don't throw aunt and uncle out of their house.”

-End: Pamir goes to Grandmother Turkan: “There's something you need to know...” Defne goes to Omer's bringing wind chimes.

Episode 62

-Opens with Defne at Omers with wind chimes-- finds Neriman there and walks out. Pamir to Turkan: “Omer is back. He and Defne are together.” “Defne has a bright future.”

-Neriman to Pamir: “Game is cancelled. Do what you want.”

-Nihan to Iso: “You should meet Aysegul's sister!”

-1:01:00 At the bidding of Sinan, Defne goes to Omer to ask about partnering with StilVagon. After resisting, she goes to Omer: “Pretend you are angry. … Will you cook dinner for us tonight?” Funny!

-Pamir/Omer flashback to bar fight from when they were younger.

-1:23:10 Pamir to Omer playing basketball: “You win....Maybe we can be friends again.”

-1:32:00 Silk to Sinan who shows up at her door: “Lara had a fever all night. … I don't have time for love.”

-All Omer's inner circle arrive at his house. He hears Pamir's words: “You never lied or cheated... in the end you won. You have family and friends.” Poignant.

-2:03:00 Omer and Defne cooking, laughing prepping for party at Omer's.

-2:09:00 Omer hugging Defne at the party. Omer voiceover: “A year ago I was alone in Rome. Now I'm here. It was best to forgive and leave anger in the past.”

End: Defne gives Omer a leprechaun snow globe. He flashes back to a dream and nearly collapses.

Episode 63

Opens with the party at Omer's house and then him collapsing seeing the snow globe gift.

-31:59 Omer fixes a leaking faucet. Defne hides him in her room. He kisses her.

-44:30 Omer and Defne picnic on a helicopter pad on top of a building. D: “I've never been happier.”

-57:00 Silk avoiding Sinan. Sinan takes Lara to do puzzles in his office. Silk under her breath: “I love you. But you don't know. And I can't tell you.”

-Defne brings baby Iso to work. Omer takes him to a meeting. Cute!

-Neriman starts working for Passionis.

-Omer has a 'spell' - dizzy or headache or something.

-1:32:00 Koray has baby Iso and dresses him up. FUNNY!!

-Sinan and Silk share a painful elevator ride.

-Defne tries, but can't tell her family about her relationship with Omer.

-End: Pamir, drunk gets Silk to take him to Sinan's house. Pamir leaves. Sinan to Silk: “I can't let this thing go.” Big kiss Defne goes to Omer's, pushes him around: “You think I won't fight for us?” Big kiss.

Episode 64

Opens with Silk kissing Senan; Defne kissing Omer.

-In the night, Defne finds Omer dazed downstairs: “Does this have anything to do with your scar?”

-In Silk's absence, Pamir handles meetings. He's transformed from a party boy into a business man.

-21:40 Usta to Omer: “It's good you forgave. Otherwise, a man can carry a burden only so long before he gets stranded.”

-31:00 Omer has another 'spell' at the office.

-Aysegul serves Iso at Nihan's cafe. They're cutting eyes.

-Nihan makes an Anniversary dinner for Serdar, but Defne spoils the surprise.

-Sinan has Silk and Lara over for dinner: “Let's go on vacation for 2 or 3 days.”

-1:03:00 Sinan and Silk make popcorn, watch a movie, and get cozy.

-1:06:48 Omer and Defne watch movie; he puts her to bed. He wakes up 3 times with nightmares.

-1:38:00 Omer in meeting with clients, has a 'spell' but wows the customer anyway.

-1:45:20 Serdar to Nihan observing Aysegul serving Iso food: “It's like there's some mystery or chemistry between them.”

-1:56:30 Pamir to Silk in her office: “I'm leaving.” “No way! I can't work without you.”

-Silk's ex-husband on her couch: “My wife took her ring off. I'm going to stay here a few days.”

-2:12:00 Turkan sees Omer. Turkan to Defne: “You've been lying to us all this time?”

-2:19:00 Defne to Omer at his door: “There's no reason to go to grandmother. I no longer have a family.”

Episode 65

-Opens with Defne at Omer's door, in his arms. “I guess I no longer have a family.”

-Omer to Defne: “Let's go talk to them now.” “No. I need to know what's wrong with you.” “Let's go.” Defne grabs the keys and drives like a maniac.

-10:53 Defne tries to escape the mountain house. Omer pins her against the wall and kisses her.

-Omer to Defne at mountain house: “We have to talk to your family. We can't be happy together when there is strife between you and your family.”

-34:00 Defne to her family: “Even when Omer and I were apart, we were together.” [Flashbacks]

-46:30 Defne to family: “Accept me with Omer, or I will go. Your choice.”

-Defne to Omer: “Let's go away from here.” O: “No. You can't leave your family like this.”

-1:09:00 Pamir to Omer in the kitchen: “Did that leprechaun remind you of an accident?”

-The guys go fishing.

-1:42:41 Sinan goes to Silk's house crying: “Why are you running from me?” Her ex comes to door...

-Pamir packs and leaves.

-End: Omer to Defne in the kitchen: “You're right. It's time to leave everything behind and think only of ourselves.”

Episode 66

-Opens with Omer throwing his phone in the water: “It's time to leave.”

-Nihan comes to Omer's: “Iso couldn't sleep without his aunt.” She and Defne have sweet talk on sofa, then Defne puts Iso to sleep and tells him more of the king/princess story: “She didn't hesitate to fall into his arms...” Omer is listening.

-Omer and Defne are packed to leave-- everyone shows up at their door: “Don't leave.”

-Sinan goes to work and finds Omer there. (He and Defne didn't leave)

-Lawyer to Silk: “Your husband and his wife want custody of Lara.”

-1:12:39 Silk at Sinan's door: “My ex wants to take Lara.”

-Omer goes with Defne to watch a soccer game at a pub.

-1:30:10 Omer to Defne in the kitchen: “I don't know how I lived without you before.” Scene turns funny- O: “You change clothes fast as lightening and walk down the hall brushing your teeth.”

-1:54:10 Serdar to Iso after seeing him with Aysegul: “Iso! The girl is married!”

-Sinan in his office down on one knee if front of Silk. Koray blurts in with megaphone: “Sinan wants to marry you!”

-2:10:40 Silk to Sinan at his house: “Your proposal was unromantic, offensive...but yes, I'll marry you.”

-End: Defne finds a slip of paper with Italian phone number on it. Omer comes home, says to sleeping Defne, “It (his dizzy spells) is over” and slips into bed beside her.

Episode 67

-Opens with Omer coming home, getting in bed beside Defne.

-Omer to Defne: “I'll tell you where I was in 1 week.”

-Koray trying to get Omer to wear Santa hat. Sinan and Omer admire Defne and Silk wearing it.

-Neriman gives Defne bride magazines: “Talk about brides and wedding things so Omer will propose.”

-Omer gives out gifts to children and puts on the Santa hat.

-1:25:00 Lara sees her new room at Sinan's house.

-1:45:10 Omer calls in a wedding planner to talk about wedding plans—for Sinan and Silk.

-1:47:00 Cevdet to Aysegul: “I'm bored with you. I'm going to divorce you and move to Germany.”

Kiralik Ask proposal romantic moments

-1:50:40 Omer takes Defne to the restaurant where he first kissed her. “This is where it all started. I want you beside me always. Will you marry me?” Kiss

*Pretty boring episode but end scene was good.

Episode 68

-Opens with the proposal on the restaurant patio.

-Defne dreams of Omer holding their child.

-Omer takes Defne to pastry shop: “My mother used to bring me here when I was good.”

-13:00 Sinan to Silk: “Let's have 2 more children.” “I'm already a mom.”

-All the boys play in a soccer match.

-Defne sees a woman on a vid on Omer's computer saying to Omer: “You don't have to pay my rent anymore, honey.”

-Silk to Sinan: “Being a parent is tough...” “So we can be parents?”

-1:19:37 Omer finds Defne at mountain house: “The girl on video and I were in an accident in Italy.”

-1:33:00 Nihan to Iso: “Cevdet divorced Asyegul.” He rushes to the restaurant: “Hi, I'm Iso.” Shakes and caresses her hand.

-1:38:37 Sinan in tux; Silk comes down stairs in wedding dress.

-1:44:00 Omer to Defne before leaving for Sinan's wedding: “I love you more and more.... When we get back, we'll have to carefully evaluate this dress...”

-1:49:00 Sinan's wedding at Neriman's house.

-1:58:00 Defne takes pregnancy test while Omer gives a tribute to the groom. Defne to Omer: “I have something important to tell you....”

Episode 69

-Opens where 68 left off with Defne trying to rouse the courage to tell Omer she's pregnant. Instead she says, “I love you so much.”

-15:04 Omer takes Defne to restaurant where Serdar and Nihan are waiting. Omer holds Iso.

-28:00 Defne and the gang go to reconcile with Turkan.

-34:30 Defne imagining Omer's (negative) reactions to pregnancy news.

-Passionis team comes up with Princess marketing theme. Omer: “I want Defne to be the princess.”

-48:00 Koray shoots photos of Defne as 'the princess.' Omer looks on, beaming.

-1:05:30 Defne to the gang (but not Omer): “I'm pregnant!”

-1:14:50 Defne takes Omer to a park and gives him a kite: “You told me you'd teach me to fly a kite so we could teach our children. Now is the time.”

-[Four years later] Omer, Defne (pregnant again), and their red-headed daughter flying a kite in the park. Sweet.

-1:22:00 Sinan and Silk looking at pregnancy test: “It's positive!” Sweet reaction.

-Emine's (Omer and Defne's daughter) birthday party. Sinan to gang: “Silk's pregnant!”

-1:47:25 Omer gratefully looking at all he has. Defne voiceover. “Never stop believing in miracles.”

-After the show's end, BTS clips.

***GREAT ending. Plenty of time to bask in the happiness of all the couples.

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