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Sen Cal Kapimi ~ Episode Guide

Sen Cal Kapimi full episodes with english subtitles

I've been curious about Kerem Bursin for some time--since he spent many of his growing up years in Texas. Sen Cal Kapimi has been my first exposure to Kerem Bursin's acting, and I've been quite impressed!

So whether you want to rewatch your favorite Sen Cal Kapimi scenes or skim the series, this episode guide is for you! But beware-- it is FULL of Sen Cal Kapimi spoilers!


-Genre: Rom-com

-Lead actors: Kerem Bursin | Hande Ercel

-Number of episodes: Series still in progress

-Where to watch Sen Cal Kapimi full episodes with English subtitles: YouTube (subtitles may be poor). Other options: see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles."

-English title of Sen Cal Kapimi: You Knock on My Door


•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green.

•Other important scenes bolded.


Sen Cal Kapimi English Episode Guide

Episode 1

-Meet Eda, humble florist because a “handsome, but ruthless man” cancelled her scholarship.

-Meet Serkan, powerful, rich businessman.

-7:10 Serkan's employees snap to it when they hear he's coming.

-Meet Melo, Eda's best friend.

-Teacher to Eda: “Pay for what you owe from last year and you can come back to school in the fall.”

-Serkan speaks in an auditorium, Eda interrupts.

-Eda keys Serkan's car, then handcuff's herself to him.

-Handcuffed in a restaurant, Eda convinces a man to sell his property to Serkan.

-Serkan to Eda in his office: “I can give you the scholarship back.” “I don't want anything from you!”

-1:36:00 Eda is Serkan's hostess on his private plane.

-On the beach, Serkan tells his ex and her fiancee: “This is my fiance' named...uh... 'strawberry.'”

-1:52:00 Serkan to Eda on the beach: “Pretend to be my girlfriend for 2 months and I'll pay your school fees.”

-Cenk, Eda's 'boyfriend' to her: “I'm leaving.”

End: Serkan speaking at a press conference, Eda walks up and kisses him.

Episode 2

-Opens with Eda kissing Serkan at the press conference.

-Serkan pulls the car over: "I can't keep explaining you to the press. You'll have to be my fiance.”

-Serkan to Eda in his office at night: “These are the articles of our fake engagement. Number one...”

-Eda to her aunt: “I'm engaged... And I got a new job, so I won't be working at the flower shop.”

-Eda to her friends: “I'm engaged to Serkan!” He drives up. Girls: “Let us meet him!” He drives away with Eda.

-Eda to Serkan's mother: “Don't worry, it's just a fake engagement so he can win Selin back.”

-Serkan to employees: “Eda will be my assistant.”

-Serkan to Kaan at bar: “I won't build the hotel for you.” Kaan: “I'll sink you.”

-Eda buys an engagement ring-- a small one.

-Eda has car trouble and Kaan helps her.

Sen Cal Kapimi Serkan and Eda romance

-Serkan to client in front of Eda: “Come to our engagement party tomorrow night.”

-Serkan takes Eda to fancy jewelry store and choose a flower engagement ring for her.

-1:30:00 Serkan and Eda meet Selin and her fiance' at restaurant. Eda makes up stories about her and Serkan.

-1:58:00 Eda shows Serkan the terrace at her house and looks like she's warming up to him...

-The team works at Serkan's house to finish the hotel proposal.

-2:16:45 End: Eda to Serkan before engagement party: “I need help zipping up my dress.” “Will you give me permission to touch you?

Episode 3

-Opens with Serkan zipping her dress.

-Engagement Party

-22:00 Serkan puts a diamond necklace around Eda's neck.

-33:00 Serkan and Eda dance at their engagement party.

-37:30 Serkan kisses Eda after they exchange engagement rings.

-1:17:00 Eda to Serkan on his work balcony: “Why are you being so rude to me?” “You're too close!”

-1:21:00 Kaan flatters Melo in perfume store. Melo immediately dreams of a romantic wedding, etc. FUNNY

-1:34:30 Serkan's mom to his dad: “I want you to be a real father to Serkan.”

-Eda to Serkan taking walk with dog: “I get it. I told you not to touch me physically, you don't want me to touch your soul.”

-Melo fired from perfume store.

-Serkan lets Kaan win the tender auction intentionally to bankrupt him.

-2:12:25 END: Eda gets phone call and faints in Serkan's arms.

Episode 4

-Opens with Serkan on the phone talking to a doctor about Eda asleep in the chair. Eda: “I'd rather smash my head on the floor than thank you.”

-Selin: “This is the Serkan I dreamed of. And now he's saying those things to another woman.”

-Eda to her aunt: “...No! We won't ask grandma for school money!”

-Selin to her fiance, Ferit: “How about you come work at my office with me?”

-31:00 Eda calls Serkan at home: “I sent you some music. Now get lemon water. Take a breath. Feel better?” Romance brewing...

-40:00 Eda takes swimming lessons and baits Serkan to make him jealous.

-Seran's friend Engin to Eda's friend Ceren while walking: “Are you trying to get info from me?”

-1:18:00 Eda does 4 landscape drawing for Serkan—hear tears them up. On #5: “You're very talented, Eda.” She hugs him. Sweet

-Serkan tags along with Eda as she buys fruit and vegetables at the local bazaar.

-Eda's friends move her things into Serkan's place.

-1:39:00 Melo meets Kaan at a cafe.

- End: Eda and Serkan cook together; Eda 'falls' into the pool to keep Serkan from going to a meeting; Selin comes to dinner: "Is this an engagement contract?"

*Enjoy an essay about the writers, characters, and themes of Sen Cal Kapimi on mh Musing's blog here.

Episode 5

-Opens with Selim seeing the engagement contract. She only sees a piece of it, and her boyfriend Ferit sees it as something endearing.

-The team goes to Antakya for business meeting.

-Serkan on phone to his father: “I won't have Ferit as a consultant. He's close friends with Kaan.”

-Serkan orders a bunch of clothes for Eda from a 'sponsor.' She has fun trying them all on.

-Ferit to Selim: “If you really love me, you need to show it. Cause it looks like you are jealous of Eda.”

-31:30 Eda to Serkan: “You never do anything without planning, do you.” “Nope. And you never plan anything.” “Nope. I do as my soul pleases.” Good summary of the contrast in their characters.

-Kaan takes Melo to a restaurant and flatters her with a bottle of perfume.

-35:00 Serkan and Eda swim in the sea.

-Serkan's client and his wife refuse to sign the contract.

-Serkan chides Eda for being so friendly, but she befriends client's wife.

-1:20:12 Serkan takes Eda to Apollo's temple and they watch shooting stars.

-1:30:00 Serkan takes Eda swimming at a waterfall. Romantic scene, beautiful cinematography!

-1:55:40 End: Eda braces to face the press, and Serkan grabs her by the hand and whisks her off on a yacht.

Episode 6

Opens with Eda about to face paparazzi, and Serkan whisks her up and they ride into the sunset on a yacht.

-Eda walks into office: “Where's Serkan?” “He always takes this day off. Only Selin knows why.”

-Alptiken to Selin at Holding co: “Here's your new assistant—meet Melek (Melo).”

-26:00 Selin to Ferit: “You told Kaan about the engagement letter? He's the one who told the press!”

-46:30 Eda to Selin: “Why does Serkan take this day off.” “Serkan only confides in certain people.”'

-Eda gathers a crew and goes to work on the house so Mr. Fikret can get a singer at his wife's party.

-Serkan to Mr. Fikret: “Eda shouldn't have taken the job.” “At least she tried.”

-Singer's agent to Eda: “I doesn't look like you will finish in time...”

-1:17:25 Serkan to Eda at the house: “You can't be spontaneous in business. Did you learn your lesson?” “Yes.” “Ok. I brought help. Let's do it.”

-1:30:00 Eda to Serkan: “Why do you take Aug 19 off?” “I had a brother... I play guitar on this day.”

-1:33:30 Serkan and Eda fall asleep on the house sofa. Serkan has sweet flashbacks. Then his watch beeps cause his heart rate is high. (funny!)

-Singer comes to house: “It's not exactly what I asked for. No concert.” Ada: “You're selfish....”

-1:58:00 After massaging away a headache, Eda leads Aytan outside the gates for the first time.

-2:07:50 End Eda convinces Serkan to play guitar for her. Afterwards, they embrace. A silent confirmation that he can trust his inner secrets with her. [Selin watches from a distance.]

Episode 7

-Opens with Serkan playing the guitar, then they embrace outside. His expression reveals how much he longs for emotional intimacy, yet is pained that he's vulnerable and that Eda threatens his armor.

-Dropping her off at home, Serkan gives Eda the guitar pick. “What a unique person you are. You appreciate a piece of plastic more than a diamond necklace. … It's unbelievable how many secrets I'm sharing with a woman I just met.”

-9:00 Eda's aunt to Eda when she hangs up the guitar pick: “Eda, you realize you're falling in love.”

-Serkan's mom by the pool to him: “Happy Birthday tomorrow!”

-Fifi helps Eda with patent details.

-41:00 Eda to Ceren: “It's a fake engagement....”

-45:40 Melo tells Kaan why she lives with Eda: “When my parents moved, they left me in her care.”

-Kaan finds the patent request in Eda's house, photographs it.

-Eda to Selin: “Shall I make you a dinner reservation with Serkan at 8:00?”

-1:11:00 Eda to Serkan: “Selin is in love with you. All you need to do is turn on your romanticism and you'll have her.”

-Serkan at dinner with Selin: “Ferit and Kaan are good friends. ... I want your shares of the holding.”

-1:30:00 Eda gives Serkan a birthday cupcake and 'the world.' He's very touched.

-1:41:40 Eda has car trouble and Serkan picks her up. “I'm trying to control you because your control is zero! Where the wind blows, there you go.”

-1:46:40 Eda to Serkan on cliff by the sea: “Since the first day I met you, I've been undertaking something I can't handle. Including the engagement.” ** Sad, you can feel their attraction even though they are sad words.

-Ayfer, Eda's aunt, gets Melo to tell about Kaan by charming/mesmerizing her making a cake.

-End: Kaan sends the photo of 'his' chandelier. Serkan to Eda. “You showed him our design! Get out!”

Episode 8

-Opens with Serkan to Eda: “You leaked the design to Kaan.... Go!”

-Engin blasts Serkan: “I don't think for a second Eda is guilty. Neither do you. Get a grip!”

-Serkan's mother to Serkan: “You've let her into your life and are taking your pain out on her.”

-18:00 Serkan looks at the 'mood mug' Eda gave him and ponders things. (Lovely music)

-31:30 Eda goes to return ring to Serkan: “Keep it. Let me find a solution.” Beautiful scene, you can feel the emotion between them!

-1:09:25 Serkan showers to wash his hair with Head and Shoulders shampoo. (Clearly an ad for the shampoo) Eda leans on the door and falls into his arms.

-1:11:42 Eda to Serkan: “Not everything is logical. If it was, then my heart—”

-Ferit to Selin in her office: “I'm not coming home today. I'll stay at a hotel and think things over.”

-After Kaan comes to dinner- Eda's aunt to Melo: “My intuition tells me this guy is a fake.”

-After Eda and Ferit overhear Serkan talking to Selin while brushing a horse. Ferit: “...I leaked the engagement contract to Kaan.”

-1:59:00 Serkan and Sirius encounters Eda walking. Serkan wants to make excuses to have her stay but can't say it. His expressions say it all. Great acting.

-Eda, Fifi, and Melo: “It was Kaan who stole the patent design!'

-2:04:00 Serkan to Seyfi getting in his car: “Have you seen Eda.” “No, but do you know what I see? A lonely man.” Funny!

-Alptekin in Serkan's office: “That girl is changing all of us. You have good instincts. Apply it to her.”

-Ceren creates an opportunity for Engin to go on a date to an opening with Piril.

-Serkan to Eda at flower shop: “Your work was a masterpiece.” “I'll finish and leave—and throw the evidence of my innocence in your face!”

-Fifi and Melo sedate Kaan, take his phone, and email the photos. FUNNY!

-2:25:28 Kerem speaking English!!

-2:26:00 End: Eda hands Serkan the evidence that Kaan was the patent thief. Serkan: “I don't need the evidence. I believe you. ...It has nothing to do with you. It's me.” Ah! It took so much courage for him to admit that. Great scene!

*Good episode with some great scenes and excellent acting.

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Episode 9

-Opening: Eda presenting Serkan the evidence; his confession. She gives the ring back and walks out.

-32:00 Serkan finds Eda at garden, handcuffs her to him, and takes her to a house in the country.

-41:00 Eda to Serkan taking a walk in handcuffs: “To bring hope to others, you have to do what flowers do-- stand up straight, aim for the light. If there's light in you, there's always hope.” “Hmm. That means there's hope for us.” :)

-50:30 Serkan chopping wood.

-Sitting in front of the fire, Eda: “I'm leaving!” Serkan follows her out in the rain and pulls her to himself.

-1:01:24 Serkan comes back, Eda sprays him with pepper spray. Funny!!

-The girls go fishing; the guys play pool.

-Seyfi shows Serkan footage of Eda leading his mom outside the estate gates. Serkan tears up.

-1:23:35 Serkan puts his feet in the pool next to his mom. “Shall we try to go outside the gate? … I'm with you, mom.. Don't you think it's time to talk about my brother? … Things are changing around us.” Very moving!

-1:29:55 Serkan calls Eda with tears in his eyes: “Can I pick you up tomorrow on our last day?"

-1:47:30 Engin to Piril: “Will you have dinner with me?”

-1:52:00 Ceren to Engin after lighting candles on his dinner table: “Candles make it romantic...” He's suddenly mesmerized by her.

-Eda to Serkan when he drops her at home for the last time: “You couldn't even say, 'Eda, I'm sorry. I made a mistake.'”

-Engin to Serkan: “You need to apologize to Eda in person—not in a letter.”

-Serkan puts together a terrarium for Eda with a note: “Fairy girl, can you forgive me?”

-Eda in Serkan's office. Serkan: “You'll stay? You promise?” “Promise.”

End: Selin and Ferit come in: “We've made a decision. We're getting married. In a week.”

Episode 10

-Opens with Eda in Serkan's office, him giving her the ring back. Their sweet moment is interrupted by Selin and Ferit's, “We're getting married next week.”

-Flashback: Selin to Ferit sitting outside: “If the greatest man wants to marry me, then I agree.”

-9:40 “You want Selin to come back to you, but you can't say it. It's not that hard to tell a woman you want her.” Heartbreaking! You can really feel the chemistry between them!

-Eda to Aydan (Serkan's mom): “Yes. I'll come hold your hand any time you want.”

-Aydan gives Eda a fashion makeover.

-23:00 Serkan in his father's office: “I want Selin off the board. Ferit is Kaan's best friend.”

-27:20 Ceren to Engin: “Serkan is so good at playing the fiance. … Ask him about it!”

-Eda to Selin in Selin's office with Serkan standing there: “I signed a pre-nup too. Didn't Serkan tell you we're getting married too?”

-50:30 Aydan to Selin, who's come for wedding dress fitting: “You are for Serkan, Serkan for you.”

-52:00 Alptiken to Serkan on dock overlooking water: “I think you should reconsider Ferit.”

-Eda to Selin trying on wedding dresses: “Sometimes I think Serkan proposed to me to spite you.”

-1:01:00 Serkan to Eda wearing the pink fru-fru dress: “Breathtaking.”

-Melo to the gang at the table: “Eda and Serkan are getting married!”

-Serkan to Engin on Serkan's porch: “Ok, it's a fake engagement.” “...For once in your life, Serkan, listen to your heart!”

-Serkan humiliates Ferit in meeting: “There is no way we can accept that contract.”

-Selin to Ferit: “Sorry, you have to sign this pre-nup. … I bought Kaan's company to keep him quiet!”

-Alptekin brings Aydan flowers but sees her with the actor/pottery teacher.

-1:49:30 Eda to Serkan sitting on picnic bench at mountain cottage: “...That's how my parents died.” He hugs her

-End: Selin to Serkan: “If there's any chance for us, I'll leave Ferit tomorrow. Eda overhears.

Episode 11

Opens with Selin to Serkan: “I'll leave Ferit if there's a chance for us.” A moment later, Serkan takes Eda's hand and she kisses his cheek.

-7:18 Eda to Serkan in the car: “I'll dedicate the next song that comes on to you.” Song describes them.

-Engin to Serkan at a pool table: “...It's called love, bro. One day you'll tell her how you feel.”

-Eda gets sentimental with Serkan's guitar pick, he gets sentimental with the photo of them.

-32:00 Serkan picks up Eda. When he sees her, his watch starts beeping for fast heartbeat. Funny!

-Eda's aunt find the contract between Eda and Serkan.

-43:00 Serkan takes Eda to a house: “A doctor fell in love with a patient and planted roses to see her.”

-45:42 Eda to Serkan in house's bedroom: “Why did you pick me up today?” “To see you.... Relationship doesn't have to end” He hugs her on the balcony. Touching, beautiful scene!!

-59:30 Eda to Serkan just before she walks out of his office foyer: “If you want someone in your life, you don't offer them a job, you say, 'don't go.'”

-1:28:00 Aydan to Melo and Fifi: “It was all fake between Eda and Serkan!”

-1:36:30 Sick and asleep Serkan to Eda: “Let me go with you.”

-Alptekin to Aydan: “Can I sleep in here tonight?”

-Aydan to Eda: “Serkan needs someone who can understand him--Selin.”

-1:47:30 Aydan to Eda when Eda tries to give her engagement ring back: “Keep it—so Serkan won't be reminded of you every time he sees it.”

-2:03:00 Eda to Selin: “The engagement was fake. Serkan really wants you.”

-2:10:00 Serkan to his father: “Two weeks after my brother died, you sent me to boarding school. I learned not to trust anyone but myself.”

-2:11:00 Serkan calls Eda: “...Don't make me say goodbye, Eda.” Ah! So moving! Gave me chills.

-2:19:16 Serkan pulls Eda's taxi over. “Don't go. I've fallen madly in love with you.” Big kiss

*Wow! What an episode! Lots of romantic moments and great Serkan/Eda chemistry

Episode 12

-Opens with Serkan to Eda seaside: “Don't go. I've fallen madly in love with you. <kiss> …. “Well, you didn't slap me. How do you feel about me?” “You say what you want in a crisis and expect me to answer immediately. All in good time.” Romantic, and a great line from Eda!

-12:00 Eda to Sekan in car: “So how do you feel about Selin?” “Since you've been here, there's only you.” cute and sweet!

-23:30 Miffed Ferit to Selin: “Do you really want to marry me?” Selin: “I'm not leaving you.”

-34:00 Serkan and Eda walk. Serkan tells her history of old mansion, then have coffee at cafe.

-49:00 Erdem spills beans to office people: “Serkan's engagement to Eda was fake.”

-51:45 Serkan and Eda have a romantic breakfast.

-55:30 Alpekin to man: “Because of you, the wall collapsed and 2 people died.”

-Serkan to Eda: “You have to tell me how you feel.” Eda teasing: “I hate you.”

-Alptekin to Ferit: “Serkan's fake engagement contract...” “Fake engagement???”

-1:08:10 Serkan and Eda share a romantic moment and Erdem looks on. ...But it's a dream.

1:14:00 At his office, Serkan to Eda's aunt after Eda falls asleep from stress: “I will never hurt Eda.”

-Ceren to Piril: “Engin is in love with you.”

-1:39:10 Serkan teases Eda: “If you don't come tonight, I'll tell your aunt...”

-Serkan to Selin on his office patio: “I wanted to come to you, it was logical, but...” “But you're in love with Eda, aren't you?” Ferit hears them, has a panic attack, and Ceren comes to the rescue.

-1:52:40 Engin decorates his office and has dinner with Piril. Piril: “Let's talk-like adults....” She kisses him.

-1:56:18, 2:00:50 Serkan to Eda having a romantic evening at his house: “I'm madly in love with you.” “The feelings are mutual.” He gifts her a star. Kiss

-Alptekin writes a fat check to Kadir (guy who was responsible for Eda's parents' deaths).

-Shocked Alptekin to Aydan: “That child was Eda!” Aydan: “Is she with Serkan to take revenge?”

-Eda's aunt on phone with her mother: “How could you play with Eda and rescind her scholarship? … Eda rescheduled?”

-2:22:30 Ferit leaves Selin at wedding table: “I can't marry a woman who's in love with another man.”

*Great episode with lots of swoon-worthy romance.

Episode 13

-Opens with Ferit and Selin's wedding.

-Serkan to Eda outside the wedding venue: “I can't part with you. You can trust me.” Alptekin hears.

-20:30 Selin to Serkan: “I was going to need to stay away from you. I sold all but 5% of my shares.”

-32:00 Alptekin starts to tell Serkan about his connection with Eda and has a heart attack.

-39:30 Alptekin in hospital bed to Serkan: “The holding company is yours now.... And forgive me for leading you to believe I loved your brother more than you.”

-Ferit to Selin in the office: “I heard your conversation with Serkan. I thought I could make you happy, but I can't.”

-Meet Efe, the man who bought Selin's shares. He's cordial and warm, everything Serkan is not.

-1:07:30- 1:09:00 Serkan to Eda in office: “I can barely hold myself back from hugging you.

-1:17:00 Ferit bumps into Cerin in the office foyer.

-1:28:30 Serkan to Eda: “I think we need to get away."

-1:32:20 Serkan to his parents: “Eda and I are together.”

-1:34:40 Eda to her aunt: “I fell in love.”

-Eda's aunt on phone with Serkan's mother-simultaneously: “I need your help!”

-1:42:00 Eda's aunt has coffee with Serkan and gives him a list of 6 requirements. “...You know I don't approve of this relationship...”

-Serkan's mom to Eda: “You must plan an auction, and we want you engaged immediately.”

-Leyla in Serkan's office: “Thank you for looking after me last year, and paying for my sister, and...”

-Fifi sees Erdem is her online dating man and stands him up at a cafe.

-2:11:00 Eda and Serkan have a very romantic encounter in the fabric draped pergola of his other house. Kiss

-2:16:00 Serkan to Eda at his other house eating breakfast: “I bought a house in Rome, rented an office... I can't live without you.”

-End: Alptekin to Serkan: “Years ago a support wall killed a couple.... They had a daughter....” Serkan realizes it's Eda and is devastated.

Episode 14

-Opens with Serkan pacing in his home office, distraught. Serkan to his parents: “Tell Sayfi to bring me all the document related to this. I want to see them for myself!”

-10:50; 13:50 Serkan surprises Eda at the mall. He gives her a dress, and she gives him 'Robot Bolat.'

-Serkan to new partner Efe after a meeting: “...Brilliant work.” “... I have no evil intensions.”

-23:21 Eda planting rose seeds on Serkan's office terrace. Serkan: “Have you thought about forgiving your grandmother for the past?” “No.” [He's indirectly asking to see if she'd forgive him.]

-38:40 Serkan to Eda in his office: “Can we just run away where no one will find us?”

-44:40; 46:38 Serkan to Engin: “I'm finished. Many years ago my father...”

-58:00 Engin takes Piril on a date bowling 'with the boys.'

-54:33; 1:02:55 Eda and Serkan go to the movies. Serkan: “You taught me I can't control everything.

-1:18:17 Selin and Eda cut up Selin's wedding dress.

-1:30:00 Company brunch. Serkan compliments everyone at the table.

-1:55:16 Serkan to Eda walking out of the restaurant: “There is nothing to love about people! Your angelic behavior makes me sick!” “Then go find someone who doesn't make you sick!” Sad...

-1:58:00 Flashbacks to some EdSer romantic moments.

-Terse talk from Engin to Serkan in Serkan's office: “Bro, you treated the girl BAD...”

-End: Serkan to Eda break up: “Here, where everything began with a contract, I want to end it.” “... And I'll go back to the beginning-- I hate you, Serkan Bolat.”

Episode 15

-Opens with Eda mourning. Serkan to Engin: “I didn't want her to be reminded of her parents every time she sees me.”

-Eda goes to Serkan's house and rails on him: “You're a rude, contradictory coward!”

-18:00 Eda finds text on aunt's phone about her grandmother and goes off on her aunt. “It's my life!”

-25:20 Efe to Eda: “Don't leave the company, stay and work for me.”

-35:15 Selin to Serkan: “How can you break a girl's heart and remain so cool?”

-44:00 Alptekin tries to tell Ayfer (Eda's aunt) the truth about his role in Eda's parent's death but can't.

-56:10 While working from home, Eda calls Serkan. He has flashback to breakup.

-1:03:30 Serkan to his mother: “I can't stay here so close to my father. I'm moving out.”

-1:06:40 Serkan feels the words her reads in a book: “As soon as I got rid of her, I realized how much I needed her.” Eda sees Serkan's photo with dart holes, and mourns. Sad

-1:09:40 Serkan taking his anger out on a punching bag.

-1:11:30 Eda to girls: “I talked to the school, and they'll let me pay in installments!” Fifi: “...Aunt's florist is not going well...”

-1:15:50 Seyfi brings Eda a box: “Here are your things and gifts you gave Serkan.” She trashes them.

-1:16:30 Engin to Piril in his office: “I just want to be alone with my beloved woman... Pretend you are crying.” Big hug

-1:27:00 Eda and Serkan present their port (resort?) proposals to client. Client chooses Eda's landscape, Serkan's architecture. Engin to Piril: “Serkan planned it this way.”

Sen Cal kapimi romantic Edser moments

-1:43:00 Mud riding at motivation camp, Eda to Serkan by the water: “You wouldn't even have apologized if you hadn't felt your life was in danger.” Serkan: “...What if something had happened to you?” They both have moment of realization--he cares for her.

-1:48:00 END Serkan finds Eda unconscious in a hole.

Episode 16

Opening: Eda to Serkan in infirmary after fall: “Sweetheart?” Serkan calls Engin: “She thinks we're together.”

-16:50 Serkan and Eda arrive at his summer cottage and have flashbacks to their romantic time there.

-24:00 Eda on phone with girls: “When I had my head on his shoulder in the car, he told me he didn't want the moment to end. Why would he say that?”

-31:00 Eda on couch to Serkan: “Tell me about the day you made someone sad? Your happiest day?”

-50:00 Selin to Ferit: “Did Efe offer to buy your shares? I want to buy them.”

-Ayfer to Eda at the florist shop: “I just rented out part of it for a cafe. It'll be fine....”

-1:18:30 Girls go out for karaoke for Piril's birthday.

-1:20:00 Boys have gaming night at Altekin's.

-1:40:08 Eda dances with Serkan at the party.

1:51:00 Aydan has a therapist.

-Serkan and Eda go to a site. Eda: “You have to keep the tree! Find a solution.”

-2:04:40 Eda to Aydan: “Ok. I'll come tomorrow and take you outside the gate.”

End: Aydan to Serkan- Eda overhears: “Perhaps if Eda knew the reason for the breakup, it would not have been so.”

Episode 17 -Opens with Eda overhearing Aydan to Serkan: “Perhaps if Eda knew the reason for the breakup, it would not have been so.”

-Eda boxing in a gym, Serkan boxing punching bag at home.

-(New) couple Asli and Emre come to office: “We want Serkan and Eda to work on our house.”

-Eda gets anti-nausea pills at pharmacy.

-Serkan and Eda offer to babysit. Serkan suspects Eda is pregnant.

-1:33:00 Eda takes virtual reality glasses to Aydan—they 'go' to London.

-Ferit to Ceren at dog shelter: “I should look in some new directions.”

-Upstairs wall collapses during new client house party. Efe on phone : “I didn't mean for it to cause so much damage!”

-End: Client cancels big project. Eda in Serkan's office: “I don't believe you would make a mistake like that.” She cups his face with her hands.

Episode 18

-Opens with Eda in Serkan's office: “You wouldn't make a mistake like that. I'll help you prove it.”

-Serkan to Alptekin in office: “You think since we both made a mistake we're equals? We're not!”

-11:45 Eda to Serkan in office: “Look, the drawings on your laptop are different than the blueprints.”

-24:30 Alptekin to Ayden: “I sent him overseas because you cried continuously. It's time you took some responsibility!”

-Selin to Eda: “You're asking questions about me? You think I rigged the roof? How dare you!”

-36:00 Eda to Serkan at coffee bar: “How can you be so close to Selin and so cruel to me? ...Do you want me to leave?... You're scared of the woman who loved you most.”

-41:00 Office crew looks at office footage—finds out Erden is living there, sees flirty moment between Piril and Engin, Layla photocopy her head. FUNNY!

-46:30 Engin to Piril on one knee with a key 'ring:' “Will you live in the same house as me?” FUNNY!

-Aydan to Serkan: “This was your first architectural drawing.” “You saved it all these years?” Sweet

-58:40 Serkan to Eda in library: “I wanted to catch you here so we could talk calmly.” “Stay away from me!” “I can't.” Funny and sweet. Music is perfect!

-1:04:24 Serkan to Eda walking in rain: “Falling's like the end.” “No. The it's the beginning. The trees come back stronger.” It's a metaphor for them.

-1:14:00 Serkan to Eda at new house: “Efe is aware of the pearl in you. You should know it too.”

-1:15:30 Piril goes to Engin's house and is grossed out by his messiness and food out. FUNNY

-1:26:00 Aydan gets 'drunk' on Eda's herbal tea and they hit the road in her Mustang. FUNNY!

-1:35:00 Eda takes Aydan to Serkan's new house: “Let's all have a group hug!” Eda and Serkan's faces are pushed together.

-1:48:00 Serkan to Eda in office: “Take Efe to dinner on 1 condition—I get to listen.” Eda teases him with almost kiss: “Who's world do you think you live in?” FUNNY and romantic


-1:52:00 Engin comes home, Piril has yoga mats on floor. “What about the match? Can't I watch TV?” Funny!

-1:54:30; 2:08:00 Eda/Efe go to dinner, Serkan listens. After dinner, Efe to Serkan: “I changed the printer setting.” …. Serkan: “I think it's time you found a new partner.”

-End: Eda/Serkan standoff at the restaurant. “You just keep living with your ex-girlfriend Selin, and from now on you'll see a new Eda.”

Episode 19

Opens with Efe confessing to Serkan: “I changed the printer setting.”

-8:55 Serkan opens book and sees photo of Eda in yellow dress and reminisces about their engagement day. Voiceover: “Even the possibility that you night be with someone else destroys me...I want you to be only mine.”

-Eda to Ayden at restaurant: “Why didn't you ever go out.” “Serkan's brother was sick. I came home, he died 3 days later.”

-33:00 Eda to Serkan: “I've always been there for you, even after everything...” SAD

-47:00 Serkan to Eda outside: “Something my father did a long time ago is taking away the most precious thing to me.” SAD

-1:01:50 Efe overhears Serkan to his father: “I can't believe you lied about that subcontractor.”

-Aydan to Seyfi: “We have to bring Eda and Serkan together.”

-1:20:40 Efe on phone: “Alptekin was responsible for your son's death....” (Implication that he's talking to Eda's grandmother.)

-Erden persuades Layla to wear engagement ring and pretend she is his fiance.

-1:20:30 Mehmet at Eda's gate (at the bidding of Fifi): “I'm madly in love with you.”

-1:32:00 Eda meets with Aydan's charity work friends. Serkan arrives.

-Ferit to Ceren: “If I invite you to breakfast will you come?” Almost kiss

-Serkan on phone to Eda in front of her house as she pretends to be at a party and can't hear. Serkan: “I love you. I miss you.” Sweet but sad.

-1:57:00 Ferit calls Ceren: “I took up with you just to make Selin jealous. I need more time.”

-2:04:00 Eda in shower with drunk Serkan.

-End: Serkan to Eda at his place: “If I hadn't left you, you would have left me when you found out—”

Selin comes home: “Serkan, I know everything—what happened to Eda's parents.”

Episode 20

Opening: Eda to Selin: “Tell me! Tell me everything!”

-Eda to Serkan: “Why did you keep this from me? …. “I love you so much that I took the risk of losing you because I didn't want to hurt you.” She storms out.

-8:20 Eda to Alptekin: “How could you do this to me and not tell me?”

-11:20 Serkan to Eda outside: “I loved you as much as the first day. I have no one but you.” “If you had told me and been honest we could have worked it out together. Now I don't believe you.”

-16:40 Aydan to Serkan: “Give her some time. Eda loves you too.” Sweet! (I got chills!)

-19:30 Serkan to Alptekin: “Why don't you leave? All you've ever done is cause pain to this family.”

-21:00 Serkan to Selin: “I'll tell you again—I'm in love with Eda, not you!”

-26:00 Melo to Eda at the beach: “Serkan is still alive. …. Love is like a diamond, and you found one. ...” Eda: “I have to protect myself from this love or I will be broken.”

-Alptekin leaves.

-37:23 Eda to Serkan: “Here's a contract between us. Please sign it—but don't read it first.”

-Selin calls media: “Serkan and Eda broke up.”

-1:07:30 Serkan breaks the rules and has to apologize to Erdem. Funny!

-The press confront Eda as she leaves the office. She 'faints,' Serkan catches her and whisks her away.

-1:19:50 Eda confronts the contractor whose work killed her parents.

-1:36:49 Seyfe sees Altekin take the hand of a woman in a hotel bar.

-Charity event

-1:59:00 Auctioning off Serkan and other guys. Serkan to Eda: “I want to go to dinner with you.”

-2:05:00 Serkan to Eda in her modeling dress: “I came to wish you luck.” “Don't look me in the eye, I might fall.” “Then I'll catch you.”

-2:08:00 Fashion show.

-Aydan finds a woman in Alptekin's hotel room.

-End: Because Selin tricked Eda, Eda went to wrong restaurant. Eda waits, no Serkan. Serkan waits, no Eda.

Episode 21

-Opens with Serkan and Eda, each waiting for the other at different restaurants.

-8:00 Ayfer to Eda after reading letter: “These people aren't suitable for you. Remove yourself!”

-12:20 Engin to Piril in bed: “My mom wants to meet you.” (They both speak a bit of English here!)

-38:20 Serkan to Eda in his office: “Don't go.... You said once if I wanted you to stay, say 'don't go.'”

-52:30 Eda photoshoot—dresses up as nurse and pilot.

-1:15:00 Ferit to lawyer Ceren: “I was the one that leaked Eda and Serkan's contracted to the press.”

-1:35:00 Eda to Serkan in kitchen: “I waited hours for you at restaurant.” “What? I waited for you!”

Sen Cal kapimi romance Serkan Eda EdSer episode 21

-1:37:00 The whole gang at Eda's house, and some thinking Aydan was asking for Eda, others Piril.

-1:57:45 Serkan picking Eda up at flower shop: “I missed you.”

-2:04:20 Serkan coaches Eda in elevator to 25th floor: “Close your eyes.... look at me... remember us...” Kiss. Great romantic scene!

Episode 22

-Opens with Serkan and Eda in elevator—she slaps him, he kisses her again.

-Eda to Serkan on rooftop restaurant balcony: “So I bring color to your life?” “A rainbow.”

-8:00 Aydan to Alptekin: “I want a divorce.”

-11:30 Selin to Serkan, Ferit, Eda: “Confession--Ferit leaked your contract to press. And I'm leaving.”

-15:30 Serkan to Eda: “You lied to me too....and punishment will be severe.” (tongue in cheek)

-25:00 Serkan to Eda: “For your punishment, I want you to grant me three wishes.”

-30:25 Alptekin to Serkan: “I believe Eda is right for you. If you don't screw up like I did, you can be very happy.” …. “I don't want to see you ever again.” “Ok, but I'm your father and I'll always be here for you.” Sad...

-Meet Balca-- her fortunetelling friend: “And you will get hired, fall in love....”

-1:13:30 Eda and Serkan at potter's wheel together....

-1:21:30 Serkan to Eda: “My wish... I want you to surprise me one night... Come knock on my door.”

-1:32:06 Serkan thinking Eda will 'knock on his door,' instead Engin, then Ferit, then Erdem comes. Funny!

-1:42:00 Ferit and Ceren eat at a street cafe. Almost kiss

-Aydan wins the foundation president election with the help of Eda.

-2:02:40 Eda and Serkan dance at 70's party.

-2:07:00 Engin rides up on a white horse and proposes to Piril.

End: Eda 'knocks on Serkan's door' and finds Balca there....

Episode 23

-Opens with Eda finding Balca at Serkan's house.

-14:50 Ferit to Ceren: “I think about you before I go to sleep and when I wake up. … I love you.”

-24:00 Eda, Serkan, Balca go to lunch. Eda to Serkan: “See? Balca is totally in to you.”

-Ayfer recieves candy from her mother, and a knife from Chef Alexander.

-58:00 Working at Serkan's home, Eda flirts with Serkan over coffee.

-1:03:00 Ayfer's birthday.

-1:30:00 Eda and Melo put flowers in the new partner's house.

-1:34:00 Balca breaks the heel on her shoe.

-1:38:00; 1:42:00 Serkan to Eda sitting face to face: “..I must feel that you tremble inside when you say my name. ...sitting in front of me is the woman I love.”

Sen Cal kapimi serkan and Eda ice skating romance

-1:52:00 After Eda sees Balca with a present from her 'ex' Eda goes to Serkan: “You won the bet. Balca may still like you, but she's not chasing you.”

-1:54:00 Gang goes ice skating for Ayfer's birthday.

-1:58:00 Serkan to Eda, alone on ice: “I'm good on the ice, in the air, everywhere as long as you're with me.”

-2:06:00 Piril speaks into to a car containing her father: “I'm getting married.”

-End: New partner arrives. Eda: “Grandmother?”

Episode 24 -Opens with the arrival of Eda's grandmother.

-8:00 Serkan teases Eda: “Eda Bolat...”

-11:30 Eda goes off on her grandmother: “Go back where you came from!” … “If you take the path with Serkan, I'll destroy him and this company.”

-Aydan receives divorce papers.

-25:30 Serkan to Eda shaving: “Before you, I was like a machine, but you touched my heart.”

-39:00 Eda to Serkan: “When I was little, my mother bought me a bracelet... and I lost it...”

-43:00 Grandmother to Balca: “Eda will soon meet her future husband... And we'll help her.”

-58:00 tGrandmother to Ayfer: “If I can be convinced Eda's relationship with Serkan is only professional, I'll leave.”

-1:08:30 Serkan brings Eda glass of lemon water: “Would you to help me shop for gifts for team?”

-1:21:00 G-ma to Eda: “If I find you're in a relationship with Serkan, I'll bring this company down.”

-1:32:00 Eda to Serkan looking in telescope: “Thanks for everything, Serkan.”

-1:38:00 Piril to Engin, teary-eyed: “My parents aren't like yours.” …. “I love you, Piril.”

-1:41:00 Serkan finds Eda in his tub.

-Balca gives Serkan a bust of him for a gift.

-2:03:00 Chef Alexander comes to Serkan's. Serkan and Eda speak a bit of English.

-2:06:40 Engin and Piril's wedding.

-Balca fakes a break-in and calls Serkan, crying.

-2:15:00 New Year's party. Serkan gives Eda a bracelet; Eda's grandmother has Serkan arrested.

Episode 25

-Opens with everyone at police station for Serkan.

-Seminha to Eda: “End the relationship with Serkan, and I won't let those articles go to press.”

-10:00 Eda visits Serkan in jail. Serkan: “I love you. More than anything.”

-15:00 Eda to Seminha: “Ok, I'll do want you want, but you've lost me forever.”

-22:00 [Dream] Serkan to Eda at fountain: “I love you. Will you marry me?”

Sen Cal kapimi prince Seymen

-Ayfer to Serkan when he comes looking for Eda: “You're a good person, but stay away from Eda.”

-1:11:10 Meet Prince Seymen...

-1:34:30 Eda on her bed with bracelet reminisces about good times with Serkan.

-1:46:00 Aydan and Ayfer get invited to dinner with Chef Alexander—at the same time.

-Engin to Serakan: “Bad news—your father was just arrested in the Bahamas.”

-2:03:00 Eda to Serkan: “I can't be with you.”

-End: Prince unveils pictures of him with woman who looks like Eda: “Esma, my love, we're finally reunited.”

Episode 26

-Opens with Seminha to Eda at g-ma's house: “Serkan is in the past... I want you to get to know Seymen better.”

-10:55 Eda to Seminha in office: “You're right we should get closer as family.” [Lying]

-Serkan to group in meeting: “We will no longer be involved in the project for Seymen.”

-31:00; 34:48 Aydan and Ayfer do Aikido with Alexander.

-37:00 Eda find Serkan at construction site. Serkan baiting Eda: “I guess we'll just be friends then.”

-1:10:30 Eda/Seymen at dinner at same place as Serkan/Balca.

-1:12:21 Engin tries to seduce Piril as she's worried her father will arrive at any moment.

-1:24:40 Eda and Serkan get physical...

-2:03:50 Eda gets into Seminha's safe and gets caught.

-End: Eda to Serkan on airplane: “Will you marry me?”

Episode 27

-0:00; 5:40 Opens with Eda proposing on airplane. Kiss.

-12:00 Serkan to the gang: “Eda and I decided something-- we're getting married.”

-16:00 Eda/Serkan to Seminha: “We're getting married.”

-24:00 Serkan plays piano for Eda: “I was looking in the sky for stars but realized there was one right in front of me. …. Will you marry me?” Kiss.

-Seminha to Aydan and then Ayfer: “Oppose the marriage or else.”

-46:00; 53:00 Eda/Ayfer and Serkan/Aydan 'coincidentally' have lunch at Chef Alexander's to persuade the mothers about the marriage.

-51:20; 1:05:00 Piril's father strings Engin upside down by the ankles, he gets shot by paintball, and then meets her father at a fire with his mouth full. Funny!

-1:00:00 Ferit 'kidnaps' Ceren to play paintball.

-1:09:30 Serkan/Aydan come to ask for Eda's hand.

-1:18:06 Chef Alex come to 'woo' Ayfer-- Kerem speaks English

-1:38:00 Serkan 'forces his way in' Eda's front door. They flirt, she kisses him.

-1:57:20-End Henna night. Everyone passes out; Eda kidnapped.

Episode 28

-Opens with Serkan and the boys discovering all the women passed out and Eda gone. Serkan rescues Eda in a parking garage.

-20:00 Seminha to Eda: “What happened scared me. I won't interfere anymore.”

-22:00 Serkan to Balca: “I know you didn't drug the sherbet, but you could have helped. You're fired.”

-Engin: “Let's play a joke on Serkan at his wedding. … We boys are going on 15 day tour.” Piril incensed FUNNY!

-Eda and Serkan overhear each other, both thinking the other is regretting getting married.

-1:01:00 The guys go to Sapanca for bachelor party, the girls tag along.

-1:11:00 Eda to Serkan, Serkan to Eda: “I overheard your phone conversation, you think we are moving too fast.” Each apologizes. Kiss.

-1:16:12 Serkan to Eda in rain: “I love you.” She teases him, knowing he wants her to say it too. Funny and romantic

-1:18:30 Serkan and Eda snuggle on a pier.

-1:27:30 Guys judge a beauty contest at hotel.

-1:43:40 Eda gives Serkan spa massage. Bubble bath; shower.

-1:47:25 Eda and girls try on wedding dresses; Serkan fits tux.

-1:52:50 Hammam for the girls.

-2:06:30 Serkan to Eda before wedding: “I have to fly to Italy. I'll be back. …. I'll always love you.”

Sen Cal kapimi Serkan Eda wedding romance Edser

-End: In her wedding dress, Eda sees on TV: “The private plane of Serkan Bolat has not been heard from in two hours.” Eda has flashback to her last tender moments with Serkan, then faints.

Episode 29 (hyperlink to episode)

**2 Months later...

-Opening: Eda throwing ball for Sirius; Serkan walking through the woods, arriving 'home' to Selin.

-Eda drives up to office in Serkan's car. The team congratulates her for winning an award.

-Meet Deniz—who's been helping Eda look for Serkan.

-Girls Facetime with Fifi who's moved to London.

-20:40 Serkan to Selin: “I'm ready to go back to Istanbul.”

-24:50 Eda dreams Serkan comes to her while she is sleeping. Sad!

-28:00 Serkan arrives at office with Selin. Doesn't recognize the 'new' people – including Eda.

-32:00 Flashback: Selin briefing Serkan: “You and Eda played a game to make me jealous and change my mind about marrying Ferit. She manipulated you into someone you're not.”

-33:00-41:00 Eda in office hugging Serkan: “I missed you so much! I knew you'd come.” …. “I don't remember you at all...”

-48:46 Serkan reunited with his mother.

-52:00 Piril on phone: “I don't know how Engin will react to news.” Engin overhears, thinks she's preg. FUNNY!

-58:00 Eda handcuffs Serkan trying to get him to remember. It doesn't work.

-Alexander to Ayfer: “I don't want to wait any longr. Let's tell everyone we're together.”

-1:29:00 Selin to Eda: “I won't lose Serkan again.”

-1:42:40 Eda at Serkan's house: “Look at us in these pictures. Don't you remember us??” Sad...

-2:07:40 Eda arrives at Serkan's welcome back party, Serkan does double take and has faint memory.

-2:13:20-End: Eda kisses Serkan. Flustered Serkan to Selin: “Will you marry me?”

Episode 30 (hyperlink to episode)

-Opens with Serkan proposing to Selin.

-8:00 Eda gives Serkan back her flower ring: “After last night, I can't wear this anymore.”

-16:30 A man brings rings for Serkan to look at. Eda: “Selin would like this big showy one.”

-32:00 Eda goes to retrieve her things from Serkan's house and he shows up. They argue—with a spark of remembering...

-Deniz takes Eda away for a few days. Aydan convinces Serkan (and Selin) to go away too-same place.

-1:08:00 After arguing with Serkan, Eda 'sprains her ankle' on the bridge.

-Alexander texts an invitation to dinner—thinks he's texting Ayfer, but it was Aydan.

-1:26:00; 1:33:40 After reading from book at hotel, Serkan to Eda at the inn: “I want to know you.” …. “Do you remember?”

-1:32:00 Ceren to Deniz sitting outside: “I still care you.”

-1:37:00 Ceren goes off on Eda: “It's always all about you! We have feelings too!” “What did I do?”

-Eda to Serkan as he sniffs a lemon for stress: “Where did you learn that?”

-1:54:00 Ceren to Eda at Deniz' shop: “I apologize for what I said yesterday.”

-1:56:30 Serkan unceremoniously gives Selin a ring: “I want you to wear this.”

-2:03:00 Eda in her yellow dress imagines Serkan saying to her: “I remember everything. I love you.”

-2:06:00 Serkan sees Eda coming down stairs in yellow dress and has sparks of recollection...

-2:10:00 Ayfer and Alex to Aydan: “We've been together for awhile.”

-2:11:00 Piril to Engin at party/presentation: “I'm pregnant.”

End: Eda to crowd: “Deniz surprised me today with a marriage proposal and I accepted.”

Episode 31

-Opens with Eda declaring that she's accepted proposal from Deniz.

-Eda to her aunt: “Ok, it's all a game. It's the only way to bring Serkan back.”

-23:00 Eda gets a HUGE bouquet of red balloons from Deniz.

-32:00 Eda and Deniz have photoshoot.

-51:20 Serkan drops Eda off at home: “Did I know about you, Deniz, and the starfish?” “No... we had a story of our own.” Sad.

-58:0:00 Serkan to Eda at office: “Which love was better-- Serkan or Deniz?”

-1:02:00 Ferit brings two cacti to Ceren: “Should we be enemies?”

-Melo comforting Ceren: “Eda and Deniz is just a game to make Serkan jealous.” Selin overhears.

1:21:00 Ayfer to Eda: “I'm... uh...” “You're dating Alex.” “How did you know?”

-1:32:00 Melo locks Selin in office, so Serkan and Eda are on yacht alone.

-1:34:00; 1:36:50 After cutting and dying her hair, Ceren to Deniz: “I'm only happy with you.” Kiss.

-1:39:00; 1:43:20 Serkan to Eda: “I took your year away, but would you like the ring back?”

-1:47:00 Engin gives Piril a Valentine's necklace when she thought he'd forgotten about 'them.'

-Ayfer finds out Alex is a 'player'.

-2:02:00 Baby shower for Piril and Engin.

2:06:20 Deniz to Eda in front of everyone: “...our wedding invitation. April 20.” “No, MARCH 20.”

Episode 32

-Opens with Serkan asleep on his office sofa holding the wedding invitation; Eda wakes up with invitation thinking, “What have I done?!”

-7:00 Deniz and Selin partner and scheme to keep Eda and Serkan apart.

-33:50 Serkan has a memory flashback to telling Eda: “No one but me dares touch you.”

-39:30 Dropping wedding invitation on floor, Ayfer to Eda: “Serkan has 1 week to remember or you call off this game.”

-42:20 Serkan finds himself at coffee shop, Eda arrives: “This place brings me peace for some reason.” SAD.

-53:50 “Eda, you need to put these papers away.” Both retrieve from floor at same time. Almost kiss.

-Selin deletes an important document off Eda's computer.

-1:14:00 Serkan helps Eda recreate presentation. When it's over, she hugs him.

-1:17:00 Alex playing the field from one woman to another.

-1:21:14 Gang has snowball fight. Eda and Serkan tussle.

-Aydan and Ayfer find Alex at dinner with another woman. Ayden hits him over head with bottle and 'kills' him.

-Selin's bday party: Eda gets lost in woods. Gang hunts. Selin smashes things: “No one loves me!”

-1:54:00 Serkan finds hurt Eda, takes her to a (very cliched) hut.

-1:58:00 Still throwing things, Selin to Deniz: “I'll show you what stupid is!” She kisses him.

-2:01:00 Serkan puts necklace on Eda. “If we had such a great love, did we always argue?” “...We complemented each other.”

-End: Deniz and Selin find Eda asleep leaning on Serkan. Selin fuming.

Episode 33

-Opens with Selin and Deniz finding Eda asleep leaning on Serkan. Selin goes ballistic.

-Serkan and Eda have a little car racing competition.

-19:15 Serkan to Selin in group meeting: “Selin now owns 5% of the company.”

-27:00 Piril gets new hairdo

-34:00 Eda to Serkan in argument: “...I don't love you anymore.” Inner dialog: “I love you enough for the both of us.”

-58:00 Serkan to Engin. “You're right. I can't stop thinking about Eda.”

1:02:28 Eda to Serkan at floral shop. “Smile like this.” She pulls corners of his mouth up. Funny.

-1:13:30 Eda to Serkan: “Want to help me with the terrariums?”

-1:19:00 Selin causes a fender-bender to get Serkan's attention away from Eda.

-Serkan arranges with Melo to get Eda to a restaurant.

-2:05:00 Ferit finds Ceren on a bench: “What's the matter?” Tearful, she hugs him.

End: Serkan walks in the restaurant, and kisses Eda.

Episode 34

-Opens with Serkan kissing Eda, she slaps him. Flashback- Ceren to Serkan: “Eda is playing a game-trying to get you back.” Eda and Serkan get call- Police questioning Aydan & Ayfer about Alex.

-Serkan to Engin at police station: “Eda's playing me.... I'll make her admit it to me.”

-Serkan tears up the rules sign: “I don't think love should be prohibited in the office after all.”

-31:00 Sefi sees Alex at Ayfer's door - the ladies know he's alive.

-1:13:00 Gang at 'relaxation retreat' where couples have to answer questions about each other.

-1:26:20 Ceren to Deniz: “I told Serkan about your game.”

1:30:20: 1:32:20; 1:36:50 Serkan boxing with Eda: “If things were so good with us, why are you marrying Deniz?” She clocks him.

-1:31:30 Selin to Deniz: “Someone took these photos of us [kissing] and was giving them to Serkan.”

-Alex and his sidekick blackmailing Ayfer and Ayden over Alex's “death.”

-2:02:00 Serkan gets rooked into being Eda's runway partner for a fashion show.

-End: Eda drops her flower ring/necklace and falls off yacht into water.

Episode 35

Opens with Eda falling from yacht into water. Serkan finds her necklace.

-11:00 Selin to Deniz: “We should give up.” “No! Time to double down. My wedding will be real.”

-25:00 Seyfi fired for ratting on Ayden.

-32:30 Eda to Serkan, helping him button shirt: “I hope you'll see the truth before it's too late.”

-36:00 Ceren to Eda and Melo outside office: “Please forgive me. I got off my medicine for awhile.”

-46:25 Serkan walks in on Eda trying on wedding dress: “Beautiful.” …. “Would you help me unbutton it, please?”

-56:00 Piril confronts Engin with text: “You've been cheating on me?” … “If that's what you think, then you don't really know me at all.”

-59:00 Eda gets her hair tangled in Serkan's button. Selin yanks it loose.

-1:17:00 Selin confronts Ferit outdoors: “...Mind your own business.” “What will you do when Serkan's memory returns?”

-1:20:00; 1:27:00 Eda and Serkan get giddy after eating a cake concoction made by Ayfer/Aydan.

-1:30:00 Eda and Serkan make sandwiches together.

1:53:00 Serkan gets punched in a bar fight. “I remember! I remember!”

-End: Just as Eda says “Yes” at the wedding table with Deniz, Serkan shows up. “I remember!”

Episode 36

-Opens with registrar saying, “This was a real wedding.” Aydan to Deniz: “Our lawyers will fix this.”

-Eda puts on music and leaps into Serkan's arms. Kiss

-8:00 Eda to Serkan by the water: “I love you.” Kiss

12:40 Eda to Serkan dancing: “I really missed these moments.” ….. “I'll make up for all you missed.” Kiss

-16:00 Melo to Eda on phone: “Hurry! You have 8 hours to get the signatures to end the marriage!”