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Dolunay ~ Episode Guide

Whether you want to rewatch your favorite Dolunay scenes or skim the series, this episode guide is for you! But beware-- it is FULL of Dolunay spoilers!


-Genre: Rom-com

-Lead actors: Can Yaman | Ozge Gurel

-Number of episodes: 26

-Where to watch Dolunay full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles."

-English title of Dolunay: Full Moon


•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green.


Dolunay English Episode Guide

Episode 1

-Meet Nazli, culinary student, offered a job as personal chef.

-12:20 Meet Ferit, sophisticated businessman, who arrives by helicopter.

-14:00 Ferit arrives home in red sports car, obsesses over order.

-20:00 Meet Bulut—who scares Nazli in the kitchen.

-Meet Ferit's sister and BIL at Ferit's office.

-Nazli gets hired to be Ferit's cleaner as well.

-31:00 Fatos meets Tarik.

-Fatos meets Engin, stuck in a revolving door.

-Meet Deniz at outdoor cocktail party.

-43:30 Ferit has breakfast at his mother's house.

-50:00 Thinking each is a burlar, Ferit meets Nazli.

-Deniz comes home and finds Alya there in a robe sipping wine.

-Ferit to Nazli finding her playing in a fort with Bulut: “Your job is to keep the house neat and tidy.”

-1:21:15 Asuman steals a tie pin from Ferit's dressing room.

-1:44:00 Ferit to Nazli, dancing at the Japanese event: “You smell beautiful.”

-End: Ferit to drunk Nazli: “Ok, spend the night. You've been trying so hard—first you come to work for me, then show up at my parties.”

Episode 2

-Nazli wakes up in Ferit's bed, aghast. After an exchange with Ferit, she storms out.

-23:00 Deniz and Nazli go to animal shelter.

-24:50 Ferit flashback to putting drunk Nazli to bed in his room.

-Ferit outbids Hakan in a tender.

-1:18:50 Tarik to Deniz: “..Bulut's parents didn't survive the car accident.”

-Nazli brings cookies to Bulut in hospital. Bulut crying: “Did you know my parents died?” SAD

-End: Nazli to Ferit who appears at her door: “What are you doing here?”

Episode 3

-52:00 Nazli's sister, Asuman, steals a dress

-1:05:20 Nazli falls in Ferit's arms falling in the door.

End: Custody hearing—Ferit loses.

Episode 4

-Nazli takes Bulut to animal shelter and then to new home.

-Ferit takes Nazli to his favorite overlook.

-Alye (the singer) kisses Deniz while tussling over a camera.

-Nazli finds out her sister leaked the document to Demet (Deniz' sister)

-End: Nazli goes to get her phone and has coffee with Ferit.

Episode 5

-Ferit trying to find out who took the photo on their phone. Nazli trying to get up the courage to tell him it was her sister.

-Ferit's mom to Ferit: “You've been punishing me for having an affair all those years ago.” “You married dad for his money...”

-Engin overhears Fatos applying for a job at fashion house, so he knows she's lied to him.

-2:00:00 Bulut's birthday party.

-End: Hakan on the phone—plans to knock off Ferit.

Episode 6

-Hakan involved in illegal activities

-Ferit sick with flu. Nasli plays nurse.

-Demet sends photos to Ferit that prove Nasli's sister took “the” photos that lost him Bulut.

Episode 7

-Deniz buys a bar/club where Alya will perform.

-Ferit and Nazli go to dinner and dance. Major sparks between them... ***

-Engin comes to Fatosh's apt. They reconcile to a degree.

-Hakan shows contrived photos of Ferit with women and wins Bulut in court.

-Deniz to Ayla: “I love Nazli.”

-Both drunk at Ferit's house, Ferit kisses Nazli.

Episode 8

-Opens with BIG kiss.

-Bulut escapes from Demet and Hakan's house.

-Nazli makes tomato sauce; Ferit helps.

-Fatos goes to a boring play with Tarik and sits next to Engin.

-Demet finds out she's pregnant.

-Episode where everyone is in love with someone else-- Denis loves Nazli; Aliya loves Denis, Fatos pines for Engin, Tarik wants Fatos. Ferit wants Nazli, and she wants him but can't admit it.

Episode 9

-Opens with everyone at the club and Alya announcing from the stage, “I love Deniz.”

-Hakan strategizing to get Deniz' shares to give him a majority.

-Bulut's birthday at Ferit's

-Deniz to Ferit: “I'm going after my love and will go over any obstacle...”

-Nazli hands note of resignation to Ferit.

Episode 10

-Opens with Nazli giving her resignation to Ferit.

-Ferit has Asuman investigated.

-Ferit to a teary-eyed Nazli at the club: “Why did you quit?”

-Nazli's friend Monami wants her to buy a restaurant with her.

-Fatos and Engin officially become 'lovers'.

-Deniz to Ferit, justifying his vote for his sister in the company: “Stop trying to lead me! You just want to wield power. Over Nazli, the company, and me.” (key scene—they are 'breaking')

-On the yacht, Ferit rips up the contract: “You are free to go, Nazli.”

Episode 11

-Opens with Ferit ripping up Nazli's contract.

-Nazli and Monami become partners in a restaurant.

-Nazli denied loan-- no collateral.

-Nazli goes to hotel in Sapanca with Ferit and Nakatani's. [Hotel Sapanca]

-Nazli's father loans her the money to open the restaurant.

-Deniz sings his new song to Nazli at a party celebrating her new restaurant.

-Alya to Deniz sitting in his window: “Ferit lost Bulut because of the documents. Asuman gave them to Hakan and Nazli knows this.”

Episode 12

-Hakan gets rough with Demet in her office: “If you ever leave me...”

-Demet publishes photos of Nazli and Ferit in paper: “Ferit Aslan opens restaurant with girlfriend.”

-Hakan has meeting- he's doing shady business. Demet overhears, aghast.

-Fatos and Tarik play a slapping scene on a dizi set.

-Hakan wounded in a police raid.

-Ferit and Nazli cook the first (and romantic) dinner at her new restaurant.

-Restaurant grand opening. Ferit and Nazli dance again, Deniz sees and leaves.

-Ferit gets a package, then confronts Nazli: “Did you know Asuman took the photos?”

Episode 13

-Opens with Ferit confronting Nazli: “Because you wanted to protect your sister, I lost my nephew.”

-Deniz to Ferit: “I gave you the package. I thought you should know.”

-Asuman is fired.

-Ferit severs the restaurant partnership- buys out Nazli and Monami.

-Nazli and Asuman get on bus to go back to Antakya. But go back home when Ferit changes his mind.

-Bulut invites Nazli and Ferit to be his 'parents' at a school trip to an aquarium.

-Asuman sends receipts to Hakan from Demet's abortion.

-Deniz to Ferit: “I want to sell my shares in the company.” They argue in the parking garage.

-A mechanic to Ferit and Deniz: “Looks like your sister and BIL's car was sabotaged.”

Episode 14

-Opens with Ferit and Deniz arguing in parking garage and mechanic telling them car was sabotaged.

-Bulut overhears Hakan berating Demit for aborting their child and calls Nazli, scared.

-Demet has her men 'kidnap' Asuman.

-Deniz buys a telescope for Bulut.

-Nazli has a food critic/chef come to the restaurant and Demet's planted waiter sabotages the food.

-Ferit finds his witness to the car sabotage dead.

-Hakan and Demet to Deniz: “Give us your shares in the company and Bulut can live with you—and Nazli will be coming to visit you instead of Ferit.”

-Ferit to Nazli outside her restaurant: “I'm tired of losing Bulut. Help me. Marry me.”

Episode 15

-59:00 Ferit 'romantically' proposes to Nazli at a green house—then dashes her hopes.

-Fatos to Tarik in the car: “I don't love Engin.”

-1:19:00 Ferit holds a press conference and announces his engagement.

-Engin proposes, Fatos accepts.

-Alya consoles heartbroken Deniz.

-Demet shuts Nazli in a meat locker on her wedding day.

Episode 16

-Opens with Ferit waiting at the wedding venue for Nazli, angry that she's not there.

-Deniz rescues Nazli from the meat locker.

-Ferit and Nazli's wedding at Ferit's house.

-Heartbroken over Nazli marrying Ferit, Deniz gets drunk. Alya is there to comfort him. “Let's go to France... and then Spain and Portugal!” Few minutes later she kisses him, then he KISSES her back. Then spends the night (1:09:36)

-1:13:30; 1:16:32 Ferit and Asli in the shower.

-2:00:00 Deniz to Alya: “I don't want you as my girlfriend.”

-End: Ferit arrested for drugs in a company shipment (planted by Hakan).

Episode 17

Opens with Ferit getting arrested.

-9:30 Nazli visits Ferit at police station. They have to pretend to be romantic (but really do feel it).

-12:00 Nazli “pointlessly” hugs Ferit. He hugs her back. Each hinting to the other their true feelings.

-32:18 Nazli to Ferit to prove he's not asleep: “I love you.” He “wakes up” immediately. Funny!

-32:29 They wake up in each other's arms.

-37:00 Fatos to friends: “I don't want to marry Engin!”

-Hakan's company is audited—arranged by Ferit.

-Demet's planted waiter, Burak, is caught spying by Asuman.

-1:24:00; 1:38:33 Exhibition at art gallery. At home she turns her ankle and Ferit carries her upstairs.

-1:54:30 Asuman, talking to her father, finds out Nazli and Ferit's wedding is fake.

-2:09:00 Engin comes to Fatos' apt: “I want to break up.”

-Because Bulut is spending the night, Nazli and Ferit sleep in same bed. End up having a (romantic?) conversation about fish. (But I missed the context somewhere....)

2:14:58 Pained over Nazli, Deniz rides his motorcycle very recklessly.

Episode 18

-Opens with Ferit and Nazli in the bed. Ferit is about to kiss Nazli when Bulut walks in.

-Deniz wrecks on his motorcycle.

-Nazli and Ferit go to a horror movie and Nazli gets all scared. He sleeps in the bed with her.

-Deniz overhears Engin talking to Fatos about the fake marriage.

-Deniz gives Ferit and Nazli a camera as a wedding gift. Then says, “I know it's a fake marriage.”

-Trial. Both sides present 'dirt' on the other. Then Deniz walks into the courtroom. [end of show]

Episode 19

-Ferit and Nazli win custody.

-Demet and Hakan kicked out of the company.

-Asuman and Deniz have altercation in parking garage and 'key' the car, then beat it with baseball bats.

-Ferit and Nazli have sweet moment in the kitchen when she encourages Ferit to take Bulut to g-ma's.

-Ferit fires Hakan's employees.

-Both Ferit and Demet question Resul's relative to find out about the car Hakan had him sabotage. -Demet finds out Hakan is ultimately responsible for her brother's death.

-The restaurant is in financial trouble.

-1:16:30 Demet to Hakan: “You killed my brother!” “Yes! I did! He never cared about you.”

-Fatos is scared of a burglar. Engin and Tarik come over. Asuman comes in and they all scream.

-Ferit takes Bulut to Besiktas stadium.

-Hakan has Demet shoot a target on a door to kill the man on the other side—Ferit's spy.

-2:20:30 Ferit and Nazli have a romantic moment with coffee over the kitchen island.

-Demet escapes and goes to Ferit's house. Hakan calls: “You killed a man.”

*Hakan's evil is over the top.

Episode 20

-Opens with Hakan dropping the bomb on Demet that she killed a man. He comes to Ferit's and “performs” an apology in front of everyone.

-Nazli to Manami: “I need to get another job to pay back this big new loan.”

-Ferit's birthday—which he prefers not to celebrate.

-1:01:00 Ferit flirts with and almost kisses Nazli outside the birthday venue.

-1:16:20 Ferit to Nazli: “I'm so glad you are in my life.” {{Big kiss}}

-1:29:50 Ferit to Nazli at home when she gives him a new record: “Want to dance with me? For us?”

-Ferit takes Nazli to his favorite coffee place: “I forgive you. I forgave you a long time ago.”

-Tarik to Fatos who is taking her portfolio to a famous designer: “I love you.”

-Pelin to Hakan on the phone: “I accept your offer.” Then she visits Ferit. “I didn't cheat on you.”

-End- Nazli to Ferit at dinner: “Was Pelin your ex-girlfriend? Why should I care. It's just a fake marriage.” She gets up to leave, he jerks her arm around and pulls her face to face.

Episode 21

-Ferit visits Pelin at her hotel.

-Debt collectors come for Asuman's school tax. Nazli nearly cuts Asuman's hair off with a knife.

-Hakan in cahoots with investment man to 'destroy' Ferit's company.

-Nazli invites Pelin for dinner.

-Demet, pretending to be drunk, records Hakan telling how he murdered her brother.

-Asuman to Deniz at his club: “What if we become more than friends?” “Not gonna happen...”

-A ladies group has lunch at the restaurant and dance when reporters arrive to do an interview.

-Ferit takes Pelin to the cemetery to see Zeynep's grave and Pelin puts on a pity show.

-Ferit misses the interview at the restaurant, putting Nazli in a difficult position.

-Asuman goes to work at a 'party' and gets stuck in the house with a sleazy man.

-Nazli leaves Ferit four post it's. “I'm tired. I'm angry. I'm going to rest. I'm leaving.”

Episode 22

-Opens with Asuman trapped in the sleazy guy's house and Ferit reading the note.

-Deniz rescues Asuman. She spends the night. He falls asleep with her.

- Nazli goes to an olive grove to get away and think. Ferit finds her there.

-1:38:48; 1:43:50 Ferit and Nazli spend the night in a cabin. Ferit: “ is real. I love you.” {{Big kiss}}

-Scumbag guy calls Asuman: “I took pictures of you when you were dressing. Deliver something for me or I will share them on the internet.”

-2:02:40 Asuman goes back to scumbag's house. She shoots him. It's all a ploy by Hakan.

-Ferit's mom: “I've decided to live with you.”

Episode 23

-Opens with Ferit's mom saying, “I'm going to live with you.”

-Ferit's mom trying to control everyone. Mom:“Why a chef?” “Because I love her and she's not like you.”

-13:00; 14:51; 16:10 Ferit to Nazli in their bed: “I won't have to try to stay away from you tonight.”

-29:00 Asuman gets a guy to call scumbag, finds out he's still alive. Then she and Deniz have fun in an arcade.

-Ferit and Nazli spend the day together at a park and pottery studio.

-Hakan threatens Ferit's mother.

-Ferit to Nazli in bed: “My mother cheated on my father and it was a big burden for me as a kid.”

-1:38:00 Hakan comes to restaurant. Shows Nazli vid of Asuman shooting scumbag. “Divorce Ferit.”'

-Asuman nearly jumps off a building. Deniz saves her.

-Ferit proposes with his grandmother's ring. Nazli: “I can't accept.”

Episode 24

-Opens with Ferit's proposal.

-52:00 Ferit corners Nazli in restaurant kitchen: “Tell me what this is all about? I know you love me.”

-Monami, Tarik, Fatos, and Engin go to one of those escape room places.

-Ferit and Nazli are interviewed at the restaurant. Their answers hint at their relationship situation.

-1:23:30 Nazli meets Ferit for breakfast to talk and the man she borrowed money comes over: “You don't need my loan if you are married to Ferit.”

-1:25:20 Nazli blurts out, “I want a divorce!”

-1:41:00 Hakan to Ferit's mom: “Do your children know that you had an affair with my father?”

-Nazli catches Pelin with Hakan. Ferit fires Pelin.

-End: Ferit and Nazli in divorce court. Both say yes to divorce.

Episode 25

-Opens with divorce court. Judge: “You are newly married. Go to a family therapist before divorce.”

-32:00 Ferit and Nazli go to family therapist session.

-Hakan initiates lawsuit to get Bulut back.

-Bulut runs away to Nazli's apt.

-Monami tells Tarik they are incompatible while playing charades at Deniz's house.

-Asuman tells Deniz how Hakan set her up. He's fuming.

-1:25:50;1:31:20 Deniz and Asuman hear Hakan's confession on the recorder. He storms over to confront Demet.

-End Hakan holds Nazli at gunpoint, has a scuffle with Ferit, we hear a gunshot. Episode ends.

Episode 26

-Opens with Hakan and Ferit scuffling (no gunshot); Hakan arrested.

-Demet arrested.

-Suddenly it is New Year's Eve

-Ferit makes peace with his mom.

-At the party, Fatos goes on stage, and announces, “Tarik, will you marry me?”

-Nazli to Ferit outside the party: “I'm pregnant!”

-End: Ferit has arranged for it to snow for her.

*Very disappointing ending. Sorta scattered, at LEAST 10 minutes of random band music, cheesy romance. Like it was very rushed, poorly scripted, and they needed content so they just kept playing more band music.

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Jeanie Hynd
Jeanie Hynd
Jan 15

Yeah it was disappointing ending. But love can yaman, so would watch watever he’s in ♥️


Aug 19, 2023

If you watch on YouTube and it’s 81 episodes, the last episode is the longest and it’s filled with a ton of music played by different people/bands. I was disappointed with the ending. It’s like they had 10 min of acting. Then filled with tons of music to make it as long as previous episodes.

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