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Kuzgun ~ Episode Guide

I enjoyed Baris Arduc so much as a "Mr. Darcy" type character in the rom-com Kiralik Ask, I thought I'd try him in a role where his character is much darker in Kuzgun.

So whether you want to rewatch your favorite Kuzgun scenes or skim the series, this episode guide is for you! But beware-- it is FULL of Kuzgun spoilers!

**Where to watch Kuzgun full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles." (YouTube Ep 1.


•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green. (Also profound words of wisdom.)

•Other important scenes bolded.



Episode 1

-Backstory of Kuzgun as child with his friend Dila. Kuzgun captured her father's thugs.

-Meet grown-up Dila.

-40:00 Dila plants trees in a schoolyard in memory of her mother's death.

-45:00 Dila makes a wish in the hair museum: “Let Kuzgun come back.”

-1:02:00 Kuzgun reaches in tipsy Dila's purse for her hotel room key, she pulls him into a kiss. Kuzgun: “I don't like easy women.” She slaps him.

-1:05:00 Flashback: As a child, Dila's father had her place drugs in Kuzgun's father's house-it's what got Kuzgun's father arrested.

-1:07:00 Flashback: As a child, Kuzgun escapes his captors and goes home—his mother and siblings are gone. He thinks he's been abandoned.

-Thugs pursue Dila and Kuzgun in a harrowing car chase.

-Dila's father, Rifat, on phone to Kuzgun: “You saved my daughter. I owe you a debt.”

-1:24:56 Flashback what Kuzgun survived as a child.

-Dila to her father: “I can't stay here or darkness will rule me.”

-1:40:00 Kuzgun visits a tailor, Dervis.

-Dila drops Kuzgun off to stay at her old house—right across the street from his mother.

-2:17:00 Kuzgun had been keeping tabs on Dila for a long time. He orchestrated getting her to come to Cappadocia, the car chase, all of it.

Episode 2

-Opens with Meryem (Kuzgun's mother) pounding on Dila's car? “Get out of this neighborhood! I haven't forgotten what you did to us!"

-15:00 Dila to her father at the dinner table: “After all these years, I haven't forgotten. I sacrificed Kuzgun and his family for our family.”

-21:00 Kuzgun to Dila at 'their' corner: “If I could remember my childhood, I'd die of regret, anger, cold, and loneliness.”

-Kuzgun catches a guy burning one of Rifat's warehouses—it Kuzgun's brother Kartal

-Kuzgun chauffeuring Rifat: “Put me to work.” “On one condition—stay away from Dila.”

-Kuzgun finds out Rifat's partner, Seref, is the one who ordered the burning of Rifat's warehouse.

-51:30 Kuzgun's journalist sister Kumru is let go for writing a story about Dila.

-57:00 Dila reads records: “7 year old boy found unconscious with left kidney missing.”

-Dila's brother catches Kuzgun's accomplish, Kesik, who played the enemy to Dila in Cappadocia.

-1:18:52 Dila flips Kuzgun's coin and asks, “Does he still love me?”

-1:21:34 Walking out the door, Kuzgun sees his brother Kartal, jerks Dila back inside and comes face to face with her.

-Rifat orders Kuzgun to set fire to Kartal's car shop. Dila sees fire, calls fire dept.

-Dila to Kuzgun: “Why did you set fire and nearly kill your brother?” “Just leave me alone!”

-1:44:00 Kuzgun meets his mother in the street: “You have to live with your choice. You have 2 children, not counting the one you killed. Go home to them.” Great acting by the mom.

-2:03:00 Kuzgun to tailor Dervis: “I won't kill Dila. I'll leave her alone, like they did to me.”

-Dila finds her brother Ali interrogating Kesik. She sets him free. Ali to Dila: “Kuzgun is not the boy who left. He's returned to take our family down, starting with you.”

-End: Kuzgun meets Kesik in a field. Dila looks on from a distance.

Episode 3

-Opens with Dila and Kuzgun finding Kesik dead in the back of Dila's car.

-[1 day ago...] Meryem goes to Rifat for a piece of her mind, then she sees Kuzgun outside the office: “I'll be your mother til the day I die.... I'd sacrifice myself 1000 times for you.” Sad

-25:00 Dila to her father: “Kuzgun will be my driver.”

-Dila to Kuzgun as she's threatening to fall over the edge of building: “Make me believe you!”

-43:50 Dila sets up Kuzgun- leads him to tied-up Kesik and then says, “Gotcha, you lied to me.”

-Kuzgun's sister Kumru embraces him in the street. He's cold towards her.

-Kumru goes snooping in his house and finds the photo of their dad that he took from Kartal's shop before he burned it- so she knows he burned it.

-1:17:30 repeat of opening scene—finding Kesik dead in the trunk. Kuzgun grieves Kesik. Dila stands nearby, grieving too. Sad.

-1:28:50 Kuzgun to the tailor, crying and angry: “You're right. I sacrificed. My only brother, Kesik.”

-1:33:00 Ali to Dila: “Today you've become one of us (criminals).” (Because she said she would help 'take care' of the situation with Kesik.)

-1:48:30 Kuzgun in the morgue, grieving Kesik. Dila hugs him.

-Kuzgun to Dila outside the morgue on a bench: “

Whatever we were in the past, was in the past. The only past I had is in there on the table. He was my brother.”

-Kumru shows Meryem the picture of their father: “You wondered who burned Kartal's shop? I found this in Kuzgun's house.”

-End: Bora (Seref's son) 'kidnaps' Dila and appears in front of her at a restaurant.

Rifat, Seref, and Kuzgun standoff on a remote road. Rifat is shot,

Kuzgun shoots Seref (Rifat's partner).

Episode 4

-Opens with the shooting of Seref at end of 3.

-5:20 Kuzgun shoots the guy who kidnapped him as a child.

-Bora nearly kills a man in front of Dila at the restaurant.

-17:30 Kuzgun downloads all the contacts/info from Rifat's phone to his phone while Rifat has his wound attended.

-Bora pulls the plug on his father's respirator. “I'll take over for you.”

-Kuzgun 'crosses off' the first two names on his chest with a knife. (Seref and the guy who kidnapped him as a child)

-53:00 Kuzgun meets his brother Kartal in the street. Again, cold.

-Kumru pulls out the photo of their father: “You burned the shop, didn't you?”

-Rifat to tailor Dervis at shop: “You're the ears of the street. Tell me if you hear about Seref's death.”

-Meryem to Dila in Kuzgun's family home: “Because of you, my whole family paid-- and my husband was innocent.”

-Ali sneaks into Kuzgun's house- meets Fusun (Kesik's sister) holding a knife.

-Palm reader to Dila on ferry: “He will hurt you very badly.”

-1:42:00 Bora kills the doctor who stitched Rifat's arm.

-1:48:00 After a ferry ride, Dila gives Kuzgun birthday gifts. Later by the fire, Dila to Kuzgun: “I think I'm in love with you.” … “I'm not in love with you.”

-2:17:00 Dila tries to cover Kuzgun with a blanket; he nearly strangles her.

-Bora to Dila: “Will you be my lawyer and help me find who killed my father?”

-Ali to Bora: “Kuzgun killed your father. Shall I kill him or will you?”

Episode 5

Opens with Ali to Bora: “Kuzgun killed your father.”

-Rifat to Dila/Kuzgun: “Kuzgun will be your bodyguard.”

-14:00 Kuzgun to Dila outside a house: “What will you do if you find the killer? Turn him over to Bora? And then what will happen. Justice? …. No one can protect you from me.”

-23:50 Dila shakes Bora's bare hand goodbye, and Kuzgun quickly shakes it too. Funny

-Bora to his right hand man: “I will kill Kuzgun's mother in front of him.”

-27:30 Fusun to Meryem: “Kuzgun met my brother in children's prison.”

-33:00 Mother holding Kuzgun's shoe, crying on his bed. Moving

-Rifat to Bora: “In order for you to sit at the [business] table, you must first get permission from the man higher up, Behram. If the tailor Dervis makes you a suit, you may sit at the table.”

-Kuzgun to Rifat: “Bora knows we killed his father.”

-48:00 Kuzgun to Rifat: “Open a company and I'll do Bora's grain deal. If I fail it'll be my head.”

52:00 Bora lures Meyem to the restaurant and holds her to lure Kuzgun.

-Dervis to Kuzgun in pub: “If you give in to this love [Dila], you will lose the war.”

-Kuzgun to Dila at the tree: “You know, right? … If I hadn't killed them, they would've killed your father and then me. … I'll bow before your justice. Do what you need to do.”

1:34:30 Kumru and Kartal bang on Kuzgun's door: “Mom is missing. She left the light on, waiting for you for 20 years! And even though you are home, it's STILL on!” Sad

-Kuzgun battles within himself if/where to go to his mother. Cool scene in mosque courtyard.

-Dervis questions Bora at the tailor shop.

-Kuzgun doesn't go for his mother, so she's returned home.

-Kuzgun, with Bora's son, Atlas, to Bora: “Your problem is with me. Leave a harmless woman alone.”

-Dila to prosecutor at courthouse: “I want to report a crime.” She lays down the gun and phone records.

* Good episode!

Episode 6

-Opens with Dila going before the prosecutor with her evidence. But she names someone else, and brings this 'stranger' into the office.

-28:30 Meryem to Dila: “Bora kidnapped me and was going to kill me in front of Kuzgun.”

-55:00 Dila to Kuzgun in a warehouse: “If I mean anything to you, please leave here. Your presence puts you, all of your family, me and my family in danger.”

Sermin Kuzgun

-Bora to Dila near her house staircase: “If you send Kuzgun away, I won't avenge my father.” Bora's aunt (and Rifta's wife) Sermin hears.

-Dila sings at a club; Kuzgun spikes her drink, snags the keycard to her father's office, breaks in safe.

-1:22:25 Kartal enters a shady car deal with Ali to get much needed cash.

-Meryem to Kuzgun outside his house door: “...Don't work for those bastards.” …. “You and your children stay away from me. You'll get hurt!” Sad. Kuzgun is trying not to be moved.

-Sermin to Bora: “Get me into Kuzgun's life and see what trouble I can bring.”

-1:32:00 Dila hands Kuzgun a folder of papers: “All you have to do is sign and the property is yours. That's my end of the deal. Then our paths can diverge.” He tears them up.

-Flashback to when Dervis promised Kuzgun's father he would look for Kuzgun.

-Kuzgun schemes with an old police commissioner friend of his father's to take down Rifat. But Ali has plans to pit Kuzgun against Kartal if Kuzgun cheats Rifat in a smuggling operation.

-Rifat to Dila by the water: “I promise to get out of this dirty business. Then we'll go on a cruise.”

-Ali and his thugs beat up Kuzgun for refusing for Kartal to work for Ali.

-2:19:30 Rifat arrested.

Episode 7

Opens with Rifat's arrest.

-9:40 Dervis to Meryem at his shop: “You son has started a war, and he won't stop until it's over.”

-17:00 Dervis to Kuzgun in tailor shop: “Dila stood between you and her father to protect you. Will you protect her now?” “I can not forgive.”

-Rifat to Dila at police station: “The only way to get me out of here is to blame the truck drivers.”

-35:30 In junkyard, Kuzgun instructs his posse on which Bilgin family member each should watch.

-Kuzgun scarfs down stuffed eggplant with Fusun until he realizes his mother made it.

-Sermin announced as new owner of newspaper Kumru works for.

-1:01:00 Kuzgun to Kartal at car shop: “I wouldn't have burned it if I'd known you were inside.”

-Rifat's court hearing. Kuzgun ruins their ploy of trying to pin the smuggling on the drivers.

-Prosecutor suspends Dila's license to practice law.

-1:32:00 Kuzgun buys cotton candy for Kumru and Kartal remembering a promise he made to his dad.

-Bora to Dila: “Kuzgun used your key card to enter Rifat's office. He betrayed you. Get over him now.”

-Dervis to Bora in a restaurant: “You've been chosen to replace your father. You just must obey Behram.”

-1:54:00 Kuzgun to Dila at their tree: “Yes, I did it. Is it so bad he is rightly imprisoned? Where was your justice when my father was wrongly imprisoned? … I have nothing against you, but I will not stop. Go, or I will crush you along with Ali and Bora.” Moving

-Ali to Dila: “You bring trouble to this family. You should leave!”

-Dila gets a sealed message from Behram and finds bombs in her family's house basement.

-End: Bora and Kuzgun waiting in Rifat's office-- Dila walks in. “I will now take over for my father.”

*First half of episode was slow.

Episode 8

-Opens with Dila walking into her father's office and announcing she is taking over.

-Dila to Kuzgun and Bora: “Behram will have to choose. If he wants me to sit in this chair, then you won't sit in front of me.” (She won't do business with Kuzgun.)

-Dervis to Dila on a rooftop: “You will continue with Behram's plan (with Kuzgun).”

-42:00 Police raid Kartal's shop for drugs. Ali pretends to be the hero to gain Kartal's trust.

-1:09:00 Kuzgun has his goods smuggled in ambulances.

-Derivs to Kuzgun: “If you don't want to work with Dila, either marry her or kill her.”

- 'Behram' meets with Bora in the woods. We learn the guy is not really Behram, but an actor hired (probably by Dervis) to play this mystery man.

-1:12:00 Kuzgun saves Dila from getting shot at her car. D: “Thank you for saving my life, but I will never trust you. I'll become a worthy opponent.”

-Kumru to Bora: “I'll find out your secrets—the one you're the most afraid of.”

-1:24:00 Kuzgun to Dila: “We have to get married.”

-Kuzgun's man Cihan abducts Ali. Kartal sees and follows.

-Kuzgun paints over Dila's drawing on her bedroom wall of him and her holding hands.

-1:57:00 Dila to Kuzgun in the courthouse: “My one condition for this marriage—it looks real.”

-Kartal comes to save Ali; gets caught by Kuzgun's man. Then Bora's men come. Kartal shoots Bora's right hand man.

-2:09:00 Flashback to when Dila was disbarred—head of organized crime, Kudret, to Dila: “We'll protect you and your family if you will help us take down Behram's network.”

Episode 9

-Opens with Dila and Kuzgun walking out of the marriage place.

-Bora heartbroken over the death of his right-hand man.

-Kuzgun to Fusun: “I've rented a place for your in Izmir.” “I won't go.”

-Dila to her father: “I married Kuzgun today... I love him.” “...You no longer have a father.”

-Kuzgun goes to his warehouse and finds his man Cihan stung up to be hung. Bora to Kuzgun: “I take down everyone close to you and Behram too.”

-Ali to Fusun: “Your brother died because of Kuzgun's love for Dila.”

-Sermin puts a guilt trip on Meryem: “Let's bring peace to the families. Come to their wedding.”

Kuzgun romance wedding marriage

-1:09:00 Kuzgun sees Dila in her wedding dress.

-1:12:00 Kuzgun and Dila dance at their wedding. And fall for each other.

-1:33:00 Kuzgun unzips Dila's wedding dress.

-Dila sees her name etched on his chest.

-Ali to Fusun at a restaurant: Kuzgun is the reason your brother died.

-1:48:00 Kumru on phone with hospital tech: “...That means someone unplugged Seref from the machine.”

-1:51:50 Sermin to Bora: “You killed my brother!”

-1:54:40 Kumru hands her article to Kuzgun proving Bora killed Seref: “Sermin won't publish this now. I didn't want people to think you did it.” He embraces her. Very touching!

-Dervis to Dila and Kuzgun at their 'wedding dinner:' “If your marriage is real, you'll both be safe.”

-2:13:02 Dila to Kuzgun in their bedroom- she unbuttons his shirt: “Things could have been so different between us. … One day you'll beg me to love you. But I'll choose death not to love you. ”

-End: Bora's thugs start shooting in the garden. Dila steps in front of Kuzgun and she is shot.

Good episode! Turkflick subs weren't the best so the meaning of some of the dialog was missed.

Episode 10

-Opens with Kuzgun arriving at hospital carrying Dila: “Don't die! Don't die! Don't die!”

-Bora shoots all his thugs in the woods for their screw up shooting Dila.

-11:45 Kuzgun sees his name engraved on the inside of Dila's wedding ring.

-Sitting by the water, Bora gets a call: “This is Furman. It is time to expose the real Behram.”

-Kartal comes to hospital looking for Dila and finds Ali's wife, Seda wounded in the leg. They have a tender moment.

-19:00 Meryem to Kuzgun: “When you were children, you and Dila were connected by some spiritual bond. And you still are.”

-54:00 Kuzgun feeds Dila soup in bed.

-1:04:00; 1:15:24 Kuzgun tells Dila about his phantom pain from childhood. She falls asleep. Kuzgun: “How will I love you?” He falls asleep next to her and dreams he kisses her.

-1:14:00 Seda to Ali: “I can't live with your indifference. Let's divorce.”

-Kartal and Seda have tea at his shop and find kindred spirits in each other. Both trapped.

-Dila's 'secretary' Seluck takes Dila to undercover cop lady Kudret.

-1:36:00 Dervis to Kuzgun: “You fell in love with Dila, didn't you? You'll lose this war.”

-Dila to Kuzgun over pasta: “Don't hurt Bora. You don't have to be like my father. You can have a family of your own one day.”

-Kuzgun and Ali face off at gunpoint. Dila arrives: “Don't do it Kuzgun!” He lowers his gun and Ali shoots him.

End: It was a set up so Kuzgun could get in front of Behram. Dervis is Behram. Dervis to Kuzgun: “Yes, I killed your father. But if you kill me now, everyone you love will die.”

Episode 11

-Opens with Kuzgun holding a gun to Dervis.

-9:25 Dila railing on Kuzgun in their quarters: “How could you do such a game and—” He puts his hands on her face then pulls her into a hug.

-Ali to Kuzgun: “Did you find Behram?” “No.”

-Kuzgun sends Bora a box with a bullet with Bora's name on it.

-Kuzgun to Dila sitting on bench in bedroom: “At age 8, I learned not to trust anyone.... You hurt me here [touches her hand to his heart]”

-Ali to Bora in Bora's office: “Stay away from me and my family. You and Kuzgun are my enemies.”

-Trying to walk into his mom's house, Kuzgun has flashbacks of his father and the day he was kidnapped.

Kuzgun romantic moments

-58:00 Kuzgun 'helps' Dila shoot a pool ball.

-Sermin to Bora in her office: “From now on, I will act according to my plan, not yours.”

-1:18:00 Kumru to Kuzgun: “Mom looked for you for 20 years. She never gave up on you.”

-1:22:56 Kuzgun to Meryem on rooftop pigeon coop: “I want to forgive you but I can't!”

-1:56:00 Kuzgun and Dila go to wedding to find a man to ask about his father. The man is murdered.

-Bora to Kuzgun where Kuzgun dug up his father's grave: “You want to know about your father? Fermin has the information. But to get it, you have to kill Behram.”

-Sermin hands papers to Dila: “As long as you're married to Kuzgun, Ali & I have power of attorney.”

-2:17:50 Kuzgun Dila shower scene.

-End: Dila sees inscription inside watch back at same time Kuzgun finds out that Behram/Dervis is his grandfather and shoots.

Episode 12

-Opens with Kuzgun shooting—the pictures above Behram's head. Flashback to how Kuzgun's father died. Behram: “If you kill me, Fermin will know you are my grandson then you and all of your family will be killed.”

-Dervis to Kuzgun: “You are my heir and will take over for me.” “I'm not your heir.”

-48:20 Kuzgun gets the results of a DNA test for a sprig of hair that was sent to him- positive.

-Kuzgun hires 2 natural gas guys to blow up a place.

-Kuzgun visits Dervis/Behram in his house, and a minute after he leaves, it blows up. Dila looks on.

-1:14:00 Kuzgun and Dila spend night at his mom's house.

-Dila to Meryem: “I can't sleep in that room.... Kuzgun doesn't know I was the one that planted the drug packet.”

-1:37:00 Meryem turns off porch light for the first time in 20 years. “Thank you god.” Kuzgun sees.

-1:42:00 Dila lays down next to Kuzgun for the first time. Almost kiss

-2:08:00 Bora buries Kartal alive.

-2:14:41 Tearful Bora to Dila at his house: “Have you ever wondered why I wear gloves?”

-Kuzgun goes to save Dila from Bora, Fermin comes, shoots Bora and puts the gun in Kuzgun's hand.

Episode 13

-Opens with Kuzgun waking up on the floor, Bora's body gone, and a trail of blood.

-Kartal goes back to his shop and has tea with Seda.

-13:00 Kuzgun to Dila at police station: “Bora was killed by Fermin. In order for Fermin to tell me about my father being alive, I had to kill Behram.”

-Kartal to Kuzgun at warehouse: “While cleaning your car, I found a bug inside.”

-Kuzgun sets up Selcuk to confirm he is a policeman.

-Kuzgun reads Dila's diaries in a storage room and learns Dila put the drugs in their house when she was a child. (Weird music plays and the whole scene, which should be a real climactic moment is kinda 'off'. Not sure what happened. Maybe they were in too big of a rush to reshoot it.)

-57:00; 1:06:26 Kuzgun finds Dila at her old house: “Kuzgun, why did you erase my drawing of us? … I'm so sorry that I started the 'house of cards' falling that ruined your life.” (Again, a scene that should have felt full of emotion and warm fuzzies, kinda fell flat. I just didn't feel it)

-Cihan brings dinner to Kumru at her office.

-1:08:00 Ali kisses Fusun.

-1:13:00 Kuzgun lays beside Dila in her old bedroom: “Kill me, but don't cheat on me.”

-Dila wakes up and Kuzgun has drawn the 2 of them on the wall holding hands.

-1:18:00 Meryem to Dila outside: “Don't you dare leave Kuzgun. You have a chance to bring him back from the darkness.”

-1:26:00 Dila to her father in prison: “For me, it's like I dropped those drugs everyday for the last 20 years. And for Kuzgun, like he's been abducted everyday for the last 20 years. … I've been carrying your sin for 20 years.”

-Kuzgun to Rifat in prison: “Dila will choose me over you.” “You can never take Dila from me!”

-Kudret to Dila on the phone: “This is your last chance to get rid of your love for Kuzgun.”

-Seda and Kartal call each other at same time. Seda: “I think it is safer if we don't see each other.”

-1:51:20 Romantic moments in Kuzgun's cabin in the woods for Dila's birthday. K: “I just want to trust you, Dila.”

Kuzgun kiss romance

-End: Dila meets with Kudret seaside and gives back her phone. “I'm done lying to Kuzgun.” Kuzgun looks on from a distance thinking, “She betrayed me again.”

Episode 14

Opening: Rifat to Kuzgun in tailor shop: “Dila must pay with her death.” “I will punish her. But I can't kill her.”

-Dila shows up at Kuzgun's warehouse and pulls him into a hug (relieved to be able to give herself wholeheartedly since she's not working for Kudret anymore.)

-Rifat has a fake heart attack.

-Dila to Kuzgun: “Please don't sleep on the couch anymore.”

-42:50 Seda watches Ali and Fusun in a romantic moment.

-In an upper room with a round table of men, Dila is chosen by Behram to do a drug run.

-Rifat to Ali in prison visit: “Before I get out of here, you have to finish off Kuzgun in an accident.”

-Seda and Kartal at outdoor movie.

-Kumru sets up Dila to be at the port where the drugs are shipping from. Sulcuk lets Dila escape.

-Kuzgun to his mother: “Please rip out my heart before it kills me.” (He's allowing Dila to get 'punished' through the drug deal, but it's killing him emotionally.)

-A semi hits Cihan (Kuzgun's man) as he's taking Kumru home.

-Rifat released from jail.

-1:51:50 Dila to Rifat in her room: “I fell in love, baba.”

-Kuzgun's men capture Rifat and tie him in shipping container—his new 'prison.'

-2:01:00 Ali arrested.

-Dila gets a message: “Who do you want to die? Your sister, your niece, or your father?”

-End: Dila opens the cargo container door to rescue her father and a rigged gun shoots him.

Episode 15

-Opens with Dila witnessing the death of her father in the shipping container. She sees Kuzgun outside cold and expressionless: “Tell me you didn't do it!!” She faints.

-Kuzgun storms into Behran's shop: “Why did you do that to Dila's father?” “That was her punishment. … You couldn't rip your heart out so I pulled it out.”

-Selcuk on phone: “Ferman Bay, Rifat Bilgin was killed.”

-Selcuk turns off the recording of Ali's interrogation room, then goes in: “I won't let you out, but Ferman will get you out.”

-20:33 Dila sees her father in the morgue.

-Ali, in jail cell, to Selcuk: “I'll accept the offer.” (From Ferman)

-28:00 Meryem to Kuzgun at dinner table: “Tell me you didn't kill Rifat.” “I didn't. But I kidnapped him and took him there. …. I'm now one of those dad fought against.”

-Ali to Dila at the funeral: “Contact Ferman. We need a new ally.”

-Kuzgun at Rifat's grave: “For 20 years, I lived for this revenge. So why do I feel like something is missing? My soul will not calm down. So what if you died? I could not show patience to Dila.”

-Montage: Kumru helping Cihan in the hospital; Sermin plotting; Kartal and Seda longing for each other.

-Kuzgun interrogating Sulcuk: “Why did you let Dila go at the dock?” “Ferman asked me to.”

-1:17:00 Dila throws her wedding ring out the car window. “I want to divorce Kuzgun asap.”

-Kumru goes to tailor's shop: “Who are you Dervis Cemvheri?”

-1:26:58 Dila to Kuzgun at their tree: “You've splintered my family. Are you happy now?” “I can never be happy.”

-Kumru snoops in Dervis' office and realizes he's her grandfather.

-2:02:00 Dervis/Behram takes Kuzgun to Kuzgun's father's family home. Kumru shows up too.

-End: Dila breaks into Kuzgun's father's house and finds photos—realizes Dervis is Behram. Kuzgun breaks into the house of someone related to Ferman, see photos of his father.

Episode 16

-Dervis/Behram to Dila in a car: “Hand over Ferman to Behram and you will be free from Behram.”

-Kuzgun to Dervis at shop: “I forbid you to stand before Dila again.”

-17:50 Kuzgun finds the wedding ring Dila threw out of her car.

-Sermin to Dila at table: “We have to leave the house soon. Kuzgun bought it.”

-Kuzgun to his family: “Dervis the tailor is Behram our grandfather.”

-38:00 Dila to Kuzgun in hospital after fainting at gate to her childhood home: “Do you wish I were pregnant? … You put us in a hopeless situation. Things could have been so different.”

-44:00 Dila to Kuzgun in her old bedroom: “Do you love me, Kuzgun? I'd like to hear it once before I die.” Kiss

-56:00 Ali released from jail.

-Dervis/Behram to Ali outside the hospital: “Behram knows you're in contact with Ferman. … He wants you to kidnap Meryem.”

-Kuzgun saves his mother in a shipping container. He calls her mom.

-Kartal to Seda at his shop: “You're unhappy. Divorce Ali so I can take your hand.”

-Police come to arrest Kartal for murder of Bora's man.

-Dila hands Kudret a file of all the people associated with Behram- except Kuzgun.

-1:44:00 Behram gets a fingerprint report that his son (Kuzgun's dad) is alive.

-Kuzgun shoots Ali's hands. Ali: “Behram made me kidnap your mother!”

-Fusun puts a move on Ali, then stabs him. “You think I'm so stupid to believe my brother was killed by Kuzgun?”

-1:56:40 Dila confronts Behram on the rooftop with a gun. Kuzgun arrives, says to Behram: “I'm dark- just like you.” He shoots him. Dila turns her gun on herself: “I can't live with this dark inside you, Kuzgun.” “Dila, I love you!” She shoots herself.

End Season 1 (took me forever to get through this episode. End scene was dramatic, but I just didn't feel it that much.)

Episode 17 - Season 2 Premiere

-Opens with Kumru typing the story of what happened-- Kuzgun puts wounded Dila in his car and the police arrest him. [Inconsistency- Kuzgun has a new haircut for season 2, but it's in the 'flashbacks' of what happened as season 1 was ending]

- Voiceover narration: "Kuzgun looked for Dila for a year, but there was no trace of her.”

-6:40 Meet Ferman-- Ali to Ferman: “After you sign these papers, your name will appear as owner of all the properties and Kuzgun can easily find you.”

-[Kuzgun has become the vigilante Robin Hood of the area.]

-Ali to Kartal in jail: “Your path to freedom is with me.”

-13:40 Dila-Kuzgun divorce proceedings.

-Kuzgun follows Dila trail to Ferman's house and encounters Ferman. (Same house used in Seyah Beyaz Ask)

-50:00 Kartal reads a letter from Seda in prison.

-59:00 Kuzgun arrives at Ferman's compound on a garbage truck. Arrives just in time for the engagement of Ferman/Dila

-1:03:25 Kuzgun jerks Dila's arm and comes face to face with her.

-1:14:40 Kuzgun takes Dila to a cabin. “I missed you too/I'm choosing Ferman.”

-[Flashback] Kumru to Kuzgun: “Kudret is dead.” Thugs open fire on Kuzgun's family home.

-1:42:50 [Flashback] Ferman with Dila in hospital when she was first shot and he saved her from Behram's other men. (Lots of improbable plotting)

-1:49:08 Dila dreams that Kuzgun comes to her: “I'm in your heart, Dila.”

(New song plays when she wakes up—good music!)

-Ferman to Kuzgun in F's office: “Leave me alone & I'll leave you alone. But if you mess with me....”

- Kuzgun to Ferman: “Looks like you've got a new partner.”

End: Kumru looking at letter that says “My son Ferman.”

Episode 18

Opening: Kuzgun to Ferman: “Looks like you've got a new partner.”

-Dila comes to Kuzgun's neighborhood.

-Flashback: Ferman filming Kuzgun killing Behram. Ferman: “Let Kuzgun kill my grandfather.”

-Dila to Kuzgun in his lair: “I don't want you in my life.” “Then your company shouldn't have messed with my neighborhood.”

-Flashback: Ferman watches Dila shoot herself in front of Kuzgun.

-40:00 Ferman's aunt to Sermin: “We have a common goal-- that this wedding won't happen.”

-51:00 Ferman tells Dila the story of his mother's death. Then gives her a mirror necklace. “I've found my mirror.” [meaning Dila. Also references previous flashback when Kuzgun's father told him about mirror. It tells us Ferman and Kuzgun are half brothers.]

-Ferman to Kuzgun: “Leave the company & I'll give you evidence to free your brother.” Kartal hears.

-1:21:00 Dila sees Gunus (Ferman's cousin) having dinner with Kuzgun and his family.

-Dila to Gunus: “You're in love with Kuzgun, aren't you?”

-Kartal's trial.

-Kuzgun to neighborhood men: “If I can't find a construction company to work with us, we'll start our own company.”

-2:03:30 Dila to Ferman (wearing his mirror necklace): “I've made my decision. Let's get married immediately.” <almost kiss> Kuzgun walks in.

-Ferman to Kuzgun: “Meet my new representative on the project.” In walks Kartal.

-2:13:00 Kuzgun's aunt hands the letter (from Ferman's mom to Ferman) to Meryem. “I'm the reason our family and Behram's family feud. Your father was Yusuf.....” (Kuzgun's father)

Episode 19

-Opens with Kuzgun arriving just as Meryem falls to the floor in shock from reading the letter.

-Kartal to Ali: “So you're working for me now...”

-Ferman's thugs shoot at Kuzgun in the hood. Teacher Gunes grazed by a bullet.

-Flashback to Ferman helping Dila learn to walk after her accident.

-Gunus to Dila: “You're right. I fell in love with Kuzgun.”

-Dila to Ferman: “As long as Kartal is with you, Kuzgun will be with us.” “No, as long as I'm with you, Kuzgun will be with us.”

-1:15:00; 1:19:00 Kuzgun finds Dila at their tree: “Your head says you can't love Kuzgun but your heart says otherwise.”

-Flashback: Dila wakes up in hospital to picture of the oak tree and meets Ferman.”

-Kartal drops by Seda's house and gives her tea glasses: “I missed you.” Sermin looks on.

1:36:00 Dila hands Ferman an oak leaf. F: “Does this mean you give me everything?” “Maybe.”

-Tender auction for houses and land-- Kuzgun wins the bid.

-An official to Kuzgun: “Your father was not killed in an explosion. He was shot.”

-Flashback: Ferman recalls shooting Yusuf (Kuzgun's father).

-Nese (Ferman's aunt) to Meryam: “We must be sure the brothers never find out, but are never enemies.”

-2:14:30 Gunes to Kuzgun: “I'm Ferman's cousin.... and I love you very much.” She kisses him. Dila looks on—and Ferman sees her looking on.

Episode 20

-Opens where episode 19 ends—with Gunes kissing Kuzgun. Ferman enraged. Ferman to Dila: “You knew about Gunus! Not telling me was akin to lying to me.”

-Ferman to his man Yilmaz: “Blow up Kuzgun's casino tonight. Make his life hell.”

-Nese gets her purse stolen and Kumru's journalist partner retrieves it (& photos the letter inside first).

-Dila to Gunes on rooftop: “Are you sure Kuzgun feels the same about you?” Kuzgun looks on.

-Flashback: Ferman gets shot protecting Dila as she leaves the hospital.

-1:37:00 Kuzgun to Ferman having breakfast outside with Dila: “I'll show the world your true face.”

-1:46:00 Nese to Dila: “Please, for the sake of our family, leave. Go back to Kuzgun.”

-Kuzgun takes Dila to see Ferman meeting with one of Behram's men. Ferman to Kuzgun: “The only reason you are alive is because I wanted it that way.”

-Ali to Seda at her car: “Let's divorce! Take your rags and get out! But I will keep Defne.”

-Kuzgun to Cihan: “I will kill Behram's men one by one, then go to the police and turn myself in.”

*Most of the episode is about Gunus refusing to stay away from Kuzgun.

Episode 21

-Opens with Dila riding in taxi, flashbacks to her recalling Ferman telling her: “The reason Kuzgun didn't go to jail for shooting Behram, was because I cleaned up after him. Here's the gun.”

-Kartal downloads info from Ferman's phone. Ferman sees on surveillance footage.

-25:35 Kuzgun to Dila in his upper room: “As long as you're with Ferman, do you think I'm living?”

-34:00 Gunus on phone to Kuzgun: “If I weren't Ferman's cousin, would we have a chance?” “There is only 1 woman I will ever love.”

-38:00 Kumru to Kuzgun: “I was the one who called police on the drug shipment and got Dila there.”

-44:40 Kuzgun to Dila under their tree: “Kumru told me everything.... Don't marry Ferman.”

-Kuzgun blows up the building where Behram's men were meeting.

-1:08:00 Kuzgun to Dila in her (Ferman) wedding dress: “Is there any way for us?” “Only without weapons.”

-Cihan to Kuzgun: “You know what you want. Swallow your pride for one day and go get it. The one day will become your whole life.” *Great acting by both. Very moving!

-1:35:00 Dila gets Kuzgun's gun out of Ferman's safe. Dila to Ferman: “I can't marry you.”

-1:43:00 Dila drops the gun into a hole in her oak tree.

-Dila to her brother Ali at the tree: “Promise me you won't harm Seda or Kuzgun.”

-1:57:00 Kuzgun pulls Dila over on side of the road and hands her his gun: “Don't go. Stay with me.”

-Nese to Ferman: “Let them go. Give them freedom and yourself freedom.”

-2:05:15 Dila to Kuzgun at their getaway house: “Will you marry me?” Kiss

-Kuzgun faces off with Ferman at sand pit: “I won't kill you. I'm done taking revenge.” Kuzgun and Dila walk away.

-Ferman to Kuzgun at their father's grave: “If we'd grown up together, we might be close.”

-2:36:15 End: Dila to Kuzgun at their wedding under the oak tree: “Is it over?” “No, it's just beginning.”

Good last episode! Best chemistry between Baris and Burcu in the whole show.

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