Kiralik Ask ~ Episode Guide ~ Season 1

I've been hearing dizi fans rave about Turkish rom-com Kiralik Ask for awhile, so during the Covid-19 quarantine, I took the plunge. And I was hooked from the first episode. Thus far, it seems to be a well-written Dizi with great chemistry between the leads Elgin Sangu and Baris Arduc. It's always a good sign when I finish an episode and can NOT close my laptop without peeking at what's coming in the next episode.

**Where to watch Kiralik Ask full episodes with English subtitles-- see my blog post "Where to watch Turkish Drama with English subtitles."

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•Romantic scenes in pink.

•Touching, poignant, great acting, etc. scenes in green. (Also profound words of wisdom.)

•Other important scenes bolded.

**Warning: This guide is FULL of Kiralik Ask spoilers**



Episode 1 -Meet Omer, shoe designer. -Omer's grandfather Hulusi to Omer's uncle Necme: “Get our boy Omer married or I'm going to sell the mansion.” -Defne's family going to be evicted over her brother's failure to pay a loan shark. -Omer kisses the waitress, Defne. -Neriman, Omer's aunt, to Defne: “I'll give you 200,000 liras and set you up as Omer's assistant if you'll make Omer fall in love with you.” -1:13:39 Defne meets her new boss Omer as she's making his breakfast. -1:23:23 Meet Usta, Omer's mentor.

Episode 2 -Opens with beach photoshoot of shoes for fall catalog. Defne sprains her ankle, Omer tends her. -Defne makes a vegetable smoothie for Omer and he smiles for the first time. -Sinan helps Defne with a PowerPoint presentation then takes her for dinner. -Omer gives Defne a pair of pink flat shoes and she hugs him.

Episode 3 -Defne picks up the new featured shoes from the Usta the shoemaker, then goes to Omer's house, picks up his tux and sneaks a peek in his office that reflects the 'real' him. -Yasimin snags the featured shoes in the bathroom.

Kiralik Ask with english subtitles Omer and Defne dance

-Omer dances with Defne at the pool party.

-Serdar walks Nihan home: “Who would want to marry a girl as young as you?” -Iso tries to tell Nihan that he loves her, but she doesn't 'hear.' Ibo nearly beats up Serdar. -Defne falls asleep at Sinan's house watching Pride and Prejudice. -Omer discovers the new shoes are missing. -Omer fires Defne. Episode 4 -Defne goes to Omer's office: “I don't care about the job, but I don't want you to forever think I'm a thief!” -Verdat finds the shoes in Yasemin's office drawer. -Dinner party for 'The Italians.' Omer tells them Defne is her fiance and gives her a ring. -Iso to Nihan: “I've fallen in love with you.” Episode 5 -Yasemin to Omer: “My mother is sick in Switzerland.” Omer takes her out to lunch. -37:00 Yasemin seduces Omer at his house over wine. -Neriman to Yasimin in Omer's office: “We heard your mother is ill in Switzerland. Here's a ticket to go see her!” -Omer and Defne go out of town for the symposium. -1:22:30 Nihan to Defne on phone: “...You are jealous of Yasemin with Omer!” As Omer is walking out of building, Defne realizes she's falling for him. -Yasemin at Sinan's house- he sees the real her and decides he doesn't like what he sees. -Defne falls in the pool and gets drunk.

Episode 6 -Yasimin comes to Neriman and shows her the pic of her husband Necmi kissing another woman's hand. “I'll call the shots now.” -Defne buys 1st edition of Pride and Prejudice for Omer's birthday. -Nihan to Iso: “You're a great guy but my heart is with Serdar.” Serdar sees them hugging. -Neriman to Defne: “Omer has fallen in love with the Defne I created.” -Omer's birthday party on the yacht. Defne gives her present to Yasimin who gives it to Omer—he loves it.

Episode 7 -Opens with birthday on the yacht and Neriman pushing Necmi overboard. -Omer is sick. Defne makes him chicken soup. -Omer to Defne on the stairs: “I don't like the idea of office relationships.” He's thinking her and Sinan, she thinks he's insinuating about them. -Omer challenges Sinan to basketball. It's really a 'battle' over Defne. -Sinan takes Defne to go chandelier shopping. -Omer invites Usta to his mountain house. A strong wind blows. (Reference to earlier discussion about change coming.) -Garden party in Neriman's yard. Nemiman to Omer: “Defne's in love with you.” Driver Sukru to Omer: "Defne bought Pride and Prejuice." -End: Omer goes to Defne's house: “Did you buy that book for me?” “Yes.”

Episode 8

Defne in yellow dress model Kiralik Ask with english subtitles

-Opens with Omer at Defne's house. Crying, she wants to tell him she loves him but tells him she wants to resign instead. -Defne turns in resignation. Omer: “Company policy says you must give 15 day's notice.” -Omer to Defne: “I want you to organize all the shoes before you go home today.” -Koray photographs Defne in a yellow dress as the new shoe model. -Serdar (awkwardly) kisses Nihan. -Omer sends Defne to spend the day scouting locations with Yasimin, who torments her. -Iso becomes Yasimin's driver. -Defne storms to Omer's house: “Why are you making me crazy?” She smashes coffee cups.

Episode 9 -Opens just after she's smashed the cups. Defne spends the night at Omer's and he makes breakfast as an apology the next morning. -Sinan brings Defne home, has tea with her family in the garden. Kinda Funny.

-1:25:30 Omer to Defne in his office. “So you're leaving.... You're the best assistant I've ever had.”

-Launch party: Yasimin locks Nermin and Kolay in the bathroom so they can't unveil Defne as the model. Sinan convinces Defne to be his assistant.

End: Omer to Defne: “Don't go. Please don't go.” Episode 10 -Omer angry at Defne for becoming Sinan's assistant. -Neriman to Sinan (lying): “The game is over between Defne and Omer.” -Omer visits Feryal, and Defne tags along, jealous. -Neriman to her husband Necme: “Now that we got Sinan out of the way, YOU go to work to be sure Defne and Omer get together.” -Defne takes Serdar shopping for a new wardrobe and finds herself taking on traits of Neriman.

-End: Omer discovers Defne is the model in the photos. They nearly kiss in the garden.

Episode 11 -Defne to Iso sitting on the step at his house: “Here's what happened... I had to make Omer fall in love with me. Now I love him!”

-40:07 Omer locks his office door and has a chat with Defne. Almost kiss.

-Grandpa Hulusi to Usta: “How can I reconcile with Omer?” “Sometimes the elders have to apologize to the younger ones.” -Defne 'trains' Omer's new assistant.

-1:06:10 Defne makes Omer breakfast and he finds out she lied to the new assistant about what he likes. Funny!

-1:16:24 Yasimin provokes Defne: “Your parents didn't teach you well.” Defne nearly tackles her and ends up pouring her heart out to Omer and revealing her wounds from childhood.

-Omer fires Yasimin.

-1:26:36 Iso takes Yasimin to overlook: “Scream, get all your anger out.” He kisses her.

-End: Omer finds Defne with her friends and takes her by the water to talk: “What if you are not alone?” Almost kiss.

Episode 12 -Iso drags a depressed Yasimin out of bed: “Get up and get a shower.” -1:00:27 Omer to Defne in his office: “Let's ride to Poleneskoy tomorrow together.” flirty -Yasimin apologizes to Defne so Omer/Sinan will hire her back.

-Omer and Defne try to steal a private moment in the elevator but Koray ruins it. Outside Omer says: “What if I kissed you right here?”

Serdar and Nihan engagement Kiralik Ask English

-Iso stops the car and says to Yasimin: “Why not stop hating and start loving? It's a lot more pleasant.” -1:22:54 Necme tells Defne the story about Omer's father, mother, and relationship to grandfather.

-Defne meets Omer's grandfather: “...You should stop trying to control people.” -1:36:29 Serdar arranges fireworks for Nihan: “Will you marry me”

-End: Company trip to Polenskoy. Defne in Omer's hotel room. Episode 13

-Opening: Defne to Omer in his hotel room. “How about we have dinner tonight?” “What if that's not enough for me?” She kisses him on the cheek.

-Both Omer and Sinan are wanting to 'talk' to Defne alone, but plans are thwarted. -46:20 Boat riding at the company retreat. Yasimin falls in the water. -Neriman to Sinan: “You're the reason my daughter left years ago." -1:25:23; 1:35:00 Grandmother and sister take food to Nihan as part of the courtship. The mothers fight.

-1:32:46; 1:38:58; 1:41:32; 1:48:37 Omer and Defne on ATV, 'lost' in the forest; kiss.

Most of the episode was boring filler of Nermin and Koray. The Omer Defne was good though. Episode 14 Opens with Defne and Omer driving from retreat and flirting in the car.

-6:10: 15:32; 20:22; 26:15; 31:35; 37:24: 45:31; 50:20; 1:05:00; Omer takes Defne to his mountain house.

Kiralik Ask Defne and Omer romance

-42:06 Yasimin to Sinan at his house: “Am I bad?” “You are controlling, strict...bad.” -1:26:20 Iso in Yasimin's office” “You are used to doing what you want with people. You're always right, they're always wrong.” He puts her in her place. -Nermin to Defne on the phone: “Now get him to marry you. Then you will leave.” -Sinan referees between Sedar's grandmother and Nihan's mother. -1:38:44 Defne leaves Omer a 'dear John' letter. -Quabbling over Neriman interfering with Omer, Necme takes his ring off and walks away. -1:51:00 Omer to Senan: “Defne left me.” -End: Omer sees Defne looking down at him from the window of Nihan's room. Episode 15 -Opens with Necme coming to Omer's: “I've left Nerimin too.” -Nerimin to Defne outside her house: “Tomorrow you will go to work.”

-17:00 Yasimin calls Iso: “Come.” He walks in her door and kisses her.

-19:24 Defne at Sinan's house: “I had to leave him. Otherwise how'd he feel to be in the middle of a big lie?” -26:40 Omer to Sinan: “How can Defne be my assistant?” “You can't fire her. It would be unethical.” -Defne repeatedly tries to tell Omer the truth, but he's furious and won't listen to anything. -Nermin's daughter Sude comes home. -Iso and Yasimin go race car driving. -Rival company man Deniz Tramba calls Yasimin: “I'm going to get Omer out of the way.” -Yasimin feeds Iso raw oysters. -Omer and Sinan play basketball. Sinan realizes all the signs that Omer was falling for Defne. -Sude appears in Sinan's office. Flashback to when they were a couple years ago. -Omer to Usta: “Tell me what to do.” “Listen to your inner voice.” -End: Awards ceremony. Defne drags Omer outside: “I'll tell you everything.”

Episode 16 Opening: By the pool, Defne is about to tell all to Omer, but Sinan sends Omer on an errand. Sinan to Defne: “Don't you dare tell him. You will estrange him from aunt, uncle, and me.” -Defne to Nihan in her room: “I'll get rid of all these clothes Nermin bought and wear my own. Be me.”

-Defne to Omer in his kitchen: “It was getting too difficult for me.” “Was my love hard for you?” “No. It was my love for you.”

-24:00 Defne to Omer, coughing in elevator” “Yes. My soul is sick. Too bad I don't heal as fast as you do.” “Who said I've healed?”

-38:00 Omer to Defne as she's leaving his office: “If I'm bad for you why don't you leave?” “I can't. Why don't you tell me to leave?” “I can't.”

-45:30 Defne signed up for design course-- Omer is the teacher. -48:00 Omer presents the fall collection to the office staff. Syles are inspired by his feelings for Defne. -Omer and Sinan have dinner with school friends. He and his ex Iz go for drinks; she spends the night. -1:33:13 Sinan and Omer have meeting with rival Deniz. -Defne sees Iz with the book she gave Omer and is hurt and goes home. -Sude seduces Sinan: “Please come get me.... Please sleep next to me. I don't want to be alone.” -Sinan to Omer: “Iz is staying a month as a consultant.”

Episode 17 -Opens with Sinan dreaming of being in a poker game with Deniz, Omer, and the gang. “Who's side are you on???”

Kiralik Ask kiss Defne and Omer

-Iz appears at Omer's door. Tipsy, Omer imagines her as Defne and pins her up against the wall and kisses her.

-11:00 Defne arrives to make his breakfast, it ends up being a drawing lesson with amorous sideways glances. -Sinan to Omer: “Yesterday Deniz shared all his designs with us. I think we should partner with him.” -55:00 Iz returns the book to Omer. “It's very special to me. It was a gift.” Defne hears. -1:38:00 Sinan does the deal with Deniz and gives him a flash drive with the fall collection on it. -1:51:40 Sude's welcome home party. Defne to Omer: “It's over.” He grabs Iz' hand and leaves.

-1:56:30 Omer comes home drunk and finds Defne at his house. He pins her to wall like in his dream: “Why are you doing this to me?” <almost kiss>

Episode 18 -Opens with Omer pinning Defne to the wall. “Stay with me.” “I should go.” -Omer, Yasimin, and Sinan get invitations to Deniz' shoe presentation featuring Omer's designs. Sinan: “I gave it to them. I trusted Deniz.” -37:00 Defne to Omer in his yard: “We'll do a new collection. After all, we believe in miracles, right?”

-50:18 Omer to Defne who's 'helping' him draw: “You're beautiful... You're a good influence on me.” She falls asleep on his couch and spends the night.

-1:15:40 Omer to Defne in his office: “This morning, everything was as it should be.”

-1:26:30 Omer has flashbacks to some of his memorable moments with Defne. -Serdar to Defne as she's leaving home: “I know how you got the money. I can't let you do this.”

-1:50:00 Omer feeding Defne peanut butter: “What's going on between us?

-Man to Sinan at shoe factory: “Sorry, we don't have the leather to do this order in 15 days.” Episode 19 -Sinan to Deniz: “Give me back my material or else.... I have nothing to lose now.” -Fall collection premiere. Omer to Sinan: “I don't think we should be partners anymore.” Deniz arrives.

-Omer to Defne in his office: “Sinan and I are splitting.” She goes over and hugs him.

-Omer and Sinan meet with lawyer to separate company. -Yasimin to Omer at his house: “I knew Deniz was trying to ruin you and didn't speak up.” -Sedar and Nihan's engagement.

-End: Defne storms over to Omer's: “Do you still have the Iz tattoo?” “No trace of Iz.” She hugs him.

Episode 20 -Opens where 19 left off and Defne to Omer: “Don't you dare leave.”

-Koray to Omer: “I chose Sinan.” -Omer spends the night at Defne's house. -Defne hears Omer talking about having to choose an investor and thinks he's talking about choosing between her and Iz. She tells Omer: “Go! Go with Iz!” -Sinan to employees: “Omer and I have separated.” -Defne arranges things to give Omer the advantage with the Italians.

-Defne to Omer in his bedroom: “...It's time for us to become 'we.'”

Kiralik ask Omer and Defne dance tango proposal

-1:45:00 Defne putting on green dress. Omer zips it up. Almost kiss -Defne and Omer at the reception for Italians. -Omer and Sinan make peace to work together.

-End: Omer to Defne doing tango: “You're so beautiful... I want you by my side always... Marry me.” 2nd half of episode-lots of swoon-worthy moments between Omer and Defne.

Episode 21

-Opens with Omer proposing. Defne: “I'm sure about you and me, but I need some time.”

-Iso to Defne: “I'm in love with Yasimin.”

-41:00 Defne asks Sinan for a 300% raise.

-Sude to Omer having breakfast at his house: “Sinan has unrequited love.”

-Defne to Koray: “I'll be a model—if you'll pay me.”

-1:13:30; 1:18:20 Omer gives Defne a drawing set: “We'll have dinner together tonight, then you'll answer my question.”

-1:28:50: 1:38:00 Defne arrives at Omer's for dinner. He greets her with a kiss. Defne gets a little drunk; he takes her home; romantic goodbye.

-Darya has dinner with Deniz.

-2:01:20 Koray shows Omer how much money Defne wants to be a model. Omer storms into Defne's office. “Enough! Decide now if you love me or not.”

-End: Deniz shows up at Defne's door. “Don't be afraid of me, Defne.”

Episode 22

-Opens with Deniz at Defne's door: “I want to buy your shoe designs.”

-9:00; 12:37 Defne goes to Omer's in the rain: “Yes! Of course I'll marry you!” Big kiss. They make plans.

-Sude plots against Defne because she knows Sinan fell for her.

-Omer and Sinan want to buy Defne's (anonymous) shoe design, but it's already sold to Deniz.

-Sude to Defne: “I'm lonely here in Istanbul. Let's be friends.”

-Necme over coffee with Sinan: “If you don't really love my daughter, don't give her any false hope.”

-59:50 Omer kisses Defne in the elevator.

-Sude sees Defne's shoe sketch in her notebook.

-Omer kisses Defne in Nermin's kitchen.

-1:53:40 Sude emails the whole office: “Defne sold the sketch to Deniz Trambe.”

-Trambe to Omer: “Defne sold me the sketch.”

Episode 23

-Opens with Omer painting his wall black. (like a symbol of his feelings)

-Omer and Sinan visit Alp, the wine man, who'd had a fall.

-Omer riding bicycle, sees a redhead, thinks it's Defne.

-Sinan and Necme figure out why Defne needed money and sold the shoe sketch.

-1:47:00 Serder and Nihan's wedding ceremony.

-Sinan to Sude at his house: “I will not run away from loving you.” “I love you.” Kiss.

-1:54:30 Defne to Omer on bench outside Serdar's wedding: “I love you so much.” Omer: “I don't trust anyone in my life but myself. … I don't believe you.”

-End: Defne back at her old waitressing job.

Episode 24

-Yasimin to Defne at the restaurant: “I'm starting my own company. Come be a designer for me.”

-36:00 Usta to Omer at the waterside: “You're protecting yourself. Are you really safe?”

-Deniz to Yasimin at her house: “Show me your business plan. Maybe I'll be your junior partner.”

-Omer has business lunch at restaurant where Defne's working. They meet in the hallway. Bittersweet.

-Defne picks up her boots at Omer's. Omer: “I did everything I could (for us).” “Are you sure?” Sad.

-Defne calls Yasimin: “I'll take your offer—but only with a good salary.”

-Omer to Iz: “Yasimin left and I want to grow the company.”

-Sude to Omer: “I sent the email.” Omer goes off. His driver comes in but Omer is in a rage. Great acting!

-Omer goes downstairs to stop the construction noise and walks right into Defne's new office.

Episode 25

-Opens with Omer encountering Defne in her new office.

-Sinan to Omer: “Can Sude have Yasimin's old job?” “No. I've already hired Iz.”

-Omer meets Defne at the break room coffee pot. “We'll be in competition for the contest.”

-Seeing Iz in the elevator, Defne storms into Omer's office. “Iz is here! Do you have no respect for my feelings?”

-Omer to Sinan in his office: “ Sude is the one who sent the email that ratted on Defne.”

-Yasimin wineing & dining/putting up with/gossiping/buttering up Koray to get him to work for her.

-Omer's hand shaking—he can't draw.

-1:46:00 Koray shows Defne's sketches to Sinan. Sinan to Omer: “She's killing us! The girl we trained is going to win!” Omer punches through a glass window.

-Defne sends Omer taunting texts: “So you're afraid of me. … I'll beat you.” He rips off bandage and starts drawing.

Episode 26

Sinan to Omer: “How about we partner with Yasimin so we can both win the competition?”

-Defne finds The Pride and Prejudice book tossed aside in Omer's office as she's trying to figure out if he is drawing shoe sketches or not for the competition.

-Defne to Neriman: “Here's the first installment of paying you back.” “No. I want you to fulfill the contract.”

-Sude shows the (dummy) Passionis collection to Yasimin and Defne.

-Omer's drawings win the competition.

Kind of boring episode. All about Defne drawing, trying to find out if Omer was drawing, and a lot of Koray/Neriman filler.

Episode 27

Turkish drama romance Omer and Defne Kiralik Ask

-Opens with Sinan railing on Sude outside the office: “How could you show Yasimin the drawings?”

-Omer to Defne in the elevator: “Don't do that. [trace your neck with the pen.] It confuses my thoughts.” Great acting by Baris. Romantic

-Sinan to Yasimin: “We have a new contract and it's too much business for us. Want to partner?”

-Koray to Defne: “I picked Omer's name to buy the gift for. Let's trade.”

-Defne gets locked in her office night of New Year's Eve party. Deniz lets her out.

-A suitor comes to ask for Nihan's aunt's hand in marriage.

-1:20:45 Omer to Defne at the New Year's Eve party: “Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moment's that take our breath away. It makes you feel alive.”

-1:29:10 Defne gets Omer a jar of peanut butter as a gift. He has poignant flashbacks.

-Sude to Defne: “I sent the email about you. Forgive me.”

-Omer and Iz spray paint graffiti.

-1:50:25 Defne under her breath in the elevator: “Cenim [dear].” Omer as she walks out: “I heard that.” Sweet

-Sude to Yasimin: “Let me be your concept consultant.”

-Defne to Omer in the break room: “You'll eventually come to my office on your own.”

-End: Omer finds a gift on his desk-- the pen with a “Happy New Year” note. He goes to her office and closes the door.

Episode 28

-Opens with Omer to Defne in her office. “You know what this means. There's no going back.” Almost kiss

-Nermin to a hand-picked skateboarder: “Make my daughter fall in love with you and I'll give you money for medical school.”

-Sinan to Omer/Yasimin to Defne: “You have to work with him/her. We can provide a neutral place.”

-Neriman to Koray: “I will make 'DefOm'- get them both in Sinem's office, electricity off.” Funny!

-42:30 Sude meets skateboarder.

-Skateboarder to Sude having coffee: “Here's the deal. You're beautiful, but I was offered money to make you fall in love with me to get you away from that other guy.” “Ok. Let's play it out. Game in game.”

-Yasimin to Ibo: “...I'm running a great company here, not a neighborhood coffee shop!” Ouch!

-104:10 Defne goes to Omer's house to work. To get along, they pretend they are meeting for the first time.

Sinan and Yasimin kiss Kiralik Ask romance

-1:19:50 While Yasimin is sobbing over Iso, Sinan kisses her.

-Omer and Defne play golf and have hot chocolate together...again.

-1:29:49 Defne dreams of being under the sheets with Omer, dreaming of their future.

-Omer and Defne design together on Sinan's sofa. Then Omer takes her home: “Defne, let's not do this to each other anymore. …. We deserve to be together.”

Episode 29

-Opens with Omer and Defne in the car. Defne: “I can't tell you now, but one day I will come to your door and say, 'Omer, I'm here.'”

-The whole gang plays pool.

-Neriman arranges to lock Omer and Defne in the office –and Yasimin and Sinan together too.

-End: Omer to Defne locked in Koray's office: “I'll find out what you're hiding from me.”

Episode 30

-Flashback to 2005-showing Omer's history.

-59:00 Usta to young Omer: “Our pain is what makes us who we are. We don't have to be crushed by it.”

*I'm guessing Baris was unexpectedly unable to film so they scrambled to put together an episode that didn't require his presence. Episode can be skipped without missing anything.

Episode 31

-Opens with Sinan dreaming he is in a movie theater and telling Omer about the plot to get him to fall in love with Defne.

-18:00 A Segway arrives at Omer's door with an attached ipad. Kory in singsong: “Omer loves the skinny girl.”

-Sude overhears Necme and Nermin talking about Defne being 'love for rent.'

-Passionis and Cherie teams meet at hotel in hopes of connecting with famous designer Gallo.

-1:51:48 Eimin kisses Sude as they are dressed like housekeeping staff.

-End: Sinan goes to Omer's to tell him the truth—finds Sude already there. Defne goes to Hulusi (Omer's grandfather) to tell him the truth. Both are interrupted before telling.

-15:46; 19:00; 22:45 Defne falls into Omer's arms: “I'm so tired of this I'm trapped in a corner and can't get out.”

Episode 32

-55:20 Defne writes a note to Omer: “Let me stay with you awhile to shut everyone up.”

-1:05:00 Nihan to Iso: “I'm ready to be a mother.”

-1:06:00; 1:15:00 Omer to Defne in her office: “Do you think we could really live together?”

-Omer to Usta looking at shoe drawings: “Defne helped me with these.”

-1:35:00 Defne goes to stay with Omer.

-Sinan to Omer: “Our Italian customer said not to bother coming to Milan.”

-Defne comforts Omer—clearly he's never had someone to share his hurts with.

-Sinan to Omer: “They don't want the spring collection. It's over... Now.”

Episode 33

Omer and Defne snuggling on the couch Kiralik Ask romance

-Opens with Omer and Defne snuggling on the couch in the morning.”

-Deniz to Sinan: “I'll make you a deal. Omer design my spring collection and I'll supply you money.”

-Skateboard boy Eymen is an assistant professor. (!)

-34:00 Omer in Defne's office: “There's a way out of our crisis [Omer design for Deniz], but it's hard.” “I know you'll make the right decision.”

-'The gang' comes to visit Defne at Omer's house.

-Eymen comes to meet Sude's grandfather- as her boyfriend.

-1:30:00 Defne sends successive texts to Omer: “What do you want for dinner? Chicken? Anchovies?” Cute!

-The employees offer to take pay cuts to get through the crisis.

-Deniz hands Omer a check: “Keep this moment in your mind. It's a turning point in our relationship.”

-1:40:20 Iso turns in his resignation to Yasimin.

-Sinan to Yasimin: “I apologize for doubting you [initially thinking she stole his customer]. … You are aware there is something between us, right?”

-Iz to Omer: “I'm leaving. It hurts my soul to be around you. I can't just be your friend.”

-Deniz to Omer: “You've designed a shoe I can't produce!” “Sorry. That's your problem.” (Turning the tables on Deniz for what Deniz did to Omer earlier.)

-End: Omer comes home with flowers: “Defne?” he can't find her. Has visions of coming home with flowers to the mountain house and she was gone. He goes to his garden, she's there. He kisses her.

Episode 34

-Party at Omer's to celebrate getting thru the financial crisis.

-Usta to Omer: “I'm going to retire.”

-Serder to Iso: “What if the reason Nihan isn't pregnant is because of me?”

-Defne to Omer in his office: “You kissed me last night 'because you wanted to.' I think I'll do what I feel like it as well.” Sweet and flirty

-1:21:50; 1:39:00 Defne cooks a romantic dinner for Omer. He comes home: “Usta is coming for dinner...” She falls asleep waiting for Omer.

-1:37:00 Yasimin kisses Sinan at a restaurant.

-Sinan to Sude (who thinks he bought earrings for her): “I will always love you but...” Yasimin walks up with the earrings on.

-Gallo event. Omer helps Fikret Gallo escape.

Episode 35

-Opens with Koray announcing it's his birthday.

-Defne to Omer when he comes home from Gallo: “Grandmother misses me. I'm going home.” He tells her the story of the phoenix patch: “This blue-haired girl told me to reconcile with my mother and I did. She changed my life.”

-Yasimin to Sude: “May I have your permission to see Sinan?” “No. I'm not ready for that.”

-Iso shows Usta a new space for his shop.

-Gallo comes to Sinan's office. Makes a paper origami boat and looks at the shoe catalog.

-Fikret eats at Defne's house with Iso and Nihan. They become fast friends.

-Sinan to Yasimin: “Why are you running away from me?”

-Nihan takes a pregnancy test—it's negative. Then later sees it positive.

-Birthday party for Koray.

-Hulusi to Neriman and Necme: “Here's the key to the mansion.”

-End: 2:06:30 Omer to Defne at the party in Koray's kitchen: “I missed you.”

Episode 36

Fikret Gallo designer Kiralik Ask

-Opens with Huluci giving Neriman and Necme the key to the mansion.

-Neriman to herself holding the mansion key: “Next step, get rid of Defne.”

-Meeting with Gallo at hotel.

-30:40 Defne to Omer: “...Here's your RX. See Defne at least 3 times a day. It'll be good for her too.”

-Neriman to Defne: “Now that we have the mansion, I don't need you anymore. You lose. Leave.”

-Deniz offers to sponsor the fashion show in exchange, Cherie will do the shoes for the show.

-52:00 Pregnant Nihan has becomes high maintenance.

-Fikret to Defne: “I'll do 'this deal' (work with Cherie) so I can get 200,000 and give it to you.”

-Omer goes off on Fikret: “You sold me out—you said it wasn't about money, but you took the money and dropped Passionis.”

-Sinan to Omer: “Tranba is a silent partner of Cherie.” Omer, livid: “War has begun.... No mercy.”

-Defne hands the check to Neriman: “I will stay with Omer and long as he loves me.”

-End: Defne goes to Omer's house- he opens the door, she throws her arms around him. (She's free of her debt.)

Episode 37

-Opens with Defne outside with Nihan and Serder: “I'm marrying Omer!”

-Omer and Sinan to a tailor: “Who's Gallo's enemy?” “Vanni.”

-46:40 Omer to Sinan: “I'm getting married.”

-49:40 Usta to Serdar: “It's not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years.”

-Omer at dinner with Necme's family: “I'm marrying Defne.”

-Deniz to Yasimin: “We're cancelling everything. We're distancing ourselves from Gallo.”

-Defne to grandmother: “I'm marrying Omer.” Grandmother dances in excitement. Funny!

-Defne's family goes to Nermin/Necme's for dinner.

-End: Omer to Defne at Koray's photography exhibition: “You're the bright side of my life.”

Episode 38

-Opens with Omer and Defne facing Deniz as they leave Koray's exhibition. Then they go to Omer's house and he gets frisky.

-Omer reads “Letters from Kafka to Milena” book passages to Defne.

-Defne is pressured to go to dinner with Deniz. It's a set up. Sude has Omer there. Iso saves the day.

-Sinan sick with a cold. He's thrilled when Yasimin comes to check on him. Almost kiss.

-Defne to Omer: “I can't go to work for you. I need to stay at Cherie.”

-2:01:10 March 15- Omer goes to the memorial forest and remembers his mother.

-2:12:56 Defne comes to Omer's with a pot of food: “From now on I'll come on March 15 and sit with you and let you remember sweet and painful memories of your mother.”

Episode 39

-Opens with Omer in bed dreaming that Defne wakes him up in the morning. Then 'the winds of change' blow.

-Omer to Usta as his new shop: “I'm getting married.” Usta has rich words of wisdom for Omer.

-9:30 Omer to Defne in front of the elevator: “Good morning, my darling.” She chokes on her water.

-10:10 Omer to Defne in the elevator: “I saw you in my dream.... You were doing sweet things. ...Often we do things in dreams we can't do in reality.” Then more people get on elevator and he messes with her. Flirty and funny!

-Omer to Yasimin: “I want Defne back working here.” “Ok.”

-34:10 Defne to Omer: “I'll be your assistant for the next two hours.” “...Maybe we should talk more about this later tonight in private.” A minute later, Omer to Sinan: “Defne and I will be busy tonight...”

-A doctor comes to do vaccinations: “Oh Defne! Great to see you again. We should go on a date!” “Uh, I'm engaged.”

-Nihan and Turkan set up Iso to chat with Gulsen. He tells her, “I'm heartbroken. Not ready for love.”

-1:15:00 Omer and Defne at Yasimin's for dinner. Defne tells the story of their engagement—flashbacks.

Defne and Omer romance Kiralik Ask Turkish drama romantic moments

-Fikret comes to the dinner and finds out Omer is Defne's 'prince'.

-Omer drives drunk Defne home to his house and puts her to bed. They wake up in each others' arms. Sweet.

-Deniz to Fikret: “You owe me that 200,000. We can make a deal instead...” “NO!”

-End: Next morning- Fikret to Defne at Omers: “That phoenix patch was mine.”

Episode 40

-Opens with Omer and Sinan in tuxes, like they are getting married, then rewinds to Fikret at Omer's.

-Defne to Omer: “If you'd found the blue-haired girl who gave you that patch, would you have fallen in love with her?”

-17:28 Defne to Omer getting dressed in front of the mirror: “I used to watch you walk by my office door.”

-Koray blurts out to the office: “Defne's marrying Omer!”

-1:32:00 Omer and Sinan play basketball.

-Fikret to Omer: “That phoenix patch....” “I don't want talk about it. It's personal.”

-End: Defne goes to Sinan's summer house to think. Omer finds her there, she kisses him...and more.

Epsidoe 41

Opens at the same 'wedding' as in opening of 40. Koray is trying to console the [unseen]bride.

-Defne feeding strawberries to Omer 'the next morning.'

-Sude to Yasimin: “Sinan may take a break with other women, he and I are destined to be together in the end.”

-Omer to Defne at breakfast: “Maybe we should just stay here today together and not go to work.” Very flirty.

-Yasimin on a rant about losing her company. Sinan: “Get angry all you want I'll be right here by your side.” Kiss

-While Omer is scoping out the venue for the charity fashion show, Defne calls: “The girl who gave you the phoenix patch is Fikret.”

-59:20 Fikret to Omer at the spot she gave him the Phoenix: “I wasn't in good heath then, but I got better right after that.”

-Sude to her mother in the kitchen: “I still love Sinan!”

-Angry (jealous) Defne to Omer when he walks in after reminiscing with Fikret: “If you'd found her before you found me, would you be lovers?” “Yes.” Defne storms out.

-Sinan to Omer after lackluster basketball: “She's jealous. It's our job as men to make it up to them.”

-Doctor Selim comes for breakfast.

-Sinan comforting jealous Yasimin: “I never loved Sude as much as I love you.”

-Omer to Defne at her house as she's walking inside, still miffed: “I love you.” Omer sees Selim through the curtains and is miffed.

-Defne dreams Omer is eating strawberries and snuggling with Fikret. Omer dreams Defne serves coffee and snuggles with Doctor Selim.

-End: Fashion show. Defne to Iso: “I love Omer so much. I'm going to make up.” Then Fikret takes Omer's hand and walks the runway and Defne is jealous all over again.

Episode 42

Opens with the same wedding at 40 and 41. Koray getting cufflinks out of the car. Then fast forwards to the fashion show after-party masquerade party.

33:00 Yasimin fires Sude.

-50:00; 1:09:00; 1:18:00; 1:30:06; 1:33:50 Omer is a conference speaker at a hotel in Tuzla. Defne goes too.

Deniz Tramba and Sude Kiralik Ask

-Sude to Deniz: “Help me get revenge on Yasimin!” “You've come to the right place.”

-Yasimin to Sinan at dinner: “What if Cherie merged under Passionis?”

-Sinan and Koray fight at a restaurant.

-Sinan to Omer in Koray's kitchen: “What do you think about merging with Cherie?” “No.”

-End: Omer gets down on one knee in his garden to Defne: “Don't let this ring leave your finger again.”

Episode 43

-Opens with 'that' wedding scene. Necme standing in front of Omer and Sinan to put cufflinks on.

-Neriman to Fikret: “You need to get out of town and not come back. Omer's not for you.”

-17:20 Doctor Selim sends Defne flowers. She crams them in the trash. A moment later, Omer corners her in his office: “I want to wake up with you beside me every day.”

-Deniz to Sude at breakfast at his house: “Work for me and ascend to the top.”

-Sinan and Omer argue over partnering with Cherie and/or opening stores with Fikret at an outdoor photo shoot.

-Feeling unwelcome in Passionis by Omer and unwelcome in the family by Neriman, Yasimin leaves.

-The gang ends up at Omer's. Nihan and Koray fight.

-1:45:30 Omer summons Dr. Selim to his office: “Do you know who Defne's fiance' is? ME! Get lost, buster!” Music playing is new (and good) and Omer shows a different kind of raw anger.

-End: Omer at Yasimin's door. Defne at Fikret's door ready to tell her to 'back off' from Omer.

**A boring episode. Could skip it and not really miss anything. A lot of it was tension between Omer and Sinan.

Episode 44

Opens with 'the wedding' and Koray snatching shoes from Daria.

-Fikret to Defne: “I think I have a chance with Omer.”

-16:00 Yasimin goes to Sinan's and throws her arms around him: “We can be together.” Sweet reunion.

-Nihan to Defne in living room: “The landlord wants to sell the house.”

-36:00 Omer hears Defne on the phone: “What wrong?” “Nothing.” Kiss

-41:00 Omer 'helps' Defne draw a shoe design. Sensual

-Fikret to Defne: “This weekend we are going to a horse farm. This is my chance for the game.” “Ok, I won't go.”

-Omer comes to Defne's door: “Come go to the horse farm with me.” She takes him upstairs cause Neriman and Koray are outside.

-1:13:00 Meeting at the horse farm.

-1:18:00 Sude comes to Deniz' house. He's falling for her.

-1:38:50 Fikret to Omer: “I thought we might have a chance together.” “No. I love Defne very much. I wish she was here right now.”

-1:58:54 Defne sneaks into Omer's hotel room and says sweet things to sleeping Omer.

-Fikret to Defne: “Omer chose you. I'll go back to New York.”

-Nihan to Turkan and Serder in garden holding a letter: “We have 15 days to get out of the house.”

-End: Omer to Defne who arrives at his house with a flat of flowers: “I had a beautiful dream last night.” Kiss

Kind of boring episode. Most was the rivalry between Fikret and Defne over Omer.

Episode 45

- “That wedding” opening: Caterer is stuck in traffic.

-4:45 Defne to Omer at his house, just after the kiss ending ep 44: “You are sweet like strawberries and dark chocolate.” He pins her against the table. Defne: “You're a naughty boy.” “Yes, I am...”